Business Stories for Small Business

Business Stories for Small Business

By Wonder Media // Daily Global News Observer

We interview successful entrepreneurs about their stories in business. Our guests have a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences that our audience can draw from... We hope you enjoy our podcast as you learn lessons along the way to help you with your business!!!


Discussing Franchise Ownership While Working as a W-2 Employee with Patrick Elsner

Explore the dynamic world of franchising as we dive into the expertise of Patrick Elsner from Franchise Insider. Discover the keys to identifying the perfect franchise, trends shaping the industry, and success stories that inspire and educate. We also discuss the option to run a franchise while working as a W-2 employee. Yes, it is possible. We discuss stories of others you have done it here.   
19/01/24·21m 18s

A Deep Dive into the World of Franchising with Irving Chung and his history with the "Got Milk?" Campaign

Embark on a fascinating journey in this episode as we delve into the world of franchising with Irving Chung, an accomplished franchise consultant from FranChoice. Gain unique insights into Irving's background, including his involvement with the iconic marketing slogan "Got milk?" From his marketing experiences to franchise consulting expertise, explore the keys to success in the ever-evolving franchise landscape. Whether you're an aspiring franchisee or simply intrigued by the world of franchising, this episode offers a blend of captivating stories and valuable insights from a seasoned industry expert.
15/01/24·30m 11s

From Dreams to Reality: Unlocking Business Success with Kim Daly

Join us for an insightful episode with Kim Daly, a seasoned franchise consultant from FranChoice. Kim brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in helping individuals navigate the world of franchising to find the perfect business opportunity. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or someone exploring new career paths, Kim shares valuable insights and tips to guide you through the franchising journey. Kim and I also discuss a pivotal moment in her career that catapulted her to the next level of success. How she realized she had to take personal accountability to achieve what she wanted. We share how anyone can find success with some heart, grit, and a consistent effort. 
19/12/23·38m 10s

Behind the Valuation: Navigating the World of the Home Appraisal Business with Don Preston

Join us in this insightful episode as we sit down with Don Preston, a seasoned professional in the real estate appraisal industry, to explore the intricacies of property valuations. Don shares his journey into the field, shedding light on the evolving landscape of home appraisals. We delve into common misconceptions, the impact of technology, and advice for both homebuyers and homeowners. This episode provides valuable insights into the world of home appraisals, offering a deeper understanding of how professionals like Don Preston work and use technology like ClientTether to improve and expand his business. Tune in for an engaging conversation that demystifies the appraisal process and unveils the factors that truly determine your property's worth. We also discuss how Don's A.I. chat bot is helping him respond to customer inquiries and provide a higher level of customer service.  Visit Don's website to interact with his ClientTether A.I. Chat Bot yourself! 
14/12/23·32m 16s

Closing the Deal with Tonality & Emotion: Jeremy Miner’s Neuro-Emotional Persuasion Dynamic Sales Approach

Join me as I sit down with Jeremy Miner, a true sales maverick who has earned global recognition for his innovative approach. Ranked 45th among 108 million salespeople, Jeremy shares insights on overcoming pitfalls, creating urgency in sales, and debunking common myths. Discover the power of Neuro-Emotional Persuasion Questioning (NEPQ) and gain fresh perspectives on closing deals in today's competitive world. Don't miss out on the wisdom of a sales expert who has empowered over 459,000 professionals across 158 industries. #SalesSuccess #PodcastInterview #JeremyMiner Pick up "The New Model of Selling" through Barnes & Noble Join his group on Facebook
20/11/23·37m 11s

From Vision to Expansion: Unveiling the Franchising Blueprint with Rick Robinson of Franchise Genesis

In this episode, join me for a dynamic conversation with Rick Robinson, the expert behind Franchise Genesis, as we unravel the secrets to successfully franchising your business. Discover the transformative journey from a single vision to a nationwide sensation, exploring the intricacies of the franchising process. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, Rick shares invaluable insights, practical tips, and the crucial steps to take your business to the next level through franchising. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the franchise equation and embark on a path to unlocking unparalleled success for your brand.
15/11/23·39m 27s

Flame-Kissed Success: Unveiling the Woody’s BBQ Franchise Opportunity with Joseph Becker

Unlock the door to entrepreneurship with a side of smoky goodness in this episode dedicated to the irresistible franchise opportunity at Woody's BBQ! Join myself and Franchise Development Pro Joseph Becker as we explore the flavors, financials, and fantastic support system that make Woody's BBQ a prime choice for aspiring business owners. From the initial investment to ongoing support, we dissect the franchise model to provide you with a mouthwatering roadmap to success. Whether you're a barbecue enthusiast or a savvy investor, discover why Woody's BBQ is more than just a franchise—it's a recipe for entrepreneurial triumph. Tune in for a grill-side chat about seizing the opportunity to bring the authentic taste of Woody's to your community! With Woody's you can take the enjoyment of a Sunday BBQ and turn it into a life changing business. 
09/11/23·19m 23s

Unlocking the Future of Immigration: Insights from Not Alien’s CEO Leonardo Shapiro

Join us on an enlightening journey as we sit down with the visionary Founder and CEO of Not Alien, Leonardo Shapiro. In this thought-provoking episode, we delve into the groundbreaking world of immigration innovation. Discover how Not Alien, a VC-backed startup, is reshaping the immigration landscape with a unique blend of technology, expertise, and a dash of "We come in peace" ethos. Leonardo shares his inspiring insights into the mission, vision, and bold innovations that are simplifying and improving the immigration experience for individuals. If you're curious about the future of immigration, this is a conversation you won't want to miss. Tune in to explore the incredible story behind Not Alien and the dynamic leader at its helm.
25/10/23·39m 54s

Franchise Legal Insights: Navigating Emerging Franchise Law With Attorney Javier Esteve

Mr. Javier Esteve is an extraordinary expert in franchise law, and his passion for this field is unmistakable. Over the past two years, he has not only accumulated extensive knowledge but has also developed a deep-seated commitment to helping those in the world of franchising. His journey in franchise law has been marked by countless memorable victories, intricate negotiations, and tireless advocacy for his clients. Javier's heart lies in understanding the intricate nuances of franchise agreements, tirelessly working to protect intellectual property, and ensuring that all parties involved are operating within the bounds of regulatory compliance. His dedication to resolving disputes and conflicts is not just a legal duty but a personal mission to bring harmony and justice to the franchise landscape. On this episode Javier shares some valuable insights as he helps emerging brands navigate their journey towards growth.  You can connect with Javier here. 
16/10/23·31m 0s

