First Time Dads

First Time Dads

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Two first time dads - Daily Mirror journalists Richard Innes and Steve Myall - discuss the joys, challenges and general lunacy of raising your first child and supporting a first-time mum… and ask some famous faces and qualified experts for advice along the way. Nominated in Best Podcast category at 2018 Online Media Awards.


Farewell to a First Time Dad!

Brace yourself, people… we have some big news.Steve - one half of our First Time Dads duo - is moving to New York!What this means for the podcast is still… well, it's unclear. However, when you listen to this (borderline emotional) chat between Steve and Rich, bear in mind that this MIGHT be the last ever episode of our little podcast.The guys chat here as they always do. So, you get a lot of Steve explaining the complexities of moving your kids abroad, a lot of Rich bellowing unnecessarily and a lot of wistful chat about fatherhood.If you want more of this in the future - and you don't want this to be the end of First Time Dads - then let us know! You can find Steve on Twitter here, Rich's Twitter here, or you can email us on firsttimedads@trinitymirror.comHit us up with questions, complaints, queries or just general rants about parenthood. You've listened to plenty of ours, so it's about time we heard yours. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
08/11/1933m 36s

The hidden secret to getting your kids to behave

Everyone has a nightmare getting their kids to do as their told. EVERYONE. That's why we can guarantee every single one of you has, at some point, been desperate for any easy-to-implement strategy that can get your children to behave a little less monstrously. Enter Tom Phelan PhD, the clinical psychologist and author behind the 1-2-3 Magic technique. After our former guest Emily Oster raved about Tom's work and told us how she had used it to great effective on her own kids, we got the man himself on for a trans-Atlantic chat, to explain just how this magic works. You're welcome, folks. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
30/10/1931m 20s

Konnie Huq tells us EVERYTHING

This chat with Konnie Huq is… well, it's… it's a rollercoaster.You know Konnie. She presented Blue Peter for a decade. She's hosted loads of different TV shows. She's married to Black Mirror creator/genius Charlie Brooker (she co-wrote one particularly brilliant episode). She is mother to two boys. And she has now written a children's book, called Cookie and the Most Annoying Boy in the World.As with most guests, Steve and Rich sat down to talk to her about various aspects of parenting - but the conversation very quickly turned into a chat about, well… EVERYTHING. Have a listen and you'll soon see what we mean. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
23/10/1959m 22s

How to avoid second guessing your parenting choices

Parents today are inundated with information and expert advice, often contradictory and invariably overwhelming. This results in anxiety, insecurity and stressed parenting that inevitably drives wedges between parents and children instead of the much-needed connection. Jennifer Day is a Parent Coach and Counsellor with more than twenty-five years of experience and she tells Rich and Steve how to reconnect with their innate wisdom and to trust their own parenting intuition. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
16/10/1935m 47s

Playground rules

What's the correct etiquette when another child pushes in front of yours on the slide at the playground or takes their bucket and spade in the sandpit?We've all been there. A weekend morning, kids driving you mad and you need to get out the house. Cue trip to the local playground. Next thing you know your nearest and dearest is at the top of the slide and there is an angry looking “big boy” pushing him out of the way.Do you intervene and tell the stranger he should wait his turn or do you let junior fight his own battles?Steve and Rich discuss how to play it as a parent in the playground without causing an upset. Typically the conversation starts to wander but this episode is a great listen. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
09/10/1926m 3s

Is there any scientific evidence behind all the parental advice?

New mums and dads are bombarded with advice and tips on how to parent from the moment of conception. But does the advice on everything from breastfeeding to screen time limits stand up to scientific scrutiny? Emily Oster aims to make life a little easier by arming dads, and mums, with the data behind the advice to help them make better parenting decisions.Speaking to Steve and Rich from the USA, where she is an economist at Brown University, Emily reveals there is often no evidence for doing anything other than what feels natural.   For information regarding your data privacy, visit
04/10/1931m 20s

Why parenthood means your relationship is doomed

Bit dramatic, right? Sadly, according to the research Matt Farquharson has done, we now have indisputable proof that having kids will ensure your relationship will be properly, irredeemably f***ed. Matt - better known as Papa Pukka, the husband of Mother Pukka - joins Stave and Rich to explain how he built this (largely depressing) case for his new book and explains the differences between how men and women experience the joys of that marriage and parenthood. He also outlines the campaign he and wife are fighting to make sure flexible working is more widely available to dads across Britain. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
25/09/1943m 32s

