Breaking Atoms: The Hip Hop Podcast

Breaking Atoms: The Hip Hop Podcast

By Breaking Atoms Limited

Get stuck off the realness as Sumit and Chris break down the important issues in Hip Hop music, culture and politics. From high-brow deep dives to low-end theories, expect clinical analysis and subjective perspectives from these two Rap Scientists.


Shawn Brauch Interview: When Pen Met Pixel

Time to get glossy and flossy with this week's special guest - Shawn Brauch of Pen and Pixel! Shawn is the genius behind many of those diamond-encrusted album covers that "shaped the visual aesthetic of Southern hip-hop’s flashiest era". Shawn talks about meeting Master P, working with No Limit and Cash Money and seeing a 13-year-old Lil' Wayne fill up a note pad with rhymes. Press play to find out why his "more is more" philosophy gave an "underserved, underutilised and underappreciated people" a visual identity they could be proud of.   For more information on Shawn Brauch, visit Smart Face Media:   Follow Sumit 💥 Instagram: 💥 Twitter:   Follow Chris 💥 Instagram: 💥 Twitter:   Connect with Breaking Atoms 💥 Instagram: 💥 Facebook: 💥 Twitter: 💥 Website:
20/10/201h 11m

Ice Cube

Originally recorded for The Hip Hop Chronicle in July 2008.  In an impromptu press conference, Ice Cube comments on some disparaging comments that Jesse Jackson made about former US President Barack Obama and shares his thoughts on future Hip Hop legends.   Follow Sumit 💥 Instagram: 💥 Twitter:   Follow Chris 💥 Instagram: 💥 Twitter:   Connect with Breaking Atoms 💥 Instagram: 💥 Facebook: 💥 Twitter: 💥 Website:
17/10/205m 21s

Beat Butcha Interview: Beef Up Your Bangers

We have friends in high places. Our mate Beat Butcha - the UK legend and Grammy Award winner - took some time out of his busy schedule to share stories of working with Griselda, meeting Prodigy and why your favourite Rap songs probably have some his drums and samples in them.   Follow Sumit 💥 Instagram: 💥 Twitter:   Follow Chris 💥 Instagram: 💥 Twitter:   Connect with Breaking Atoms 💥 Instagram: 💥 Facebook: 💥 Twitter: 💥 Website:
13/10/201h 2m


Originally recorded for The Hip Hop Chronicle in September 2010. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of AZ's classic album, Doe Or Die, Sumit has cracked open the vaults once again to share his lost interview with Sosa from a decade ago.  After a London show with Termanology, the man born Anthony Cruz talks about working with Dr. Dre, the Firm reunion and meeting The Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z for the first time.    Follow Sumit 💥 Instagram: 💥 Twitter:   Follow Chris 💥 Instagram: 💥 Twitter:   Connect with Breaking Atoms 💥 Instagram: 💥 Facebook: 💥 Twitter: 💥 Website:
09/10/207m 50s

Rob Markman Interview: Genius At Work

Joining us for a campfire-style connect is Rob Markman from Genius! Rob has a storied history in the game and in this episode, he talks about his relationship with Sway and Datwon Thomas, hearing his name on records by Logic and Royce Da 5'9" and what irks him about Hip Hop Twitter. He even provides some exclusive insight into Genius' content strategy. Release the brainstorm - the knowledge in this episode will make your brain warm.   Follow Sumit 💥 Instagram: 💥 Twitter:   Follow Chris 💥 Instagram: 💥 Twitter:   Connect with Breaking Atoms 💥 Instagram: 💥 Facebook: 💥 Twitter: 💥 Website:
06/10/201h 14m

Just Blaze & The Alchemist

Originally recorded for The Hip Hop Chronicle in May 2010. Sumit sat down with Just Blaze and The Alchemist while they were on tour in the UK. Just Blaze reveals that "Girls, Girls, Girls" was originally for Ghostface, drops the names of who passed on some of his beats and highlights the differences between Jay-Z and Eminem in the studio. The Alchemist talks about meeting Mobb Deep, Eminem and Royce Da 5'9" for the first time.   Follow Sumit 💥 Instagram: 💥 Twitter:   Follow Chris 💥 Instagram: 💥 Twitter:   Connect with Breaking Atoms 💥 Instagram: 💥 Facebook: 💥 Twitter: 💥 Website:
03/10/2013m 40s

Apollo Brown Interview: All About The Feeling

This week's special guest is none other than man like Apollo Brown! This guy here is responsible for some of the best Hip Hop released from 2010 to the present day. Discussion points include his tried and trusted production technique, sampling tastes, unreleased music in his vaults, his most recent work with Che Noir and more. He also doesn't like Nando's and we needed to know why.
28/09/201h 21m

Lupe Fiasco

For the first episode of our "Lost Tapes" series, Sumit unearths an interview with Lupe Fiasco which took place shortly before the release of his "LASERS" album. Originally recorded for The Hip Hop Chronicle in February 2011.
25/09/2013m 26s

Ras Kass Interview: Rasassination Day

On the 24th anniversary of the classic "Soul On Ice" album, we linked up with Ras Kass for a very revealing conversation. The Waterproof MC talks about working with DJ Premier, Dr Dre and his close relationship with Jay-Z. He also lives up to his fearless reputation and tells it how it is when it comes to the music business, corporate greed and what McDonald's does with its leftover food. This is the nature of the threat in podcast form. Pre-order Ras Kass' new project, "I'm Not Clearing Shxt" here:
21/09/201h 43m

Mic Geronimo Interview: Natural Evolution

Our classic interview run continues with New York legend, Mic Geronimo. In this candid conversation, the Masta I.C. talks about his early days being mentored by Large Professor, recording his debut album and the competitive nature of posse cuts. In a world exclusive, he shares a story about DMX which is both hilarious and shocking at the same time. Enjoy!
15/09/201h 37m

Marco Polo Interview: Stupendously Adventurous

This week we're joined by one of our favourite producers, Marco Polo. We talked about his journey from Toronto to Brooklyn, his producer influences, why J Dilla is the greatest, beat-making process, working with Masta Ace and Big Daddy Kane and a lot more.
08/09/201h 25m

