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Field Recordings

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A podcast where audio-makers stand silently in fields (or things that could be broadly interpreted as fields).


Sefton Park at the dawn of a new Lockdown, Liverpool, UK on 5th January 2021 – by Flora Zajicek

“Living in the middle of a concrete, urban environment the news of another lockdown was bleak. I went at dawn on the first day to find stillness and a bit […]
22/01/216m 8s

Thunderstorm, Tbilisi, Georgia on 13th June 2015 – by Amy Ryles

“The thunderstorm that ended in tragedy for the city: lost homes and a washed away zoo that released its animals into the streets (”
21/01/215m 0s

Downtown Toronto, Canada on 19th January 2021 – by Jess Shane

“Some confused chickadees who think it’s spring for you.”
20/01/211m 43s

Ngo Dong river near Ninh Binh, through the Tam Coc caves, Vietnam in November 2019 – by Robin Leeburn

“You can climb the hills around the river with spectacular views, storks flying in formation underneath. There’s also a series of pagoda temples embedded in the hills nearby.”
19/01/212m 29s

Rooftop, Pétion-Ville, Port-au-Prince, Haiti on 13th January 2021 – by Jacki Huntington

“I stood on my roof overlooking the city this morning.”
18/01/2110m 56s

Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA on a summer night in 2020 – by Jeff Emtman

“The story I’ve heard (but not been able to confirm) about the naming of the region is that the name comes from French settlers who heard the indigenous people calling […]
15/01/216m 17s

Schoolhouse Beach, Washington Island, Wisconsin, USA in the summer of 2018 – by Neil Verma

“Sound from a limestone beach on Washington Island in Wisconsin. The stones on the shoreline have fallen from nearby cliffs and been polished over hundreds of years. On a windy […]
14/01/212m 7s

Tundra swans at sunset, Madison, Wisconsin, USA on 26th December 2020 – by Craig Eley

“I recorded these tundra swans at sunset on the day after Christmas. Every year, they stop over in Madison, Wisconsin, on their way to the Chesapeake Bay. Usually my family […]
13/01/2114m 8s

Inside the log burner, Devoran, Cornwall, UK in January 2021 – by Chris Attaway

“I was prepping a fire in our log burner on a cold, blustery day here in Devoran, Cornwall and the wind whistling through the vents was really creepy! So I […]
12/01/214m 13s

Lilli Pilli beach, New South Wales, Australia in October 2020 – by Olivia Rosenman

“I sat at this beach on a cool spring day with my ten-month-old daughter who makes a couple of cameo gurgles. It’s steady surf sound punctuated by some beautiful birdsong, including […]
11/01/2113m 48s

Early morning, Central Park, New York, USA on 6th January 2021 – by Chrystal Genesis

“The only time I can rest my head before bedtime (7.30am)”
08/01/211m 37s

Howling wolves at night, Mafra, Portugal in Autumn 2020 – by Melissa Pons

“Groups of Iberian Wolves in Portugal howl into the nights of Autumn in Mafra, Portugal. In a beautiful mediterranean forest, where other species co-exist, the Wolf easily becomes the center […]
07/01/214m 18s

Lagoon, Venice, Italy in November 2020 – by Marco Rip

“I made a rowboat cruise through the canals of Venice, rowing away into the lagoon, on a quiet November evening. You can hear the sounds of a few motor boats […]
06/01/215m 17s

Storm Bella in the early hours of the morning, North Berwick, Scotland, UK on 27th December 2020 – by Ted White

“I hunkered down in our local harbour in the early hours of the morning. The constant battering of the wind on the sails and masts made some really interesting sounds.” […]
05/01/2115m 25s

Winter rain and bells, New York, USA in December 2020 – by Sean Johnson

“I was testing new mics the other day and have a small recording during a unseasonable rain and had a nice surprise.”
04/01/212m 11s

Sunset on the last day of the year, Marshes, London, UK in December 2020 – by Eleanor McDowall

“Two boys dare each other to run across the thin, cracked layer of ice which zigzags over the surface of the marshland. Their joyful shrieks scatter the crows from a […]
31/12/203m 4s

Circular overtones by the railway, Sussex, UK in October 2020 – by Mike Woolley

“This is taken from my garden (a small field), next to the railway line, while a few doors down someone works with a circular saw. I was indoors doing my […]
30/12/2010m 4s

Walk in the snow, Milan, Italy on 28th December 2020 – by Jonathan Zenti

“After probably the most turbulent Christmas of my life, this morning I woke up in a neighbourhood of Milan covered in snow. I took a walk toward my studio, leaving […]
29/12/204m 57s

Marigny Church Piano, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA on 14th December 2020 – by Alex Lewis

“Against all safety measures and reason, I had to go on a trip to New Orleans last week for a doc project. I did not feel good about it. There […]
28/12/202m 14s

Ojai, California, USA on Christmas morning 2020 – by Tess Morris

“A pandemic Christmas Day morning in Ojai, birds big and small, celery prep chopping, Christmas messages being left on voicemails.”
25/12/203m 2s

Walk through the snow to the water at 3:30pm in Conway, Massachusetts on 22nd December 2020 – by Sara Brooke Curtis and Eligh Moon Frizzell

“A windy tromp to an icy brook through the snowy woods behind my house. The snow was deep enough that it felt like I was walking through sand dunes. When […]
24/12/206m 9s

Field, Cambridge, UK on 12th December 2020 – by Arlie Adlington

“Today I used my rainy Saturday to go to a gen-u-ine field and do you a recording.”
23/12/2030m 12s

Turkey Farm, South Downs National Park, East Sussex, UK, Christmas 2020 – by Sam Care

“I made this recording in the run up to Christmas in a barn on a turkey farm in the South Downs National Park in East Sussex. The bizarre collective gobble-gobble trill […]
22/12/203m 31s

First big snow, 5pm, New York, USA on 17th December 2020 – by Ariana Martinez

“This recording starts with a distressingly loud helicopter flying overhead but I’ve kept it in because I think it helps to contrast with and accentuate the quiet that comes after.”
21/12/208m 8s

Sunset before the longest night of the year, The Loupin Stanes, Esk Valley, Scotland on 20th December 2020 – by Geoff McQueen

