Dating Straight

Dating Straight

By queerbait

Renowned lesbian Amy is pessimistic when it comes to love, and is a true believer in “nothing lasts forever.” And global twink Jack is as optimistic as they come, believing healthy, long-lasting relationships do exist - he just hasn’t found one yet. Here to make you laugh when you’re getting over an ex, and keep you in check when you fall in love after the first date, Amy and Jack will always give it to you straight.


E93 Dating Straight Got Cancelled

Here lies the last episode of Dating Straight. We will miss you all ️<3 Thank you to our sponsors!  Best Fiends: to download the game for FREE Better Help: for 10% off your first month  See for privacy information.
25/05/2125m 58s

E92 Cammie Scott Surprises Superfan Vane F. Pena

U-Hauling is a National Queer Emergency and Vane is here to continue on that legacy. Vane tells all about their cross country move to be with their new girlfriend, Alexis. Then we take a trip down memory lane and revisit our favorite gay couples of the past, and the devastating public breakups that plagued the gay community in 2016. Vane confesses that Cammie Scott is the blueprint for lesbians, and lucky for them, we have a huge surprise in store! See for privacy information.
18/05/2159m 44s

E91 Psychic Predicts The End Of Amy’s Relationship with Medium Chris Medina

Today we are joined by psychic medium Chris Medina, and he reads us to filth. He tells us all about our lives to come, including Jack’s inevitable sugar daddy, Amy’s doomed relationship and the future of Dating Straight. As skeptics, we aren’t afraid to call bullshit when need be, but ultimately the reading opened our third eyes.  Thank you to our sponsors!  Upstart: to lower your monthly payments Reliefband: promo code DATING for 20% off plus free shipping Aura Frames: promo code DATING for up tp $100 off Dipsea: for your 30-day free trial Follow Chris: @psychicchrism   See for privacy information.
11/05/211h 4m

E90 Addressing The TikToks with Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black is back again, and this time she has nothing to hide. We address the now infamous TikToks about Reba and Amy’s FWB situation that rocked 2018. Then Black tells all about the inspiration of her new single Personal, and how she had to be the heartbreaker for the first time. Since then, she has come out and stepped into her Dom phase, and we are here for it, Mommy. Thank you to our sponsors! Reliefband: code: DATING for 20% off + free shipping BetterHELP: for 10% off your first month Best Fiends: to download the game for FREE Curology: for a free 30-day trial Watch Rebecca's new video, "Personal": See for privacy information.
04/05/211h 3m

E89 Truth Or Drink with Emmy & Ian

Today we are joined by our younger and cooler counterparts, Ian Smith and Emmy Hartman, and the 21 year olds drink us under the table to assert their dominance. We answer your burning questions like “who is the worst internet person you’ve ever met?”, and “have you ever broken the law?” This inspires the pair to answer many questions we did not ask. This is the most chaotic episode we’ve ever made. Thank you to our sponsors: Dipsea - for a 30-day free trial Aura Frames - promo code: DATING for up to $100 off now until Mother’s Day Reliefband - promo code: DATING for 20% off + free shipping Upstart - to lower your monthly payments See for privacy information.
27/04/2158m 20s

E88 Why Avexis Went Public with Ava Palazzolo

Picture this. A pandemic. You and your girlfriend of 2 years are forced closer than ever before. Ava Capri Palazzolo shares how she and her girlfriend managed to be one of the few couples to make it through this panni. We then travel back to the beginning, and answer some questions about the time their relationship was a secret, and how the public and painful breakups of popular lesbian couples influenced their decision to stay private. We then do a deeper dive into how YouTube can impact a relationship, and why Avexis will never have a joint channel (unless they’re really strapped for cash).  Thank you to our sponsors! Curology: to unlock a free 30-day trial Better Help: for 10% off your first month Best Fiends: to download the game for free  Aura Frames: code DATING for up to $100 off now until Mother's Day.   See for privacy information.
20/04/211h 12m

E87 Break Up To Make Up with Bling Empire’s Kelly Mi Li

Newly single and ready-for-her-next-husband, Kelly Mi Li is here to tell all about her turbulent televised relationship, being self made, and creating the first all Asian led reality show in the US. Kelly shares the hardships that come with living your life in the public eye, as well as what it was like to receive criticisms from her friends on the show. Not only is Mi Li the fan favorite of Netflix’s Bling Empire, she is also the executive producer. Kelly is on her girl boss sh!t and isn’t stopping anytime soon. Thank you to our sponsors!  Curology: to unlock your 30-day free trial Upstart: to lower your monthly payments Reliefband: promo code DATING for 20% off plus free shipping Follow Kelly: @kellymili  See for privacy information.
13/04/2156m 26s

E85 First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage with Cammie and Taryn

Today the faces of the lesbian community are here to share the story of how they took their friendship to the next level. After 5 years of friendship, Taryn finally made the first move, denying Cam’s offer to be her bridesmaid and instead auditioning to be her bride. Taryn explains why she won’t be the one to propose, and the couple discusses their opposing views of what their wedding may look like. Next comes a baby in a baby carriage? Thank you to our sponsors!  Better Help: Get 10% off the first month at Curology: Get a free 30-day trial at  See for privacy information.
30/03/211h 38m

E84 Elle Mills And Amy Matched On Hinge Recently

Today Elle Mills is here to find out if she and Amy are a perfect match. After swiping right on not one, but TWO of each other’s profiles, we figure out what went wrong between the pair. Then we deep dive into the relationships that shaped us in to the gays we are today *cough* Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift *cough*. Elle then tells us a horror story about when she was sending flirty snaps to her straight friend, and how they’re recovering that friendship. Sounds like drama. I think we’re all ready for a hoe phase!  Thank you to our sponsors!  Best Fiends: Download Best Fiends FREE today on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Curology: Go to for a free 30-day trial, just pay for shipping and handling! See for privacy information.
23/03/2159m 52s

E83 Is Amy Still Single?

