The Oprah Winfrey Show: The Podcast

The Oprah Winfrey Show: The Podcast

By Oprah

Oprah is opening the vault of The Oprah Winfrey Show with 25 years of hand-picked legendary interviews, a-ha moments, ugly cries and unforgettable surprises. A lot has changed since she ended the show, but many of our personal struggles have stayed the same. We’re all still looking to connect, to be seen and to know that we’re not alone. We’re also looking for some joy, some laughs and some much-needed inspiration. As we head into this new decade, what better time to look back and reflect, to take stock of how we’ve grown and to be reminded that we’re all in this together. The Oprah Winfrey Show aired from September 8th, 1986 to May 25, 2011 with 4,561 episodes. The show remains the highest-rated daytime talk show in American television history, averaging between 10 to 20 million viewers a day.


Beauty Secrets from Around The World

Original Airdate: November 20, 2008What does beautiful mean around the globe? In this show, we uncover the most unusual skin treatment, the nose job capital of the world, and the drink women swear by to keep them looking young. Plus, the place where men think big butts and stretch marks are gorgeous! Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit 
21/03/23·32m 0s

Relationships, Intimacy And Sex

Original Airdate: January 9, 2009We asked world-renowned sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman to develop a step-by-step plan to help you live your best sex life. A guide unlike any you've heard, including lessons, treatments and special "tools." Start living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life by getting the five things you can do now to have better sex! Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit 
14/03/23·32m 0s

Women Who Changed the World

Original Airdate: October 16, 2008They broke down doors and shattered glass ceilings. Maria Shriver joins Oprah and together they celebrate the achievements of trailblazing women, including Gloria Steinem and Billie Jean King.Want more podcasts from OWN? Visit can also watch Oprah’s Super Soul, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more of your favorite OWN shows on your TV! Visit 
07/03/23·29m 0s

35 Years Later: Black & White Student Reunions

Original Air Date: January 15, 1996Seven of the Nine Little Rock students that experienced the horror stories of integration talk about their experiences and reunite with some of the people who bullied them back in 1957.
28/02/23·37m 30s

Malcolm X

Original Air Date: 12/4/1992Oprah takes a look at Spike Lee's autobiographical film, "Malcolm X." She talks with director Spike Lee, wife of the late Malcolm X, Dr. Betty Shabazz, and Attallah Shabazz, Malcolm X's daughter.
21/02/23·31m 8s

Book Club Meets At Princeton With Toni Morrison

Original Air Date: 3/6/1998Oprah travels to Princeton, New Jersey to sit down one-on-one with Toni Morrison to discuss her novel “Paradise.” Then, with Gayle King and 20 Book Club members, Morrison offers a writer’s POV and examines their thoughts of the book further.
14/02/23·34m 7s

Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute

Original Air Date: Jan 16, 1989Martin Luther King Day 1989, Oprah, Lerone Bennett, Jr., Dr. Dorothy Cotton, Rev. C.T. Vivian, and Rev. Ralph Abernathy remember and honor the short life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who saw suffering and injustice and refused to look the other way. 
07/02/23·30m 2s

When Life Breaks You Open

Original Airdate: January 14, 2009If you feel stuck, unhappy, or miserable this show may help you break free. Taking a deeper dive into the book Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow by Elizabeth Lesser, we hear from those who've dealt with life's tragedies and come out on the other side with a new perspective. Your life is speaking to you. Now, learn how to hear the message.
31/01/23·36m 33s

Sex Therapy pt. 1: Behind Closed Doors

Original Airdate: November 3, 2008For mature audiences only... one couple says their sex life has been reduced to nothing. Sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman is here to help you improve your life between the sheets. Go behind the closed doors of sex therapy sessions and explore what few things you can do to help improve your sex lives.
24/01/23·36m 25s

Sex Therapy pt. 2: Fears, Fantasies, Faking It

Original Airdate: November 21, 2008For mature audiences only... you have a lot of questions about sex, so we are going there. The one thing some men won't do. Plus, real couples in crisis. 
24/01/23·37m 23s

The Best Money Lessons You Can Teach Your Child

Original Airdate: October 22, 2008When every dollar counts, parents are having to say no, when all they've ever said is yes. Suze Orman discusses with Oprah how to tell your overindulged kids that the spending has to stop now!
17/01/23·37m 34s

Ultimate Betrayal: How She Discovered Her Dead Husband's Mistresses

Original Air Date: 01/08/2010Imagine waking up one day and finding out your entire life is a lie. Meet three women whose husbands all led secret lives, including having an affair, stealing body parts from corpses and swindling investors out of $12 million. 
10/01/23·40m 32s

The Woman Mauled by the 200-Pound Chimp and The Heroes of Fort Hood

Original Air Date: 11/11/2009It is the deadliest mass shooting on a military base in U.S. history. Listen to the interview with the Fort Hood hero who took down the gunman. Oprah also speaks with chimpanzee attack victim Charla Nash in her first interview.
03/01/23·37m 59s

You'll Never Give Up on A Dream After Seeing "This" Woman

Original Air Date: 10/01/2009Meet the woman who went 10,000 miles to make her dreams come true. Plus, how this mother says she went from battered wife to fashion tycoon.
27/12/22·30m 57s

A Special Report: Raped by His Mother - A Victim Comes Forward

Original Air Date: 02/15/2010It's the side of child molestation that's rarely talked about. For years, he was raped by his own mother. What happens when women are the molesters? Gregg Milligan describes what happened to him every day as a little boy. 
20/12/22·38m 40s

The Diane Schuler Story... Was She Driving Drunk?

Original Air Date: 10/27/2009The headlines gripped the nation: A head-on crash killed eight, including the mom driver who was under the influence. Her friends and family, shocked. Her husband's private eye and the toxicologist speak out.
13/12/22·40m 29s

Sex As a Deadly Weapon: Five Victims Speak Out

Original Air Date: 10/20/2009Oprah speaks to five women who dated Philippe Padieu, a man who knowingly infected them with the HIV virus. Oprah also talks to Dr. Kimberly Smith, an infectious disease specialist at Rush Medical Center, who says that she treats many single and married women who are HIV-positive, most of whom acquired the virus through unprotected sex with long-term partners and husbands.
06/12/22·38m 14s

Exclusive: Held Captive For 140 Days - Lisa Ling's Sister Breaks Her Silence

Original Air Date: 05/18/2010Her capture sparked an international firestorm. Now, after 140 days in a North Korean prison, reporter Laura Ling breaks her silence. Plus, Ling introduces a family who adopted a Haitian orphan.
29/11/22·37m 18s

Presenting the 'Real Good' podcast

In this episode of the Real Good podcast, host Faith Salie sits down with Center for Economic Inclusion Founder and CEO Tawanna Black to talk about how anti-racist action on a local and regional scale incites widespread change, and why diversity and inclusion is good economics. If you like what you hear, listen and subscribe to Real good wherever you get your podcasts!
25/11/22·1h 7m

Marriage Around The World

Original Air Date: 01/13/2010The institution of marriage is constantly changing and evolving. We're going around the globe to discover what marriage means and looks like to people in different areas of the world! Plus, author Elizabeth Gilbert on her new book Committed.
22/11/22·36m 5s

In The Bedroom: Sex Therapy With Dr. Laura Berman

Original Air Date: 04/08/2010Weeks turned into months. Months turned into years, without sex. One wife even refuses to kiss her own husband. Sex expert Dr. Laura Berman goes inside the bedroom to help real couples in crisis. Can their marriages be saved?
15/11/22·38m 26s

Death Row Exclusive: Confronting The Killer

Original Air Date: 11/10/2009Eric Wrinkles was sentenced to death for murdering his wife, brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Now, the family members of a convicted murderer confront him about his actions and debate whether he should be executed.
08/11/22·36m 50s

Lisa Ling Goes Inside the Secret World Of A Modern Geisha And A Real-Life Nunnery

Original Air Date: 02/09/2010For centuries, no outsider has been allowed to fully enter their world. Lisa Ling is in Tokyo with the world's only Western geisha. Then, find out what goes on inside a convent when the Dominican Sisters of Mary invite Lisa to spend the night.
01/11/22·35m 36s

Oprah Exclusive: Inside The Home Of The Florida Massacre

Original Air Date: 10/07/2009It was one of the most heartbreaking stories in the news. The parents of nine special needs children were gunned down in their home. Oprah’s camera crew goes inside the home where the gruesome murders took place. 
25/10/22·37m 20s

Why Millions of Women Are Using Porn and Erotica: Lisa Ling Reports

Original Air Date: 11/17/2009Working women, stay-at-home moms, regular folks, one out of three online viewers of porn are women. Lisa Ling reports on why millions of women are using porn and erotica. Plus, Jenna Jameson talks about her porn career and gives a tour of her house.
18/10/22·36m 35s

The Children of Elizabeth Smart's Kidnapper Speak Out

Original Air Date: 02/02/2010Oprah sits down with four of the six children of Wanda Barzee to talk about their mother, their childhood and their stepfather. They share that they were not shocked to learn their mom kidnapped Elizabeth Smart. Plus, they talk about what their lives were like growing up with Barzee as a mother. 
11/10/22·38m 48s

"Stay Alive" Expert Gavin de Becker Unveils The New Tool To Keep You Safe

Original Air Date: 04/15/2010Through helping people recognize red flags and gut feelings, Gavin de Becker has saved countless lives. Now, he reveals the cutting-edge test that might save you or someone you love.
04/10/22·38m 2s