“The Loupin Stanes is a small stone circle that has stood in the Esk Valley in Southern Scotland for around five thousand years. This was recorded binaurally within the circle […]
20/12/209m 44s

‘Cries in the air’, bird calls in the early morning, Berlin, Germany during the lockdown in 2020 – by Christian Lerch

“I am sending you a recording I did during lockdown. It was at a very particular part of the city, where the urban traffic and the few remaining sounds of […]
18/12/205m 0s

The Sound of 2020

A slow weave of some of 2020’s Field Recordings in chronological order. Pebble Bay, Nuuk, Greenland in March 2020 by Katalin Laszlo “It’s -20 degrees, and at first I can’t […]
14/12/2054m 56s

Ghost train, Peaks Island, Maine, USA in 2020 – by Kristina Loring

“I present to you, the haunting of the Ghost Train! echoing through the thin winter air. I can hear the call of the train travel four miles from Portland across […]

Cooking and distant Christmas piano, Sussex, UK on 1st December 2020 – by Phil Smith

“Leah was chopping brussels sprouts and putting them into a risotto, which is an amazing thing she does around this time of year. I was doing a bad attempt at […]
08/12/206m 26s

Winter Forest, Bala, Ontario on 2nd December 2020 – by Jess Shane

“Spending my quarantine in the woods. The snow mostly makes everything extra quiet, but when the wind blows you can hear the cracking of branches and gentle thuds of boughs […]
03/12/202m 37s

Woods, one hour before, November 2020 – by Eleanor McDowall

“Walking through the woods behind the cemetery, the spiked edges of the holly scratching a thin pattern through my tights.”
02/12/204m 15s

Waves on Kvariati beach, Batumi, Georgia in June 2015 – by Amy Ryles

“A gorgeous, pebbly beach recorded on the morning of a friend’s wedding.”
01/12/205m 0s

Turkeys, North East Syria on 27th November 2020 – by Barny Smith

“Breakfast with a rafter of Turkeys”
30/11/205m 1s

Lake, Louga région, Senegal on 16th August 2019 – by Sami El-Enany

“A mind-frying congregation of vibrating exoskeletons, birds and mammals celebrating the gifts of rainfall around a newly formed lake in the Louga région of Senegal. These party animals were nowhere to […]
26/11/204m 38s

Binaural recording between twin bridges, New York, USA in early spring 2020 – by Sean Johnson

“This is a binaural recording while I was standing between the North Grand Island Bridges in Grand Island New York.”
25/11/201m 31s

A nightwalk through the first snow of the year before it will melt tomorrow, Roihuvuori water tower, East Helsinki, Finland on 20th November 2020 – by Miia Laine

“I live nearby this really captivating and ominous water tower so walked up the hill there. It sounded surprisingly crunchy because it’s gotten quite icy and I was walking through […]
23/11/201m 9s

Davit Gareja, the Georgia desert in June 2015 – by Amy Ryles

“In a courtyard in Davit Gareja, a beautiful cave monastery carved into the foothills of Mount Gareja, bordering Georgia and Azerbaijan.”
20/11/205m 0s

Train passing, River Road and Ward Road crossing, North Tonawanda, NY, USA in 2020 – by Sean Johnson

“I’ve heard this train for months now at my home approximately 7 miles (11.25 km) away and waited 2 hours for it to pass one morning. Being so close was […]
13/11/203m 42s

Crickets and Fountains, Shinjuku Park, Tokyo, Japan in summer 2019 – by Lucy Dearlove

“I stayed one or two nights in this hotel that was directly opposite Shinjuku park. Not a field per se but a pretty standard urban park: fairly landscaped, surrounded by […]
12/11/201m 2s

Kittiwakes, Dunbar, Scotland in July 2020 – by Philip Revell

“Recorded towards the end of July 2020, down at the shore near the entrance to Dunbar’s New Harbour. The ruin of Dunbar Castle dominates the harbour and provides a nesting site […]
11/11/205m 39s

Charatas in El Impenetrable, Argentina on 28th August 2019 – by Mariano Pagella

“When the sun rises in El Impenetrable forest, in the Chaco province of Argentina, and the day begins, the charatas (a local bird) start to sing (or maybe caw?), one […]
10/11/205m 22s

Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, USA on 7th November 2020 – by Lu Olkowski

“By the time I got dressed and out of the house, a dance party erupted a few blocks away. People handing out booze on street corners. Two glasses of champagne […]
08/11/209m 22s

At the window, Brooklyn, USA on 7th November 2020 – by Lu Olkowski

“Late Saturday morning (or was it afternoon), I was sitting in my pajamas, still drinking coffee and engaging in general lazing when I heard something outside… Opened the window to […]
08/11/2011m 4s

Downtown Chicago, USA on 7th November 2020 – by Miles Kampf-Lassin

Sent via Ariel Mejia
07/11/201m 18s

The 270-fuelled, electromagnetic energy of Park Place, Brooklyn, USA on 7th November 2020 – by James T. Green

“It’s (finally) a good day in Brooklyn.”
07/11/204m 44s

Birdsong, Ashtead, UK in Winter 2017 – by Eleanor McDowall

“I recorded this one of the last times you were sick. I’d spent the evening at your house, my bedroom door ajar to listen for you in the night. You […]
03/11/202m 20s

Helmsdale Beach, Sutherland, North East Scotland on 30th August 2019 – by Steve Urquhart

“I recorded these pebbles being carried by the waves, whilst my partner was having a swim (it was FAR too cold for me to get in). We also met this dog. Then […]
29/10/202m 19s

Underneath the Baobab Tree, Sahel, Senegal on 16th August 2019 – by Sami El-Enany

“In the grasslands (Sahel) of Senegal I was making recordings in the brutal midday sun. It was this day that these grasslands had come alive for it had finally rained the […]
27/10/204m 37s

Thunderstorm outside a tent, Cévennes, France in summer 2020 – by Sarah Cuddon

“It was the middle of the night and the thunder woke me. My family slept on peacefully. But I’d never heard thunder like it. It was quite thrilling. Like a […]
26/10/2012m 27s