Well, it’s complicated. In the spirit of exposing Amy’s secret ex lover, the lesbian has decided to open up about her current dating situation. We ask the angels about how she really feels about her current bae, and what she’s going to do about it. As hard as she’s been trying to stay single, the heart wants what it wants! Thank you to our sponsor!  DIPSEA - Go to for your 30-day free trial See for privacy information.
16/03/211h 1m

E82 Sex, Money & Drugs with Myha'la from Industry on HBO

Sex. Drugs. Money. As the star of HBO’s Industry, Myha’la Herrold is familiar with these topics. We talk all about her sexcapades both on and off screen, her experience wearing a merkin, and fans who want to sponsor her pedicures. Before this, she hit the road with the Book of Mormon National Tour, explaining how it was received in Salt Lake City, home of the mormons. Through her success, her life has changed in more ways than one, securing both her bag and her man. See for privacy information.
09/03/2151m 18s

E81 Confronting Amy's Secret Ex Lover

Today we head down memory lane with one of Amy’s secret lovers, Somme. Somme recalls Amy’s confusing dating tactics, including mixed messages, encouraging a hook up between Somme and Amy’s friend, and the jealousy that ensued afterwards. You may be surprised to hear that our outro song ‘Broken Hearted Lovers’ was written about Somme & Amy’s complicated love affair. It doesn’t get more lesbian than this folks! Check out Somme! Broken Hearted Lovers YouTube: Spotify: Follow us on Social Media Listen: Spotify: Podcast App:   See for privacy information.
02/03/211h 2m

E79 Guess Who Drunk Called Their Ex 2 Days Ago with Sarah Baska & Chrvstel

Harry Styles' superfans Sarah Baska and Chrvstel are here to gossip about their exes. In this tell-all episode, the girls get into being newly single, the threat of Valentine's Day, and their fears of backsliding. We then get into the unforgettable night when Christel was on molly at a BlackPink concert. We round this episode out with the beautiful story about Sarah's claim to fame: "Harry Styles Makes Brunette B*tch Bust". Thank you to our sponsors! BETTERHELP: for 10% off your first month BEST FIENDS: DIPSEA: for your free 30 day trial CUROLOGY: for your free 30 day trial See for privacy information.
16/02/211h 3m

E78 Tell Me You’re Gay Without Telling Me You’re Gay with Sarah Schauer

Future Divorcée Sarah Schauer is here to spill their truth. Sarah takes us back to their Christian upbringing and how they didn’t even know being gay was an option, despite their obsession with the movie Stick It and being a Rose & Rosie stan. After a stint in a sorority, Sarah has discovered who they really are: a gay TikTok icon and non-binary legend. Never afraid to tell their truth, Sarah lets us in on their recently ended long-distance relationship, masturbation injury, and TikTok scandals. Thank you to our sponsors! FUNCTION OF BEAUTY: for 20% off your first order USUAL WINES: http://www.usualwines.comcode:DATING for $8 off your first order See for privacy information.
09/02/2148m 0s

E77 The Controversy of America’s Next Top Model with Miss J. Alexander

Runway Diva Coach Extraordinaire Miss J. is here to tell us what she really thinks about America’s Next Top Model. In hindsight, the show was as iconic as it was problematic. So we are excited to have our questions answered by one of the most fabulous members of the cast. We talk about about how she grew up in the toxic modeling industry, how that very industry informed the show, and how the business is changing today. Never in our lives have we yelled at a girl like this! Thank you to our sponsors! DIPSEA: for your free 30 day trial RELIEFBAND: http://www.reliefband.comcode: DATING for 20% off plus free shipping USUAL WINES: http://www.usualwines.comcode:DATING for $8 off your first order See for privacy information.
02/02/2151m 11s

E76 Opening Up About Our Body Image with Life Coach Kara Loewentheil

Have you ever felt dumb, ugly and unsuccessful? Well, you aren’t. Life coach Kara Loewentheil is here to help us undo our learned patterns of self-criticism. Amy opens up about her struggles with weight and self worth, while Jack expresses his anxieties about being unemployed and moving back home with his parents. Kara teaches us about the dangers of societal expectations, and dares us to believe in ourselves. Beliefs change your actions! So start your positive affirmations and change your life right after you rate, review, subscribe <3! Thank you to our sponsors! EVERLANE: for 10% off your first order BEST FIENDS: USUAL WINES: code:DATING for $8 off your first order See for privacy information.
26/01/211h 3m

E75 Defaming Tyler Oakley with Ian is Ugly

Saddle Ranch insider Ian Ugly is here to roast every TikTokker on the internet and we are all ears. A baddie with many questionable interests, we finally get to know the man behind the meme. Ranging from defaming popular internet celebs to trolling The Hollywood Fix, Ian is always up for a superspreader event. We then quickly remember to touch on his relationship with a Thanks for supporting the LGBT, girl! Thank you to our sponsors! FUNCTION OF BEAUTY: for 20% off your first order BETTER HELP: for 10% off your first month USUAL WINES: code:DATING for $8 off your first order See for privacy information.
19/01/211h 8m

E74 My Husband Cheated On Me With My Best Friend with Jack’s Mom

You asked for a Moms Episode, and boy did Carrie Dodge deliver. Jack discovers some never before discussed family secrets and they’re more dramatic than we could have ever imagined. Believe it or not, before Dr. John, Carrie had another husband, and he was a cheating scumbag! Not only did he cheat on her with her married best friend, he left Carrie after getting the mistress pregnant. She reveals the story of how she found out and how that experience saved her from a life of infidelity. Share this episode with your mom and see what secrets you can find out! Thank you to our sponsors! DIPSEA: for your free 30 day trial RELIEFBAND: code: DATING for 20% off plus free shipping EVERLANE: for 10% off your first order BEST FIENDS: See for privacy information.
12/01/211h 7m

E73 We're Taking a Break

Just for a week! Haha see you next Tuesday. See for privacy information.
05/01/215m 21s

E72 Truth Or Drink with Amy’s Roommate Levi Bernhardt

He’s finally back folks! After spending the last three months traveling to South Korea and ditching Amy after living together for only three weeks, Levi Bernhardt is in the building. We spill so much tea about hooking up with past Dating Straight guests, feuds within the lesbian community, and who out of us three has boned the most people (it’s Jack). We’re so done with 2020 we said f*ck it let’s go off :) Happy New Year everyone. Thank you to our sponsors! EVERLANE: for 10% off your first order See for privacy information.
29/12/201h 11m

