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The James Smith Podcast

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Everyday waffle from the fitness industry's no nonsense personal trainer.


David Robson - The Expectation Effect

David Robson is an award-winning science writer specialising in the extremes of the human brain, body and behaviour. After graduating with a degree in mathematics from Cambridge University, he worked as a features editor at New Scientist for five years, before moving to BBC Future, where he was a senior journalist for five years. His writing has also appeared in the Guardian, the Atlantic, Aeon, Men’s Health and many more outlets. In 2021, David received awards from the Association of British Science Writers and the UK Medical Journalists’ Association (MJA) for his writing on misinformation and risk communication during the COVID pandemic. In 2022, he won Mental Health Story of the Year at the MJA Annual Awards and was a finalist for the Best British Science Journalist of the Year Award from the ABSW. David’s first book, The Intelligence Trap, was published in 2019, and received worldwide media attention. His second book The Expectation Effect: How Your Mindset Can Transform Your Life, was published in the UK on 6 January 2022 and in the USA and Canada on 15 February 2022. It is “a journey through the cutting-edge science of how our mindset shapes every facet of our lives, revealing how your brain holds the keys to unlocking a better you”. The Expectation Effect was a BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week and won a British Psychological Society Book Award in the popular science category.
10/08/2345m 46s

How To Grow A YouTube Channel With Ed From FilmBooth

After listening to about 15 hours of Ed''s content in the last week, I asked him on for a chat on the podcast. Enjoy! Thanks for joining me  @FilmBooth   @creator-booth
12/06/2353m 45s

All Things Pre & Post Natal Training with Jen Dugard

To access Jen's resources please check out her websites & socials: Jen’s Website: Jen’s Instagram: Mum Safe:
09/05/2355m 34s

Dr. Layne Norton

Layne joins me face to face in Sydney and we crack open a beer and talk about a lot of different topics, none of many to do with fitness. 00:00:00 Intro 00:04:29 Fitness Expos and People Caring About Your Opinion 00:08:08 Social Media Longevity 00:23:53 Fake Social Media Personalities 00:30:36 Lying on Dating Profiles 00:34:38 Australia’s Rules & Drug Dappling 00:50:18 The Meaning of Life & Carrying on Family Lineage 00:58:36 Enjoying What You Do & Going Through Hard Things to Get Better 01:25:00 The Next Big Thing for Layne    Join Layne’s Physique Coaching Academy: Find Layne:
01/05/231h 28m

Rosey Davidson (@just_chill_mama) | Helping Families Sleep Better

Follow Rosey: Get Rosey’s Book & Other Resources: 00:00:00 Who Is Rosie Davidson 00:01:06 Parental Struggles, Support & Comparison 00:06:44 Screen Time & Learning 00:11:44 Sleeping Near Your Baby 00:17:24 Toddlers vs Babies 00:20:59 The Just Chill Baby Sleep Book 00:22:11 Sex in the First 12 Months 00:26:13 Settling Babies & Air Con 00:32:04 Travelling with Babies 00:36:11 Lineage & Empathy 00:39:27 Toddlers & Sleeping 00:51:07 Most Common Issues & Advice 00:55:29 Adoption
10/04/231h 2m

Dr Louise Newson - The Menopause Doctor

Dr. Louise Newson is a highly regarded menopause specialist and GP based in the UK. She has over 20 years of experience working in women's health, and has become a leading voice in the field of menopause care. Dr. Newson is committed to improving the quality of life for women experiencing menopause symptoms, and she works tirelessly to raise awareness about the importance of menopause education and support. Thanks for listening, James
03/04/231h 5m

Dr Shawn Baker

Dr. Shawn Baker is a renowned orthopedic surgeon, athlete, and advocate for the carnivore diet. He has a diverse and impressive background, having served as a combat trauma surgeon in Iraq and Afghanistan, a world-record holding athlete, and a successful entrepreneur. Dr. Baker has dedicated his life to improving the health and wellness of others, and he firmly believes that the carnivore diet is the best way to achieve optimal health. He has been following the carnivore diet for several years and has experienced significant health benefits, including increased energy, improved mental clarity, and enhanced physical performance. As a strong proponent of the carnivore diet, Dr. Baker has authored the book "The Carnivore Diet," which provides a comprehensive guide to this way of eating. He has also created an online community of like-minded individuals who are interested in the carnivore diet and are looking to improve their health and well-being. Thanks for listening
27/03/2355m 49s

