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Field Recordings

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A podcast where audio-makers stand silently in fields (or things that could be broadly interpreted as fields).


River Thames tidal beach, London, UK on 19th September 2022 – by Joe Harvey-Whyte

“Made on the tidal beach on the river Thames watching people mudlarking just under Waterloo bridge… trains pulling into Waterloo station above and simultaneously waves lapping below… Towards the end […]
27/03/23·3m 24s

Cadogan Pier, north bank of the Thames, London, Spring 2023 – by Lucy Wood

“Cadogan Pier, North Bank of the river Thames, beneath Albert Bridge near Chelsea Embankment.  Built in 1841 Cadogan Pier has been Chelsea’s only river transport link for over 150 years […]
21/03/23·27m 12s

Outside the Houses of Parliament during the second reading of the bill, Parliament Square, London, UK on 13th March 2023

“Hundreds of people gather to demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament whilst MPs hold the second reading of the ‘Illegal Migration Bill’, a piece of legislation that denies asylum to […]
14/03/23·1m 31s

Underwater, Førdefjord, north of Bergen, Norway in February 2023 – by Jay Richardson

“Myself and my co-editor (at The Sonification) went to cover a story about a mining company that has permits to start an open pit project in a rural area about […]
09/03/23·3m 3s

Bacău, Romania at 10am on 27th December 2022 – by Cosmin Sandu

“A soundscape recorded on December 27, 2022 at around 10 a.m. in Bacău. It immortalises ‘Alaiul datinilor’ 56th edition, a special day when people from all over the Moldova region come to […]
09/03/23·2m 19s

Sounding stairs, Kaunas, Lithuania on 19th January 2023 – by Marta Medvešek

“I was fascinated by these sounding stairs on the entrance / exit of a park in Kaunas, Lithuania. I heard the sound from afar, and thought it was in my head until […]
27/02/23·1m 52s

Applause after the set – before the encore, Princess Theatre, Brisbane, Australia on 17th October 2022 – by Michelle Ransom-Hughes

“I was way up in a crows nest style ‘box’ at the back of the mezzanine in the Princess Theatre for Aldous Harding’s concert. I recorded the crowd trying to […]
23/02/23·3m 0s

Last leaves of Autumn, on a road in suburban Pittsburgh, USA, 26th October 2022 – by Dennis Funk

“A really windy night in the days just before Halloween swept what was left from the old silver maple trees in the neighbourhood. As the final few fell to earth, […]
21/02/23·2m 5s

Department of Education, Westminster, London, UK on 15th February 2023 – by Tash Walker

“I went to Brianna Ghey’s vigil last night outside the Department of Education. It was a very emotional and affecting time, with people standing together holding candles and lighters, whilst […]
16/02/23·2m 21s

Plymouth nighttime, Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts, USA on 31st August 2022 – by Jon Moskowitz

“Plymouth Nighttime — Recorded August 31, 2022 in Plymouth, MA. We were staying at a house on a bluff overlooking Cape Cod Bay. At night you could see the lights […]
15/02/23·1m 45s

Orthodox Christmas service, Catholic Church of St. Johns, Vilnius, Lithuania on 7th January 2023 – by Vaida Pilibaitytė

“On January 7th I went to an unusual Orthodox Christmas service at the Catholic Church of St. Johns in Vilnius where the service was led by a chaplain father Heorhiy Kovalenko visiting […]
08/02/23·11m 8s

Thawing ice, Tammisalo canal, Helsinki, Finland on 4th February 2023 – by Miia Laine

“The February full moon had just come up and I was on a stunning Saturday afternoon walk around sunset, the sky was a beautiful red. I stopped by the Tammisalo […]
07/02/23·3m 37s

Goose night, Eskdalemuir, Scotland, UK on 24th January 2023 – by Geoff McQueen

“It gets really dark in Eskdalemuir. In winter it is sometimes so dark and foggy that you can literally see nothing. Once or twice a winter I step out my […]
31/01/23·1m 42s

Crows, Vancouver, Canada on 27th January 2023 at 4pm – by Martin Zaltz Austwick

“Walking down the street and a shitload of crows tipped up. #crowzone”
29/01/23·2m 36s

Tuning the organ, Peterborough Cathedral, UK on 24th October 2022 – by Paul Ridout

“We had walked into Peterborough Cathedral at lunchtime on 24th October 2022 and it took us a while to work out that the sound we were listening to was two […]
15/01/23·2m 34s

Geese on snow, Springfield Park, London, UK on 16th December 2022 – by Eleanor McDowall

“Geese pad softly over the top of a snowy hill (while I walk heavy-footed behind them).”
29/12/22·2m 38s

The Sound of 2022

A slow weave of some of the past year’s Field Recordings, from a clock repair shop in January to snow falling in December. Clock repair shop, London, UK on Saturday […]
15/12/22·56m 41s

Crunching ice and snow, London, UK in the early morning on 14th December 2022 – by Caspar Salmon

“The snow is not as gleaming and beautiful as on the first day but the CRUNCH underfoot is at its peak!”
14/12/22·1m 25s

Snow falling on the canal, London, UK, near midnight on Sunday 11th December 2022 – by Eleanor McDowall

“Listening to the snow fall on the surface of the water as I walk home. The white blanket underfoot softening the sound of the city.”
13/12/22·1m 59s

Bells (church and cow) in the hills of Flüeli-Ranft, Switzerland in the evening of 6th December 2022 – by Charlie Shackleton

“There are three churches within earshot of the spot where this recording was made, in the Swiss village of Flüeli-Ranft, and their bells overlap but do not synchronise. A local […]
08/12/22·2m 4s

Koliada singers rehearsing for the Christmas season, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montreal, Québec, Canada on 30th November 2022 – by Mira Burt-Wintonick

“A traditional Ukrainian Koliada song – traditionally sung house to house, like a Christmas carol.  This group of Montreal Koliada singers rehearsing for the Christmas season was founded by Natalia Telentso […]
05/12/22·3m 55s

Winter Bees, Flitwick, Bedfordshire, UK in November 2022 – by Julian Higgs

“We keep a beehive, just the one in our back garden in Flitwick, Bedfordshire. we are about as far from any coast that you can get in the country, to my eternal […]
30/11/22·2m 42s

Woman, life, freedom, Iran solidarity protest in Trafalgar Square, London, UK on 26th November 2022
30/11/22·3m 59s

Roaring cascades at Cajón del Azul, El Bolsón, Chubut, Argentina in January 2022 – by Joaquín Conde

“After 4 hours of walking in the forest, some friends and I reached Cajón del Azul where the ice-cold waters of Azul River have carved deep into the stone over […]
29/11/22·40m 49s

Birds cooing, Berlin, Germany in March 2022 – by Jeff Emtman

“An enclosure with about a dozen captive pigeons in a park who are fluffing their feathers and flying around with sticks.” Recorded for the Here Be Monsters episode 153: Klänge […]
29/11/22·3m 18s

Westminster Bridge, London, UK on 5th November 2022
05/11/22·1m 11s

Katydids in the moonlight, Bearsville, New York, USA on 20th August 2022 – by Joe Dobkin

“I was sitting outside listening to the katydids and the moon.”
05/11/22·2m 37s

Bells on sheep, east of Rome around 7pm on 26th June – by Cosmin Sandu

“I love the randomness they produce and the contrast with the surround and distant car traffic… I recorded it with my zoomh6 – X/Y capsules.”
02/11/22·1m 13s

Garden next door to a festival, Münster, Germany in October 2022 – by Tristan Konrad

“This one was recorded in my garden in Münster, Germany with a Zoom H1N. 3 times a year there is a huge folk festival called ‘Send’ going on right next […]
24/10/22·2m 10s

Heavy rain, North West London, UK in October 2022 – by Alex Micu

“I would like to share with you a field recording from my garden in NW London. It features this garden furniture cover and raindrops tap dancing on it during a […]
24/10/22·1m 1s

Binaural bells, St Pauls Cathedral, London, UK on 19th September 2022 – by Joe Harvey-Whyte

“St Paul’s cathedral bells ring for the state funeral on 19th September 2022.  A binaural recording made using a matched pair of DPA 4060 microphones. Please use headphones for the […]
21/10/22·3m 42s

Hogpen Hill Farm, Litchfield County, Connecticut, USA on Sunday 16th October 2022 – by Leah Kopperman

“I recorded the attached audio file on Sunday, October 16, at Hogpen Hill Farm in Litchfield County, Connecticut. Hogpen Hill is a 234-acre tree farm + landscape sculpture park in the mountains […]
20/10/22·3m 7s

Sukkot celebrations from my window, Brooklyn, New York, USA on 12th October 2022 – by Jess Shane

“I live close to a Chabad-Lubavitch in Brooklyn. Last night, the community was celebrating Sukkot, and I could hear peals of celebration a few blocks away from my bedroom window.” […]
19/10/22·3m 46s

