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Black Mums Upfront

By Black Mums Upfront

The Black Mums Upfront Podcast is a weekly podcast fronted by Carina White, Natalie Duvall, Nana-Adwoa Mbeutcha and Endy Mckay, Lauren Thomas-Johnson and Vanessa Haye. They rarely agree on anything but always keep it real… sometimes too real. Getting upfront about their experience of modern-day motherhood - with top tips, inspirational guests, insightful topics, eye-opening honesty, and lots of laughter. Welcome to the Sisterhood.


59. Goodbye My Friend 👋🏾✨

Our socialite girl is back on home soil as the year ends! Carina dishes the goss on the &aposI&aposm a Celebrity&apos jungle mates...Can we guess which celeb she swerved *cough Hancock cough* and which of the BMU girls came to his defence! This episode also brings an announcement...Will the tissues be needed? Natalie, Lauren, Carina and Nana-Adwoa look back on the year and bid you a …….www.blackmumsupfront.comHosts
20/12/22·54m 26s

58. Let’s get back together…. For the kids.

Can co-parenting ever work successfully? Will the kids thank you for your efforts or resent the "broken" family? With more and more blended families, Natalie, Lauren and Nana-Adwoa decided it&aposs time to address the complexities of relationships. And to bring the all important male perspective, they were joined by Aaron Dale who heads up Raising Boys 2
25/11/22·1h 34m

57. Can We Reclaim Birth? Please.

(Trigger Warning: Discussions around birth trauma and death.)Are we birthing right, here in the West? Is it possible to birth like a boss? And what happens when it all goes wrong? This episode, Nana-Adwoa, Lauren and Endy share the truth about their 2022 birth stories, giving candid accounts of their very different experiences of labour, birth and the fourth trimester. We delve into inductions, emergency c-sections, and postnatal depression, and we answer your questions on home births, age gaps and being a ‘geriatric mum’. Join us as we discuss this immense rite of passage and give advice on self advocacy, remaining in your power and trusting your body and your baby. You got this, and mixed by Yinka Awojobi @YinkaMode
09/11/22·1h 16m

56. Just The Two Of Us

Maternity leave have left the Black Mums Upfront team depleted, but this week Carina and Natalie continue to fly the flag on this intimate and fun episode. Can they get to the bottom of child care costs... and just who on earth is Rashid Sonab?  www.blackmumsupfront.comHosts
26/10/22·38m 54s

55. Loss For Words

1 in 5 pregnancies end in a miscarriage, but  learning the risk is 43% higher in Black women has the BMU ladies speechless, due to the deafening silence on this issue.Thankfully, there are Black women who are selflessly sharing their stories - one of them being fashion, fitness and lifestyle content creator, Aliyah Maria Bee. She talks with us about experiencing  a stillbirth twice, and how she coped with her losses.Let’s be upfront [TRIGGER WARNING]: This episode may bring on some tears, but Aliya’s radiant positivity and faith reminds us that there is a rainbow after the storm, (and in many forms) www.blackmumsupfront.comHosts
11/10/22·1h 11m

54. Mum Shame vs Royal Shame

Did you bribe your child to tidy up but they still gave you chatback before you gave in, handed over the tablet and put chips in the oven...again... for the third night running...without veg?? #MumShame - But who do we get it most from? OTHER MUMS! Natalie, Lauren & Nana-Adwoa try to brush off the shame and deal with the matters that *actually* could affect our kids: Black History Month, the cost of living, and what our new Monarch desires...!www.blackmumsupfront.comHosts
29/09/22·1h 9m

53. Does God Save Our Queen And Black Men?

The BMU ladies are back for a new season and Carina has definitely swapped the Wray & Nephew for the caffeine! She, Natalie and Nana-Adwoa hold back on the flowers, to instead lay down their honest thoughts of the British Monarchy, the British police and the British education system - Is it all still great in their opinion...?
13/09/22·1h 5m

52. The Gift That Keeps You Cumming 👀

Ending the academic year with a good old chinwag - Carina reminisces about snogging in the stock room, Natalie has a stern message for all school office staff and Nana-Adwoa reveals the birthday gift she was given which might end with her back in the confessional! The podcast will be back in September - Have a brilliant Summer and thanks for listening!
19/07/22·57m 43s

