Luisa Omielan - Indigo Child

Luisa Omielan - Indigo Child

By Luisa Omielan

Hi, I'm Luisa Omielan. I am a stand up comic from the U.K. I love doing one woman shows and for me, they are a party with jokes in, a rally, a call to arms and a demand for action! I have toyed with the idea of doing a podcast based on some of the themes of my stand up shows for some time. As comedy loosens people up and allows us to talk freely about difficult topics. Be that mental health, body image, suicide, cancer, love, relationships, feeling lost and needy. But these shows aint new, its not some bandwagon, they go back to 2012 but the topics are still just as relevant. So i thought it would be nice to try this medium. Expect guests, tangents, content and laughter. Hopefully a few pauses for thoughts too.


Conversations with...Kiri Pritchard-McLean

Hi my loves, So this week, I wanted to take a look at comedy. There is so much going on in the comedy world right now, daily, it seems to be changing. With the recent oversight of any gov funding, I wanted to have a chat with another female about whats going on. So this was a Conversations with ...I had such a brilliant guest. She is a stand up, sketch performer, Co- founder of the brilliant Podcast All Killa No Filla and the smash hit night out which is, Amusical. Its the wonderful Kiri Pritchard-McLean. Here are some of the things we spoke about. Comedy at the Covid Arms ( Podcast All Killa No Filla ( All Killa, No Filla Patreon ( Live Comedy Association ( #SaveLiveComedy Support this podcast
20/07/201h 1m

I'm coming out!

This week I speak to my good friend Aaron Twitchen about Pride, coming out and Internalised homophobia. You can find out more about Aaron at Support this podcast
06/07/2045m 59s

Corona Economy with Bobby Seagull

Conversations with...Bobby Seagull! My wonderful friend, Mathematician, teacher, writer, accountant extraordinaire! Talks us through Corona Virus and what it means for the economy. What is the economy? How does the economy work? Why would the corona pandemic affect it? What can we expect to see in the future with regards to a recession? How can we prepare ourselves? Follow Bobby on Twitter @bobby_Seagull and on Support this podcast
29/06/2050m 3s

Foreign Mummies

This week I speak with Karolina Medwecka-Piasecka, a European Affairs Manager at Birmingham City Council. Karolina is Polish, she is my brilliant and hilarious neighbour and she is raising 2 kids with her husband here in Birmingham. Her children speak both English and Polish and I was keen to find out her perspective on raising them here. In Loving Memory of Helena Omielan. THE BEST POLISH MUMMY Support this podcast
22/06/2038m 20s

Conversations... with Darshan Sanghrajka

My wonderful friend, entrepreneur and comic Darshan wrote a brilliant piece entitled Trump is inciting the far-right to fight a violent civil war.You can find the article here: ( References: Jean Rosenfeld - Fascism as action through time (or How it can happen here. ) ( Find out more about Darsh's company Super Being Labs ( And purchase the book BEING MANKIND ( Follow Darshan on Twitter ( Support this podcast

Male Suicide

This week, as we are in the midst of incompetent leadership, protests and a pandemic, male suicide rates have increased. This was a topic that i explored in my stand up show. What Would Beyonce Do?! I speak to Omar Latif, a mental Health advocate creating a mental health app. Nicholas from Andy’s Man Club, a mental health club for men to join, based across the country, providing mental and emotional support. And Dr Christine Dunkley, a consultant trainer with over 20 years experience, a consultant in DBT training, a form of cognitive psychology treating suicidal behaviour. Please be aware this is an incredibly open and frank discussion, i don’t want you to check it out if its something that may be upsetting for you. There is a lot of help and support and available. Here are some websites and contacts to reach out.  ON twitter: @OmarZLatif Andys Man Club ( CALM Charity : ( Zero Suicide Alliance ( Mind Out LGBTQ Mental Health Service ( Support this podcast
08/06/201h 4m

Conversations - Black Lives Matter

I wanted to introduce a separate topical podcast more in line with my daily live streams. But it makes more sense to bring in the shows under the Indigo Child Umbrella. When it comes to stand up shows and my outlook on life, I have been blessed to be inspired, nurtured and encouraged by people from the black community. I stand in solidarity. I would not have had my Beyonce show if it wasn't for my Black and Asian audiences who came in their droves. It is important for me to talk about, to learn and to educate about things that hurt my audiences, friends, communities and hurt us all. This week, after the murder of George Floyd, a black unarmed man by a white American cop, my beautiful friend Mon Belle posted a video with her thoughts, you can watch it here. Here is a conversation with Mon Belle. Mon is a Black British woman based in Dubai running an Events and Entertainment company including the successful clubbing brand Afrocentric and newest F&B venture, Oh Brgr, the first Caribbean inspired burger joint in Middle East. You can see more about Mons Events here: ( For more information on Black Lives Matter and what you can do, visit ( And if you are able to. please support the Minnesota Freedom fund which are supporting legal fees for participants in the protests. ( Support this podcast
01/06/2059m 59s

Etiquette of the One Night Stand

Talking through the morning after the night before. Are you any good at it? Why am I so rubbish? What does it take to be good at it and what do you get from it anyway? Brief look at religions role in the quick bonk with insight from Rachel Rose Reid. Rachel is a Kohenet, a feminist jewish ordination, which renews and revives knowledge + practices of jewish women from antiquity to the present day. And also some insight from my lil sister Asia. Jokes featured are from my live shows Luisa Omielan What Would Beyonce Do?! Luisa Omielan Am I Right Ladies?! Both available to stream freely on Youtube. If you enjoyed the podcast and are able to, please subscribe for more content at Support this podcast
22/05/2026m 12s

Commitment and Gaslighting, Gas light who? You!

A look at what at what some of the qualities of a successful relationship and a crap one. Using the Relationship boat analogy from smash hit stand up show 'Luisa Omielan What Would Beyonce Do?!' How to tell if you are being gaslit, or if you are the one gas lighting?! With insight from the superb Nat Lue from Baggage Reclaim. Nat an Author, Podcaster and Speaker. She specialises in all things love and looks at people pleasing, perfectionism & shady relationships. Jokes Referenced from my previous stand up shows Luisa Omielan What Would Beyonce Do?! Luisa Omielan Am I Right Ladies?! Both available to stream freely on Youtube. If you enjoyed this episode and would like to access more content please subscribe to Support this podcast
22/05/2033m 43s

Ready For this Jelly - Body Image

Hello! Here I share some thoughts and jokes on Body Image. I talk with a professor in Psychology who specialises in Body Image, Kamila Irvine from the University of Lincoln. Shows featured are Luisa Omielan Am I Right Ladies?! Luisa Omielan What Would Beyonce Do?! Both available to stream on Youtube for free. If you enjoyed this podcast, please support and become a member of my Patreon. Support this podcast
19/05/2036m 58s
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