Marco Polo Interview: Another Breukelen Success Story

Marco Polo Interview: Another Breukelen Success Story by Sumit Sharma & Chris Mitchell
31/08/201h 25m

O.C. Interview Part 2: Jewelz Of The Trade

In Part 2 of our instant classic interview with O.C., we do what we do and solidify Hip Hop history. The Microphone Phenomenon talks about working with Jay-Z, KRS-ONE and Gabrielle, owning his masters and when he plans to hang up the mic. To close, we even put together the definitive O.C. playlist with the man himself. Our rap nerdery knows no boundaries.
31/08/201h 7m

O.C. Interview Part 1: The Antidote & Remedy

Step into the o-zone as we connect with the legendary O.C. to discuss anything and everything to do with his storied career. From the making of 'Word... Life', his role in D.I.T.C. and his relationships with Bumpy Knuckles and Pharoahe Monch et al, we went deep into the text. So deep, that we uncover some hidden gems that have remained buried for over 25 years.
24/08/201h 3m

Stan By Me

Following his triumphant return to the best Hip Hop pod in the UK, Sumit links up with Chris and they waste no time in addressing a pressing issue - stan culture. Hip Hop stans have taken over the world and timeline. From outlandish takes to the never-ending search for attention, Sumit and Chris explore and laugh at this weird phenomenon. If you’re soft like a Twinkie filling, prepare to be offended. Visit the Breaking Atoms website at:
17/08/2037m 4s

Our Most Embarrassing Hip Hop Moments

Put your bravado to the side and let's be real fam. We've all had some moments where we felt shame like a darg. This week, Sumit and Chris discuss their most embarrassing Hip Hop moments from tanking interviews to acting like a fool in front of a Juice Crew member. Most importantly, they share what they learned from these mortifying encounters. Visit the Breaking Atoms website at:
10/08/2043m 5s

Tracey Lee Interview: The Man Of Many Facez

Chris had a serious Stan moment this week when he got to interview Tracey Lee - the man who created one of his all-time favourite Hip Hop albums, 'Many Facez'. The conversation highlights Tray's upbringing in Philly, being one of the last people to work with The Notorious B.I.G., how he went from spitting bars to passing his bar exam and more. This episode is a case study in growth and perseverance.
04/08/201h 0m

Our Most Embarrassing Hip Hop Moments

Don't call it a comeback. Your man Sumit has returned to the pod. Once the pleasantries are over, the boys reminisce about some of their most embarrassing moments in Hip Hop. From pissing off Bumpy Knuckles on the phone to falling out with the Mrs in front of Pete Rock, it's all in here. --- Want to start your own podcast? Need simple but expert advice? Sign up for the Breaking Atoms online masterclass and learn how you can create and launch your own podcast with a small audience and minimal budget. Tickets range from £10 - £25. Purchase your ticket here: For more information on Breaking Atoms, visit our website:
04/08/2047m 17s

DJ MK Interview: In Deep Concentration

After DJ MK gave the BA crew Twitter props for their name, he jumped on Zoom to have a chat with Chris. MK talked about his childhood in North West London, getting into music, pirate radio, meeting Roots Manuva and becoming tour DJ for Dizzee Rascal. It was another classic link up with Jamaica and Ireland. --- Want to start your own podcast? Need simple but expert advice? Sign up for the Breaking Atoms online masterclass and learn how you can create and launch your own podcast with a small audience and minimal budget. Tickets range from £10 - £25. Purchase your ticket here: For more information on Breaking Atoms, visit our website:
28/07/2059m 2s

Come Clean: Hip Hop Confessions

This week Chris is joined by Friend Of The Show, Blackeys, to talk about their Hip Hop confessions. Both of them come clean like Jeru about the artists they secretly love and hate, the albums they haven’t heard and share other controversial takes that are hotter than concrete statues in Egypt. --- Want to start your own podcast? Need simple but expert advice? Sign up for the Breaking Atoms online masterclass and learn how you can create and launch your own podcast with a small audience and minimal budget. Tickets range from £10 - £25. Purchase your ticket here: For more information on Breaking Atoms, visit our website:
21/07/202h 1m

Why I Hate Hip Hop Twitter

Chris hates Hip Hop Twitter and explains why in his usual loud, abrasive and semi-humourous manner.
14/07/2038m 27s

Kil Interview: No Father To His Style

Rap Dads stand up! This week, we are joined by Hip Hop elder statesman and Philadelphia representer, Kil. We discussed the 80s Hip Hop golden era, sharing music with your children and how Rap has impacted his role as a Father in a positive way. Whether you’re a new, aspiring or veteran Rap Dad, there are many jewels to catch in this one.
03/07/201h 11m

J Rawls Interview: Music and Education

This episode is our very own version of 'shoot your shot'. Prompted by his wife, Chris reached out to one of his favourite producers; J Rawls, on Instagram and asked for an exclusive interview. He said 'yes' and here we are. The conversation touched on producing for Black Star, pulling down statues and how Hip Hop has a place in the classroom. Special thanks to Imperial for helping fix the audio.
23/06/2047m 1s

Awon Interview: Matte Black Facts

Awon; the rapping half of Awon and Phoniks, hopped on a Skype call with Chris to have a very candid chat about music, culture and politics. Sometimes it gets a little hectic out there and right now is very crazy. The conversation covers everything from the lasting effects of European colonialism to seeing Hip Hop play out in the golden era first hand to the importance of social commentary in music and why Black lives have, do and always will matter. It's a lot to digest. Tek time.
07/06/201h 1m

10th Anniversary Review: TSOL by Shad

We celebrate classic albums like they were actual factual real live people at Breaking Atoms. This week, Chris is joined by his man Rael Mason to toast and boast about the epic TSOL album by Canadian bad bwoy emcee, Shad. Rael loves Shad like Sumit loves all things Roc-A-Fella, so Chris knew what time it was. They talk about their first listening experiences, favourite tracks, how women are represented in Hip Hop and whether or not the album deserves the coveted five mic rating.
28/05/201h 8m