E71 Addressing Your Assumptions About Us with Ava Palazzolo

Triple threat (gay, pretty, famous) Ava Capri is here to answer your juiciest assumptions. Is she a heartbreaker? Is she dating Amy? Is her pug stinky? All will be revealed in today’s drama filled exposé. See for privacy information.
22/12/2059m 47s

E70 Jealousy? I Hardly Know Her! With Christian Leave

Soft boy Christian Leave is here today to brag all about his healthy relationship. However, he has enemies. Drew Phillips wrote in specifically to expose Leave’s toxic traits, and boy did he deliver. Christian then dishes all about his girlfriend, his recent travels to be in a COVID wedding, and we try to figure out his secret to anti-aging. Doctors hate him! Thank you to our sponsors! DIPSEA: for your free 30 day trial BETTERHELP: for 10% off your first month EVERLYWELL: code:DATING for 20% off an at-home lab test EVERLANE: for 10% off your first order See for privacy information.
15/12/2037m 43s

E69 Answering Your Lesbian Questions with Alexis G. Zall

Today we are here to give you what you can’t handle… The truth! In the form of a Q & Slay, the girlies come together to gossip about all things Happiest Season, guests we’d never allow on pod, and the best dates we’ve been on. We also catch up with the Bottom Master herself to see what she’s been up to and what her vibe is! Def listen :P Thank you to our sponsors! EVERLYWELL: code:DATING for 20% off an at-home lab test BETTERHELP: for 10% off your first month ISSUU: code:DATING for your free account or 50% your premium account USUAL WINES: code:DATING for $8 off your first order See for privacy information.
08/12/201h 11m

E68 And What’s Wrong With Being A F*ckin’ Bitch? With Ariana from Vanderpump Rules

Today we have one of the wokest cast members of Amy’s favorite messy show, Vanderpump Rules. Ariana lets us in on what’s real, who’s fake, and what it’s like having her sexuality questioned on national TV by her castmates. We ask Ariana how she could possibly maintain friendships with people she would never speak to again in the real world, and what it’s like working and living with your partner. And to answer the age old question, there is nothing wrong with being a f*ckin’ bitch. Thank you to our sponsors! BEST FIENDS: USUAL WINES: code:DATING for $8 off your first order See for privacy information.
01/12/2057m 53s

E67 I’ve Never Said This Out Loud with Taryn Arnold

Our friend Taryn is here today to tell us about her tumultuous and ongoing journey with religion and queerness. From coming out to her liberal parents as a conservative Christian to being exiled from her church for being gay, Taryn’s relationship with God is unexpected. Queen T opens up about almost being engaged to her hot boyfriend, but instead fell into our Dream Dyke relationship with the Original Lesbian, Cammie Scott. Most interestingly of all, we heard the virgin couple are waiting ‘til marriage! Happy for them <3 Thank you to our sponsors! DIPSEA: for your free 30 day trial BETTERHELP: for 10% off your first month USUAL WINES: code:DATING for $8 off your first order See for privacy information.
24/11/201h 2m

E66 Revealing Your Abnormal Secrets with Rebecca Black

Will the real Alyx Weiss please stand up! Today we take a deep dive into your personal lives to uncover that you have issues! From crushing on a pregnant coworker to your mom finding your n00dz, you’ve really done it all. You're not okay! We don’t claim you. Thank you to our sponsors! USUAL WINES: code:DATING for $8 off your first order EVERLYWELL: code:DATING for 20% off an at-home lab test See for privacy information.
17/11/201h 6m

E65 Simping For Grace & Mamrie with Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart

*Gay screams!!!!* Today we are joined by Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart to discuss how they made Jack a homosexual and inspired Amy to become a YouTuber. They talk Holy Trinity, their take on old YouTube vs new and their experiences with dating in the public eye. Someone pinch us, we can’t believe this is real. Thank you to our sponsors! BETTERHELP: for 10% off your first month ISSUU: code:DATING for your free account or 50% your premium account See for privacy information.
10/11/2059m 46s

E64 To All The Bi-s I’ve Loved Before with Carson McCalley

Eleven-Time Tony Nominated Carson McCalley is in bed with Jack today to discuss his queer identity and how that is informed by our collective inherited gay trauma. We also reminisce on that time we all came out to each other, and dissect exactly why Jarson has never taken their relationship to the next level. Hide your girls, hide your bi-s, cause Carson is conventionally attractive to all of us. Thank you to our sponsors! DIPSEA: for your free 30 day trial BEST FIENDS: See for privacy information.
03/11/201h 4m

E63 Just Kidding, That Was Acting :) with Average Fashion Blogger AKA Corny

You know what they say, third time’s a charm! After a deleted footage fiasco followed by a recording mishap, we really thought The Big Man Upstairs didn’t want this episode to happen. Lucky for us, today we have God-fearing Corny here to talk all things going viral, almost dying yesterday, and being born for the big screen. Someone get that girl off that horse and put her in a movie! Thank you to our sponsors! BETTER HELP: for 10% off your first month See for privacy information.

E62 Ex Best Friends Talk After 2 Years with Michael Burke

Amy’s ex-nemesis Michael Burke joins us today to discuss their dramatic falling out in 2015 after a road trip gone wrong. He’s here to rub his recent TikTok fame in her face and expose her dark side. Jack acts as therapist and takes us back to the beginning of their lovers’ quarrel. It all began with a mutual love of recently shunned Ellen Degeneres, fueled by a miscommunication that was never resolved, and ended with a court case that ruined their friendship. Damn Amy, what did you do to him... Thank you to our sponsors! DIPSEA: for your 30 day free trial. EVERLYWELL: CODE: dating for 20% off an EverlyWell at-home lab test ISSUU: CODE: dating for your FREE account or 50% off your premium account. See for privacy information.
20/10/2059m 45s

E61 Category Is… Truth! with Peppermint

Citizen of the world, Peppermint, is as wise as she is hilarious. She lets us in on her upbringing in the New York drag scene and her subsequent success on Drag Race. She shared her uncertainty about if the production team knew of her transness, and her experience coming out on the show. We later dive into her dating life as a trans woman, her addiction to f*ckboys, and how she keeps her fame secret from potential suitors. In our eyes, the number one queen is P-E-P-P-E-R-, bitch you know the rest! Thank you to our sponsors! Each and Every: - promo code: DATING for 30% off your first purchase BETTER HELP: for 10% off your first month See for privacy information.

