In this season of Unfictional, Stories of Transformation, and the ways in which the world — and all of us — have fundamentally changed since the pandemic began. One man watched his children suddenly turn into grown-ups, while another upended every part of his life. Someone else had to learn to live with hardship and found their true identity along the way, all while living in two worlds. Meanwhile, a subculture ascends, one reporter explores Olvera Street, and another finds an old notebook filled with memories from his time in a cabin. It’s UnFictional, hosted by Bob Carlson.


Fútbol Confidential: Soccer City

Fútbol Confidential looks at AYSO, American homegrown soccer culture.
18/11/2214m 13s

Fútbol Confidential:The Soccer Store

Fútbol Confidential looks at Niky’s Sports, the biggest family-run chain of soccer stores in LA.
18/11/228m 10s

Fútbol Confidential: Fútbol

Two Mexican-American fans talk about rooting for more than one hometown team in Los Angeles and in Mexico.
18/11/2214m 21s

Fútbol Confidential: Hollywood United

Fútbol Confidential looks at the legendary LA city league soccer team formed over beers in a Santa Monica pub by British expatriates.
18/11/2213m 47s

El Pueblo

In ‘El Pueblo,’ producer Mike Schilitt explores the surprising history of Olvera Street – an idealized fantasy of Mexico created in downtown Los Angeles that has supported generations of Agelenos. 
09/06/2225m 3s

The Cabin Notebook

When Aric Allen was 21, he lived in a desolate mountain cabin for 10 weeks. There he planned to write a novel, but instead he learned how to be alone.
26/05/2226m 59s


Producer Jaime Roque takes a ride with Ernie Moran in his 1965 Chevy Impala to explore the history and culture of the lowrider community of East Los Angeles. 
12/05/2223m 9s


In the U.S., nisha venkat feels safe and relieved to identify as queer and non-binary. But in their home country Dubai, nisha’s gender identity is illegal, and they can be deported or convicted of homexuality, or “cross-dressing.” 
28/04/2217m 28s

Los Emprendedores

Street vendors are an essential part of Los Angeles’ history and its economy. You can find vendors with mobile carts and food trucks on street corners, outside concert venues, and sporting events selling hot dogs, tacos, burritos, churros, fruit, t-shirts, souvenirs, and just about anything else you can imagine. For decades, this activity was illegal. And even though vending was somewhat decriminalized in 2018, the line between legal and illegal is not always clear. Producer James Roque follows the stories of a few of these entrepreneurs, finding out why they started vending, the challenges they encounter on a daily basis, and how they fared during the last few years.
14/04/2221m 57s

The Transmogrifier

Imagine entering a giant machine that sucks you in one end, and spits you out the other side as something completely different. That describes the transmogrifier — a fantastical device from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. Over the last couple of years, it feels like everyone has been through the transmogrifier in one way or another. In this episode, stories of the transmogrified. Unfictional producer Bob Carlson watches his two children go through the transmogrifier and come out unexpectedly as grown-ups. Meanwhile, almost every element of producer Jaime Roque’s life was upended by the transmorgrifier: new job, marriage, and prospective fatherhood.
14/04/2220m 22s

Music could be your whole life

KCRW’s Bob Carlson talks to some of Deirdre O’Donoghue’s friends and gets further inside her world away from the microphone.
04/11/2132m 3s

This is SNAP!

Bent By Nature Episode 1 introduces KCRW DJ Deirdre O’Donoghue, host of "SNAP!," a freeform alternative and independent music and culture program in Los Angeles in the '80s — and goes inside the community she cultivated, her passion for music, and the problems she had with KCRW’s management and staff.  Featuring archival live performances by Camper Van Beethoven, the Meat Puppets, Glass Eye, Jazz Butcher, the Dream Syndicate, and more.
28/10/2134m 17s

The Man Inside the Radio

UnFictional host Bob Carlson’s journey on the inside of rock and roll radio.
21/05/2026m 26s

Rolling Thunder

Mary Lorson explores scenes from her childhood in a personal memoir musical documentary. Featuring an elusive father, A Dancerina doll, a Polaroid Swinger, and a camel hair coat from Saks, all in constant motion.
14/05/2019m 27s

The Rescue

A promising job drew Fedelina Lugasan to the U.S. from the Philippines, she’d start her new life with a family she trusted. But the picture they painted for her was not what her life turned out to be.  
07/05/2034m 47s

The Philosophy of the Flying Saucers

A man finds an old reel to reel tape that reveals much more than just flying saucers and alien conspiracy theories.
30/04/2023m 44s

The Rowing Man

Ove the rowing man. A stranger who came by way of the ocean, and was soon no longer a stranger.  
23/04/2042m 11s

Mauricio Across the Border - Part 2

Maurcio, star of a hit Mexican television show, is abandoned in the desert while trying to cross the border.  
16/04/2033m 43s

Mauricio Across the Border - Part 1

Mauricio leaves Mexico City for Los Angeles, and his dreams of television come true in a very unlikely way.
09/04/2030m 57s

The Dream is Over

One man’s treasure is another man’s Olympic gold medal.
21/03/1934m 8s


It never occurred to Janey that he would put something in her drink. Never in a million years.
14/03/1930m 43s

Friends in Juggalo Places

Take a three-day bus trip across the country with a juggalo, and you’ll learn some things.
07/03/1930m 39s


Aric Allen spent much of the early 2000s on the phone – selling get-rich-quick schemes and rapidly turning into a person he didn’t recognize.
28/02/1922m 31s

Vampire of Barcelona

Enriqueta Marti was a real-life monster who roamed the streets of 20th Century Barcelona  collecting bones and kidnapping children. Except, of course, she wasn’t.
21/02/1923m 36s

Strangers in a Good Way

One woman discovers that her childhood crush has grown up into someone she doesn’t recognize.
14/02/1929m 40s
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