Dart Adams Interview: From Boston With Pride

Recently, Chris jumped on the phone to politic ditto with the one and only Dart Adams. The conversation touched on Boston (of course!), his early music memories, new book and why most 'journalists' ain't really about that life. The research was done and the questions were prepared. In the words of the great Omar Credle, 'it's only right'. Purchase 'The Book Of Dart' here:
21/05/2042m 25s

Pronounced Loofa: A Tribute To Luther Vandross

This week's episode is a tribute to one of the greatest singers in the history of life. Luther Vandross - affectionately known as 'Loofa' - was the gyal dem sugar archetype. We discuss the voice, the samples and the relationship between Hip Hop, R & B and Loofa's music in particular. Rest in peace to Luther Vandross.
11/05/2048m 2s

Lasting Impression: Our Favourite Hip Hop Album Closers

Consider this episode a two-piece to the jaw. Following last week's discussion about our favourite opening tracks on Hip Hop albums; this week, we get really creative and talk about our favourite closing tracks. The biggest shocker is that Sumit mentions Jay-Z. Again.
30/04/2052m 47s

First Things First: Our Favourite Hip Hop Album Openers

Inspired by the J-Live song of the same name, this week's discussion is about opening tracks on Hip Hop albums. Sumit and Chris deep dive about how important it is for track one to make a great first impression and share some of their favourites.
27/04/201h 6m

Wash Your Hands

Due to the wonders of technology, Sumit and Chris connect on God's internet for their first-ever remote episode. They discuss how their respective quarantines are going and most importantly, what they've learned about the self during self-isolation.
05/04/201h 4m

Live On Stage

Guest Co-Host: @atribecalledrox For the first-ever ‘Husband and Wife’ edition of Breaking Atoms, Chris and his Queen; Roxi, make use of their quarantine and share thoughts on their favourite live shows and performers. Even though nobody is going out for the rest of 2020, they even create their own dream festival line up. No holograms allowed.
29/03/201h 5m

If I Were An A & R

While Chris was at home trying to dodge the coronavirus, he turned his microphone on and recorded a podcast about the albums he would make if he were an A & R. Simples.
19/03/2020m 57s

Dopest Nigerian Alive (DNA)

Following on from last week's episode about knowing yourself, Chris breaks kayfabe with Sumit and reveals the results of his recent DNA test.
05/03/2037m 20s

Know The Self

The first words to be uttered on the classic 'Mecca and The Soul Brother' album were: 'to know the truth is to know the self'. This week, Sumit and Chris connect to discuss whether or not you can truly be yourself and what costs and complications to consider. Once again, Chris' whiskey was in full effect.
27/02/2040m 22s

Dillagence: Raise It Up For Jay Dee

February came quicker than premature ejaculation. Like we always do at this time, we're celebrating the life and legacy of J Dilla! Sumit is away on his holidays, so Chris is joined by his bredrin Juke 84 to keep it ghetto with the plastic cups and talk about the music of one of the greatest musical minds to ever walk on this big ball of stress called the Earth. RIP to Saint James Yancey. Subscribe: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @breaktheatoms
04/02/201h 53m

The Glory Days Of Children’s TV

On this week's episode of Breaking Atoms, Sumit and Chris share memories of their favourite TV shows coming up. Chris also goes from David Banner to The Incredible Hulk and addresses his trauma from never seeing and Black kids on Fun House. Bun Pat Sharp.
28/01/2036m 47s


Sumit and Chris have returned. The very first episode of 2020 is named after a recent Ras Kass track. Just so you know. The boys attempt to dissect the hype around New Year’s Resolutions and whether or not they’re a bag of gas.
22/01/2027m 47s

Things We Love and Hate About Working In Marketing

This week, the boys break atoms and wax lyrical about some of the things they love and hate about working in the Marketing industry.
10/12/1935m 25s

Day One: A Tribute To D.I.T.C.

For our landmark 50th episode, we wanted to show our respect to the architects and pay tribute to one of the illest crews in Hip Hop, D.I.T.C. From the deepest, dirtiest depths of the underground to the glossiest, shiniest circles of the mainstream, the influence of this BX-BK-Harlem collective runs deep. They’ve been representing since day one and they have truly earned their flowers. Listen to Chris' DITC playlist on Apple Music:
19/11/1955m 53s

Where Is The Rice?

Enough is enough. Sumit and Chris have had enough of the New Ethnics Association and their lack of reverence for the ancient art of hospitality. Put your nibbles away, cook some chicken and press play. Make sure you wash the chicken first and that.
12/11/1929m 15s

Rock The Wedding Bells

Before the ink on his newly minted marriage certificate was dry, Chris linked up with Sumit to share what he learned about family, friends and himself after surviving his wedding day. The PTSD is real.
05/11/1941m 30s

Celebrating The Classics - Word... Life and Internal Affairs

For this episode, we wanted to celebrate some Hip Hop milestones. This past week marked the 25th anniversary of "Word... Life" by O.C. and the 20th anniversary of "Internal Affairs" by Pharoahe Monch. No hot takes today. Just in-depth music critique and a little barbershop level banter. Act accordingly.
22/10/1944m 7s

El Camino: A Breaking Atoms Review

We've got our own recording setup now. It's a little rough but whatever, we're back. It's been one week since "El Camino" hit Netflix and as usual, we break it down in our detailed style so you won't have to. Chris also drops seven gems highlighting the missing links between this movie and "Breaking Bad". Salute that man.
17/10/1944m 10s

Speak English Mate

This week, Sumit and Chris have a back and forth about their experiences growing up as Black and Brown boys in British culture. In a piss poor attempt at objectivity, they also clap back at the Aunties and Uncles in their respective communities. The sombre moment comes when both hosts look to the future and talk about how they plan to raise their own children. To add insult to injury, they offer the final word on Dreypa and the annoyance of the thoughts and prayers phenomenon.
22/08/1946m 51s

No Games, All Thrones

Two weeks after the highly anticipated finale of "Game Of Thrones", Sumit and Chris sat down to share their thoughts about what went down in Westeros. Then, life happened. This "lost" episode remained unheard until now. As always, the man dem came with jokes. Dracarys.
05/08/1935m 4s