Transforming Businesses Through Effective Leadership: A Talk with Eric Jones

In this insightful episode, we sit down with Eric Jones, a seasoned leadership and business coach, to explore the dynamic world of effective leadership. Eric shares his inspiring journey and offers valuable strategies for aspiring and seasoned leaders alike. Discover the keys to success, navigate challenges, and uncover the power of emotional intelligence in leadership. Join us for a deep dive into leadership's financial impact on businesses and learn how to foster a positive organizational culture. Don't miss this engaging conversation with Eric Jones as we unlock the secrets to leadership mastery and business transformation.
13/10/23·29m 44s

Elevating the Roofing Industry: A Conversation with Mike Harvey from The Roof Resource

In this episode, we sit down with Mike Harvey, the visionary founder of The Roof Resource, to delve into the fascinating world of roofing. Join us as Mike shares his journey into the roofing industry, the mission behind The Roofing Resource, and how he envisions the future of this specialized field. Mike is saving home owners thousands of dollars on their roofing work. At the same time, he is helping roofers get more work while building better relationships with their customers. This is truly a win/win for both sides.  Whether you're a roofing professional, homeowner, or just curious about what goes on above your head, this episode is packed with valuable insights to elevate your roofing knowledge and enhance your roofing experiences. No pun intended, Mike is taking the roofing industry to new heights. 
12/10/23·32m 37s

Sandler Training Uncovered With Algot Sorensen: Transforming Sales Professionals into Superstars

In this episode with Sandler's Algot Sorensen, we delve into the world of sales mastery with a close look at Sandler Training, the industry leader in sales training and development. Discover the unique approach of the Sandler Selling System and how it empowers sales professionals to thrive in today's ever-evolving marketplace. From overcoming common sales challenges to building lasting customer relationships, we explore the secrets behind Sandler Training's success and hear inspiring stories of transformed careers. Join us as we unlock the strategies that can turn struggling salespeople into superstars and explore the global impact of Sandler Training's innovative techniques. If you're in sales or aspire to be, this episode is a must-listen for your professional growth. Sign up for updates and complimentary training classes here.
11/10/23·39m 20s

From Passion to Profit: Jesse Keyser’s Journey in Multi-Unit Franchising

In this captivating episode, we delve into the dynamic world of multi-unit franchising with a true industry luminary, Jesse Keyser. Join us as Jesse, a seasoned entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for franchise success, shares his remarkable journey and invaluable insights into the ever-evolving franchise landscape. From personal anecdotes of perseverance to the transformative power of building connections within the franchise community, this episode uncovers the emotional depth that fuels the world of franchising. Jesse also takes us behind the scenes of the renowned Multi-Unit Franchising Conference, shedding light on its pivotal role in nurturing franchise professionals and fostering a sense of unity in an increasingly competitive industry. Whether you're an aspiring franchisee, a seasoned entrepreneur, or simply curious about the emotional and entrepreneurial facets of multi-unit franchising, this episode promises to inspire, educate, and touch your heart. Tune in to explore the remarkable stories and deep-rooted passion that propel Jesse Keyser and the world of multi-unit franchising forward. 
10/10/23·40m 51s

The Franchise Journey with Biscuit Belly: Serving Success, One Biscuit at a Time

On this episode I speak with Chad Coulter, Founder of the Biscuit Belly franchise. We talk about his start as a pharmacist, and evolved into owning a very successful breakfast/brunch brand.  Discover the story behind Biscuit Belly's rise. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a food lover, or simply curious about the franchise business, this podcast is your gateway to the fascinating world of biscuits and entrepreneurial success.
22/09/23·29m 37s

Empathetic Franchise Mastery: Consulting with Heart and Strategy with Drew Chalfant

In this episode, your hosts Drew Chalfant and Ryan Arcoraci delve into the crucial topic of using empathy in franchise consulting. Drew, an industry expert with a proven track record, joins us to shed light on why empathy is not just a soft skill but a strategic necessity in the world of franchising. In today's competitive franchise landscape, understanding the needs and aspirations of both franchisors and franchisees is paramount. Empathy isn't just about feeling for others; it's about gaining a deep understanding of their perspectives and concerns. Drew and Ryan explore how practicing empathy can lead to better communication, stronger relationships, and ultimately, more successful franchising ventures. Discover how empathy can help franchise consultants connect with clients on a deeper level, leading to more effective guidance and support. Whether you're an aspiring franchisee or a seasoned franchisor, this episode will provide valuable insights on why empathy should be at the heart of every franchise consulting strategy. Connect with Drew via Linkedin here.
01/09/23·40m 55s

Dialing Up Profits: How the Right Call Center Can Transform Your Business with Heather Parker

Join us in this episode as we sit down with Heather Parker, the driving force behind Hutchbug Solutions ( Heather's journey from entrepreneur to innovator has led her to transform the way businesses approach customer interactions through call centers. In this insightful conversation, Heather shares her deep expertise in leveraging call center solutions to enhance customer experiences. Discover how Hutchbug Solutions is reshaping the landscape by offering tailored call center services that bridge the gap between businesses and their clients. Learn about the technology-driven strategies that propel companies toward exceptional customer support, optimized operations, and elevated brand loyalty. If you're a business owner or professional looking to explore the potential of call centers, or simply fascinated by the evolution of customer engagement, Heather is your window into the future of personalized, efficient, and impactful customer interactions. Tune in to unravel the power of call centers with Heather's expertise and the game-changing solutions of Hutchbug.
29/08/23·19m 42s

Revolutionizing Sales: Unveiling the Power of ”Do It Selling” with David Newman

In this eye-opening episode, we dive deep into the world of sales transformation with a focus on the innovative approach known as "Do It Selling." My guest, David Newman, a renowned expert in the field, takes us on a journey to discover how this methodology is reshaping the sales landscape. Gone are the days of high-pressure sales tactics; 'Do It Selling' prioritizes authenticity, value, and building lasting relationships. Join us as we explore how this approach not only yields better sales outcomes but also creates a healthier and more sustainable sales environment. We'll uncover practical strategies to establish yourself as a trusted authority in your industry, foster collaboration between yourself and your prospects, and navigate the digital realm while staying true to the core principles of 'Do It Selling.' If you're a sales professional, entrepreneur, or anyone seeking to revolutionize their sales strategies, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in to gain insights, inspiration, and actionable steps to unlock the potential of 'Do It Selling' and pave the way for a more authentic and effective sales journey.  
29/08/23·29m 25s

Unveiling the Sales Surge: Ecomaids’ Triumph Using ClientTether

Kristine Huckell and I started working together in less than a year and she is already seeing success with her Ecomaids location in California with our help. On this episode we break down the tools and functions that foster her success and growth.  Discover how ClientTether, a powerful client engagement and lead management platform, became the catalyst for Ecomaids' exponential growth. From enhancing lead conversion rates to nurturing customer relationships, learn how Ecomaids harnessed the potential of ClientTether to not only drive sales but also foster customer loyalty.  
24/08/23·32m 29s