Shoreline, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia on 20th October 2020 – by Michelle Macklem

“We’re emerging from our little lockdown bubbles here in Melbourne, and I was keen to stretch out past the 5km radius I’d been confined to since July. It was good […]
21/10/205m 33s

Fireworks, Bronx, NY, USA on 21st June 2020 – by Ariana Martinez

“This past June, at least in the US, there was a sense that the fireworks going off well into the night, every night, across neighbourhoods in major cities were a […]
19/10/201m 32s

Starlings under Brighton Marina, UK, 9th October 2020 – by Martin Zaltz Austwick

“Under the Boardwalk  Down by the sea Hanging out by the Wetherspoons, squawking Some starlings, and me”
12/10/204m 1s

Lake Pyhäselkä in Joensuu, Finland on 15th August 2020 – by Lauri Liimatta

“One of the last warm and sunny summer days by the lake Pyhäselkä in Joensuu, Finland. Small waves gently crashing on the rocks.”
04/09/204m 18s

Dawn chorus at riverbed, South Africa – by George Vlad

“Riverbeds in south Africa and Botswana are home to incredibly loud and varied soundscapes as the rainy season arrives. The acoustics of these places make them perfect for birds to […]
21/08/209m 50s

Pylon Symphony, Tottenham Marshes, London, UK in Summer 2020 – by Kirsteen McNish

“In lockdown cycling to Tottenham Marshes has afforded me some early morning solitary peace amongst the singing grasses and the quiet boats bobbing upon the canal. As the sun started […]
13/08/202m 10s

Kittens purring, Regent’s Canal, London, UK on 31st July 2020 – by Andrea Rangecroft

“The ducks and geese used to wake me up at dawn but now it’s the kittens. They crawl into bed and find a nook to settle down in until breakfast. […]
06/08/2012m 55s

5am, Lough Currane, Kerry, Ireland on 3rd May 2020 – by Brian

“After being repeatedly woken by the birds outside my window at 5 AM, I finally managed to muster the energy to point my recorder out at the dawn chorus before […]
05/08/2051m 39s

Late afternoon, field in East Kent, UK on 12th July 2020 – by Laura Barton

“I had driven past this field, close to my home in Kent, many times. Last year it was filled with rapeseed. This year it was wheat. In late April I […]
03/08/202m 44s

Nunhead Cemetery, London, UK at 9.33am on 14th June 2020 – by Alice-Anne Psaltis

“I stand among the graves of Nunhead cemetery. My eyes are fixed on a set of headstones, adorned with draped urns rendered in stone. The partly cloaked objects appear to […]
30/07/203m 5s

Early morning, Hullavington, Wiltshire, England, UK on 7th July 2020 – by Katie Callin

“After a night camping out in the garden, I woke up in the early hours of the morning with the birds. I popped my recorder out the front of the […]
24/07/2011m 2s

Marsh at dusk, Southern Quebec, Canada in Spring 2020 – by Geoff Mitchell

“Dusk is one of the most active times for bird and frog calls in this marsh in Quebec, Canada. The large open space invites listening, with birds swooping by and lots […]
22/07/202m 28s

Morning Swim, Belle Isle State Park, Detroit, Michigan, USA on 14th July 2020 – by Zak Rosen

“On the 1,000 acre island, just over one-mile from our home, on the eastside of Detroit, there’s a swimming hole I like to go to as much as I can. […]
16/07/205m 50s

Kaibab Lake, Arizona, USA on 7th April 2020 – by Diane Hope

“This little pocket-handkerchief sized reservoir sits between the main BNSF rail line and Highway 64 just 50 miles south of the Grand Canyon and is a popular recreational spot so […]
15/07/201m 51s

Raindrops against the roof of a car, Sergiyev Posad, Russia on 12th December 2017 – by Vladimir Kryuchev

“Sitting in the car, listening to the raindrops beating against the roof. This is a binaural recording.”
10/07/207m 37s

Babbling brook stroll, Devil’s Glen Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada in June 2020 – by Veronica Simmonds

“I sat by this brook for a long time recording its burblings before an older couple walked down the trail, ‘taking pictures of the water are ya?’ the man asked. […]
03/07/209m 16s

Rusava, Czech Republic on 3rd May 2020 – by Tomáš Šenkyřík

“The recording is from the place where I grew up and where I used to listen to the soundscapes since my early childhood. There is a meadow with some old fruit trees, […]
01/07/201m 27s

Fallen Tree, Hampstead Heath, London, UK, night-time on 28th June 2020 – by Eleanor McDowall

“Last night we watched a tree fall. A loud crack – before the landscape fell apart. It collapsed in front of the moonlit lake across the path behind us. Branches […]

Rain, Bedroom Window, Brockley, London, UK at 1.30pm on 17th June 2020 – by Liberty Rowley

“I’m on furlough, and stuck indoors by lockdown and the rain.There was thunder and lightning, not much. And then it started to rain. I stood at my bedroom window and […]
25/06/2020m 5s

Fawn, Scotland, UK in 2019 – by Mark Stephen

“I’m reasonably knowledgeable about birds but last year I heard something I couldn’t recognise. It was a strange high-pitched squeak. It turned out to be a roe deer kid ( […]
23/06/202m 39s

Babbling brook, Cornwell, West Oxfordshire, UK on New Year’s Day 2020 – by Helen Bostock

“I stumbled across this gently babbling brook on an overcast New Year’s Day walk in the charming village of Cornwell, West Oxfordshire, close to where we live in the Cotswolds. […]
19/06/205m 1s

Rain Shower, Stoke Newington, London, UK on 17th June 2020 – by Paul Smith

“Opening my back door on a rare wet summer evening in Hackney, to let in the scent of petrichor. ‘A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a […]
18/06/206m 23s

Dawn Chorus, Goblin Coombe, North Somerset, UK in early May – by Nick Wilcox Brown

“Goblin Coombe is a quiet limestone valley, fringed by woodlands and bordering Bristol (International) airport. The airport has expanded dramatically over the last 10 years, meaning that recording opportunities are […]
17/06/2030m 14s

Mind Body Results, Black Lives Matter bike protest, riding down Atlantic Avenue, NY, USA on 13th June 2020 – by James T. Green

