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iJustine and Jenna -- Two sisters. Same Brain. Talking about tech, video games, food and probably more food. Support this podcast:


Interview with Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe / R2, R3 and R3X launch!

We had the chance to sit down with Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe and discuss the new R2, R3 and R3X launches! --- Support this podcast:
08/03/2414m 22s

The Truth Behind Apple's 2030 Plan! Interview with Apple's Executives

Apple announced their plans to get have entire product line carbon neutral by 2030 - I got a chance to chat with Lisa Jackson and John Ternus from Apple about to learn more about their plans. --- Support this podcast:
14/09/2311m 2s

[Video] We're in Utah! Kando Event, New Cameras, and Catching up!

Justine and Jenna were in Snowbird, Utah for the SONY KANDO trip where they were able to catch up with friends, see new gear, and go on little adventures! --- Support this podcast:
04/09/2338m 10s


We've been gone for awhile. This is a sad podcast but we tried our best. --- Support this podcast:
06/08/2340m 7s

[VIDEO] Talking all things sneakers, golf and content with Jacques Slade!

While we were at Camera Camp last week we had the chance to catch up with our friend Jacques Slade! --- Support this podcast:
09/04/2354m 7s

[VIDEO] Justine's Untold Blood Clot Story (1 Year Later) with Becki and Chris

One year ago today, Justine went to the emergency room for a blood clot in her shoulder. She spent 5 days in the ER/ICU, and during that time she consulted with our friend Chris who is an interventional radiologist and who specializes in these exact procedures and diagnosis. We sat down a year later to catch up with our friends Becki and Chris at Camera Camp, and talk about that crazy day one year ago . --- Support this podcast:
01/04/2354m 52s

[VIDEO] Spilling ALL the tea with Sara Dietschy

In this episode we catch up our with friend Sara Dietschy! We talk about life updates, the Rivian R1S, and we spill ALL the secrets! --- Support this podcast:
25/03/2342m 21s

[VIDEO] Justine's Birthday Episode!

Happy birthday Justine! --- Support this podcast:
21/03/2332m 32s

[VIDEO] Basement Chat -- Justine's New Hobby, Our Niece Visits, YETI Product Recall, and More!

Justine and Jenna catch up while on the east coast visiting family! --- Support this podcast:
19/03/2342m 17s

[VIDEO] Our first Spotify Video! Interview with Spotify CEO Daniel Ek!

Justine had the opportunity to interview the Spotify CEO at their Stream On event where they launched a bunch of new features!  --- Support this podcast:
12/03/2324m 51s

Catching up with filmmaker, author and photographer Ben Moon!

We recorded this episode in Idaho during the Sony Kando trip and we got to sit down with our extremely talented friend Ben Moon. --- Support this podcast:
11/02/2341m 23s

Google Visit, Jenna Gets a Couch, The Return of eJustine and Our Favorite Brands

Google Visit, Jenna Gets a Couch, The Return of eJustine, and Our Favorite Brands --- Support this podcast:
29/01/2335m 49s

New Year Catch Up, Harry and Meghan, Apple's Latest M2 Announcements and RIP Twitter.

New Year Catch Up, Harry and Meghan, Apple's Latest M2 Announcements and RIP Twitter. --- Support this podcast:
21/01/2342m 58s

Podcasting in the back of a Rivan Suv! R1S in Yosemite!

This podcast was recorded many months ago but Justine just finally edited and posted it. Enjoy this little time capsule 😂 --- Support this podcast:
03/12/2229m 31s

Our Thanksgiving Episode!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  --- Support this podcast:
24/11/2228m 51s

iPhone 14 now has emergency Satellite Support! Exclusive interview with Apple

The iPhone 14 emergency Satellite feature is officially out for select regions. Learn more about this directly from Apple! --- Support this podcast:
15/11/2221m 12s

Exclusive Interview with Phil Spencer from Xbox

We had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Phil Spencer about current and upcoming news related to gaming and Xbox --- Support this podcast:
30/10/2243m 16s

Talking Windows 11 Updates with Microsoft's Panos Panay!

Talking Windows 11 Updates with Microsoft's Panos Panay --- Support this podcast:
24/09/2221m 5s

iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra, and AirPods Pro 2!

We talk about the just released iPhone 14 phones, the new Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra, and the new AirPods Pro 2! --- Support this podcast:
16/09/2246m 43s

Justine got a blood clot! The full story and she finally listens to her birthday messages..