43 Hours Lost At Sea: The Sole Survivor Of The NFL Boating Tragedy

Original Air Date: 03/04/2010Nick Schuyler, author of "Not Without Hope" and the sole survivor of the NFL boating tragedy, talks to Oprah about the 43 hours he spent lost at sea and about how he is coping one year later.
27/09/22·38m 26s

Oprah's Fascinating Families

Original Air Date: 10/02/2009Everyone thought they were crazy. This family had not one, not two, but 44 kids! Plus, the little family who's living large, once conjoined twins and the history-making sextuplets.
20/09/22·37m 12s

Dr. Phil Returns to The Oprah Show: My Father Is A Serial Killer

Original Air Date: 09/17/2009Dr. Phil joins Oprah to speak with Melissa Moore whose father was a convicted serial killer. She discusses the guilt she has carries and why she somehow feels to blame.
13/09/22·31m 48s

Oprah's Most Memorable Guests: The Ultimate Reunion

Original Air Date: 05/19/2011 In the 25-year history of Oprah Show guests, they're the ordinary people who have made an extraordinary impression on Oprah. She recaps, revisits and reunites with her most memorable guests.
06/09/22·35m 3s

When Your Own Mother Is A Notorious Killer

Original Air Date: 10/22/2010Becky Babcock opens up about living with the secret that her biological mother was notorious child killer Diane Downs. Then, twenty years after the murder of her husband, Pamela Smart sits down with Lisa Ling to maintain that her only crime was becoming sexually involved with the teenager who eventually killed her husband.
30/08/22·35m 50s

Oprah's Producers Uncensored, Plus Most Memorable Audience Moments

Original Air Date: 04/25/2011ManyOprah Winfrey Showepisodes discussed having sex as an older women, how to be a great mother and even how to make sure you're wearing the right bra size. Some may wonder, what was it like being a man working for theOprah Winfrey Show? We hear from the men, and even more women, who work behind the scenes and share their best-kept secrets and most memorable moments. Plus, life-changing updates from our audience.
23/08/22·28m 7s

23 Years Later: Oprah Returns To Williamson, West Virginia

Original Air Date: 09/15/2010In 1987, AIDS patient Mike Sisco jumped into a community pool causing a city-wide uproar and spread of misinformation. At the time, Oprah hosted a heated town hall style show in Williamson where the audience famously debated each other about the dangers, myths and facts about AIDS. 23 years later, Oprah returned to Williamson, West Virginia to speak with the many residents who were disgusted, scared, supportive and hopeful.
16/08/22·35m 26s

Tortured By His Own Family: The Six-Year-Old Chained in A Closet

Original Air Date: 04/15/2011At times he wasn’t given any food or water for days, all while being chained inside a tiny closet. At age 19, Clayton speaks out for the first time about the torture he endured at the hands of his father and stepmother when he was six. Plus, Oprah speaks with the man who saved Clayton’s life.
09/08/22·34m 55s

Held Hostage In Iran: American Hiker Sarah Shourd's First Interview Plus The Craigslist Rape Victim

Original Air Date: 09/23/2010She was a hiker accused of being an American spy and was held hostage in an Iranian prison for 14 months. Just days after her return to the United States, Sarah Shourd talks to Oprah. Plus, a woman’s ex-boyfriend put up an ad to get revenge. The Craigslist rape survivor reveals her identity and tells her story for the first time.
02/08/22·34m 24s

Thank You Day Follow-Ups!

Original Air Date: 11/26/2010Throughout the course of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah turned a simple 'thank you' into an art form. In her thank-you day follow-up, Oprah revisits some of the most unforgettable moments of gratitude that occurred during the show's 25 seasons. Oprah also checks in to see where these guests are and what they were doing in 2010.
26/07/22·37m 48s

Exclusive: The Suburban Mom Who Was a Fugitive For 32 Years

Original Air Date: 04/07/2011To the outside world Marie Walsh was living the American dream. She had a happy 22-year marriage and was a devoted mother to three children. She played bridge, tennis and rode horses in her upper-middle-class San Diego suburb. In truth, Marie was living a life she had spent decades crafting to hide her identity. Marie was really Susan LeFevre—a fugitive who had been hiding from the law for 32 years. In 1975, 19-year-old Susan was arrested for selling 2.5 grams of heroin to an undercover Michigan State Trooper. She pled guilty and was sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison. After a year behind bars, Susan's grandfather helped her escape. With just clothes, a toothbrush and $200, Susan fled to California to start a new life, under a new identity: Marie. It was a headline that grabbed the nation’s attention and deeply divided public opinion. Marie opens up to Oprah about how she lived a secret life for 32 years.
19/07/22·37m 22s

The Worst Day of Their Lives And The Miraculous Twist Of Fate

Original Air Date: 10/25/2010In an instant, a car accident shattered the lives of Lori and Chris Coble. One year later, a miraculous twist of fate changed their lives again. It’s a story you must hear to believe. Also, Virginia Tech Massacre survivor Colin Goddard secretly films people selling him weapons at a gun show for cash with no I.D. required.  
12/07/22·36m 30s

Oprah Producers' Most Unforgettable Moments

Original Air Date: 04/18/2011From a 276-car giveaway to a flash mob of 20,000 dancers to thousands of Favorite Things… Oprah’s producers are sharing their favorite behind-the-scenes moments and revealing the best-kept secrets of Harpo history!
05/07/22·34m 42s

The Mom Who Married A Killer Behind Bars and Other Astonishing Weddings

Original Air Date: 11/23/2010A single mother decides to marry a felon who will be behind bars for life. Oprah speaks to the unconventional couple and how they make their love story work. Then, Oprah speaks to the many women who are leaving their world behind to join the convent as nuns, getting a rare look inside their sacred space.
28/06/22·39m 25s

How She Lost Her Marriage, Her House, Her Fortune: Iyanla Vanzant (Pt. 2)

Original Air Date: 02/23/2011Iyanla Vanzant is back to discuss her marriage, her dream home, her multimillion-dollar fortune and how it all vanished. She explains how she pulled herself back from the brink. Iyanla shares what she learned from her no-holds-barred conversation with Oprah. Iyanla also brings listeners inside her broken marriage. Iyanla also speaks candidly about her bout with depression after her daughter's death.
21/06/22·35m 11s

A No Holds Barred Conversation With Former Oprah Show Expert Iyanla Vanzant (Pt. 1)

Original Air Date: 02/16/2011Before Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz, Iyanla Vanzant was blazing the trail at The Oprah Winfrey Show. And then, it was over. Now, what really happened between Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant. Listen to what happens when Oprah and Iyanla reunite on The Oprah Winfrey Show stage after 11 years.
21/06/22·37m 16s

Incredible "Where Are They Now" Follow-Ups

Original Air Date: 04/08/2011Looking back through over 4,500 hours of The Oprah Winfrey Show episodes, with over 30,000 guests, Oprah follows up on a few of her many memorable guests. A woman who was in an abusive relationship and survived the unthinkable, a father who hurled brutal comments towards his overweight daughter and a viewer who saw a guest in need and reached out to help.
14/06/22·32m 19s

Turn Back The Clock - Look And Feel 20 Years Younger

Original Air Date: 4/27/2011From superfoods to cutting-edge skincare products find out how you can look and feel years younger! Oprah talks to her longtime friend and author of 20 Years Younger Bob Greene, who shares health tips and beauty products that take away the signs of aging.
07/06/22·35m 51s

"Coming Out" On The Oprah Show: 25 Years Of Unforgettable Guests

Original Air Date: 01/25/2011Oprah takes a look back at 25 years of gay topics. She updates several guest’s stories and talks about how perceptions of LGBQT people have changed over the years. Olympic gold medal winner Greg Louganis talks about his landmark decision to come out. Plus, the world's only openly gay Prince has big news.
31/05/22·39m 30s

Oprah's All-Time Favorite Guest Revealed!

Original Air Date: 05/20/2011After 25 years, and more than 30,000 guests, Oprah is ready to reveal her all-time favorite guest! Then, the 12-year-old who has a profound outlook on life, and changed Oprah’s mind when nobody else could.
24/05/22·32m 31s

Inside Fascinating Lives: Secret Millionaire

Original Air Date: 02/17/2011Oprah interviews business owner, best-selling author and motivational speaker Dani Johnson. Dani was a featured participant on ABC's reality series Secret Millionaire. For one week Dani hid her true identity and lived on $40 a week in a cramped one-bedroom apartment in the impoverished Western Heights neighborhood of Knoxville, Tennessee. Oprah also speaks with Brazilian transgender model Lea T to discuss her transition from male to female. Finally, Oprah speaks to New York City Ballet principal ballerina Jenifer Ringer to discuss the secret world of the ballet.
17/05/22·27m 42s

The 61-Year-Old Surrogate Who Gave Birth to Her Own Grandson

Original Air Date: 04/19/2011Oprah interviews a 61-year-old woman, a retired mother of three, who gave birth to her own grandson after her daughter wasn’t able to get pregnant. Then, Oprah interviews NFL quarterback Charles Tillman about his daughter clinging to life at just three-months-old, and the angel family who saved her life through a heart transplant.
10/05/22·36m 19s

Exclusive: The 16-Year-Old Boy Who Killed His Molester

Original Airdate: 10/18/2010The Kovarbasich family opens up about the details surrounding the murder of Duane Hurley, who Daniel Kovarbasich murdered after Hurley molested him. Rebecca Nesler joins Oprah to talk about her family's struggle to survive after her mother, Ellie Nesler, murdered the man who had been abusing her son.
03/05/22·36m 24s

American War Heroes: Why Are These Women Now Homeless?