David Grey Rehab

David Grey regularly rehabs some of the the best athletes in the world. He has delivered workshops and seminars internationally, and regularly consults with top Coaches & Therapists to help them get even better results with their own clients. Today he joins me on the podcast for a chat.
19/03/231h 10m

How & Why To Feed Your Dog A RAW DIET - Dr Conor Brady

I read one chapter of Dr Conor Brady's book and I knew I had to get him on the podcast, this is a MUST LISTEN for any dog owner, check out Dr Conor Brady's work on his website here:
12/03/231h 41m

Coach Mike Chadwick

Today I welcome Coach Mike Chadwick to the podcast, Mike is a former Paratrooper, Special Forces Support Group Operator and Royal Army Physical Training Corps Instructor a former guest to IFS, now a main speaker.  To find all things Mike Chadwick head to
06/03/231h 10m

Ben Carpenter

My MOST downloaded podcast of all time is with Ben Carpenter and he is BACK today joining me for our third podcast. Ben has just released a best selling book called 'Everything Fat Loss'. This is an amazing podcast and it will be available on iTunes , Spotify & YouTube. ENJOY! Find ben at @bdccarpenter on all socials. You can get a copy right now here:
26/02/231h 20m

Dog Mistakes We're ALL Making - Southend Dog Training

Today I'm joined by Adam Spivey of Southend Dog Training, with over 3 MILLION followers across social media, Adam has really created a massive following and influence over how people bring up their dogs properly. To see the rest of his content check out @southend dog training and his new book is now available on Amazon so please go check it out on the website and make sure you get yourself a copy.
13/02/231h 15m

Chris Williamson - Circumcision, Imposter Syndrome, Going Bald, Population Collapse & More

Chris Williamson, the genius host of the world renound Modern Wisdom Podcast joins me for a candid chat. Enjoy the episode it's on all platforms and YouTube if you wish to watch.  James
23/01/231h 27m

Zack George - The UK's Fittest Man

Zack George - (NOT THE DOG TRAINER) @zackgeorge
16/01/231h 19m

Fair Points Podcast - Smithy Finally Got His Dog, Qatar World Cup & How Best To Hide A Dead Body

Hello and thank you for returning to the fair points where Sonny Webster, Ferris Lambrabet and James Smith sit down to discuss what could be considered by many, to be a fair point. Thank you to everyone for listening, to watch this podcast please head to YouTube and PLEASE use the comments to give us topics for next week. James
09/12/221h 26m

Lucy Lord - Moving Back To Australia, My New Dog & Best Places To Eat in Sydney

Hello and welcome, today I welcome back fantastic bake and even better friend Lucy Lord. This podcast is also on youtube and I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did recording it.  Thanks for listening. James
27/11/221h 2m

Fair Points Podcast S3E1 - The Hot Chip Challenge, Smithy's PR & Sonny Is On A Diet!

Welcome to another episode of the Fair Points Podcast, this is episode 1 of season 3. 
14/11/221h 42m

Nedd Brockman - The Man Who Ran From Perth to Sydney

Nedd Brockmann RAN From PERTH to SYDNEY! Nedd Decided to run 4,000km across Australia and raised over $2,500,000 for Homelessness charities. He lost 11kg in weight, recovered on less than 3 hours sleep a night and inspired a nation. This is a truly inspiring podcast everyone should listen to. The charity Nedd ran for is #neddbrockmann
07/11/2256m 36s

Dizzee Rascal

Today Diren and I co-host Dizzee Rascal.  British musical legend Dizzee Rascal will mark the 20th anniversary of his ground-breaking debut album Boy In Da Corner with an iconic headline show at The O2 on 8 March 2023. Thanks for listening
17/10/221h 8m

Mat Fraser

What an honour to have Mat Fraser, World's Fittest man FIVE TIMES.  Mathew Edward Fraser  is a retired Canadian-American professional CrossFit athlete, competing from 2014 to 2020. Fraser is the first athlete to have won five CrossFit Games titles, winning the 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 CrossFit Games consecutively. To check out Mat's HWPO program check out  #matfraser #crossfit #jamessmithpt
03/10/221h 23m

Shaun Stafford

Today Shaun Stafford joins me on the podcast. This is a great episode and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did! @shaunstafford
27/09/221h 32m

