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Health is at the forefront of everyone's minds right now. But how do you separate fact from fiction, what's the latest thinking from the brains in the medical world and what do the doctors working on the frontline really think? Steths, drugs & rock 'n' roll is a health podcast… but with a twist. This is a podcast with personality, heart and soul. Dr. Ranj is an NHS Emergency Paediatrician, Dr. Sara and Dr. Zoe are NHS GPs and Dr. Tijion is a private cosmetic doctor who's stepping back in to the NHS to support his fellow medics in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Each week they'll be giving their opinions on the latest news and headlines, as well as offering a few much needed laughs as they lift the lid on what happens when doctors go off duty!


19: Series One Finale! (The Andrex Episode)

Doctors Ranj, Sara, Tijion and Zoe reflect back on what they've learned and achieved in 19 weeks of podcasting in a pandemic. As the docs get ready to take a short break, they share their thoughts and personal highlights and also what they've learned from each other, medically. But there's still one bone of contention... who is right? It's Ranj vs Zoe!  
15/08/2025m 23s

18: BMI, Boris' Obesity Plan & How to Beat the Heat

After Boris announced his new obesity plan, the doctors chew the fat about weight this week as they discuss the latest thinking behind BMI and whether it's still fit for purpose. They debate if it's ok to tell a patient, or even a friend, if they are overweight. With the numbers of people testing positive for Covid 19 on the rise, they look at whether Britain - or Sweden - has the best strategy to fight it. And as the heat is on, what's the best way to stay cool? Don't miss their top tips!
11/08/2054m 8s

17: Mental Health Special

Doctors Ranj, Sara, Tijion & Zoe are joined by guest presenter and psychologist Emma Kenny for this mental health special. From sharing their own trauma and experiences to giving practical medical advice on how to deal with a panic attack, with so much anxiety and uncertainty, this is a tough but must listen episode. If you're affected by any of the content, head to the NHS website for helplines. 
05/08/2057m 26s

16: Doctor Detective: Is it ok to tell a stranger they're ill?

As a doctor, you're trained and equipped with knowledge to diagnose various illnesses, just by sight. But where does the line stop and when do you stop being on duty? Would you (and should you) intervene with a stranger? At worst you could seriously offend them, at best you could save their life. Hear the doctors' opinions on that plus whether the covid vaccine should be compulsory and what a limp handshake could say about your liver. 
25/07/2044m 52s

15: Covid Confusion! Can Someone Please Explain the Freaking Rules?!

Everyday seems to bring a new change to the lowdown law so what can and can't you do to stay safe and what the hell is this about 30 people in a bubble?! Doctors Ranj, Sara, Tijion & Zoe attempt to set the record in their informed but informal medical way! 
11/07/2047m 27s

14: Strictly Up Close & Medical with Janette Manrara & Aljaz Skorjanec

Strictly couple Janette & Aljaz join the doctors to talk about medical fears, family history and flare ups of psoriasis. Plus, in a special birthday episode, find out more about the paths Ranj, Zoe, Sara and TJ took to become a doctor and hear what happens when Dr Ranj meets Midnight Magic!
02/07/2054m 24s

13: I Have (Medically) Never: Shits & Giggles with Laura Whitmore

The doctors are joined by presenter Laura Whitmore as they talk about postnatal depression, positive covid test results and possibly the most embarrassing illness stories ever! We've said it before... this aint your usual medical podcast!
20/06/2051m 34s

12: Social Bubbling with Little Mixer Jesy Nelson

As one quarter of the biggest girl band on the planet, Little Mix star Jesy Nelson has a jetsetter life, and then some. But how does she manage her busy and demanding schedule with her health and wellbeing? What's her biggest health phobia and is she guilty of turning to doctor google? And as her bandmate Leigh-Anne is pictured at a Black Lives Matter protest, what is Jesy's take on it all? Find out as she joins doctors Tijion, Sara, Zoe and Ranj for a health consultation. Plus with temperature scanners set to become a normal part of our everyday life, is a fever actually a bad thing and what's the best way to manage one? 
14/06/2038m 26s

11: Black Lives Matter and Here's Why...

As thousands of protestors take to the streets across the globe to voice their feelings and show support for Black Lives Matter, doctors Ranj, Sara, TJ & Zoe share their thoughts on the topic and whether it's right to be ignoring social distancing rules. Dr Zoe also shares why she's had a life changing revelation and wants to go back on something she said in episode 10. And it wouldn't be a typical SDaRR podcast if we didn't throw in a healthy dose of sex, banter and humour, after all, laughter is the best medicine and it's just what the doctors ordered.
06/06/2049m 1s

10: Second Wave - Will There Be One? And is a Hug the End of the World?

