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Black Mums Upfront

By Black Mums Upfront

The Black Mums Upfront podcast is a weekly podcast fronted by 4 Black mothers who rarely agree on anything and always keep it honest….sometimes too honest. They give insight into their experience of modern day motherhood - with top tips, inspirational guests, insightful topics, eye-opening frankness and lots of laughter


4. Cumming of Age 🍆🍒

In this upfront episode we talk maths, masturbation and motherhood. In an attempt to understand our children better we put ourselves in their shoes and take a trip down memory lane to reflect on our own coming of age experiences (yikes). Do we approach the topic of sex differently with our sons to our daughters? Does gender affect our attitude to genitals? And should we be teaching our children about orgasms? Join us in this playful podcast as we discover how far us modern Black mothers have really come when it comes to cultural conditioning and rising above the patriarchy. Stimulating stuff. This podcast is bought to you by Black Mums Upfront and edited and mixed by Daniele Zazza. Hosts: Carina White - @brownstown29 Natalie Duvall - @natsduv Nana-Adwoa Mbeutcha - @nanaadwoambeutcha Endy Mckay - @from_da_endz
26/01/2155m 5s

3. Go Back To Where You Came From

Whilst some of us are going no further than the local Lidl, others are taking stock of their lives, following their instincts and relocating to the Caribbean. This episode we get upfront and personal with entrepreneur, and bestselling author and coach, Jessica Huie MBE. We caught up with the mum-of-two in Jamaica to discuss finding your purpose, living authentically and what happens when that means upping and leaving everything for a new life in a new continent. Jessica opens up about her decision to follow her heart - away from the rat race and towards the sun, sea and ackee and saltfish. This podcast is bought to you by Black Mums Upfront and edited and mixed by Daniele Zazza. Hosts: Carina White - @brownstown29 Natalie Duvall - @natsduv Nana-Adwoa Mbeutcha - @nanaadwoambeutcha Endy Mckay - @from_da_endz
19/01/2156m 24s

2. Are We Messing Up Our Kids?

This episode we are joined by BBC’s Mimi on a Mission - Digital Detox child therapist, Kemi Omijeh, as we explore parenting through a pandemic and the rising number of children who are experiencing mental health difficulties. We all know lockdown has been a testing time for us parents (*pass the wine) and 2020 has bought some challenging times for Black people (*raise the fist) but what about our children? Are they as resilient as we think? Join us as Kemi answers your questions and drops some serious gems on how to look out for, support and connect with young minds. Upfront Disclaimer: Parenting fails will feature heavily throughout. This podcast is bought to you by Black Mums Upfront and edited and mixed by Daniele Zazza.
13/01/211h 2m

1. New Year's Revolution

New year, new name, same purpose. We are going to be upfront, 2020 did some ass kickin’. Yet here we are, still standing, well sitting with our mics, keeping Black mothers firmly on the map in 2021. In this, our first episode as Black Mums Upfront - we talk difficult endings and new beginnings, when to stand strong, and why Black women aren’t playing small anymore. We also discuss our favourite vibrator setting and sing Lion King...Standard. There is strength in vulnerability so join us we bare all in this upfront and personal pod. This podcast is bought to you by Black Mums Upfront and edited and mixed by Daniele Zazza. Hosts  Natalie Duvall - @natsduv  Carina White - @brownstown29  Endy Mckay - @from_da_endz  Nana-Adwoa Mbeutcha - @nanaadwoambeutcha
05/01/2157m 9s

49. Christmas Confessions & Festive Farewells

Sponsored by Vistaprint. In this episode we share our Christmas confessions and their helpful(!) holiday season parenting tips. Discover which mum doesn’t buy presents for her children? Which mum told their two year old that Santa is a lie? And which mum spent one Christmas hiding in their child’s bedroom? Deck your ears with laughter as we present to you a festive feast of a podcast. 🎄 Hosts @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha
06/12/2056m 37s

