The Stephen Tries Podcast

The Stephen Tries Podcast

By Stephen Tries

Each episode the culture connoisseurs Stephen, Max, Tom Looney and another weirdo, will take on a different topic. Accompanied by great guests and fantastic features (not just the one's on Stephen's beautiful face)


S3 Ep31: The 2023 Christmas Special!

Oh yes! This is the by far the best podcast we've done this year (especially if your name is Ryan)
21/12/232h 16m

S3 Ep30: Tom's Final Episode Special

It's Tom's final episode and what better way to celebrate then by forgetting to invite him to it Beer52 - Manscaped - Use code STP20
07/12/221h 32m

S3 Ep29: He Sent His Dad A D*ck Pic

This week we say goodbye to Ryan. We also catch up with everyone to find out what they've been up to since the poddy c's death. Manscaped Use code STP20 -
05/10/221h 49m

S3 Ep28: We're Ending The Podcast

This week we discuss comedy, festivals and Ryan calls out KSI. We're also joined by Duncan Biscuits Manscaped - Use code  - STP20
07/09/221h 20m

S3 Ep27: The Worst Thing To Do On A First Date

This week we're talking about Max losing weight, Stephen winning prizes and Ryan drawing pictures of his mum in the bath
24/08/221h 20m

S3 Ep26: We Had A Breakdown

This episode was so good we had to do it twice. We speak about being left on your wedding day, spying on your neighbours and Pingu kicking the bucket. Does anyone actually read this? Beer52 -
17/08/221h 18m

S3 Ep25: He Ruined Their Wedding

This week we talk about Prince William, Love Island and we hear the worst best man speech in history. We're also joined by a fantastic guest Manscaped  Use code STP20 -
10/08/221h 17m

S3 Ep24: The Best Prank We've Done

This week we catch up about our recent birthdays, holidays and what we'd do at a live show. We're also joined by 'laugh-a-minute' Gerald Hogwash
03/08/221h 17m

S3 Ep23: The Holiday Special

This week we talk about our trips to Spain, Boris leaving and how we'd do in a frat house Noom - Manscaped - Use code STP20 
13/07/221h 19m

S3 Ep22: The Haircut From Hell

This week we're talking about police, parenting and pulling in Ibiza. We are also joined by the 2nd best Elvis impersonator in the world
29/06/221h 16m

S3 Ep21: Don't Stroke Your Cat There

This week we spoke about being stranded with £1, a jealous father and the Ryan's strange relationship with his pet cat
22/06/221h 17m

S3 Ep20: Speed Dating Disaster

This week we talk about dating, cheating and wrestling. We also get to hear some of Ryan's brilliant stand up comedy
15/06/221h 18m

S3 Ep19: The Funniest Thing We've Ever Seen

This week we're talking holidays, parades and pints. We also have a double dose of celebrity gossip and some more You Laugh You Lose
08/06/221h 18m

S3 Ep18: We Ruined A Funeral

This week we're talking Rihanna, reincarnation and Ryan's massive head. We're also joined by two of the toughest men the podcast room has ever seen. Noom -
01/06/221h 17m

S3 Ep17: I Got Banned From A Water Park

This week we're talking about holidays, live shows and Margaret Thatcher's erection
25/05/221h 25m

S3 Ep16: The Biggest Cover Up In History

Yes, that title is about Ryan painting over his wall. Shame on him. We also put the world to rights as we discuss what we need to get rid of.
18/05/221h 16m

S3 Ep15: The School Fashion Show

This week we discuss the emergency services, sexy tractors and serial killers. We're also joined by one fantastic guest and one weirdo.
11/05/221h 27m

S3 Ep14: How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

This week we're talking about decorating, dreading and surviving. We also have some great guests including a rap duo Noom -
04/05/221h 18m

S3 Ep13: Worst Birthday Ever

This week we talk pole dancing, exotic farms and working at Tesco Cafe. We are joined by a great guest and James Ormrod is here too 
27/04/221h 17m

S3 Ep12: The Great British Dream

This week we talk about Tom being a ninja, Tony being cheeky in the shops and Stephen getting creamy. We're also joined by 2 guests and a terrible instalment of you laugh you lose
20/04/221h 19m