51. I Had A Baby, I'm Depressed

Postnatal Depression affects 1 in 10 women following the birth of their baby - So it was about time that the BMU ladies finally sat down to face the very normal problem that creeps up on so many of us... including our Lauren who shared her shocking experience of it. But to make sure we gave you the best advice possible, we were joined by the fabulous GP, Dr Katie Benhura, who shared information on the causes of PND, dealing with it, and seeing hope for the future. Guest: @mama_kateswww.blackmumsupfront.comHosts
04/07/22·1h 9m

50. No new friends!

Who&aposs your Ride or Die? Are you Thelma or Louise? Do you have that one friend who just gets you and you would do anything for?? Or, are friendships fleeting and seasonal for you, but provide what you need for that given time? "New" friends, Natalie, Carina and Nana-Adwoa, are joined by Natalie&aposs BFF, Endy, to discuss friendship and sisterhood. With differing opinions, will their friendship still be strong by the end of the podcast?www.blackmumsupfront.comHosts
15/06/22·1h 6m

49. If Columbus Was Black...

&aposThe world is your oyster&apos, but does it bring as much pleasure if you&aposre Black? With travel truly back on the cards, Natalie, Nana-Adwoa and Carina take a trip back to reminisce about the holidays they&aposve been on - Austria, Italy, Bali, India and more - But what sort of reception did they receive? There are definitely stories for the grandkids and stories that would rather be forgotten. Buckle up, you&aposre in for a ride!
24/05/22·1h 4m

48. Is It Appropriate?

Which BMU sister is saying no to playdates and sleepovers; Who has no interest is mixing with other school mums; And who has no problem with their child sitting on the lap of their ex&aposs new partner? Natalie, Carina and Nana-Adwoa go head to head in the latest episode, realising that they really do have different parenting styles, perhaps because of the way they were parented themselves. And one of the girls surprises us all!www.blackmumsupfront.comHosts
10/05/22·1h 10m

47. Stop Damaging Our Daughters

Trigger Warning. This episode we discuss the horrific case of :-Child Q, a fifteen year old girl who was unjustly stripped searched by Metropolitan police officers after teachers accused her of smelling of cannabis. Child Q – who was having her period at the time – was made to remove her clothing, underwear and a sanitary pad, spread her buttocks and cough. Child Q is Black. This week we delve into why Black girls are not afforded the same innocence as their white counterparts. Are schools doing enough? Should we be warning young girls about the police? And how can we protect our daughters? Join Carina, Natalie and Endy as we share our own experiences and ask what we can learn from this gross misconduct. 🚫www.blackmumsupfront.comHosts
26/04/22·50m 54s

46. The Mother Of All Dragons

BMU Co-founder, Natalie Duvall, and her business partner, Alison Burton, slayed the beasts when they managed to secure a deal on the BBC&aposs hit entrepreneurial show, &aposDragon&aposs Den&apos. However, the deal didn&apost go through without causing a stir amongst the Black community - But why?? Listen as March Muses&apos owners spill the beans on their experience, plus offer some invaluable tips on starting a business as mums.www.blackmumsupfront.comHosts
13/04/22·1h 2m

45. The Men In Slap 🕶

Did Will Smith honour his wife by slapping Comedian Chris Rock who made a distasteful joke about her? Or did Smith cross the line and display unhinged violence? It has divided the opinion of many but was there a deeper side to it? In a BMU first, Nana-Adwoa and husband, Donald, and Lauren and partner, Ryan, discuss the deeper side of committed relationships and one of the men owns up to doing the same thing for his woman once.