Dusk chorus, Ewingar, New South Wales, Australia on 16th October 2022 – by Jaye Kranz

“A 300 acre farm in Ewingar NSW. The dusk chorus you can hear from the porch”
17/10/22·1m 48s

Healcrest Green, Garfield, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA on 11th October 2022 – by Andrea Laurion

“I recorded this while reporting a story on an urban farm that’s being turned into a community green space.”
15/10/22·2m 34s

Muffled Bells, Cuddington, Buckinghamshire, UK on 19th September 2022 – by Paul Ridout

“As a republican I probably shouldn’t have enjoyed this as much as I did – the bells in the village church were being rung this morning with muffled clappers so […]
14/10/22·3m 24s

Night train, Vedia, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina in April 2022 – by Joaquín Conde

“The sound of a distant night train reaches out to us over the barking dogs and the wind chimes at my parents’ house”
14/09/22·3m 0s

Trafalgar Square, London, UK around 1pm on 10th September 2022
11/09/22·2m 15s

Midnight waves crashing on Overstrand Beach at high tide, Norfolk, UK on 1st August 2021 – by Joe Harvey Whyte

“Binaural recording using DPA 4060 matched pair & Sound Devices Mix Pre 3ii”
09/09/22·1m 46s

Shingle Shack, Lydd on Sea, on the edge of Dungeness, UK in 2019 – by Grant Wilkinson

“I was recently given the gift of time and space, to blow at my own discretion, in Lydd on Sea, on the edge of Dungeness. I’ve visited half a dozen […]
25/07/22·9m 13s

Mid-afternoon by the river, near Uxbridge, London, UK on 19th July 2022 – by Andrea Rangecroft

“When it’s the hottest day ever recorded in the UK (40.2c) and you live in a small metal box, there’s only one thing to do and that’s go to the […]
20/07/22·10m 59s

8pm, rural village garden, Suffolk, UK on 19th July 2022 – by Melissa Harrison

“4 mins of a rural village garden, 29.7 degrees at gone 8pm on the day we broke 40, in the UK’s most water-stressed and lowest-rainfall region, featuring a greenfinch, collared […]
19/07/22·4m 3s

Pondweed bubbles, Raglan Castle moat, Wales, UK in the afternoon on 16th July 2022 – by Paul Ridout

“It was a blazingly hot afternoon and the sunshine on the pondweed in the moat was generating bubbles that were popping all around as I sat in a “Watergate” at […]
19/07/22·2m 31s

Afternoon rain, wild savanna rainforest on the border between Republic of the Congo and Gabon, 2018 – by George Vlad

“The patches of trees create small shaded havens for wildlife, but they don’t completely obstruct the soundscape as ancient rainforests will do. You can hear birdsong and insect calls from […]
18/07/22·12m 44s

Lake swim at sunrise, the morning after midsummer, Groß Köris, Germany in June 2022 – by Eleanor McDowall

“Swam out to watch the sun come up across the water. Bats overhead and roosters crowing in the distance.”
26/06/22·4m 15s

Parsley frogs at night, Lérouville, Lorraine, France on 5th June 2022 – by Colin Hunter

“The main goal of my trip to Lorraine in the east of France was to record Common Midwife Toads. The location was an old disused quarry just outside Lérouville and […]
17/06/22·4m 27s

July morning on Perent Lake, Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Northern Minnesota, USA in 2021 – by Rob Byers

“Most of the BWCA is only accessible by canoe —no motors are allowed — making it a quiet place. I like this recording because there are so many things happening […]
15/06/22·11m 18s

Rain on the sea, Camber Sands, East Sussex, UK on 23rd May 2022 – by Sam Clements and Louise Owen

“Stayed overnight in Camber Sands, East Sussex. Was hoping to go for a morning swim in the sea, but was so cold the best we could manage was paddle in the shallows […]
14/06/22·4m 13s

Rock jump cove, near Harlyn and Mother Ivy bay, Cornwall, UK in July 2021 – by Tash Walker

“This is the sound of the cove before I swam out to the rock and jumped in, it was completely deserted and about 8am in the morning. I wanted to […]

Church bells fading into birdsong, Berlin, Germany in March 2022 – by Jeff Emtman

“Bells on the weekend coming from the church. They give way eventually to birdsong.” Recorded for the Here Be Monsters episode 153: Klänge from Berlin
07/06/22·3m 48s

Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, NY, USA in June 2022 – by James T. Green

“I’ve got a new field recording for you. It’s of Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn. Quite an electric afternoon for being in the middle of the week. I went there […]
06/06/22·5m 59s

8pm, Herefordshire, UK on 14th May 2022 – by Simon Forster

“Alive with the sound of ducks, ewes & lambs, wood pigeons, a distant lawnmower & surprise appearance from light aircraft passing directly overhead (passing from right to left). Bliss!”
01/06/22·2m 30s

Industrial area with birds and a working crane, Lempdes, Auvergne, France on 30th May 2022 – by Elena Lazic

“My parents have sold their previous house and now temporarily live in a small apartment within the sort of hangar where the trucks and machines of my dad’s company are […]
31/05/22·5m 3s

Stream in a forest glade, Ambleside, Cumbria, UK in April 2022 – by Geoff Marsh

“I just sent you a recording from a lovely little glade in the forests above Ambleside, which was covered in bluebells, and loads of pesky bumblebees feeding off them. Also sat […]
11/05/22·7m 2s

Spring peepers at dusk, Glen Arbor, Northern Michigan, USA on 21st April 2022 – by Roger Amundsen

“Was out for an evening run off Lake Michigan, and i was quite literally stopped mid-stride by this deafening cacophony of spring peepers and the lot.”
02/05/22·3m 11s

Picaflor Bronceado (Gilded Sapphire) in Mármol, Buenos Aires, Argentina on 8th October 2021 – by María Emilia Pérez

“I walked along Canale Street with Damián, we talked about what life is like in José Mármol while we enjoyed the rich sound and visual landscape, more than anything the […]
30/04/22·1m 11s

Goats walking on pebbles close to the sea, just beyond Kas, Turkey in April 2022 – by Phoebe McIndoe

“This was part of the Lycean way we did and this recording was made just beyond a town called Kaş. We thought we had reached the middle of nowhere when this […]
29/04/22·1m 41s

Creaky trees at Rannoch Moor, Scottish Highlands, Scotland on 23rd April 2022 – by Steve Urquhart

“I recorded this at dawn, at the edge of a vast forest on the north-west bank of Loch Laidon on Rannoch Moor, on a dry and bright but blustery Spring […]
27/04/22·11m 18s

Dawn Chorus, Forêt du Grand Duc, Mandelieu, France in April 2021 – by Colin Hunter

“Here is a recording I made of the spring dawn chorus in the Tanneron Ridges, about 5km inland from the Mediterranean Sea in the south of France. The Forêt Du Grand Duc […]
22/04/22·8m 55s

In the gloaming, Eskdalemuir, Scotland on 19th April 2022 – by Geoff McQueen

“Lambs and their mothers. Pheasants shouting and roosting. Other, nicer sounding birds, doing their things. The steady sound of the river at the bottom of the valley. An annoying aeroplane. […]
21/04/22·4m 8s

Ironbark Gorge, Victoria, Australia in the early morning on Sunday 20th February 2022 – by Anouk and Camilla Hannan

“It’s recorded down the coast at a place called Ironbark Gorge early on a sunny Sunday in February this year. Lots of tall eucalypts and tree ferns and sweet tiny finches. Anouk […]
13/04/22·11m 56s

Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany in early April 2022 – by Barnaby Nutt

“Put on your headphones to hear a binaural recording of trains arriving at the platform in front of me and the one behind. Hear announcements, people walking by and a couple […]
12/04/22·4m 48s

Cemetery before the storm, Key West, Florida, USA on the morning of 12th March 2022 – by Eleanor McDowall

“Hours before the storm breaks, watching iguanas sunbathe on the gravestones in the cemetery.”
03/04/22·2m 33s

South Fork Creek, Pennsylvania, USA on 21st March 2022 – by Sam Clevenger

“The recording is of South Fork Creek in Pennsylvania, which runs through the site of the Johnstown Flood of 1889. The creek used to be the source of a reservoir […]
01/04/22·2m 30s

Roosters, Southernmost Point, Key West, USA on Monday 14th March 2022 – by Eleanor McDowall

“Hidden amidst the greenery, by the side of a busy beach in Key West – hens, tiny newborn chicks and a couple of roosters shade from the morning sunlight. The […]
20/03/22·7m 20s

Cotorras, Buenos Aires, Argentina on 11th March 2022 – by Pablo Fisher

“Last summer a group of parakeets, very popular birds in Argentina -species: Myiopsitta monachus, known as monk parakeet in English, cotorras here-, began to nest in the square in front of my house. And what a […]
18/03/22·1m 19s

Woodpeckers by the water, Buckinghamshire, England, in March 2022 – by Paul Ridout

