By Andrew Cotter & Eddie Pepperell

Eddie Pepperell is one of the world's finest golfers. Andrew Cotter is one of the world's broadcasters. They have got together to talk about golf and other stuff.



Contrarians that they are, as pro golf gets going Eddie and Andrew take a break. But not before they have taken you on board PGA Tour Air with Matt Fitzpatrick. They consider the win in Texas for Daniel Berger, chat about the incredible expanding Bryson and Eddie tells a story about how he once saw a really long train.
15/06/201h 1m

Start Again

It's the return of golf on The PGA Tour so Eddie and Andrew catch-up with Danny Willett on his way to the airport ahead of The Colonial and talk about talcum powder. We also discuss the new Rose Series for women's golf, the greatest golf shot ever seen at Frilford Heath and wonder what connection Freddie Mercury has to golf to get him in this podcast. The answer is none.
08/06/2055m 22s

Teaser and the Pohlcat

This week Eddie and Andrew discuss the important questions in golf - how does the women's game get back on track? What will golf sounds like with no fans? And would you really want to fight Vijay Singh? We also hear from one of the best broadcasters in the business in John Murray, who shares memories of Opens and Ryder Cups. We then try and ignore Eddie's formative trip to America as a 16 year-old and instead focus our attention on Jean-Luc Picard and Jose Luis Chilavert.
02/06/2059m 49s

Bonus Pod - Christina Kim

Just what it says in the title. An in-depth interview with Christina Kim. And a bit of other stuff.
28/05/2049m 43s

The Bod Pod

This week, we are joined by golfing, baking rugby man Brian O'Driscoll, telling stories of high-fiving Tiger Woods for just too long. Eddie talks Caligula and Epicurean delights while Andrew considers putting in an offer for Greg Norman's house.
25/05/2059m 39s

Return of The Edi

A bumper edition of the supercrazyfun podcast that's taking the world by storm. Eddie and Andrew are joined by Colin Montgomerie and Francesco Molinari and manage to combine serious golf chat with a smattering of knowledge about both Genghis Khan and the hits of Phil Collins.
18/05/201h 19m

The Lives of Brians

This week Eddie and Andrew mull over the possible return of golf and talk to Golf Channel presenter Cara Banks. Meanwhile, Eddie demonstrates that he has become a guitar virtuoso within just a week and gives us a detailed study of the people and history of Bangladesh. We also talk far too much about people called Brian.
04/05/201h 3m

They Grilled Kenny

Eddie and Andrew chat at length to Ken Brown about life in golf, both as a player and broadcaster. They also discuss Sergio Garcia's cross-dressing and try to answer the great questions of our time: Can you listen to Dire Straits without tapping your feet and did Bernard Gallacher visit The Falkland Islands?
27/04/201h 7m

True Lies

This week Eddie and Andrew discuss many matters related to golf without really getting anywhere. More pertinently, they hear from one of the country's finest broadcasters in Clare Balding, Eddie's constant lies are exposed and they also consider those professionals who were once masters of all they surveyed but are now many pages down the world rankings.
20/04/201h 6m

The Long Long Weekend Pod

A longer than usual pod because champagne socialists Eddie and Andrew are joined by the very chatty and very interesting Nick Dougherty, taking us through his golf and broadcasting career. Several other Nicks also feature in this episode. And we find out why Eddie's not welcome back at a hotel in Crans-sur-Sierre.
13/04/201h 6m

Not Open All Hours.

This week, Eddie and Andrew record just before the big announcements about The Open and US Open. But their chat still applies. Besides, they also hear from Gary Lineker, talk about motorways, internet challenges and The 1997 Masters. And also learn far more than is necessary about Uruguay and Tommy Tolles.
06/04/2053m 8s

The Black Dog and The Golden Bear

This week as the effects of lockdown take hold, we talk coffee, canine commentary and the difference between famous Ryans. We also take a trip down Magnolia Memory Lane and hear from Georgia Hall and Meg MacLaren about golfers coping without income, practice facilities or, heaven forbid, without Peloton. 
30/03/2054m 55s

The Pepper Padraig

This week Eddie and Andrew review another busy week in the world of golf where Eddie's world ranking held firm and he ate yet more meat products. More importantly we hear from Europe's Ryder Cup captain Padraig Harrington about the plans in place for the match this year (or next). He also shares his love of Wilson and home-schooling his game, while Eddie tells us possibly made-up facts about golfers called George.
22/03/2051m 53s

The Waste Land

With golf - and indeed almost all sport - seemingly disappearing until sometime in the early 2030s, Eddie and Andrew ask what this means for the majors and how we might be able to fill our time instead. They think about favourite television programmes, golfers called Bill, handle intruding Labradors and hear from Lee Westwood as he decides what type of orchids to have at his wedding.
16/03/2051m 47s

The Pepper Pilot

A golf podcast born out of the strange times we live in. Eddie and Andrew get to grips with this new podcast, talking Qatar, Hatton, Covid-19 and all-meat diets. This episode is brought to you by Wilkins Bone Broth.
09/03/2035m 12s
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