48. Black, Beautiful And Broke.

The Dope Black Mums are fed up of seeing Go Fund Me funeral pages. Are we, the Black community, lagging behind when it comes to generational wealth. Well, this week’s episode asks why, and more importantly, how we might be able to change that narrative. The Dope Black Mums are joined by Wealth Creation Strategist, Sasie Thompson,  a dope Black mum who knows a thing or two about making money work for you. Sasie had a property portfolio worth over £1.2 million by the time she was twenty-six, and she delights in empowering women to become financially literate. We’re listening, Sasie. This valuable podcast is definitely worth its weight in gold. 💰 *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha *Guest* @iamsassybyname Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
04/11/2058m 45s

47. Are Our Kids Coping?

It’s not just adults who face challenges with their mental health. This week the Dope Black Mums warmly welcome Mental Health First Aid Instructor and Mindfulness Teacher, dope Black mum of three, Charmaine King. Join the Dope Black Mums as they discover the signs to look out for when it comes to supporting our children’s well-being, and learn practical tools to help nurture relationships that build trust and openness. The Dope Black Mums are working with Public Health England and the Every Mind Matters campaign to bring awareness to childhood mental wellbeing and are delighted to bring you this mindful, helpful and hopeful pod. Public Health England and the Every Mind Matters campaign. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha *Guest* @wenurtureminds Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
27/10/201h 11m

46. Know Your Normal.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this week the Dope Black Mums are honoured to be joined by Black, Bald and Beautiful’s very own Natasha Anderson. Natasha is a FORCE to be reckoned with -  she is a dope black mum and the third generation of women in her family to be diagnosed with breast cancer. In this episode, Natasha opens up about the realities of her diagnosis as well as living with, and parenting through, cancer. What are the signs we should be looking out for? What really happens to you during treatment? And how does having cancer change your perspective? We were blown away by Natasha’s strength and positive, vibrant energy - and we know you will be too. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha *Guest* @blackbaldnbeautiful Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
20/10/201h 0m

45. Baby Loss - A Father’s Perspective.

The Dope Black Mums have talked about maternal loss with mothers, but who is talking to the fathers?  It’s Baby Loss Awareness week and the Dope Black Mums are joined by Ben Anderson and Alwin Mitchell, two brave fathers who open up about their experiences of losing a baby. How do you continue to parent other children through this time? How do you find support as a man? And why, when this happens so often, does no one talk about it? This week we are honoured to host this honest, heartbreaking and hopeful conversation. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha *Guests* @thediaryofadad @moolahmitch Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
13/10/201h 17m

44. Black Is Not A Trend.

Welcome to the Dope Black Mum Black History Month special, generously part-sponsored by Barbie. In this episode the Dope Black Mums talk all things Black, Black, Blackity Black. From Black Barbies, through to challenging the curriculum, through to the school that made their pupils dress up as a slave. Yes, you heard right. Join the Dope Black Mums as they delve into Black History Month post Black Lives Matter, and discuss how to make this and every month an empowering, inspiring and joyful celebration of Blackness. After all, Black is for life, not just for Christmas. Or October. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
07/10/2051m 22s

43. Are Black Women Black Listed?

With the disgraceful result of Breonna Taylor’s trial hitting the news this week, the Dope Black Mums question if Black women really are bottom of the pile? Join them this episode as they discuss why black women are not only in more danger in regards to policing and health care, but also less likely to be swiped right on Tinder. Yes it’s true, and we can’t believe it either - Black women are the least replied to on dating sites. Are we unfairly branded sassy, aggressive and overly independent? Are we chasing the wrong men/job/beauty ideals? And most importantly how can we combat this bias for ourselves and our daughters? (Without punching anyone.) *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
29/09/2049m 21s