Entrepreneurial Lessons From a Hardcore Punk Rock Drummer Jason Hamacher

What does a lifelong hardcore punk rocker do when the band life ends? You start an art gallery, travel the world, become a Dad, and keep on tapping into your creativity. At least that was Jason Hamacher's answer.  On this episode we talk hardcore punk, being young, thinking different, and finding the most honest version of ourselves in mid life. I met Jason at the Punk Rock Museum. He was at the base of the steps "high fiving" guests as they ventured upstairs to check out Rikki Ercoli's never before seen iconic rockstar photography exhibit.  This is Jason Hamacher's amazing story and lessons to share.  Learn more about Jason's gallery here.
18/08/23·1h 30m

Discussing A New Approach To Franchise Sales with Lifelong Entrepreneur, Mr. James Webb

     Born to teenage parents in the South, James Webb grew up poor. He began working in sales at just five years old. His environment alone taught him how to survive in business and life. His book, "Redneck Resilience: A Country Boy's Journey To Prosperity" showcases James's amazing stories in life and in business. He's out to teach young entrepreneurs how important resilience is when it comes to being successful.       James went from working for free at a hospital for two years to selling MRI machines in Central America (Nicaragua). He eventually became a franchise owner in Orangetheory Fitness and now works with ScentHound.      As a prior franchise candidate James shares why he chose the brands he did and why franchise sales people really need to change their approach to selling territories over anything else. 
02/08/23·29m 10s

How Robotics Can Take Your Operations & Marketing To The Next Level (and even garner celebrity interest)

As a young boy I was fascinated by science fiction movies like, "Terminator 2." I never knew 30 plus years later I'd be a grown adult seeing robots working in real life.  On this amazing episode I speak to Timothy Tanksley with RichTech Robotics about how robots are improving operations, enhancing the customer experience, and even driving in customers from miles away.  Despite popular opinion, robots are not taking away jobs or making customers feel less appreciated. They're restructuring businesses to operate more efficiently and improving the overall customer experience.  If you're interested in learning more about robotics reach out to myself or Tim (Don't forget to mention this episode)  I promise you, Timothy is a live human.     
27/07/23·29m 49s

Becoming ”The One Percent” With Scott Neal of Taylor Estridge

In 2008 Scott Neal hit a wall. He had a family, bills, and responsibilities. He also had just been laid off of a job in a city that wasn't offering him much as far as opportunities.  Thanks to the help from a franchise consultant Scott bought a painting franchise and built his own empire.  On this episode, Scott shares his journey from franchisee to franchise consultant and why he made the decision to take control of his own success at a time when it was was scary to.  Scott's story is one of courage, drive, and will power.  We also talk about his success using ClientTether in his own franchise consulting business.
07/07/23·23m 48s

My Conversation with bassist Greg Norton of Husker Du & UltraBomb

It is not everyday you get a chance to speak to someone who inspired you (and many others) as an artist and musician. On today's episode I was joined by Mr. Greg Norton, bass player for influential punk/alternative band, Husker Du.  Husker Du was a powerhouse trio, born out of the Twin Cities in the 1980s. They left an indelible mark on future generations of musicians that still exists today.  Talking to Greg, I felt like we knew each other for years. We talked about Husker Du, his love of cooking and wine, and the birth of his new band, UltraBomb.  UltraBomb is a supergroup consisting of Greg, Finny McConnell (The Mahones), and Jamie Oliver (formerly of UK Subs).  They're just about it hit the road and will be playing the main stage at Punk Rock Bowling later this month!  Check them out! 
06/05/23·38m 13s

The Story of The Punk Rock Museum with Founders, Fat Mike, Mona, and Lisa

I fell in love with punk rock music as an early teen in the 90s. The music was fast, the energy was potent, and the art was awe inspiring. That lead me on a journey to playing in various bands for over a decade. I made so many friends and fun music along the way.  So when I found out there was going to be a punk rock museum built in Las Vegas, NV I knew I had to be there. Not only that, I knew I had to get the story of how 50 years of punk music, art, and culture would be curated.  On this episode I have a fun conversation with Mona, Lisa, and Fat Mike (of NOFX and Fat Wreck Chords) who all helped make this amazing place a reality.  Thanks to everyone who built the punk rock museum!  
29/04/23·35m 55s

Closing 20X-50X More Sales For Your Business With Joel Yi

Growing up in Malaysia and later joining the Army taught Joel Yi some valuable lessons. After coming to America he decided success was going to be his only option.  Over ten years later, Joel Yi is now coaching entrepreneurs and salespeople all over on how to 20X-50X their sales.  If you feel like you're in sales slump. Or, maybe your business is taking a hit. This episode might be a breath of fresh air.  Joel Yi is currently helping business people "revive dead leads" with a new program.  You can get in touch and learn more about Joel at his website  
19/04/23·32m 16s

Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Franchising with Franchise Attorney Matthew Kreutzer

Franchising your business is exciting. Having someone take legal action against you because you're not in compliance, is not so exciting. My guest Matthew Kreutzer with Howard & Howard Attorneys in Las Vegas, NV is here to help you avoid any legal snags in your franchise sales and operational processes. He talks about new regulations in 2023 as well as other things to consider as you venture into franchising your business. We also talk about how things like A.I. can change our lives and businesses for better or worse.  Find Matthew on Linkedin Howard & Howard Law For Business     
24/02/23·40m 57s

Releasing Yourself from ”Inbox Prison” and Getting Your Life Back with Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak started his business ownership journey as a high school kid with a passion for playing Magic The Gathering. MTG is a highly popular tabletop card game, which has gained a massive underground following for many years now.  Yaro started his website about MTG and later evolved into blogging, selling training courses, and email marketing.  Now Yaro is the Founder of InboxDone, a company that helps busy entrepreneurs release themselves from "Inbox Prison" by providing a human being to respond to emails so business owners can better focus their time elsewhere.  If you feel bogged down by your email, inbox InboxDone could be just the solution you need.
13/02/23·34m 16s

A Discussion about Crime Scene Cleaning with Michael Fulweber with Bio-One

(Warning: some of this discussion may be graphic for some listeners) Not many people would jump at the opportunity to start a business cleaning up crime scenes, helping hoarders, and dealing with other unforeseen issues. But, Michael Fulweber is one of the few who took the opportunity.  We talk about how tough this business can be emotionally, but also how fulfilling it can be to help families and communities process tragedy and move forward.  We also discuss how one of his first jobs was to respond to the October, 1st shooting in Las Vegas back in 2017.  Bio-One is an amazing brand out there helping communities clean up after tragedy and rebuild. They're doing the work many people may not want to do. But, they know they are a necessary element when it comes to these situations.  I want to thank Michael for joining me and for all the work he is doing.  You can reach out to Michael at:
19/01/23·28m 41s

