The Hope We Hold

The Hope We Hold

By Jeremy & Jinger Vuolo

Hi! Welcome to the home for The Hope We Hold Podcast. You are invited to join us! Listen in as we explore how to find new hope, discuss life matters, and share practical and personal encouragement. Hosted by Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo, we hope you'll be uplifted, challenged, inspired, and equipped each week as we engage real-life issues from a biblical perspective.


Michelle Duggar and the Value of Friendship

How do you find, develop, and enjoy deep, rich friendships? Michelle Duggar is joining us to discuss genuine friendship and ways to go about cultivating those relationships that you want to last a lifetime.
30/12/2056m 12s

What We Love About Christmas

It’s a Christmas special for you! We have enlisted a few lovely people to chat with us about Christmastime. We’re covering traditions, what makes this time of year special, and a little behind the scenes of what life has looked like at the Vuolo house lately.
23/12/2048m 44s

How to Handle Hatred

We are covering a very touchy subject in this episode, something we all have had to deal with. Have you ever struggled with dislike or hatred for someone that you know you should love? Then this episode is one you should tune in to! Here are three quick and easy points on how to deal with the disdain, or even the hatred we can feel towards others.
16/12/2045m 10s

You Need a Mentor!

What precisely is mentoring, and what value should it hold in your life? Chuck Vuolo is our guest on this episode to share more about discipleship and the benefits that come from seeking guidance and deep connection within the Church.
09/12/2046m 59s

Hope in Poverty: Amor’s Story

We are partnering with Compassion International, to find sponsors for children who are much like Amor who shares her story in this episode. We have a goal of finding new sponsors for at least 100 children with this podcast. You have two options. The first is that right now, you can open up a text and send the word HOLD to 83393. You are going to get a text back with a picture of a child and a link. Click that link and follow the steps to start sponsoring. Or go to see a bonus video from this episode with more of our conversation, and then you can choose exactly which boy or girl you want to sponsor.
02/12/2057m 47s

Jordyn Duggar on Life as #18

This week’s co-host is none other than Jordyn Duggar! She is here to talk about growing up on TV, living life with 18 siblings, favorite places she’s been to, and so much more. Join us behind the scenes!
25/11/2038m 46s

Jeremy’s Testimony of Faith

What does faith look like when you’re raised in a Christian household? Do you experience the same struggles, doubts, and difficulties that others might face? Jeremy shares his personal testimony in this episode, from being raised in a Christian household, to getting arrested and what life beyond that moment looks like!
18/11/2045m 41s

Jinger's Story of Faith

Jinger shares her journey of faith and where her walk with the Lord has led her today. Talk with us about enjoying greater intimacy with Jesus Christ, and the loving freedom to be found by walking in faith. Jesus created you for purpose, don’t hesitate to learn more about the impact Christ can have on every aspect of your life.
11/11/2049m 34s

J&J Q&A: Can Jeremy Name All The Duggars Pt.2

You asked and we answered part two! Here is the second half of your most asked questions, along with a new behind-the-scenes look at real-life with our little family.
04/11/2046m 32s

Being Kind Like Christ: A Conversation with Tim Challies

The world can be an incredibly cruel place, and we don’t want to contribute to that ever-growing hate and anger. This is a conversation about wisdom, kindness, and how we can function in an increasingly polarizing world. Not only politically, but socially and spiritually within the church, within our own homes, and in a way that reflects the gentle compassion of Christ. To learn more about Tim check out his website at:
28/10/2046m 40s

Making Gratitude a Habit

Are you creating a culture of healthy gratitude? Learn how to deepen and strengthen your relationships, all through a simple but meaningful practice that just might be life changing.
21/10/2037m 17s

How You Can Find Purpose in Life: A Conversation with Diana Vuolo

Every person goes through life-changing seasons at some point on their journey. Are you at a crossroads in your life right now, or preparing for one in the near future? Time is a gift that God gives to every one of us, but it is constantly passing by and we can’t get it back. How do we find both personal and purposeful calling in each season of life? Tune in to hear more!
14/10/2040m 41s

J&J Q&A: You Asked, We Answered!

Tune in to an interactive Q & A episode! We're answering your most often asked questions and more. You'll get a behind the scenes look at the Vuolo family, and hear some of our real-life, everyday opinions. Join the conversation!
09/10/2046m 22s

Staying Focused in a World of Distraction: An Interview with Tony Reinke

Controversy in any form makes for a captivating spectacle, and the dangers and disadvantages surrounding the advancement of technology are no different. Join in for an insightful and life-changing interview with Tony Reike about politics, faith, and his second book, Competing Spectacles.
07/10/2055m 1s

Having Fun with Family: An Interview with Ben & Jessa Seewald

What does it look like to set a healthy environment at home for your kids? Ben and Jessa join us to discuss home life, and how we can be demonstrating the beauty of Jesus along with creating a place for our littles that will grow and inspire them in their faith.
23/09/2048m 17s

Handling Criticism Well

Having to deal with criticism is most likely something you’d not choose. Chances are, however, that you do prefer real, honest, genuine, helpful criticism and critique! Learning how to both give and receive criticism well can be difficult. So how do we do it?
16/09/2042m 4s

Peace in the Pandemic: An Interview with Austin T. Duncan

What does life look like for you beyond the year 2020? If you are reflecting on the last few months and feel discouraged, disappointed, or let down, this episode is for you. This interview is with Austin T. Duncan, who brings a message that we trust will uplift, embolden, and give you new hope.
09/09/2039m 40s

