The Dissenters with Debra Messing and Mandana Dayani

The Dissenters with Debra Messing and Mandana Dayani

By Dear Media, Mandana Dayani and Debra Messing

Best friends and super-nerds, Debra Messing and Mandana Dayani meet 20 of their heroes. Each episode, they learn about the journeys each of these Dissenters took to find their purpose and how they found the courage to dissent. Guests include: Hillary Clinton, Jane Fonda, Patrisse Cullors, Eva Longoria, Adam Schiff, Jameela Jamil and Sophia Bush.


Hillary Clinton on Dissent and Democracy

Debra and Mandana sit down with Hillary Clinton for the season finale of The Dissenters to discuss the importance of dissent, the critical role it plays in democracy, the challenge our country is facing today as dissent is being silenced, and what this means against a backdrop of the rise of fascism and nationalism in this country and around the world.   Thank you to our brand partner, Noom. Visit to start your trial today.   Produced by Dear Media. 
22/10/20·50m 44s

Dr. Edith Eva Eger: The Healing Survivor on Trauma, Healing and Forgiveness

Debra and Mandana sit down with the incredible Dr. Edith Eva Eger, a clinical psychologist, author and lecturer. A native of Hungary, Eger is a 93 year old survivor of the Holocaust. In this episode, they will cover Eger’s life, experiences in Auschwitz, healing from the trauma, and important lessons she would like to share. Debra and Mandana also discuss the alarming rise of antisemitism in the United States and around the world and raise awareness about the consequences of antisemitism when left unchecked.   Produced by Dear Media. 
15/10/20·49m 34s

Jane Fonda: The Climate Crusader on Political Activism, Feminism and Fighting Climate Change

Debra and Mandana sit down with Jane Fonda, to discuss political activism, feminism and fighting climate change.    Go to to try out your personalized treatment for just $5.   Produced by Dear Media. 
08/10/20·57m 33s

Carole Cadwalladr: The Dismantler of Disinformation, on Facebook and the election

This week’s episode of The Dissenters Debra and Mandana sit down with the dismantler of disinformation Carole Cadwalladr, a world renowned investigative journalist who rose to international prominence in 2018 when she exposed the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal.    Produced by Dear Media. 
01/10/20·1h 0m

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The RBG Tribute Episode

This week’s episode is a special podcast honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The Dissenters could not imagine going ahead this week with the scheduled episode as RBG is the inspiration behind the podcast. Her loss cannot be understated. She was the architect of equal rights in our country. Debra and Mandana sit down with Glennon Doyle, Sophia Bush, and Shannon Watts. Each spoke passionately and eloquently about RBG, and each gave a unique perspective.   Produced by Dear Media. 
24/09/20·1h 14m

Lena Waithe: The Truth-Teller, on Breaking the Rules, and Mentorship

This week’s episode of The Dissenters Debra and Mandana sit down with the truth teller Lena Waithe, a multitalented screenwriter, producer and actress and the first ever black women to win an Emmy for comedy writing. She geeked out over her love of TV, and was so honest about her journey getting there and how it makes her feel.      Go to to try out nightly defense for just $5. It’s free to chat with the doctor, and your first order is just $5!   Check out Clean Cause and take 20% off your next purchase at using code DISSENTERS   PayPal is making it easy to pay safely, quickly and easily. Download the PayPal app today.   Produced by Dear Media. 
17/09/20·1h 6m

Cindy Eckert: The Sexual Revolutionist, on owning pleasure and the female sexual revolution

Debra and Mandana sit down with Cindy Eckert to discuss building and selling two pharmaceutical companies for more than $1.5B, including the first ever FDA-approved drug for low sexual desire in women. Investing in other women, the female sexual revolution and owning pleasure.    Check out Clean Cause and take 20% off your next purchase at using code DISSENTERS.   Produced by Dear Media.
10/09/20·50m 18s

Christian Siriano: The Inclusion Pioneer, on Disrupting Fashion, Championing Inclusion, and Changing Runways Forever

Debra and Madnana sit down with Christian Siriano, one of the top runway and red carpet designers in the world about his work as a pioneer in body positivty, runway diversity, and inclusion.     CLEAN Cause is available nationwide at Whole Foods, on Amazon, and at Take 20% off your next purchase at using code DISSENTERS!   Produced by Dear Media.
03/09/20·46m 10s

Preet Bharara: The Guardian of Justice, on a Lifetime of Doing Justice, Being Fired by Trump, and Banned by Putin

Debra and Mandana sit down with Preet Bharara to discuss his time as the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, as one of the nation's most aggressive prosecutors of crime and public corruption. Preet also discusses being fired by Trump, banned by Putin, and what it means to actively "do" justice.   Go to to try out nightly defense for just $5!   Produced by Dear Media. 
27/08/20·1h 2m

Schuyler Bailar: The Trans Trailblazer, on Why You Should be Intentional About Language