Matt Does Fitness

05/07/221h 34m

#78 Dr Karan Rajan - Balancing Millions of Social Media Followers & Being a NHS Surgeon At The Same Time

Guys don't miss this epidsode with Dr Karan Rajan - also on YouTube Find him on your favourite social media channel his content is AWESOME! James @dr.karanr Tiktok
20/06/221h 31m

#77 Dr Sahil Patel - The Dangers of "Turkey Teeth"

Today I'm joined by one of London's leading cosmetic dentists to debunk fallacies, answer the most commonly asked questions and to bring awareness to young people what proceedure they're really having when having extreme dental work abroad.   Co-hosted by @direnkartal
07/06/221h 30m

#76 Fair Points Podcast - 500k New TikTok Followers in a WEEK, Amber Turd & Goodfellas

Cam sits in with us to talk about some of the most controversial opinions this podcast has ever had. Keep up to date @fairpointspodcast instagram
02/06/221h 43m

#75 Why Charles Oliveira Missed Weight - The Fight Dietitian Jordan Sullivan

Jordan Sullivan joins me back on the podcast to discuss the controversy over the weekend with Charles Oliveira, we also dispell lots of nonsense currently circling in the world and have a great yarn. Find him at @the_fightdietitian 
12/05/221h 6m

#74 Fair Points Podcast - Penis Sizes, Ferris' Confederate Flag & Why Cam Is Moving To UK To Find Love

Welcome back and join us on the Fair Points Podcast. Big Sexy Cam King sits in on this one to co-host and you can find us at @fairpointspodcast on Instagram.
07/05/221h 39m

#73 Sonny Webster

Today I'm joined for a catch up with good friend, podcast co host and GB Olympian @sonnywebstergb
06/05/2252m 7s

#72 The Inception of Budgy Smuggler with Adam Linforth

An episode close to heart, why Adam Linforth and his Budgy Smuggler team is looking to replace to eradicate the word 'Speedo' in the English language and 'free thighs' around the world.
01/05/2257m 45s

#71 Fair Points Podcast - Frankie Cocozza

Today we catch up with Sydney sider Frankie Cocozza many of you will know from Celebrity Big Brother & The X-Factor (@frankiecocozza), please like share & subscribe this episode and check out more episodes of the Fair Points by searching "Fair Points Podcast" on all platform. James
10/04/222h 7m

#70 Australian Strength Coach - Sebastian Oreb

Today I'm joined by friend, mentor and peer Sebastian Oreb. We talk all things from Boxing, Steroids & important training principles.
31/03/2252m 59s

#69 Fair Points Podcast Ft. Nathan from Love Island, Tinder Swindler & Love Languages

Find Nathan at @nathanjosephpt (original I know. Don't forget to like, subscribe and share.
11/02/221h 19m

#68 Fair Points Podcast - Stoicism, Fave xxx Genres & Sean McInroy Joins Us

Find Sean at @apexstrengthsociety and please share this podcast if you enjoyed it! 
01/02/221h 17m

#67 Fair Points Podcast - 'Big Sexy', After Life 3 & Quitting Your Job For A Better Life

Today we're joined by Cameron 'Big Sexy' King. Check out his Sydney based furniture venture at 
25/01/221h 1m

#66 Fair Points Podcast - Foot Fetishes, Air Fryers & Sonny's Hairline Returns

We're back, check us out on YouTube and also follow us on @fairpointspodcast.

#65 James Nestor - The Long Lost Art of Breathing Correctly

Today we have one of the most fascinating conversations surrounding how to breathe properly. This is a must listen episode. @mrjamesnestor
04/12/211h 4m

#64 Surviving Menopause with Dr Louise Newson

Today I welcome Sunday Times No1 Best Selling author of 'Preparing for the Peri-menopause and Menopause' Dr Louise Newson.  Check out her app This is a really important episode, I hope you enjoy it. 
26/11/2157m 34s

#63 Mark Bell

Mark Bell (with Nsima Inyang) operate the very popular podcast, Mark Bell’s Power Project. They talk on a variety of topics including training, nutrition, current events and general humor.   Available on iTunes, Spotify and Youtube.
09/11/211h 21m

#62 Zack Telander

Zack is a Olympic weight lifting coach and full-time YouTuber at the same time as being the toughest white belt I have ever rolled with - you'll enjoy this episode.  To see this episode of us in our fancy dress, head to YouTube.
02/11/211h 49m