Original Airdate: 10/15/2010Oprah talks to women who fought for our country and upon returning home, ended up homeless sleeping in cars, shelters and on the street. These American heroes are lifting the veil on this unexamined tragedy. Oprah also speaks to military moms who have lost custody of their children while, or as a result of, serving overseas.
26/04/22·38m 52s

Are You Normal? Take The Test!

Original Airdate: 10/13/2010Have you ever wondered if the things you do in private are normal, like cleaning the house naked or leaving voicemails for your dog? Oprah sits down with Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Phil McGraw to help audience members determine if the things they do in private are normal.
19/04/22·32m 26s

The 30 Year Old Virgin

Original Airdate: 10/08/2010Oprah sits down with two women Shayla and Carla. One is terrified of relationships, the other is uncomfortable in her own skin. Both are grown women in their 30s who’ve never been in a serious relationship, never been in love, and have never had sex. Now they’re seeking help from sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman to uncover what’s really holding them back.
12/04/22·37m 48s

Fifteen Years After The O.J. Verdict: Former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman's Stunning Revelations

Original airdate: 10/11/2010Fifteen years after the O.J. Simpson trial, Oprah goes one-on-one with former LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman about the trial as they discuss the key players, the evidence, and his shocking revelations. He also discusses how the case affected his life and what would happen if he met O.J. face to face.
05/04/22·35m 4s

Love, Marriage, Betrayal: Our Most Memorable Couples Return!

Original Airdate: 01/28/2011Fran Drescher and her ex-husband Peter Jacobson discuss their relationship and Peter's subsequent coming out as a gay man. Oprah also revisits some of her most memorable guests, including Geno Jones, who put out a personal ad 17 years ago looking for the perfect woman; John and Rochelle, who is one of the most controlling wives in the history of the show; Michelle Kramer, whose husband, Dr. Mark Weinberger, disappeared from their yacht in the Greek isles and was later found hiding in a tent in the Italian Alps; Trina, who appeared on an earlier show with her now ex-husband who said he was no longer attracted to her because she had gained weight; and David and Elizabeth Weinlick, who married on the day they met at the Mall of America.
29/03/22·36m 32s

An Oprah Show Exclusive: One Mom, 20 Personalities

Original Airdate: 10/06/2010An unforgettable guest, Truddi Chase, originally brought the diagnosis “Multiple Personality” to our attention on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1990 . Discover what happened to her and hear her daughter describe what life was like inside their home. Then, meet Kim Noble, a mom with 20 personalities. 
22/03/22·39m 34s

The Bravest Mom In The World Set Free: Ingrid Betancourt

Airdate: 09/22/2010Oprah talks to Ingrid Betancourt, who was kidnapped at gunpoint and held captive for six-and-a-half years in the jungle. Ingrid discusses her captivity and the book she wrote about her ordeal, "Even Silence Has an End." Ingrid was a Presidential candidate in Colombia when she was abducted by FARC rebels and held captive in the Amazon jungle.
15/03/22·35m 28s

Ultimate Wildest Dreams

Airdate: 09/17/2010Oprah, Nate Berkus, and Vera Wang help make some over-the-top ultimate wildest dreams come true for some of the most loyal Oprah Show viewers, including a single mother, a group of unsuspecting brides, and one of Oprah's all-time favorite guests, the amputee warrior mom.
08/03/22·31m 31s

The Mistake I Can’t Take Back

From May 20th, 2004Oprah talks with people who have made mistakes that they cannot take back. Oprah speaks with a teen student who had an affair with her coach; a son who accidentally killed his mom while drag racing and the mother whose daughter died and her son was injured after not using a car seat.
01/03/22·38m 36s

Conversations With Oprah: Andrew Vachss

From July 16th, 1993Oprah speaks with Andrew Vachss, an attorney exclusively representing children and youth. He is also the author of Another Chance To Get It Right, a children's book for adults that explores the realities of child abuse and juvenile violence. They discuss Oprah's own experience with abuse and the abuse happening to other children. Andrew Vachss passed away on November 23rd, 2021 at the age of 79.
22/02/22·39m 12s

Forgiving The Son Who Killed My Family

From October 6th, 2008: A son masterminds the murder of his family. Now, Lisa Ling visits death row for an exclusive interview. Plus, why the father who was supposed to die forgives his son.
15/02/22·39m 16s

Legendary Sex Symbol Raquel Welch on Aging

From March 29th, 2010: At 69, find out how legendary model, Golden Globe winning actress and sex symbol, Raquel Welch is aging brilliantly. Plus, she helps one 64-year-old grandmother get her mojo back.
08/02/22·29m 15s

How the Gift of Fear Can Save Our Life

From January 29th, 2008: Author and world renowned security specialist Gavin de Becker is widely regarded as America's leading expert on protecting public figures, including former Presidents. Today he talks about his book, The Gift of Fear, discussing the signals that occur before violence and how trusting your intuition can help save your life.
01/02/22·38m 20s

Adult Children of Divorce Confront Their Parents

From January 25th, 2008: Adult children of divorce confront their parents after years of pain. Divorce expert M. Gary Neuman, author of "Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce the Sandcastles Way," talks about what to say during such a confrontation and how to say it. 
25/01/22·39m 36s

Kidnapped and Held Captive

From May 5, 2004: Oprah sits down with Kirsten and Jennifer, two of five women who lived through an unspeakable horror. They were kidnapped and held captive by eccentric loner and millionaire John Jamelske. Kirsten was Jamelske's first victim. She was kidnapped in 1988, when she was only 14 years old. Jamelske kept her captive for four years. Jennifer, a 26-year-old mother of two, was kidnapped in 2001 and held for two months. It's a story so frightening and shocking, it made headlines around the world.
18/01/22·40m 2s

The Man Who Adopted 6000 Children

From May 31, 2007: Oprah sits down with Geoffrey Canada, the founder of the Harlem Children’s Zone, an organization set out to prove that underprivileged Black children can and do succeed. Geoffrey adopted a 100-block area of Central Harlem and created programs that help inner-city children from birth through college. She also speaks with additional special guests including Hill Harper, discussing their work to help children in crisis reach their potential.
11/01/22·34m 47s

Sidney Poitier: The Measure of a Man

In an interview on The Oprah Show from April 7, 2000, Oprah talks to the legendary Sidney Poitier about his memoir, “The Measure of a Man.” They discuss his life growing up in the Bahamas, how he started in show business and his barrier-breaking career.
08/01/22·35m 14s

Sidney Poitier: The Dinner of a Lifetime

From March 28, 2007, Oprah threw the “Dinner of a Lifetime” for Sidney Poitier and seven hand-picked readers across the country. They discussed the legendary actor’s memoir, "The Measure of a Man." Oprah also has a surprise message for Sidney Poitier.
08/01/22·36m 54s

Moms Who Can’t Say No

From June 10, 2006: In this episode we hear from parents who do not discipline their children. They discuss why they have a barrier to saying ‘no’ to their kids. Rabbi Shumley Boteach and Dr. Robin Smith weigh in on how parents often harm their children by giving them too much of what they want and not enough of what they need.
04/01/22·39m 0s

Great Women and Their Anti-Aging Secrets

From October 5, 2006: Diahann Carroll, Geena Davis and Nora Ephron discuss the truth about aging. The women help ease the anxieties associated with getting older by sharing their experiences and offering keys to aging gracefully. Diahann Carroll passed away in 2019; Nora Ephron passed away in 2012.
28/12/21·37m 14s

Lifestyle Makeovers: Money Drains

From August 28, 2000: Financial expert and New York Times Bestselling author Suze Orman joins the Lifestyle Makeover team to teach viewers how to tell ourselves the truth about money and what causes our money misery.
21/12/21·29m 44s

Why I Hate Myself: Mothers Confess

From May 11, 2006: Three mothers reveal how their feelings of self-hatred manifest themselves in various ways through anorexia, overeating and self-doubt. Oprah helps viewers recognize how self-hatred may show up in our own lives in the lifestyles we choose to live.
14/12/21·38m 50s

An Abusive Husband's Desperate Plea For Help

From April 19, 2006:  Oprah’s guest, Louie, admits he's been abusing his wife, Shannon, for 13 years. He was convicted of domestic violence twice: once in 1999 for punching Shannon and a second time for pushing her to the ground. He says he no longer physically abuses Shannon, but now he emotional abuses her. Together, with marriage counselor Harville Hendrix, they try to find out the cause of the abuse.
07/12/21·38m 25s

Insiders' Secrets To Make You Younger and Healthier

From May 3, 2005: Dr. Oz returns to share the latest critical inside information on how to stay young and healthy.  Anti-aging expert, Dr. Michael Roizen talks about the food, beverages and vitamins you should ingest every day.
30/11/21·34m 40s

What Can You Really Afford?