Review: Kingdom Come by Jay-Z

After a whole year of banter and beef, Sumit and Chris finally address the elephant in the room and in their relationship - the ‘Kingdom Come’ album by Jay-Z. They retrospectively break down the beats, rhymes and life behind this divisive album. It got heated. Is their friendship over? Press only to find out.
21/05/1932m 39s

Blood On The Small Screen

Murder. Death. Kill. Just another day around the way... This week, Sumit and Chris talk about some of the most memorable character deaths from their favourite TV shows. Sumit and Chris will relive the gruesome details on your behalf, so hopefully you won't have to go through that.
14/05/1935m 30s

Love Thy Neighbour

This week’s episode is all about neighbours. Chris shares stories about his recent woes and nearly coming to blows with his new neighbours. Sumit attempts to keep the peace and save lives.
05/05/1931m 22s

Julia Haythorn Interview: For The Public Speaker In You

This week, Sumit and Chris are joined by Public Speaking Expert, Julia Haythorn, who drops more gems than a clumsy thief about how to body a speech, presentation or State Of The Union address. Whether you're a MD or MC, peep game.
26/03/1946m 54s

Mini Hiatus

The boys are back after their self imposed mini hiatus. They shoot the proverbial shit about everything from to doing the jail pose in holiday photos to Michael Jackson's alleged antics at Neverland.
07/03/1945m 2s

Lying About Your Best Life

Living your best life? Whatever man © Redman Believe it or not, this episode is inspired by the Harvard Business Review and their deep dive into civility at work. Sumit and Chris began to share notes on how life in the workplace has changed. Things got very peak when they donned their analytical hats and examined all the work that some of us put into carefully constructing our public and private personas at work. We've all been guilty of faking the funk in the office, but we also realised that millennials are ready to spill all their tea by the water cooler and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Let's break it down.
31/01/1925m 3s

Cass Denton Interview: Unedited Thoughts

Cue up the Stevie Wonder version of 'Happy Birthday' because The Breaking Atoms Podcast is officially 1 year old! Fire bun cake and festivities though. To commemorate their first 365 days, Sumit and Chris invited The Puffy of Podcasting™️, Cass Denton, (Senior Audio Producer) from Unedited to come and break bread with us about podcast production, creating content, diversity and why she doesn't like fried plantain. Let's break it down.
24/01/191h 3m

All Flights Matter

The thought of flying alone strikes the fear of God into some people. For us black and brown folks, there’s a whole bag of stress that we have to deal with before we even set foot on a plane. This week, Sumit and Chris aka The Frequent Flyer Gang, discuss their experiences of dealing with anxiety when going to the airport including going through customs getting the side eye and having to dress like they come from respectable households to try beg an upgrade. Let’s break it down.
17/01/1941m 10s

Email Gangsters

Straight out the gate y'all, they drop hits. For their first episode of 2019, Sumit and Chris call out all the fake email gangsters who try to shoot up their inboxes with passive-aggressive bullet points. From the home to the office, our hosts are battle tested in the world of email warfare and have claimed many lives with swift and decisive CC’s and read receipts. But, they also play nice by offering - you, the listener - their world-weary tips on how to write a polite email that still hits harder than Mike Tyson in his prime. Let’s break it down.
07/01/1933m 10s

Bad Mon Nuh Wear Santa Hat

Merry Christmas and that. Safe.
24/12/1818m 3s

Mobile Phone Memories

From brick to slick is the theme of this week's episode. Sumit and Chris relive some of their fondest cellular memories and share stories of their days working in phone shops during the UK mobile phone boom of the early to mid 2000s. If you remember the days when calling a number on a different mobile network was not an option, then this episode is for you. Let's break it down.
20/12/1836m 20s

Managers Vs Leaders

It’s no secret that Sumit and Chris have day jobs. Careers, actually. Over the years, our hosts have soaked up much game working in the corporate fields. Therefore, this week’s main focus is managers, leaders and the differences between both. Press play and allow us to save you from a lot of headaches and meetings in HR. Let’s break it down.
11/12/1858m 7s

Strategic Friendships

Don’t get it twisted. This isn’t about networking and brown nosing. There’s too much of that going on already. For Episode 30, Sumit and Chris explore some of the needs and requirements of mutually beneficial relationships. From the giving to the getting, what’s the strategy behind who you choose to kick it with or kick out of your circle? Let’s break it down.
29/11/1816m 14s


Check this podcast's description. It clearly states that Sumit and Chris always come with “left field perspectives”. That's just a fancy way of saying that your hosts are career contrarians. It only makes sense that this week's episode is a review of D.L. Hughley's Netflix special 'Contrarian'. The boys have an in-depth talk about the show highlighting their favourite jokes, observations, stories, one-liners and all the other inappropriate banter that flies in the face of political correctness. Let's break it down.
22/11/1836m 47s

Sumit's New Beard

This week’s episode is a catch up between Sumit and Chris who haven’t seen each other in over 6 weeks. They missed each other. That’s a whole UK Summer holiday after all. They discuss everything from what they’ve been up to from new music, holidays, Hip Hop historians, facial hair and much more foolishness. It’s not that serious, obviously.
15/11/1856m 30s

Bonus: Emergency Therapy Session

Chris was feeling some kind of way and wrote a Facebook post about feeling unappreciated and underrated. Sumit caught wind of this and quickly transformed into a makeshift therapist of Optimistic Prime proportions. Chris gets a few things off his moob like chest and Sumit drops more jewels than a clumsy thief. Let's break it down.
09/10/1813m 5s

Remembering Roc-A-Fella

This week's discussion is a retrospective look at Roc-A-Fella Records. Sumit and Chris chop it up about their favourite albums and artists, classic and underrated albums, the label's history, impact, influence and so much more... Let's break it down.
30/09/181h 18m

Mazzi Interview: S.O.U.L. Control

For episode 2, the man dem dug deep into their black book of connects and pulled a power move. While in the UK promoting End Of The Week, Sumit's good friend, Mazzi, came through to talk about his adventures in the birthplace of Hip Hop. He diddy bops all the way down memory lane and shares stories about working at Def Jam Records, six-hour cyphers with Canibus and how he's managed to thrive in the music industry in spite of rule number 4080. Let's break it down.
11/09/1850m 19s

