Pete Wicks Just a Little Prick

Pete Wicks Just a Little Prick

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Tattoos are a brilliant form of self expression. They reveal people’s passions, traumas, and the time they got drunk in Benidorm. From tramp stamps to tribal tatts, Pete Wicks explores tattoos and what they represent in people’s lives. In this podcast, Pete speaks to people with extreme tattoos, celebrities with remarkable ink stories and the artists behind the craft.


S2 Ep 8: The Vamps' James Mcvey

For the final of S2 I speak to the brilliant James McVey from the Vamps. James talks to me all about his rise to fame in the band, his experience of being in the jungle on I'm A Celebrity and his battles with mental health issues. He also talks me through his very impressive array of ink.
28/03/2154m 9s

S2 Ep 7: Ryan Lanji

Ryan Lanji was the winning champion of Netflix's latest unscripted reality series 'The Big Flower Fight' and joins me to talk about his body of art. We chat about his career, his rise to fame and how an acid trip in Thailand led him to get his hands tattoed.
21/03/2145m 27s

S2 Ep 6: Saffron Barker

Social media sensation and Strictly Come Dancing star Saffron Barker joins me on this episode. From her favourite quotes to an empowering statement on her bikini line, Saffron talks me through her ink and we have a good old chat about her phenomenal rise to fame.

S2 Ep 4: Love Island's Alex Bowen

Today i'm speaking to one half of my most favourite Love Island couple, Alex Bowen. Alex talks about his experience of being on Love Island, meeting and falling in love with his Mrs, Liv and of course we chat through all of his ink.
07/03/2141m 36s

S2 Ep 4: Lauren Mahon

This week i'm delighted to welcome Lauren Mahon aka girl v cancer to my podcast. Lauren and I have a lot in common, we've both been on First Dates Hotel, we're both from Essex and we both swear like total troopers so strap in! Lauren has some brilliant ink stories, there's even one involving Liam Gallagher! Tune in for the stories behind her tatts and to hear more about her inspiring story of how to she overcame cancer and inspired a generation of women to check themselves on the reg.
28/02/2152m 12s

S2 Ep 3: MIC's Ollie Proudlock

Is Made In Chelsea's Ollie Proudlock the most romantic person of all time? He chats to me about his recent wedding and the ink on his body that's a tribute to his new wife. We also talk about his time on Made In Chelsea, his new business ventures and he walks me through his tattoos.
21/02/2150m 58s

S2 Ep 2: Tom Grennan

"If I actually had a question mark on my throat, you'd be a bit of a knob" ...Luckily Tom's is a back to front question mark!! Tune in to hear musician Tom Grennan talk Pete through his tatts, plus we'll learn more about how he came to find his voice and what inspired him to write his new album Evering Road.
14/02/2154m 13s

S2 Ep 1: Selling Sunset's Chrishell Stause

"All my tattoos are terrible but they all make me laugh". Strap in because the sweet girl next door you see on Selling Sunset is actually WILD. We've got accidental grape ink, kamikaze tattoo games and a wrist tattoo she got on a first and only date! This podcast was recorded in lockdown so we appreciate you bearing with the occasional smash, echo and bang! This podcast is sponsored by Fudge Professional. For 20% off use the code PRICK20
07/02/2136m 53s

S1 Ep 8: Doc Price

For the final episode of my podcast it felt only right to have the oldest tattoo artist in the world on to chat to me. Doc Price is 87 years old and has seen it all. We chat about how the tattoo industry has changed over the years and the strangest tattoos he’s done. Then he tattoos me, you’re not going to quite believe what I got! Sam Thompson & Lockie also share their reaction to my new ink! If you've enjoyed this series then please leave a comment on my Instagram, i'd love to hear from you.
19/05/2024m 26s

S1 Ep 7: Alice Perrin

For my penultimate episode I asked the lovely Alice Perrin from Tattoo Fixers to join me in the podcast studio. We chat about the beautiful art that she has created for her clients, why she likes tattooing women and the most shocking tattoo request she’s ever had.. I was left gobsmacked… I think it’s worse than Sketch's bumhole story - you’ve been warned! Head on over to @entalehq to listen!
12/05/2039m 19s

S1 Ep 6: James Lock AKA Lockie

Today Pete sits down with a man who doesn't need much of an introduction, his best friend James Lock AKA Lockie. If you've seen Lockie before, you're probably thinking: "He doesn't have tattoos, does he?" Well you're about to be surprised. Apparently what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas. To see all of the behind-the-scenes photos of Lockie's tatts, listen on the Entale app.
05/05/2023m 42s

S1 Ep 5: Tattoo Fails & Tattoo Lasering

This is a funny one guys. A while ago I called out on my stories to find people with the worst and funniest tattoo stories and I've interviewed some of the best ones on today’s podcast episode! I then decide who is worthy of getting their tattoo lasered off for free, so listen in to find out who I choose. I also pop by to Pulse Light Clinic to learn more about the process and try a bit of lasering myself - ouch!
28/04/2029m 56s

S1 Ep 4: Kris Hallenga

At just 23 years old Kris Hallenga was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. Kris realised that so many young women aren’t aware that they too could get breast cancer, so she started a charity called CoppaFeel! while undergoing treatment! After having a mastectomy Kris decided to get a tattoo of a tightrope walker balancing along her chest as a way to celebrate rather than hide her scar. I can't wait for you all to hear this amazing and inspiring story.
21/04/2043m 53s

S1 Ep 3: Sketch

On this episode I speak to the brilliant Sketch who is one of the leading tattoo artists on E4s Tattoo Fixers. He chats to me about how he got discovered for the show and the ups and downs that have come with it. He also talks about his very own tattoo love story & shares with me some pretty outrageous tattoo stories. While this is going on Vee from last week's show is tattooing my leg and then once we finish the interview Sketch also tattoos me. All pictures will be shown during the episode - enjoy!
14/04/2043m 37s

S1 Ep 2: Vee Takaloo

Strap yourself in for a wild tattoo story today... this time from behind bars. Pete is talking all about prison tattoos with the award-winning tattooist, Vee Takaloo. Vee tells Pete about having to flee his birth country as a child, growing up in poverty and eventually landing himself in prison. While there, Vee learned how to tattoo and had to get creative with his equipment (his prison tattoo gun may or may not involve a toothbrush). Now on the outside, Vee's built two successful businesses for himself and is raking in the awards for his black and grey realism work. To see all of the behind-the-scenes photos of Vee's tatts, listen on the Entale app.
07/04/2048m 15s

S1 Ep 1: Sam Thompson

To kick things off, Pete sits down with his friend and Made in Chelsea star, Sam Thompson. Sam walks Pete through all his tattoos, sharing the stories behind them (and the regrets too). From an ex-girlfriend's initials to a suspicious looking wand, Sam's got plenty to discuss, and Pete got a putdown for it all. To see behind-the-scenes photos of all of the tatts Sam and Pete talk about in the episode, listen on the Entale app.
31/03/2040m 49s


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