From October 3, 2002:  World renown financial expert and New York Times bestselling author Suze Orman shares tips on how to determine what you can actually afford without the temptation of outside factors like low interest rates and sales.  Suze explains why she says, "Most people are living in denial about what they can really afford." 
23/11/21·39m 13s

A Follow Up: The Bank Robbing Dad Finally Faces The Sons Who Turned Him In

From January 30, 2006: Bill Ginglen talks about his sons turning him in for bank robbery. His sons Jared, Garrett and Clay discuss their feelings about their father.
16/11/21·37m 42s

The Bank Robbing Dad and The Shocked Sons Who Turned Him In

From January 25, 2006: Oprah talks with the Ginglen boys -- Jerad, Garrett and Clay who turned in their bank-robbing father William.
09/11/21·35m 25s

Lifestyle Makeovers: Use Your Life Award

From May 29, 2000:  Oprah kicks off her series of "Lifestyle Makeovers," which brings in experts like Suze Orman, Tracy Gaudet and Bob Greene to help people make over their lives from the inside out.  Leading the team is Cheryl Richardson, author of "Take Time For Your Life."  Oprah presents Use Your Life  award to Bea Salazar who founded Bea's Kids, an organization which feeds children whose families have low-income.
02/11/21·30m 39s

What Would You Do For A Friend?

From July 25, 2002: Oprah shares stories of people who demonstrate selfless character in the way they show up for their friends. Some of these people have sacrificed everything and even put their own lives on the line to help a friend in need. Oprah hopes this show inspires us all to be better friends.
26/10/21·33m 0s

Russell Yates Talks to Oprah

From March 20, 2002: Russell Yates talks to Oprah about the murders of his five children committed by his wife Andrea Yates. Russell and his mother Dora discuss Andrea's murder trial, the trial's verdict and how they're coping after the tragedy.
19/10/21·38m 49s

Oprah's Chutzpah Awards

From April 20, 2004: These awards are given to women who show unbelievable courage, boldness and just plain guts.  These women have gone against the odds and have achieved greatness.
12/10/21·31m 50s

Is Your Lifestyle Ruining Your Health?

From February 19, 2001: Oprah takes a look at the detrimental effects stress can have on a woman's body and health. Experts share how a busy, chaotic life could be life threatening or cause illness. A toxic relationship, a job you hate or not being able to set boundaries can directly influence your ability to fight illness and to heal. We hear from women who believe their bodies are beginning to pay the price for their chronic stress and expert advice on how to change.
05/10/21·28m 45s

What Your Marriage Is Trying to Teach You

From December 6, 2001: Dr. Harville Hendrix helps Oprah and her guests heal their marriages and relationships. His groundbreaking tools and techniques touches on the hidden reasons we pick the partners we do. Also, we learn best approaches to navigating and overcoming tough seasons.
28/09/21·36m 19s

Real Boys' Voices

From June 6, 2000: Oprah and psychologist, Dr. Phil Pollack, author of "Real Boys' Voices," delve into the secret emotional life of boys. In Pollack's book, he says that boys are desperate to reveal their true feelings. From the outside, they look like the boy next door, but on the inside, they have this secret emotional life that not even their parents know about. We learn from young men across America who reveal some of their innermost thoughts about a lot of things: about sex, about violence, about body image, and how they really feel about their parents.
21/09/21·40m 13s

Have You Let Yourself Go? Part 2: The Big Question - Who Am I?

From April 13, 2006: Dr. Robin Smith counsels women who say that they've let themselves go and don't know who they are anymore. Dr. Smith also shares a step-by-step plan on how to execute a total life and spirit makeover.
14/09/21·36m 18s

Have You Let Yourself Go?

From October 31, 2005: Oprah and Dr. Robin Smith speak with women about making a comeback after gaining weight because of problems in their lives.
07/09/21·35m 50s

How To Stop Overeating, Overspending and Overworking

From June 16, 2003: Oprah talks to Laurel Mellin, author of "The Pathway," a self-help book with information about how you can turn off your desire to overeat, overspend, overwork and drink too much. Laurel says that overcoming any behavior takes two skills: self-nurturing and setting limits. We hear from women who overspend, overwork and try too hard to please people who realize the importance of addressing the underlying reasons for their behaviors -- not just the behaviors themselves.
31/08/21·37m 55s

Lifestyle Makeovers: What Fuels You?

From June 26, 2000: On this episode, Oprah works alongside expert guests to help viewers realize their emotional and physical potential. Cheryl Richardson, author and coach, shares insights from her New York Times Best seller Take Time For Your Life. She shares how our unhealthy habits can put our life at risk both physically and mentally. Richardson offers tools to help us examine what fuels us versus what drains us. Guests learn practical ways to break addictions that keep them in crisis mode such as caffeine, their phone and sugar.
24/08/21·29m 12s

Depressed, Mentally Ill & Famous: The Backstage Struggle

From November 17, 2004: Celebrities Maurice Benard, Shawn Colvin and Linda Hamilton open up about their personal struggles with their mental illnesses. In these deeply transparent conversations about their darkest moments, the hope is that listeners who see themselves, will seek out the help they need.
17/08/21·37m 37s

Clara Harris, The Woman Who Ran Over and Killed Her Husband

From April 28, 2005: Oprah talks with Clara Harris, a woman who ran over and killed her husband with her Mercedes-Benz several times after confronting him and his mistress at a suburban Houston hotel. Harris was convicted of murder in February 2003 and was released in 2018. Oprah hears her side of the story from the Mountain View Correctional Center. We hear the story she wasn't allowed to tell in the courtroom.
10/08/21·39m 57s

The Truth About Food With Dr. Oz and Bob Greene

From September 17, 2007: Dr. Oz and Bob Greene talk about how to eat healthy. Dr. Oz shares groundbreaking technology that helps us determine how different foods affect our health. We learn about the nutrients in foods and what is needed for our body to function properly and to help us lose weight. Bob Greene shares more on how to lose weight through his Best Life Diet and the foods that lean you out. We meet a woman who lost nearly 100 pounds with Bob Greene's diet.
03/08/21·34m 3s

Lifestyle Makeovers: Energy Drains

From June 12, 2000: Oprah's lifestyle makeover experts help viewers who are feeling overwhelmed and empty take the first steps toward living their best life. We hear from a guest who was exhausted and wrote a poem which awakened her spirit.
27/07/21·29m 18s

Burned Alive By a Drunk Driver (Jacqueline Saburido)

From November 25, 2003: Oprah sits down with Jacqueline Saburido, a young woman who was burned alive by a drunk driver and lived to tell the story. Jacqui passed away in 2019. We then hear the story of a man who forgetfully left his baby in his car alone for three hours to discover he passed away due to heat stroke. We learn how our momentary mistakes can lead to devastating consequences.
20/07/21·39m 31s

Dr. Oz Answers Your Burning Weight Loss Questions

From November 29, 2006: Dr. Oz sits down with Oprah to discuss his 10-day weight loss plan. The episode focuses on viewers who ask burning questions from their own weight loss journey. Dr. Oz provides thoughtful tips as well as easy to do recipes. He emphasizes the importance of making small changes in our daily diet that lead to the results we want to see.
13/07/21·38m 22s

Suze Orman: Nine Steps to Financial Freedom

From September 10, 1998: Financial planner Suze Orman sits down with Oprah to share tips on achieving financial success. She shares these steps from her book, Nine Steps To Financial Freedom. We hear from members of the audience who are deep in debt seeking advice. Oprah considers Suze to be one of the best financial advisers in the world because of her deep awareness that finances are connected to more than possessions, but to the way we think.
06/07/21·29m 10s

Why We Can't Stop Talking About Eat, Pray, Love!

From December 4, 2007: Oprah sits down with author Elizabeth Gilbert to discuss her book Eat, Pray, Love, a New York Times bestseller that became a global phenomenon. Elizabeth shares her unique journey of self-discovery and breaking free from a seemingly perfect life that she realized she didn’t want. We learn that everyone you meet on a spiritual quest is sent to be a teacher. One of those teachers in Gilbert’s life was Richard, who she met in India. Richard joins the conversation to share the lessons he taught her. Elizabeth shares why she believes a shift in perspective leads to a life of true fulfillment.
29/06/21·36m 14s

Scott Peterson’s Sister: 33 Reasons Why My Brother Is Guilty

From March 3, 2005: Oprah talks to Scott Peterson's half-sister, Anne Bird, about why she feels her brother is guilty of murder. Scott Peterson was the suspect in a very public case for the murder of his pregnant wife Laci and their unborn child in 2005. He was eventually sentenced to life in prison. Anne Bird gives her account of his marriage and his disturbing behavior. She shares when she realized her brother was capable of murder. Anne also discusses her book Blood Brother: 33 Reasons My Brother Scott Peterson Is Guilty.
22/06/21·40m 22s

He Says He Can Talk To The Dead

From February 23, 1998: Oprah talks to James Van Praagh, television personality and author of the number one New York Times best seller Talking to Heaven. He discusses how he receives messages from the dead, explains how the bond of love doesn’t cease after death and shares his beliefs of how we all create our own Heaven. People who have lost loved ones also detail their experience after a session with James, with some remaining skeptical and others becoming believers.
15/06/21·33m 7s

A Pro Football Player's Secret Shame

From October 18, 2005: Oprah talks to former New York Jets football player Laveranues Coles, who shares the story of the sexual abuse he experienced as a child by his stepfather. Oprah also talks to his mother. Psychologist Dr. Robin Smith weighs in on how people can let go of the shame they feel about their pasts and move forward unshackled.
08/06/21·38m 49s