#61 Jordan Syatt

I'm in Texas, I'm with Jordan Syatt face to face, we've been shooting guns, drinking beers and causing a mischief on the internet. We talk being Jewish, online trolls and much much more.  Also available on YouTube, Jordan's socials  @syattfitness
24/10/211h 24m

#60 Chris Williamson

Today joined by Chris Williamson and Diren Kartal co-hosts with me. You can find Chris on Instagram under @chriswillx and he has a tremendous podcast called 'Modern Wisdom'.
30/09/211h 26m

#59 Roger Gracie

Today Diren and I are honoured to welcome Roger Gracie, 10x world champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. @rogergracie
16/09/2158m 50s

#58 Fair Points - Ferris in Love, Sonny's transplant & still no visa for Smiths.

We're back @sonnywebstergb @ferris_l @fairpointspodcast
10/09/211h 21m

#57 Example

Today Diren and I welcome Example onto the podcast. Elliot is back from Australia doing a UK and has a BRAND NEW TRACK which is dropping tomorrow. Socials: @Example
02/09/211h 20m

#56 Rickson Gracie

Today I welcome on Rickson Gracie, one of BJJ's and Martial Arts' most influential legends of all time. I ask Rickson questions with regards to his latest NY Best Selling book 'Breathe'. Breathe is an autobiography of Rickson Gracie, a former jiu-jitsu champion and one of the best martial arts practitioners in the world today. Breathe details his upbringing in Brazil, his training, and his ethos in jiu-jitsu and life. @ricksongraciejj
30/08/2159m 46s

#55 Kae Kurd

Today I'm joined by stand up comedian Kae Kurd. This is an excellent conversation you won't want to miss. You can find Kae on socials @kaekurd
28/08/211h 40m

#54 Ben Carpenter

Ben Carpenter is back and we end up in one of the deepest and most thoughtful conversations surrounding mental health I could ever imagine possible. Find ben at @BDCcarpenter and he is also a speaker at which is happening in Battersea on the 28th August 2021
23/08/211h 55m

#53 Ffion Davies

Ffion Davies is a Welsh grappler and a Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) black belt who is widely regarded as one of the top featherweight competitors of her generation. Today she joins me on the podcast and we talk all things from jiu jitsu to business tricks many athletes are missing out on. Enjoy @fffioneira
20/08/211h 23m

#52 Braulio Estima

Today I welcome Braulio Estima who is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt World Champion and an ADCC open weight & super fight champion.  Diren and I went to Birmingham to drop in and see Braulio for this excellent podcast and then some not so competitive rolls, enjoy the episode. insta: @braulioestima
15/08/211h 4m

#51 Laviai Nielsen

Tokyo Olympian 400m Athlete Laviai Nielsen joins me today to discuss her experience competing for the first time at an Olympics this year at the Tokyo olympics.  This really is a must listen, this honestly is one of my favourite episodes to date, enjoy. Find Laviai (and social media) on instagram @laviai
11/08/211h 19m

#50 Mikhaila Peterson

After being a guest on Mikhaila's podcast earlier this year I thought it would be a great idea to turn the conversation around to get Mikhaila to share her incredible story. We talk about a wide variety fo things from her crazy early years all the way to drugs, nootropics and diet. Find her on Instagram @mikhailapeterson, check out her podcast, YouTube from just searching her name.
09/08/2153m 48s

#49 Diren Kartal 3.0

Today Diren joins me to not only catch up the last 6 months but to put to bed some very controversial subjects from this week.
04/08/211h 14m

#48 George Kruis

Today I'm joined by British and Irish Lion & England Rugby and Former Saracens player George Kruis. We talk about rugby, sleep, performance, recovery and how CBD is a growing part in athlete's recovery. This episode is on YouTube, Spotify and iTunes. Check out FourFive CBD at
02/08/211h 14m

#47 Paul Olima

Today joined by self proclaimed "black zeus" Paul Olima. Former professional footballer, professional rugby player and professional model.   Paul is one of my best friends and I'm sure you'll join in laughing with us in what is one of my favourite podcasts to date.
23/07/211h 26m

#46 Jordan Sullivan - The Fight Dietitian

Today joined by the very knowledgeable Jordan Sullivan - we talk all things weight manipulation, strategies for better performance in training and lots more, this is a corker - also available on YouTube - 'James Smith Media'
18/05/211h 18m

#45 Ant Middleton

Today I'm joined by Ant Middleton, Multiple times best selling author and also Sunday Times #1 Best Selling Author with well over a million copies of his books sold worldwide.  You can find Ant at @antmiddleton and this episode is available on YouTube too if you search 'James Smith Media'
09/05/211h 46m

#44 Fair Points - Ramadan, Prenups & Diren's first Mushroom Trip...