42. Tweens, Twerking And Tik Tok.

This week the Dope Black Mums unpack the controversial film that has everyone talking  - Cuties.  There has been international outcry, boycotts, and Netflix cancellations in the wake of the debut film from French-Senegalese director Maïmouna Doucouré. But whatever your view, the film raises some important questions about the hyper-sexualisation of young girls in our society. This week, join the Dope Black Mums as they give their honest feedback on Cuties, discuss their own journeys to womanhood (be prepared!), and ultimately ask what can we do to help guide our daughters.  *Strong language is used from the start. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
22/09/2055m 10s

41. No White Saviours Allowed 🚫

Shots get fired this episode as the Dope Black Mums discuss the topical and controversial ‘White Saviour’ syndrome. This week, Gerald Butler shared a picture of himself feeding a Black child from what looked like a dog bowl. Many Black people went crazy and many White people asked why. When Comic Relief, gap year students and celebrities alike, head out on a mission to Africa (the continent, not country), are they there to help or get that PR pic? And even if well intentioned, does it help or hinder local initiatives and our perception of Africa? Well, the Dope Black Mums go in, and they go hard, as they break it down. They also sing. Like any saviour should. 🕊 *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
15/09/2057m 13s

40. It's Ok To Not Be OK.

The Dope Black Mums Podcast is back with an important, honest and heartfelt episode for World Suicide Prevention Day. The Dope Black Mums open up about their personal experiences of suicide and attempted suicide. What happens when your partner has suicidal thoughts? How do you move forward from an attempt on your life? And what do you do when it all gets too much? If there is strength in vulnerability, this is one hell of a strong sharing. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
08/09/201h 2m

39. It's Good To Talk.

In the final episode this season, the Dope Black Mums celebrate their first anniversary! As they talk about their favourite podcast episodes, they also have an open and frank conversation and definitely spill the tea. Which mums weren’t sure if they’d get on? Which mum revealed why the podcast on domestic violence struck such a chord with her, and who has overcome anal sex fear? In true DBM manner, we talk it out and nothing is off limits.  Enjoy your summer, and we’ll be back (in the studio hopefully) in September! *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
27/07/201h 2m

38. Five Times More.

Surely not. Could simply being Black really make you 5 times more likely to die in childbirth? Or is there more to it than the colour of one’s skin. The jury is out, but whilst we wait for an answer, the Dope Black Mums discuss their own experiences of race and maternal care with Dr Stacey Picart MBChB, MRCOG, PGCert. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha *Guest* @caramel_dr7 Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
20/07/201h 5m

37. Heartache At 3 Days Old.

When a baby is born, naturally, parents look forward to all the milestones...Sitting up, walking, talking...But what if it becomes increasingly apparent that your child may not achieve these?  This week, the Dope Black Mums speak to Tiffany, whose son has been diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy - How do you find peace, as a mother, with this diagnosis; Can you get excited about the future; And what should we do when our children stare at someone with a disability?  Despite the prognosis, this is a heart-warming and positive story about a young boy who is beating the odds. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha *Guest* @tiffanyjade.x Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
13/07/2058m 22s

36. The One When Sharon Slept With Phil.

We all love watching the drama of an affair unfold on our favourite shows, but how do we feel when trust issues creep into our own lives.  This week, the Dope Black Mums actually laugh (otherwise they may cry!) as they reminisce over the breakdown of first love, even going back as far as those crazy teenage years!  Who got revenge, who worries her past will affect her children, and who “lingered” in the club??  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned - Or are we better than that? Grab the popcorn as the drama all unfolds. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
07/07/201h 9m

35. When Love Hurts, Physically.

**Trigger Warning** ⚠️ Abuse happens. To 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men. We need to talk about it. In this hard-hitting episode, the Dope Black Mums are joined by Daisy who is a dope black mum and a domestic violence survivor. We are more than honored to have Daisy onto the Dope Black Mums podcast to share her story about living with emotional, physical, and sexual abuse - and surviving it. Daisy opens up about her painful and shocking marriage in an effort to help others to recognise the early warning signs and to break the taboo surrounding gendered violence. We are incredibly proud of Daisy and her three children, and we are equally proud to share this powerful podcast with you. Disclaimer: We state in this Podcast that black women are more likely to experience abuse. This was drawn from US and not UK statistics. At present in the UK there is no evidence to suggest any ethnic group is more at risk of abuse. However, they may be more likely to face barriers receiving the help they need. We apologies for any confusion. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha *Guest* @bump_dancefitness @bumpnsweatqueens Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
01/07/2058m 16s