The Psychology of Change

We're back. The first episode of Season 2 is out now! This week's topic is all about change. Personal changes, professional changes and just going through life changes in general. Let's break it down... Facebook: @breaktheatoms Instagram: @breaktheatoms / @hiphopchronicle / @iamkinetik Soundcloud: @breaktheatoms Twitter: @breaktheatoms / @hiphopchronicle / @iamkinetik Recorded, mixed and mastered by Amy McKnight at The Qube London
04/09/1843m 46s

Under Pressure

All good things must come to an end. Bad things 'should' end too but life isn't fair. For the final episode in season one of 'Breaking Atoms', Sumit and Chris let off the last bit of steam in their respective bodies and have yet another moan about the pressure of the social calendar. Think of this as a pseudo sequel to 'The 30+ Effect' episode but with a little extra pepper in the bants. Our hosts shoot from the hips around FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), clout chasing, being tagged in photos that you're not actually in and the general lack of respect people have for one's weekend. From guilt trips to literal trips abroad, Sumit and Chris further analyse the unnecessary science behind keeping up appearances. Why do people take invite declines so personally? Should the 'R' in 'RSVP' stand for relax instead of respond? Are you a trash person for wanting to stay indoors? These are the last questions... for now...
26/07/1833m 12s

Bonus: That Ping Ping Ping Mentality featuring Jazz Rose

A few months ago, Sumit and Chris had the pleasure of sitting down with serial entrepreneur, Jazz Rose of J & C Education to talk about productivity, managing workloads, prioritising tasks and much more. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the sound quality of this episode isn't up to their usual standards. But Jazz dropped so many gems and the hosts felt like they'd cheating you out of some potentially life-changing content by keeping this episode in the vaults. Just like that, we are letting this one loose. So if you're phone stays pinging or you're busy doing nothing or just too busy to live a little; stop, sit down and listen to a true master. No need to check Jazz's credentials because they speak for themselves.
19/07/1851m 18s

Ben Clube Interview: Jesus In The 21st Century

This week, Sumit and Chris are clapping back at all spiritual vampires. They are joined by special guest, Ben Clube, to talk about Jesus in the 21st century. Relax though. There's no offering bowl in sight. It's just some real talk about how Jesus and religion as a whole are seen in 2018. Your man Ben is a vicar in training so he turns the podcast into a pulpit with some insightful commentary about how the Bible influences literature, politics and popular culture as a whole. Leave your Sunday best in the laundry. This episode will knock you out quicker than Benny Hinn's white jacket. If Jesus had a Twitter account, what would he write? Who really is the modern-day messiah? Is Hollywood just biting Bible stories and calling them films? These are the questions...
09/07/1836m 5s

Bonus: The Price Is Right

Way back in episode 11, your hosts discussed the cost of living and how hard it was hitting their calendars and pockets. They vowed never to let the pressure of keeping up appearances get to them. Well, in a classic case of not keeping the same energy, the boys went out and splurged on two respective nights out. Sumit hit the town to see Jay Z and Beyonce and Chris was ringside at The Royal Albert Hall for WWE NXT. Both give their reviews and feedback on the events with their usual wit and cynicism. Are Sumit and Chris sick from buyer’s remorse or were the experiences worth every penny?
03/07/1819m 36s

Darnell Swallow Interview: No Porno Allowed

Family reunions can be fun. You have to deal with the annoying Aunt and the drunk Uncle but for the most part they’re cool. Oh yeah, there’s always a fight but we family baby. Kiss yo cousin. This week’s episode isn’t just another podcast, but it’s another kind of reunion. Sumit and Chris reconnected with the Dr. Claw of podcasts, Darnell Swallow, to catch up on what’s been going on since they last bumped heads way back in episode 10. Darnell also shares his story about ending up in America, getting deported back to the UK with armed guards, finding himself on the Big Brother TV show and ending up in a porn film. Netflix, holla at us for the exclusive and let’s turn this into a full blown show. You couldn’t make this story up. Who didn’t fill out the proper immigration paperwork when Darnell went to the States? Why was Darnell wearing basketball shorts when he got deported to the UK in December 2018? How did he flop on Big Brother and miss out on a £100,000 prize? These are the questions... Get your 30-day free trial with Audible:
29/06/1848m 22s

Soccer Sanchez Interview: My World Cup Runneth Over

People are sick. World Cup fever has hit the masses and folks have been laid out. They've been fiending for their four-year fix. Then again, the World Cup is one of the few events that bring people together. For one month at least, we link up, drink up and act like decent human beings. This week, we welcome Bryan Sanchez aka Soccer Sanchez to the show. This man is a football tactician, statistician and more. He's a true footie know-it-all and he’s studied the beautiful game inside out. Sumit and Chris pick both sides of Sanchez’s brain and chat about World Cup history, best goals, legendary teams and his pick to lift the trophy when it's all said and done. Will Vladimir Putin be on his best behaviour? Who wants smoke with the Russian football hooligans? Can any of you point out where Kaliningrad is on a map? These are the questions... Get your 30-day free trial with Audible:
22/06/1844m 9s

Englishman In New York featuring Jamieson

In life, it's good to celebrate milestones. Episode 21 is a big one fam. Not only did Breaking Atoms recently hit 20,000 plays in 5 months, but this episode features the show's first ever guest. Sumit and Chris' chemistry is definitely on Havoc and Prodigy levels but every once in a while you need a Big Noyd. The boys are joined by Jamieson, who is not only the 'common thread' in Sumit and Chris' relationship but also a world-renowned recording artist and champion grafter. The discussion focuses on Jamieson's decision to make tracks like he was homeless and nearly become real-life homeless when he left London for New York to pursue his dream of becoming a whole entire MC. He also stunts a little when spilling the beans on how he got to link with Steve Rifkind and Gaby Acevedo at SRC Records and playing a key role in helping certain artists to bust the place. To hear someone talk so nonchalantly about working with Akon and French Montana is scary, but the balance is kept when Jamieson laments on the struggles of being alone in a new country with very few contacts but a lot of drive. How did Jamieson finesse Whoo Kid to host his first mixtape? Who really won the battle between Jamieson and Asher Roth? Where does one find Ribena and Baked Beans* in the Big Apple? These are the questions... *It's all about Heinz Get your 30-day free trial with Audible:
15/06/1854m 34s

