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Views from the 3

By Views From The 3

3 brothers spanning an age range of 12 years, share their often different views on personal matters, current events and the world we live in. Follow us @viewsfromthe_3


Ep - 9 Chadwick Boseman & The Movies

This week the boys sit down to discuss the untimely passing of Chadwick Boseman, the recently released Tenet, and all things movies. Please listen subscribe and share!!
09/09/201h 7m

EP - 8 Education

The boys are back after a short break to discuss education, the recent A-level result debacle and what we were like in school. Please like and share, and if you have a question for the boys send it to
25/08/201h 11m

EP 7 - SKG Flavas Ft. Gemma Anusa

This week we have our first guest, Gemma Anusa owner of SKG Flavas. In this episode we discuss starting a business, managing work/life balance and all a range of other topics. Please share with a friend, this week’s is a good one!
04/08/2056m 49s

EP 6 - What is Success?

This week the boys get together to discuss all things success, happiness and comfort zones. Please follow us at @viewsfromthe_3, and don’t forget to share the podcast with Friends!
28/07/201h 9m

Ep 5 - Gen-tanglements

This week the boys discuss Jada, Will and August’s entanglements. As well as delving deeper into gender double standards, feminism and misogyny.
21/07/201h 12m

EP 4 - Kanye, 'Murica and Coronavirus.

This week the boys discuss the news that Kanye West will be running for president, Coronavirus and more. Hope you enjoy listening and please share the pod with a friend!
14/07/201h 15m

EP 3 - Brotherly Love & Mental Health

This week the boys delve into their relationships with each other, whilst also discussing mental health and it’s impact on each of them .
07/07/201h 3m


In the first Views from the 3 episode, the brothers discuss the ongoing Black Lives Movement and how they have experienced recent events as mixed race men
30/06/201h 7m

EP 2 - Relationships

Episode 2 sees the brothers discussing relationships, and their different approaches to them. There’s laughter and honesty, as they breakdown their own personal relationships.
30/06/201h 8m
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