E60 Transphobia in The Gay Community with Gia Gunn

Gia Gunn is here to open up about her story of self-discovery, both on and off-screen. She critiques her experience on Drag Race, RuPaul’s past transphobic comments, and feeling like the token trans woman on All Stars Season 4. She shares feelings of betrayal toward the gay community, why she stopped doing drag, and her controversial opinion on why the T should be removed from LGBT. This one gets deep. Thank you to our sponsors! BEST FIENDS: BROOKLINEN: - Promo Code: dating for 10% off your first order and free shipping See for privacy information.
06/10/201h 14m

E59 That’s Some Tea Right There with MarleneDizzle

A lotta people will be scared here, and she’ll name ‘em! Today we are here with Tik Tok mogul Marlene Dizzle of the Rosa Cinematic Universe. She makes us yell over her extremely unfortunate ex drama, exposes her new lover, and makes us jealous over her overnight riches! Open your purse! Thank you to our sponsors! EACH AND EVERY: - Promo Code: DATING for 30% off your first purchase. BETTER HELP: to get 10% off your first month See for privacy information.
29/09/2052m 53s

E58 I Fumbled The Ball On National Television with Laganja Estranja

Come on Dating Straight, let’s get sickening! Following her “intense” yet “magical” experience on Drag Race, Ganj breaks down and opens up about the long-lasting impact of the trauma she endured as a result of putting herself on the world’s stage. Our queen then explains how she took the good, the bad, and the ugly of her journey and used it to love herself and discover who she really is. Period. THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSOR: DIPSEA: for your 30 day free trial. See for privacy information.
22/09/201h 3m

E57 Karma Got It's Kiss For Me with Emmwee

Emmy Hartman comes from humble beginnings. A girl, balding, simply breaking down over the final straw: a ticket that stopped her from going to a Jon Bellion concert. Since then, she’s had a star-studded career. She’s been surprised by David Dobrik, witnessed Bryce Hall shit himself, and proposed to Billie Eilish. Someone call The Hollywood Fix, because Emmy Hartman gave us pink eye. Thank you to our sponsors! BETTER HELP: to get 10% off your first month. EACH AND EVERY: - Promo Code DATING for 30% off your first purchase. See for privacy information.
15/09/2056m 20s

E56 Newly Single with Kristen McAtee

Kristen McAtee is single for the first time in five years, and is ready to settle down with Niall Horan and Niall Horan only. She talks about her first encounters on a dating app for famous people, her thoughts on “the chase” and ultimately shades Amy for not loving herself. Kristen McAtee is the nastiest skank bitch we’ve ever met. Do not trust her. See for privacy information.
08/09/201h 8m

E55 Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! with Monique Heart

Dating Straight has finally broken into the world of Drag Race. And thank you Monique Heart for leaving us absolutely speechless in our most chaotic episode yet. Heart dishes about her “crazy buckwild sex on tour”, and explains, in great detail, the strangest dick she’s ever laid eyes on. And girl does not leave much up to the imagination. As we pick our jaws back up off the floor, we now can confirm: Monique has the “Ooo Ah Ah Sensation.” Thank you to our sponsors! GREEN CHEF: for $80 off your first month + free shipping on your first box EACH AND EVERY: - promo code: DATING for 30% off your first purchase See for privacy information.
01/09/2043m 54s

E54 Netflix & Spill with Too Hot To Handle’s Chloe Veitch

Fan fav Chloe from Too Hot To Handle is a riot. She juicily spills the off-camera drama that comes with living with sexy, desperate singles for 30 days straight and she doesn’t hold back. She talks about being called “the most annoying person on TV”, the tensions between cast mates, and finding out their true colors. Going from zero to one million followers in just one week, Chloe is now rich, AND she didn’t end up with a toxic man. We have to stan. Thank you to our sponsors! DIPSEA: for your 30 day free trial! See for privacy information.
25/08/2053m 4s

E53 Revealing Your Lesbian Secrets with Cammie Scott

Today we have our youngest guest yet! Cammie Scott is here to help us reveal your lesbian secrets. From exposing your girlfriends on several popular podcasts to having a thing for your ex’s ex, you inspire us to be better lesbos. While Cam might be Uneducated about most things, she certainly knows a lesbian when she sees one. And that’s on getting into long term monogamous relationships luv! Thank you to our sponsors! BETTER HELP: Go to for 10% off your first month! See for privacy information.
18/08/2057m 18s

E52 Boo, Bitch! with Em Schulz from ATWWD

Our dating podcast has slowly been turning into a Paranormal one, and now we have sealed the deal. Em Schulz of ‘And That’s Why We Drink’ is here to share their most chilling stories from growing up haunted. And let me tell you, it sounds traumatic. We also gag over our most unexplainable ghost encounters, which are less scary, but happened to us so we hate it here. Beware to the faint of heart, this episode is not for those who are afrai- LOOK BEHIND YOU. Thank you to our sponsors! BEST FIENDS: BROOKLINEN: to get 10% off your first order and free shipping when you use promo code DATING. See for privacy information.
11/08/201h 7m

E51 Heart To Break with Megan Batoon

Megan Batoon is a heartbreaker. 29 and single, she has only ever only ever brought one man home to meet the parents, explaining her inescapable feeling that a relationship just isn’t “it”. Jack can’t relate. In fact, Batoon recently had a FaceTime-date-gone-boring where she was saved by the blessing of “bad cell service”. Funnily enough, we had absolutely no problems talking to Megan for well over an hour! The world works in mysterious ways. Thank you to our sponsors: PURPLE MATTRESS: Visit for your limited time offer of 10% off any order of $200 or more! DIPSEA: Visit for your 30 day free trial! See for privacy information.
04/08/201h 11m

E50 Everything You Didn’t Know About Jessie Paege with Jessie Paege

Famous bisexual beast Jessie Paege doesn’t usually talk about her dating life online. But she opens up exclusively to us, two strangers she has never met, to let us in on some serious goss. She spills about the drama with her bae, her questioning using the “bisexual” label, and why girls stay better than boys. Then we play the most frustrating game of all time: rating the biphobic lines from the most problematic episode of Sex and the City. Carrie Bradshaw, watch your back! See for privacy information.
28/07/2054m 20s