“Blackness, freedom and cycling feel connected. In a country where we aren’t free, bikes allow us to take at least some of that freedom back, using our minds and bodies […]
16/06/207m 49s

Thunderstorm, Athens, Greece in July 2014 – by Constantin Katsiris

“A thunderstorm recorded in the Pagrati neighbourhood of Athens, Greece in July of 2014. That summer an international group of artists converged to attend the annual Syros Sound Meetings at […]
15/06/203m 33s

Dinosaur Lake, Crystal Palace, London, UK on 5th April 2020 – by Sam Clements and Louise Owen

“Recorded our walk around Crystal Palace Park in London on Sunday 5th April. We followed social distancing advice and kept at least 2 metres from all other park dwellers, including […]
11/06/2010m 1s

Storm, Wiluna, Western Australia – by Ann Jones

This soundscape was recorded by Ann Jones — host of ABC nature podcast Off Track ( while on the road in Wiluna, Western Australia.  “Wiluna is a town on the […]
10/06/2052m 15s

Curfew, Los Angeles, USA on 4th June 2020 – by George Lavender

“The curfew goes into effect at 2’05” on this recording. This is recorded in a neighborhood with a relatively low police presence. The recording includes: fairly constant police and news […]
09/06/207m 0s

Someone practicing saxophone down the street, Brooklyn, NY, USA on 5th June 2020 – by James T. Green

“Just wanted to share a clip of my neighbour playing saxophone. I went out to smoke and they were just going to town, loved this humanity…”

Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia, USA in January 2020 – by Ariel Mejia

“Ok here’s some windblown tape of me tromping around on some very fertile earth in a big wooded park in Atlanta, Georgia. I stood in the middle of that photo […]
05/06/204m 29s

Freezing rain against a window, New York, USA on 25th March 2020 – by Ariana Martinez

“I always love waking up to the sound of rain – so to wake up and hear that crackling hail sound on the window was really peaceful to me. I […]
04/06/203m 31s

Waves, Cliff-edge, Bridport, UK in 2020 – by Andy Goddard

“Earlier this year, before all the doors locked and we were forced to gaze at each other from afar, a friend of mine decided it was about time we went […]
03/06/201m 50s

Garden, Churt, Surrey, UK at 6pm, 6th April 2020 – by Jenny Bowden

“I spend much of my time out here. It’s a special place to be – more than ever right now. We created the garden over many years, out of what […]
02/06/203m 5s

Cloud forest, dawn chorus with colobus monkeys, Ethiopia – by George Vlad

“The melodious calls of Ethiopian Orioles bounce from treelines as other endemic species call at Harenna Forest in Ethiopia. Colobus monkeys start uttering their terrifying territorial calls as the sun […]
01/06/2012m 37s

Dawn chorus with seals, Isle of Muck, Scotland, UK at 5am on 1st May 2020 – by Anton Spice

“The smallest of the Small Isles in the Inner Hebrides, the Isle of Muck is thought to take its auspicious name from the Gaelic word ‘muc-mara’ (meaning ‘sea pig’ or […]
31/05/208m 13s

Street organ, Gouda, the Netherlands on 25th April 2020 – by Inge Oosterhoff

“I made this recording last week in Gouda, the Netherlands. I live in Utrecht, but during this quarantine period, I’m staying with my mother in the centre of Gouda. I suddenly heard this […]
30/05/204m 55s

Emergency siren test, Copenhagen, Denmark at noon on 6th May 2020 – by Tim Hinman

“A test of emergency sirens across the city at 12 noon once a year.”
29/05/209m 37s

Copse overlooking the sea, South Wales, UK in May 2020 – by Ceri Morris

“I recorded this a week ago, in a little copse overlooking the sea, close to St Donats in South Wales. It is nearing sunset and the birds are settling down, […]
28/05/204m 1s

Bethel Island, California, USA on 16th April 2020 at 2pm – by Ashleyanne Krigbaum

“From a small river island in the California delta, where I grew up. I just arrived to see my parents for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic separated us.  […]
27/05/202m 54s

Evening in Victoria Park, Glasgow, UK on May 8th 2020 – by Siobhain Ma

“Victoria Park is right next to the motorway, next to Glasgow’s Clyde Tunnel which links the north of the city to the south. You can hear the traffic, see the […]
26/05/206m 41s

London Fields, under social distancing, London, UK on 16th March 2020 – by Charlie Shackleton

“I recently starting subletting a room in a house on the edge of London Fields in East London, so I’m going to be doing a lot of listening to fields […]
25/05/206m 26s

South Golden Beach, New South Wales, Australia on 23rd March 2015 – by Timothy Fairless

“Clear and calm weather with minimal wind provided the perfect chance to document many sets of waves rolling onto South Golden Beach, just north of Byron Bay. Recording close to […]
24/05/2010m 26s

Bird nest, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland in May 2019 – by Charo Calvo

“Seyðisfjörður, at the top of the mountain, east of the town. A tiny black and white bird was sitting in its nest. While I approached he started to fly around […]
23/05/206m 13s

Sea waves on a rocky beach, Cumberland Bay, Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile on 5th June 2019 – by Martín Cruz Farga

“Robinson Crusoe is a very isolated island in the Pacific Ocean, 600 km off the coast of Chile. I was there reporting for a Las Raras’ story about a tsunami […]
22/05/204m 29s

Skating rink, Sergiyev Posad, Russia on 5th January 2012 at 8pm – by Vladimir Kryuchev

“This is a binaural recording that sounds much better when listened to through headphones. It’s about minus 15 Celsius or 5 Fahrenheit, and the rink is full of skaters: young […]
21/05/2015m 42s

A field of skylarks, Beaconsfield, UK on 10th May 2020 – by Tim Baynes

“On my frequent walks across this meadow the skylarks always sing, rising vertically high into the air. On Sunday I set my phone down and walked away. They must have seen me […]
20/05/204m 5s

The Magical Dripping Tree, Hoh Rainforest, Olympic Peninsula, USA in October 2017 – by Thomas Rex Beverly