S3 Ep11: The 100th Episode Special

Oh yeah, it's the one (hundredth lol) you've all been waiting for! This week we celebrate 100 episodes of the podcast by being punished. We also have some great guests, terrible votes and average banter 
13/04/222h 22m

S3 Ep10: We Were On The News

This week we're talking about Will Smith getting angry at the Oscars, Joe getting married and me getting a mini Tesla. 
06/04/221h 28m

S3 Ep9: An Idiot Abroad

This week we talk about Max in Paris, Stephen in detail and Ryan the in-bred. We also have some great celebrity gossip and a forgettable guest
30/03/221h 18m

S3 Ep8: I Shat Myself At Work

This week we're talking about Tom's trip to Milton Keynes, Stephen's trip to Sheffield and Tony's trip to the toilets
23/03/221h 19m

S3 Ep7: Getting High With Celebrities

This week we're talking about Max's trip to Paris, Tom's trip to Sunderland and Stephen's trump in an escape room (didn't happen). 
16/03/221h 18m

S3 Ep6: I'll Never Do This Again

This week we're talking about me meeting TikTokers, Tom meeting athletes and Max meeting Eminem.   
09/03/221h 19m

S3 Ep5: A P*do Up A Tree

This week we're talking about The Queen, World War 3 and most importantly...a bad man being stuck up a tree
02/03/221h 18m

S3 Ep4: Stephen Tries And The No Good Prince

This week we are joined by comedian, wrestler and actor...Tony Wright (Wright Wright). We discuss a dirty Prince, the Superbowl and becoming Molly Mae
23/02/221h 16m

S3 Ep3: Stephen Tries: Time Travel

This week we talk about Kurt Zouma, time travel, what we're the best at and Joe in Burger King. We also have a visit from an amazing and handsome guest. air up -
16/02/221h 18m

S3 Ep2: Who Is The Goat?

This week we're debating who is the greatest athlete of all time. Unfortunately, Max is not in the running as he got a stitch, lol. We also have some great guests and amazing features  Noom - Go to   To start your free trial Manscaped - Use code STP20 for 20% off and free shipping
09/02/221h 20m

S3 Ep1: The Boys Are Back In Town

Oh yeah, it's series 3 baby! This week we're talking about New Year's resolutions, Kim & Kanye obvs and we also have some new segments. You. Are. Welcome.
02/02/221h 19m

S2 Ep44: The Top 10 Moments | Series 2

It's the final episode of the series, so we're going over your top 10 moments, enjoy
19/01/2223m 17s

S2 Ep43: The Christmas Special!

It's the most wonderful time of the year, when 7 guys get together and make some hideous jokes. This episode has some great Christmas anecdotes, secret Santa and even a visit from the man himself...Jerry Christmas
22/12/212h 15m

S2 Ep42: Stephen Tries: Biro Pens 2

It's back baby and inkier than ever. We exchange some of the greatest pen-based anecdotes ever told! We're also joined by local hard man Bryan Skupeth. This is not one to be missed Beer 52 -
15/12/211h 18m

S2 Ep41: How To Be Stormy

Hahaha what a title. This week we're talking about the big storm, Mr Beast and the Kims (Jong un and Kardashian). We also bring back the great game 'One Must Go' Beer 52 - Manscaped - Use code - STP20
08/12/211h 16m

S2 Ep40: Driving Tests & Giving Girls The Ick

This week the gang is back to talk about driving tests, the Nation's favourite sex position and how we would change the world by going back in time. We are also joined by the great hosts of Let's Talk Torque  Give (or receive) the gift of clear wee this Christmas. Shop air up’s current offers here -  Beer 52 - Beer 52 -
01/12/211h 18m

S2 Ep39: Stephen Tries Stand Up Comedy Again

This week we're talking about an 8 hour DJ set, our idea of Heaven and Stephen returning to stand up comedy. Fear not, we also have a fresh helping of celebrity gossip! Manscaped - Use code - STP20
24/11/211h 15m

S2 Ep38: Stephen Tries Is On Fire

This week we talk about Stephen working with Netflix, Max working with Gymshark and Ryan working Dave. We also have some great jokes about Planet Earth.  Beer 52 -
17/11/211h 19m

S2 Ep37: How Max Became A Gymshark Athlete

This week the boys are back in town to discuss time travel, filming for Netflix and of course Tom Looney's celebrity gossip. If that's not enough we also have a load of original segments and a great guest Manscaped - Use code - STP20
10/11/211h 17m