Since you've been gone.. we, us. It's us not you 😂 WE'VE been gone!!! Justine got a blood clot, she also had a birthday, Jenna left the country and more! --- Support this podcast:
14/04/221h 1m

Apple's Spring Event! New M1 Ultra, Mac Studio, Studio Display, iPhone SE and more!

Chatting about all the things that Apple announced in their first event in 2022!  --- Support this podcast:
09/03/2236m 47s

Our discord reboot, Jenna's new show, Justine's new injuries, and our future travel plans! #54

Discord reboot, Jenna's new show, Justine's new injuries, and our future travel plans! #54 --- Support this podcast:
06/02/2251m 34s

We're back! Jenna got the bug, Jus took a vacation, NFTs, Narcissism, and a lot of catching up! #53

Thought we'd start off this new season with a real fun buffet of randomness.. as usual. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
29/01/2250m 59s

Podcasting in the forest! #52

We filmed this awhile ago when Justine reviewed the Goal Zero Yeti 1000! Last episode of 2021! --- Support this podcast:
29/12/2137m 50s

A life changing piece of tech! Interview with Oura Ring CEO Harpreet Singh Rai! #051

Around the launch of the new Gen 3 Oura ring, Justine and Jenna got a chance to chat with Oura Ring CEO Harpreet Singh Rai! --- Support this podcast:
27/12/2134m 43s

Talking Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBooks with Apple!

Chatting about all the new Apple M1 Pro and M1 Pro Max MacBooks, Final Cut upgrades and more with Apple! --- Support this podcast:
23/10/2121m 31s

Apple Watch Series 7, Squid Game, Justine's Secret ring, Squid Game, and hunt for Brian Laundrie..

We talked about a lot of random things in this episode, as usual.. but the new Apple Watch launched this week so that is definitely on the top of our list! --- Support this podcast:
15/10/2151m 5s

Windows 11 and Microsoft Surface chat with Panos Panay! #048

Had a great time chatting with Panos about the new Surface lineup and Windows 11! --- Support this podcast:
05/10/2129m 49s

iJustine Interviews Tim Cook! #47

On this very very very very special podcast, Justine reflects on her interview with Tim Cook after the 2021 Apple Event. Full video version is on her YouTube channel but this is the audio version! --- Support this podcast:
22/09/2119m 50s

The third sister! Interviewing Bre - Her child's birth story and we were robbed! 👶🏼💸

In today's episode, we have our other sister BRE on the podcast! We filmed this once before but Justine lost the audio.. good job, Jus   00:00 Intro 00:41 Justine is the eldest child 02:06 No pod for two months??!! 02:48 Reading your 5-star reviews 03:39 Listening to your audio messages 04:37 Bre has entered the chat 05:10 Pregnancy story NOW 08:23 Did I pee myself?   13:07 Mom, I think I'm in labor 15:07 They forgot I was having a baby.. 17:06 Very hard labor 18:20 Let's talk about DILATION shall we?   19:50 31 hours later... 21:22 The baby sees ghosts!?! 28:00 We got CRIMED in Hawaii 34:00 Hawaii is a special place 36:02 Let's talk about Bre 39:38 Bre's Childhood Memories 43:23 Bre has a secret YouTube Channel 44:21 Justine is annoying and weird 48:06 Outro --- Support this podcast:
11/09/2148m 51s

Basement Podcast, Roof Rats, Homelessness and Jenna Lost Her Passport #045

Still on the east coast chatting about family, roof rats, and Jenna's latest struggles.  --- Support this podcast:
17/07/2146m 29s

Talking Windows 11 with Chief Product Officer Panos Panay #044

On this episode we have a special guest Panos Panay, the Chief Product Officer at Microsoft!  We discuss the Windows 11 announcement and what to expect, as well as what it was like building it during a pandemic.  --- Support this podcast:
27/06/2123m 25s

The future of Xbox Gaming with Phil Spencer #043

We got a chance to chat with Phil Spencer about what the future of gaming at Xbox, this weekends showcase with Bethesda and what he's been playing! Oh and yes, we did ask about Halo..... --- Support this podcast:
12/06/2136m 4s

New iOS 15 and FaceTime on Android?! WWDC 2021 Recap! #42

New iOS 15, iPad OS, developer tools, and FaceTime on Android?! We chat about almost all the updates that were announced so far at WWDC 2021.  --- Support this podcast:
09/06/2139m 44s