Debra and Mandana sit down Schuyler Bailar, the first trans athlete to compete in any sport on an NCAA D1 men’s team to learn about his journey, how to be more inclusive and why we need to be intentional about language.    Sakara is offering our listeners 20% off their first order when they go to or enter code dissenters at checkout!   Produced by Dear Media. 
20/08/20·53m 9s

Eva Longoria: The Latina Visionary, on the Power and Opportunity of Latinos

Debra and Mandana sit down with Eva Longoria to discuss how she became one of the most vocal voices for Latinos around the world, her non-profit foundations, upcoming film projects, and the critical importance of the Latinx vote.   Produced by Dear Media. 
13/08/20·44m 50s

Mark Bustos: The Humanit-hair-ian, on The Power of Kindness

Debra and Mandana sit down with renowned haristylist, Mark Bustos to discuss his travels around the world to provide free grooming services to the homeless, how he founded the #BeAwesomeToSomebody movement, and why all need to be a little more compassionate.   Produced by Dear Media. 
06/08/20·38m 41s

Kate Roberts: The Women's Health Maverick

Debra and Mandana sit down with co-founder of The Maverick Collective and former SVP of Population Services International to discuss how Kate Roberts turned her career as a marketing and advertising executive into an opportunity to end extreme poverty. They also discuss how she built Youth AIDS and her trips with Debra to Africa.   Sakara is offering our listeners 20% off their first order when they go to or enter code dissenters at checkout.   Produced by Dear Media. 
30/07/20·59m 24s

Jameela Jamil: The Shame Assassin on Fighting Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Debra and Mandana sit down with actress, writer and activist, Jameela Jamil, to discuss how she overcame her eating disorder and went on to build the I Weigh movement and effectively banned the promotion of toxic diet products to minors on social media platforms.   Produced by Dear Media.     
23/07/20·41m 38s

Ali Wentworth: The Mental Health Champion, on Parenting and Activism

Debra and Mandana sit down with one of their best friends, comedian and author, Ali Wentworth, for an enlightening and hilarious conversation about activism at home, parenting in the age of social media, and fighting mental health stigmas.   Produced by Dear Media. 
16/07/20·42m 16s

Patrisse Cullors: The Freedom Fighter and Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter

Debra and Mandana sit down with the Co-Founder of the Black Lives Matter Global Network and the Founder of grassroots organization Dignity and Power Now to learn about her lifelong commitment to activism, how art inspires her, and her newest passion: jail reform.   Produced by Dear Media. 
09/07/20·39m 13s

Zach Skow: The Rescue Savior

Debra and Mandana sit down with Zach Skow, the founder of Marley’s Mutts and Pawsitive Change. They discuss how his dogs rescued him from a near-death experience and why he has made it his mission to save what society can often deem “the throwaways.”   Produced by Dear Media. 
02/07/20·47m 47s

Sophia Bush: The Equality Warrior

Debra and Mandana sit down with actress and activist, Sophia Bush, to discuss her lifetime of activism, how she uses her platform for good, and how we can all create a tremendous impact.   Produced by Dear Media.
25/06/20·48m 41s

Congressman Adam Schiff: The Chairman of Democracy, on Standing up for what is Right

Debra and Mandana sit down with the ten-term Congressman to learn about his call to service and commitment to protecting our democracy, at any cost. Congressman Schiff shares some incredible insights into his leadership of the impeachment hearings and how we create a more united nation moving forward.   Produced by Dear Media. 
18/06/20·47m 10s

Shannon Watts: The NRA's Worst Nightmare, on Fighting Like a Mother

Debra and Mandana sit down with the founder of Moms Demand Action to learn how she has mobilized millions of moms and volunteers across America to bring down the NRA and pass common sense gun safety legislation to protect all Americans.   Produced by Dear Media. 
11/06/20·50m 44s

Amanda Nguyen: The Civil Rights Astronaut, on Fighting for Freedom

Debra and Mandana sit down with Amanda Nguyen, the Harvard student who has helped pass 30 laws to protect over 80 million people and was just nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. After being the victim of a sexual assault crime, Amanda made it her mission to write the laws that didn’t exist to protect her.   Produced by Dear Media. 
28/05/20·40m 6s

Meet the Hosts: Debra Messing and Mandana Dayani

In the first episode, Debra and Mandana introduce the inspiration behind The Dissenters and how they built their list of the top 20. They also reveal their personal backgrounds, commitment to activism and some very embarrassing anecdotes.   Produced by Dear Media. 
21/05/20·36m 10s

Glennon Doyle: The Love Warrior, on Getting Untamed

Debra and Mandana sit down with Glennon Doyle to discuss the power of anger and how to become untamed. They learn how Glennon found her purpose through community, honesty, and love. She also shares how she went on to build a foundation that has raised over $25 Million for families in crisis.   Produced by Dear Media. 
21/05/20·54m 48s

The Dissenters Trailer

Get a sneak peek of The Dissenters with Debra Messing and Mandana Dayani - premiere episodes launching May 21! 
13/05/20·2m 19s
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