A Duppy Called Adidon

Some people like their beef slow cooked. They like it to simmer and broil until it’s tender. The beef between Drake and Pusha T is no different. Shots have been thrown over the years in a plethora of album cuts and mixtape freestyles but the gloves came off last week and it’s been bare-knuckle bangers ever since. Aubrey and Terrence are on it and the disrespect is on Biblical levels. It feels like 2003 all over again. Sumit and Chris love detail but they love conflict too. It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Hip Hop and it seems like people want smoke. If that’s the case, then they have the matches. In a classic tale of the tape encounter, Sumit and Chris spar with each other and analyse what makes this battle so intriguing. Of course, they dissect the bars but in true surgical style, they pick apart other important issues that have arisen in this conflict like fatherhood, blackface, marriage, sexism and women ending up as collateral damage in rap squabbles. You see, it’s not just about who had the better song. There’s levels to this and Sumit and Chris put the pieces together like Tetris. Does Drake really have a secret love child? How on Earth did Pusha T get all this information? Who wants it with J. Prince?* *Nobody
05/06/1853m 40s

Everybody Knows A Know-It-All

Some mothers do have 'em. Have what exactly? Know-it-all children who grow up into know-it-all adults. We all spar with at least six and a half people who think they know everything. They talk but never listen. Yes, it’s irritating. One mustn’t front though, you’re probably a know-it-all yourself. Take it personal like Gang Starr. There’s a whole city full of walls you can post complaints at. In the 19th episode of Breaking Atoms, Sumit and Chris, try to dissect the inner workings of the minds of know-it-all people. From the folks who offer their opinion without having being asked for them to the so-called influencers who think the world is waiting with baited breath to hear their next hashtag induced hot take - the boys play no games and waste no time putting these people firmly in their respective boxes. But this is the life we chose. As always, we try to offer you, the listener, some added value by providing tips as to how to deal with know-it-all individuals. What makes someone’s opinion really credible? Are people born with the know-it-all gene or is it learned behaviour? Can you really know it all? These are the questions…
25/05/1841m 42s

Heavy Mental

Crush. Kill. Destroy. Stress. In this world of organised confusion, many of us are being buried under the weight of stress. The extinction agenda is in full motion. This week is Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 and the facts and figures aren't looking good. Stress really is the silent killer. Stress is out here moving like one of the Colombian cartels and seeking whom it may devour. If Mr Stress knocks on your door? Do not answer. In this 18th episode, Sumit and Chris reconvene to explore the complexities of stress and where it fits in the mental health spectrum. After breaking down the sauce with some key statistics, things get realer than real when Chris divulges his struggles with depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts. Yep. Deep stuff. However; in typical fashion, the boys keep the balance tight and also offer up some suggestions as to how to look after your health and overall well-being. No questions this week. Let's focus on the solutions. For those of you struggling with mental health issues or if there is someone you know and love that you are concerned about, hit the links below for more help and support. Mental Health Foundation Mind NHS…ing%20services.aspx Recorded and mastered by Charlie Thomas. Insta: @charlietmusic Website:
15/05/1850m 45s

Dataism: The Fastest Growing Religion

It seems like every other week, we’re addicted to something different. The great Alvin Nathaniel Joiner said back in 1996 that “too much of anything can make you an addict”. In this week’s episode, Sumit and Chris, get knee deep in digits and discuss how data is becoming the fastest growing religion in the world. It’s a numbers game but a lot of us are having a hard time adding it all up. In the last few years, we’ve developed a very unhealthy addiction to data. Big data. Medium data. Small data. We love it. From YouTube views to first-week album sales to how much money is in our bank accounts - we are under the threat of drowning in the flow of too much information. Don’t be a shook one though. Sumit and Chris are here to help you two-step to the algorithm of life. Is data negating the idiosyncrasies of human touch? How do we effectively engage in data warfare? What is all this data really being used for? These are the questions...
11/05/1848m 39s

Kanye West Doesn't Care About Black People

We like to work to a tight schedule and unleash the dragon on Friday mornings. But the past week has been a madness so we have to switch things up with an early drop. Kanye West is on one. We’re not sure what this particular ‘one’ actually is, but it’s crazy. In the last 24 hours, your man Mr. West said “slavery was a choice”. Fam. What part of the game is this? Harriet Tubman must be turning in her grave like remind my soul. We recorded this episode before the slavery comment but we can no longer sleep at night while this guy does the Devil’s work. Kanye must be stopped. Oh, and Nas... we’re very disappointed in you. No questions, we haven’t got any answers. Listen to Chris' Kanye West playlist on Apple Music here:
02/05/1850m 1s

The Power Of A Name

You know the name! The Breaking Atoms Podcast ain’t a damn thing changed! This week, Sumit and Chris, wax lyrical about the power of names and how they contribute to one's personality, perspective and overall steez. From government names to family names to surnames to rap names - the boys analyse meaning, impact and history of a range of epithets Supposedly, this is called onomastics. Whatever though. Things get kinda political when the word ‘nigger’* is discussed. Not only is it still the most inflammatory word in the world lexicon, it can make even make two close friends like Sumit and Chris feel awks. While Chris talks about how he is trying to wean the offensive word out of his vernacular, Sumit just listens like he’s police. What does your name mean? Would you ever disrespect your old earth by changing your name? Is it cool to change your name when you get married? These are the questions… *If you ever call Chris a ‘nigger’, with the ‘er’ at the end of it, you will end up in ‘ER’.
27/04/1831m 46s