Fireside Chat on the East Coast #041

In this fireside episode we talk about our time on the East Coast, seeing bears, Jenna makes a fire, and our latest travel experiences.  --- Support this podcast:
29/05/2140m 16s

THE NEW M1 iMACS! #040

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS IS THE 40TH EPISODE?! We can't! No better way to celebrate than with a very short episode sitting in front of all the new M1 iMacs. You can't see it.. but we are. Reminder, there is a video version on YouTube if you do ever want to watch us instead of just listen!  --- Support this podcast:
20/05/2124m 34s

Creating A More Accessible Future -- Interview with James Rath!

We sat down to chat with James Rath, a legally blind filmmaker and accessibility advocate, to chat about his experiences and what led him to where he is today. We also chat about Global Accessibility Awareness Day -- which is celebrated this upcoming May 20th! GAAD is an awareness day focusing on digital access and inclusion for the more than one billion people with disabilities and impairments. --- Support this podcast:
17/05/2149m 15s

Justine uses ONLY Android for a week, Fully Vaxxed, Mining Helium with Hotspots, and more.. #38

Another fun episode of talking about all of the things! Justine loves crops tops and 5 star reviews! We're fully vaxxed and ready to podcast!  --- Support this podcast:
01/05/2156m 55s

Apple Event Recap! AirTags, New iMacs, 5G iPads and Apple TV 4K! #037

Recapping the latest spring Apple Event! AirTags, Apple Wallet, new iMacs and colors, 5G iPads and Apple TV 4K! --- Support this podcast:
21/04/2141m 54s

New Tech, Jenna's Stolen Bikes, DMX, and We Ate Too Much Dinner Again #036

Chatting about some new tech, Jenna's stolen bikes story, remembering DMX, dinner chats, and much more.  --- Support this podcast:
18/04/2149m 37s

iPhone 13 Rumors, Vaccines, Turning Into Lizard People, Cars, And Tech Talk! #035

Apple's 45th Birthday, our favorite Easter memories, iPhone 13 rumors, being half-vaxxed, turning into lizard people, not wanting children, and things just get really weird..... --- Support this podcast:
03/04/2157m 53s

Broken MacBook and Car, 1 Year in the Pandemic, and DMV Struggles! #034

Justine's birthday recap, 1 year in the pandemic, broken MacBook and car, getting the vaccine, DMV struggles and so much more! --- Support this podcast:
27/03/2159m 5s

Justine's Birthday Episode! #033

Celebrating Justine's birthday! We talk about how it's been exactly one year since lockdown, spilling coffee on my MacBook, Justine's car failure, and telling the story behind Kiwi the hummingbird and her babies. --- Support this podcast:
20/03/211h 8m

Socially Distance Podcast With Nicki Sun! Episode #032

Chatting all things tech with Nicki Sun! --- Support this podcast:
14/03/2156m 6s

Kenny Florian on Jiu Jitsu, the pandemic and his long standing career in martial arts! #031

Today Justine left Jenna to chat with Kenny Florian about jiu jitsu, his long standing career in martial arts and what’s next! Check out Kenny's YouTube channel: --- Support this podcast:
28/02/2151m 0s

Podcasting in the back of the Tahoe in Tahoe! #030

Filming this episode in South Lake Tahoe from the back of a Chevy Tahoe! We have been on a 3 week road trip adventure, we chat about our time on the road and many many other things.  --- Support this podcast:
20/02/2138m 30s

From Prison to Paradise #029

Today's episode was recorded in Pacific City, Oregon! When we left you last, we were in Carmel, CA and since then.. many things have happened. We discuss our murder AirBnb, our hopes, our dreams and serial killers.  --- Support this podcast:
13/02/2143m 37s

Pajama Podcast - Our Road Trip Adventure, Crypto, Diamond Hands, GameStop, AMC and some other stuff #028

Podcasting in our jammies! Today we are recording this podcast from Carmel, CA. We're currently on a road trip up the west coast, making videos and recording our podcast along the way! In this episode we discuss a lot of things from our casual fashion, crypto, investment strategies, and my new knife.  --- Support this podcast:
07/02/2149m 47s

Justin Roberts - AEW’s Ring Announcer talks to us about his life long wrestling career, touring with Tool and more! #027