Speaking To Those Dreading Their Next Day At Work with Careyann Golliver

If your work life is taking a toll on your mental health, your marriage, or your family, it may be time to rethink your goals and career plans. Becoming a business owner is not for everyone, but at the same time is has made plenty of people happier and more successful.  Careyann Golliver joins me to talk about her journey as a corporate executive to a franchise owner, and eventually into becoming a franchise advisor.  Could franchise ownership work for you?  Careyann is here to help you answer that question.
14/12/22·7m 12s

Building Trust & A Human Connection In Your Sales Approach with Jim Shulman

With over 40 years of business/sales experience Jim Shulman has seen and done quite a bit. In this episode we discuss how build trust in your sales approach. We also talk about the importance of tapping into the "human element" when connecting with prospects. Jim also gives us some tips when it comes to networking in your local and virtual groups. This is a great episode to help take your business skills to the next level!    Learn more at:
09/12/22·21m 49s

Balancing Your Dream Life And A Successful Business with Vanessa Zamy

Many people think you can't "have your cake and eat it too" when it comes to business. If you're working 24/7 on your business, spending less time with your family, and feeling overwhelmed you need to listen to this episode with Vanessa Zamy. She's here to help you create a true "balance" in your work and in your life.  She helps business owners travel and enjoy life while their business "successfully runs itself."  Connect with Vanessa Zamy here on Linkedin. 
29/11/22·27m 6s

How To Start Investing with Little Income & More with Expert Trader Casey Stubbs

Casey Stubbs began his journey into investing while in the Army at a very young age. With a nominal income and a little self discipline, he was able to build a significant investment "nest egg." Then, in 2008 he developed a website about stock trading which quickly gained web traffic. He now runs his website, his very own podcast, and educates people on how to make money in stock trading.  On this episode we talk about everything financial from trading, to NFTs, and Bitcoin.  If you're interested in investing, this is the episode for you.  You can get free tools and more at Casey's website: You can also listen to his podcast "How To Trade It" via the link below.
04/11/22·30m 16s

Revolutionizing The Fireworks Industry with Doug & Mike Burda the Founders of Red Apple Fireworks

Red Apple Fireworks started with a Father who came to the USA hoping to catch the American Dream by selling fireworks out of his car in Michigan. Jump ahead decades later, his son's Doug and Mike are now running Red Apple Fireworks.  Doug & Mike teach me that fireworks are not just for the 4th of July. People from all over the country buy them for all sorts of special occasions all year round. On this episode we talk about the technology, marketing, and appeal of fireworks.  This is also my first video podcast as well!  Buy your fireworks online at:  (always be safe and follow instructions)    
02/11/22·35m 38s

The Story of taxiMom and How It Is Revolutionizing The School Transportation Industry

In 2004 Yolanda Stevenson was a Mom just wanting to make sure her young children were able to get to and from school, safely. She started by transporting kids to school with just one vehicle. Jump ahead eighteen years later and she is now operating in multiple areas of Texas and rapidly expanding.  taxiMom is making communities safer and giving parents more peace of mind in a world where people are generally more concerned for the well-being of their children.  If you're interested in learning more, check out taxiMom @
28/10/22·28m 41s

How A Health & Wellness Franchisor is Amassing Millions of Views Using TikTok

I met Mandy Rowe at a franchise event weeks ago where she told me about the concept of "floating" and how it originated with the Navy SEALS. True Rest Float Spa an amazing brand helping people of all ages feel better, reduce pain, and eliminate stress. True Rest guests lay in ten inches of salt water allowing them to relax, meditate, listen to music, and for a brief moment forgot about all the pain and stresses of life. Mandy has also amassed millions of views on TikTok after getting the idea to look into it while doing laundry at 2:00 am.  Here's Mandy's story.      
25/10/22·20m 33s

Discussing Opportunities in Non Food Franchising With Award Winning Consultant Jon Ostenson

When most people think of franchising the first thing that comes to mind is fast food, pizza, or quick service restaurants. While these are common businesses, there are also quite a few business opportunities in the non food franchise space.  Jon Ostenson specializes in helping people find amazing business opportunities in the non food franchise world. He's recently won and award through the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG), and has released a book.  Visit Jon's website to learn more!
20/10/22·16m 13s

Why A Recession May Be The Best Time To Own A Business with David Weaver

Mr. David Weaver is no stranger to business. He got his start owning businesses during some turbulent economic times and rose above it all to find success. On this episode, we discuss why a recession may be the best time to find your passion, own a business, and live the life you always dreamed of.  Connect with David on Linkedin here.
19/10/22·24m 22s

How The Outlaw Fitcamp Brand Is Helping People Not Just Lose Weight But Also Live More Fulfilling Lives

The Holidays and New Year are just around the corner and if you're like most people you're probably saying to yourself, "This coming year I'm going to work out more" or "That's it, I'm going to get more discipled with my fitness goals come January 1st."  Jesse and Tiffany Leyva with Outlaw Fitcamp are here to make communities happier, healthier, and more fit and want to help you too. Jessie even shares a remarkable story of one of his members who went from being stuck in a wheelchair to becoming a trainer with the brand!  They're teaching us all to rebel against a sedentary lifestyle and become our own personal fitness "outlaw".  Are you ready to become an outlaw or own a location?
13/10/22·29m 11s

Reducing Admin Work and Streamlining Sales with Franchise Broker/Consultant Joel Newmann - Franchise Finders

Joel Neumann has found the "secret sauce" to eliminate the manual "admin" work by using Clienttether to automate his communications with leads. Since working with their team, he has saved time and was actually able to finally enjoy a stress-free vacation thanks to the automation this system provides.  Here, Joel and I talk about the value it brings him and how it has made his business life much easier. He also discusses how texting has played a huge part in connecting with his leads and developing a deeper relationship.  We also talk about how the Buffalo Bills will do this year and about the home of the "Original Buffalo Wing" Anchor Bar.   
07/10/22·29m 6s

How Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur with Joe Bacani

Joe Bacani is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. BJJ is a martial art that forces you to learn to get comfortable, being uncomfortable. Here Joe talks about the many benefits it provides, his own school, and his road to success. We address why BJJ is amazing for everyone, young and old. How it can help you develop the skills to be a leader, entrepreneur, and overall better person.  Learn more at:
05/10/22·15m 47s