E49 Questions For The Gays with Grace Kulenschmidt

Today we have on our first straight lesbian guest :) You’ve seen her on Tik Tok, you’ve seen her on Twitter, but you’ve never heard her like this. Grace opens up her gay awakening, starting with that one gay Skins episode she rewatched 100 times, and ending with her deep love for The Real L World (lesbian p0rn). Finally lesbian, Grace proved it by enterting a long distance, long term, on and off again relationship with a woman she is not astrologically compatible with. Thanks Grace for doing your part for the community by representing all of our stereotypes in one! Thank you to our sponsors! Visit and use promo code DATING80 for $80 off of your first month plus free shipping on your first box! Go to for your 30 day free trial of Dipsea's sexy stories and guided sessions! Visit and use promo code DATING for $150 off of any Purple mattress order of $1500 or more! Terms apply. See for privacy information.
21/07/201h 10m

E48 Addressing The Race Issue Between Lesbian Creators with Jade Fox

Jade Fox recently made a video calling out white lesbian YouTubers. Today we are picking her brain about what more we can do and looking at our responsibilities as white gay influencers. We speak about the response to her video, why black creators are paid less for the same work as their white counterparts, and how white people escape cancel culture. Thank you Jade for speaking up about an issue that people are afraid to address in the YouTube space. See for privacy information.
14/07/201h 5m

E47 Demisexuali-Tea with Miss Darcei

K-pop stans this one's for YOU!!! Today we have Miss Darcei reporting live (not live) from Canada to talk about all the things America is doing worse than Canada. We ask her about how the K-Poppers have become so influential and respected in the political revolution. We also discuss Darcei’s personal power in manifesting her perfect online boyfriend. She also opens up about identifying as demisexual, what that means, and how she figured this out for herself - via Tumblr! Anyway, stream How You Like That by BLACKPINK! Visit to donate! - Thank you to our sponsors! Download the must-play game BEST FIENDS for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play! Visit for 10% off of your first month and get matched with your own licensed professional therapist! See for privacy information.

E46 Read For Filth with Cosmo’s Astrologist Aliza Kelly

Will we ever date again? Are we too compatible for each other? Was Amy caught in a dating lie in this very episode? Yes, yes and duh. It was written in the stars that Amy should have a girlfriend by the end of 2020. Unfortunately, those same stars forgot to write a tall, nerdy, furry man into Jack’s lonely future. Aliza then answers your most savage astrology questions like “What the fuck is wrong with Geminis?” Oof. Donate to BLM! - Thank you to our sponsor, Purple Mattress! Visit and use code DATING for $150 off on a mattress order of $1500 or more. Terms apply. See for privacy information.
30/06/201h 1m

E45 The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For with Rose & Rosie

Where do we begin? At first glance, Rose and Rosie seem like a wholesome married couple living their cottagecore dreams in the English countryside. But, their history together tells a different story. From dating the same girl, to Rose stalking Rosie, their relationship has been filled with drama that we couldn’t even imagine. Yet somehow, The Roses have solidified themselves as the most stable couple in lesbian history. Sorry Ellen and Portia! See for privacy information.
23/06/201h 3m

E44 I Fell For My One Night Stand with MacDoesIt & His Mans

Meeting Mac’s lover is a thing that not many people can say they’ve done. But, we had the pleasure of spending almost the entire hour with Mr. Does It and his beau. We talk getting on each other’s nerves during quarantine, why you should date people with bad dating profiles, and how they turned a one night stand into a successful long distance relationship. These two are cuties, and Jack is jealous. See for privacy information.
16/06/2059m 21s

E41 Amy’s Crush on Alyx: Explained with Ayydubs

In an episode like none other, we have on Amy’s most recent crush: Alyx Weiss. All is revealed about the affair - how it began, how Alyx found out, and whether Amy should still hope to one day be Mrs. Ayymy Dubs. After the biggest confession of all, we then read some of your disgustin’ confessions. It’s mental illness innit! See for privacy information.
26/05/2055m 34s

E40 Meghan Loves Lesbians (???) with Meghan Rienks

Today we have our first straight person on the show in years. We hacked Meghan Rienks’ search history and her results were suspiciously lesbian. She admits that if being gay were a choice, she would certainly choose it but unfortunately for her, she has been in a happy relationship for five years. We talk couples therapy, her past of loving “pretentious assholes”, and her bright future of becoming a mommy blogger for monetary gain. Thanks for coming on the show, Beauty Dior :) See for privacy information.
19/05/201h 12m

E39 Stuck in Canada with Elle Mills

Elle Mills is actively not dating. So obviously, she has decided that if she doesn’t find love by the old (???) age of 28, she will marry her BFF. Having already been married once before, this is a threat we don’t take lightly. Mills tells us the real reason why she is so closed off to dating and Amy feels seen. Jack then reads Elle to filth via tarot and the angels held nothing back. E to the L to the L to the E. What does that spell? Emotionally unavailable. See for privacy information.
12/05/2059m 29s

E38 Emilia Has A Secret with Emilia Fart

Canada’s most outrageous lesbian is back to share what she’s been up to in the past year and it’s a lot. She no longer values her fame, can’t stand LA, and now has a super secret girlfriend - and they’re “wildly horny for each other”. We then ask Emilia to share her witchy powers and share sexual ghost encounter stories. Any spirits around? Let’s see that ghussy. See for privacy information.