Diren joins us before heading back to the UK, we have a fun filled episode covering the best Ramadan protocol to what it's like to take magic mushrooms 🍄  ENJOY @fairpointspodcast
15/04/211h 19m

#43 Paul Mort - 'Will Save Your Life'

Paul Mort, friend, mentor and all round good bloke joins me again on the podcast. We discuss mental health, current issues lots of people are facing and his new audiobook 'Paul Mort - I can save your life'. Lots of nuggets in this one, don't miss out.   @paulmort1
09/03/211h 11m

#42 Fair Points Podcast - Friends Dating Exes, Cricket vs Football and Ferris' Kitchen Sink (ft Diren Kartal)

Cricket vs Football, Mates Dating Your Exes, Space vs Religion under the boooouus we go. 
06/03/211h 52m

#41 Shona Vertue

Shona puts me under some heat talking about attachment theory, dating, intimacy and lots of other topics I'm sure you guys will find very interesting. @shona_vertue
05/03/211h 23m

#40 Erin McNaught

Today Erin McNaught joins Diren and I to talk about Miss Universe pageant, being Miss Australia, what it's like on SAS Australia and what Donald Trump is like in person (plus much more.) 
15/02/211h 13m

#39 Example

Today Diren and I are joined by musician, singer, songwriter, rapper and producer. Today Diren and I are joined b musician, singer, songwriter, rapper and producer. His name arose due to his initials being E.G., which is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase exempli gratia ("for example").
13/02/211h 13m

#38 BMI, HAES & Mental Health with Dr Mike the II

@Drmikethe2nd on instagram.
12/02/211h 15m

#37 James & Diren on the road...

We're in Noosa talking about the upcoming tour, life on the road and some Q&A from the listeners.
06/02/211h 4m

#36 Diren Kartal Returns

Diren is out of quarantine and today we just shoot the shit on life back in Australia. 
22/01/211h 3m

#35 Izaak Michell

Today I'm joined by a future Brazilian Jiu Jitsu superstar Izaak Michell. Izaak is one of my instructors in No-Gi and is making waves on the competition circuit taking names. Izaak has experience training with the 'Danaher Death Squad' and brings some of his insights to the podcast in this episode. Great listen. @izaakmichellbjj
14/01/2158m 13s

#34 Lachy Rowston

Today I'm joined by friend, business acquaintant, and part time workout buddy Lachy Rowston. Lachy is a gym owner, podcast host, entrepreneur and is one of few Australian men who can handle British banter.  We talk about WHOOP bands and his promo code for a discount is: MMPFF (it's not a promotion, I literally used it ordering mine)
12/01/211h 52m

#33 Lucy Lord Returns

Today Lucy Lord joins me for a candid chat in her kitchen about her new book, life out of quarantine and general chit chat from LSD to my ex girlfriends.
07/01/211h 11m

#32 Introducing the Housemates (aka The Bronte Boys)

Meet the housemates today as we talk about favourite sex positions, how to break up with someone, who has the worst lid and much more. 
19/12/201h 12m

#31 Jay Morton (former SAS Legend)

Delighted to have Jay on this week who many of you will recognise from SAS Who Dares Wins. We have a great chat and you can find him at @jay__morton on social media.
10/11/201h 19m

#30 James Clear (Atomic Habits)

Today I'm joined by New York Times Best Selling Author James Clear. James has sold over a Million copies of his book "atomic habits". It's a great chat and I'm very fortunate to have him on. Enjoy
26/10/201h 2m

#29 Fair Points #18 Sonny Webbed Feet & Fair Prays

Absolute corker from the boys this week. 
25/10/201h 12m

#28 Fair Points #17 Two Truths, One Lie...

Find out what a Blumpkin is, why you never want to actually know and much more.
17/10/201h 10m

#27 Fair Points #16 Tossing the Salad, Octopus Friends & Sex Ed with your Parents...