S2 Ep36: The Sidemen, Parties & Sucking Toes

This week we talk about filming with the Sidemen, getting drunk at an 8th birthday party and Paul Scholes breaking Twitter. We are also joined by a Knight of the realm for this special episode of the podcast.
03/11/211h 17m

S2 Ep35: We Went Dogging

As you can guess from the title, Joe is back in the podcast. We're talking about Adele, Batman and Stephen's beef with squirrels. There's also some great questions and as one segment ends, another one begins. Manscaped - Use code - STP20
27/10/211h 17m

S2 Ep34: The Scam Of The Century

This week we're talking about all the big guys: Salt Bae, the Newcastle takeover and probably the worst advertising campaign ever. We also have a great guest and (hopefully) the final Relax Max. Curve -
20/10/211h 18m

S2 Ep33: The 100K Special

It's the one you've all (or at least some of you) have been waiting for. It's the 100k special, with all your podcast favourites. We have loads of awards, guests and new segments Manscaped - Use code - STP20
13/10/213h 34m

S2 Ep32: The Most Shocking Story We've Heard

 This week we are joined by a special guest who doesn't have a Yorkshire accent. We also talk about birds, wings and Joe's dislocated shoulder story.
29/09/211h 11m

S2 Ep31: We're Going To Ibiza

Ahoy hoy! This week we speak about Come Dine With Me, the Met gala and drunkenly booking to go to Ibiza Air up - Get 15% off starter sets with code stephentries
22/09/211h 15m

S2 Ep30: Getting Embarrassed By A Stripper

This week we talk about Max's disaster of a dinner party, falling over at a wedding and embarrassing stripper stories
15/09/211h 8m

S2 Ep29: Stephen Tries: On The Road

This week we're talking about Kanye West, getting the sack and running over James Corden. We are also joined by a terrible guest and Dave returns to Stephen Lies Manscaped - Use code - STP20
08/09/211h 12m

S2 Ep28: What Makes Men Cry

This week we're talking about the real issues such as fudge sauce, Dirty Desmond and The Met Gala seating plan 
01/09/211h 14m

S2 Ep27: War, Hooligans and Throwing Stones At Germans

This week four beta males talk about everything from the Middle East to Ryan Reynolds. We have a whole host of great segments including a very controversial Stephen Lies 
25/08/211h 15m

S2 Ep26: One Must Go

This week on the podcast we are getting rid of the worst things in our lives (Not Joe, he's been at the bottom of a river for weeks). We also discuss Messi, prank calls and nobody turning up to our funeral Beer 52:
18/08/211h 17m

S2 Ep25: ChrisMD Ruined My Birthday

This week we have the return of fan favourite Ryan Lock. We discuss the X Factor, Olympics, Stephen's birthday surprise and so much more Beer 52:
11/08/211h 24m

S2 Ep24: The Devil's Anus & Dodgy Olympics

This week we discuss the Olympics and the dodgy traditions. We also discuss Max in A&E, Dave's trip and what not to do at a house party.
04/08/211h 15m

S2 Ep23: Going To Jail & Getting Tattoos

This week we talk about getting inked and getting clinked (put in prison basically but that didn't rhyme). We also have the return of IMax, sorry.
28/07/211h 10m

S2 Ep22: The Hangover

This week we talk about Stephen and Max's drunk podcast, what we wouldn't tell our partners and we meet Captain Fizz.
21/07/211h 14m

S2 Ep21: Dirty Dancing, England Losing & Pooing Yourself On Live TV

This week we talk about dancing erotically, going through your partners phone and pooing yourself on television Joe's charity -
14/07/211h 13m

S2 Ep20: It's Coming Home & Embarrassing Nightclub Photos

This week we discuss the possibility of England winning a game of football. We also talk about terrible nightclub pictures and dirty Matt Hancock Manscaped - Use code: STP
07/07/211h 13m

S2 Ep19: Getting Punched & The 3 Date Rule

Oh yeah baby, this week we talk about the 3 date rule, splitting bills, sitting on pies and of course Max's Euro round up.
30/06/211h 16m

S2 Ep18: Catching Covid, The Sidemen & Dodgy Searches

This week we're talking about Stephen catching a case...of covid. Also, filming with The Sidemen and Dave's dodgy history
23/06/211h 14m