E37 Joanna Hasn’t Seen Her Girlfriend in Two Months with Joanna Simon

After two years with her girlfriend, Joanna has accidentally found herself in a long distance relationship. You don’t often hear about lovers separating for quarantine, but Joanna is here to share why they really did it and how they’re coping with the separation. As the journalists we are, we asked the tough questions: Would you have survived as a couple in isolation? Do you guys phone bone? Have you ever hooked up with someone 10 years older than you? This whole episode will leave you thinking: what? See for privacy information.
28/04/2052m 45s

E36 Is A Pandemic A Reason To Text Your Ex? with Shan Boody and Jared Brady

If you’re looking for our usual toxic advice, this isn’t the episode for you. Due to popular demand, professional sexologist Shan Boody is joined today by her quaranting Jared Brady. Like a lot of people out there, Jack is closer than ever to reaching out to his ex, and we learn why this is totally normal and completely frowned upon. We also asked the couple how they are keeping things spicy during quarantine, and boy did they deliver. Tune in to our healthiest episode yet! For once, we aren’t here to enable you. See for privacy information.
21/04/2058m 21s

E35 From Long Distance To No Distance with Cammie Scott

Cammie Scott is a simp for her girlfriend and we couldn’t be more jealous. In this tell all, the queen of lesbians herself opens up about how quarantine has shifted her long distance relationship into a no distance relationship, and all the things the new couple has learned about each other as a result. All we know is that we would kill to be in isolation with a lover. Put a finger down if you’re lonely! See for privacy information.
14/04/201h 9m

E34 At Home with Alexis G. Zall & Ava Palazzolo

After viciously being slandered a “Drama Podcast” by Bitch Media, we are here to prove the rumors true. Well-known instigator Alexis G. Zall is back to rip our family-friendly show to shreds and taint our good names. Zall comes clean about quarantining at fellow sex symbol Ava Capri’s house and how they’ve been coping. We are then joined by Ava to hear her side, play a game of Personal Preference and also answer some of your most disturbing advice questions yet. Fuck y’all. See for privacy information.
07/04/2048m 16s

E33 Rebecca’s Coming Out! with Rebecca Black

Back, back, back again, Ms. Rebecca Black has a few things to get off her chest. In the most candid of her (count them) FOUR episodes she spills everything from coming out to her recent breakup with a… gorl. *GASP* Rebecca, why did you never tell us? Rebecca ironically wanted alone time, and oh how the universe listened. We then decided to share your socially distant confessions, and we just tested positive for thinking you’re all sick and twisted. See for privacy information.
31/03/2050m 47s

E32 And That's What You Missed On Glee with Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz

Gleeks assemble! Artie and Tina are in the building! And they are here to give us the real tea on what it was like filming the gayest show of all time: Glee. This on-screen couple remains best friends even without Mr. Schue’s acapella safe space. We talk about the problematic aspects of the show we didn’t notice until right now, including but not limited to making Jenna perform Gangnam Style, Kevin being in a wheelchair for 6 seasons, and Mr. Schue performing weekly sexy songs with a group of nerdy freshmen. Wowee… Anyway… All seasons streaming now on Netflix in case you lesbians miss Brittana. See for privacy information.
24/03/201h 5m

E31 Jealousy Is A Disease, Bitch! with Hannah Berner

What’s up Quarantinies. Before isolation, we had on Bravo’s very own Hannah Berner from Summer House! And she’s here to talk fuckboys, dating while being on a reality show, and how she got to be on one. We are jealous and it shows! Not only are we jealous, but Amy’s mental health is rapidly declining, and that shows too. Jack was sick (!!!) and who was to know what was coming for us all... Yikes... Anyway, stay safe, stay inside, and we are looking forward to sharing with you what dating in quarantine looks like. See for privacy information.

E30 U-Hauling After Three Weeks with Taylor Blake

Hey lesbians! The queen of U-Hauling is in the building. Taylor Blake has hopped off the plane at LAX and has fallen heart-first into the arms of her new lover, Bachelor’s Kristian Haggerty. The most polarizing member of Reality House Season 2 is finally sharing her side of the story, and it is juicy. To most, it would appear that Taylor has gone full lesbo, after moving in with her girlfriend of just 3 weeks. However, their history together runs deep, and now she is ready to tell the world. Welcome to Weho Taylor, watch out for shady bitches like us. See for privacy information.
10/03/201h 17m

E29 Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned with Our Dads

Today we present to you our most vulnerable episode yet. The men who know us the most have come to spill the tea on their favorite children. Papa Ordman, why is Amy so emotionally unavailable? Dr. Dodge, why is Jack so needy? Every question you have about your damaged hosts will be answered in this tell-all extravaganza. The two kings share their versions of our coming stories despite the protests of Jack and Amy. The Dating Straight Exposé is finally here, and it’s everything you’ve been wishing for. To the men who literally gave us life, we didn’t ask for this. See for privacy information.
03/03/201h 1m

E28 Being In A Band With Your Ex with MUNA

In an episode unlike any other, Jack and Amy LOSE CONTROL to the Queer Powerhouse that is MUNA. The band comes in and shares their 7 year journey together, during which they experienced a break up, band therapy and touring with Harry Styles. Strap yourselves in because this episode is as chaotic as it is iconic. Stan MUNA! We will always be your Number One Fan.  See for privacy information.
25/02/201h 5m

E27 Revealing Our Secrets with Ayydubs

Remember Ayydubs’ infamous Tinder series? Well it’s gone now. Deleted! Only to live on in your memory forever. Alyx exposes the real reason why she regrets creating the YouTube phenomenon “Filming With My Tinder Date”. We then reveal your craziest, most unhinged and bizarre secrets with ‘The Mogul of Confessions’ herself. Y’all mind if we judge you? See for privacy information.
18/02/201h 5m

E26 Andrea Wants Two Kids SOON with Andrea Russett

Where do we start, Andrea told us lit rally everything. Having just ended her time at the Reality House, Andrea has some choice words to share. In short, there’s always more to every story. She looks back on dating every YouTube bad boy in existence, and finally has come to her senses. After declining to be TV’s First ‘Bi Bachelorette’, she saw a future with her current boyfriend, and Andrea is ready for the next step. We talk marriage, (!!!!)  family planning (!!!!!!!!!!) and children’s names (GAG!!!!!!). Damn, we really are single... See for privacy information.
11/02/2059m 8s

E25 A Cry For Help with Olivia O'Brien and Drumaq

DON’T DATE OLIVIA O’BRIEN OR DRUMAQ. These professional sad girls will write bops that will rip you to shreds and perform them to your face at Coachella. This week on Dating Straight, Jack and Amy grill the two about their pasts of dating problematic men. Exhibit A: Not too long ago when Olivia kicked down Drew’s door only to find him cuddled up with his cheating ex. Exhibit B: O’Brien confesses her most toxic trait: being attracted to power, and wanting someone who can “put her in her place”. Exhibit C: The two label themselves as self-saboteurs when it comes to love. Watch out LA, these two IG baddies are not afraid of breaking your heart. See for privacy information.
04/02/201h 5m