44. My Son Was Killed On Snapchat

In 2021 in London alone, 30 young people tragically lost their lives to knife crime in the capital. One of those young people was 15yr old Tamim Ian Habimana who was stabbed and killed in July 2021.In this weeks’ emotional episode we sit down with his Mum, Hawa Haragakizam to find out how Tamim’s death has impacted her and her family, what us as Mums can do to help curb knife crime and why Tamim was more than just a news headline. 
15/03/22·59m 23s

43. They Jumped Me After School

Bully affects one in four children in the UK. It almost seems inevitable that we will have to arm our kids with the tools to tackle it...But what if your child is the bully?! The BMU ladies sat down to reminisce about their own childhoods, which stirred up emotions that would have rather been forgotten, including the incident which almost left one in hospital.www.blackmumsupfront.comHosts
01/03/22·59m 30s

42. That’s Not A Love Song!

Boys ll Men or Pretty Ricky? Bruno Mars or Cardi B? Or do you prefer SILENCE in the bedroom? The girls get intimate and lay it all out. Plus, new girl Lauren, exposes her relationship by bringing her man Ryan Lewis onto the podcast!Expect truth, expect &apossex&apos and expect a decision about whether or not women are to blame for the breakdown of modern relationships!www.blackmumsupfront.comHosts
15/02/22·1h 17m

41. Bring home the bacon 🥓

Woman stays at home + Man goes to work = One successful income stream for the family. Or, is that sum an outdated view of family life, living costs and who, in reality, is bringing home the bread. As we endeavour to be financially savvy for ourselves and our kids, Black Mums Upfront invited Financial Expert and "financially free", Mary Okoroafor (who has manyyy income streams) to answer your question and share her wealth of⁣Hosts:⁣
02/02/22·1h 1m

40. Twenty Twenty Too

The mums are back from an extended break and feel no shame about the extra "me" time. They&aposre entering into 2022 with the same witty banter, the same witty kids and the same Chris Whitty advising us on you-know-what! Grab a cupper...or a bottle, as announcements are made and resolutions are
18/01/22·1h 5m

39. Introducing The Other Woman At Christmas 🎄

Welcome to Black Mums Upfront Christmas Office Party.Yes, you are invited to our festive frolics of fun! This episode ALL SIX of us get together for gossip, games and sexually explicit Ginuwine “Pony” singing. Standard. In true office party style it gets messy... truths are uncovered, tea is spilled and we all get to know each other a whole lot more. Did one mum really meet R Kelly (eek)? Did another sleep with their partner on the first date? And did another say no to a marriage proposal from bae? Join us if you dare... but remember, what goes on at the party, stays at the party. Mince pie, anyone?🎄
22/12/21·1h 5m

38. Mums Know Best

Ask and you shall receive! We gave you the control this week - You asked us questions about &aposspecial&apos massages, losing non-mummy friends, raising allies and more. We gave you our answers, we didn&apost always agree, but we do believe that mums know best!
30/11/21·1h 2m

37. Dying to Breathe

“Black people are disproportionately affected by climate change" - Some may say we&aposre &aposplaying the race card&apos, but could it actually be possible that racism means that the air our children breath is worst and the harvest back home in the Motherland is dying? With the help of Afua Adom, journalist and climate change &aposgeek&apos, the BMU ladies learn a valuable lesson in white history, what it has done to our people in the global south and why, as a community, we need to wake 
25/11/21·1h 3m

36. My Son Drowned In a Pond

Would you know how to save your child&aposs life, should the unthinkable happen? We would be outraged if teachers and staff didn&apost know basic First Aid, but many of us parents don&apost either. Thankfully, in the story you&aposll hear today, Auntie and Uncle rushed to the rescue with CPR, literally saving the life of Sade Palmer&aposs young son. Listen, learn and repeat as you compress "ah ah ah ah staying alive, staying alive" 
17/11/21·1h 7m

35. Black Table Talk: The Overshare

Breastfeeding your husband, publically pulling up your mother-in-law,  and sharing your man&aposs &aposding-a-ling&apos...Have we shared too much already?! In this world of click baits and over sharing, the BMU ladies have a right old laugh and gossip,  ploughing through the stories that have also had you⁣Hosts:⁣
10/11/21·1h 6m

34. She'll Never Meet Her Mum

Picture the scene: You&aposve just found out you&aposre pregnant, you tell the father, he&aposs not interested and so he leaves you in "peace"! Is your blood boiling yet?! This week&aposs guest, award-winning entrepreneur Abdul Bangura, confesses to doing just that! But before you judge him, listen to his story. His honest, his heart and his humour will move you, when you hear of his dramatic u-turn as he raises his daughter singlehandedly following the death of her Guest: 
04/11/21·1h 6m