Walter Cronkite & Katherine Graham

From April 1, 1997: Walter Cronkite and Katherine Graham sit down with Oprah recalling their careers reporting some of the biggest news stories. Oprah calls it a monumental mentor day hearing from two reporters she admires. Walter Cronkite speaks about his New York Times bestselling book, A Reporter's Life, where he shares his experiences covering some of the biggest news stories of his time from the assassination of John F. Kennedy, events of the civil rights movement and the first man to walk on the moon. Oprah also speaks with Katherine Graham about her book Personal History. She was the first woman to head a Fortune 500 company where she commanded Newsweek magazine, the Washington Post and television stations across the nation.
01/06/21·29m 18s

Oprah Goes To Prison: The Pastor Who Killed His Wife

From February 18, 2005: Oprah travels to the North Carolina Maximum Security Prison and interviews a former minister convicted of killing his wife of 24 years. In the studio, she talks to Karen Fox, whose ex-husband, Michael, stabbed her more than 50 times and killed their two children, Lindsay and Jordan. Oprah also talks to Dr. Robi Ludwig, a psychotherapist and regular contributor to Court TV who has been researching spousal homicide for a book called, "Til Death Do Us Part: Love, Marriage, and Mind of the Killer Spouse."
25/05/21·38m 40s

Brooke Shields Struggle For Sanity

From May 4, 2005: Actress Brooke Shields, author of Down Came The Rain, reveals for the first time her real-life nightmare and battle with postpartum depression. Brooke describes the resulting mental collapse after she gave birth to her daughter Rowan, and talks about using medication to treat her depression.
18/05/21·38m 11s

Exclusive: The Amy Fisher Story

From September 27, 2004: Oprah interviews Amy Elizabeth Fisher known as "the Long Island Lolita". In 1992, at the age of 17, Amy shot and severely wounded Mary Jo Buttafuoco. At the time Amy was having an affair with Mary’s Jo’s husband, Joey Buttafuoco. Amy served seven years in prison. After staying out of the public eye she told her story in a book, Amy Fisher: If I Knew Then. Oprah feels there's a larger lesson in Amy's story: "The most important gift any parent can give their children, especially their daughters, is a sense of self-esteem. What happened to Amy doesn't happen to girls who have a sense of self-worth."
11/05/21·34m 30s

Lifestyle Makeovers: Toxic Relationships

From October 9, 2000: Oprah talks about how toxic relationships affect your health and well-being. We all have toxic people in our lives. In this episode we learn the words to say to stand up to toxic friends and family. Guests share how to confront conflict with grace and love.
04/05/21·28m 26s


From January 18, 2007: Shawn Hornbeck and his family (his mother and stepfather, Pam and Craig Akers, and his aunt, Shari Frazier) sit down with Oprah for their first interview since Shaun's safe return four years after he was allegedly kidnapped. Oprah also talks to Gary Wagster and Chris Nelson, the police officers who followed a tip that led them to the home of Michael Devlin, where they found Ben Ownby and Shawn Hornbeck. She then sits down with both Don and Doris Ownby about their four-day ordeal and how they feel about their son, Ben, being the reason Shawn Hornbeck was found. FBI veteran Clint Van Zandt and author of Facing Down Evil speaks about how children returned to their families can overcome their trauma.
27/04/21·39m 34s

Children Murdered and Parents Accused

From June 17, 1993: Oprah speaks with Cynthia and David Dowaliby who were both put on trial for the murder of their 7-year-old daughter Jaclyn Dowaliby. The couple claimed that she was taken by an intruder. Cynthia was acquitted and David was found guilty and sentenced to 45 years in jail. A year after David's sentencing, his guilty verdict was overruled. Oprah interviews the couple to better understand this unsolved crime. We then hear from both Teri and Mark Lass, a couple who experienced the loss of their infant. Teri Lass was charged with first-degree murder after investigators collected substantial evidence tying her to the crime. However, Lee County jurors acquitted her after the criminal defense attorney raised reasonable doubt.
20/04/21·31m 43s

Christina Applegate: Why She Had a Double Mastectomy

From September 30, 2008: Actress Christina Applegate opens up about her battle with cancer and her radical decision to remove both breasts. Oncologist, Dr. Philomena McAndrew, explains the breast cancer gene and provides treatment recommendations. Nancy Brinker, founder of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, talks about how the conversation around breast cancer has changed since her sister died. Other breast cancer survivors share their stories.
13/04/21·37m 26s

Dad Kills Twins - The Truth About Depression

From November 14, 2006: Oprah talks with David Crespi, the suburban banker who murdered his twin daughters during a psychotic episode. She also sits with his wife Kim Crespi & Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner to better understand depression and mental illness. We learn that what may start as a thought can lead to great devastation if ignored.
06/04/21·38m 40s

The Dr. Oz Diet

From November 2, 2006: Cardiothoracic surgeon, author and TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz and anesthesiologist, internist and author Dr. Michael Roizen discuss their #1 New York Times Bestseller, You: On A Diet. They share the four steps to losing weight, the emergency foods to always have on hand and the only four exercises you will ever need to do again. Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen also explain why you should focus on your waist size instead of your weight.
30/03/21·39m 8s

Exclusive: The Little Girl Forced to Live in a Cage

From February 22, 2011: At age seven, Chelsea Vosters was rescued from living in a dog cage in a dark and cold basement. Thirteen years later, Chelsea shares her memories of being in the cage, recalls the day she was rescued and returns to her childhood home. She also opens up about life after the rescue, the relationship with her family and raising her own son.
23/03/21·24m 4s

Oprah’s Most Memorable Guests: The Greatest Lessons On the Oprah Show

From May 13, 2011: Oprah looks back at some of her most memorable episodes and guests over 25 seasons of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Oprah shares the lessons she learned, several guests return with updates on their lives and viewers share how the show impacted their lives.
16/03/21·37m 7s

An Actress, Supermodel and Country Star Pull Back the Veil on Depression

From May 24, 2007: Oprah talks to people in the public eye who are dealing with the effects of depression. Actress and author of On the Couch, Lorraine Bracco shares what she called “a vortex of pain,” and her daughters talk about how they were affected. Country singer, Gary Allan opens up about his wife’s depression and ultimate suicide. Plus-size model, Emme Aronson and her husband Phil recount his battle with depression and the treatment that helped him out of it. Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and columnist Dr. Gail Saltz explains why depression is an illness and the possible benefits of psychotherapy.
09/03/21·37m 13s

Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy's Sister and Mass Murder Jim Jones' Son Speak Out

From February 17, 2010: Oprah talks to Jim Jones, Jr., the son of the notorious Peoples Temple leader, about the Jonestown Massacre, why he didn’t “drink the Kool-Aid,” and how sports saved his life. Karen Kuzma opens up publicly, for the first time, about her brother serial killer John Wayne Gacy. She recalls life as they were growing up, the phone call when he was arrested and his last hours before he was executed.
02/03/21·37m 58s

Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet

From January 15, 2007: Exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer, Bob Greene discusses his #1 New York Times Bestselling book, The Best Life Diet. He talks through the three phases of the diet plan, reveals the type of food needed to maintain and lose weight more effectively, and gives tips for success on the plan. Guests share their weight loss journey and success using the Best Life Diet.
23/02/21·26m 22s

Kidnapped as A Child: Why I Didn’t Return

From February 21, 2007: Child abduction survivor, Todd Bequette, shares his experience of being kidnapped at age 13 and held captive for 18 months. He opens up about the abuse he suffered, the guilt he feels for recruiting other children and how this experience affected him. Elizabeth Smart’s father Ed discusses what happens when an abducted child returns home. Plus, President and CEO of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Ernie Allen, discusses laws that need to change. Todd Bequette died of a heart attack in 2013.
16/02/21·28m 29s

The Cycle of Family Abuse

From November 1, 1988: A mother discusses the physical and emotional abuse she suffered at the hands of her father and how she later married an abuser. Her four children recall being abused by their father, and talk about the effect it’s had on their lives and how they see the pattern in their own lives. Professor and author of The Future as if it Really Mattered James Garbarino shares how to break the abusive cycle.
09/02/21·35m 47s

The Person Who Changed My Life

From March 22, 2000: Oprah shares stories featured in Matilda Raffa Cuomo’s book The Person Who Changed My Life, including Emmy-winning actor Martin Sheen and actor, producer, and host Jada Pinkett-Smith. Cuomo also surprises three-time Super Bowl-winning football player Emmitt Smith and actor Andrew Shue with the people who changed their lives.
02/02/21·23m 41s

Sexual Abuse Ramifications

From April 14, 1988: Oprah brings together a panel of women who have been sexually abused. The women open up about their traumatic experiences and the damage the abuse has caused. Dr. Susan Forward—lecturer and author of the No. 1 New York Times best seller, Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them—shares how survivors of sexual abuse feel “dirty, damaged and different.” She also explains how survivors can begin to put back the pieces of their lives, begin to heal and move forward. (Dr. Susan Forward passed away in February 2020.)
26/01/21·32m 7s

What's Your Achille's Heel?