The first aid tricks every parent should know

Do you know what to do if you child starts choking? Do you think you know the best way to deal with a screaming kid who's just been sting by a bee?Chances are you probably THINK you do - but you might be wrong. For this episode, Steve and Rich invited Jenni Dunman, the founder of Daisy First Aid (who offer fun, fear-free classes to parents and carers), to come into the studio for a chat about to handle loads of common First Aid situations for kids. And as Rich quickly found out, the potentially life-saving advice isn't always what you would assume… For information regarding your data privacy, visit
18/09/1929m 35s

Alun Wyn Jones on being a hard man at work and a soft dad at home

Alun Wyn Jones is a rugby legend. As Wales captain and HUGE second row forward (he's 6ft 5ins), a big part of the Grand Slam winner's job is physically overpowering other huge men. So, as father to two little girls, how does he switch from that tough guy persona to the big cuddly daddy he is at home? In this exclusive chat, Alun explains to Rich and Steve why making that switch isn't as difficult as it sounds - and outlines how being a dad can actually help you lead a dressing room of international rugby players… For information regarding your data privacy, visit
11/09/1927m 4s

Why the end of summer is bad news for fathers… and what season three has in store

We're back! Steve and Rich discuss their respective summers and come to the joint conclusion (just about) that it's only going to get more difficult as winter approaches. The guys also let you in on what's to come in this season of First Time Dads, with a whole host of interviews with celebrities and experts already in the bag. Enjoy!    For information regarding your data privacy, visit
05/09/1922m 14s

We're on our holibobs

Steve and Rich are having a little time off for the summer, but before they do here's a quick episode to tease some of the amazing guests lined up for the next season of the podcast. See you in September! For information regarding your data privacy, visit
15/08/194m 46s

How to be a dad… from a doctor who knows

Here on First Time Dads, we like talking to a) qualified experts who understand the science of parenting and b) new dads who often feel so clueless they want to scream. Dr Oscar Duke is both - which is why Rich and Steve were delighted to have him on the podcast. A GP and broadcaster you might have seen on telly, Oscar also recently became a father for the first time. In his new book 'How To Be A Dad', he combines his medical expertise with his fumbling attempts at parenthood, to answer loads of questions all dads ask themselves at some point. Prepare to find out why the cervix of a woman in labour is just like a bottle of wine… For information regarding your data privacy, visit
31/07/1936m 39s

How to cope when your baby dies before it is born

Zoe Clark Coates and her husband Andy have personally faced the loss of five babies. Out of their experiences came a charity to offer support to thousands of grieving parents and relatives around the world each week. Zoe’s book The Baby Loss Guide provides a supportive and practical guide to walk people through their darkest days of suffering and gives them hope for the future. She joined Rich and Steve talk through the many questions those who encounter loss ask themselves and others. And to offer tips to prospective parents faced with heartbreaking events. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
24/07/1933m 59s

Everything you ever wondered about kids' TV from a CBeebies presenter

Ever worried about what your kid is watching on TV? Ever felt anxious about what harm you might be doing to your little one by letting them stare at the telly for any length of time? You are not alone. That's why we thought we'd talk to the people actually making the shows your child watches, to find out what they do to make sure they are not warping little minds. Nigel Clarke is a CBeebies presenter who has been working as a children’s TV presenter for more than 15 years - and he now hosts The Baby Club, a show for REALLY little ones on the channel. Nigel very kindly joined Steve and Rich for a First Time Dads grilling. Suffice to say, he had some very interesting revelations for the guys… For information regarding your data privacy, visit
17/07/1937m 55s

Potty Training: The trick to making the impossible possible

Potty training is a massive step for any kid - and for a stressed out dad, it can often feel like a step too far.The good news is that, if you do it in the right way, getting your kid out of nappies doesn't have to be quite as hectic as you might think. Steve (who has done it) and Rich (who is about to) asked Amanda Jenner, the UK's leading potty training expert, to explain the easiest way to potty train a child.And Amanda - who regularly goes on TV to talk about all things wees and poos and has a new book 'Potty Training Magic' out now - was not short of tips… For information regarding your data privacy, visit
10/07/1932m 40s

The myth of flexible working for dads

We're always being told that it's easier for dads to combine working and parenting these days. But is that actually the case?Apparently not.Han Son from - a former guest and friend of the show - returns to the podcast to tell Steve and Rich about some disturbing new research into the realities of fathers' working lives.If you've ever felt so stressed out about how your work impacts on your family time that you've considered switching jobs, this episode will quickly show that you are far from alone… For information regarding your data privacy, visit
03/07/1923m 3s

