Culture Wars – with Andrew Doyle

Culture Wars – with Andrew Doyle

By Culture Wars – with Andrew Doyle

Andrew Doyle and guests discuss cancel culture, wokeness and free speech. A spiked podcast.


14: Charlie Hebdo’s duty to offend, with Robert McLiam Wilson

Charlie Hebdo writer Robert McLiam Wilson joins Andrew Doyle to talk satire, racism and the 2015 attack. Support the show: Sign up to Today on spiked: 
25/03/2155m 25s

13: Race is a fiction, with Thomas Chatterton Williams

Thomas Chatterton Williams, author of Self-Portrait in Black and White, tells Andrew Doyle why he no longer identifies as black. Support the show: Sign up to Today on spiked:
11/03/2157m 22s

12: Exposing critical race theory, with Christopher Rufo

Investigative journalist Christopher Rufo talks to Andrew Doyle about the racist ideology that’s taking over American life. Sign up to Today on spiked:  Support this show: 
25/02/2157m 6s

11: Has the left abandoned solidarity?, with Giles Fraser

Priest and polemicist Giles Fraser talks about his journey from revolutionary to parish priest, our human need for community, and why it’s dangerous to demonise our opponents. Support the show: 
11/02/2140m 24s

10: The new clerisy, with Tom Holland

Historian Tom Holland talks to Andrew Doyle about his latest book, Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind, and about the Christian roots of the culture war. Support the show by making a regular donation to spiked: 
28/01/211h 3m

9: Comedians aren’t activists, with Scott Capurro

Award-winning (and highly controversial) comedian Scott Capurro talks to Andrew Doyle about Scott’s ban from Australian TV, dealing with aggressive hecklers and how comedians can outsmart the easily offended. Support the show:
23/12/201h 6m

8: Treason of the intellectuals, with Peter Boghossian

Peter Boghossian and Andrew Doyle discuss the 'legitimation crisis' in higher education, the collapse of truth in academia, and how our institutions are tearing themselves apart.  Peter is assistant professor of philosophy at Portland State University. He has an extensive publication record across multiple domains of thought and is co-author of How to Have Impossible Conversations. His open criticism of the ideological direction of higher education has come with certain costs (he was recently denied promotion to associate professor at Portland State University). Support the podcast here: 
11/12/201h 10m

7: The misogyny of trans activism, with Julie Bindel

Women’s rights campaigner Julie Bindel joins Andrew Doyle to talk about the tyranny of trans extremism, the myth of ‘sex work’, and why feminism isn’t for men. But the spiked book:
27/11/201h 8m

6: Lancing the boil of cancel culture, with James Dreyfus

Sitcom star James Dreyfus joins Andrew Doyle to talk about acting during lockdown, his run-ins with the gay press and the art world’s cowardly indifference to free speech. Support the show:
10/11/2051m 34s

5: America is exhausted, with Jesse Singal and Katie Herzog

Jesse, Katie and Andrew discuss their run-ins with cancel culture, how big business went woke and what the election means for the culture wars. Support the show:
22/10/201h 4m

4: Am I a right-wing comic?, with Geoff Norcott and Simon Evans

Geoff, Simon and Andrew discuss the state of stand-up, the BBC’s institutional wokeness, and the row over ‘right-wing’ comedy. Support the show:
17/09/2052m 17s

3: The church of social justice, with Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay

The authors of Cynical Theories join Andrew Doyle to discuss the origins of woke ideology and how the pandemic forced it into the mainstream. Support the show:
19/08/201h 17m

2: The woke are gaslighting us all, with Bridget Phetasy

Comedian and writer Bridget Phetasy is Andrew Doyle’s first guest on Culture Wars. They discuss how Bridget became an accidental pundit and how even the pandemic became infected by the culture wars. Support the show:
16/07/201h 8m

1: Introducing... Culture Wars – with Andrew Doyle

The culture wars have spiralled out of control. Cancel culture has run amok. The once-fringe ideology of wokeness has graduated from the campus safe space to the adult world, colonising politics, the media and corporations. In this new monthly podcast, stand-up comedian, satirist and spiked columnist Andrew Doyle and guests will discuss the latest in woke idiocy, dissecting our authoritarian times, while having fun along the way.
09/07/201m 28s
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