Another belter, enjoy, also on YouTube under 'James Smith Media'
26/09/201h 25m

#26 Fair Points #15 Social Dilemmas, Space Facts, Covid Nonsense & Sonny's 200

Just chatting about stuff, watch us on YouTube 'James Smith Media'
20/09/201h 32m

#25 NALC Audiobook Recording FINISHED & Q&A

Just having a chat, that's it. 
19/09/2029m 1s

#24 Fair Points #14 Weirdest Sexual Fantasies Revealed, Also Afterlife, Shark Attacks and more...

This week we asked 6 different topics to the listeners from weirdest sexual fantasies, biggest turn offs and lots more. We hope you guys enjoy!  @fairpointspodcast
12/09/201h 6m

#23 Motivation, Gen Z vs Millennials And Why To Never Work An Extrinsic job

An open discussion on mental health, covid implications, life advice, my book tour and finished off with a Q&A. 45 mins, some could say succinct. 
07/09/2044m 30s

#22 Fair Points? #13 How to throw the kitchen sink in dating (Q&A edition)

Lots of questions answered in this fantastic Q&A episode and Ferris takes a roasting from James.
26/08/201h 1m

#21 Fair Points? #12 Is Ferris a Virgin? Moving Bae & Repelling Birds

Join us today for an absolute corker.
16/08/201h 13m

#20 Fair Points? #11 Byron Bae, DMT & Vunerability

We're back! Brisbane, Vunerability, DMT, Byron Bae and getting laid after 9 years of no sex...
09/08/201h 14m

#19 Fair Points? #10 (Q&A Edition) With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

Thank you to everyone for your support so far, getting some incredible downloads and looking forward to doing more episodes.
26/07/201h 12m

#18 Fair Points? #9 With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

Botox, Porn, Penis sizes, Mental Health and "The Suss."
19/07/201h 18m

#17 Fair Points? #8 With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

Shagging your ex, hinge profiles, pineapple on pizza and much more. 
11/07/201h 18m

#16 Pour Quoi

In this podcast I talk about not just what, not just how but instead why I have done some of the things I have, hope you enjoy.
07/07/2026m 50s

#15 Fair Points? #7 With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

Rimming, Perfume, Lingerie and being present in the moment. Follow us on Instagram @fairpointspodcast
04/07/201h 9m

#14 Fair Points? #6 With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

Join us in the car this week to shoot the shit with the boys. No topic is off as we all go under the bous for the pouss.
27/06/201h 27m

#13 Fair Points? #5 With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

Few lads go under the bus, find out about my arrest, Ferris' X-Factor auditions and lots more.
20/06/201h 37m

#12 Competing, Diet Chat and Reverse Dieting with Holly Baxter

Today I have a candid chat with @hollytbaxter as we chat about all areas of competing, dieting in fitness.
19/06/2041m 36s

#11 Dispelling Bullsh*t with Layne Norton

In this episode we talk Reverse Dieting, BCAA supplementation and much more. Find Layne on socials with @biolayne
16/06/201h 4m

#10 Fair Points? #4 With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

Hold tight, this one is a big one. We talk about some very personal topics.
13/06/201h 41m

#9 Resilience with Ross Edgley

The great British swim, mindset, resilience, strategy and much more. Ross' book The Art of Resilience is out now. 
09/06/201h 10m

#8 Fair Points? #3 With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

This week we discuss mental health, racism, relationships and Sonny learns how to not nostril breathe into the microphone. 
07/06/201h 49m

#7 Fair Points? #2 With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

DMT, Magic Mushrooms, Hinge Swipes, George Floyd and Jeffrey Epstein Docco on Netflix
31/05/201h 22m

#6 Fair Points? #1 With Sonny Webster and Ferris Lamrabet

Muslimimity, relationships and many more aspects are discussed with @ferris_l and @sonnywebstergb in this first of many new 'non fitness' podcasts coming.
25/05/201h 58m

#22 Home Training

Today I talk about the future and current landscape of home training. I express some of the issues I find surrounding comparisons and even explain a few lessons we can learn from 'The Last Dance' documentary. 
20/05/2025m 16s

#5 Jordan Syatt

We talk wrestling, jiu jitsu, content and lots more including how I once nearly traded my sister for 2 camels in Petra. 
30/04/2039m 59s

#21 Activity Trackers, Running & Becoming a Strava W*nker

Garmins, lessons from running, general tips and experiences of my weeks as an amateur runner during COVID19.
29/04/2026m 51s