34. Are Our Schools Blacklisting Black Children?

Black Caribbean pupils are three times as likely to be permanently excluded from school than their white counterparts. Why? In this educational episode, the Dope Black Mums are joined by English teacher and Educational Specialist Ziggy Moore to unpack what is really going on in our school systems. Can your child really be suspended for having an Afro? What rights do you have as a parent? And why should you become a school governor? Ziggy answers all, sharing his knowledge from working in a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU), teaching children who have been expelled from mainstream education. Don’t miss this exclusive exclusion episode.  *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha *Guest* @mooreeducation01 Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
23/06/2050m 46s

33. Why Giving Blood Is Giving Us Life - Guest Special With Chanel Taylor

Ever wondered if you could save a life one day? Do you know how easy it is to do? As part of their partnership with the NHS, and in honour of World Sickle Cell day (June 19th) the Dope Black Mums are honoured to be joined by dope black mum-of-one extraordinaire, Chanel Taylor. Chanel suffers from Sickle Cell and is an avid campaigner for blood donation in the black community. Chanel opens up about how a blood transfusion saved her life and explains why she won’t stop encouraging others to donate blood. An inspiring, insightful, bloody good pod - that could really make a difference.  *DBM Hosts*  @natsduv  @brownstown29  @from_da_endz  @missninamalone  @nanaadwoambeutcha *Guest* @Unsicklemycells Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
16/06/2049m 50s

32. Coming Out As A Dope Black Lesbian Mum

Ever considered swapping your husband for a wife? This episode the Dope Black Mums are joined by Pia Baker Who, after thirteen years of marriage to her husband, met the woman of her dreams. This laughter-filled, life-affirming podcast looks at sexuality, love, and living your truth at whatever cost. Pia opens up about why it took her the breakdown of her marriage to discover she was gay, how her children have coped with having two mums and what sex can be like when there is no penis involved 🔥. We take pride in presenting this empowering pod. 🌈  *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha  *Geust* @estrellabrillante82  Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
09/06/2059m 51s

Dope Black Mums Trailer

The Dope Black Mums Podcast is a ‘keeping it real’ weekly podcast fronted by five dope black mums who rarely agree on anything. ⁣ ⁣ Giving insight into their experience of modern day motherhood - with top tips, inspirational guests, insightful topics, eye-opening honesty and lots of laughter. ⁣ ⁣

31. Dear Dope White Mum

This episode is an emergency response to the state sanctioned murder of black men - which we have all witnessed yet again with the filming of George Floyd. It is an emergency response to the systematic racism that exists in the UK as well as the US. Every one of these perpetrators was once a young child - raised by a mother. This is a heartfelt plea to white mothers everywhere. It is honest. It is angry. It is desperate. We need the next generation to do better. We don’t have all the answers, but we know we have to start with some real talk, some discomfort - and each other. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
02/06/201h 1m

30. How Do You Like Your Eggs? - Part 2.

An Infertility and Egg Donation Special with Dr. Edi-Osagie Scrambled? Poached? Or donated? This week the Dope Back Mums return for Part 2 of our fertility and egg donation special with fertility specialist and gynaecology consultant Dr. Edmond Edi-Osagie. This episode the Dope Black Mums talk all things egg related and unpack why there is such a need for Black egg donors. Can a Black woman be implanted with a white egg? What are the moral and ethical concerns around egg donation? And with 2% of babies in the UK born from egg donors why are black women not coming forward? Dr. Edi-Osagie answers ALL our probing questions in this eggs-ellent episode. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha *Guest* Dr. Edi-Osagie Twitter:  @MGynaecologist Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
26/05/2050m 59s