S2 Ep17: How To Be Confident

This week we're talking all about confidence. How we've lacked it and had too much of it at times. We all discuss Max's love affair with his Nan Beer 52 -
07/06/211h 17m

S2 Ep16: The Most Embarrassing Moment

This week we're getting all embarrassed (no, there wasn't a confident female in the room). We discuss the times that we wanted the world to swallow us up.  Beer 52:
31/05/211h 15m

S2 Ep15: The Best Thing In Life That's Free

This week we're taking on Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson as we discuss whether the best things in life are actually free  Beer 52 -
24/05/211h 13m

S2 Ep14: The Most Dangerous Place On Earth

North Korea, Favelas, Max's bathroom after he's had a coffee. All of these can be pretty dangerous but listen closely as find the wildest place on this planet. 
17/05/211h 15m

S2 Ep13: The Most Hated Person

This week we're all putting forward our least favourite people on Earth. We also find out what makes a terrible person (it's not big ears and ginger hair) Manscaped - Use code - STP
10/05/211h 17m

S2 Ep12: What They DON'T Teach You At School

This week we talk about the topics that schools are too afraid to. Are we the real educators/entertainers/inspirers? Absolutely.
03/05/211h 16m

S2 Ep11: The North vs South debate

This week we get to the bottom of something big (not my batty) but something even wilder. It's the North vs South debate; who wins, you decide Babbel -  Use code: Stephen 
26/04/211h 14m

S2 Ep10: The Funniest Person Ever

Despite my best efforts, this week's podcast isn't a look back at my sketches. It is in fact a debate on who the greatest comedians of all time are Babbel - Use code: Stephen
19/04/211h 14m

S2 Ep9: The Cringiest Moment

This week we're talking about the cringiest moments we've witnessed and endured. We also have a bloody tasty guest joining us on the sofa  Babbel - Use code: STEPHEN
12/04/211h 17m

S2 Ep8: How To Change the World

Just a few guys putting the world to rights. This week Dave becomes Prime Minister and we get a very special visit for Easter Manscaped -  Use code: STP
05/04/211h 15m

S2 Ep7: The Weirdest Phobia | Stephen Tries Podcast S2EP7

This week we delve deep into what strange things unsettles humans. Whether it's peacocks, aggressive ice cream eaters or Joe Mcgrath...we discuss the lot.  BetterHelp -
29/03/211h 12m

S2 Ep6: What Is The Best Insult?

Listen up nerds. This week we're travelling far and wide to find the greatest insult known to man & woman. Strap yourselves in because it's going to be a bumpy ride Beer52 - Manscaped - Code STP
22/03/211h 15m

S2 Ep5: The Exciting Life of a YouTuber with WillNE

This week we're talking about YouTube, so who better to have on the podcast than William Jennifer Lenney?!  Beer 52 - Better Help -
15/03/211h 23m

S2 Ep4: Biggest Regrets

If you think this is a podcast all about the biro pens episode, then you are mistaken. We delve deep into our greatest anguishes from the past.  Manscaped:  Use code STEPHEN
08/03/211h 14m

S2 Ep3: The Worst Job In The World

This week we're talking about the worst jobs we've done (not podcast host). We also search the globe for terrible careers including dildo dippers.
01/03/211h 14m

S2 Ep2: The Greatest Feeling

This week we're talking about our feelings, specifically the best ones. From relief to the feel of new carpet, we discuss it all
22/02/211h 3m

S2 Ep1: Worst Dates & Pregnancies

We're back for series 2, i'm as shocked as you are. This week we're kicking off with a Valentine's special as we discuss the worst dates and even pregnancy
15/02/211h 9m

S1 Ep45: Stephen Tries: 2020

This week we take a look back at 2020 and the mess of a year it was. We'll be giving out awards, predicting the future and having a ruddy whale of a time. 
30/12/201h 16m

S1 Ep44: Stephen Tries: Christmas

Ho, ho, ho-ly smokes do we have a great podcast for you. All the gang are back for this Christmas special of the Stephen Tries Podcast. We discuss everything about the big day and we even have a visit from a very special man.  
23/12/201h 17m

S1 Ep43: Stephen Tries: Biro Pens

What's that I hear? Oh it's just us scraping the bottom of the barrel. This week we're talking all things PENS. If you make it past the 2 minute mark, you're a real one x 
16/12/201h 5m

S1 Ep42: Stephen Tries: Conspiracies III

This week we're uncovering more mysteries. What happened to the Titanic? Who built Stonehenge? And what's the deal with Dave's eye?  Manscaped and use code STEPHEN for 20% off
09/12/201h 10m

S1 Ep41: Stephen Tries: Fashion

This week we're talking all about Mussolini, Stalin and the bad one from Germany. I'm joking of course as we're actually talking about fashion, style and if Max will ever change his clothes... 