33. Something Fishy

School is in session - For the parents! Whilst the kids relax into half term, we felt the parents, and we (!), needed some education on racial terms flying around. Is blackfishing a tasty native dish? Is it appropriate to indulge in cultural appropriation? And is it ever possible for a Black person to be racist towards another race? This is an episode where the mums firmly disagreed on many things, firmly agree on the need for education and firmly question whether past outfit choices offended other races.And if that’s not enough..... we introduce our newest sultry voiced member of the Black Mums Upfront team. 😍Now let’s go fishing 🎣⁣Hosts:⁣
26/10/21·1h 1m

32. Black Activism and Blonde Highlights

Does wearing an Afro make you an activist? Are plaits political? And is straight hair _so_ last year? This episode we are super excited to welcome academic, activist and author of the powerful book “Don’t Touch My Hair”, Emma Dabiri! Join us as we delve deep into Emma’s upbringing in Ireland as a mixed-race woman, and the roots and reasons why she went on this fascinating hair journey. We comb through the history of Black hair and the choices we, as Black women of the diaspora, have made over the decades. And we ask now, in 2021, are we limiting our right to expression by making hair too political? Or are we just starting to uncover what our hair choices really say about us? This episode is proudly part of Dove’s Crown campaign, visit to learn more about the CROWN My Hair, My Crown toolkit–  this tool has been designed to build hair confidence and help end hair⁣Hosts:⁣
18/10/21·1h 8m

31. And Still We Rise - Baby Loss, Divorce, Cancer

It&aposs Sister Circle time - This week there&aposs laughter and there&aposs pain. Yet still we rise. Our guest, Tola-Doll Fisher, suffered baby loss, divorce and cancer. Still she rose. Our very own Lauren experienced Post Natal Depression. She&aposs still standing. Natalie&aposs long term relationship broke down. Her head is held high. And Nana-Adwoa wonders if this Baby Loss Awareness Week will be too much for her. Yet grace is helping her stand firm. Despite the hardships, with a bit of sexy lingerie and affirmations, this episode will surprisingly leave you feeling like you too, WILL rise.
13/10/21·1h 5m

30. R.Kelly, Police & Power

They say that women talk a lot, but when will men listen? It’s a mans world and we simply live in it - Right?  If we teach our girls to cover up their legs, will perverts cease to exist? Because its just on us women to protect ourselves right? Or can that only happen if us parents stop feeding our children to the R. Kelly-esque predators, just to bring our &aposbeloved child&apos some fame and glory? And as for the police...Do you trust them? With you child? Really really?They say, "behind every powerful man is a powerful woman"...Well clearly he&aposs not listening. Let’s take back the power.
06/10/21·57m 33s

29. Man Like Steve

So this episode you are in for a treat and a half as we welcome the newest mother to Black Mums Upfront. We 👏🏾 are 👏🏾 gassed👏🏾 and we know you will be too.And of course we get stuck into this week’s upfront conversation... Should we be encouraging boys to play with dolls? Do we, as black parents, have an issue with gender identity? And how, as mothers, can we raise empathetic men? (Because, let’s face it, we need more of them!) We also discuss upcoming Black History Month and give tips and advice on everything, from dressing up as a slave (it’s a no), to how to speak up as an ally. Yup that’s right, we got you. 🖤
28/09/21·51m 52s

28. Upfront with Demi Stokes

✊🏾⚽️WE’RE GOING ALL FOOTBALL FANGIRLING ON  England Lioness Demi Stokes!On this week&aposs episode we chat with Demi about how a mixed race, straight talking lass, who grew up in Newcastle ended up on the pitch playing for England. We also dive in and explore being raised to be resilient, the importance of role models and standing up for your beliefs.   Grab your football shirt and cuppa, it&aposs a strikingly  (⚽️)  good episode!
21/09/21·59m 23s

27. Sorry, Your Child Has Cancer

In this heartfelt episode we get Upfront and candid with Dad of 4, Anton, as he recounts the day his son Teddy was diagnosed with Cancer at the tender age of 1. We discuss the highs and lows of their family&aposs Cancer journey, chemotherapy & battling emotions as a man. Join us as we honour Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.⁣Hosts:⁣
14/09/21·51m 47s