29. When Is It Too Late To Have A Baby? - Part 1

An Infertility and Egg Donation Special with Dr. Edi-Osagie We can have it all, apparently. Just not after age 36.  This week the Dope Black Mums are joined by fertility specialist and gynaecology consultant, Dr Edmond Edi-Osagie, as they delve into the world of infertility and egg donation.  Why are black women at a disadvantage when it comes to IVF? Should we be testing our egg count? Or should we be freezing our eggs?  In perhaps one of our most surprising and informative episodes to date, the Dope Black Mums learn the truth about fertility, IVF and egg donation. One thing is for sure, this is a conversation that is much needed and long overdue.  *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha *Geust*  Dr. Edi-Osagie Twitter:  @MGynaecologist Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
18/05/201h 1m

28. The Black Family With Fifty Million Views

The Kabs Family Guest Special.  This week the Dope Black Mums are joined by Chan, the dope black mum from the Kabs Family - the influencers that everyone is talking about. With over half a million You Tube subscribers Chan knows a thing or two about influencer life. What does it actually take to be a family of influencers? How do you handle the online negativity? And what are the ethical questions surrounding putting your children into the public eye? The Dope Black Mums find out the realities of living your life in the spotlight as Chan shares the highs and lows on their journey to becoming one of the UK’s most watched families. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha *Guest* @thekabsfamily Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
12/05/2041m 38s

27. The True Colour Of Colourism

Trigger warning - this podcast contains sensitive content which some listeners may find upsetting. After the recent exposure of negativity against dark skinned black women on social media this week, the Dope Black Mums are joined by social worker, mental health advocate and award winning dope black mum, Tokunbo Koiki, as they unpack colourism and the cost it has on our children’s wellbeing. The Dope Black Mums hear, first hand, the devastating effects of colourism, as Tokunbo opens up about her daughter’s hospitalisation after being tormented at secondary school over her dark skin complexion. Why is colourism more rife than ever? What do our ‘preferences’ really say about our psyche? And what can we do as mothers to protect ur children from this harmful self hatred? Join us for an urgent, important episode that shines a light on some ugly realities. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha *Guest* @tokunboskitchen Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
05/05/201h 2m

26. Secrets, Successes And Shitstorms Of Step Family Life

Is it ever OK to dislike your step children? Should you get the father of your children and your new partner to meet? And can it ever work out? With more families ‘blending’ than ever before, the Dope Black Mums ‘go in’ and discuss everything - from being raised by a step parent, to becoming a step parent, to when and how to introduce your new partner to your children. This episode is blended with tips, truths and yes, even tears. The Dope Black Mums invite you to join us in our most intimate podcasts yet. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
28/04/201h 12m

25. Labour In Lockdown.

Giving birth can be a daunting experience under normal circumstances, but this episode the Dope Black Mums take a look at the reality of pregnancy and labour during the global pandemic. It’s also Cesarean Awareness week, so joining us is the amazing Jess Jones, aka The Fat Funny One, as she opens up (!) about her three C-Sections and the highs and lows of labour in lockdown. This inspiring and empowering Dope Black Mum dispels the myths surrounding C-Sections and leaves us knowing exactly what to expect when you are expecting in a pandemic. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha *Guest* @thefatfunnyone Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
21/04/201h 8m

24. Does Mum Really Know Best? Part 3

The Dope Black Mums are back dropping their dope gems of wisdom once again! Should you go for that second child when you are thirty-six and tired af? Should you force your children to do extra-curricular activities? And what do you do if you are terrified of labour? In this jam packed episode, The Dope Black Mums also give their views on sleepovers, hugging relatives, teenage sex (in your house!) and whether or not your should smack your kids - yes, we went there. You asked we delivered. When it comes to the real life dilemmas of motherhood, we got you. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
14/04/2059m 29s

23. 5G, Fake News And Coronavirus.