How A Foster Kid Built A Franchise Empire With A 25,000 Square Foot Bounce House

Antonio Nieves started out as a foster kid in Las Vegas, NV. He's not even 30, but he has already built an amazing brand called "Funbox." Funbox is a 25,000 square foot bounce house built for young and old alike. This isn't your typical bounce house rental you'd rent from a local business. This is a parking lot sized structure designed and engineered by Antonio and his team in China. You need to book a day with the family at Funbox, you will not be disappointed! Funbox is great for kids to get off of their screens, get moving, and enjoy the outdoors.  If you're interested in becoming a Funbox franchisee visit: Reach out to Antonio directly:   
21/09/22·31m 19s

Addressing ”Quiet Quitting” & Creating A Positive Company Culture with Jeri Quinn

Jeri Quinn is no stranger to business. With over 40 years of business experience she has seen her share of challenges and has gained quite a bit of knowledge from them. Now, she coaches companies on how to thrive in the modern employment marketplace, retain good employees, and create a positive internal culture.  On this episode we address the concept of "quiet quitting," building a culture and environment that people want to work in, and how unhappy employees actually hinder growth and success over the long haul.  Learn more about Jeri through her website:
15/09/22·22m 40s

The Future Of Engine Cleaning with Thomas Fremont of HHO Carbon Clean Systems

What is carbon cleaning?  I asked myself the same question. HHO Carbon Clean Systems is an excellent franchise opportunity that is taking over the transportation and auto maintenance industry.  Using innovative technology HHO is revolutionizing cleaning engines and my guest Thomas Fremont is at the forefront of it. Carbon cleaning is reducing emissions, and creating a safer and cleaner World for the next generation.  If you're interested in getting involved with an amazing new rapidly growing brand, HHO Carbon Clean Systems might be just the opportunity for you.  For more info:
13/09/22·25m 14s

Finding Your Entrepreneurial Voice, Advice From A Jerry Springer Show Producer

As a young adult Reena Friedman Watts took advantage of an opportunity to intern for one of the most popular daytime TV shows of the 1990s, "The Jerry Springer Show." This eventually catapulted her into producing other shows and eventually her own podcast with her Dad, "Better Call Daddy." On it, she even interviewed Jerry Springer himself.  On episode 56, we talk about how to find your voice as an entrepreneur and get it out there for the World to hear.  How you should really strive to open up emotionally, help others, listen, and be open to discomfort.  At the end of it all, business is about helping, inspiring, and improving the lives of others. If you come at it from that angle, success is right around the corner.  Check out Reena on Twitter @reenareena and on her website.
13/09/22·41m 22s

How To Level Up Your Sales Using Video Content with Emmy Nominated Video Producer, Tom Langan

Tom Langan has over 20 years of video production experience. He has coined the term "legendeering" to define a new way to approach sales using video. Using his strategy he's helped his clients grow their business, exponentially. He wants to help you too.  On this episode we discuss how you should think about your video marketing approach. How not to "sell" but rather "educate" and "inspire" your potential customers.  Learn more at: Tom is also a triathlete! 
08/09/22·26m 27s

Keith Keppner Founder of the Keppner Boxing Franchise Talks About How Boxing Is Analogous to Life

At the age of 17 Keith Keppner dealt with medical issues that could have brought him down a dark path. Instead, he found a passion for pugilism. Since 2013 he has inspired countless boxers and everyday professionals on how to truly live a better life through boxing. On top of that, he is happy and healthy.  Sometimes your toughest opponent is yourself.  Keith is here to help you get in the ring and destroy those misconceptions that are holding you back from truly living.  Listen to Keith's story here.  Learn more about the franchise that "packs a punch" below.
29/08/22·25m 48s

Cancer Survivor and Women’s Empowerment Leader Sheria Johnson Stallings Wants To Help You Find Your Inner Strength

Not all of us could face a cancer diagnosis at the young age of 29 with hope and strength, but Sheria Johnson Stallings has. She wants to empower others to do the same no matter what challenges life brings.  Her amazing journey has helped her to inspire tons of young people throughout her career and she wants to help you too.  Learn more about Sheria's mission at
27/07/22·33m 19s

Creating An Amazing Customer Experience with SignPost’s VP Of Marketing Laura Nelson

Signpost's VP of Marketing Laura Nelson talks to us about what she has learned growing up in an entrepreneurial family. She also talks to us about how "word of mouth" marketing has evolved due to the omnipresence of online reviews.  We discuss how to use technology (like Signpost) to create a stellar customer experience that will yield more business and positive feedback.   Learn more at:
20/07/22·21m 38s

A Quick Update From Ryan

It's Saturday July 16th, 2022 Just a short word about what is going on with the podcast and me. It is hot out, so best thing to do is stay inside and record a quick word.  I have a new Facebook page, so please follow it! Would you buy merch? If so, email me what you think you would like and I'll look into it!  Thank you for your loyal support! Let's keep this thing rocking! 
17/07/22·6m 32s

How Playing Board Games Can Improve Our Lives and Business with Garret Arcoraci and Joe Slack

You may have some fond memories hanging out with friends or family around the Holidays or on a rainy day playing a board game as a kid or teenager.  On this episode we talk about why old fashioned board games are still popular, even with the rise of mobile gaming.  Why do people still love board games? How can they improve business?  Two experts in the industry Garret Arcoraci & Joe Slack join me to talk about their passion for board games. We talk about the reasons why board games continue to remain popular.  We also discuss what to do if you have a board game idea that you would like to take to market.  Oh yeah, and this happens to be episode 50!  Garret, is also my older Brother.  You can learn more about Joe Slack on his website and pick up his book all about board game design.  Learn about Garret Arcoraci here.
15/07/22·39m 11s

Rethinking Business Insurance and Why Cheaper Policies May Not Be The Best With Rob Bowen

We don't wake up everyday thinking about our business, home, or even auto insurance. That is until we have to file a claim due to an accident or natural disaster.  My guest Rob Bowen with Patriotic Insurance Group is here to debunk common myths surrounding insurance. He's also here to educate business people on why buying a lower cost policy could actually hurt you when something bad happens.  Check out this eye opening episode and learn more about Rob at his website:
11/07/22·36m 3s

University Instructor and SEO Expert Alan Bush Shares His Strategies for Digital Marketing Success

The World of digital marketing is ever changing and it is often hard to keep up. SEO expert, University Instructor, and musician, Alan Bush is here to share his ideas of how to develop a strong SEO and content strategy for your business or project.  Connect with Alan on Linkedin
24/06/22·29m 25s

The Basics Of Business Financing With Jonathan Fodera

Jonathan Fodera, President of Integrated Business Financing is prepared to educate and help those looking to get a business loan.  We have all heard of a personal line of credit.  But, are you aware that there is also a business line of credit too?  We cover this topic and so much more on this episode.  Learn more at:
15/06/22·21m 28s