How to raise a successful human

Steve and Rich are joined by Esther Wojcicki, one of America’s leading parenting experts - and you can see why. Esther has raised three incredibly successful children (one of whom is the CEO of YouTube), so the guys see if she’s got any secrets to share. Spoiler: she does... For information regarding your data privacy, visit
26/06/1933m 22s

Olympic champion Greg Rutherford on fatherhood

Hosts Steve and Rich dial up former Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth champion long jumper Greg Rutherford to chat about his biggest challenge yet - being a dad.They talk all things fatherhood, including his aim to not be one of *those* pushy sports day parents, why playing in a sandpit at the park is a nightmare when you're a famous long jumper... and why being an Olympic champ doesn't mean your body can cope with dadding! For information regarding your data privacy, visit
18/06/1935m 58s

A second time father on bringing home number two

Becoming a first time dad is a life changing experience, but what's it like bringing home a new baby into your existing family? Rich has just become a dad for the second time to little Freddie. He'd been worried about the experience but when Steve called him up he had surprising news to reassure all second time dads to be.  For information regarding your data privacy, visit
12/06/1923m 33s

How to help your mental health from suffering

It's very common to struggle with anxiety, feelings of isolation and mental health issues after having children. But talking to other parents and listening to others share their experiences has helped Steve and Rich.In this episode, Annie Belasco from the PANDAS Foundation offers some tips about how to cope when the nursery walls close in, following research by Little Freddie baby food brand revealing that 73% of parents admit struggling with mental health after becoming a parent for the first time. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
04/06/1928m 58s

Why you can't prepare for baby number two

Rich and Steve spend the first episode of their second series finding out if Rich is ready for his second child, who is due to arrive any day now. The short answer: he really, really isn't. The slightly longer answer: there is no real way any dad can EVER be ready for the madness of dealing with two… and accepting that fact is half the battle For information regarding your data privacy, visit
29/05/1928m 47s

We're coming back...

It's been a while, but our dad duo are coming back for more episodes, and better sound and a brand new jingle! We know it's not always been great, but during our break we have only gone and got ourselves an actual studio!Where have we been? In this quick update episode, we will fill you in on our parenting news, chat shared parental leave and have a slight panic attack when we thought we'd forgot to press record.And Steve's son Jackson makes his debut on the podcast in the jingle!Tap that subscribe button wherever you get your podcasts to get notified when new episodes go live. Enjoy! For information regarding your data privacy, visit
27/05/195m 7s

Episode 50! Time to look back at our best bits

Steve and Rich celebrate reaching episode number 50 by looking back at the best bits of First Time Dads so far. The guys also explain why, with Steve heading off on shared parental leave, this will be the last episode for a while.But fear not, devoted listeners - First Time Dads will be back soon... For information regarding your data privacy, visit
31/12/1816m 45s

Sir Michael Morpurgo on why a grandparent's role can be a tricky one

Anyone who thinks it's just the parents who raise a child these days is kidding themselves. For the vast majority of new parents, having a collection of willing grandmas and grandads on hand for advice/babysitting is not just helpful - it's essential.However, that poses its own challenges. Where and how should grandparents get involved in the actual parenting of a child?Sir Michael Morpurgo - the 75 year-old grandfather and renowned children's author who wrote War Horse - joins Steve and Rich to see if they can figure out the answer to that notoriously tricky question.They also discuss just how dramatically the idea of fatherhood has changed since Sir Michael raised his own children and the remarkable lessons Sir Michael has learned from his autistic grandson, the inspiration behind his new book Flamingo Boy. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
17/12/1841m 54s

Why you should always get outside with your kids… according to a double Olympic champion

Like many people, Alex Gregory has three kids. Unlike most of them, he also has two Olympic gold medals.Alex was a rower for 17 years and won his golds at London 2012 and Rio 2016. Now aged 34, he has put down his oar and picked up a pen, to write 'Dadventures' - a book explaining why he thinks being outdoors with your kids is the best thing a dad can do.Alex joins Steve and Rich to explain how becoming a dad made him a better sportsman - and tell them how you don't need to spend loads of money or time making great memories with your children when you're outdoors. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
29/11/1841m 43s