Is 5G causing Covid-19? Can we trust the government? And how do we separate the real news from the fake? This episode the Dope Black Mums are thrilled to be joined by telecommunications expert Brenda Malinki as she tells the truth about 5G - once and for all. Brenda shares insight from both her work in telecoms and her degree in Biomedical Science to separate fact from fiction. Join the Dope Black Mums as they delve into the world of conspiracy theory, (mis)information overload and fake news. You’d be crazy to miss it. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha *Guest* @bhmlnk Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
07/04/201h 3m

22. Isolating With My Ex.

Welcome to our first COVID-19 DBM Survival Special. In this fun episode, the Dope Black Mums delve into the stark realities of isolating with kids, homeschooling and social distancing whilst staying lit. Which mum is loving this sudden change? Which mum is ordering Wray and Nephew on Deliveroo? And which mum is isolating with their ex? This no holds barred podcast offers buckets of honesty, advice and support on how to stay dope during the lock down. - Or at least how to stay sane (ish) and not kill your kids, your ex... or yourself. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
27/03/2058m 30s

21. Giving Up Religion For Lent?

As Lent arrives the Dope Black Mums talk about whether to raise their children in religion or not. Should you instil religious beliefs in your children? How do you raise children with a partner who has a different faith to you? And if you are not raising a child in a religious home, what are you choosing instead? Big questions indeed! In this divine episode the Dope Black Mums ‘go in’ as they discuss their very varied experiences with religion, belief and spirituality. This is a dope conversation well worth having - and that’s one belief we all share. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
25/02/201h 1m

20. Signs Of Love Makin' - A Valentine’s Astrology Love Special With Tendai Chagweda.

Can busy mums really find time for love, for romance and for sex tapes? And can astrology actually help? There is dope black banter galore as the Dope Black Mums compare their love lives pre and post motherhood. Plus special guest Tendai Chagweda demonstrates how she believes the signs of the zodiac can help us to understand ourselves better and find lasting love. But can Tendai convince us that love really is written in the stars? *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Guest @quest4successuk @InspiringDJs @blackcalendaruk Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
11/02/201h 17m

19. Conversations With My Daughters.

Join Dope Black Mum, Carina White, and guest Laura Arscott for this special episode as they talk candidly with their daughters. Ever wondered what your kids would say if asked about your parenting? Well we find out some truths in this week’s podcast! Ten year old Soriah tells her mum what she really thinks about being raised by a single parent and fourteen year old Mia asks her mum what it was like to be a teenage mum. These dope daughters certainly put their mums on the stand in this tender, truthful insight into the reality of raising the next generation of dope black women. Who runs the world? *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
28/01/2054m 23s

18. Brexit, Megxit And Being Black In 2020 Britain.

Welcome back to the Dope Black Mums Podcast! It’s a new year, a new decade and a whole new season of dopeness!  Season 2 kicks off discussing all things ‘British’ - from Royalty to Stormzy to Brexit. In this eye-opening podcast we ask, is Britain getting more racist? What does the ‘Leave’ vote mean for black people in the UK? And how do we approach politics with our children? Plus one Dope Black Mum shocks us all with her vote! Join us for this royal treat of an episode - it’s definitely got our vote. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
14/01/2052m 30s

17. Why You Should Date Multiple Men!

This episode the Dope Black Mums are joined by award winning relationship and dating coach, Stacii Jae Johnson. Join us as we uncover why the US author believes we should date multiple men - with no intimacy (damn!) and how we can attract lasting love into our lives. Stacii opens up about her personal journey and quest to make love work in her life - and the lives of others - as well as giving practical advice on finding and creating a healthy (and hot) relationship. Now that’s dope. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Guests @justdategirl Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
30/10/191h 11m

16. Foundation FM TakeOver.

Dope Black Mums Takeover @FoundationFM celebrating the end of Black History Month, with great chat, and of course some moral dilemmas. Have a listen. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
23/10/1945m 15s