“Here are some woodpeckers in a stand of trees by the Thame  – it’s 11 minutes, but it’s worth listening for the birds hammering on different instruments.”
10/03/22·11m 2s

Birds, morning, Oxford, England on 23rd February 2022 – by Georgia Melodie Hole

“The growing morning birdsong of early spring on the green outskirts of Oxford, England, 23rd February 2022.”
09/03/22·3m 2s

Black Growler Steam Vent, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA in winter 2021 – by Jason Hovatter

“On a recent trip to Yellowstone i spent a few days recording many of the park’s geysers with LOM Uši Pro and Geofón”
27/02/22·10m 16s

Five hours walk from the Sheep’s Head peninsula, County Cork, Ireland in February 2022 – by Barnaby Nutt

“I’d been walking for hours. It started off as a fun hike with fine views of the Atlantic Ocean from the Sheep’s Head Peninsula in County Cork, Ireland. But 5 hours in, […]
24/02/22·1m 56s

Fireworks, Meersbrook Park, Sheffield, UK on 5th November 2021 – by Joe Wilkins

“People gather on 5th of November in Meersbrook Park to watch the fireworks over Sheffield. From the top of the park you can see across the city to the hills […]
21/02/22·5m 33s

Corno do Bico, Paredes de Coura, Portugal on 19th April 2021 at 7pm – by Sofia Saldanha

“This soundscape was recorded at Corno do Bico, a small natural reserve of fauna and flora, located in Paredes de Coura, Portugal. In this recording, made at around 7pm on […]
17/02/22·5m 0s

Just before dawn, a garden in County Clare, Ireland in February 2022 – by Barnaby Nutt

“Twenty minutes in our garden in County Clare, just before dawn in mid-February, 2022. There are rooks, tits, pigeons, robins, wrens and the star of the show, a blackbird. There’s also […]
12/02/22·22m 20s

Birdsong, Co. Cavan, Ireland on 19th November 2021 – by Laura Fitzpatrick

“I recorded this in my garden in the countryside of Co. Cavan using a pair of Rode NT55’s. It was quite a mild day for mid-November and the birds were […]
11/02/22·11m 35s

Paten Park, The Gap, Brisbane, Australia, Jagera / Turrbal land on 1st February 2022 – by Michelle Ransom-Hughes

“I made this yesterday, standing with my sister in the park behind our childhood home, 40 years after we moved out. It’s the height of summer in Brisbane, hot and […]
02/02/22·3m 0s

Clock repair shop, London, UK on Saturday 22nd January 2022 at 11am – by Andrew Strangeway

“I work in a clock shop in London where we service antique and vintage clocks. This is recorded from my bench on a quiet Saturday morning, there are sounds of […]
30/01/22·2m 25s

Krasnogorskaya square, Sergiyev Posad, Russia on Thursday 6th January 2022 – by Vladimir Kryuchev

“The Orthodox Church in Russia celebrates Christmas on January 7, and this is the day when the most powerful of church bells ring. This one, I believe, is the 72-ton […]
20/01/22·5m 15s

Dawn, Brynberian, north Pembrokeshire, Wales on 14th January 2021 – by Siddharth Khajuria

“Visiting friends in west Wales. Went for a frosty walk at dawn with their ten-month old puppy Lyra. The river in the distance is Afon Brynberian.”
17/01/22·6m 4s

Ice storm stomp, sometime around Christmas 2021, Conway, Massachusetts, USA – by Sara Brooke Curtis

“Left the warmth of the wood stove to check out the dusk post ice storm. Icicles dropped from trees, trees dripped with water. Pushed shimmering sheets of ice off of porch railings, […]
14/01/22·7m 36s

Milky complex geyser, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA on 18th October 2021 – by Jason Hovatter

“On a recent trip to Yellowstone i spent a few days recording many of the parks geysers with LOM Uši Pro and Geofón.”
29/12/21·2m 32s

Foghorn, St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada in November 2021 – by Luke Quinton

“I was standing about 20 feet away from the Fort Amherst Foghorn, next to a flagpole, this past November, a day with a wild sea. The foghorn sits near a […]
26/12/21·3m 56s

The first snow storm of the season, Sergiyev Posad, Russia on 30th November 2021 – by Vladimir Kryuchev

“This is the first snow storm of the season, myriad tiny crystals of ice flying in all directions, and many of those houses will get lost in the snow tomorrow, […]
25/12/21·8m 44s

Pipe organ practice, St Peter’s Ad Vincula, Coggeshall, Essex on 4th December 2021 – by Ross Sutherland

“I spent most of my childhood living in Coggeshall. It’s a small (very old) town in the Essex countryside. Now that my family has moved away, I haven’t been back […]
24/12/21·4m 11s

Birdsong and carillon, outside Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, Chicago, USA on Sunday 19th December 2021 – by Eleanor McDowall

“I’d wanted to hear this sound again for years. On an autumnal day, nearly a decade ago, it had caught me by surprise – reverberating off the surrounding buildings, filling […]
23/12/21·11m 26s

Ice cream van funeral procession, New Cross, London, UK on 17th December 2021 – by Lucy Dearlove

“Sometimes I feel like the A road equivalent of a curtain twitcher as I often hear something unexpected happening outside my flat and rush to look out. This sound was […]
17/12/21·1m 30s

Waves at Cushendun, County Antrim, Northern Ireland after darkness falls in winter 2021 – by Phil Smith

“I had around an hour’s time in Cushendun, a small village just off the Antrim coast road. There was nobody in the streets and the pub was closed. This recording […]
17/12/21·8m 10s

Rhythms in the rain, Portland, Oregon, USA in Winter 2021 – by Jason Hovatter

“It’s a rainy day and i’m messing around outside the house with my hydrophone… popped it in one of the little copper rain basins out front and WOAH! the bass […]
13/12/21·8m 13s

After the World Cup Final, Paris, France on 15th July 2018 – by Leland Buck

“On July 15, 2018, France beat Croatia in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final. Just moments after the game ended the city of Paris erupted in celebration. This short recording was made […]
12/12/21·1m 7s

At Blackwater Pond, Provincetown, USA on 8th December 2021 in the morning – by Eleanor McDowall

“Beech Forest seems entirely silent until I stand still. I’m at the edge of Blackwater Pond, surrounded by bare winter trees, when I start to hear the wingbeats overhead. Tiny […]
10/12/21·7m 11s

Skylarks, Buckinghamshire, UK in November 2021 – by Paul Ridout

“I went out at lunchtime hoping to see and hear some of the skylarks that gather in flocks in the fields round here.  There were perhaps 50 or 60 circling […]
08/12/21·2m 38s

Walking in the snow, Gedimino prospektas, Vilnius, Lithuania in December 2021 – by Inga Janiulytė

“I have a field recording from Vilnius central prospect, Gedimino prospektas, which on the weekend becomes a pedestrian-only street. It was the last weekend, Saturday evening, people are going to see […]
08/12/21·9m 45s

The Sound of 2021

A slow weave of the past year’s Field Recordings, from sunset on the last day of 2020 to a gathering storm in Iceland at the end of 2021. Sunset on […]
06/12/21·1h 2m

Molhe Norte do Porto de Abrigo da Nazaré, Portugal on 16th October 2021 at 3.45 pm – by Sofia Saldanha

“Nazaré is an old fishing village, nowadays bustling with tourism. It is also known for its big waves, becoming a world-famous surfing location.  In this binaural recording we hear the […]
02/12/21·5m 44s

Geroldsauer Waterfall, Black Forest, Germany on 28th November 2021 – by Sam Clements and Louise Owen

“We stopped on a little wooden bridge, passing over a river, whilst hiking through the Black Forest in Germany on Sunday 28 November. Pay close attention just before the 2 minute […]
01/12/21·3m 42s

Singing gate, Bronkham Hill, Dorset, UK on the winter solstice 2020 – by George Ridgway

“Recorded on a very windy and foggy morning on winter solstice, shortly after sunrise, en route to Bronkham hill. Whilst walking along the ridge, dotted with Burial Mounds and Barrows, […]
29/11/21·4m 40s

Before the storm, Stykkishólmur, Iceland in late November 2021 – by Ted White

“A recording that I captured in Stykkishólmur, a beautiful tiny fishing village. There was a storm brewing so after dinner I went out and hunkered down in the grass for […]
28/11/21·10m 0s

Two prop planes drone over Castle Cary, Somerset, England, UK on 24th November 2021 – by Matthew Faulkner

“I was with some friends on a quiet woodland walk in Castle Cary, when we noticed a drone appear from the soundscape, gradually getting louder and closer. It turned out […]
27/11/21·3m 5s

Dusk at Lerryn Creek on the Fowey Estuary, Cornwall, UK on 15th November 2021 – by Celia Robbins

