The James Smith Podcast

The James Smith Podcast

By James Smith

Everyday waffle from the fitness industry's no nonsense personal trainer.


#20 Fair Points? #11 Byron Bae, DMT & Vunerability

We're back! Brisbane, Vunerability, DMT, Byron Bae and getting laid after 9 years of no sex...
09/08/201h 14m

#19 Fair Points? #10 (Q&A Edition) With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

Thank you to everyone for your support so far, getting some incredible downloads and looking forward to doing more episodes.
26/07/201h 12m

#18 Fair Points? #9 With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

Botox, Porn, Penis sizes, Mental Health and "The Suss."
19/07/201h 18m

#17 Fair Points? #8 With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

Shagging your ex, hinge profiles, pineapple on pizza and much more. 
11/07/201h 18m

#16 Pour Quoi

In this podcast I talk about not just what, not just how but instead why I have done some of the things I have, hope you enjoy.
07/07/2026m 50s

#15 Fair Points? #7 With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

Rimming, Perfume, Lingerie and being present in the moment. Follow us on Instagram @fairpointspodcast
04/07/201h 9m

#14 Fair Points? #6 With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

Join us in the car this week to shoot the shit with the boys. No topic is off as we all go under the bous for the pouss.
27/06/201h 27m

#13 Fair Points? #5 With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

Few lads go under the bus, find out about my arrest, Ferris' X-Factor auditions and lots more.
20/06/201h 37m

#12 Competing, Diet Chat and Reverse Dieting with Holly Baxter

Today I have a candid chat with @hollytbaxter as we chat about all areas of competing, dieting in fitness.
19/06/2041m 36s

#11 Dispelling Bullsh*t with Layne Norton

In this episode we talk Reverse Dieting, BCAA supplementation and much more. Find Layne on socials with @biolayne
16/06/201h 4m

#10 Fair Points? #4 With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

Hold tight, this one is a big one. We talk about some very personal topics.
13/06/201h 41m

#9 Resilience with Ross Edgley

The great British swim, mindset, resilience, strategy and much more. Ross' book The Art of Resilience is out now. 
09/06/201h 10m

#8 Fair Points? #3 With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

This week we discuss mental health, racism, relationships and Sonny learns how to not nostril breathe into the microphone. 
07/06/201h 49m

#7 Fair Points? #2 With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

DMT, Magic Mushrooms, Hinge Swipes, George Floyd and Jeffrey Epstein Docco on Netflix
31/05/201h 22m

#6 Fair Points? #1 With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

Muslimimity, relationships and many more aspects are discussed with @ferris_l and @sonnywebstergb in this first of many new 'non fitness' podcasts coming.
25/05/201h 58m

#22 Home Training

Today I talk about the future and current landscape of home training. I express some of the issues I find surrounding comparisons and even explain a few lessons we can learn from 'The Last Dance' documentary. 
20/05/2025m 16s

#5 Jordan Syatt

We talk wrestling, jiu jitsu, content and lots more including how I once nearly traded my sister for 2 camels in Petra. 
30/04/2039m 59s

#21 Activity Trackers, Running & Becoming a Strava W*nker

Garmins, lessons from running, general tips and experiences of my weeks as an amateur runner during COVID19.
29/04/2026m 51s

#20 Mental Wealth during COVID-19

(Also available on YouTube on the 'James Smith Media' channel) In this podcast I speak about issues I've personally faced and ways I go about managing my own mental health during COVID-19. I also talk about false positivity and some things that are annoying me right now during self-isolation.
26/03/2041m 18s

#4 Paul Mort

Paul is a friend, mentor, peer and an integral player in my development from a gym floor PT to where I am today. We talk all things business, mental health and personal development.
28/01/2046m 24s

#19 Books

In this episode I talk through the books that changed my life to date.
13/01/201h 5m

#3 Ben Carpenter

This has to be one of my favourite podcasts ever dispelling many fitness fallacies with Ben Cokayne Carpenter, yeah that's his middle name.
16/10/191h 41m