15. Is Meghan Markle A Dope Black Mum?

This week’s episode is a royal treat! Join the Dope Black Mums as they respond to the controversial ITV documentary Meghan and Harry - An African Journey. How do the Dope Black Mums view the first interracial royal couple? And what does their relationship mean for multicultural Britain? This pod explores the ‘one drop rule’ and asks some very challenging questions about race, identity, celebrity culture and mental health. One thing is for sure, nothing is black and white. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
16/10/1945m 47s

14. Why We LOVE Judi Love. A Guest Special.

This week the Dope Black Mums take a trip to Facebook in a guest special episode featuring British stand-up comedian and BBC Radio London presenter Judi Love. This seriously DOPE Black mum opens up about losing her mother, her trailblazing career path, being a single mum and the day the bailiffs came! This hilarious, heartfelt and honest chat the will leave you wanting more Love in your life. The one like Judi Love . *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Guest @1judilove Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
09/10/1952m 46s

13. When Birth Can Sometimes Mean Loss.

The Dope Black Mums discuss baby loss in an honest and heartfelt episode for baby loss awareness week. 15-25% of recognised pregnancies don’t go full term, yet it is often a subject that remains in the dark. In a society where death is already taboo, how do you deal with it when it comes hand in hand with the joy of preparing for a new life? Dope Black Mum Nana-Adwoa and guest Jess Elliot open up and share generously their own personal experiences of losing a baby. These hero dope women leave you feeling touched, moved and inspired by their bravery, honesty and resilience. We feel privileged to hear their stories and know you will too. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
02/10/1955m 44s

12. The Naked Truth About Body Image.

The Dope Black Mums discuss bikini waxing, chin plucking and the importance of Spanx in this week’s revealing episode. As Black women the Eurocentric beauty ideal is already a tricky path to navigate - add the ‘post baby bod’ into the mix and even the most confident amongst us can be left feeling exposed. Join the Dope Black Mums as they bare all and talk openly about the body hang ups that haunt them - from saggy boobs to stretch marks to grey hairs. Let’s keep this episode on the down low! *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
25/09/1956m 45s

11. Black Men Don’t Cheat. Or Do They?

Ever wondered about the mindset of the man with numerous side chicks? The one who can’t commit? Or be faithful? This week the Dope Black Mums are joined by reformed self-proclaimed player, galis and ladies man Theo Manderson.  Join us as we hear first hand how he juggled so many women, why he and so many men behave like this and what it was that made him change for good. Don’t worry ladies we went IN on your behalf! This week’s insightful pod will be an eye-opener, to say the least. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
18/09/191h 9m

10. Does Mum Really Know Best? Part 2

Back by popular demand! DOES MUM REALLY KNOW BEST? PART 2. So the Dope Black Mums’ pearls of dope black wisdom are needed once again. Join them as they answer real life questions from women facing some even trickier dilemmas... Is it wild (or wack) to date a 19 year old when you are a 30 year old mother of 2? Should you cancel your Day One over a Wedding Day? And can you REALLY ask a man’s salary on a first date? *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
11/09/191h 3m

9. The Mixed Race Experience.

With ‘mixed ethnicity’ being the fastest growing ethnic group in the last two decades Dope Black Mums explore the realities of both being mixed and raising mixed children. This week the Dope Black Mums are joined by Steph Adjei, a dope white Anglo/Scottish mum raising two mixed children as they discuss identity, fetishising, blending cultures and yes, coping with that hair. A podcast and a half, if we do say so ourselves. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Guest @steph.adjei Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
04/09/191h 0m

8. Do We Trust British Schools With Our Black Children?

To educate or to home educate? That is the question... on this week’s pod anyway! While some of us are counting down the days until we can drop our dope kids back to school, others (actually around 48,000) are avoiding the system altogether and choosing to home educate. Today we’re joined by Deborah and her husband Dwaine who are expert home educators. They open up as to why they and so many other dope black parents are doing it themselves, including our very own co-host Nana-Adwoa. Should we all consider taking the leap? Do you think you can educate better than a mainstream school? Dope Black Mums weigh the pros and cons of home education. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Geusts @blackbritishparent @mynameispelena Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
28/08/1959m 48s