On this episode we are joined by Justin Roberts who is currently the AEW (All Elite Wrestling) ring announcer. His lifelong love of wrestling has brought him on such an incredible journey from starting at WWE right out of college, leaving wrestling entirely, writing a best selling book, touring with the band Tool and finally finding his way back to wrestling with AEW. Of course it wouldn’t be a Same Brain episode without Justine crying over a beef salad and Jenna discussing how she once got hit with sticks in Mexico after meeting Ray Mysterio. --- Support this podcast:
30/01/211h 17m

CES 2021, our latest TikTok obsessions, Samsung Galaxy Unpacked, and Things Get a Little Weird #026

Justine's CES hosting, our latest TikTok obsessions, Samsung Galaxy Unpacked, and Things Get a Little Weird #026 --- Support this podcast:
21/01/211h 5m

The New Year, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, Martial Arts and CES! #025

New year, new podcast! In this episode we talk about Bitcoin, turning Justine's garage into a gym, all-digital CES 2021, and much more! --- Support this podcast:
09/01/2151m 52s

AirPods Max, Apple Fitness, Gaming, and Cats! #024

AirPods Max, Apple Fitness, Gaming, Cats, and more! --- Support this podcast:

Our Mug Announcement, Catching Up, Intel vs. Apple M1, and Much More! #023

We officially launched our Same Brain mini store with mugs and stickers! We also catch up and chat about where we have been, the Intel vs. Apple M1 MacBooks, streaming, working from home, our rapid COVID testing experience, and much more.  --- Support this podcast:
05/12/2056m 42s

Apple M1 Chip is here! Interview with Apple about the new M1 Chip Products #022

Chatting with Apple about their recent announcement of the M1 chip in the new MacBook Air, 13" MacBook Pro and Mac mini! --- Support this podcast:
15/11/2021m 32s

Interview with Xbox's Major Nelson about Upcoming Console Launch #021

Chatting with Xbox's Major Nelson about all things Microsoft, gaming, the upcoming console launch, and his 20 years at Microsoft. --- Support this podcast:
08/11/2031m 9s

Halloween Special! Xbox Fridge & Consoles, iPhone 12 and 5G, and Our Old Embarrassing Content #020

Happy Halloween! We talk about the Xbox Series X Refrigerator, unboxing the Series S and Series X, iPhone 12, embargoes, surviving tech season, finding 5G and all the weird things we used to do on YouTube. Microsoft Store Insider: --- Support this podcast:

Talking Tech with Tom Green in the trunk of a car #019

In this episode we talk to Tom Green who is now out on an adventure around America in his new van and puppy Charley! You can follow along on his adventures --- Support this podcast:
25/10/2037m 53s

iPhone 12 Pajamas Chat #018

Chatting about the new HomePod Mini and the iPhone 12 in our jammies in a basement --- Support this podcast:
17/10/2054m 13s

Our COVID-19 Testing Experience, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, Hypnotism, and Much More #017

We get tested for COVID, planning to travel for the first time, Mario Kart Live: Hone Circuit, Hypnotism, and recalling our memories incorrectly. --- Support this podcast:
10/10/201h 5m

All Things iPad with Apple Execs Bob Borchers and John Ternus #016

The Year of the iPad! Got a chance to discuss the all new 2020 iPad lineup featuring the iPad Air, the 8th gen iPad, and the iPad Pro with Bob Borchers and John Ternus from Apple.  --- Support this podcast:
03/10/2037m 52s

Ring Security Drone, Amazon Fall Hardware, Super Mario 3D All-Stars, & Sherbert vs. Sherbet? #015

This episode we talk about the Amazon Fall Hardware event, the Sony a7S III is finally here, Amazon LUNA, Sherbert VS. Sherbet, ASUS and ACRONYM Laptop, The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, and Super Mario 3D All-Stars! --- Support this podcast:
26/09/201h 3m

Apple Event 2020! Where was the iPhone 12?!?!?!? New Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, iPad Air and Apple Fitness+ #014

Discussing all the announcements from todays Apple Event 2020! No iPhone 12 announcements, but plenty of news with the NEW Apple Watch Series 6,  new iPad Air, and Apple Fitness+ --- Support this podcast:
16/09/2041m 29s

Our new YouTube channel, The latest Xbox Series X/S console info and Peloton’s new equipment! #013