Invasion of the Influencers

A couple of weeks ago, Sumit and Chris had a bit of an impromptu moan on the train. What was grinding their gears on this occasion was the influx of influencers online, off-line and in real life. First world problems but problems nonetheless. This week, the Breaking Atoms Boys stop, drop, shut 'em down and open up shop in a new studio to talk about influence in all its good and bad incarnations. They politic over the heroes and legends that influenced them, the rise of influencer marketing and try to work out exactly where these so-called influencers are leading us. It's messy out here and they just want a bit of clarity. Cool? Good. What is more important - followers or engagement? Who decides what amount of influence is enough to be an influencer? Where do influencers go when their influence runs out? These are the questions...
20/04/1840m 21s

The Dos and Don'ts of Office Life

Supposedly, thirteen is an unlucky number. Well, we snack on danger and we dine on death. Episode 13 on Friday 13th is here! This week, Sumit and Chris compare notes on the dos and don’ts of office life. From gossiping to punctuality to effectively communicating with colleagues - the fellas explore the nuances of workplace politics in a bid to keep their listeners out of the unemployment line. Listen up youngsters, in the world of work, you can't be out here making moves any type of way. There's rules to this ish so we wrote you a manual. Why do our colleagues talk slick on emails? How do you secure that elusive bag known as the bonus? Is working in an office really the equivalent of selling your soul? These are the questions...
13/04/1846m 11s

Mistrust The Process

Let's talk about trust baby, let's talk about you and me... Inspired by 'Brain Games' on Netflix, this bite-sized episode 12 finds Sumit and Chris exploring the concept of trust in its many forms. They look at how familiarity and routine play a role in getting us to drop our guards and let people in. It wouldn't be 'Breaking Atoms' if they didn't flip the coin and talk about the other side of the equation including reasons that they themselves don't trust certain things and people. Why is it so hard to trust some people? How do we move on when our trust is broken? Who should we trust? These are the questions...
07/04/1815m 19s

The Price of Everything

Up from the 36 Chambers! Nah, not really... but Sumit and Chris are here with episode 11 of the best podcast on road. In this week's episode, the fellas have a natter about the cost of living. As two born and bred Londoners, they've seen their fair share of overdraft charges and they've just about had enough of how much it is costing them to breathe. They have a good moan about the cost of going to concerts, ringside wrestling tickets, technology, priorities and the going price for one's soul. No haggling though, please. Why are Jay-Z and Beyonce charging so much for a piece of Black excellence? How did we ever get bumped into paying stamp duty? When is payday? These are the questions...
30/03/1827m 1s

The Life, Death and Afterlife of Biggie Smalls

Like they always do, Sumit and Chris take a trip down memory lane. 21 years ago, the late, great Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G. released his second and final album, 'Life After Death' on Bad Boy Records. As we all know, Biggie didn't live to see the album stop time and push the culture forward because he was tragically gunned down just two weeks before by some bad mind parasite. Whilst the dates, times and places may be hazy for some, Sumit and Chris time travel back to March 1997 and recount - with stunning accuracy - some of the key points around this cutting-edge double album. Themes such as sound, content, featured artists and favourite songs are explored. Like typical Hip Hop heads, they also pick apart all the subliminal shots sprinkled throughout the 24 track opus. Your favourite rapper likely caught a head shot. It was a competitive time. Shrug... Why didn't Biggie ever learn to drive? Did he dig his own grave with his own mouth? Who killed the best rapper of all time? These are the questions...
24/03/1855m 13s

The 30+ Effect

The big 3-0. Not episode thirty but the actual age. There is something about reaching the age of thirty that has people shook. Cowardly heart type shook. Just thinking about the end of the third decade on Earth has some of us running for cover like Putin just pressed that button. Once again, Sumit and Chris gather around the imaginary campfire and discuss some of the ways that life changes when you reach thirty. From career aspirations to all the weddings, christenings, baby showers and other unnecessary parties you're expected to attend - it all gets dissected without a trace of decorum and no broughtupsy. How can thirty-somethings grow old gracefully? Why do we feel like we must have our lives figured out by this age? Who came up with this stupid rule in the first place? These are the questions…
16/03/1829m 24s

Anti-Social Media

It's all about momentum. They say time flies when you're having fun and Sumit and Chris have officially lost track of time. Life is good. In episode eight, the boys discuss all things social media related. The good, the bad, the ugly and the annoying get picked apart like meat off the bone. From the lengths some of us go to for likes and shares to the pursuit of the seemingly perfect life - Sumit and Chris cast six analytical eyes at your favourite social media platforms. As usual, there is no filter. Pun intended. Is social media really bringing us closer together or is it some hairbrained government plot to kill us all? Why is social media making us less social? Who are YOU to tell US not to debate YOU?* These are the questions... *You don't have clout like that fam.
09/03/1835m 18s

The Art of Peer Pressure

When God created the Earth, he rested on the seventh day. That’s God though. There’s no rest for Sumit and Chris because they were in the lab creating the seventh episode of ‘Breaking Atoms’. The two anonymous nerds have a chinwag about peer pressure and the many forms in which it raises its ugly head. They reminisce about their young, hard-headed days when they were told to say no to drugs and not to play with firearms. They also have a grown folk natter about peer pressure on social media and in the workplace. To wrap things up, they bring their experiences right up to the present day and wax lyrical about how their own parents struggled with peer pressure when raising them. Never accuse these boys of not being real. Even Mum and Dad can get it... How did we go from sniffing glue to smoking crack? What kind of idiot plays on the train tracks? Why do our parents lie to each other how well their kids are doing? These are the questions... Follow The Breaking Atoms Podcast Facebook: @breaktheatoms Instagram: @breaktheatoms / @hiphopchronicle / @iamkinetik Soundcloud: @breaktheatoms Twitter: @breaktheatoms / @hiphopchronicle / @iamkinetik Recorded, mixed and mastered by Man Like Darnell
02/03/1840m 8s