What we're teaching our sons… and what they're teaching us

Did previous generations of dads question their parenting skills quite as much as we do? Did fathers in years gone by wonder about the lessons they're teaching their children in the way we do?In short, do we make our lives WAY more difficult than they need to be?Author Owen Booth - writer of the brilliant new book What We're Teaching Our Sons - joins Steve and Rich to talk about the unique challenges of being a dad in the 21st century. The guys chat about how you find the balance between trying to be a better man and being, well, just a bloke. They even end up asking if the lack of a world war in our lifetime might have something to do with our generation's different approach to parenting… For information regarding your data privacy, visit
16/11/1835m 23s

What we give up for our kids… and why it's worth it

Steve and Rich are joined by John Bond, children's book author and illustrator, for a chat about the sacrifices we make as fathers… and why we're happy to make them.John - whose first book Mini Rabbit: Not Lost is out now - talks about how starting a family saw him go from half of a young hip couple living in a city, to a family man out in the sticks.And Steve and Rich can definitely relate… For information regarding your data privacy, visit
05/11/1838m 30s

Dealing with your daughter's disability… and turning it into a TV comedy

If you haven't already watched There She Goes, the BBC's new comedy-drama, then you REALLY need to get yourself on iPlayer asap.The show tells the story of a couple doing their best to raise their disabled 12 year-old daughter, who has a chromosomal disorder which leaves her unable to talk and with severe learning difficulties. It is a brilliant, hilarious and frighteningly recognisable portrayal of family life - which is largely thanks to the show being the real-life story of the man who wrote it, Shaun Pye.In this episode of the podcast, Shaun joins Rich and Steve to talk about the shortage of realistic on-screen dads, explains how he and his wife have learned to cope with their child's disability and offers some fantastic advice to all fathers and fathers-to-be. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
24/10/1840m 31s

Dealing with stillbirth: Two dads reveal how life changes when the worst happens

For any expectant parent, stillbirth is as devastating as it gets. Losing a child more than 24 weeks into a pregnancy means the mother often has to go through the heartbreaking experience of giving birth to their child knowing that they have already died.And yet… how much do you ACTUALLY know about stillbirth and the horrors these unfortunate parents have to go through? Like Rich and Steve, probably not a lot.That is why Bruce Wagstaff and Niall Cassidy - two men who have been through the experience - agreed with their partners to appear in new Channel 4 documentary 'Child Of Mine', a harrowing look at the realities of stillbirth (Thursday 18th October at 10pm).In this episode of the podcast, Bruce and Niall sit down with Rich and Steve to tell their stories, reveal how they coped with their loss and explain why dads need to talk about this taboo tragedy. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
17/10/1847m 12s

Bare minimum parenting: Why lazy dads make the best fathers

Parenting is a stressful business - but does it need to be as stressful as we often make it?The short answer is no, it REALLY doesn't.In this episode, Steve and Rich talk to James Breakwell, the man behind the phenomenally successful Twitter account @XplodingUnicorn. James now has more then ONE MILLION followers keeping tabs on his posts about being a dad to four young girls in Indianapolis, USA.And it's James' extremely 'laid back' approach to parenting which has made him so popular that his new book, Bare Minimum Parenting: The Ultimate Guide to Not Quite Ruining Your Child, is set to be a huge hit. Take a listen to the Skype chat the guys had with James and you will soon see that a) you don't need to worry so much about your parenting b) all dads are essentially narcissists and c) lazy parents rock. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
12/10/1828m 59s

A dad with post-natal depression? Yes, really

Only new mums get post natal depression, right? Wrong.Not long after the birth of his first child in 2004, Mark Williams was having suicidal thoughts. While his wife was suffering with severe post-natal depression, Mark was also in the midst of a similar mental health crisis… which had all stemmed from becoming a parent.Now a men's mental health activist and author of new book Daddy Blues, Mark joins Steve and Rich to tell his story, reveal how quite normal dad questions and issues can spiral into post-natal depression and ponder why we as men still struggle to discuss our mental health. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
20/09/1831m 40s

