Baga and Viv Fancy a Brew

Baga and Viv Fancy a Brew

By WOW Podcast Network

The podcast game just got much betta! Get the kettle on, grab a cup of tea, and join RuPaul’s Drag Race UK stars, The Vivienne and Baga Chipz, as they talk life, friendship, drag, and all the hot topics in between.


It Will Get Much Bettah

This week, Baga and Viv chat about the world opening back up, Pride events they'll miss this year, and their hopes for a more inclusive future.
18/06/2031m 43s

Fancy a Brew Promo

Enjoy a new podcast with RuPaul's Drag Race UK's Baga Chipz and The Vivienne!

Talkin' More Shite

Baga and Viv are back after a week off to talk more shite. Join them this week as they talk the Drag Race finale, All-Stars, and so much more.
11/06/2027m 1s

Never Trust a Fart

Baga and Viv are chatting about their favorite drag content! They reminisce about Digital DragCon, DragCon UK, and gush over Vanessa Williams' gag-worthy performance on Celebrity Drag Race - and much much more!
28/05/2037m 16s

YouTube Channels, Social Distancing, and Twitter Questions

Baga and Viv are back to chat about the economy during Corona, what they're watching on YouTube, and your Twitter questions!
21/05/2026m 34s

Isolation Madness

Baga and Viv are back to spill the tea on digital drag shows, their fellow RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 1 sisters, and answer some of your Twitter questions or summat!
14/05/2029m 28s

Spilling the Quaran-tea

Baga and The Vivienne are here to shoot the shite about their time in quarantine while answering some of your social media questions!
07/05/2021m 59s

Fancy a Brew Trailer

A new podcast with Baga & Viv!
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