E24 Scissor Sisters with Orion Carloto

Queers rejoice! Orion Carloto is here to spill all the juicy gossip about her dating herstory. The bisexual goddess, and sad girl poet is taking Tumblr to the next level with her upcoming book “Film For Her”. C’mon Lana! The Scissor Sister reads her most dramatic texts to a recent lover LIVE ON AIR. Omg… The goopery... And finally we cover the widely debated topic: Do men deserve pain? Let us know in a 5 star review. See for privacy information.
28/01/2056m 38s

E23 How To Seduce Twaimz with Levi Bernhardt

Levi Bernhardt is our Big Fat Crush. Having risen to fame back in 2015 through Twaimz’s iconic hit single “The Crush Song”, Levi is now breaking hearts around the globe. Some cowards like Amy only move once, but Bernhardt prefers to live his life nomadically - having lived in Oklahoma, Italy and now Korea. Despite keeping his private life off the internet, we pry out all the juicy gossip about his past crushes on both Joanna Simon and Alexis G. Zall. So Levi, can you be the Troy to our Gabriella? See for privacy information.
21/01/2056m 11s

E22 Revealing Your F*cked Up Dating Secrets with Rebecca Black

Today on Dating Straight, we couldn’t get Ayydubs, so we brought back Rebecca Black to reveal your deepest, darkest, most messed up secrets. From cheating on your girlfriend with your drug dealer, to having a threesome with a woman who became your wife, you little freaks almost made Amy have a heart attack with your drama, LIT-RALLY luv. The reviews are in, and critics have called y’all “desperate and embarrassing.” This episode is messy. You’re all a mess. We hate you. Bye. See for privacy information.
14/01/2056m 45s

E21 Why Lesbians Don’t Like Me with Kelsey Darragh: Cock Destroyer

Kelsey Darragh - queer icon - puts us in our place this week by sharing her first impressions of Dating Straight. Amy - a ‘Full Blown Lesbian’ - is allegedly ‘straight presenting’ and desperately wants to combat that heinous accusation. Jack is apparently a ‘Twink’, but the self-proclaimed Twotter labels Darragh a hater. We then discuss with Kelsey her experience selling feet pics for $250 a pop, her open relationship and raging bisexuality. Girl is an enigma, and this is an episode not to miss.  See for privacy information.
07/01/201h 9m

E20 The Vagina Diaries with Joanna Simon

On today’s episode of Dating Straight, we hop in a time machine and travel back to 2015 to have an intervention with mega-slut, Joanna Simon. She tells all about her days of flings with social media influencers, being a side chick, and hooking up with a past guest of the show. After shaving her coochie in a Pavillions bathroom on the eve of her birthday to hookup with a Vine star, Simon decided to hang up her wig and settle down with a nice butch. Fast forward to 2020, Joanna is hot as always and wiser than ever. Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for Joanna’s Vagina Diaries. See for privacy information.
31/12/1959m 33s

E19 Heartbreak, A Breakdown & Bisexuality With Elle Mills

On this episode of Dating Straight we address our very first scandal: Gabbie Hanna’s public appearance on the show. So, we brought in well-liked, anti-controversial Elle Mills to stand by us during this time of turmoil. Elle spills all about her and Dodie’s offline relationship, and the real reason Elle’s videos about her are now private. We also uncover who was the best kisser: Corinna, Dodie, or Zane? Welcome to LA, Elle! Beware of fake bitches like us! See for privacy information.
24/12/1950m 54s

E18 What If I’m The Monster? With Gabbie Hanna

You’ve heard of her, Gabbie Hanna is an internet sensation. Since her come up on Vine, Gabbie has publically struggled with dating. Today we talk all about her new and first public boyfriend and how he is handling the spotlight. Jack and Amy discuss with Gabbie rumors about her dating YouTubers, her cheating scandals, and STDs. We go through Gabbie’s music as a timeline of her dating life, and finally answer the age old question: What If I’m The Monster? See for privacy information.
17/12/1941m 8s

E17 Ava’s Coming Out! With Ava Palazzolo

Today on Dating Straight, Ava comes out! In a cinematic parallel to Ellen’s Time Magazine Cover, we find out that “Yep, She’s Queer!” We’re also being real today on the podcast, Jack coming out about finally getting his first STD, and Amy opening up about her recent encounter with a special fungi (which none of you should ever do). Ava dives deep into her dating history, having dated many, many men. We attack her about her down right stunning looks, being friends with all of her exes, and getting herself involved in countless love triangles. The rumors are true, she’s queer! Vagina? I hardly know her!  See for privacy information.
10/12/1959m 0s

E15 Is Amy Actually in a Throuple?

This week on Dating Straight, Amy clears up rumors that she is in a throuple, and Jack doesn’t believe her. We finish off the episode by discussing our opinions on “Love at First Vibe” and our “Types”. Amy only believes love exists between cats and humans, and Jack is ready to lock eyes with his future hubby. See for privacy information.
26/11/1950m 49s

E14 Long Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder with Cammie Scott

Cammie Scott invented lesbians. Having had only been single for a total of 6 months since she was 13, Cammie is well versed in being well, verse. This week on Dating Straight, we dive into Cammie’s first time with a girl, her countless long distance relationships, and her big move to Los Angeles, City of Gayngels. Amy and Jack thank Cammie for her service, having pioneered the way for the gay community. Femme lesbians, let me hear you make some noise! See for privacy information.
19/11/191h 9m

E13 Three Of Us Have Mug Shots with Drew Phillips and Enjajaja

This week Jack and Amy get together with a couple of the most elusive daters we’ve seen in Dating Straight history. Some may say that Drew and Enya are the more famous versions of Jack and Amy - and they’d be absolutely right. The crackheads dish about the times they’ve been detained, Enya’s beef with Tana Mongeau, and Drew’s ongoing case of identity theft. Madness luv, lit rally madness xx See for privacy information.
12/11/191h 3m