Season 2. Knocked Down, Knocked Up

Well it’s been a long long Summer ... but fear not, as we are back with your weekly dose of unapologetic upfront Black motherhood! And boy have we been busy... Join us to find out which mum got that phone call we all dread, which mum got knocked over at a day rave, and which much mum got knocked up (not at a day rave, mind you). Grab your Tetley/Pinot and join us as we discuss vaccines, that Cheryl Cole decision, Black Reality TV and our kids starting primary and secondary school (eek!). Oh and as if that isn’t enough, one Black Mum Upfront says farewell. So just an average episode, really 😉⁣Hosts:⁣
07/09/21·1h 5m

25. Meet the (MVP) Midwife

This week we get upfront, down low and everywhere in between with UCL Consultant Midwife and global advisor to The Royal College of Midwives, Dr Yana Richens OBE. Dr Richens, or Yana, as she says we can call her, was the first midwife to be appointed with the prestigious Mary Seacole Fellowship by the Department of Health and has been recognised by the Queen for her tireless work not only delivering babies but improving the outcome of Black and minority mothers. This episode we ask Yana about the reality of life as a midwife, what we can expect from the NHS as Black mothers, and how we can advocate best for ourselves when we give birth. We talk everything from birthing partners to policy making to pooing yourself, in this open, eye-watering and essential pod. 💩🤱🏾⁣Hosts:⁣
20/07/21·55m 36s

24. Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?

As a Black woman what does it mean to be beautiful? To be sexy? And to feel attractive and accepted? This episode we delve into our own beliefs about beauty, body image and hair choice (on our head and elsewhere), unpacking what we truly think verses what society would have us believe. How much are we, and more importantly our children, influenced by popular mainstream culture? Are Black features deemed more attractive on racially ambiguous women? And should we let our ten-year-old daughters shave their legs? Join us as we undress our thoughts and feelings on what’s hot, what’s not, and why we do what we do to feel beautiful. This episode is proudly part of Dove’s Crowning Glory campaign. 💅🏾👙🕊⁣Hosts:⁣
06/07/21·1h 8m

23. Black In White Spaces

This episode we get upfront about the D word. Diversity. We all need some D in our lives, but how much is too much? And how much is too little? We’ve all been the only Black in the room at some point in our lives. But what about the only Black in the private school? The only Black in the corporate office? The rural Village? Are we gifting our children opportunities by being in predominately white spaces? Or gifting them therapy-worthy baggage? We reflect on our own eclectic experiences and ~argue~ debate about the pros and cons of being the Only Black. This eye opening, hilarious (if we do say so ourselves) episode is brought to you by Posh Nat, Working Class Carina, Catherine and Libby. 👩🏼👩🏼👩🏼👩🏼👩🏼👩🏼👩🏾⁣Hosts:⁣
23/06/21·1h 15m

22. One Shot Is All It Took - A Father’s Day Special

This episode we get upfront and personal with renowned podcaster, entrepreneur and single Dad, Tazer, from 3 Shots of Tequila. With Father’s Day fast approaching we decided to hear first hand from a very upfront dad, to understand better a man’s perspective on the reality of raising a daughter. How is parenting across gender, and what’s with the much talked about daddy-daughter dynamic? Tazer bares all, sharing his shocking ‘one night only’ crash journey into fatherhood (yes, it seems one shot is all it took) as we dive into the dos and don’ts of co parenting and unpack the way we were parented verses our parenting choices. Join us for some serious baby father banter whilst picking up some gems of advice from this Black upfront⁣Guest: Hosts:⁣
15/06/21·1h 16m

21. Upfront with Candice Brathwaite

Thanks to Nike we’ve caught up with Olympic athlete mothers and gold champion medalists, so it’s only right that this week we get upfront with the front runner of Black motherhood, best selling author, presenter and change maker, Candice Braithwaite. This episode Candice reveals the truth about living life in the public eye, talks openly about her traumatic birth experience and shares why being an outspoken dark skinned black woman comes with a price. (Yep, we discuss that documentary.) This woman keeps it 100. We felt enlivened and emboldened by her energy and know that you will too.  ⚠️ Trigger warning, this episode contains content that some listeners may find⁣Hosts:⁣
08/06/21·1h 5m