“Surprisingly, this sound is not rain. It was recorded under a patch of blue sky next to what I called “The Magical Dripping Tree”. You’re hearing massive drips from fog-soaked […]
19/05/203m 45s

Salters’ Garden, City of London, UK on 21st April 2020 – by Emerald Paston

“My housemate and I used our daily walk to explore the eerily empty city. We chanced across this patch of highly organised greenery and stood for a while enjoying the […]
18/05/201m 3s

Easter lunch in Pouilly-sur-Loire, France on 13th April 2020 – by Abi McNeil

“Lunch with my family has recently become a significant event. We try to elevate the household mood with delicious things, such as a gratin of courgettes, bacon with endives or […]
17/05/201m 18s

Hailstones and rain heard from inside a shipping container, Ballycurrin, Co. Galway, Ireland on 1st May 2020 – by Alan Meaney

“After a few days of sunny weather, the clouds darkened in the morning and I anticipated rain.  I grabbed my recorder and made my way into the shipping container which […]
16/05/205m 6s

Night-time, Delaware Water Gap, USA in September 2016 – by Bart Warshaw

“Back in Sept 2016 some friends and I took canoes down the Delaware Water Gap and camped on the islands in the middle of the big river. On the last night of […]
15/05/2012m 3s

Rainstorm, Brașov, Romania on 3rd May 2020 at 6.33pm – by Stefania Cotei

“Settling into Sunday evening with rain, birdsong, and a blossoming May green while quarantined in the old Saxon settlement of Brașov, Transylvania.”
14/05/2013m 2s

CERN Electronics Pool, near Geneva, Switzerland on 4th May 2014 – by Shanida Scotland

“On 4th May 2014 I spent the day getting lost around the CERN campus. A variety of electrical sonic interferences and pulses bounced around and interrupted my thoughts. Machines whirred […]

Morning, Hampstead Heath, London, UK on 21st April 2020 – by Bridey Addison-Child

“Ten minutes of trees rustling, birds cheeping, dogs snuffling and people passing by while I hid in a tree on Hampstead Heath one morning as Britain headed into week 5 […]
12/05/2010m 43s

Church in the woods, Louisiana, USA at 6pm in April 2020 – by Mara Lazer

“I stumbled into this church in the woods while walking near the Barataria Preserve, protected wetlands in southern Louisiana that are closed due to Covid. I keep coming back to […]
11/05/209m 6s

Girona Cathedral, Spain on 18th February 2020 at 8.25am – by George Upton

“I’ve made a habit of coming to this spot – a seat cut into the far corner of the small elevated square in front of the cathedral – whenever I’m […]
10/05/2010m 8s

Botanical Gardens, Glasgow, Scotland, UK on 25th April 2020 – by Charles Davies

“On my exercise walk I paused for a few minutes. Glasgow has become my adopted city. Like many lacking a garden – we treat the parks like our own. In […]
09/05/206m 10s

Gardening, London, UK on 6th April 2020 – by Jessie Lawson

“This is 11 minutes of my flatmate doing gardening while I was WFH in the garden next to him during self isolation. We live in North London in a little […]
08/05/2010m 55s

Newport Wetlands nature reserve, Wales, UK at 12.00pm on August 17th 2016 – by Jonathan Prior

“Part of the reserve is a former coal ash dumping ground produced by the Uskmouth power station, which still looms over the landscape. The sound of coal travelling up a […]
07/05/205m 1s

Dawn at a farm near Fusagasugá, Colombia, on 29th July 2018 – by Martín Cruz Farga

“I was in this tropical town in Colombia recording a story for Las Raras. And as usual, I recorded the soundscapes where the story took place. I got up really […]
06/05/206m 49s

Small Bridge over the River Ping, Chiang Mai, Thailand in December 2017 – by Dennis Funk

“I was lost walking on the wrong side of the river in Chiang Mai when I found this glangy, metal footbridge that set me right. On the far side, there […]
05/05/203m 10s

Pigeon coop, Brooklyn, NY, USA on 2nd December 2019 – by Hannah Dean

“Recorded on the 2nd of December 2019 –  up on a pigeon flyer’s snowy rooftop, in downtown Brooklyn.”
04/05/201m 55s

Cockatoos before dusk, Canberra, Australia on 30th April 2020 – by Ben Williamson

“Cockatoos noisily roosting in bushland on the edge of Canberra’s inner suburbs, on a cold clear evening after two days of rain. A few walkers and cyclists pass. Three birds are […]
03/05/2010m 40s

Cascades Park, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA at 6.12pm on 24th March 2020 by Solon Kelleher

“After a rainstorm or a snowfall melts, this waterfall roars. I spent a few moments with my recorder trying to capture that roar, but after a couple of unsatisfying attempts, […]
02/05/202m 9s

7:00pm in Conway, Massachusetts, USA on 13th April 2020 – by Sara Brooke Curtis

“I was tired and needed space to myself. The wildness of nature often grounds me and so I left my family inside and stepped into my backyard. When I stepped outside […]
01/05/205m 11s

Thunderstorm on Sanderstraße, Berlin, Germany on 19th July 2017 – by Hannah Marsland, Chris Marsland and Phil Smith

“The sky’s opened, the world ran for cover. But Chris, Chris lives for storms… he ran into the street and span. We looked on a while, Phil letting the accordion […]
30/04/202m 58s

Only You, Gagarin Hall, Sergiyev Posad, Russia on 28th March 2013 – by Vladimir Kryuchev

“This is not a straightforward recording of a youth choir performing live but one muffled by a long corridor that leads to the stage, punctuated with raindrops outside.”
29/04/201m 33s

Marshes, Seven Sisters, London, UK on 31st December 2019 – by Eleanor McDowall

“Sitting by the marshes on the last day of the year. Noisy birdsong, the rumble of a nearby trainline, a tiny dog romping in jubilantly near the end. Still struggling […]
28/04/2027m 30s

Sounds of the celebration of Portuguese democracy, Lisbon, Portugal on 25th April 2020 – by Sofia Saldanha

“On the 25th April we celebrate the 1974 Revolution that brought democracy to Portugal. Every year on this day people gather in the streets holding red carnations and shouting ’25th […]
27/04/2012m 12s

