Hope in Darkness: The Josh Holt Story

Hope in Darkness: The Josh Holt Story

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American Josh Holt and his Venezuelan wife-to-be Thamy fell in love from three thousand miles apart. Just two weeks after their wedding, there was a knock at their door. In the middle of the night, police from the government of Nicolás Maduro burst into their home and took them captive. Their dream relationship turned into a nightmare. 

From KSL Podcasts, the creators of the hit show Cold, comes Hope in Darkness: The Josh Holt Story. This new 12 part series uncovers the harrowing story of the two years that Josh and Thamy spent inside a notorious Venezuelan prison, punished for crimes they did not commit. From the tireless efforts of their families working to get them home, to the inspiring ways they coped while incarcerated, host Becky Bruce and Josh Holt share this story of devotion, determination, and Hope in Darkness. 

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Ep. 12: Homecoming

The Holts arrive on US soil. Josh and Thamy meet the president and make the rounds on morning television. Adjusting to life on the outside requires more faith and hope than expected. On social: @HopeDarknessPod Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 
05/08/2036m 30s

Ep. 11: Prison Riot

A riot erupts inside El Helicoide as tensions mount in Venezuela. Barricaded in his cell, Josh Holt sends a series of fearful videos begging for help from the United States. We go in-depth for the first time on exactly what set it off – and how it resolved. On social: @HopeDarknessPod Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 
29/07/2035m 12s

Ep. 10: Connecting the Dots

We go in-depth on all the work behind the scenes to secure Josh and Thamy Holt's freedom – including never-before-heard details about the strange interplay of faith, legal, political and human rights activists.   On social: @HopeDarknessPod Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 
22/07/2033m 42s

Ep. 9: The Darkest Hour

After realizing his life and safety may well be in danger, Josh Holt negotiates a transfer "up the hallway" to a cell among the political prisoners. Health and prison conditions combine to sink Josh into his lowest point as a hostage of the Venezuelan government.   On social: @HopeDarknessPod Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 
15/07/2033m 20s

Ep. 8: Marian and Nathalia

The Holts work to get Thamy's daughters to the US. Josh and Thamy finally start getting regular "visits" from the outside world – but also become frustrated to their breaking point over their lost human rights.  On social: @HopeDarknessPod Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 
08/07/2032m 52s

Ep. 7: Working the System

Josh and Thamy Holt continue to learn how to navigate life in a corrupt dictatorship – from which guards to bribe and how, to how to get along with their fellow inmates. New connections with cellmates provide new opportunities.    On social: @HopeDarknessPod Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 
01/07/2033m 37s

Ep. 6: Paging Mama Bear

Back home in the US, Josh's mom, Laurie Holt, is busily making her voice heard from West Jordan to Washington, D.C. A smuggled cell phone becomes Josh's lifeline to his family.   On social: @HopeDarknessPod Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 
24/06/2024m 49s

Ep. 5: El Helicoide

We take a closer look at El Helicoide itself and how it serves as a metaphor for the chaos in Venezuela. The first of several health crises to strike Josh Holt leaves him struggling, helpless and alone. A fellow inmate offers more context and perspective.   On social: @HopeDarknessPod Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 
17/06/2031m 24s

Ep. 4: Independence Day

Court date after court date comes and goes without any resolution for the Holt family. Thamy and Josh find themselves stripped of both dignity and basic human rights. At home, July 4th festivities are tinged with news of the Holts’ arrest. On social: @HopeDarknessPod Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 
10/06/2026m 48s

Ep. 3: The Venezuela Crisis

Josh and Thamy Holt are forced to wait four days with no answers about what is going on or why they were arrested. What are the political and economic conditions in Venezuela that exacerbated the situation? We bring in two well-known experts on Latin American politics to sort through what is happening. On social: @HopeDarknessPod Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 
03/06/2033m 57s

Ep. 2: Thamara

Thamara Holt searches for answers after her husband of just two weeks is arrested. Armed men continue to round people up. After one of the longest days of their lives, Josh and Thamy wind up under interrogation at El Helicoide, an infamous Venezuelan prison. 
27/05/2032m 15s

Ep. 1: The Knock at the Door

Josh Holt, a young man from Utah, finds himself on the wrong side of the law in Venezuela, where he's just arrived to get married and spend his honeymoon. How did this happen to an American citizen?
27/05/2031m 7s

Introducing Hope in Darkness

Hope in Darkness premieres May 27th.
14/05/201m 59s
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