CEO Christopher Greco Talks About The Importance of Supporting Your Local Grocer

Father, CEO, and triathlete, Christopher Greco has done quite a bit. After dealing with the loss of his Father as a teenager, he now writes about how to overcome adversity in the modern World.  As the CEO of Storewise, he is helping small grocery stores thrive and compete against "big box chains." He encourages you to support your local grocer as they continue to support our communities, in return.  Learn more about Storewise  Learn more about Christopher and his book here. 
14/06/22·25m 54s

Keith Levensen Talks About How To Build a Successful Franchise Growth Strategy

Keith Levensen is an expert in franchising as well as a pretty damn good go-cart driver coming in 1st place in San Diego, CA at a group event we hosted. Keith doesn't holding back showing off his trophy every chance he can.  All jokes aside, Keith joins me here to discuss how technology plays a huge part in growing a franchise brand. He talks about how to use systems to grow your brand and sustain long-term success.  He also invites emerging brands to join his roundtable groups to get support and advice from franchise experts like himself.  You can reach out to Keith through his advisory group with Angela Cote at their website. 
27/05/22·31m 38s

Leisa Reid Discusses How You Can Get Paid To Speak About Your Business

Did you know that it is entirely possible to get paid $5,000 to $10,000 per gig as an expert speaker? My guest, Leisa Reid in Southern California teaches her clients how to get paid to speak and book more clients.  Leisa talks about how speaking can be a better approach over cold calling, and more fun!  Get in touch with Leisa at:      
26/05/22·19m 14s

Christian Dadulak CFC Talks About His Success In Franchise Development with Clienttether

Christian Dadulak may be young, but his experience in franchise development far surpasses his years. Christian helps anyone seeking new opportunities find success and a more improved life with franchise ownership.  If you're tired of being an employee, bored, or open to new opportunities due to some life changes, Christian may be the one to speak to.  He also talks about his experience with the Clienttether system and how happy is with the automation, support, and success it is bringing him and his team.  Find Christian on Linkedin here.  We also talk about our shared interest in Jocko Willink, author and former Navy Seal. 
18/05/22·24m 25s

How A Pest Control Business Has Seen an Increase In Lead Conversions In Just Thirty Days With Clienttether

Nobody likes to wake up or come home to find cockroaches, ants, or termites infesting their living space. Amanda and Owen with Bust-A-Bug based out of Virginia are here to help those dealing with various pest problems. Yes,  they have even dealt a squirrel hiding in a bedroom.  I talk to Amanda about how she uses Clienttether to streamline communications, book more jobs, and convert more leads in just thirty days!  Check out: #pestcontrol #CRM #salesandmarketing
04/05/22·15m 11s

How Bridget Brady Helped a Doctor Generate $120K+ In One Weekend From Social Media Marketing

From her time on Wall St. to growing an online marketing empire over the last decade, Bridget Brady has become a master of social media marketing.  She helped a Doctor generate over six figures in one weekend thanks to her social media strategy, and she wants to help you get positive results too.  She has an upcoming FREE Masterclass in May of 2022 You can also check out her website here:
26/04/22·26m 56s

From Dancing At Stadium Concerts To Life Coaching Kevin White Shares His Journey

There is no question it takes talent, heart, and skill to perform in front of thousands with major artists like TLC. Kevin White is one person who has experienced just that.  Now the former professional dancer turned life coach wants to help you too.  His new book on Fatherhood is about to be released and he may be speaking at a City near you.  Kevin White is a true role model for success.  Kevin may be just the person you need to hit the goals you been dreaming of.  Learn more about Kevin here. #success #lifegoals #selfdevelopment  
21/04/22·18m 26s

Part Three: Grand Opening Success Series with John Lee

In part three of our series, John Lee dives more into grand opening strategies for success. We talk about how the franchisors should approach grand opening marketing and even how to get some of those giant scissors to cut your ribbon.  Connect with John Lee here. #grandopening #franchise #marketing
21/04/22·24m 44s

Part Two: Grand Opening Success Series with John Lee

On part two of our Grand Opening Success Series John Lee dives further into how important it is to invest the time, finances, and effort to create an amazing grand opening day.  We also discuss how to approach an "invite only" event for friends, family, and more.  Learn more about John's services here. #grandopening #franchise #marketing
20/04/22·21m 56s

Part One: Grand Opening Success Series with John Lee

Part one (of three) of our Grand Opening Success Series, John Lee with Impact Marketing Services talks about how he's helped over 6,000 brands create spectacular grand opening events.  He discusses his background starting with Pizza Hut and how he encourages brands to start with a pre marketing strategy roughly 4-5 months before their opening day.  You don't want to miss these informative episodes!  #grandopening #franchise #marketing
19/04/22·25m 16s

Understanding Business and Franchise Entity Structure with CPA Michael Reeder

CPA Michael Reeder can help you better understand the financial side of owning a business or franchise. Setting up your business entity with an expert like Michael will help you lay down the foundation for your future.  On this episode Michael explains some of the things business owners often miss when setting up their structure.  Learn more at:
30/03/22·28m 39s

Linkedin Hacks & Tips For Small Business and Franchisors with Jennifer Elia

Are you using Linkedin at all to grow your business, sell your brand, or connect with suppliers and partners?  While Linkedin is a great social media tool to network, create opportunities, and brand a business, many professionals fail to use it effectively.  Jennifer Elia is an expert in Linkedin marketing, and shares her tips here.  Reach out to Jennifer today:  
18/03/22·21m 6s

”Conceive, Believe, Achieve” Is The Message Jeff Schwartz Wants To Embody Within You To Make Your Life Successful

As a young serial entrepreneur growing up in Long Island, NY to standing up against hate groups in the courtroom in the early 90s, Jeff Schwartz has led quite the life.  Jeff is truly an inspiration and wants to share his knowledge and expertise of business ownership with others walking the entrepreneurial path.   If you want to achieve great things, Jeff could very well be the man to help you.  Learn more at:
17/03/22·24m 58s

Martin White Talks About The Benefits of Owning a Salon Franchise

From owning a software company to becoming a salon franchisor along with his Wife, Martin White has quite the story.  Martin talks about why his brand is successful and unique compared to other salon brands out there.  He talks about his own sales approach and why his brand is a lucrative opportunity to future location owners.  
08/03/22·17m 48s

From Grammy Nominated Songwriter to Book Writing Expert Ellen Violette Can Help You Grow Your Brand

Ellen Violette found her passion in writing after a book saved her life. Now she coaches business people on how to write a book that can help market their brands. No matter who you are or what you do, a book could potentially take you to the next level.  Here is Ellen's story.  Connect with her at:
03/03/22·46m 20s

Cheryl Vargas with Art Studio 928 Is Building Moral and Teams With Her Passion for Painting