The expectant dad getting parenting advice from Tom Cruise

You probably remember Tim Vincent as the guy who presented Blue Peter back in the 1990s.What you might NOT know about Tim Vincent is that a) he is now a famous host of big TV shows in America like Access Hollywood, b) he regularly interviews the world's biggest stars and c)… he is about to become a dad for the first time.At the age of 45.And he's having twins.And he and his partner have been together for less than a year.Yikes.Given all that, Steve and Rich invited Tim onto the podcast to discuss life as an expectant dad and how he is jumping headfirst into fatherhood. The guys talk about what Tim is learning from NCT classes (and what he isn't), the insane amount of baby kit he has bought so far, the differences between expectant fathers in the UK and the US and the dad tips he has received from Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg and James Corden.As you do… For information regarding your data privacy, visit
14/09/1836m 27s

Why Daddy Pig does all dads a disservice

Why is that when kids see a dad character in the media, he is invariably an incompetent buffoon?Steve and Rich are joined by James Millar - author of new book 'Dads Don't Babysit' - to discuss why most dads don't feel fairly represented by the fathers they see on TV… with Peppa Pig's daddy being among the worst offenders.The guys also discuss the pressures that mean many fathers who want to be more involved with raising their kids often cannot do so, and what we can all do to ensure dads of the future can spend more time being parents. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
06/09/1841m 4s

Dad tips for a great family holiday

Fear not, regular listeners - Steve and Rich have not abandoned you. The guys have both been away for a few weeks, doing that thing which is simultaneously beautifully relaxing and massively stressful: going on holiday with your young children.Now back in the studio, they compare notes on their respective trips to France. The discussion includes a whole load of tips for dads about to embark on holidays with toddlers/babies, some suggestions of what NOT to do… and sees the guys stumble upon what might be the secret to a dad's perfect family break. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
23/08/1820m 17s

When going to work means daddy disappears for seven months

How would you cope if simply going to work meant you didn't get to see your kids for seven months? While we would all rather be with our families than be at work (well, most of the time), for men in certain jobs, paying the bills means being away from home for huge lengths of time. In this episode, Steve and Rich talk to Mike Fyans, a petty officer in the Royal Navy, about exactly that. When his eldest son was still a baby, Mike went to sea - meaning he didn't see his infant son for SEVEN MONTHS. Mike explains how this different sort of family life works, and why - when it comes to doing the right thing for his family - he believes it's all for the best. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
24/07/1833m 44s

Let your kid be a kid: Why dads need to be more 'hands off'

Ever watched your kid playing by themselves and thought, 'I should be a good dad and join in'?Steve and Rich have - but it turns out you would often be doing more for your child by leaving them to play alone.In this episode, the guys are joined by Dr William Stixrud and Ned Johnson, two American parenting experts who have co-written a new book called The Thriving Child.In the book, Bill and Ned explain why today's kids are now the most anxious generation of children ever, and reveal how their hands-off parenting techniques - which give a child freedom to learn and discover the world independently - can help a child feel less stressed out in the long term. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
19/07/1839m 4s

Matt Haig on the modern day curse of parental anxiety

The acclaimed author and father of two chats to Steve and Rich about the stresses and strains of the modern world and how that makes parenting tougher than ever.Matt - who talks about his own struggles with anxiety in his new book, Notes On A Nervous Planet - discusses how our reliance on technology and the internet can cause parental anxiety. He also reveals why his two children are homeschooled and explains the many misconceptions people have about homeschooling. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
02/07/1839m 55s

Being at the birth: Why no man should miss the main event

It's stressful, exhausting and mind-bendingly surreal… but it's also one of the most amazing, important experiences you will ever have.So, why is it that until just a few decades ago, it was widely accepted that most men would NOT be at the birth of their child?Steve and Rich share their (very different) experiences of watching their kids being born and remind themselves - and hopefully a few of you - why being there to welcome your kid into the world is something no man should miss. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
25/06/1831m 57s

Lauren Child on the importance of letting your kid stare into space

The creator of Charlie & Lola and current Children's Laureate explains how you can give the best gift to your kid: imagination.Steve and Rich pop into Lauren Child's kitchen to discuss the importance of stimulating your little one's creativity, the difficulty of writing children's books in the modern publishing world and what dads can do to set an imaginative example to their offspring. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
18/06/1843m 16s

The science of fatherhood: The way every man's brain and body changes when he becomes a dad

Every dad knows his life changes dramatically when he becomes a father. But did you know your body undergoes a series of irreversible physical changes when your baby is born?Dr Anna Machin - an evolutionary anthropologist at Oxford University - has spent 10 years working with new dads to gain a unique scientific insight into what it is to be a father in the modern world. Her new book 'The Life Of Dad', the result of that decade of research, shows how it's not just new mums who undergo physiological changes. Dads are also built to be parents.Dr Machin joins Steve and Rich to reveal why their bodies have recently gone through their biggest change since puberty! For information regarding your data privacy, visit
12/06/1840m 20s

