Star Signs: Go Stargazing!

Star Signs: Go Stargazing!

By Tom Kerss

Star Signs is a weekly guide to what you can see in the night sky above you, from all over the world.


Week commencing 19 October 2020

The Orionids are here! Halley's Comet brings us a reliable meteor shower with favourable conditions.
17/10/2013m 44s

Week commencing 12 October 2020

Mars comes to opposition and the Orionid Meteor Shower begins.
10/10/2012m 27s

Week commencing 5 October 2020

As Mars makes its closest approach to the Earth, a European spacecraft makes a big discovery under the martian ice.
03/10/2012m 15s

Week commencing 28 September 2020

The Harvest Moon finally arrives before meeting Mars and Venus finds a bright partner in the stars.
26/09/209m 50s

Week commencing 21 September 2020

Could Venus host life? And the Harvest Moon takes shape.
19/09/2011m 9s

Week commencing 14 September 2020

A beautiful morning conjunction kickstarts the week as dark skies return.
12/09/2012m 3s

Week commencing 7 September 2020

Mars comes to a standstill as the Moon gets set for a stunning conjunction.
05/09/2012m 32s

Week commencing 31 August 2020

September's Full Moon arrives, but it's not the Harvest Moon! And Mars blinks out of view for some.
29/08/2010m 46s

Week commencing 24 August 2020

The growing Corn Moon visits the mighty Gas Giants and Mars passes a milestone.
22/08/2010m 2s

Week commencing 17 August 2020

Go on the hunt for a naked eye cluster 25,000 light years away as the New Moon brings dark skies.
14/08/2013m 12s

Week commencing 10 August 2020

The peak of the Perseids is here! Tune in for a complete guide to one of the year's best meteor showers.
08/08/2014m 41s

Week commencing 3 August 2020

The Perseids begin as NEOWISE fades, and the Moon meets Mars for a close conjunction.
01/08/2011m 4s

Week commencing 27 July 2020

A fleet of spacecraft blast off to Mars, and two meteor showers reach their peak.
25/07/2010m 42s

Week commencing 20 July 2020

Comet NEOWISE continues to shine but did astronomers really discover a new star sign?
18/07/2011m 35s

Week commencing 13 July 2020

Find Comet F3 NEOWISE with your unaided eye and watch a string of planets light up the sky.
11/07/2011m 17s

Week commencing 6 July 2020

The Moon buddies up with the Gas Giants and Mars, and we find Hercules' Arrow in the Summer Triangle.
04/07/2012m 53s

Week commencing 29 June 2020

The Buck Moon brushes antlers with the shadow of the Earth for another penumbral lunar eclipse.
27/06/2011m 5s

Week commencing 22 June 2020

A new lunation begins as the planets shine for those who stay up late.
20/06/2014m 28s

Week commencing 15 June 2020

The Moon occults both Venus and the Sun, and the June Solstice arrives.
13/06/2012m 54s

Week commencing 8 June 2020

The Moon visits Jupiter, Saturn and Mars while Mercury slips toward the sunset.
06/06/2013m 21s

Week commencing 1 June 2020

See Mercury at its best before the Full Strawberry Moon meets the shadow of the Earth.
30/05/2011m 36s

Week commencing 25 May 2020

Venus leaves, Mercury arrives, and the celestial teapot pours milky tea.
23/05/2014m 33s

Week commencing 18 May 2020

The New Moon arrives and Venus puts on one final performance in the evening sky.
15/05/2013m 27s

Week commencing 11 May 2020

Venus begins to slip away as the heart of the Scorpion rises.
09/05/2013m 2s

Week commencing 4 May 2020

The Full Flower Moon meets a meteor shower for a spectacular Solar System Double Bill.
03/05/2015m 35s

Week commencing 27 April 2020

Venus is as its brightest as the Flower Moon begins to blossom.
26/04/2014m 55s

Week commencing 20 April 2020

The New Moon is here, just in time for the Lyrid Meteor Shower!
18/04/2013m 52s

Week commencing 13 April 2020

How to go stargazing in lockdown and looking back fifty years to Apollo 13.
11/04/2017m 1s

Week commencing 6 April 2020

The 'Super' Pink Moon arrives and the Virgo salutes wine-lovers everywhere.
03/04/2015m 13s

Week commencing 30 March 2020

Venus meets the Pleiades, Mars meets Saturn and we meet Spica.
27/03/2013m 36s

Week commencing 23 March 2020

The Moon and Venus join the Pleiades and can you find the tuft of the Lion's tail?
22/03/2013m 44s

Week commencing 16 March 2020

See an unmissable morning conjunction and look up for the Lion's tail.
13/03/2013m 39s

Week commencing 9 March 2020

The Super Worm Moon arrives and Leo harbours a secret super-planet!
06/03/2014m 39s

Week commencing 2 March 2020

Betelgeuse comes back from the brink and we seek out the Lion's heart.
01/03/2015m 43s

Week commencing 24 February 2020

Why is February one day longer? And can you find the Hexagon?
21/02/2014m 26s

Week commencing 17 February 2020

The mornings solar system has a busy week and we find the little dog.
14/02/2015m 6s

Week commencing 10 February 2020

Mercury shines at sunset and we search for a heard of starry goats.
07/02/2015m 3s

Week commencing 3 February 2020

'Supermoon' season begins with this week's Snow Moon and the twin clusters of Taurus light up the sky.
01/02/2013m 31s

Week commencing 27 January 2020

The Moon meets Venus and we hunt for the Beehive Cluster.
24/01/2013m 24s

Week commencing 20 January 2020

The New Moon brings the Chinese Lunar New Year and how similar are the twins of Gemini?
17/01/2014m 43s

Week commencing 13 January 2020

Mars meets its rival in the morning sky, as the Moon passes bright Regulus.
10/01/2014m 12s

Week commencing 6 January 2020

The very first eclipse of the new decade will be widely seen in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.
03/01/2013m 15s

Week commencing 30 December 2019

The Quandrantid Meteor Shower kicks off a year of great stargazing as we look ahead to 2020.
27/12/1914m 4s

Week commencing 23 December 2019

Go on the hunt for the night sky's most Christmassy star, as the Moon and Sun form a ring of fire over Asia.
20/12/1915m 15s

Week commencing 16 December 2019

As the Geminids end, the Ursids begin, and the December solstice arrives bringing long nights to northern stargazers.
13/12/1914m 9s

Week commencing 9 December 2019

Shooting stars and the Full Moon light up our skies as the Geminid Meteor Shower peaks.
06/12/1914m 26s

Week commencing 2 December 2019

The Moon brightens and grows as the Geminid Meteor Shower begins.
29/11/1915m 28s

Week commencing 25 November 2019

Find the Moon and five planets this week, just after sunset or just before sunrise.
22/11/1915m 1s

Welcome, stargazer!

Welcome to Star Signs, a weekly podcast about what you can see in the night sky above you, anywhere in the world.
15/11/1912m 2s
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