God, Greed, & the Prosperity Gospel: An Interview with Costi Hinn

What drives people towards the prosperity gospel? It’s an unquenchable thirst for hope. Costi Hinn joins us in this episode to talk about the appeal of the prosperity gospel, the abuse it requires, and the real hope and healing that is found in Jesus Christ and the biblical gospel.
02/09/2051m 21s

Skateboards, Divorce, and English Accents: An Interview with Brian & Tracy Sumner

Join in listening to podcast guests Brian and Tracy Sumner as they take you behind the scenes of their fascinating journey. Their story is filled throughout with redemption, God’s grace, and incredible healing faith. You will be encouraged and challenged by their testimony and inspired to walk out your own life in the victory of Jesus Christ.
26/08/2052m 23s

How We Communicate Matters

Relationships are built on communication, and it’s not enough to communicate, what you say and how you say is incredibly important. Good communication doesn’t come naturally, it’s an art, a craft, and something we should be growing in. Talk often, intentionally, and selflessly, draw other people out and you’ll discover that they’ll draw you out. Tune in for more!
19/08/2043m 47s

Faith, Fame, & Country Music: An Interview with Gabby Barrett & Cade Foehner

Join our conversation with Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner! Gabby came out with a #1 hit for Country Music, titled “I Hope”, which has reached double platinum. We're going behind the scenes, talking American Idol, falling in love, what faith in the entertainment industry looks like now, and so much more.
12/08/2044m 0s

Staying Encouraged While Single

What’s it like to navigate your single years as a Christian in a healthy, cheerful manner? We are sharing some encouragement and advice on how to remain content during the season you are in. Being single presents you with an array of challenges, just like marriage does! You can be building spiritually intentional relationships, practicing selflessness, and so much more during this time. Join the conversation!
05/08/2043m 0s

Suffering Courageously: An Interview with Joni Eareckson Tada

Tune in to our interview with Joni Eareckson Tada. She has survived over 50 years as a quadriplegic, and recently has been battling breast cancer. It is an honor to have a conversation with not only a hero of the Christian faith, but a woman we both look up to and are inspired by. Her unique story will move and encourage you, unlike anything else you’ve heard before.
29/07/2024m 28s

Finding Complete Forgiveness

Everywhere you look you can see pain, broken relationships, damaged feelings, and damaged people. You might have been feeling this way yourself lately? There is hope and healing even in your deepest, most unfair hurt. Living in resentment, enslaved to bitterness and anger only ends up hurting you. How can you forgive and freely move on to a peaceful, joy-filled life? Listen in to Finding Complete Forgiveness.
22/07/2022m 46s

People Are Interesting

Life can become so busy that we forget to truly see and care about other people. How do you keep exploring, discovering, and seeking? John Piper said once in a sermon, “Find people interesting. THEY ARE! We’re just busy. And so we don’t take the time.” Everybody has an incredible story to tell, are you too busy or uninterested to learn it? We’re here to discuss the purpose of pursuing intimate and intentional relationships.
15/07/2026m 26s

Is There Hope In Suffering

Join our conversation with guests Isaiah and Danielle Munoz. They share the powerful story of their daughter Amariah, who was diagnosed with leukemia at age 2. Isaiah and Danielle, being only young parents themselves, tell how their once terrifying new reality has since unfolded an incredible story of trust in Jesus Christ. Their journey is an amazing testimony of faith in the impossible!
08/07/2059m 31s

Let's Talk About Vacation

We can easily “over spiritualize” our lives and try to be more spiritual than Jesus! He saw the need for physical rest even when legitimate ministry opportunities abounded. We can so quickly overwork ourselves and neglect our loved ones - sometimes even our own relationship with God! - in the name of GOOD work. Don’t neglect the necessary things for good things. That might look like taking time away from all those great activities to be with the ones you care about! Taking a minute to recharge, to slow down, to be reacquainted with your loved ones.
01/07/2025m 25s

Living Worry Free

Anxiety is found everywhere in today's world! We have so much constantly on our minds, and this year has certainly brought an extra amount of fear and stress. A pandemic, job safety, health, relationships, politics, what do we do with the overwhelming emotions that come along with all of that? You can walk without fear, in fact we can face our stress and anxiety together with the power and confidence found in Christ Jesus! How do we do that? Tune in to this episode to find out more!
24/06/2021m 51s

Generous like Jesus

Christian generosity is a spiritual gift, and it’s not just about giving people money! Time, energy, counsel, prayers, and the list goes on, generous people don’t only give when asked or demanded. How can you grow in generosity? Here are a few ways to increasingly reflect Christ’s generosity in your own life.
17/06/2019m 36s

Do You Know Your Neighbor?

Hospitality is more than simply having guests over to your house. People will know if you really care about them, and hospitality is about showing people love. It’s an open-arms invitation, it’s selflessly inviting people into our world, into our homes. We’ve been invited into the family of God, and showing hospitality to others is an extension of the invitation we’ve received from Him.
10/06/2018m 33s

The Imago Dei

We are here to humbly discuss recent events, the death of George Floyd, and how we as Christians should be reacting. What does true compassion look like? Does Jesus understand our pain? Is there an offer of change that is big enough, strong enough, to save us from hatred, abuse, racism…to save us from sin? Join us in a reflective perspective of what a biblical, hopeful response might look like.
05/06/2016m 38s

What Is The Hope We Hold?

Join us for an introductory conversation on why we called this podcast The Hope We Hold. Where do you find encouragement and hope in a world so full of disappointment, hate, and sin? We are here to redefine the wishful thinking often associated with Hope, and give you an invitation into a life defined by peace.
05/06/2020m 48s
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