“I went downstream of the village at dusk. It was very still, owl and jackdaw conversations echoing around the valley as they roosted. At one point a group of jackdaws […]
26/11/21·8m 4s

Signs of spring on the prairie, Crete, Illinois, USA on 13th March 2021 – by Dennis Funk

“It’s mid-March and spring is starting to poke it’s ears out on the prairie. It’s hard to believe that a week ago, this was a silent sheet of white snow. […]
25/11/21·5m 7s

Ghostly White Christmas, Sussex, UK at dusk on 19th November 2021 – by Phil Smith

“I had met Ozzy and his double bass earlier on that day to play some music in the park. There was some kind of tree surgery going on on an industrial […]
24/11/21·4m 18s

Saxophone and birds, Markfield Park, London, UK on 11th May 2021 – by Eleanor McDowall

“Walking over the same small stretch of ground I’d covered every day during the UK lockdowns, I heard music coming from a small hidden copse beside the railway line. One […]
17/11/21·1m 46s

Building a giant Christmas tree, Chicago Union Station, Chicago, USA on 13th November 2021 – by Jackson Roach

“Union Station is Chicago’s main regional rail station, and the echoes in the “great hall” are very very long. I guess those huge Christmas trees need metal armatures inside to […]
16/11/21·5m 46s

Amphibian chorus after the storm, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda at night on 9th November 2013 – by Colin Hunter

“Whilst relaxing one evening at my lodge in the heart of Queen Elizabeth National Park, a sudden storm brought heavy rain and ended days of drought. As soon as the […]
15/11/21·3m 16s

Hippos at water hole, Tsavo National Park, Kenya in 2020 – by George Vlad

“Hippos spend a lot of time frolicking at water holes in the savanna. Every now and then they will move around or utter a call that sounds a lot like […]
15/11/21·16m 10s

Open window, Clapton, London, UK on Easter Sunday 2021 – by Rachel Byrne

“I’ve always had a sort of love affair with windows. The life they let in, the life they let out. I exist by them in the day. A day is […]

Little Black Dots, Crete, Illinois, USA on 13th March 2021 – by Dennis Funk

“I went outside and at one moment found what looked like 100 little black dots making a racket in a tree. I hung out until all but a few were […]
11/11/21·2m 40s

Doggy Splash, Streatham, London, UK on 6th November 2021 – by Martin Zaltz Austwick

“Doggy Splash is the one day every year dogs can play in the Streatham Common paddling pool in South London before it’s drained for the winter. I have never seen […]
07/11/21·1m 10s

Tide pool, Oswald West State Park, Arch Cape, Oregon, USA in August 2021 – by Jason Hovatter

“I brought my LOM Geofon and hyrdrophone out to the Oregon coast and spent some time at short sand beach in Oswald West State Park (one of the most beautiful […]
03/11/21·7m 16s

Rain On a Tin Shed Roof, Sixmilebridge, County Clare, Ireland in October 2021 – by Barnaby Nutt

“We’re at the mercy of the Atlantic ocean and catch all the weather that has gathered between here and America. This means rain, wind and more rain. This was recorded […]
29/10/21·4m 7s

Kayaking with loons, Adirondack mountains, Upstate New York, USA in August – by Sean Johnson

“I was in the Adirondack mountains paddling my kayak with my recorder and came across a loon and it’s young. The wheezing in the beginning is the young loon breathing. It was […]
26/10/21·4m 34s

Semi-wild horses in Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire, UK in summer 2021 – by Jake Lee-Savage

“Recorded only recently after the last lockdown ended on a baking hot summer’s day at Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire, crouching behind the cow parsley with flies buzzing lazily around me. Listening […]
20/10/21·3m 9s

Alor Setar Bus Station, Kedah, Malaysia on 26th December 2009 – by Colin Hunter

“There are many different private bus companies operating in Malaysia, each offering slightly different routes, destinations, comfort and price. Competition between these companies is high and the right sales technique […]
07/10/21·3m 6s

Bells at dusk, Southwark Cathedral, London, UK on 6th October 2021 – by Eleanor McDowall

“Walking around the cathedral as the light fades, the bells reverberating off the surrounding buildings.”
06/10/21·5m 21s

Skógafoss, Iceland on 5th October 2021 – by Helen Zaltzman

“Walk up a gravel path to a waterfall via a lot of people taking goofy photos of themselves.”
06/10/21·3m 54s

Pyrénées forest outside of Aulus-les-Bains, France in May 2019 – by Rob Byers

“Birds and wildlife abound in the mountain forest in the middle of a summer afternoon. Don’t miss the fun visitor in the final seconds!”
29/09/21·5m 25s

Nightjars at Westleton Heath, Suffolk, UK in July 2019 – by Paul Ridout

“A rare reunion with my brother and sister on the edge of the heath provided a chance to listen to the slightly other-worldly churring of nightjars at around midnight. We only […]
28/09/21·2m 5s

Harbour, Bildudalur, Icelandic Westfjords, Iceland in late September 2021 – by Martin Zaltz Austwick

“Bildudalur is home to the Icelandic Sea Monster Museum so listen carefully for signs of life deep beneath the waves.”
27/09/21·1m 4s

Port of Baltimore, Maryland, USA, in the early morning of 8th September 2021 – by Sam Clevenger

“I sat for a little while under a tree near the edge of the water, listening to the cicadas and the droning sound of a docked cargo ship. At times […]
15/09/21·6m 30s

Peel harbour, Isle of Man on 17th June 2021 – by Katie Callin

“I went home to the island for the first time in 15 months in June, and before I saw my family I had to isolate for a bit on my […]
14/09/21·10m 3s

Counter-protest at the ‘March for Life’, Parliament Square, London, UK on 4th September 2021 at 1.57pm – by Eleanor McDowall

“Standing with the Abortion Rights protest as the ‘March for Life’ streams round the corner of the square. In the week that that the American Supreme Court voted 5-4 to […]
04/09/21·1m 24s

Cityscape by night, Berlin, Germany on 28th August 2021 – by Michal Milczarek

“This is the recording I made from my hotel room in the heart of Berlin, Mitte (Brunnenstrasse). Here is an example of how this city sounds at night. It never […]
01/09/21·21m 0s

Thunderstorm from apartment balcony, Minneapolis, USA in summer 2020 – by Rob Byers

“A summer thunderstorm quickly rolls in and out of the city. Recorded from a balcony overlooking a small alley.”
31/08/21·17m 31s

Ice sizzling as bow wave breaks it, Svalbard, 2020 – by Dickon Bonvik-Stone

“As we moved deeper into the fjord towards the glacier, the sea formed a thin layer of ice, and as the ship surged forward, its bow wave lifted and snapped […]
23/08/21·1m 0s

Monk Parakeets, Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona, Spain on 20th September 2019 – by Matthew Faulkner

“I sat down next to a tall tree that was heaving with twittering birds. Turns out they are monk parakeets. The noise sounds like modular synths bubbling away at times, which is […]
20/08/21·2m 19s

One early morning, South Tangerang, Indonesia in August 2021 – by Arya Adyuta

“In the midst of fighting off the boredom due to the pandemic, waking up early has given me a new strength to get through the day. That early morning, I […]
16/08/21·5m 12s

Under Tuscan bugs, Prato, Italy in summer 2018 – by Neil Verma

“The sound of bugs in the hills above Prato, Italy, on the hottest day of the summer, 2018. Recorded with a Sony PCM D-100.”
12/08/21·2m 27s

Inside Kashveti Church, Tbilisi, Georgia in June 2015 – by Amy Ryles

“Stealing a quiet moment in the middle of the city.”
10/08/21·5m 0s

From a window in Lisbon, Portugal, early evening on 20th June 2021 – by Audrey Gillan

“It’s my last evening in Lisbon. There’s a squat out of the window, over on the next roof – they do wee jam seasons so I just stuck the recorder […]
06/08/21·21m 36s

Feral Parrots, Los Angeles, USA on 30th July 2021 – by Jackson Roach

“I’m visiting my parents in LA for the first time in 2 years, and heard this wild sound coming from the tree in their front yard. When I went out […]
03/08/21·5m 25s

Binaural rain & thunderstorm, North London, 12th July 2021 – by Joe Harvey-Whyte

“A binaural field recording of a thunderstorm experienced from the shelter of a small Spinney in North London on 12th July 2021. The storm caused intense flooding across London. Recorded […]
02/08/21·27m 25s

Toad chorus, Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA on 25th June 2021 – by Neroli Price

“After an almighty summer thunderstorm in the desert, the toads emerged from their burrows to sing in the mud.”
29/07/21·3m 51s

Punta Vagno, Genova, Italy in July 2021 – by Jonathan Zenti

“During a G8 meeting in July 2001, outside the golden cage of the city center where the most powerful men in the world gathered to decide the future of the […]
20/07/21·3m 39s