20. Black Queen of England 👸🏾

01/06/21·54m 19s

19. Married. Single. Separated.

Between us, we’ve got it covered. But can separation ever be a good thing? Is successful co-parenting a myth? And how do you navigate a family breakup without having a family breakdown? This emotive episode sees us go head to head with each other as we hash out if the traditional family unit is always the optimum set up to raise a child. And what to do if, like some of us, that family unit comes crashing down. Upfront feelings of parental guilt, shame and despair will be shared. 🤯 This podcast is part of our pledge to the Parent Promise. We are so happy to sit alongside other organisations such as Relate, Frolo, National Children’s Day, Legacy Lifestyle, For Kid’s Sake and more, to form the Parents Promise Alliance⁣
19/05/21·1h 2m

18. Becky with the Good Hair

Kinky, curly, nappy, frizzy, tough, wild. Good, bad, straight, natural, processed, difficult. Black women and our hair.  It seems like everyone has an opinion. But why is Afro hair such a hot topic? Is society trying to police our blackness through policing our hair? Are we now policing each other as Black women? Or should we just keep our hair on cos it really ain’t that deep? This episode we comb through the micro-aggressions that we’ve all experienced and dig deep into our own thoughts, feelings and hair hang ups. This episode is proudly part of Dove’s Crowning Glory campaign. And no, you can’t touch it. Ever. 💁🏾‍♀️⁣Hosts:⁣
11/05/21·1h 4m

17. Upfront with Perri Edwards 🇳🇬🇬🇩🏃🏾‍♀️

This episode we head to Nigeria to catch up with Olympian British track and field athlete and mum of one, Perri Edwards. We talk Nigeria verses East London, raising a child with both African and Caribbean heritage and having a celebrity for a husband. Perri is no stranger to hurdles, in fact she’s pretty darn good at them, but what about the hurdles of new motherhood in a pandemic? We get upfront about the reality of birth, post-baby bodies and black maternal health. This Nike sponsored  episode had us (over)sharing, giggling and jumping for joy!⁣Hosts:⁣
04/05/21·53m 37s

16. Getting Upfront with Infertility

‘First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes infertility, hormones and IVF.’ Yup, it’s time to get upfront. Last week was National Infertility Awareness week and it is a good time to remember that one in six couples in the UK experience infertility. And yet we _still_ don’t really talk about. So, this episode we caught up with founder of Femelanin, upfront Black mum, Vanessa Haye, to talk about the reality of infertility and the effects it had on her mental health, her body and her marriage. Vanessa opens up about her challenging journey to motherhood which included years of ‘trying’, baby-loss, IVF and her beautiful miracle baby boy. Vanessa is passionate about sharing her story to help other Black women feel supported and informed. Vanessa is a fountain of information and inspiration, and we are thrilled to deliver this podcast to you. 🍳⁣Hosts:⁣
27/04/21·1h 11m

15. Supermodel, Super-mum and Sickle Cell

This episode we are joined by Black British supermodel and super-mum, Jourdan Dunn, as we talk super-modelling whilst Black,  blended families, and raising a son with Sickle Cell anaemia. When Jourdan gave birth at the age of 19, she discovered that her son was suffering from Sickle Cell. She opens up about the realities of parenting a child with a blood disease, why we need to talk about it and what we can all do to help. Thank you Jourdan for your words, your wisdom and proving once again why Jourdan Dunn ain’t done yet. This podcast is in honour of Richard Okorogheye and Evan Smith, who both had sickle cell⁣Hosts:⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
19/04/21·1h 4m

14. Upfront with Sanya Richards-Ross

Should you submit to your husband? No, seriously, should you? Can you really manifest your dream goal in life? And what do you do when someone steps on your toe and in that instant ruins your career? (#fml) All this and more in this week’s episode... Yes, we head across the pond to Atlanta to talk to Nike Ambassador, Olympian runner and founder of Mommination, Sanya Richards-Ross. Sanya also opens up about smashing her career goals, marrying the love of her life and what she did when her dream career shattered. Join us as we get upfront and personal with a powerhouse Black mother who always stays ahead of the game. 🦶🏾🇺🇸⁣Hosts:⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣Guest

13. Getting Woke About Sleep

To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question. In a world that doesn’t seem to stop, we decided to take some time out and discuss all things sleep related. Do you do it enough? Do you do it alone or with a partner? And do you do it with your little ones (or big ones) in the bed with you? This week we dive deep into the land of nod and discover the reality of what really goes on in our beds and in our dreams. Get comfy and cosy and join us for this intimate episode, generously sponsored by Emma Mattress. And get your little toosh on their products - Use our discount code MUMS42 for 42% off all products on their website until 12th April.
30/03/21·1h 8m

12. I Didn't Choose To Be A Mum

Motherhood comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it even comes whether we want it or not. This episode we are joined by guest Sabine Telesford who gets upfront about her unconventional journey to motherhood. Following a series of tragic events Sabine found herself thrust into parenthood as she became legal guardian of a young teen. We discuss the reality of going from Prosecco brunches with the girls to Parents Evenings with a boy. There’s tears, laughter and a whole heap of realness in this heartfelt⁣Hosts:⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
22/03/21·56m 24s

11. It’s A Man’s World.

What a week for women. And Piers Morgan. This episode we discuss how safe it really is to be a woman, particularly a woman of colour, as we open up about our own experiences of male threat and danger. With the fall-out from the Meghan, Harry and Oprah interview in full display, plus the headline news about the murder of Sarah Everard, the UK is left in disarray. But what does the reporting say about racism and sexism in modern day Britain? Which stories get a chance to be heard? And how do we ensure both ourselves and our daughters have a safer⁣Hosts:⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
17/03/21·1h 10m

10. Upfront with Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce🚀🇯🇲

This episode we bolt over to Jamaica to chat with none other than the fastest woman in the world, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce! The ‘pocket-rocket’ powerhouse opens up about her childhood in Waterhouse, poverty and complex family dynamics. Shelly-Ann keeps us on our toes as we discuss everything from wigs to toxic masculinity to deal breakers in relationships. Pull up a chair, pour out the rum, and join the gold medal Olympian mother who is truly slaying in her (very fast) lane.This episode of the Black Mums Upfront podcast is brought to you in partnership with Nike and Black Mums Upfront.Hosts:⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ 
09/03/21·1h 11m

9. From The Mouth Of Babes

Say What?! So it seems we are not the only ones who like to be upfront about things. This week we open up about all the ways our kids have shamed, outed and exposed us with their curiosity, honesty and realness. They say that children are our biggest mirrors and this week we take a long hard look into those reflections. Is it a case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’ or should we always be leading by example? Put yourself on timeout and enjoy plenty of parenting fails and plenty of laughter, in this eye watering⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
03/03/21·52m 38s

8. 'Til Death Do Us Part

‘Mummy, what happens when we die?’ are words we’re never dying to hear. Perhaps now more than ever death seems to be around us, and yet we still rarely talk about this one guarantee in life. Well we’re up for changing that. This week we get upfront with death, and talk loss, funerals and the afterlife. We open up about our own experiences of losing loved ones, discuss which culture has the best death rituals and sing our own funeral anthems. Whether death is something you celebrate, embrace or fear,  join us as we explore the last taboo.Hosts:⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
23/02/21·1h 6m

7. Can We Trust The Police?

This week we get upfront with Commander Dr. Alison Heydari, the most senior Black female police officer in the UK, to ask, can we really trust the police to protect us and our children? With Black people nine times more likely to stopped and searched than white people in the UK and four times more likely in London, we talk stop and search, community relations and institutional racism, in this frank and arresting episode. Join us at the beginning of a very important dialogue with the Metropolitan police. We take no prisoners on this podcast.Hosts:⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣Guest: Commander Alison
16/02/21·1h 4m