From April 16, 1998: Author Wess Roberts discusses his book, Protect Your Achilles Heel, and the connection between behavior and intention. He explains the difference between behavior patterns and character flaws, the number one problem in relationships and the importance of selflessness. Oprah also talks to audience members about their biggest flaws.
19/01/21·24m 54s

How to Save Your Marriage, Day 1

From February 27, 1989: Eight married couples kick off two days of marriage counseling to save their marriages. Dr. Harville Hendrix—therapist, speaker and author of the New York Times best-selling book Getting the Love You Want—walks the couples through exercises that help resolve childhood wounds that are affecting their marriages.
12/01/21·31m 57s

How to Save Your Marriage, Day 2

From February 28, 1989: Eight married couples go through the second of two days of marriage counseling to save their marriages. Dr. Harville Hendrix—therapist, speaker and author of the New York Times best-selling book Getting the Love You Want—walks the couples through marital exercises and gives tips on how to minimize arguments within the relationship.
12/01/21·31m 58s

Do One Thing Differently

From October 15, 1999: Oprah talks to people about the one thing they would change in order to make their lives better. Psychotherapist, speaker and author of Do One Thing Different, Bill O'Hanlon, shares how doing just one thing differently can move you in the right direction. He gives steps to making change, including transition rituals and what he describes as the “Mr. Rogers technique.”
05/01/21·29m 23s

Messages from Dying Mothers

From April 20, 1998: Oprah talks to mothers who are making preparations for family after their deaths. New Zealand mother Tobi Mills opens up about placing a newspaper ad seeking a new family for her 10-year-old twins as she undergoes treatment for liver cancer. Erin Kramp shares motherly advice in videos to her daughter and husband while fighting breast cancer. Rose and Al Malavolti adopted eight children from a mother who was suffering from a terminal illness. (Erin Kramp passed away on October 31, 1998; her daughter was 6 years old. Tobi Mills also passed away in 1998.)
29/12/20·36m 48s

Faces of Autism

From April 5, 2007: Oprah talks to parents and siblings of children on the autism spectrum about how this condition affects their lives. Dr. Anshu Batra, a developmental-behavioral pediatric specialist, discusses the three behavioral deficits that define autism, possible causes and early warning signs. Dr. Batra also opens up about the symptoms of her own autistic children and shares coping strategies parents can put in place.
22/12/20·36m 23s

Do You Believe?

From February 15, 2007: Television personality, author and psychic medium John Edward discusses his ability to speak to the dead. He describes how the process works, performs readings for families seeking to connect with deceased loved ones and provides tips on how the average person can be receptive to hearing from the other side. Allison DuBois, psychic, medium and author of the New York Times best-seller We Are Their Heaven: Why the Dead Never Leave Us, shares her experience working with law enforcement, which inspired the show Medium.
15/12/20·37m 35s

What Five Words Describe Your Marriage?

From January 24, 2007: Spiritual teacher and author of the #1 New York Times best-seller The Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav shares how to transform your relationship into a spiritual partnership. He explains spiritual growth, the principle of intention and the difference between internal and external power. He also coaches couples in becoming emotionally aware and describes the importance of changing yourself before trying to change others.
08/12/20·40m 10s

This Is the Year to Get Richer!

From January 22, 2007: Journalist, financial columnist and author of The New York Times best-seller Make Money Not Excuses, Jean Chatzky gives the money lesson that every woman should learn. She also shares four steps to get richer. Plus, her dream team of financial experts helps audience members find ways to make more money with what they already have. Viewers who joined Oprah’s Great American Debt Diet share their experiences and results.
01/12/20·38m 13s

A Mother’s Controversial Confession

From April 20, 2005: Writer and mother of four, Ayelet Waldman, opens up about her controversial New York Times article, “Truly, Madly, Guiltily.” She explains why she stands by her words, “I love my husband more than my children.” Ayelet discusses the “all or nothing” proposition of motherhood, disconnection between spouses and how dissatisfaction can turn into anger. Roland Warren, President of the National Fatherhood Initiative, says that there is a clear difference between how men and women think about their roles in a family after children are born.
24/11/20·40m 30s

Stop Being a Doormat!

From June 13, 2002: Sociologist, life coach and New York Times best-selling author Dr. Martha Beck discusses what she calls “the disease to please.” She also coaches women on breaking their “doormat mentality.” Martha explains the K.I.S.S. rule, talks about why people pleasing can become an addiction and shares a quiz to see where you rank on the “doormat scale.” Plus, physician, journalist and New York Times best-selling author Dr. Nancy Snyderman discusses the physical effects of people pleasing and what she calls the “chew and stew” theory, which explains how we think and why we worry.
17/11/20·36m 17s

What to Feed Your Heart

From March 13, 2002: Physician, researcher and author of the New York Times best-selling book Reversing Heart Disease, Dr. Dean Ornish advises women on how to prevent and reverse heart disease through diet and lifestyle. He discusses the importance of knowing your cholesterol level, the physical effect of toxic emotions and how just one minute a day of meditation can improve your health. Dr. Ornish also highlights three categories of food—the foods to eat most often, those to eat in moderation and those to eat least often.
10/11/20·38m 35s

De-Stressing Your Life

From February 13, 2002: Life coach, speaker and New York Times best-selling author Dr. Martha Beck counsels overstressed and overscheduled women. She coaches women on how to de-stress and de-clutter their lives. Martha explains the importance of teaching your kids instead of doing for them, how to use your life goals to clean your house and why she believes people pleasing is as dangerous as an addiction.
03/11/20·36m 27s

Choose Your Life

From June 21, 2000: Oprah talks to people who have made drastic changes to live the lives of their dreams. Plus, spiritual teacher and New York Times best-selling author Gary Zukav gives advice on how to find strength and courage to follow your heart’s desire. He also explains the importance of choice, life experimentation and how to reach what he calls “authentic power.”
27/10/20·31m 53s

How to Connect with Your Children

From June 8, 2000: Oprah and a team of parenting experts teach frazzled moms and dads how to spend conscious, attentive time with their children. They discuss strategies for having great family conversations, explain what teenagers really want and give tips for divorced parents. The panel also discusses the importance of tradition, rituals and how to recognize what you want your kids to remember from their childhood. Plus, children share how they feel loved and when they know their parent is not listening.
20/10/20·38m 5s

How to Have More Time for Yourself

From May 10, 2000: Speaker and author Kathy Peel discusses her book, Be Your Best, and the importance of taking time for yourself. She also shares what she says is the essential question to ask yourself: “Do you see yourself as valuable?” Plus, Kathy identifies what she calls “time robbers,” offers ideas for personal restoration and explains how busy moms can find more time at home.
13/10/20·31m 14s

Money Saving Secrets

From April 28, 2000: Businessman and author, Robert Kiyosaki, discusses his New York Times Bestselling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. He explains why he believes it’s important that we change the way we think about money. Robert details misconceptions of assets and liabilities, using debt to gain wealth and why we should pay ourselves before our bills. Other experts share money saving secrets and investment tips.
06/10/20·26m 54s

What’s Holding You Back?

From April 6, 2000: Psychologist Dr. Linda S. Austin— author of What’s Holding You Back?: Eight Critical Choices For Women's Success—discusses the psychological “glass ceiling” that some women face in their lives and careers. She shares the role that fear plays in holding people back and explains how to overcome it. Dr. Austin also coaches women through making critical choices, like taking risks and learning to deal with difficult people. Plus, Oprah talks to Olympian luger Bonny Warner, who shares her success and how she accomplished her life goals.
29/09/20·28m 58s

Have You Forgotten Your Friends?

From October 28, 1999: Oprah highlights the importance of friendship in our lives, and dedicates a show to reuniting women with best friends with whom they have lost touch. Friendship expert, sociologist and Friendshifts author Dr. Jan Yager gives reasons why friendships shift and shares advice on rekindling relationships. She also explains how to recognize if a friendship is worth salvaging and why it’s important to understand that the relationship may not be what it was before.
22/09/20·21m 17s

Making Peace with Your Family

From October 6, 1999: Teacher, speaker and author of Codes of Love Mark Bryan discusses how to deal with conflicts within the family. He also shares what he calls the “moment of truth” exercise, how to look at the past with a new perspective and coaches two families through the four steps to reconciliation: Remember, Reflect, Reframe, and Reconnect.
15/09/20·32m 16s

Difficult Conversations

From April 27, 1999: Oprah dedicates a show to women who have a hard time expressing their true feelings when in difficult situations and conversations. Assertiveness coach, Jan Ferris, shares the importance of boundary setting and tips for learning how to say, “No.” New York Times Business Bestselling authors of Difficult Conversations, Doug Stone and Sheila Heen, discuss why some conversations are more difficult than others, teach what they call the doubling technique and give advice for tough scenarios.
08/09/20·34m 20s

How to Overcome Shame

From April 9, 1999: Educator, motivational speaker and author of the New York Times best-seller Healing the Shame that Binds You, John Bradshaw counsels three women on how they can let go of the crippling shame they have carried with them for years. He also shares the steps to healing, the difference between healthy and toxic shame, and the importance of embracing the shame you feel. John Bradshaw passed away in 2016 from heart failure.
01/09/20·25m 55s

What Could You Give Up?