Wakanda Forever

For this week’s episode, Sumit and Chris head straight from the cinema to the studio to share their thoughts about the new Black Panther movie. As per usual, they get down to the nitty gritty of all things Wakanda. Tough subjects like racism, colonialism and slavery get the collar and elbow treatment with no remorse. Word on these Wakandan streets is that Sumit got teary eyed when watching the film. On the other hand, Chris is considering growing an Afro and getting a DNA test to find out what tribe he’s from. It’s that serious. Was T’Challa really sipping lean after his scuffle with M’Baku? Who is Killmonger’s barber? What happened to N’Jobu’s side piece? These are the questions... Follow The Breaking Atoms Podcast Facebook: @breaktheatoms Instagram: @breaktheatoms / @hiphopchronicle / @iamkinetik Soundcloud: @breaktheatoms Twitter: @breaktheatoms / @hiphopchronicle / @iamkinetik
23/02/1853m 43s

An Inconvenient Truth

Earlier this week, the Breaking Atoms crew reached their first milestone. Congrats to the man dem for getting 1000 plays across the first episodes. So, as a special thank you gift, here's a bonus episode to kick off your weekend. Heads up though, because this one is heated. Using the recent Nike London advert as a muse, Sumit and Chris tackle some loaded subject matter such as diversity, inclusion, cultural appropriation, social anxiety, peer pressure and lots more. Sumit ups the ante by airing out his own community for what he calls, their inherent racism. He blacked out. Pun intended. The conversation closes with some reflective insight into why we as people sometimes become threatened, angry and uncomfortable when faced with the truth. What is it about the truth that makes us want it so bad but run away from it when we get it? How thin is the line between constructive criticism and hate? Why is yo ass so sensitive? These are the questions... Follow The Breaking Atoms Podcast Facebook: @breaktheatoms Instagram: @breaktheatoms / @hiphopchronicle / @iamkinetik Soundcloud: @breaktheatoms Twitter: @breaktheatoms / @hiphopchronicle / @iamkinetik
16/02/1848m 55s

Is Quincy Jones A Chatty Patty?

Quincy. Jones. Is. Wilding. Following on from last week’s trip down R&B memory lane, it only makes sense to pow wow about one of the genre’s cornerstone contributors, Quincy Jones. Damn right, we respect the architect. Your man Quincy has been on the media trail as of late and he’s dropping gems, saying names and spilling all kinds of tea. Sumit and Chris link up to discuss some of the key themes from Jones’ recent interviews like stealing music, developing your craft and exposing the dirt of dead people. Be a Pisces. Jam. Did Prince really try to run over Michael Jackson’s mother? How did Ivanka Trump shoot her shot? Was Ringo Starr’s drum game really that trash? These are the questions… Follow The Breaking Atoms Podcast Facebook: @breaktheatoms Instagram: @breaktheatoms / @hiphopchronicle / @iamkinetik Soundcloud: @breaktheatoms Twitter: @breaktheatoms / @hiphopchronicle / @iamkinetik Recorded, mixed and mastered by Man Like Darnell
14/02/1849m 44s

R&B: A Nostalgic Retrospective

Episode three already? Time is flying like your Mama's underwear at a Babyface concert. This week's episode finds Sumit and Chris reminiscing over 90s R&B. The list of names and faces is long. Longer than the OJ Simpson trial but everything from New Jack Swing to Quiet Storm gets covered here. Old school legends are showered with praise and the young bucks are put in the position to pay it forward. Much of the debate focuses on the changes in the genre and examines why we don't sing about love anymore. Things do take a violent turn when Sumit threatens the well being of a world-renowned producer. Multiple shots were fired. Things get pseudo-friendly again when the two homeboys also have an impromptu soundclash and play R&B bangers from yesteryear. If you like your slow jams, then get ready to drop the knickers and pop the snickers. How did Al B. Sure get away with having one single eyebrow across his forehead on his first album cover? Was Mary J. Blige a better singer when she was drunk and high? Can you really get pregnant to a Frank Ocean riddim? These are the questions... Follow The Breaking Atoms Podcast Facebook: @breaktheatoms Instagram: @breaktheatoms / @hiphopchronicle / @iamkinetik Soundcloud: @breaktheatoms Twitter: @breaktheatoms / @hiphopchronicle / @iamkinetik Recorded, mixed and mastered by Man Like Darnell
08/02/181h 1m

The Golden Era of Animated Cartoons

In episode two, Sumit and Chris get animated and chop it up about the cartoons they watched as kids growing up. Fan favourites like 'Thundercats' and overlooked cult classics such as 'Ulysses 31' all get a mention and are remembered fondly. As per usual, our hosts break it down and analyse these cartoons with finely tuned hindsight and a mature perspective. Were cartoons used a slick way to perpetuate racist and sexist stereotypes? Was the beef between Optimus Prime and Megatron worse than Biggie and Tupac? Will Gummi Bear juice ever be sold in shops? These are the questions... Follow The Breaking Atoms Podcast Facebook: @breaktheatoms Instagram: @breaktheatoms / @hiphopchronicle / @iamkinetik Soundcloud: @breaktheatoms Twitter: @breaktheatoms / @hiphopchronicle / @iamkinetik Recorded, mixed and mastered by Man Like Darnell
01/02/1856m 49s

The Sopranos Vs The Wire

In the very first episode of ‘Breaking Atoms’, you have the pleasure of a ringside seat as our hosts engage in a head-to-head battle for TV supremacy. In the red corner, we have made man Sumit representing ‘The Sopranos’ and in the blue corner, we have Chris; live and direct from the towers waving the flag for 'The Wire’. They deep dive into what makes each show great and how both shows explore themes such as family, violence, feminism, hyper-masculinity, homosexuality and much more. It’s not all serious convo though. There are lots of laughs to be had as they pick characters from their favourite respective show for a fantasy five a side football face off. Would Tony Soprano beat the brakes off Avon Barksdale in a fistfight? Can Stringer Bell easily outsmart the likes of Christopher Moltisanti with a swift Jedi mind trick? These are the questions... Follow The Breaking Atoms Podcast Facebook: @breaktheatoms Instagram: @breaktheatoms / @hiphopchronicle / @iamkinetik Soundcloud: @breaktheatoms Twitter: @breaktheatoms / @hiphopchronicle / @iamkinetik Recorded and mixed by Man Like Darnell Mastered by Imperial (@imperialbeatsuk)
25/01/181h 53m
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