S1 Ep40: Stephen Tries: The 7 Wonders

This week i'm Stevie Wonder (but with the eyesight and without the talent). We create a new and improved version of the 7 wonders of the world, you're welcome
18/11/201h 11m

S1 Ep39: Stephen Tries: Death

This podcast is DEAD good lol. See what i did there?! Wow, and this is only the video description.  Beer 52 -
11/11/201h 16m

S1 Ep38: Stephen Tries: Substances

Your latest fix of podcast entertainment, inject it into your veins! This week we take a walk on the wild side, with some great features and a returning guest! A big thanks to Audio Always for having us Beer 52 -
04/11/201h 12m

S1 Ep37: Stephen Tries: Halloween

Ooh you must have knocked at my door because I have a real treat for you! This week we're covering all things scary and we even speak to someone from beyond the grave!
28/10/201h 12m

S1 Ep36: Stephen Tries: Friends

The one where we talk all things friendships. Get the flavoured water ready because this is a wild one. Including a special guest appearance from Pirate Pete himself
21/10/201h 13m

S1 Ep35: Stephen Tries: Romance

This week 4 studs discuss all things romance. Want to know how to be a virgin in your twenties?! Well you've come to the right place Beer 52 -
14/10/201h 11m

S1 Ep34: Stephen Tries: The Internet

The old gang is back together to talk all things internet. From hacking to whacking we cover the lot. With special guests and some great features x
07/10/201h 17m

S1 Ep33: Stephen Tries: History II

Welcome to part 2 of us hissing at tories. This week we go further back than a limbo champion who's feeling reflective. We have some great segments and a brand new Stephen Prize
30/09/201h 5m

S1 Ep32: Stephen Tries: History

Entertainers, inspirers and now educators. This week we're teaching you all about history; from the Roaring 20s to being boring in your 20s
23/09/201h 13m

S1 Ep31: Stephen Tries: Happiness

This week we're talking all things happy (not the song though, because that gets me proper down. Do better Pharrell). 
09/09/201h 7m

S1 Ep30: Stephen Tries: Acting

This week i'm joined by high profile actors such as: Tom Clooney, Dame Saggy Smith and Ryan Gozzyeye-ling
02/09/201h 11m

S1 Ep29: Stephen Tries: Great Britain

Four men take on four countries for your entertainment. With a whole host of great features and special guests
26/08/201h 15m

S1 Ep28: Stephen Tries: Family

This week Daddy Stephen, Papa Smith, Uncle Tom and baby David, discuss families. With special guests, new features and prizes!
19/08/201h 19m

S1 Ep27: Stephen Tries: Hobbies

This week we're talking all about hobbies. From cooking to cucking, we discuss the lot. With some great features and new competition, Stephen Prize
12/08/201h 8m

S1 Ep26: Stephen Tries: Fighting

This week we're talking about fighting but the only thing that's getting scrapped is Tom Looney. With a special guest appearance from Tom & Max's dads.
05/08/201h 19m

S1 Ep25: Stephen Tries: Money

This week we're talking all about money. From investments to inflation (and i don't mean Max's doll), we cover the lot. 
29/07/201h 16m

S1 Ep24: Stephen Tries: The Movies

This week we're taking on Hollywood. From red carpets to Great Danes we cover the lot (i won't say what in). With special guests and an even more special iMax
22/07/201h 8m

S1 Ep23: Stephen Tries: Beliefs

This week we're talking about beliefs. From fate to aliens we've seen it all. Maybe if you believe in miracles, then this won't be a waste of your time x
15/07/201h 18m

S1 Ep22: Stephen Tries: Crime

This week we're talking about crimes. From wearing crocs to mass murderers we cover the lot x
08/07/201h 10m