From January 12, 1999: Jim O’Connor—founder of the Cuss Control Academy and author of Cuss Control—explains why we use profanity, why we shouldn’t swear and which alternate expressions are better to use. Then, life coach and author of Take Yourself to the Top, Laura Berman Fortgang, gives advice on how to live a happier life by giving up some things. She also discusses boundary-setting and offers key questions to ask yourself in order to prioritize what really matters.
18/08/20·26m 34s

Design Your Dream

From October 9, 1998: Motivational speaker and author Gail Blanke discusses her New York Times best-selling book, “In Your Wildest Dreams.” She describes how to find your passion, the importance of defining your own life and why living the life of your dreams is the greatest gift you can give anyone. Gail also coaches audience members on how to design their own dreams.
11/08/20·27m 57s

Rules for Being Human

From September 15, 1998: Life coach and author Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott discusses her #1 New York Times best-seller, If Life Is a Game, These are the Rules. She coaches the audience through what she calls the 10 rules for being human. Dr. Carter-Scott details the importance of the lessons life presents to us, and explains why life will continue to repeat those teachings until they’re learned. Dr. Carter-Scott also talks about why she believes we are in control of our life’s outcome.
04/08/20·31m 39s

John Gray: Mars and Venus Starting Over

From August 5, 1998: Relationship counselor, lecturer and #1 New York Times best-selling author John Gray discusses his book Mars and Venus Starting Over. John, who also wrote Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus, shares why he believes we need to be reeducated on how to have relationships. He explains the differences between men and women, how to create romance and the importance of vulnerability in a relationship. John also answers audience members’ relationship questions.
28/07/20·38m 56s

How Well Do You Cope?

From April 3, 1998: Oprah talks to people who have survived terrible tragedies. Dr. Paul Stoltz, keynote speaker and #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Adversity Quotient discusses how to turn obstacles into opportunities and how adversity leads to strength. Dr. Stoltz also explains what he calls the “constructive blame zone.” Holocaust survivor, psychologist and author Dr. Edith Eva Eger shares her traumatic experiences at the Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp and explains how to overcome anything through the power of your mind.
21/07/20·29m 32s

Make the Connection

From September 11, 1996: Oprah and Bob Greene, exercise physiologist and personal trainer, discuss their No. 1 New York Times best seller, Make the Connection, a book that outlines 10 steps to change your life, lose weight and keep it off. Oprah shares insights from her own weight loss journey, including how to gain discipline and will power, and why it’s important to care about yourself daily. She also talks to people who have successfully lost weight.
14/07/20·22m 33s

What’s Your Emotional Intelligence?

From October 10, 1995: Author and science journalist Dr. Daniel Goleman discusses his New York Times best-selling book, Emotional Intelligence. He explains how to handle our anger, how controlling impulses affect our lives and how we can increase our EQ at any point in our lives. Also, Dr. Martin Seligman—psychologist, educator and author of The Optimistic Child—explains the three aspects of optimism, how optimism increases emotional intelligence, and the correlation between pessimism and depression.
07/07/20·23m 7s

How Healthy is Your Family?

From March 6, 1990: Oprah and Dr. Paul Pearsall, neuropsychologist and author of the New York Times best-seller, The Power of the Family, take the audience through a ‘rituals test’ to assess their family health. Dr. Pearsall discusses why families are failing, the importance of developing the “us” quotient and how just 15 minutes of spending time together as a family unit can make a difference. Dr. Paul Pearsall passed away in 2007.
30/06/20·36m 13s

Mind Over Body Cure

From October 17, 1988: Do we have the ability to think ourselves well? A panel of doctors and patients debate mind over body cures and share their personal stories of healing through medical and non-medical means. Guests include Dr. Bernie Siegel, pediatric surgeon and author of New York Times #1 Bestseller, Love, Medicine and Miracles; Dr. Sherwin Nuland, author of Doctors: The Biography of Medicine and Orthodox Rabbi Benjamin Blech. Dr. Sherwin Nuland passed away in 2014 from prostate cancer.
23/06/20·35m 3s

Are You Rude? Take the Test!

From October 15, 2008: Oprah takes her audience through a test to determine if they are rude. Professor at John Hopkins University and author of Choosing Civility: Twenty-Five Rules of Considerate Conduct, P.M. Forni, discusses the principles of respectful people, the difference between being rude and mean and explains why our quality of life depends on the quality of our relationships. Steve Dublanica, author of the New York Times bestseller, Waiter Rant, shares restaurant etiquette that most people don’t know. P.M. Forni passed away in 2018.
16/06/20·35m 5s

Mind, Body Connection

From March 12, 1987: Neuropsychologist and New York Times best-selling author of Super Immunity, Dr. Paul Pearsall and Dr. Bernie Siegel, pediatric surgeon and author of New York Times #1 Bestseller, Love, Medicine and Miracles discuss the crucial link between the mind and body and how this can affect the treatment of illnesses. They explain the importance of peace of mind, visualization and why it’s important to like your life. They also share how to talk to your body, the importance of optimism and how to maximize the healer within. Dr. Paul Pearsall passed away in 2007.
09/06/20·41m 8s

Oprah’s 2000 Capsule

From October 12, 1998: Television personality, author and former psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw helps guests dealing with devastating loss. JoAnn Compton Powell shares that she has been unable to move forward after the death of her daughter, Laurie, over a decade ago. Dr. Phil shares his five coping skills for grief, causing JoAnn to have one of the deepest aha! moments in Oprah show history. Oprah and Dr. Phil also speaks to Brian Janette, who stopped taking care of himself after losing his mother.
02/06/20·33m 33s

Adult Children of Emotional Abuse

From March 28, 1989: Oprah talks to adults who share stories of the emotional abuse they suffered as children and how it still affects them today. Psychotherapist and author of How to Raise Your Self-Esteem, Dr. Nathaniel Branden explains the difference between conscious living and unconscious living, and how making small changes to be more conscious in your life can improve your self-esteem. He also explains why some people are able to transcend abusive circumstances when others cannot. Dr. Branden passed away in 2014 at age 84 from complications with Parkinson’s disease.
26/05/20·26m 39s

Finding Happiness

From December 20, 1988: Three happiness experts share their secrets to living a joyful life. Featured guests include Dr. Paul Pearsall, a neuropsychologist and New York Times best-selling author of Super Joy; Robert Fulghum, a minister and author of New York Times best-seller All I Really Need To Know, I Learned in Kindergarten; and Wally “Famous” Amos, entrepreneur and author or The Power In You. The experts respond to audience members’ questions and answer some of life’s toughest questions: Is life unfair? Does everything happen for a reason? Do we have control over our lives? The three also discuss the importance of self-love, recognizing that love is a decision and how joy equals acceptance. Dr. Paul Pearsall passed away in 2007.
19/05/20·36m 55s

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Is Dying

From October 9, 1997: Oprah talks with author and psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross about her autobiography, Wheel of Life. A pioneer in death and dying studies, Elisabeth shares the greatest lessons she’s learned from those who are dying, how she is welcoming death at the end of her own life and how she’s able to never give up. Also, journalist, philanthropist and author Mitch Albom discusses his New York Times best-selling book Tuesdays with Morrie. He explains how death is an opportunity to teach, and shares why he believes the love we create in our lives continues after death. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross passed away in 2004 at a nursing home in Scottsdale, Arizona.
12/05/20·31m 31s

Should Handguns Be Banned?

From June 27, 1989: Oprah talks to grieving parents who lost their young children to handgun violence. Oprah also mediates a discussion on handgun legislation and education with a panel of guests including pediatrician Dr. Katherine Christoffel, National Rifle Association member Marion Hanner and former executive director of the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence, Barbara Laughton.
05/05/20·37m 14s

Dieting to Death

From November 27, 1989: Oprah talks to Rudine Howard, a woman weighing only 60 pounds, about her battle with anorexia nervosa. Rudine discusses her fear of food and how treatment with medical hypnotherapist Dr. Henry Parker helped her self-esteem. Other women suffering from bulimia share their patterns of bingeing and purging, the role of denial and why they see food as their only friend. Plus psychiatrist Dr. Patricia Santucci describes the characteristics of those who suffer from eating disorders, the adverse side effects and why it’s important to break the chain of secrecy. Rudine Howard later succumbed to her disease, passing away in 1996.
28/04/20·33m 38s

Lifestyle Makeovers: How to Set Personal Boundaries

From February 5, 2001: Oprah talks with author and lifestyle makeover expert, Cheryl Richardson about her New York Times Bestselling book, Life Makeovers. Cheryl explains why boundary-setting is the number one way to improve your life. She gives three components to boundary setting, tips for staying calm in confrontation and explains the importance of the phrase, “I need you to hear me.” Cheryl also discusses internal boundaries, how to recognize where boundaries are needed and why it’s important to not ‘over-explain’ yourself.
21/04/20·29m 57s

How Does That Feel?