Walking on gravel, Eastern Alps, Italy in July 2021 – by Jacopo Furlanetto

“An uphill walk on a rocky gravel path on the Eastern Alps usually results in one step ahead and two steps back. The rocks are sometimes the size of a […]
14/07/21·2m 50s

Swallow nest in an air vent, Saint-Victor-des-Oules, France on 21st June 2021 – by Cicely Fell

“A few weeks ago, my five-year-old daughter spotted two pieces of straw poking through an air vent in our bathroom. She didn’t think much of it until we heard the […]
13/07/21·3m 16s

Ocean Cave, Traeth Gwyn, Wales on 4th July 2021 – by Ted White

“I wanted to share with you a recent recording I captured whilst on location searching for interesting Ocean Cave and Rock Pool sounds in Wales. I thought this recording in particular […]
12/07/21·10m 0s

Death Valley, Mojave Desert, USA on New Year’s Eve 2013 – by Chris Hoff

“This was recorded New Year’s eve of 2013, in the outskirts of Death Valley, near a town called Tecopa. I have never met with such loneliness on terra firma.”
30/06/21·4m 36s

Harborne Cricket Club, Birmingham, UK on 26th June 2021 – by Harpreet Purewal

“This field is where I spent P.E lessons and sports days as a child, it belongs to Harborne Cricket Club. To my shame, I don’t know anything about cricket. I […]
28/06/21·2m 6s

Package in Transit, from Bloomington, Indiana, to Beverly Shores, Indiana, USA on 24th May 2021 – by Alex Chambers

“This transit began on Monday, May 24, when the recorder, a Tascam DR-07x, was put in the mail from Bloomington, Indiana, to Beverly Shores, Indiana. The recorder was apparently accidentally […]
17/06/21·44m 8s

First light, Walthamstow Marshes, London, UK on 16th June 2021 – by Eleanor McDowall

Recorded in the woodlands at the edge of the marshes as the dawn breaks.
16/06/21·3m 8s

Retreating thunderstorm, Cuddington, Buckinghamshire, UK in May 2021 – by Paul Ridout

“An unexpected spring afternoon thunderstorm heading towards the Chilterns, recorded from a first floor window of our house. All the usual features are here: the steady rumble of a passing […]
14/06/21·3m 37s

Thunderstorm, Langoué baï, Congo Basin in 2018 – by George Vlad

“In the Congo basin rainforest, you can feel a thunderstorm long before it makes contact. Thunder booms in the distance and the insect chorus sounds a bit more tense as […]
28/05/21·9m 23s

Song Thrush, Cambridgeshire, UK on 4th May 2021 – by Anna Selby

“This was recorded on some farm and conservation land in Cambridgeshire. I have been recording and writing poems outside by this tree and in a nearby rookery through four seasons, […]
26/05/21·5m 17s

Frozen lake, Northern Michigan, USA in January 2021 – by Rob Byers

“A drop in temperature causes a frozen lake to sing through the winter night. The piece starts underneath the ice, recording laser-like sounds with a hydrophone. At 2:15 it transitions […]
25/05/21·6m 50s

Early morning in the forest, Kopalino, Poland on 20th May 2021 – by Michal Milczarek

“I recorded this early morning soundtrack during my short holiday in Kopalino – a small village by the Baltic Sea. The birds in the lakeside forest sang along to my […]
24/05/21·3m 42s

Medical oxygen, end of a day shift, Lewisham Hospital, London, UK on 21st March 2021 – by Jess McArdle

“I’m sending a recording that I took on 21st March after a day shift. I’m standing outside Lewisham hospital near the medical oxygen canisters. I work as a midwife on […]
21/05/21·1m 8s

Praia Fluvial do Taboão, Paredes de Coura, Portugal at 8am on 19th April 2021 – by Sofia Saldanha

“Praia Fluvial do Taboão is an idyllic setting for a walk by the river and one of the most beautiful landscapes of Northern Portugal. In the summer it holds one of […]
19/05/21·4m 32s

Common Eastern Froglets, Sunny Corner, New South Wales, Australia in April 2021 – by Jason L’Ecuyer

“It’s autumn in the Blue Mountains in Australia. For many, this is the time to pick mushrooms in the planted pine forests. I was walking through a pine forest in […]
18/05/21·2m 45s

Morning on the patio, New York, USA at 8.15am on 18th April 2021 – by Sean Johnson

“I recorded this a couple weeks ago on a beautiful Sunday morning while sitting on our patio. Finches, a wren and coffee.”
17/05/21·4m 8s

Immigration Van Stand-off, Kenmure Street, Glasgow, Scotland on Thursday 13th May 2021 – by Steve Urquhart

“A dawn raid in Glasgow’s Southside led to a day-long stand-off between immigration officials, police and local residents. Throughout the day chants of ‘refugees are welcome here’, ‘the Home Office […]
14/05/21·11m 0s

After the rainstorm, Texas, USA at 1.47pm on 29th April 2021 – by Jay Roff-Garcia

“The microphone and I stood in a small field near the geographical centre of the city as a rainstorm abates.”
13/05/21·13m 0s

96 Tram Ride from Acland St, St Kilda, to St Kilda Station in Melbourne, Australia on 21st March 2021 – by Lee Davis-Thalbourne

“It was Sunday afternoon, I had to be out to gather some foley for a project, it was wet and miserable, but while I was out I ended up with […]
12/05/21·9m 50s

Ice thumping against the hull, Svalbard in 2020 – by Dickon Bonvik-Stone

“The ice layer thickened up in some parts of the fjord and as the ship’s bow ploughed through it, the clamour of ice against steel grew louder. Fragments were propelled […]
11/05/21·1m 0s

Church bells at dusk, Suffolk, UK on 9th April 2021 – by Melissa Harrison and Peter Rogers

“In a sleepy village in rural Suffolk, UK, the church bell rings at dusk to mark the death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh earlier in the day. It’s answered […]
10/05/21·6m 44s

By the lake, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich, UK on 25th March 2021 – by Michael Holmes

“On the edge of the green campus of the University of East Anglia, the Sainsbury Centre is made up of an engineered steel space frame, clad in brilliant white panels […]
28/04/21·15m 12s

Common Cranes at Dawn, Lac du Der, France on 10th January 2021 – by Colin Hunter

“At 48 km2, the Lac du Der is the largest artificial lake in Europe, built in 1974 to regulate the river Marne and help protect Paris from flooding. The lake […]
14/04/21·4m 4s

Spring peepers, Cherokee Marsh, Madison, Wisconsin, USA on 6th April 2021 – by Craig Eley

“This park is a favorite of mine, but I’m often there around midday when the animal life is pretty mellow. I got a tip from a friend that the spring […]
12/04/21·7m 35s

5am, Raunds, Northamptonshire, UK on Sunday 14th March – by Rob T Stanier

“This was taken on our early morning dog walk, usually its difficult to get a decent recording as our Shar Pei Juno starts whimpering and grumbling as soon as you […]
26/03/21·2m 17s

Head out of the window while shielding, UK in 2020 – by Rosa Eaton

“I am vulnerable and have been shielding, so I got a text from the government telling me I could open my windows but not put out my bins. After two […]
25/03/21·5m 2s

Skate park, Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia on 8th October 2020 – by Camilla Hannan

“This recording is from my local skate park where my soon-to-be 12 year old son likes to go. During the lockdown we had here, he’d take himself down there most […]
24/03/21·6m 44s

Calm morning at riverbed, Borneo rainforest in 2020 – by George Vlad

“It’s early morning at a dry riverbed in the Borneo rainforest. The soundscape is thick and piercing but not too busy. Gentle fog drip creates a subtle drawn-out rhythm while […]
23/03/21·10m 15s

Dawn kayak on the lake, Adirondack Mountains, NY, USA in August 2020 – by Sean Johnson

“Escaping the pandemic with a slow, foggy paddle.”
22/03/21·4m 36s

Drinking Snake Plant, London, UK on 21st March 2021 at midday – by Eleanor McDowall

Recorded using a stereo pair of contact mics. You hear the plant being watered, the moments that follow and the light heartbeat of bass from my flatmate’s room below.
21/03/21·1m 5s

Kill the Bill, Parliament Square, London, UK on 16th March 2021 at 6.52pm

Protest organised by Sisters Uncut outside the Houses of Parliament as the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill passes its second reading by 359 votes for to 263 against. The […]
17/03/21·1m 19s

March 4 Justice, Melbourne, Australia on 15th March 2021 – by Michelle Ransom-Hughes

“More than 5000 women and allies gathered at Melbourne’s Treasury Gardens on Monday 15th March as part of a national day of demonstrations around Australia demanding action to end gendered violence. […]
16/03/21·1m 44s

Rain and thunder, Boungingi, Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1994 – by Louis Sarno

“This recording of thunder and rain was made in Boungingi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, in 1994, by musicologist Louis Sarno (born in Newark, New Jersey, 1954), who lived in […]
10/03/21·5m 43s