#20 Mental Wealth during COVID-19

(Also available on YouTube on the 'James Smith Media' channel) In this podcast I speak about issues I've personally faced and ways I go about managing my own mental health during COVID-19. I also talk about false positivity and some things that are annoying me right now during self-isolation.
26/03/2041m 18s

#4 Paul Mort

Paul is a friend, mentor, peer and an integral player in my development from a gym floor PT to where I am today. We talk all things business, mental health and personal development.
28/01/2046m 24s

#19 Books

In this episode I talk through the books that changed my life to date.
13/01/201h 5m

#3 Ben Carpenter

This has to be one of my favourite podcasts ever dispelling many fitness fallacies with Ben Cokayne Carpenter, yeah that's his middle name.
16/10/191h 41m

#2 Lucy Lord & Diren Kartal

Today we're joined by Lord Lucy and Kiran Dartel 
04/10/1958m 17s

#18 Training vs Exercising

In this episode I explain the differences between exercising and training whilst also addressing the elephant in the room that being skinner does not mean sexier.
24/09/1939m 49s

#1 James Smith & Diren Kartal

Today's guest DIREN KARTAL creator of #NEATUP247
18/07/191h 13m

#17 Drugs

In this episode I discuss all the topics no one else will about modern day recreational and sport performance drugs.
09/07/1948m 38s

#16 Business & Work Life Balance

For the first time I talk openly about my ethics and morals surrounding professional work life and business. In this episode I disclose what I think are important for not only a good profession but a good life.
04/06/1945m 0s

#15 Measuring Body Fat

In this episode I talk about some flaws in modern means of measuring body fat and why these methodologies of measuring different areas of the body have gained such popularity.
16/05/1935m 42s

#14 Supplements

In this episode I give my honest personal opinion on an array of supplements often bought amongst the fitness industry.
03/05/1943m 11s

#13 Mental Wealth

One of my more difficult podcasts to speak about the issues we face in mental health. The reason for this was to be honest a big part of the grieving process for me of a team mate and friend who took their life last week. I want to show people that it's ok to speak up about it and I think it needs to be done more, so here's episode 13, enjoy. James
14/04/1940m 15s

#12 JSPT Laws of the Universe

In this episode I talk about some concepts and biases that are omnipresent not just in general life but in the fitness industry too.  I've released this one as an early episode - I don't expect you to take it all in at once, take your time listening to it.
26/03/1939m 55s

#11 Why We Lift

Today I talk about the details of why I believe resistance training trumps all in the world of fitness
22/03/1944m 27s

#10 Sleep, Stress, Sex, Relationships & Motivation…

Today I explain about the fundamental pillars often not spoken about for life, let alone dieting.
13/03/1942m 5s

#9 Did We Fuck Fitness?

Today I speak about what I consider to be hugely wrong in what we perceive we should aspire to look like in fitness.
05/03/1929m 44s

#8 Sonny Webster Forced To Retire From Competitive Weightlifting

Today Sonny and I talk about a shocking twist in the progression of his existing weightlifting ban imposed by UKAD
26/02/1930m 12s

#7 The James Smith Cookie Diet

In this episode I talk in depth about how it's easily plausible to get a client to lose 17.5lbs in 3 weeks eating cookies every day and without one single visit to the gym. 
20/02/1936m 33s

#6 Fat Loss For Females

In this episode I discuss female physiology and talk about why it's important for females, coaches and men all to understand different stages in the menstrual cycle and how it affects training in the gym and fat loss efforts.
01/02/1936m 34s

#5 "Influencer" Marketing

In this episode I speak freely about the negative impact social media influencers are having on younger generations and those struggling with being overweight. I give my no holds barred opinion on what we can do to prevent it doing more damage to our society and I'm sure the whole of Essex will not be happy either.
25/01/1925m 37s

#4 Who is James Smith PT?

In this podcast I talk about how I've gone from getting arrested at 13, kicked out of school at 15 and working in door to door sales at 20 all the way to being CEO of a multi million dollar fitness business before 30.
18/01/191h 6m

#2 Sonny Webster's Drug Ban Uncovered

James hosts his first guest and friend Sonny Webster with co-host Diren Kartal. Sonny talks openly about his ban for the first time.
06/12/181h 16m

#1 Introduction

The introduction to The James Smith Podcast. James gives a brief overview about his new podcast. 
21/11/181m 21s
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