Roll Sound...Action!

Roll Sound...Action!

By Three Wise Monkeys

Humourous chat show with special guests from the entertainment industry as they share insightful conversation, gossip and off the wall banter.


S2 / Ep6 - Lee Boardman

He was an assassin in HBO's Rome. He's a regular voice in the Assassin's Creed franchise. But he doesn't just do assassins. Acting with talent like Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Farrell, Kiera Knightley, Nicholas Hoult and Ewan McGregor, he's also worked with Mike Leigh, Harold Pinter, Michael Grandage and (probably his favourite director of all time) podcast host Sacha Bennett. He is Lee Boardman.
28/03/211h 34m

S2 / Ep5 - Enrique Arce

If you haven't heard of Money Heist, you've not been to Earth recently. If you have heard of Money Heist, then you'll know the name Arturo Roman. Love him or loathe him, he's the character that everyone talks about. And we're talking to the guy that plays him. Our guest in this episode is actor Enrique Arce.
11/03/2139m 43s

S2 / Ep4 - Ben Lamb

He was in the Emmy and Golden Globe nominated hit series The White Queen, playing opposite Mission: Impossible's Rebecca Ferguson. He was the bad guy in Now You See Me 2, alongside Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Daniel Radcliffe and Mark Ruffalo. And in Netflix's global record-breaking Christmas franchise, A Christmas Prince, he is, well, the actual Christmas Prince. He is Ben Lamb.
11/02/211h 3m

S2 / Ep3 - Perry Benson

Unique is a word that describes our next guest. He's worked alongside Gary Oldman, Rowan Atkinson, Rik Mayall, Jude Law, Stephen Graham... The list doesn't end. I directed him alongside Bob Hoskins and Jenny Agutter, and he stars in our comedy feature Me, Myself and Di.We talk about his real life experience with the Manson Family, how stealing biscuits became his entry into show biz and how he's DJ'd for the likes of Kate Moss.
20/01/2154m 26s

S2 / Ep2 - Tracy-Ann Oberman

Spoiler Alert: She killed Dirty Den in Eastenders. She was in Big Train with Simon Pegg. She's Toast of London's desired lady friend. She adapted The Merchant of Venice and played Shylock. She's been trolled on Twitter for speaking about anti-Semitism. And we used to sneak onto the set of the Royle Family and sit in 'that' chair. She is, Tracy-Ann Oberman.
12/01/211h 16m

S2 / Ep1 - Ian Bartholomew

We really like Barty , but the nation hates who he plays... abuser Geoff in CORONATION STREET to astonishing effect, and he's started winning awards already as Best Villain. To bring more awareness to his character's evilness, Barty has written/performed a song for the charity Women's Aid to raise awareness, and donations, to put an end to domestic abuse.Please donate:
16/12/2038m 49s

S1 / Ep11 - Phyllis Logan

Lady Jane in Lovejoy with Ian McShane. Mrs Hughes in Downton Abbey with Maggie Smith. Films include 1984 with John Hurt and Richard Burton, The Last Bus and Secrets & Lies, both with Timothy Spall. A multiple SAG winner & a BAFTA for Another Time, Another Place. She is Phyllis Logan.
06/10/2049m 17s

S1 / Ep10 - Jenny Agutter

Bafta winner. Everyone's favourite nurse in a werewolf movie. Big fan of waving red pants at trains. Kicked Robert Redford's ass, and then again. She's even been in a dystopian film where the population has a shortened life expectancy, so very current. She is, Jenny Agutter. #AnAmericanWerewolfInLondon #LogansRun #WinterSoldier #TheRailwayChildren #OutsideBet
16/09/2049m 56s

S1 / Ep9 - Danny Boy Hatchard

He's been a soldier called Cheese, in Our Girl. He suffered PTSD as Danny Dyer's son in Eastenders (the PTSD wasn't because of the Royal blood Mr Dyer). And his movie debut was as the extraordinarily evil villain in our very own We Still Kill The Old Way (opposite Dani Dyer). He's vegan, opinionated and hilarious. He is Danny Boy Hatchard.
07/09/201h 1m

S1 / Ep8 - Richie Campbell

He's been acting for years, and starred alongside Sean Bean, Toby Kebbell, Adam Deacon and Steve Coogan . Oh, and he was in a couple of films that we made also, Tango One and Get Lucky. He's lovely, charming and was the face of Old Jamaica ginger beer before stepping up to work with Oscar winning director Steve McQueen. He is, Richie Campbell.
25/08/201h 4m

S1 / Ep7 - Ian Ogilvy

He's been a saint (in, erm, The Saint). He's been a sinner (in our very own We Still Kill The Old Way franchise). He stole the show as a bounder and bully in Ripping Yarns. And he starred in the classic British horror Witchfinder General. He is Ian Ogilvy.
17/08/2036m 44s

S1 / Ep6 - Joseph Millson

He was 006 in Casino Royale. He was the Jack Sparrow-esque lead in the last Dragonheart film. He's the rotten guy in Netflix's The Last Kingdom. Oh, and Banished. He was also Mr Banks in the West End smash hit Mary Poppins just before pandemic broke out. But more importantly, he did our movie, Tango One, and now he's here to offer humour and deep thought. Dear world, meet Joseph Millson.
10/08/2047m 16s

S1 / Ep5 - Sarah-Jane Potts

Bradford born Sarah-Jane Potts is super-talented actress we've had the pleasure of working with on a project for Women's Aid. She's appeared in films such as Kinky Boots, The Chameleon and Wonderland, and stars in a forthcoming Netflix drama about ice-skating called Zero Chill.
31/07/2052m 24s

S1 / Ep4 - James Cosmo

Todays guest is the wonderful actor James Cosmo. He's played everything from Santa Claus in Narnia to Ewan McGregor's dad in Trainspotting. Along the way he's killed hundreds of people with swords, guns and his fists. Oh, and he was also in a little show called Game of Thrones as the beloved Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.
23/07/2054m 24s

S1 / Ep3 - Al Snow

We're joined by our good friend Al Snow, a former WWE wrestler who now runs international academies teaching the craft. Like fellow wrestler Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Al has also become a movie star, including a role in our very own Tango One for Universal. Al shares his wit and wisdom on life in general, plus divulges in a dark chapter in his life where the animal kingdom put a hit out on him.
14/07/201h 4m

S1 / Ep2 - Lucy Pinder

Former model now fab actress, Lucy Pinder shot to fame with the rise of lads mags like Nuts and Zoo. Join us for her funny and smart take on the world right now.
08/07/2047m 4s

Ep1 30sec spot


S1 / Ep1- Kevin Mcnally

This episode features a wonderful human being who happens to be an actor. His short biography: First movie role was in a James Bond (The Spy Who Loved Me). He's appeared in ALL of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, along with Johnny Depp, played Tony Hancock multiple times, starred as King Lear on stage, as well as Jude Law's stepfather/uncle in Hamlet. His name: Kevin McNally. Welcome to his big thoughts on life, the universe and everything.
30/06/2044m 43s

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15/06/203m 29s
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