Dreaming dog, the Wirral, UK on 26th February 2021 – by Caroline Crampton

“At the end of a long lockdown week, my husband, dog and I collapsed on the bed and dozed for a while. Morris, a Clumber spaniel who takes sleep very […]
05/03/21·16m 12s

Sorting shells, Ilha de Armona, Portugal on 27th February 2021 – by Audrey Gillan

“Ilha de Armona is one of five barrier islands in the Ria Formosa that protect the Eastern Algarve from the full force of the Atlantic. I have been living here […]
03/03/21·4m 8s

Early evening, Jayuya, Puerto Rico on 18th February 2021 – by Daniel Guillemette

“This was recorded on a farm outside the mountain town of Jayuya in Puerto Rico. It was early evening and the coquí frogs were buzzing.”
02/03/21·1m 30s

Thin ice, Salmon Falls River, on the border between Maine and New Hampshire, USA in February 2021 – by Katie Semro

“Here’s a recording from a few weeks ago. It’s taken on the banks of the Salmon Falls River (a tidal river) which forms the border between Maine and New Hampshire. […]

Lone blackbird at dusk, Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia on 22nd December 2019 – by Jaye Kranz

“A lone blackbird singing on the TV aerial, on the roof next door, at dusk. I had no idea they did mash-ups of their own song. Tiny, sonic motifs switched […]
22/02/21·2m 14s

Night barge on the Rhine, Mainz, Germany in February 2018 – by Neil Verma

“Some barges on the Rhine, recorded around 4:00 in the morning, February 2018. Recorded with a Sony PCM D-100 in XY mode. The photo is from Cologne, but the recording […]
19/02/21·8m 40s

Winter roost, Halesworth, Suffolk, UK in December 2020 – by Tom Fisher

“Recorded just after dark in a muddy wood, a day after solstice on the outskirts of Halesworth, Suffolk in December 2020. An awe-inspiring spectacle of thousands of corvids, mainly rooks […]
18/02/21·4m 13s

Waves crashing the frozen shore, Lake Ontario, Wilson, NY, USA on 14th February 2021 – by Sean Johnson

“My wife and I took a ride along Lake Ontario today and I was able to get a short recording of the waves crashing the frozen shore. I would’ve liked to have […]
17/02/21·1m 50s

Goblin Combe, North Somerset, UK on 13th February 2021 – by Mair Bosworth

“We drove a little way out of the city to buy logs and stopped at a nice wood called Goblin Combe for a walk. It was so cold I put […]
16/02/21·1m 23s

Fireplace, West Coast of Ireland on 11th February 2021 – by Nick van der Kolk

“My favorite place in my house, at least sonically, is the fireplace. Its chimney was constructed in such a way as to pull sounds from the outside with both a […]
15/02/21·2m 54s

Labyrinth Walk, Franciscan Center in Tampa, Florida, USA on 28th January 2021 – by Theresa Collington

“About 60 people all walking/meditating/praying silently through our labyrinth, lit up with the full moon and small tea lights. The path is made of crushed shells so the crunch of […]

Standing in the yard, Lewiston, New York, USA in February 2021 – by Sean Johnson

“A cold and windy day in the yard with my dogs.”
11/02/21·4m 44s

Primrose Hill, London, UK on Sunday 17th January 2021 – by Serena Braida

“On top of Primrose Hill in Tier 4 London. Two puppies are playing. People move and talk. A saxophone track is played on a boom box. The hill is animated.”

Dawn chorus, Mallacoota, Australia in January 2021 – by Camilla Hannan

“The area was struck by massive bushfires in January 2020. Its starting to grow back in that amazing way that bushland does. There are still swathes of burnt bush, mainly […]
09/02/21·10m 55s

Snow melt, Pearsall Avenue, Bronx, NY, USA on 5th February 2021 – by Ariana Martinez

“It was such a resonant, hollow sound, I started to hear it even before I reached the street corner. I sometimes forget that there’s this whole underground world of urban infrastructure […]
08/02/21·1m 32s

Enchanted Circus at the Rye Summer Carnival, Rye foreshore, Victoria, Australia on 17th January 2021 at 7:29pm – by Jaye Kranz

“Here is a field recording from me. From what really is a field, a sometime-grass, sometime-dirt, drought-depending foreshore in a small seaside town not far from here. Though one that becomes something else after […]
05/02/21·2m 28s

Shingle Beach, Newhaven, UK in January 2021 – by Sam Care

“I recorded this one morning last week at high tide, underneath the cliffs on the edge of the Newhaven port, just beyond where ferries to and from France arrive and […]
03/02/21·8m 17s

River Volga, Russia on 7th July 2020 – by Vladimir Kryuchev

“An outgoing middle-sized passenger liner trying to unmoor at the town of Myshkin on the River Volga.”
02/02/21·11m 49s

Waking up the neighbours, a dawn chorus in Glenshee, Scotland in June 2019 – by Neil Verma

“A dawn chorus of birds I recorded during Murmurations, a field recording retreat in Scotland in 2019 hosted by Jez Riley French and Chris Watson. Halfway through you hear a […]
01/02/21·8m 38s

Sunset at Belmont Harbor, Chicago, Illinois, USA on 26th December 2020 – by Claire Tighe

“On the day after Christmas, I spent the afternoon walking along the lakefront in Chicago. As the winter sun went down, I stopped to witness the last hour of daylight […]
29/01/21·5m 30s

Aquatic insects and plant photosynthesis, River Waveney, UK in May 2020 – by Tom Fisher

“This jungle of activity was recorded with hydrophones dropped into the River Waveney on the Suffolk/Norfolk border, on a very sunny day in May 2020.”
28/01/21·3m 17s

Lamp post, Shoreham Port, Sussex, UK on 18th December 2020 – by Simon James

“The tall lamp posts oscillate in the wind on this exposed bit of industrial coast, making the cables inside move rhythmically against the metal.”
27/01/21·4m 19s

Early morning, Piddlehinton, Dorset, UK on 20th December 2020 – by Nada Smiljanic

“One morning, during a visit to Dorset, I awoke to the sound of birds outside my window. I hadn’t left the city all year and don’t normally have much greenery […]
26/01/21·1m 25s

Thunderstorm on a summer night, Frisanco, North-Eastern Alps, Italy in 2019 – by Jacopo Furlanetto

“Night thunderstorms can be both unsettling and relaxing, especially when heard from an old and tall stone house surrounded by the woods. Surely, the 11 o’clock bell towers’ voice echoing […]
25/01/21·12m 47s

First snow of the year, London, UK on 24th January 2021 – by Eleanor McDowall

Walking up the best local hill for sledding, the snow still falling.
24/01/21·4m 10s

Sefton Park at the dawn of a new Lockdown, Liverpool, UK on 5th January 2021 – by Flora Zajicek

“Living in the middle of a concrete, urban environment the news of another lockdown was bleak. I went at dawn on the first day to find stillness and a bit […]
22/01/21·6m 8s

Thunderstorm, Tbilisi, Georgia on 13th June 2015 – by Amy Ryles

“The thunderstorm that ended in tragedy for the city: lost homes and a washed away zoo that released its animals into the streets (”
21/01/21·5m 0s

Downtown Toronto, Canada on 19th January 2021 – by Jess Shane

“Some confused chickadees who think it’s spring for you.”
20/01/21·1m 43s

Ngo Dong river near Ninh Binh, through the Tam Coc caves, Vietnam in November 2019 – by Robin Leeburn

“You can climb the hills around the river with spectacular views, storks flying in formation underneath. There’s also a series of pagoda temples embedded in the hills nearby.”
19/01/21·2m 29s

Rooftop, Pétion-Ville, Port-au-Prince, Haiti on 13th January 2021 – by Jacki Huntington

“I stood on my roof overlooking the city this morning.”
18/01/21·10m 56s

Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA on a summer night in 2020 – by Jeff Emtman

“The story I’ve heard (but not been able to confirm) about the naming of the region is that the name comes from French settlers who heard the indigenous people calling […]
15/01/21·6m 17s

Schoolhouse Beach, Washington Island, Wisconsin, USA in the summer of 2018 – by Neil Verma

“Sound from a limestone beach on Washington Island in Wisconsin. The stones on the shoreline have fallen from nearby cliffs and been polished over hundreds of years. On a windy […]
14/01/21·2m 7s

Tundra swans at sunset, Madison, Wisconsin, USA on 26th December 2020 – by Craig Eley

“I recorded these tundra swans at sunset on the day after Christmas. Every year, they stop over in Madison, Wisconsin, on their way to the Chesapeake Bay. Usually my family […]
13/01/21·14m 8s

Inside the log burner, Devoran, Cornwall, UK in January 2021 – by Chris Attaway

“I was prepping a fire in our log burner on a cold, blustery day here in Devoran, Cornwall and the wind whistling through the vents was really creepy! So I […]
12/01/21·4m 13s

Lilli Pilli beach, New South Wales, Australia in October 2020 – by Olivia Rosenman