We have a new podcast set AND finally launched the YouTube channel! We talk about the new Xbox Series X and Series S, Peloton announces new tread and bike, and more real world chats with Justine and Jenna. --- Support this podcast:
12/09/201h 5m

Z Fold 2 vs. Duo, iPhone 12 Rumors and David Blaine’s Ascension! #012

Samsung Z Fold 2 vs. the Surface duo, iPhone 12 rumors, David Blaine ascension, and our new podcast set up! --- Support this podcast:
05/09/2058m 22s

Fall Guys, Flight Simulator and realizing that summer is almost over.... #011

After missing a week, we are back! What's new?! We've been playing the new Microsoft Flight Simulator and Fall Guys while getting hyped for new Call of Duty. We also officially got our new podcasting gear and have a net set! I wonder if you can hear how great the new set looks... --- Support this podcast:
22/08/2046m 9s

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Samsung Unpacked Announcements and this podcast almost didn't happen #010

Justine decided to unbox her Note 20 Ultra in the middle of this podcast, so that takes up a huge chunk of the episode.. and then we talked about a lot of stuff but also a lot of nothing, like usual.  --- Support this podcast:
08/08/2058m 59s

Injured brain -- Justine's concussion and the new Sony A7sIII #009

Did Justine hit herself so hard in the head that she gave herself a concussion? MAYBE! Also the new Sony A7sIII is an incredible camera and we spent a week with it. Animal Crossing now has DREAMING? YEP!  --- Support this podcast:
02/08/2041m 17s

Phil Spencer Interview! Halo Infinite, Xbox Game Pass and how gaming is keeping us all connected.. #008

Huge thanks to Phil Spencer for being our first guest! We had a great time chatting about how gaming really is keeping people connected plus more reactions from the Xbox Games Showcase..  --- Support this podcast:
24/07/2025m 48s

WE LEFT THE HOUSE! Filming a secret project, Twitter Hacked, XBOX Halo Infinite news, and new Sony A7siii coming soon?!

In this episode we LEFT THE HOUSE!! It's a.... “roadcast” on the… wait for it.. RODECASTER! We packed up podcast gear and basically every camera we own to shoot a fun secret project. Lots of news this past week with the massive Bitcoin Twitter hacking, Xbox HALO Infinite news, and we share a cookie. Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
19/07/2055m 5s

Samsung Unpacked Announcement, Canon EOS R5 Reveal vs. Sony a7S III Rumors and stepping away from talking tech! #006

In this episode we talk about Samsung announcing their virtual Unpacked event in August. We also discus the unveiling of the Lamborghini Sian, as well as discuss the Canon EOS R5 announcement vs. what we expect to see from Sony.  Justine also begs to stop talking about tech and to start opening up the conversation on a more personal level.  --- Support this podcast:

A weird episode of new iPhone and Mac Book Ramblings.. PLUS things that don't shock us in 2020 anymore! #005

This was a weird episode with a lot of ramblings of tech, food and Jenna pushing too many buttons on the Rodecaster (again)  --- Support this podcast:
04/07/2055m 54s

Discovering BTS, Animal Crossing Summer Update and Xbox Leaks! #004

Justine discovers how great BTS is for the FIRST TIME EVER in this episode. Jenna and Jus are also getting ready for that Animal Crossing summer update while finding some leaked info about the cheaper second gen Xbox Series X = LOCKHART?! Pokemon, WWDC, iOS 14, the new Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G BTS special edition and more! --- Support this podcast:
27/06/2058m 56s

Full WWDC 2020 Recap and Impressions! #003

This year is the 31st WWDCC but the first ever to be held entirely digital and FREE! There were a lot of great things announced like iOS 14, iPad OS Mac OS Big Sur, Watch OS 7 and updates to TV OS! --- Support this podcast:
23/06/2046m 19s

WWDC Rumors, PS5 hype and Animal Crossing - #002

Getting excited for WWDC coming up! Also lots of PS5 hype, more Animal Crossing talk and more of Jenna trying to keep Justine from getting sidetracked.  We thought by the next episode we'd have our upgraded podcast gear, but we don't.. so hopefully next week we'll have some improved audio and more! --- Support this podcast:
20/06/2044m 45s

Pilot Episode of Justine and Jenna's Podcast

This was recorded on April 20th, 2020 and posting months later because why not? lol --- Support this podcast:
13/06/2022m 48s
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