From October 19, 2001: Oprah talks to Mattie Stepanek, an 11-year-old boy who, despite having muscular dystrophy, has written two New York Times best-selling inspirational books of poetry, Heartsongs and Journey Through Heartsongs. He aims to help create world peace. Mattie shares his poetry, describes what he calls “Heartsongs,” and details how he sees miracles every day. Oprah then talks with singer, author and motivational speaker Tom Sullivan about how it feels to be blind. Mattie, who later became one of Oprah’s most memorable guests passed away in 2004 at the age of 13.
14/04/20·29m 41s

Oprah Honors American Heroes: The Freedom Riders Reunite 50 Years Later

From May 4, 2011: Oprah celebrates the 50-year anniversary of the 1961 Freedom Riders movement with 178 surviving Freedom Riders in the audience. The American heroes share their reasons for risking their lives to defy the segregation laws of the Deep South. Congressman John Lewis is reunited with Elwin Wilson, one of the men who beat him at a bus station in Rock Hill, South Carolina. They open up about the beating and Wilson’s subsequent apology in 2009. In 2013, Elwin Wilson died in a South Carolina hospital at the age of 76.
07/04/20·27m 17s

John Bradshaw: Creating Love

From December 2, 1992: New York Times best-selling author, counselor, motivational speaker and television host John Bradshaw discusses his book, Creating Love: The Next Great Stage of Growth. John asserts that most of us don’t even know what love really is. He explains how love can cause misery instead of pleasure in what he calls “mystified love.” John speaks about the effect our childhood has on our adult relationships. John also leads the audience in a meditation and shares how to achieve the “soulful love” we all deserve. On May 8, 2016, John Bradshaw died of heart failure at the age of 82. He is survived by his wife and two children.
31/03/20·38m 32s

Oprah’s Weight Loss Show

From November 22, 1993: Oprah reads entries from her personal journal about her emotional struggles with weight. She explains how she came to understand that her battles with weight are really internal issues that have manifested themselves physically. Oprah also reveals the deep fears that took her 15 years to face and shares the questions she had to ask herself to get to the root of her problem. Then, exercise physiologist and fitness expert Bob Greene gives tips to lose weight the healthy way and lists the best overall aerobic exercises for weight loss. Also, Oprah shares a special message to Stedman for standing by her.
24/03/20·26m 56s

An Overwhelmed Mom’s Deadly Mistake

From October 1, 2008: Oprah talks to Brenda Slaby, a mom and assistant principal who accidentally left her 2-year-old daughter, Cecilia, in the backseat of her car while she was at work. Cecilia died of a heatstroke after being in the car for 8 hours in temperatures rising above 90 degrees. Brenda discusses how she became perceived as what she calls “the most hated mom in America,” and other mothers also share their stories of feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to be perfect. Then, poet, author and Zen Buddhist teacher and priest Norman Fischer explains why there’s no such thing as multitasking, offering tips to refocus your attention and sharing why he believes it’s important to ask for help when you feel too busy.
17/03/20·37m 12s

Family of Alcoholics

From April 4, 1989: Oprah talks to a family with three generations of alcoholics about repeating the family cycle and how alcoholism has affected their lives. Psychologist and author Janet Geringer Woititz discusses her New York Times best seller, Adult Children of Alcoholics. She explains how to recognize the characteristics of children of alcoholics and how to break the cycle of alcohol abuse. She also gives advice on how to stop enabling and start helping loved ones who suffer with alcoholism. Janet Geringer Woititz passed away at her home in Roseland, New Jersey, in 1994.
10/03/20·39m 57s

How to Make Love Last

From January 8, 1993: Oprah interviews self-help author and Oprah Show regular guest Harville Hendrix, who teaches us how to make our relationships not only last longer, but become happier. He talks about overcoming trust issues, childhood wounds appearing in adulthood and how marriage is a structure for healing. He also works with several couples on making their love last and discusses his books Getting The Love You Want and Keeping The Love You Find. Oprah explains how Getting the Love You Want helped improve her relationship with Stedman Graham. Of Harville’s work, Oprah says, “I saw relationships not solely as the kind of romantic pursuit our society celebrates, but as a spiritual partnership that's meant to change how you see yourself and the world.” Harville is a New York Times best-selling author, international speaker and couples therapist with more than 40 years of experience as an educator, clinical trainer and lecturer who has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show 17 times.
03/03/20·30m 39s

Can You Afford That? With Suze Orman

From October 13, 2008: New York Times best-selling author and personal finance expert Suze Orman talks to guests about what they can and cannot afford. She crunches the numbers and decides if they will be approved or denied for major lifestyle decisions. She also recommends the amount of money to have in an emergency savings account, what money never to touch and the maximum length for a car loan. The information in this program is for your general knowledge and is not a substitute for professional financial advice. To ensure that any information or suggestion in this program fits your particular circumstances, you should consult with an appropriate financial, tax, or legal professional before taking action based on any suggestions or information presented here.
03/03/20·32m 46s

A No-Holds-Barred Conversation with Child Molesters

From February 8, 2010: Oprah sits down for an unprecedented interview with four admitted child molesters for a frank, graphic discussion about their crimes. The men open up about the grooming process, how they built trust and how they selected their victims. They also give advice to parents on how to prevent sexual assault and signs to look for if you think your child may be being abused. Oprah called it the most honest conversations she’s ever had with sex offenders.
03/03/20·38m 5s

America’s Silent Killer - Oprah and Dr. Oz Want to Save Your Life

From February 4, 2010: Cardiothoracic surgeon and television host Dr. Mehmet Oz reveals how you can stop “America’s silent killer”: diabetes. Speaking to an audience full of diabetes patients and family members of people diagnosed with diabetes, Dr. Oz describes the warning signs, risk factors, foods to avoid and why diabetes is so prevalent in African American communities. Exercise physiologist and fitness expert Bob Greene takes African American church members to boot camp and gives practical lifestyle tips to help prevent or reduce diabetes symptoms. The information in this program is for your general knowledge and is not a substitute for medical advice. If you have any questions about your health, please seek advice from your personal physician.
03/03/20·30m 56s

The Oprah Show on Race In America - A 25-Year Look Back

From January 17, 2011: To commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, Oprah looks back at “The Oprah Winfrey Show” episodes that centered around race. The moments include a visit to Forsyth County, GA, where no black person had lived since 1912, the reunion of seven of the Little Rock 9 with the white high school students who bullied them, a brown-eyed/blue-eyed race experiment with teacher Jane Elliott, a white college student’s experiment on being black, audience opinions about the Rodney King verdict and riots, Jay-Z’s book “Decoded,” and an interview with a former racist who changed after getting to know his biracial grandson. Also, Oprah reveals the pivotal aha! moment she had during the taping of an episode with white supremacist guests.
03/03/20·34m 3s

Children of Divorce Reveal Their Secret Thoughts

From September 26, 2007: New York Times best-selling author, rabbi, psychotherapist and Sandcastle Program founder M. Gary Neuman talks to families about how to help their children cope with divorce. He explains how divorce affects boys and girls differently, how to discuss divorce with children and the three rules in telling your children you’re getting divorced. Gary talks to the children of three families about the affect their parents’ divorce has had on them. He also helps initiate healing with the parents through love and connection.
03/03/20·37m 41s

Dr. Phil - Uncovering Your Authentic Self

From January 22, 2002: Oprah Winfrey and New York Times best-selling author, psychologist, and television host Dr. Phil McGraw discuss his book “Self Matters: Creating Your Life from the Inside Out.” Dr. Phil helps guests with low self-esteem discover their real value and unlock their true potential. He reveals why we matter and explains the difference between our authentic selves and what he calls our “fictional selves.” Dr. Phil discusses how we can unlock certain skills, gifts, abilities and wisdom he says we were all born with in the core of who we are. Plus, Oprah shares the earliest life-defining moment that helped lead to discovering her authentic self. The information in this program is for your general knowledge and is not a substitute for medical advice. If you have any questions about your mental health, please seek advice from a professional health care provider.
03/03/20·35m 36s

Truddi Chase - Multiple Personalities

From May 21, 1990: Author Truddi Chase sits down with Oprah to discuss her New York Times best-selling autobiography, When Rabbit Howls. The book details the horrific stories of childhood sexual and physical abuse Truddi suffered at the hands of her stepfather. The abuse caused her to split into 92 separate personalities she calls her “troops.” She also shares a recording of her therapy sessions and why she has a debilitating fear of snakes. Truddi explains how she first realized the “troops” were with her and how they helped her through tough times, and shares her journey to recovery. Truddi passed away at her home in 2010 at the age of 74.
03/03/20·36m 22s

Is Your Family Happy?

From October 24, 1997: Oprah revisits five lessons she learned over the years about to how help families around the world learn to be happier. Some audience members say, “I love you” for the first time and Oprah shares ways to show love without having to say, “I love you.” She also reveals some of her favorite tips from family-focused books, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families, by Steven Covey, and Simple Abundance, by Sarah Ban Breathnach. Plus, Oprah talks with former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly and his wife, Jill, about the lessons they’ve learned from their son Hunter, who at the time was dying from Krabbe’s disease. After being given only three years to live, Hunter passed away in 2005 at the age of eight.
03/03/20·30m 15s

How to Protect Yourself Against an Attacker

From August 14, 1991: Oprah talks to personal safety experts and survivors who demonstrate and discuss how people can protect themselves against attackers. They share the most common mistakes people make and discuss what not to do with an attacker. They also explain why fighting back is a personal choice that only you can make, why fighting until “you’re safe” is important and how to say, “No!” Experts include Jean O’Neal, who at the time was the research director of the National Crime Prevention Council, J.J. Bittenbinder, who served 20 years on the San Diego Police Department and is the founder of the Strong Defense Organization, Terri Treas, who was a spokesperson and graduate of IMPACT, and Lisa Gaeta, founder and CEO at IMPACT.
03/03/20·26m 9s

Coming Soon: The Oprah Winfrey Show: The Podcast

The Oprah Winfrey Show remains the highest-rated daytime talk show in television history. A lot has changed since Oprah ended her show, but many of our personal struggles have stayed the same. She feels we are all still looking to connect, to be seen and to know that we are not alone. She feels that the her show was one of the greatest classrooms in the world. Join her now to hear the break-throughs, the connections, and eye-opening life lessons. Her hope is that these classic shows will help illuminate your path to all that you were meant to be.
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