6. Pussy Power

We get upfront and very personal this episode as we talk pleasure, pelvic floors and pee. ⁣⁣We are joined by vagina and vibrator guru, Zuleika Philips - a mother of two and owner of Pleasure Drum, a wellness company dedicated to pelvic strengthening solutions and pleasure products. ⁣⁣We open up (ahem) about orgasms, we let out (cough) our post baby incontinence insecurity and we share our secret sex toy tips. Is pleasure our right? Are we comfortable claiming it? And how can we ensure we are getting enough? ⁣⁣Maybe don’t listen in front of your grandma. Then again...⁣⁣Hosts:⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣Guest: Zuleika Philips⁣⁣
09/02/21·1h 7m

5. 🏃🏾‍♀️Upfront with Bianca Williams

This episode we head to Dubai to catch up with (it’s not easy) motherhood’s front runner, British gold medalist and new mum of one, Bianca Williams. Bianca gets upfront about the realities of athlete life with a new born, raising a black son in London and learning to love her changing body. She also opens up about that fateful day she was stopped, searched and handcuffed by the police and why she is using her voice to speak out against racial profiling by the Metropolitan Police. This is one upfront Black mum who really is living life in the fast lane.This episode of the Black Mums Upfront podcast is brought to you in partnership with Nike and Black Mums Upfront.
02/02/21·1h 6m

4. Cumming of Age 🍆🍒

In this upfront episode we talk maths, masturbation and motherhood. In an attempt to understand our children better we put ourselves in their shoes and take a trip down memory lane to reflect on our own coming of age experiences (yikes). Do we approach the topic of sex differently with our sons to our daughters? Does gender affect our attitude to genitals? And should we be teaching our children about orgasms? Join us in this playful podcast as we discover how far us modern Black mothers have really come when it comes to cultural conditioning and rising above the patriarchy. Stimulating stuff.This podcast is bought to you by Black Mums Upfront and edited and mixed by Daniele Zazza.Hosts:Carina White - @brownstown29Natalie Duvall - @natsduvNana-Adwoa Mbeutcha - @nanaadwoambeutchaEndy Mckay - @from_da_endz
26/01/21·55m 5s

3. Go Back To Where You Came From

Whilst some of us are going no further than the local Lidl, others are taking stock of their lives, following their instincts and relocating to the Caribbean. This episode we get upfront and personal with entrepreneur, and bestselling author and coach, Jessica Huie MBE. We caught up with the mum-of-two in Jamaica to discuss finding your purpose, living authentically and what happens when that means upping and leaving everything for a new life in a new continent. Jessica opens up about her decision to follow her heart - away from the rat race and towards the sun, sea and ackee and saltfish.This podcast is bought to you by Black Mums Upfront and edited and mixed by Daniele Zazza.Hosts:Carina White - @brownstown29Natalie Duvall - @natsduvNana-Adwoa Mbeutcha - @nanaadwoambeutchaEndy Mckay - @from_da_endz
19/01/21·56m 24s

2. Are We Messing Up Our Kids?

This episode we are joined by BBC’s Mimi on a Mission - Digital Detox child therapist, Kemi Omijeh, as we explore parenting through a pandemic and the rising number of children who are experiencing mental health difficulties. We all know lockdown has been a testing time for us parents (*pass the wine) and 2020 has bought some challenging times for Black people (*raise the fist) but what about our children? Are they as resilient as we think? Join us as Kemi answers your questions and drops some serious gems on how to look out for, support and connect with young minds. Upfront Disclaimer: Parenting fails will feature heavily throughout.This podcast is bought to you by Black Mums Upfront and edited and mixed by Daniele Zazza.
12/01/21·1h 2m

1. New Year's Revolution

New year, new name, same purpose. We are going to be upfront, 2020 did some ass kickin’. Yet here we are, still standing, well sitting with our mics, keeping Black mothers firmly on the map in 2021. In this, our first episode as Black Mums Upfront - we talk difficult endings and new beginnings, when to stand strong, and why Black women aren’t playing small anymore. We also discuss our favourite vibrator setting and sing Lion King...Standard. There is strength in vulnerability so join us we bare all in this upfront and personal pod. This podcast is bought to you by Black Mums Upfront and edited and mixed by Daniele Zazza.Hosts Natalie Duvall - @natsduv Carina White - @brownstown29 Endy Mckay - @from_da_endz Nana-Adwoa Mbeutcha -
05/01/21·57m 9s
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