7. Does Mum Really Know Best?

Welcome to the DOES MUM REALLY KNOW BEST episode... This week the Dope Black Mums offer their Dope Black words of wisdom as they answer real life questions from women facing some tricky dilemmas. When it comes to advice - they’ve got you covered! *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
21/08/1956m 13s

6. Can Dating As A Mum Ever Be Dope?

What is the worst date you’ve been on? Is sex on the first date a no-no or a yes-yes? And does it get easier in your thirties? Let’s face it, dating is hard. For anyone. But when you are a dope black mum it can be a minefield. In this episode, the Dope Black Mums compare dating from days gone by to the current world of Tinder, Bumble and ghosting’ Nothing is left unsaid in this funny (and at times filthy) podcast! Pour a glass of pinot and make a date with us… *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Guest  @nkechiamplified Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
14/08/1956m 50s

5. How Do You Cope? And Be Dope?

Yes, we know that dope black mums are superheroes with the super human strength of a Wakanda warrior - but sometimes even superheroes can feel like they can’t go on. Being a mother can be hard. Fo’ real. So how do you cope when parenting takes its toll? Who do you lean on when everyone seems to be leaning on you? And what do you do to replenish the well when the drought hits. In this episode the Dope Black Mums keep it real as they discuss how to survive the moments when just being able to cope is as dope as it gets. *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
06/08/1956m 8s

4. Does Motherhood Have To Come With A Side Of Guilt?

‘Oh… you’re going back to work early?’ ‘Well… you can’t breastfeed that long -you’ll give your child issues?’ ‘So…aren’t you back at work yet?’ Sometimes it feels like the world and his (perfect and sanctimonious) wife are simply trying to make you feel guilty. Other times guilt can appear to come straight from the core of us. Motherhood is filled with endless decisions and choices but does guilt really have to come hand in hand with it? Join the Dope Black Mums as they overshare their guiltiest motherhood moments. Together, can we overcome the big G? *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Guest @mynameispelena Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
30/07/1946m 44s

3. Are You Sure You Don't Want To Sleep With Her?

Like, really? In this episode, the Dope Black Mums ask whether your hetro man can have a female best friend. Does it work?  Do the benefits outweigh the cons? And should we be rising above our insecurity or installing CCTV? The Dope Black Mums share their own experiences of platonic relationships (be prepared) and discuss if attraction and friendship are more complex than we think. Don’t miss this eye-opening, eye-watering podcast! *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
23/07/1940m 10s

2. Let’s Talk About Sex (after having a) Baby!

Whether you are desperate to get the D after giving birth or (let’s be honest, like most of us) terrified to even look ‘down there’ we’ve got you covered in this eye-watering episode. Baby. Breastfeeding. Sex. It sounds taboo to even say those words together, let alone do together - but have no fear the Dope Black Mums bare all, sharing their own experiences and discussing not only how to approach sex again after a baby but how to make sex better than ever. Close the door and turn the volume up… *DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
17/07/1941m 15s

1. Meet The Dope Black Mums.

We are super gassed to welcome you to the first-ever Dope Black Mums Podcast. In this episode, we meet Nina, Natalie, Carina, Nana- Adwoa and Endy - the five women who are happy to overshare in the name of sisterhood. The Dope Black Mums introduce themselves and discuss why birthing a safe space like this is important to them as they navigate parenting, relationships, love, life, career, and mindfulness. They say it takes a village - so pull up a chair, pour out a drink and join a dope one.*DBM Hosts* @natsduv @brownstown29 @from_da_endz @missninamalone @nanaadwoambeutcha Follow @DopeBlackMums across all socials.
10/07/1942m 36s
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