Maybe you remember how fun it was to paint pictures in school or at home as a child. Well, Cheryl Vargas with Art Studio 928 is bringing that magic back into adulthood. With Cheryl's help Companies are building morale, creating positive team environments, and helping people get more in touch with their creative side with painting.  Cheryl incorporates the meditative aspects of painting to help employees and management relieve stress, feel happier, and build better relationships at work.
23/02/22·19m 13s

From Mowing Lawns in High School to Becoming a Successful Tech Entrepreneur in Landscaping Here’s Bryan Clayton’s Story

Now the successful CEO of GreenPal, Bryan Clayton shares his humble beginnings as a high school student mowing lawns.  In this episode he shares why technology is essential to growing any home service business. He also talks about new ways to approach hiring and books he recommends for business development and growth.  Bryan teaches us that anyone with a home service business can build something truly amazing, but they need the right processes, systems, and tech stacks to do so.  Do you know someone in the landscaping business?  Bryan's Company may be just what they need.
17/02/22·20m 18s

Jackie Phillips Found Her Love For Running & Business Coaching After Defying The Odds From a Leg Injury

Jackie Phillips is a true inspiration. After suffering a leg injury she was told by her Doctor she'd never be able to run again.  That didn't stop her from continuing to run, even competing in Athens, Greece!  Jackie wants to help coach and inspire others to face their own challenges and persevere.  Find Jackie on Linkedin.
11/02/22·22m 21s

Dave Thompson Is Planning to Turn Las Vegas, NV Into An eSport Mecca with his Game Idea

With his start as a poker dealer in Las Vegas, NV Dave Thompson plans to bring his game idea to the masses and turn Las Vegas, NV into a eSport mecca.  With plans to market his game idea through NFTs and develop a committed fan base locally and eventually, Nationally.  Dave hopes to drive more engagement in the local community and add more reasons to make Las Vegas, NV a attractive tourist destination. 
11/02/22·22m 3s

CEO Joe Rojas Discusses How He Turns Small Businesses into Seven Figure Level Enterprises

Starting out as a bouncer in the turbulent 1980's bar scene in New York City, Joe Rojas grew and sold several of his businesses before he found his passion to help others do the same.  Now, as a loving Husband, Father, Veteran, and CEO Joe brings his passion for people, business, and sales, to his most recent venture, Start Grown Manage. Now he helps business owners at every level achieve amazing results, and on his episode he discusses how.  Joe also invites others into his very own, "Growth Group" where he coaches business people and helps them hit their goals, targets, and achieve their lifelong dreams.
10/02/22·32m 40s

Cody Pepper CEO of Bee Healthy Café Is Revolutionizing Healthy Eating In Oklahoma City, OK and Beyond

Cody Pepper, CEO of Bee Healthy Café is on a mission to build a healthier Country. With his roots in Oklahoma City, OK he is breaking the common myths that healthy eating is too expensive. Bee Healthy Café doesn't want to just serve their customers they want to connect with them, answer questions, and help them learn about the benefits of healthy eating.  Cody is also a Father and avid runner. He enjoys running alongside his Son and supporting his local community.  Cody believes everyone can get on the right path to healthy eating, and Bee Healthy Café is behind that mission.
04/02/22·24m 50s

How My Dad Gave Prisoners Hope By Teaching Them A Trade

Back when I was a kid my Dad could be found sewing in the basement or working hard on projects in the garage. He found his true passion in upholstery and eventually used his skills to teach inmates at a New York State Correctional Facility in the late 1990s. He was helping turn around people's lives for the better, by teaching a trade.  Here's a true story of inspiration.  Here's the story of Mr. John Arcoraci, my Father. 
04/12/21·19m 5s

Joe Green Talks About How the Las Vegas, NV Business Community Continues To Thrive

Las Vegas, NV is more than just a tourist destination. It is also a technology and business hub. Joe Green with the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce talks about how the City has evolved since the housing slump of 2007, and elevating to new heights economically following the Covid shutdown of 2020.  He also talks about how the Chamber welcomes new businesses and helps them with resources for hiring, marketing, and so much more.    Learn more at:
11/11/21·14m 11s

Aubree Coderre with C Squared Social Discusses Powerful Strategies for Franchise Development

Selling franchises is can be rewarding, but not without challenges. My guest Aubree Coderre with C Squared Social discusses her marketing approach to help franchisors find their next franchise owner.    If you're a franchise consultant looking for some new tactics to generate business, or a franchisor looking to understand better ways to sell your brand....this episode is for you.  Learn more at:
09/11/21·30m 29s

Smart Sales Tactics with Coach Joe Tetro of Southpaw Selling

Coach Joe Tetro talks about how sales has evolved and how he helps his clientele generate more sales with a more refined approach.  How the old ways of selling are no longer effective.  How buyers are more savvy than ever and have different expectations.  Get ready to redefine your sales plan with the help of this episode! Reach Joe at
08/10/21·42m 0s

How Owner Chris Knecht Leveraged A Viral Social Media Video To Build His Retro Café Brand

Chris Knecht has a "totally rad" café in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada not too far from the Las Vegas Strip. "Back To The 80s Cafe" has food, live performances, and memorabilia from the 1980s. No matter the age, guests can immerse themselves in the nostalgia from the time and (if they're old enough) revisit some childhood memories.  You can also take a photo with a demo "Ecto-1" car from the famous hit 80s movie, "Ghostbusters."  Take a trip back in time with this episode and check out Chris's café in Las Vegas, NV! For more info: Website created by the team at 
07/10/21·10m 18s

Everyone Has A Story And Scott Turman May Want To Publish Yours

Author, entrepreneur, coder, and technologist Scott Turman is a busy man. Not only has he written his own books (one of them being featured on Amazon's Top 10), he wants to publish yours too.  Pick up: "How To Build Your Brand With A Book"                "Stop Getting Fu*ked By Technical Recruiters A Nerd's Guide To Negotiating Salary And Benefits" Brightray Publishing  
10/09/21·24m 15s

How To Score a Government Contract with Ms. Kizzy Parks, Ph.D

As a young girl starting out selling golf balls to local golfers, Ms. Kizzy Parks has had quite the entrepreneurial journey. On this episode Ms. Parks talks about how businesses work with her to find and "open doors" with Government contracts and how it's not as elusive as one may think.  A Government opportunity could be right under your nose, if you just know where to look.  Connect with Kizzy on Linkedin:
17/08/21·20m 39s

How Not To Be A Victim Of Your Past with 7DCEO Founder Janine Brisebois

On this episode I speak to the President and Founder of 7DCEO Janine Brisebois, about how past trauma can effect your life, business, and career progress. In this eye opening discussion we discuss how self- awareness is key and how just one minute of laughter can greatly improve your life and help you find more success.  So start listening and start laughing!  Reach Janine by visiting:
05/08/21·29m 5s

