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The Walkers Switch

The Walkers Switch

By Lauren Peters and Augustine Cerf

2 out of 3 people remember Walkers switching the colours of their Cheese and Onion and Salt and Vinegar crisp packets. But Walkers deny it ever happened. Are they lying? If so, why? The Walkers Switch investigates the greatest hoax in British crisp history.


1. The People

2 out of 3 people remember The Walkers Switch. But Walkers deny it. Are they lying? If so, why? How did they cover it up? We speak to the Great British public, delve into the facts, and interrogate a Google employee.
24/05/23·22m 12s

2. The Missing Advert

We find more and more people who remember the exact same advert, announcing The Switch. But it’s nowhere to be found. Is this 90s football-based advert real? If so, where is it?
24/05/23·24m 13s

3. Gary Lineker

We track down Gary Lineker. Can the face of Walkers shed any light on this mystery?
24/05/23·12m 27s

4. The Tory Plot

Is John Major to blame? Are crisps a powerful political tool leveraged by politicians to influence voting? We investigate.
24/05/23·31m 27s

5. The Illuminati

We explore fan theories, and speak to two members of the Illuminati, with wildly different points of view. We get the closest we’ve come yet to an admission of guilt, but can our source be trusted?
24/05/23·34m 15s

6. The Mandela Effect

How useful are the theories commonly used to explain what the internet calls ‘The Mandela Effect’? Are we living in a simulation? Or a parallel universe? We speak to astrophysicists, psychologists, and a dimension traveller.
24/05/23·35m 45s
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