E12 Dating Straight Live with Rebecca Black

The HB-hoes are at it again, but this time, we are famous! Rebecca Black joins Jack and Amy for a very special live episode of Dating Straight for HBO’s new show, Mrs. Fletcher! The three discuss their sexual awakenings (scandal!) and reflect on their braces-filled first kisses. They also talk about the Kinsey Scale, wondering whether everyone is a little gay, and if therefore everyone is a little straight? Jack thinks he might be slightly straight, and Amy thinks he’s a bottom. Our first live show and we are LIVING! See for privacy information.
06/11/1944m 58s

E11 From Hoe to Housewife with Alexis G. Zall

Alexis G. Zall is a big fat virgin. Having been a total slut, yet never actually “losing” her “virginity”, Alexis delves into the depths of her vagina diaries over the years. Through a tarot card reading, we discover that fellow bottom, Jack, has a future of Unrequited Love. Who knew?! Amy knew. Alexis talks coming to the realization that she is in fact - a lesbian, having missed all of the clear cut signs. Who knew?! Amy knew. Zall opens up about her past of sucking dick, her present of being on her period, and her future of being a famous director. And that’s what’s been blowing up on the internet-- Zall good! See for privacy information.
29/10/1958m 49s

E10 Monogamy is a Disease with Mikey Murphy

Rise and Shine! The Pornhub Awards have come and gone, and Amy has been inspired by the only areola she’s seen in months. Jack spills a thrilling drama about a less-than-ideal NYC hookup in which he nearly lost his most prized possession: his AirPods. But most importantly - this week we have The World’s First E-Boy in studio - Mikey Murphy! He shares his thoughts on monogamy and why Jack would suck at it. We also talk dating in the public eye - something Amy obviously knows nothing about - all while Amy and Jack probe Mikey about his relationship with a secret lover! MonogaME!? It’s more likely than you’d think. See for privacy information.
22/10/1946m 39s

E9 Is Trisha Paytas a Trans Icon?

It’s just family tonight! On this episode of Dating Straight, Amy and Jack dive deep into the Trisha Paytas scandal, is he trolling or naw? We ask the age old question: WTF is Ellen doing? And most importantly, how did Amy and Jack meet? SPOILER ALERT: It was with the help of the one and only - Troye Sivan. These hard hitting questions, among others, are all discussed by your always ill-informed hosts. Feel free to respond/leave a hate comment in a 5-star review! See for privacy information.
15/10/1950m 24s

E8 The Truth About Euphoria’s Sex Scenes with Lukas Gage

You may know Lukas Gage from HBO’s Euphoria, where he portrays Tyler: professional punching bag, sex machine, and scared icon. Today, we dig deep into the show’s cast relationships, set drama, and not-so-sexy sex scenes. Lukas tells all about his character's infamous pool scene with Maddy, and wow, who knew kissing a fashion icon could be such tiring work? We play Ship or Shit,where we get a cast member’s take on the relationships of the show. So much tea spilled, HBO’s lawyers are quaking.  See for privacy information.
08/10/1926m 1s

E6 The Dick Days Are Over with Emilia Fart

Emilia Fart - a raging lesbian - is a self-proclaimed dick whisperer. And today on Dating Straight we are reminiscing on our most infamous hetero moments. Amy, the high school slut, once kissed every boy in the grade above. And Jack, gay to the bone, braided a girl’s hair once. Fart talks falling in love with her best friend, hooking up with roommates and losing her virginity to a man named… Box. Yes, really. See for privacy information.
24/09/1945m 7s

E5 Thought I Had Your Number Blocked with Remi Cruz

In a shock to no one, Amy is pulling bitches once again. The only problem is that this time it is with men. And then there's classic Jack, who is always wanting what he can’t have.Way to go, Jack! For this episode, Amy and Jack dive into their deepest and darkest relationship secrets; uncovering that Amy, to this day, keeps relationships from Jack, and Jack keeps relationships from his mom.  Our guest this week, RemLife, has checked her boundaries at the door, and will pick them up at 3:15 PM. Miss Remi Ashten talks clout demons, doing it for the content, and reveals new dating secrets previously kept from the world. Rem, your secret is safe with us. All of us. See for privacy information.
17/09/1935m 28s

E4 Don't Go Breaking My Heart with Gaby Dunn

Gaby Dunn knows exactly how to get through a break-up. She recommends some good ol' R&R: rebounds and more rebounds. Water signs, Amy and Jack, will happily take any information they can get- even if it's not 'technically' the healthiest approach. Gaby delves candidly into her latest break-up and the long term psychological effects it's had on her dog- Beans. She claims to have reached acceptance, but who can really say. And that ain't no lie, baby, Bi Bi Bi! See for privacy information.
10/09/1950m 6s

E3 Rebecca Black is Not A Virgin with Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black has boobs now. She’s the same girl we all know - but hotter. Amy and Jack catch up with the 22 year old Pop Star to talk Friday, her juiciest celebrity encounters, and of course - her most infamous one night stands. Amy spills how she has only had a single one night stand EVER (with a man), and Jack has had countless (also men). This may be difficult for tabloids to wrap their heads around, but everyone grows up - even Rebecca Black. See for privacy information.
03/09/1955m 15s

E2 "Does It LOOK Like I Came?" with Violet Benson

Today on Dating Straight we have the Clingy Queen, and inventor of Daddy Issues, Violet Benson. This episode is all about sex (and to our parents we sincerely apologize). Amy has had a threesome?! Jack once slept with a Trumpie?! Violet drops some of her secret bedroom tips, spills her wildest sex stories, and low-key flirts with Amy. It's a lot. If Amy and Jack didn't have daddy issues before, they sure do now. See for privacy information.
27/08/1941m 14s

E1 This Is Why I Don't Go On First Dates with Nick Viall

Our guest today, Nick Viall, was the ACTUAL Bachelor. The ultimate straight man, he once went on 30 first dates in a single evening, and he has a lot to say about them. Jack is also addicted to first dates - sometimes going on multiple in one day. Amy, picky and cautious, has gone on three first dates. Ever. We talk with Nick about the differences of dating before and after being The Bachelor, as well as quizzing him on who he remembers from his season. Nick, will you accept this rose? See for privacy information.
20/08/1943m 3s

E1 Dating Straight

Amy Ordman and Jack Dodge, your new gay best friends, are intrigued by one thing - the straight agenda. Love is hard and sometimes you just need a little advice; and the best advice comes from those who shouldn’t be giving it See for privacy information.
15/08/199m 20s
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