On the bank of Murrumbidgee River, Canberra, Australia in December 2019 – by Ryan Pemberton

“This is an ambisonics recording I made mid-December last year. I had just finished building a dobsonian telescope and I was down in Canberra visiting my folks for Christmas. Me […]
26/04/2039m 57s

Meiji Jingu, Tokyo, Japan, 10am on 13th September 2017 – by Aleister Kelman

“Meiji Jingu is a well-known Shinto shrine located in the heart of Tokyo, near Harajuku. This recording was made early enough in the morning for the shrine’s approach to be placid […]
25/04/202m 50s

Abbey Road, London, UK on 8th April 2020 – by Suchandrika Chakrabarti

“I walked down past Abbey Road Studios yesterday around 5pm, and for the first time, I didn’t see a single tourist posing on the crossing. The sound of excitement in half a […]
24/04/2015m 17s

Stockers Lake in Rickmansworth, UK on 19th April 2020 – by Juliet Fitzpatrick

“Recorded this morning on my daily dog walk with my 2 whippets, Sid & Stan… beside Stockers Lake Local Nature Reserve in Rickmansworth, Herts. It’s an old gravel pit and […]
24/04/205m 16s

Saxophonist, Rome, Italy on 10th April 2020 – by Daria Corrias

“Now at 6pm, no one sings anymore. Maybe people have started to feel tired, I don’t know. But there is a guy, in a building close to mine, that plays […]
23/04/206m 11s

Gathering thunderstorm on the coast of Brittany, France, from inside a tent, on the 28th of July 2018 – by Rhiannon Armstrong

“I recorded this in a rare moment of quiet at a family reunion attended by more than 100 relatives in Saint Brian-sur-Mer in Brittany, France. My aunt was also taking […]
22/04/206m 55s

Call to prayer, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2016 – by Hana Walker-Brown

“The call to prayer rings through the bustling market.”
21/04/201m 38s

At the closed border between Czech Republic and Austria on the 4th of April 2020 – by Brit Jensen

“All Czech borders with neighbouring countries have remained closed since the middle of March (precisely since the 14th of March). The only traffic allowed through/past are trucks transporting goods. These […]
20/04/209m 8s

Twilight, Corhanwarrabul Wetlands, Australia in December 2008 – by Paolo Pietropaolo

“In December 2008 we were visiting my brother-in-law in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne. There was a wetland in the park next to his house that had the most insane […]
19/04/2014m 39s

Krumme Lanke, Berlin, Germany, Erholungsuchenden on a Sunday afternoon in January 2020 – by Marta Medvešek

“I went for stillness at the lake, but everyone else did the same… 15 min of ducks, birds, people and different machines. And water.”
18/04/2015m 7s

River, Longarone, Dolomiti Mountains in Veneto, Italy – by Jonathan Zenti

“In 2013 the little mountain village of Longarone, in the Dolomiti Mountains in Veneto, Italy, celebrated the anniversary of the greatest natural disaster caused by human beings. 50 years before, […]
17/04/2014m 24s

Gaza Strip in 2017 – by Christian Lerch

Sent on 23rd March 2020 “I woke up this morning, to find an email in my mailbox from a former source in Gaza. There was only one sentence in the message, ‘first Covid […]

8pm, Castellar, France on 9th April 2020 – by Charlotte Rouault

Recorded in southeastern France, as the key worker clap begins.
16/04/205m 11s

Gooseberry Island, Westport, Massachusetts, USA on 21st March 2020 – by T.H. Ponders

“One of the my favorite features of Gooseberry Island – besides the beach of crushed pink shells on the north shore of Gumby’s Head and the two fire towers built […]
16/04/2010m 7s

Noon in New Cairo, Egypt on 7th April 2020 – by Tala El-issa

“Cairo is usually thought of as one of the busiest and most chaotic cities in the Arab world, and that is true. But many people are trying to escape the […]
15/04/207m 36s

Hough End Clough, Manchester, UK on 21st March 2020 – by OD Davey

“Hough End Clough (pronounced ‘huff end cloff’) is a thin strip of land between a main road and a police-dog kennel in south-central Manchester, UK, a between-space now nurtured by […]
15/04/2023m 49s

Katydids at night, North Carolina, USA – by Will Coley

“Katydids are the sound of summer for me. When I was growing up in North Carolina, these insects were the white noise machine that lulled me to sleep. Apparently they’re […]
14/04/204m 0s

The Lythe, Selborne Common, Hampshire, UK on the summer solstice 2019 – by Alan Hall

“It’s approaching half past four in the morning and there’s a mist hanging over the valley.  Nothing about this location – the woodland, the air dense with birdsong, the heavy […]
14/04/205m 26s

Nighttime, Windellama, Australia – by Jess Bineth

“My Mum has 100 hectares of land a few hours south/west of Sydney in a place called Windellama. It has 11 trees, a gravel road, a shed to sleep in […]
13/04/202m 23s

Shingle Beach, St Leonards, East Sussex, UK in March 2020 – by Jonathan Williams

“St Leonards (or St Leonards-on-Sea) is a town in East Sussex, on the south coast of the UK. The beaches in this area are stabilised with groynes – low walls […]
13/04/205m 17s

Starling Murmuration, Nobber, Co. Meath, Ireland in January 2019 – by Zoë Comyns

“Every evening at dusk in late winter 2019, ten to twenty thousand starlings came home to roost after a spectacular murmuration which lasted for nearly an hour in the skies […]
12/04/206m 21s

Hydrophone Recording, Royal Canal, Leixlip, Co. Kildare, Ireland – by Jonathan Nangle

“Recording with a hydrophone (an underwater microphone) can be hit and miss. Unlike recording the environment that surrounds us there is a higher degree of lucky dip (!) as you […]
12/04/206m 2s

Ghent, Belgium on 1st April 2020 – by Eva Moeraert

“We can only hike in our own neighbourhood nowadays. The city of Ghent has a lot of beautiful nature to explore, but always surrounded by big roads or trainways. This […]
11/04/206m 10s

Lake, Nebrodi National Park, Italy at 6am in 2016 – by Will Davies

“On a bike tour in 2016, we found ourselves in the Nebrodi National Park in Eastern Sicily.  There was a real feeling of freedom in loading up the bike with […]
11/04/201m 2s