#2 Lucy Lord & Diren Kartal

Today we're joined by Lord Lucy and Kiran Dartel 
04/10/1958m 17s

#18 Training vs Exercising

In this episode I explain the differences between exercising and training whilst also addressing the elephant in the room that being skinner does not mean sexier.
24/09/1939m 49s

#1 James Smith & Diren Kartal

Today's guest DIREN KARTAL creator of #NEATUP247
18/07/191h 13m

#17 Drugs

In this episode I discuss all the topics no one else will about modern day recreational and sport performance drugs.
09/07/1948m 38s

#16 Business & Work Life Balance

For the first time I talk openly about my ethics and morals surrounding professional work life and business. In this episode I disclose what I think are important for not only a good profession but a good life.
04/06/1945m 0s

#15 Measuring Body Fat

In this episode I talk about some flaws in modern means of measuring body fat and why these methodologies of measuring different areas of the body have gained such popularity.
16/05/1935m 42s

#14 Supplements

In this episode I give my honest personal opinion on an array of supplements often bought amongst the fitness industry.
03/05/1943m 11s

#13 Mental Wealth

One of my more difficult podcasts to speak about the issues we face in mental health. The reason for this was to be honest a big part of the grieving process for me of a team mate and friend who took their life last week. I want to show people that it's ok to speak up about it and I think it needs to be done more, so here's episode 13, enjoy. James
14/04/1940m 15s

#12 JSPT Laws of the Universe

In this episode I talk about some concepts and biases that are omnipresent not just in general life but in the fitness industry too.  I've released this one as an early episode - I don't expect you to take it all in at once, take your time listening to it.
26/03/1939m 55s

#11 Why We Lift

Today I talk about the details of why I believe resistance training trumps all in the world of fitness
22/03/1944m 27s

#10 Sleep, Stress, Sex, Relationships & Motivation…

Today I explain about the fundamental pillars often not spoken about for life, let alone dieting.
13/03/1942m 5s

#9 Did We Fuck Fitness?

Today I speak about what I consider to be hugely wrong in what we perceive we should aspire to look like in fitness.
05/03/1929m 44s

#8 Sonny Webster Forced To Retire From Competitive Weightlifting

Today Sonny and I talk about a shocking twist in the progression of his existing weightlifting ban imposed by UKAD
26/02/1930m 12s

#7 The James Smith Cookie Diet

In this episode I talk in depth about how it's easily plausible to get a client to lose 17.5lbs in 3 weeks eating cookies every day and without one single visit to the gym. 
20/02/1936m 33s

#6 Fat Loss For Females

In this episode I discuss female physiology and talk about why it's important for females, coaches and men all to understand different stages in the menstrual cycle and how it affects training in the gym and fat loss efforts.
01/02/1936m 34s

#5 "Influencer" Marketing

In this episode I speak freely about the negative impact social media influencers are having on younger generations and those struggling with being overweight. I give my no holds barred opinion on what we can do to prevent it doing more damage to our society and I'm sure the whole of Essex will not be happy either.
25/01/1925m 37s

#4 Who is James Smith PT?

In this podcast I talk about how I've gone from getting arrested at 13, kicked out of school at 15 and working in door to door sales at 20 all the way to being CEO of a multi million dollar fitness business before 30.
18/01/191h 6m

#3 Joe Wicks

In this episode I speak freely and openly about my honest personal opinion with regards to Joe and the history we have. I speak about current issues, trends and problems I see in the fitness industry.  These views are my own and not of the James Smith Academy Ltd. Enjoy
10/01/1929m 35s

#2 Sonny Webster's Drug Ban Uncovered

James hosts his first guest and friend Sonny Webster with co-host Diren Kartal. Sonny talks openly about his ban for the first time.
06/12/181h 16m

#1 Introduction

The introduction to The James Smith Podcast. James gives a brief overview about his new podcast. 
21/11/181m 21s
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