Scarlett Moffatt Wants to Believe

Scarlett Moffatt Wants to Believe

By BBC Radio 1

Scarlett Moffatt attempts to uncover the truth... but can she convince her non-believer boyfriend Scott?


Scarlett & Scott are back! But whose team are you on?

Scarlett and Scott (and Bonnie the Chihuahua) are back for a new series, only available on BBC Sounds! Each week Scarlett tries to convince her sceptic boyfriend Scott of something unbelievable... a mystery, a myth, the bizarre and unexplained! This series they’ll debate strange beings like ghosts, Bigfoot and krakens. Attempt to solve mysteries like Cleopatra's missing tomb and who build Stone Henge. And grapple with mind-bending phenomena like déjà vu and time perception. Are you #TeamScarlett or #TeamScott? Listen on BBC Sounds to find out!
05/02/21·16m 35s

Was The Moon Landing Faked?

Did NASA astronauts really make it to the moon in 1969? Was the footage actually filmed at a Hollywood studio? And are aliens the reason we haven’t been back in a while?
27/07/20·36m 38s

Royal Conspiracies

Is Prince Charles a vampire? Are the royal family descended from alien lizards? Is the Queen in fact a cannibal? Scarlett and Scott are understandably not convinced
20/07/20·41m 53s

The Illuminati with Dev

Is the world ruled by a shadowy elite? Are Beyonce and Jay Z members? Illuminati obsessed Dev joins Scarlett to read the signs and show Scott who really has the power.
13/07/20·44m 45s

The Loch Ness Monster

What's lurking beneath the surface in Scotland? Is Nessie a dinosaur, eel... Kraken?! Scarlett delves beneath the waters, plus a quick chat with the official Monster Sightings Keeper.
06/07/20·37m 35s

Film & TV Conspiracies

Was Harry really a wizard? Is 007 a phony? Scarlett uncovers the secrets behind your favourite films, while guest Helen Bauer ruins children's TV for Scott.
29/06/20·46m 44s

The Bermuda Triangle

Can Scarlett solve the many mysterious disappearances from the Devil's Triangle? Why does Scott love Krakens? And who's getting sucked off?
22/06/20·38m 39s

The Mandela Effect with Arron Crascall

Why do we all think the Monopoly Man has a monocle? How well does Scott know Star Wars really? Scarlett quizzes pal Arron on The Mandela Effect, a phenomenon that gives the world false memories.
15/06/20·38m 52s

The Walls Have Ears with Joe Swash

Who's listening in? Scarlett tries to convince Scott and Swashy that our phones are spying on us and pigeons are robots. And they always answer the question: why have two boobies when you can have three?
08/06/20·39m 16s

Celebrity Clones

Are celebrity clones and imposters walking among us? Find out which celebrities aren't who they say they are, and who is Scott's Man Crush Monday?
01/06/20·36m 23s

Mermaids Are Real

Are mermaids real? Can Scott explain why men find fish so sexy? This week Scarlett tries to prove that Ariel is really living under the sea!
25/05/20·32m 9s

Time Travel with Daisy May Cooper

Can Scarlett prove that the pyramids were built by time travellers? This Country star Daisy May Cooper zooms in for the conspiracy, but is she #TeamScarlett or #TeamScott?
18/05/20·30m 39s

Aliens in Roswell

Have aliens visited us? Has Scarlett been probed? This week Scarlett tries to convince Scott that a UFO crashed in Roswell, with help from Bonnie the dog. We want to hear from you! Send your messages and voicenotes to
11/05/20·37m 17s

The truth is out there

Conspiracy obsessed Scarlett Moffatt attempts to uncover the truth... but can she convince her non-believer boyfriend Scott?
04/05/20·5m 31s
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