The Power of Adventure

The Power of Adventure

By The Power of Adventure

Acclaimed ‘adventurer’ and survival consultant Megan Hine (Running Wild With Bear Grylls, Man Vs Wild) delves into what the true spirit of adventure is, and encourages listeners to put that at the heart of their lives.


Welcome to The Power of Adventure

 Megan introduces her extraordinary new series, which delves into the spirit of adventure and encourages listeners to put that at the heart of their lives. The full series is available to download from April 16th. 
16/04/201m 25s

EP. 1 - Pip Stewart: Surviving The Jungle

Megan meets Pip Stewart, an adventurer, journalist and presenter. The two discuss Pip’s cycling expedition from Malaysia to London, her journey down the length of South America’s third largest river, and surviving a deadly flesh-eating parasite.
16/04/2034m 58s

EP. 2 - Reza Pakravan: Imprisoned in Darfur

Explorer, filmmaker and writer Reza Pakravan talks about his trek across the entire African continent, and tells the story of a harrowing four-day prison stay. 
16/04/2033m 36s

EP. 3 - Anna McNuff: Barefoot Marathon Runner

Traveller, influencer and public speaker Anna McNuff, talks to Megan about her incredible journey across New Zealand, and Barefoot Britain, which saw her running 2,352 miles through Britain - completely barefoot. 
16/04/2034m 48s

EP. 4 - Mungo: Extreme Cameraman

Megan meets Paul ‘Mungo’ Mungeam, cameraman and presenter. The two trade stories from their work alongside Bear Grylls - including what happened when Channing Tatum tried to do a backflip out of a helicopter. 
16/04/2032m 8s

EP. 5 - Dwayne Fields: From Gun Crime to the North Pole

Dwayne Fields tells his emotional life story to Megan, which took him from the street gangs of inner city London to a 400 mile expedition through the Arctic to the magnetic North Pole. 
16/04/2034m 46s

EP. 6 - Megan Hine: What Is Adventure?

Megan reflects back on the series as well as her own experiences, to uncover the lessons from these incredible stories. She concludes with how an adventurous mindset can deliver transformative results. 
16/04/2019m 54s
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