Dealing with a little dictator: The secret to handling a badly behaved child

Is your child turning into a dictator? Are you struggling to cope with your little one's bad behaviour without losing your marbles?Join the club.Steve and Rich are joined by the Government's former child behaviour czar Charlie Taylor - author of Divas and Dictators: The Secrets To Having A Much Better Behaved Child - to figure out the best way of handling a naughty or angry kid… and discover what makes children behave poorly in the first place. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
04/06/1842m 25s

Are we destined to be dads like our own dads?

Journalist and father of two Stu Heritage joins Rich and Steve to discuss the age old question: are we all destined to turn into our dads? And does that mean we will end up raising our children in the same way they raised us?The guys chat about how the very concept of being a father has changed for this current generation of dads, while realising the key lessons they learned from their own fathers. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
30/05/1841m 34s

Calpol and cow's milk allergies: Doctor explains why we might be very wrong about both

Have you ever given your kid a hit of Calpol to help them settle down? If you're like the vast majority of parents in Britain, the chances are you have a bottle of baby paracetamol in the bathroom cabinet which has come in very handy on a few rough nights.On one of those rough nights with a sick baby, you might also have found yourself wondering if your little one could be allergic to cow's milk.In this podcast, Dr Chris van Tulleken - whose new show The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs in on BBC1 on Wednesday night - joins Steve and Rich to explain exactly how and why we a) are often dangerously casual about the use of baby paracetamol and b) often leap to the conclusion our children are allergic to milk - when there is no evidence that is the case.The reasons Dr Chris have discovered are more than a little sinister… For information regarding your data privacy, visit
21/05/1849m 38s

Why becoming a parent triggered my crippling anxiety, with Anna Williamson

Anna Williamson - TV presenter, radio host, podcast star and best-selling author - joins Rich and Steve to discuss the anxiety that comes with being a parent.Anna has suffered with anxiety for many years, but as she tells the guys, becoming pregnant and then having her baby took it to a new level. The conversation quickly turns to what causes the often crippling anxiety that comes with not only being a new mum… but a new dad too. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
14/05/1846m 2s

The words dads use every day - but had never even heard of before having a kid

Muslins. Reflux. Nipple shields. Isofix.There are plenty of words, phrases and objects which are a key part of every first time dad's life - despite the fact that they had no idea what most of them even were before they became a parent.Rich and Steve take a look at some of the ones that still don't quite make sense to them now... For information regarding your data privacy, visit
07/05/1838m 34s

Melanie Sykes on what mums want from dads

The broadcaster and model joins Rich and Steve to discuss everything she has learned from being the mother of two boys.The guys talk about the challenge of getting nutrition and vitamins into your kids, Mel's experiences of bringing up an autistic child and what Mel believes makes a good father.It turns out dads really, REALLY need to get off the phone - and buy a diary. That will make sense once you've listened… For information regarding your data privacy, visit
30/04/1839m 45s

When No2 arrives: The complexities, concerns and considerable delights of being a second time dad

One of the First Time Dads is now a Second Time Dad!Steve is currently getting used to life with two kids, after his daughter Iris was born. In this special episode, Steve speaks to Rich from the (relative) sanctuary of his house, one week into paternity leave.The guys discuss how the birth of baby no2 is both very similar and very different to the first one, and chat about the many different challenges - and delights - of being a dad of two. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
23/04/1837m 16s

Shared parental leave explained… by the politician who introduced it to Britain

Rich and Steve take a trip to the House of Commons, to meet Jo Swinson - the politician who brought shared parental leave to Britain in 2015.Now Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jo's role in the Conservative/Lib Dem coalition government meant she was the driving force behind the introduction of the policy.So, three years on, what exactly ARE the benefits of shared parental leave to fathers (and mothers)? Why haven't more men taken up the opportunity? And is the idea of a genuinely shared parental burden realistic? For information regarding your data privacy, visit
13/04/1841m 15s

Becoming daddy… again! The fear, excitement and dread of knowing baby No2 is imminent

With Steve little more than a week away from the due date for his second child, this episode sees our co-host become a special guest - as Rich grills his co-presenter on how he feels about the imminent arrival of his daughter. Turns out it's difficult to know exactly how to feel when you're about to be thrown back into the madness of newborn babies. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
05/04/1831m 49s

The importance of reading to your children, with top kids author Rob Biddulph

Award-winning children's author and illustrator Rob Biddulph joins Steve and Rich to explain what he has learned about talking to kids through his books. The guys also discuss what makes a great kids' book, the joy of reading to your child… and the very strong feelings Bono from U2 has on this subject. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
27/03/1846m 44s

How much does how you act in front of your baby determine who they are?