“I sat at this beach on a cool spring day with my ten-month-old daughter who makes a couple of cameo gurgles. It’s steady surf sound punctuated by some beautiful birdsong, including […]
11/01/21·13m 48s

Early morning, Central Park, New York, USA on 6th January 2021 – by Chrystal Genesis

“The only time I can rest my head before bedtime (7.30am)”
08/01/21·1m 37s

Howling wolves at night, Mafra, Portugal in Autumn 2020 – by Melissa Pons

“Groups of Iberian Wolves in Portugal howl into the nights of Autumn in Mafra, Portugal. In a beautiful mediterranean forest, where other species co-exist, the Wolf easily becomes the center […]
07/01/21·4m 18s

Lagoon, Venice, Italy in November 2020 – by Marco Rip

“I made a rowboat cruise through the canals of Venice, rowing away into the lagoon, on a quiet November evening. You can hear the sounds of a few motor boats […]
06/01/21·5m 17s

Storm Bella in the early hours of the morning, North Berwick, Scotland, UK on 27th December 2020 – by Ted White

“I hunkered down in our local harbour in the early hours of the morning. The constant battering of the wind on the sails and masts made some really interesting sounds.” […]
05/01/21·15m 25s

Winter rain and bells, New York, USA in December 2020 – by Sean Johnson

“I was testing new mics the other day and have a small recording during a unseasonable rain and had a nice surprise.”
04/01/21·2m 11s

Sunset on the last day of the year, Marshes, London, UK in December 2020 – by Eleanor McDowall

“Two boys dare each other to run across the thin, cracked layer of ice which zigzags over the surface of the marshland. Their joyful shrieks scatter the crows from a […]
31/12/20·3m 4s

Circular overtones by the railway, Sussex, UK in October 2020 – by Mike Woolley

“This is taken from my garden (a small field), next to the railway line, while a few doors down someone works with a circular saw. I was indoors doing my […]
30/12/20·10m 4s

Walk in the snow, Milan, Italy on 28th December 2020 – by Jonathan Zenti

“After probably the most turbulent Christmas of my life, this morning I woke up in a neighbourhood of Milan covered in snow. I took a walk toward my studio, leaving […]
29/12/20·4m 57s

Marigny Church Piano, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA on 14th December 2020 – by Alex Lewis

“Against all safety measures and reason, I had to go on a trip to New Orleans last week for a doc project. I did not feel good about it. There […]
28/12/20·2m 14s

Ojai, California, USA on Christmas morning 2020 – by Tess Morris

“A pandemic Christmas Day morning in Ojai, birds big and small, celery prep chopping, Christmas messages being left on voicemails.”
25/12/20·3m 2s

Walk through the snow to the water at 3:30pm in Conway, Massachusetts on 22nd December 2020 – by Sara Brooke Curtis and Eligh Moon Frizzell

“A windy tromp to an icy brook through the snowy woods behind my house. The snow was deep enough that it felt like I was walking through sand dunes. When […]
24/12/20·6m 9s

Field, Cambridge, UK on 12th December 2020 – by Arlie Adlington

“Today I used my rainy Saturday to go to a gen-u-ine field and do you a recording.”
23/12/20·30m 12s

Turkey Farm, South Downs National Park, East Sussex, UK, Christmas 2020 – by Sam Care

“I made this recording in the run up to Christmas in a barn on a turkey farm in the South Downs National Park in East Sussex. The bizarre collective gobble-gobble trill […]
22/12/20·3m 31s

First big snow, 5pm, New York, USA on 17th December 2020 – by Ariana Martinez

“This recording starts with a distressingly loud helicopter flying overhead but I’ve kept it in because I think it helps to contrast with and accentuate the quiet that comes after.”
21/12/20·8m 8s

Sunset before the longest night of the year, The Loupin Stanes, Esk Valley, Scotland on 20th December 2020 – by Geoff McQueen

“The Loupin Stanes is a small stone circle that has stood in the Esk Valley in Southern Scotland for around five thousand years. This was recorded binaurally within the circle […]
20/12/20·9m 44s

‘Cries in the air’, bird calls in the early morning, Berlin, Germany during the lockdown in 2020 – by Christian Lerch

“I am sending you a recording I did during lockdown. It was at a very particular part of the city, where the urban traffic and the few remaining sounds of […]
18/12/20·5m 0s

The Sound of 2020

A slow weave of some of 2020’s Field Recordings in chronological order. Pebble Bay, Nuuk, Greenland in March 2020 by Katalin Laszlo “It’s -20 degrees, and at first I can’t […]
14/12/20·54m 56s

Ghost train, Peaks Island, Maine, USA in 2020 – by Kristina Loring

“I present to you, the haunting of the Ghost Train! echoing through the thin winter air. I can hear the call of the train travel four miles from Portland across […]

Cooking and distant Christmas piano, Sussex, UK on 1st December 2020 – by Phil Smith

“Leah was chopping brussels sprouts and putting them into a risotto, which is an amazing thing she does around this time of year. I was doing a bad attempt at […]
08/12/20·6m 26s

Winter Forest, Bala, Ontario on 2nd December 2020 – by Jess Shane

“Spending my quarantine in the woods. The snow mostly makes everything extra quiet, but when the wind blows you can hear the cracking of branches and gentle thuds of boughs […]
03/12/20·2m 37s

Woods, one hour before, November 2020 – by Eleanor McDowall

“Walking through the woods behind the cemetery, the spiked edges of the holly scratching a thin pattern through my tights.”
02/12/20·4m 15s

Waves on Kvariati beach, Batumi, Georgia in June 2015 – by Amy Ryles

“A gorgeous, pebbly beach recorded on the morning of a friend’s wedding.”
01/12/20·5m 0s

Turkeys, North East Syria on 27th November 2020 – by Barny Smith

“Breakfast with a rafter of Turkeys”
30/11/20·5m 1s

Lake, Louga région, Senegal on 16th August 2019 – by Sami El-Enany

“A mind-frying congregation of vibrating exoskeletons, birds and mammals celebrating the gifts of rainfall around a newly formed lake in the Louga région of Senegal. These party animals were nowhere to […]
26/11/20·4m 38s

Binaural recording between twin bridges, New York, USA in early spring 2020 – by Sean Johnson

“This is a binaural recording while I was standing between the North Grand Island Bridges in Grand Island New York.”
25/11/20·1m 31s

A nightwalk through the first snow of the year before it will melt tomorrow, Roihuvuori water tower, East Helsinki, Finland on 20th November 2020 – by Miia Laine

“I live nearby this really captivating and ominous water tower so walked up the hill there. It sounded surprisingly crunchy because it’s gotten quite icy and I was walking through […]
23/11/20·1m 9s

Davit Gareja, the Georgia desert in June 2015 – by Amy Ryles

“In a courtyard in Davit Gareja, a beautiful cave monastery carved into the foothills of Mount Gareja, bordering Georgia and Azerbaijan.”
20/11/20·5m 0s

Train passing, River Road and Ward Road crossing, North Tonawanda, NY, USA in 2020 – by Sean Johnson

“I’ve heard this train for months now at my home approximately 7 miles (11.25 km) away and waited 2 hours for it to pass one morning. Being so close was […]
13/11/20·3m 42s

Crickets and Fountains, Shinjuku Park, Tokyo, Japan in summer 2019 – by Lucy Dearlove

“I stayed one or two nights in this hotel that was directly opposite Shinjuku park. Not a field per se but a pretty standard urban park: fairly landscaped, surrounded by […]
12/11/20·1m 2s

Kittiwakes, Dunbar, Scotland in July 2020 – by Philip Revell

“Recorded towards the end of July 2020, down at the shore near the entrance to Dunbar’s New Harbour. The ruin of Dunbar Castle dominates the harbour and provides a nesting site […]
11/11/20·5m 39s

Charatas in El Impenetrable, Argentina on 28th August 2019 – by Mariano Pagella

“When the sun rises in El Impenetrable forest, in the Chaco province of Argentina, and the day begins, the charatas (a local bird) start to sing (or maybe caw?), one […]
10/11/20·5m 22s

Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, USA on 7th November 2020 – by Lu Olkowski

“By the time I got dressed and out of the house, a dance party erupted a few blocks away. People handing out booze on street corners. Two glasses of champagne […]
08/11/20·9m 22s

At the window, Brooklyn, USA on 7th November 2020 – by Lu Olkowski

“Late Saturday morning (or was it afternoon), I was sitting in my pajamas, still drinking coffee and engaging in general lazing when I heard something outside… Opened the window to […]
08/11/20·11m 4s

Downtown Chicago, USA on 7th November 2020 – by Miles Kampf-Lassin

Sent via Ariel Mejia
07/11/20·1m 18s

The 270-fuelled, electromagnetic energy of Park Place, Brooklyn, USA on 7th November 2020 – by James T. Green