CEO Debbie Bernacki RN Discusses How She Fought Lifelong Adversity To Build Her Franchise & Live Her Dream

CEO Debbie Bernacki Founder of "Happier At Home" senior care franchise talks about the challenges she faced starting and building her brand. She also discusses the value her brand brings and the many benefits they provide to franchise owners.  Debbie is a true inspiration to all entrepreneurs out there facing challenges and breaking through them to achieve success.  Way to go Debbie!
29/07/21·20m 44s

How Andrew Erskine with First Choice Business Brokers Helps Business Owners Sell Their Business & Live Their Best Life

Andrew Erskine has been a long term colleague of mine for many years. He's an expert in helping business people buy and sell their businesses as a broker. On this episode he talks about how he helped a client sell her business, achieve financial success, and continue to pursue her dream work.  He also talks about how Clienttether enables his continued success as a franchise owner. Not only that, he's a great guy! Visit: to learn more about how Andy can help you or anyone you know.
28/07/21·19m 46s

How Gong Cha Bubble Tea Franchise Continues To Find Success With Over 1,500 Locations

On this episode I speak to Mr. Andrew Sternburg who is the Chief Development Officer for Gong Cha Bubble Tea. He talks about why the brand is finding success and how they continue to thrive even during the pandemic (2020 - 2021).  He also provides some insight on ideas and strategies to grow a successful brand.  The popularity of Bubble Tea is greatly expanding, especially with a younger demographic.  Now could be the best time to invest in a Gong Cha location! 
22/07/21·24m 14s

Are you finding it difficult to hire? Are your employment costs getting too high? Aziz Badra Founder of Band Of Hands may have your answer.

Aziz Badra is revolutionizing the employment industry by reducing costs and providing more dedicated employees for small businesses and franchises. If you're stressing over the post pandemic employment crisis, this is a good episode for you.  Get help from Aziz and his team at Based in San Diego, CA.  
03/06/21·20m 47s

How Arvee Robinson Has Helped Business Owners Generate Thousands of Dollars in Revenue from Public Speaking

Arvee Robinson is known as "The Master Speaker." She has helped business owners from a variety of industries conquer their fear of speaking to generate thousands of dollars in revenue and a continued flow of quality business prospects.  In this episode, Arvee gives us some tips and strategies to use public speaking to help your business grow.
28/05/21·26m 48s

Developing a Great SEO Strategy with Greg Digneo the Founder of Content Guppy

If your basic understanding of SEO is that it is "three letters from the alphabet" and that's about may want to listen to this episode.  Greg Digneo Founder of discusses his five step process for a good SEO strategy. He'll help you learn how to get your business found, ranking, and tips on what sort of content you should put out there to drive real customer interest.  If you want help with your SEO plan, Greg is your man! 
24/05/21·20m 27s

Why Well Kept Flooring Can Save Your Business Money & Reduce Risks with Keith Barnett - SaniGLAZE San Diego, CA

This episode may just "floor" you.  What if an employee, customer, or child slipped and fell at your business?  What could dirty, old, and tattered floors cost you and your business in terms of risk and liability?  SaniGLAZE restores floors using slip resistant technology. They also help keep your business clean of bacteria and various other contaminants.  Have questions about your flooring? Keith Barnett 
20/05/21·12m 48s

Could your business or franchise benefit from peer groups? The FPPG team could help answer just that question.

Lindsay Thomsen, MA, PhD and Kay Wasserman bring their own unique experience, education, and ideas to help franchise organizations better handle challenges that come with business development and ownership. Using their own methods of peer group consulting they can help inspire, educate, and inform your brand and help bring it to new levels of success.  Reach out to them if you think their unique approach could help your brand improve.  Go to: 
07/05/21·22m 48s

Are you at a career crossroad or considering a new path in your work? Lisa Linkowsky, CFC may have your answer.

Has recent circumstances forced you to look for new opportunities?  Are you feeling stuck in your job or work?  Lisa Linkowsky, CFC may have the answer you need. She has helped others find their true passion in franchise ownership.  With 4,000 franchises out there, the opportunities are abundant.  Could she help you too?  Connect with Lisa on Linkedin today! 
05/05/21·13m 1s

Hans Parge PHD Discusses How Ever-growing Healthcare Costs are Effecting Business and Entrepreneurship

Hans Parge PHD discusses our personal health choices and how they effect our business, family, and communities. How health care costs are continuing to cut into business and personal profits.  How you can start off small when it comes to improving your health. Connect with him on Linkedin.
04/05/21·19m 42s

International MC and TEDx Speaker Dan Ram Discusses Building a Successful Business and Life

On today's episode I speak to Dan Ram who discusses his mindset hacks for success in today's business climate. He will give you advice on how to shape your mindset, work on your mental and physical health, and evolve into a true success story no matter the place or time you are in your life.    Connect with Dan on social media and through his website:  
29/04/21·28m 2s

How Maria Corsaro Builds A Successful Franchise or Brand Marketing Strategy

On this episode I speak to Maria Corsaro the Owner and President of Zoom 1 Media Consulting -  We discuss: Why hire a marketing agency?  How much of your budget should you allocate to marketing?  What is the best way to approach a successful marketing plan?  Common mistakes businesses make when investing in marketing. 
23/04/21·21m 11s

Smooth Franchise Operational Planning with CFE, CLC Maria Haan

Would you say your franchise operations are working at optimal levels?  Are you facing challenges with franchisees and internal communications?  Maria Haan is here to help. Listen to this episode for great tips on how to improve operations and develop successful franchise locations.  You can contact Maria at:
16/04/21·20m 30s

How To Create A Successful Franchise or Business Brand with Jeff Stadden

Jeff Stadden with helps us really understand what "branding" is and how it can be nurtured and developed to take your business or franchise to new levels of success.  In this episode we learn: How do you define branding?  How do you brand your business successfully?  How does your brand bring in business?   
16/04/21·29m 0s

How franchises in India are getting innovative when it comes to Covid with Kumaresh Kar

I speak to my colleague, Kumaresh Kar who gives us a fresh perspective on how businesses and franchises in India are surviving through the pandemic by using technology and innovative marketing strategies.   
15/03/21·24m 36s

Why the basic CRM system isn't enough to scale an emerging franchise brand

Ryan with talks about why emerging brands need more than just the basic CRM to successfully scale and become more successful. for questions. 
10/03/21·5m 24s

How A Youth Sports Franchise is Making A Positive Impact on Communities

I talk to Mr. Anthony Mac Neil, Co-Founder and President of Premier Sports Leagues. We discuss how his franchise is changing the landscape of youth sports and improving the lives of young people in Canada. 
26/02/21·17m 16s
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