Have you ever wondered how much damage you might be doing to your child if you shout in front of them?Have you every worried that, by getting angry in front of your little one, you have psychologically scarred them in some way?You are not alone.Rich and Steve have asked themselves those questions on many occasions - so they invited clinical psychologist Dr Lucy Maddox onto the podcast to give them some answers.Lucy, author of Blueprint: How Our Childhood Makes Us Who We Are, reveals the often fascinating truth about attuned parenting, attachment and the importance of the early days in determining the person your baby will become. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
23/03/1842m 25s

Life as the gay dad of an adopted son: pressure, prejudice and (lots of) pride

Pablo Fernandez and his husband Mike adopted their son Charlie when he was six years old. Pablo joins Rich and Steve to talk about being a gay father. He explains the challenges and the rewards of adoption, the added scrutiny which comes with being gay parents and leads our hosts to the realisation that parenting is parenting… whatever your situation. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
12/03/1841m 55s

The rollercoaster of IVF: Julia Bradbury reveals just how stressful fertility treatment can be

TV presenter Julia Bradbury went through FIVE rounds of IVF treatment before having her twin girls at the age of 43. But what does that ACTUALLY mean?Injections, miscarriages, strained relationships… and that's just for starters.Julia joins Rich and Steve to explain what her and her husband went through during the all-encompassing, life-altering emotional rollercoaster of fertility treatment. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
26/02/1838m 44s

What happens when mummy dies? Widowed dad reveals the challenges of raising his little girl after losing his wife

It's one of every young father's worst nightmares: losing the mother of your child.Mark Duffy lost his wife Nicola to cancer last year and has been writing a blog - - about raising his daughter Grace while dealing with his grief.So, when the worst happens and mummy dies, what does life for a now one-parent family look like? How do you continue to function? And how does your relationship with your child change?In this podcast, Mark tries to answer all those questions, while explaining to Rich and Steve how his amazing three year-old daughter has become the glue which has held an entire family together. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
19/02/1844m 46s

So… everything you think you know about baby sleep is pretty much wrong

You know how we all struggle to get our kids to sleep? Turns out it's because we've all been doing it wrong.Both exhausted thanks to their children refusing to go down at night, Steve and Rich invited Sarah Ockwell-Smith - renowned parenting author and mother of four - onto the podcast to discuss her extensive scientific research into the art of getting babies to sleep.After a long chat about lighting, sound, sociology, evolution, physics and everything in between, both Steve and Rich are still reeling from her many revelations… For information regarding your data privacy, visit
12/02/1853m 26s

Katie Piper on the perils of online parenting

Fresh from having her second child, the TV presenter tells Steve and Rich about going anonymous in online forums, what a mum needs from her husband second time around and why she doesn't want to be an over protective parent. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
05/02/1827m 22s

When baby drives dad to drink: How much is too much when it comes to boozing as a parent?

Clare Pooley thought she was a normal, successful mother of three… until she realised the pressures of parenthood had taken her alcohol intake to dangerous new levels. Ten bottles of wine a week, to be precise. Now teetotal and author of the critically acclaimed 'The Sober Diaries', Clare joins Rich and Steve to discuss how and why having a baby can make any mum or dad turn to a bottle of their own… For information regarding your data privacy, visit
29/01/1837m 0s

The nightmare of nursery selection: Why picking the right place can send Dad crazy

You're settling into life as a dad. Your little guy or girl is starting to get used to you and your partner. You are beginning to feel like you might just about be getting the hang of this parenting business.   And then, BAM! Suddenly it's time to send him or her to nursery… and you're back to being entirely clueless.Join Rich and Steve as they discuss/rant about the horrors and pressures of finding the right nursery for your child - and explain why the whole process can quickly make you feel like a lousy parent if you don't handle it correctly. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
22/01/1837m 15s

The Tiger Who Came to Tea author Judith Kerr on why today's children might not notice if he ever came back