“It’s (finally) a good day in Brooklyn.”
07/11/20·4m 44s

Birdsong, Ashtead, UK in Winter 2017 – by Eleanor McDowall

“I recorded this one of the last times you were sick. I’d spent the evening at your house, my bedroom door ajar to listen for you in the night. You […]
03/11/20·2m 20s

Helmsdale Beach, Sutherland, North East Scotland on 30th August 2019 – by Steve Urquhart

“I recorded these pebbles being carried by the waves, whilst my partner was having a swim (it was FAR too cold for me to get in). We also met this dog. Then […]
29/10/20·2m 19s

Underneath the Baobab Tree, Sahel, Senegal on 16th August 2019 – by Sami El-Enany

“In the grasslands (Sahel) of Senegal I was making recordings in the brutal midday sun. It was this day that these grasslands had come alive for it had finally rained the […]
27/10/20·4m 37s

Thunderstorm outside a tent, Cévennes, France in summer 2020 – by Sarah Cuddon

“It was the middle of the night and the thunder woke me. My family slept on peacefully. But I’d never heard thunder like it. It was quite thrilling. Like a […]
26/10/20·12m 27s

Shoreline, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia on 20th October 2020 – by Michelle Macklem

“We’re emerging from our little lockdown bubbles here in Melbourne, and I was keen to stretch out past the 5km radius I’d been confined to since July. It was good […]
21/10/20·5m 33s

Fireworks, Bronx, NY, USA on 21st June 2020 – by Ariana Martinez

“This past June, at least in the US, there was a sense that the fireworks going off well into the night, every night, across neighbourhoods in major cities were a […]
19/10/20·1m 32s

Starlings under Brighton Marina, UK, 9th October 2020 – by Martin Zaltz Austwick

“Under the Boardwalk  Down by the sea Hanging out by the Wetherspoons, squawking Some starlings, and me”
12/10/20·4m 1s

Lake Pyhäselkä in Joensuu, Finland on 15th August 2020 – by Lauri Liimatta

“One of the last warm and sunny summer days by the lake Pyhäselkä in Joensuu, Finland. Small waves gently crashing on the rocks.”
04/09/20·4m 18s

Dawn chorus at riverbed, South Africa – by George Vlad

“Riverbeds in south Africa and Botswana are home to incredibly loud and varied soundscapes as the rainy season arrives. The acoustics of these places make them perfect for birds to […]
21/08/20·9m 50s

Pylon Symphony, Tottenham Marshes, London, UK in Summer 2020 – by Kirsteen McNish

“In lockdown cycling to Tottenham Marshes has afforded me some early morning solitary peace amongst the singing grasses and the quiet boats bobbing upon the canal. As the sun started […]
13/08/20·2m 10s

Kittens purring, Regent’s Canal, London, UK on 31st July 2020 – by Andrea Rangecroft

“The ducks and geese used to wake me up at dawn but now it’s the kittens. They crawl into bed and find a nook to settle down in until breakfast. […]
06/08/20·12m 55s

5am, Lough Currane, Kerry, Ireland on 3rd May 2020 – by Brian

“After being repeatedly woken by the birds outside my window at 5 AM, I finally managed to muster the energy to point my recorder out at the dawn chorus before […]
05/08/20·51m 39s

Late afternoon, field in East Kent, UK on 12th July 2020 – by Laura Barton

“I had driven past this field, close to my home in Kent, many times. Last year it was filled with rapeseed. This year it was wheat. In late April I […]
03/08/20·2m 44s

Nunhead Cemetery, London, UK at 9.33am on 14th June 2020 – by Alice-Anne Psaltis

“I stand among the graves of Nunhead cemetery. My eyes are fixed on a set of headstones, adorned with draped urns rendered in stone. The partly cloaked objects appear to […]
30/07/20·3m 5s

Early morning, Hullavington, Wiltshire, England, UK on 7th July 2020 – by Katie Callin

“After a night camping out in the garden, I woke up in the early hours of the morning with the birds. I popped my recorder out the front of the […]
24/07/20·11m 2s

Marsh at dusk, Southern Quebec, Canada in Spring 2020 – by Geoff Mitchell

“Dusk is one of the most active times for bird and frog calls in this marsh in Quebec, Canada. The large open space invites listening, with birds swooping by and lots […]
22/07/20·2m 28s

Morning Swim, Belle Isle State Park, Detroit, Michigan, USA on 14th July 2020 – by Zak Rosen

“On the 1,000 acre island, just over one-mile from our home, on the eastside of Detroit, there’s a swimming hole I like to go to as much as I can. […]
16/07/20·5m 50s

Kaibab Lake, Arizona, USA on 7th April 2020 – by Diane Hope

“This little pocket-handkerchief sized reservoir sits between the main BNSF rail line and Highway 64 just 50 miles south of the Grand Canyon and is a popular recreational spot so […]
15/07/20·1m 51s

Raindrops against the roof of a car, Sergiyev Posad, Russia on 12th December 2017 – by Vladimir Kryuchev

“Sitting in the car, listening to the raindrops beating against the roof. This is a binaural recording.”
10/07/20·7m 37s

Babbling brook stroll, Devil’s Glen Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada in June 2020 – by Veronica Simmonds

“I sat by this brook for a long time recording its burblings before an older couple walked down the trail, ‘taking pictures of the water are ya?’ the man asked. […]
03/07/20·9m 16s

Rusava, Czech Republic on 3rd May 2020 – by Tomáš Šenkyřík

“The recording is from the place where I grew up and where I used to listen to the soundscapes since my early childhood. There is a meadow with some old fruit trees, […]
01/07/20·1m 27s

Fallen Tree, Hampstead Heath, London, UK, night-time on 28th June 2020 – by Eleanor McDowall

“Last night we watched a tree fall. A loud crack – before the landscape fell apart. It collapsed in front of the moonlit lake across the path behind us. Branches […]

Rain, Bedroom Window, Brockley, London, UK at 1.30pm on 17th June 2020 – by Liberty Rowley

“I’m on furlough, and stuck indoors by lockdown and the rain.There was thunder and lightning, not much. And then it started to rain. I stood at my bedroom window and […]
25/06/20·20m 5s

Fawn, Scotland, UK in 2019 – by Mark Stephen

“I’m reasonably knowledgeable about birds but last year I heard something I couldn’t recognise. It was a strange high-pitched squeak. It turned out to be a roe deer kid ( […]
23/06/20·2m 39s

Babbling brook, Cornwell, West Oxfordshire, UK on New Year’s Day 2020 – by Helen Bostock

“I stumbled across this gently babbling brook on an overcast New Year’s Day walk in the charming village of Cornwell, West Oxfordshire, close to where we live in the Cotswolds. […]
19/06/20·5m 1s

Rain Shower, Stoke Newington, London, UK on 17th June 2020 – by Paul Smith

“Opening my back door on a rare wet summer evening in Hackney, to let in the scent of petrichor. ‘A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a […]
18/06/20·6m 23s

Dawn Chorus, Goblin Coombe, North Somerset, UK in early May – by Nick Wilcox Brown

“Goblin Coombe is a quiet limestone valley, fringed by woodlands and bordering Bristol (International) airport. The airport has expanded dramatically over the last 10 years, meaning that recording opportunities are […]
17/06/20·30m 14s

Mind Body Results, Black Lives Matter bike protest, riding down Atlantic Avenue, NY, USA on 13th June 2020 – by James T. Green

“Blackness, freedom and cycling feel connected. In a country where we aren’t free, bikes allow us to take at least some of that freedom back, using our minds and bodies […]
16/06/20·7m 49s

Thunderstorm, Athens, Greece in July 2014 – by Constantin Katsiris

“A thunderstorm recorded in the Pagrati neighbourhood of Athens, Greece in July of 2014. That summer an international group of artists converged to attend the annual Syros Sound Meetings at […]
15/06/20·3m 33s

Dinosaur Lake, Crystal Palace, London, UK on 5th April 2020 – by Sam Clements and Louise Owen

“Recorded our walk around Crystal Palace Park in London on Sunday 5th April. We followed social distancing advice and kept at least 2 metres from all other park dwellers, including […]
11/06/20·10m 1s

Storm, Wiluna, Western Australia – by Ann Jones

This soundscape was recorded by Ann Jones — host of ABC nature podcast Off Track ( while on the road in Wiluna, Western Australia.  “Wiluna is a town on the […]
10/06/20·52m 15s

Curfew, Los Angeles, USA on 4th June 2020 – by George Lavender

“The curfew goes into effect at 2’05” on this recording. This is recorded in a neighborhood with a relatively low police presence. The recording includes: fairly constant police and news […]
09/06/20·7m 0s

Someone practicing saxophone down the street, Brooklyn, NY, USA on 5th June 2020 – by James T. Green

“Just wanted to share a clip of my neighbour playing saxophone. I went out to smoke and they were just going to town, loved this humanity…”
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