Skating, Toronto, Canada in Winter 2019 – by Evan Cartwright

A binaural recording of some friends skating in Toronto last winter
10/04/204m 18s

Alleyway, Beirut, Lebanon in January 2018 – by Rana Daoud

“This was the sound I woke up to every morning in Beirut during 2018. What I admire about Beirut’s ambience are the roving street vendors. In the clip you’ll hear […]
10/04/202m 36s

The sound of a woodland from the perspective of early blossoming plants in Bern, Switzerland on 5th April 2020 – by This Wachter

“I attached my binaural earphone microphones to a hat, on the ground of the forest, to get the sound that blooming plants would hear (if they had ears like us). […]
09/04/2013m 26s

Jökulsárlón, Iceland in 2019 – by Charo Calvo

“The famous lake where many chunks of ice drift to the sea from the Vatnajökull glacier. It was almost dark, nobody around and lots of wind. Closed eyes listening.”
09/04/205m 41s

42nd St and 1st Avenue, New York, USA on 7th April 2020 – by Benjamin Riskin

“Recorded in Manhattan on April 7th, from 6:58pm EST – 7:03pmish. We had the highest virus death count last night.”
08/04/206m 34s

River walk, Vilnius, Lithuania on 31st March, 2020 – by Vaida Pilibaityte

“Daily walk along the Neris River has been my only time outside since the announcement of quarantine nearly three weeks ago. Before it used to be relaxing. Now it’s a […]
08/04/203m 37s

Hollow Tree, Sergiyev Posad, Russia on 11th March 2011 – by Vladimir Kryuchev

“There’s an old tree near the railroad in Sergiyev Posad. It seems to be still alive but there are lots of hollows and cracks running through the bark. It sways […]
07/04/2015m 1s

Park am Gleisdreieck, Berlin, Germany at 6am on 18 March 2020 – by Benjamin Yates

“This recording was taken at dawn this morning. The park is a former wasteland at the intersect between West and East Berlin which has now been reclaimed as an urban […]
07/04/205m 5s

Grey-headed flying fox colony, Yarra Bend Park, Melbourne, Australia – by Jon Tjhia

“Up to 30,000 grey-headed flying foxes (fruit bats) roost in a colony at Yarra Bend Park, hanging from the eucalypts that flank the river. Nightly at dusk, they fly over and into Melbourne’s […]
06/04/2021m 47s

Wildlife Refuge, Philadelphia, USA on 26th March 2020 – by Alex Lewis

“I recorded this just after sunrise this morning at the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge.It’s a  massive beautiful green space with all kinds of cool birds and turtles. Even after […]
06/04/204m 54s

Wind through the pines, Sierra Nevada, USA – by Fil Corbitt

“Hours before a snowstorm in the Sierra Nevada. All the aspen and willows are dormant now so the wind is mostly audible through the Ponderosa Pines.”
05/04/202m 30s

Frogs, Hilo, Hawaii, USA in 2018 – by Helen Zaltzman

“Bit short but these are some teeny tiny REALLY LOUD frogs in Hilo, Hawaii. I recorded the frogs outside our room in a little B&B (run by a nice retired […]

Dusk, Orleigh Park, Brisbane, Australia – by Michelle Ransom-Hughes

“Sounds collected in Orleigh Park at dusk. Fruit bats, crows, cicadas, the ferry, scooters, bikes, dogs, joggers, walkers, talkers, local traffic and more flying foxes. Too loud in some parts. […]
04/04/204m 41s

Walking through the dunes to the sea, Nantucket, USA in August – by Justine Paradis

“I made this recording on a perfect blue afternoon in August on Nantucket island, where I grew up. I’d come home for a friend’s wedding and was anticipating seeing an […]
04/04/2015m 15s

Ernest E. Debs Regional Park, Los Angeles, USA in March 2020 – by Nick White

“For this recording a friend and I were in a small clearing (field?) next to a tiny pond called Peanut Lake. The entire park overlooks downtown Los Angeles and the […]
03/04/202m 49s

Woodland, Essex, UK at 5.50am on 26th March 2020 – by Sarah Vermont

“It’s a true dawn chorus with the drill of a woodpecker at the far corner of the wood or possibly in the gnarled old oak tree… one of the reminders […]
03/04/207m 34s

Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire April 2018 – by Axel Kacoutié

“Friday 13th. Standing on the street outside our hotel waiting to meet my dad. I hadn’t seen or talked to him for the last 15 years before this recording and […]
02/04/201m 42s

Bells, Hvar, Croatia at 7.30am on 21st May 2009 – by Chris Brookes

“Photo is the central square where I recorded it. I was there for the Prix Marulic festival, and I’d planned to be there again next month. Of course Covid has nixed […]
02/04/205m 40s

Lemur calls, Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar in May 2016 – by Amy Ryles

“The lemurs sound a little like they’re sitting in the trees, each slowly letting the air out of a balloon.”
01/04/2010m 43s

Train Journey, Tokyo, Japan on 25th November 2019 – by Ghibliotheque

The train between Tama and Shinjuku in Tokyo.
01/04/204m 28s

Early morning, Kilfinane, Ireland in September 2017 – by Daniel Higgott

“Here’s the sound of Kilfinane waking up in the morning, recorded during HearSay Festival. One beautiful and quiet morning, I woke up early and took my Zoom to the highest […]
31/03/201m 8s

Early afternoon by the Tagus river in Lisbon, Portugal on 29th March 2020 – by Sofia Saldanha

“The bridge humming crosses the soundscape during the Coronavirus lockdown.”
30/03/208m 22s

Backyard storm, Darwin, Australia – by Nyah Bertschi and Caddie Brain

“It’s a steamy wet season evening. The neon clouds have faded to greyscale and a tropical storm is rolling through not so far from here. Nyah, 5 years old, has been eyeing […]
30/03/203m 33s

Vinemount Meadows Nature Sanctuary, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada on March 27 2020 at 7:30pm – by Rob Porter

“In the late evening just as the sun sets in early spring, a male Eastern Meadowlark sings loudly while in the background, dozens of chorus frogs sing their gurgling trill.” […]
29/03/205m 50s