S1 Ep21: Stephen Tries: Fame

This week we're talking about fame. From my experiences of walking the red carpet to Max's experiences walking into lamp posts (owned by Craig David).
01/07/201h 15m

S1 Ep20: Stephen Tries: More Conspiracies

This week we're doing part 2 of our conspiracies podcast. Can Donald Trump time travel? And is Shakespeare a smelly fraud? Find out here Thank you to this week's sponsor Beer 52. Don't forget to go to
24/06/201h 13m

S1 Ep19: Stephen Tries: Conspiracies

This week we're talking all about conspiracy theories...or are we? Well we are and we have some mind blowing conversations, fantastic features and iMax.
17/06/201h 19m

S1 Ep18: Stephen Tries: Fear

This week we're talking all about our greatest fears, one of which is how scarily good this content is. We're joined by a whole host of characters and some fantastic features, enjoy x
27/05/201h 15m

S1 Ep17: Stephen Tries: Animals

This week we're trying animals, not sexually though, because that's frowned upon. Joined by special guests and more features than Snoop Dogg.
20/05/201h 19m

S1 Ep16: Stephen Tries: The Noughties

This week we're talking about the Noughties. From Beyonce to beyblades we've got it covered. With a guest appearance from Simon Kick and plenty of other features
13/05/201h 22m

S1 Ep15: Stephen Tries: Food

Ahoy hoy! This week we're talking about food, but you probably guessed that from the title. It's choc-full with features and a whacky guest... Did you see that choc pun?
06/05/201h 16m

S1 Ep14: Stephen Tries: Sports

This week 4 athletes discuss all things sports. From Sports Day, to losing a game of badminton to a (very talented) dwarf. We even have a very special guest, in the Manchester City Coach.
29/04/201h 14m

S1 Ep13: Stephen Tries: The Future

This week we're talking all about what the future holds (Not the rapper, i imagine it's a microphone)  So if you want to know what's in store for Summer 2038 then this is the one for you. With all the usual features and unusual guests Beer 52 -
22/04/201h 17m

S1 Ep12: Stephen Tries: Music

This week we're talking all things music. From Max's gcse performance to Stephen's love of grime. 
15/04/201h 4m

S1 Ep11: Stephen Tries: University

This week Stephen, Max, Dave and Tom are lecturing you all about their wild time at university. With Special guest Connor Dee making an appearance and the return of Tom Looney
08/04/201h 12m

S1 Ep10: Stephen Tries: Staying Alive

This week Stephen, Max, Dave and Cam discuss the virus, colonics and Howard from Halifax. With more features and guests, it's what the kids call 'a corker'
26/03/2039m 40s

S1 Ep9: Stephen Tries: Jobs

This week the Stephen, Max and Tom are joined by Cameron as they discuss jobs. From first days to firings we're covering the lot. Also, joined by guest Terence Cash.
17/03/201h 18m

S1 Ep8: Stephen Tries: Birthdays

This week the connoisseurs de culture are talking all about Birthdays. That's right, we discuss the topics others are too afraid to delve into. With Tom, Max, Dave and a whole bag full of features
10/03/201h 6m

S1 Ep7: Stephen Tries: Travel

This week Stephen, Max, Tom and Dave are discussing everything to do with travel. Oh yeah, we travel boy. Includes classic features like Put it To The Max
02/03/2052m 14s

S1 Ep6: Stephen Tries: School

This week we're talking everything to do with school. From trips to dodgy teachers, we've got the lot.
22/02/2045m 34s

S1 Ep5: Stephen Tries: Love

This week we are talking all things love, for this Valentine's day special. We have a special guest and everyone's favourite feature, iMax. We also host a live phone-in as we try and solve the public's love problems.
15/02/2055m 9s

4: Stephen Tries: Festivals

This week we're talking trips, bigger trips and tours!
16/06/1949m 47s

3: Stephen Tries: Dating

This week, four casanovas discuss love, dating and marriage. We also talk about the Oscars and pilonidal sinus. 
07/03/1955m 33s

2: Stephen Tries: Comedy

This week, we're talking all things comedy. From stand-up to plays to sketches we've failed at them all.
27/01/191h 10m

1: Stephen Tries: Clubbing

This week, 3 alphas are talking about clubbing, uni and Christmas
24/12/1852m 52s
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