From Monday, England will allow six people to socially distance in gardens and public spaces. But will this be obeyed or broken? Could it cause a second wave and forfeit our sacrifices? Is one little cuddle really the end of the world? The doctors also discuss the death of black American, George Floyd, and how they've tackled racism throughout their lives. Finally, as always - ending on a high, can you guess which doctor was seeing two people at the same time and got caught? Even though this doctor says they weren't exclusive (like Ross from Friends who once yelped, "We were on a break!")
31/05/2041m 50s

9: Cummings & Goings... The Doctor’s React to Dominic (Plus How to Sleep Like a Baby!)

He’s the government’s most senior advisor but why didn’t he take his own advice? Doctors Ranj, Sara, Tijion & Zoe give their verdict on Dominic Cummings’ creative interpretation of the lockdown rules. While many are asking how he sleeps at night, we ask how YOU sleep at night and share the top medical tips for getting a good kip. All that plus find out which doctor is having dirty dreams!
24/05/2042m 34s

8: Oh Baby: A Boy for Dr Sara and STI Results for Dr Ranj!

In last week’s episode of Steths, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll, Dr Sara wasn't sure if she was beginning labour or just having a bad case of wind! Turns out, she was actually having her baby and gave birth to beautiful little baby Harris hours later. Sara joins us and tells us all about giving birth at home, Ranj tells us why now is the best time to do an STI test while in lockdown and for the first time we answer your questions! 
18/05/2042m 52s

7: Coming Out of Lockdown... What It Means

After Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivered his plans for what life will look like in England post lockdown, it left most people confused, nervous and with more questions than answers. So this week we discuss what steps you're allowed to take if you're planning on visiting a loved one, advice if you are taking public transport and we talk about the government's U-turn on wearing face masks. Oh and the best part, is Dr Sara in labour or having a serious case of wind? 
12/05/2039m 39s

6: Finding the Light After the Dark

After a grey and rainy week and lockdown leaving everyone feeling, well, pretty down, a rainbow emerging during the clap for carers on Thursday gave many a much needed sign of hope. But how do you find the light when life feels so dark? In this week's episode doctors Ranj, Sara, TJ and Zoe share their toughest times and how they made it through to the sunshine. Warning, tissues at the ready!
02/05/2042m 3s

5: If I Were Prime Minister... Coming Out Of Quarantine

They're 4 NHS doctors working on the coronavirus frontline so how would they lift lockdown and get the country back up and running? Dr Ranj Singh, Dr Sara Kayat, Dr Tijion Esho and Dr Zoe Williams talk about that plus the real reason you can't bear to hear the noise of someone else eating! 
26/04/2039m 21s

4: Botox Bribes & Brazilians: Coping in Corona Times

Join Doctors Zoe, Ranj, Tijion and Sara as they reveal what it's like inside the 4,000 bed NHS Nightingale Hospital in London. Hear how some women are willing to risk their lives to break lockdown for lip fillers and botox. And the race is on to find a covid vaccine but could one really be ready for summer?
18/04/2043m 10s

3: Coronavirus Crazy: The One That's Definitely Not PG!

What have fake news, out of touch celebs and glittery poo got in common? Well, usually the answer would be nothing but hey, it's week 3 of corona virus lockdown and the world is going a little stir crazy, dutiful doctors included! Join doctors Ranj, Sara, Tijion and Zoe as they share their thoughts on the latest health headlines and medical matters that are getting everyone talking - and the ones that will after listening to this!
11/04/2046m 39s

2: Coronavirus, Conspiracies & Cocaine

Doctors Ranj, Sara, Tijion and Zoe give their medical opinion on the latest coronavirus news and advice. Has the government done enough to support frontline NHS staff? Should the public be wearing masks? And is 5G really to blame for the global pandemic? Hear their views on that conspiracy... as well as the one about cocaine!
05/04/2047m 45s

1: Coronavirus Special: Quarantine and Chill

How do a bunch of pals cope in the midst of a global pandemic? Especially when they are all doctors?! Ranj, Sara, TJ and Zoe are media medics and mates with over 50 years' experience between them. Here they share their views on the latest COVID-19 science and theories... and how they are coping with social lockdown. Some more than others. Pass the alcohol (rub)!
29/03/2039m 57s
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