The Tiger Who Came To Tea, the much loved children's classic, was first published 50 years ago.Judith Kerr, the 94 year-old who wrote and illustrated the book back in 1968, tells Steve and Rich how she has seen the nature of childhood change and develop over the years… and recounts her remarkable story about fleeing Nazi Germany in 1933. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
15/01/1841m 49s

Dad rights: Tim Lovejoy on raising girls, parental equality and life as a single father

TV star Tim Lovejoy - father to twin 15 year-old girls and a four year-old daughter - joins Steve and Rich to talk about how paranoia has crept into parenting… and about the struggle to find equality for both mum and dad For information regarding your data privacy, visit
08/01/1842m 12s

What happens when Mummy is also Daddy? A gay woman explains why you don't need to be a man to be a dad

Journalist Ann Stenhouse sits down with Steve and Rich to explain why, as one half of a lesbian couple, her experience of parenting is often more like that of a father than a mother For information regarding your data privacy, visit
02/01/1837m 26s

Bringing your social life back from the dead: Why having kids shouldn't stop you living it up

Most of us accept that our social life is over the moment a baby is born. But why? And do we really have to give up on the idea of having a fun night out once we have a kid?Hannah Saunders - founder of Big Fish Little Fish, the company which organises family-friendly raves - joins Rich and Steve to explain how it is still possible to have your own social life as a parent… For information regarding your data privacy, visit
26/12/1736m 35s

Daddy's key role: How to support a new mum - and warning signs to look out for

Mum-of-three and parenting author Amy Ransom joins the guys to talk about keeping your pregnant partner happy, making sure new mums are OK and spotting post natal depression For information regarding your data privacy, visit
18/12/1737m 32s

How to make sure parenthood doesn't ruin your relationship

Bev Turner discovered she was pregnant as her husband James Cracknell lay stricken in hospital with a life-threatening brain injury. She joins Rich and Steve to reveal how she learned the importance of parents sticking together - and why the arrival of kids shouldn't mean the end of your love life For information regarding your data privacy, visit
11/12/1744m 36s

The Freddie Flintoff guide to fatherhood: Why being a dad improves performance

The cricket legend turned TV star joins Steve and Rich to discuss the lessons he's learned from having three kids For information regarding your data privacy, visit
04/12/1733m 44s

Feeding the baby: Annabel Karmel explains how to turn your child into a healthy, happy eater

Is dinner time a nightmare in your house? Struggling to get your child to eat anything decent? Baby food guru Annabel Karmel - author of 44 cookbooks for little ones - tells Steve and Rich how dads can teach their children to love food For information regarding your data privacy, visit
27/11/1737m 3s

Big talk with little people: Best-selling children's author Oliver Jeffers reveals how to explain the world to your kids

Oliver Jeffers - the artist and author who has sold a remarkable 10 MILLION kids' books - talks to Rich and Steve about communicating big ideas to your little ones For information regarding your data privacy, visit
20/11/1730m 43s

Boys' toys: Is it still pink dolls for girls and blue cars for boys?

Rich and Steve ask James Millar, author of The Gender Agenda, about the perils of buying toys for your children. Should you avoid gender stereotypes? And is that even possible in the modern world? For information regarding your data privacy, visit
13/11/1738m 47s

Sand and sun cream: The happiness and hell of taking your baby on holiday for the first time

Richard calls Steve from Ibiza where he has taken his wife and baby Ben for their first foreign holiday. The guys share their experiences on taking young children abroad. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
07/11/1733m 7s

Doctor Daddy: Top paediatrician explains what Dads can do when their baby's unwell

Rich and Steve are joined by Dr Zeshan Qureshi from King's College Hospital to discuss the role of dad in looking after a sick kid - and offer some tips on what to do when your baby falls ill For information regarding your data privacy, visit
30/10/1742m 16s

Work vs baby: The work-life balance conundrum every new dad faces

Steve and Rich are joined by Han-Son Lee from to discuss the difficulties of spending time with baby… when you're trying to financially support your family at the same time For information regarding your data privacy, visit
25/10/1740m 19s

Dad guilt, Dad rage, Dad frustration, Dad envy and all the other Bad Dad feelings

Steve and Rich vent their spleen about all the dad feelings you DON'T expect (but manage to remind themselves about all the love too) For information regarding your data privacy, visit
17/10/1739m 20s

Welcome to First Time Dads!

Richard and Steve - the First Time Dads - explain what the new podcast is all about, ahead of the first episode For information regarding your data privacy, visit
17/10/172m 12s
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