West St Kilda Beach, Melbourne, Australia – by Erin Kyan

“I was on a small jetty for this one, so that I could record right over the shoreline and get all those beautiful little bay waves as they rolled up […]
29/03/2014m 17s

Coyotes, Quabbin reservation, Massachusetts, USA, early evening in July 2014 – by Geoff Bird

“The voices you hear belong to wildlife biologist Stephen DeStefano and author Aminatta Forna, who was presenting a documentary we were making about Jack London (during which I broke my […]
28/03/201m 4s

Arlington’s Great Meadows, Lexington, Massachusetts, USA at 7:15am on 25th March – by Julie Shapiro

“I went out this morning with Nathaniel’s Zoom which I obviously am not able to hold very quietly. (Meticulous field recordist, I am not!). Phin stayed back in bed, with […]
28/03/204m 13s

Barred Owls, White Rock, British Columbia, Canada – by McKenna Hadley-Burke

“I live in White Rock, Canada. Every morning and evening I head out to give my dog (and myself) some much-needed fresh air and as we wind our way through a […]

Yesnaby, Orkney, Scotland in July 2019 – by Will Pritchard

“At Yesnaby, the sandstone strata soften into whitewash – rippling out with the never-ending cycle of the tide. Gazing out to the horizon, it might be the edge of the […]
27/03/205m 30s

Clapping NHS Workers, Spitalfields, London, UK – by Audrey Gillan

“This is the sound from Spitalfields, recorded from my balcony which doesn’t face onto the street. You can hear me sniffing because I am crying.”
26/03/202m 4s

Tennis Club, Dorset, UK – by Tom Rosenthal

Recorded in Swanage, Dorset – sitting in a field looking across to the people playing tennis.
26/03/204m 7s

Morning in my garden, Denmark, 23rd March 2020 – by Rikke Houd

“Recorded in my garden at 7.15 in the morning during a time of self-isolation. The birds don’t care whose garden it is. It is their world really. They like it here. […]
26/03/2012m 39s

Residential streets, Hachiōji, Japan, 11:30pm on 26th September 2019 – by Aleister Kelman

“Although part of the Tokyo Metropolitan area, at night the meandering residential streets of Hachiōji city are hushed. Without fail, late summer in Japan brings the sound of crickets stridulating, […]
25/03/203m 24s

Frogs, Kangaroo Island, Australia, 2018 – by Johanna Bell

“You can hear frogs (I’m not sure which species. I call them pebble frogs because they sound like a pebble being dropped into a well) and wattle bird.  It was […]
25/03/201m 30s

Summer rain, distant thunder, Old Leighlin, Ireland – by Tadhg O’Sullivan

“A summer afternoon in the field behind my house at home in Carlow.”
24/03/208m 52s

Last walk before lockdown, London, UK – by Georgia John-Charles

Last night in Seven Sisters, walking across Markfield Park to the canal.
24/03/202m 7s

Stargazing, Zion National Park, Utah, USA – by Sam Leeds

“This was recorded just after dusk at a campsite outside Zion National Park. I was on a camping trip with my dad and we stepped outside the tent to see […]
23/03/201m 58s

Pebble Bay, Nuuk, Greenland in March 2020 – by Katalin Laszlo

“It’s -20 degrees, and at first I can’t see anything in the blindingly white frozen world. After a minute, I start to make out the sprinkles of grey mountain rock […]
23/03/202m 4s

Paris, France, 8pm on 20th March 2020 – by Moon Hussain

The applause and banging of pans which erupts every evening at 8pm out of the windows – for all the doctors, health care workers, and staff staying to help at […]
22/03/201m 14s

Brighton Beach, UK, 18th March 2020 – by Martin Zaltz Austwick

“This was recorded on Brighton Beach in a break from staying indoors and avoiding coronavirus. We did not socially distance ourselves from the sea.”
21/03/208m 27s

The balcony of Cinema Jenin Guest House, Jenin, Palestine on 28th or 29th October 2017 – by Michael Umney

“Recorded in the late afternoon on the balcony of the Cinema Jenin Guest House, in the North of the West Bank. The famous cinema over the road, which the guesthouse […]
20/03/208m 18s

Jeżowa Woda, Beskid Mountains, Poland – by John Beauchamp

“400km due south from Warsaw is a hamlet called Jeżowa Woda near the highland market town of Limanowa. Nothing fancy, just a few houses perched on the side of a […]
20/03/204m 2s

Sinharaja tropical rainforest, South West of Sri Lanka, at daybreak – by Alannah Chance

“When we arrived at the old tea plantation in the rainforest it was pitch black and still but alive with the sound of insects.  I set my alarm for 5am the […]
19/03/206m 3s

Mont Royal Park (Cross-country ski trail #2), Montréal, Québec, Canada in February 2019 – by Cristal Duhaime

“Mont Royal is the city’s main park and namesake – we refer to it as ‘The Mountain’ but it’s more of a medium-sized hill. It overlooks the city, there’s a […]
19/03/203m 7s

Hogsback, Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, last summer – by Neroli Price

“This is a recording of a late summer thunderstorm in the Hogsback mountains in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. It was Easter Sunday, 21 April 2019. The rain started […]
18/03/206m 13s

Terrace, Rome, Italy, during the lockdown – by Daria Corrias

“Everyday at 6pm people go on their balconies or terraces and start singing. Everyday a different song, today was ‘Volare’ by Domenico Modugno. In this recording you can hear kids […]
16/03/206m 39s

St. John’s Park, Brooklyn, USA – by James T. Green

“I took this recording in the baseball field at St. John’s Park in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The first two minutes are in one of the dugouts where I played a […]
10/03/204m 20s

Combate, Puerto Rico – by Ariana Martinez

“This recording was made on the shore of El Combate, a beach in the Boquerón area of Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. The recording is dated January 6th, which falls on […]
07/03/203m 8s

Golden Gully, Australia, at dusk – by Camilla Hannan

“Here is a recording I made recently while on an artist residency in Hill End in western NSW. Just under 5 hours west of Sydney. (Population 100 as well as a […]
07/03/2018m 24s
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