Elevenses with Danielle Perry

Elevenses with Danielle Perry

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Phones down. Kettle on. Broadcaster, writer and musician Danielle Perry sits down with people from all walks of life to share tea, biscuits, and the same eleven questions. Eleven wildly different answers are provided by the likes of Karl Pilkington, Sophie Dahl, Jeff Goldblum and Steve Coogan. Milk? Sugar?


Ralph Fiennes and Rhys Ifans

“It’s the guilt. It’s the guilt” shouts Ralph Fiennes about the terrible thing he does in one of his regular dreams. Rhys Ifans laughs unsympathetically, as he reveals his darkest fear. They play enemies in their latest film, The King’s Man but talk warmly together for Elevenses, about the art that moves them most, the place Ralph is at his happiest and their worst qualities. Which one do you think owns up to having trouble with authority? The King’s Man is in cinemas from Boxing Day.
21/12/2113m 25s

Michael Sheen and Nathalie Emmanuel

“Michael? What are you doing?” shouted Michael Sheen’s parents, when he was about to embark on something sinister, or maybe just naughty, at the age of three. Michael and his co-star Nathalie Emmanuel reveal the highs and lows of years past when they stop by for Elevenses before the release of their time-travelling seasonal film, Last Train to Christmas. What does Nathalie find scarier than Games of Thrones? What item of clothing will she never be without? Why is friendship so important to Michael? And who the hell is Hywel? Last Train to Christmas premieres 18th December on Sky Cinema and will also be available on the streaming service NOW.
14/12/2116m 54s

Ana Matronic

“I remember thinking CP30 was a lot like my dad…uptight and fastidious, persnickety and super-gay.” Superstar DJ, Scissor Sister and Star Wars fan, Ana Matronic is kind of obsessed with sci-fi. Over Elevenses she explains how she turned her adoration of the Bionic Woman into a religion and why the Cylons from BattleStar Gallactica are an inspiration to her, and Daft Punk. She also shares her love of art, wigs, what she learnt from her mother and talks about the emotional rollercoaster of those popstar years. With appearances from Bootsy, her cat and drag alter ego, Harsha from Prague.
30/11/2132m 1s

Reginald D. Hunter

“I’m a maverick, a loner, a rebel. I really ought to ride a motorcycle.” Self-proclaimed comedy “swashbuckler” Reginald D. Hunter opens up about family relationships and what he misses about the American South. He recalls the horror of seeing his first New York comedy show and having a gun held to his head. He also explains the significance of an old corduroy jacket and a 1950s photograph of a clown. Reginald D Hunter is touring the UK and Ireland in 2022 with Bombe Shuffleur, More info at www.mickperrin.com/tours/reginald-hunter-shuffleur This episode contains some offensive language.
23/11/2135m 27s

Annie Nightingale

“Keep your feet firmly on the floor and wave your arms and your body around.” DJ Annie Nightingale gives us a ‘rave’ dance class, remembering the acid house explosion, The Happy Mondays and meeting Björk during Annie’s time as an “honorary raver” in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Reflecting on more than fifty years as a broadcaster, she reveals the one thing that she can’t say out loud and the unique item of clothing that she shares with Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran. Hey Hi Hello: Five Decades of Pop Culture from Britain’s First Female DJ, published by White Rabbit, is out now.
16/11/2126m 19s

Tim Burgess

“I just roll with it, go with the flow…I’m just always in a transcendental meditational state” says Charlatans’ frontman, solo artist and host of #TimsTwitterListeningParty, Tim Burgess. After thirty years plus in music, surviving a few scrapes in the process, Tim explains how he came to love filmmaker David Lynch, what’s so great about Bolton and why he has an eight year old best friend.
09/11/2127m 56s

Rob Brydon

“I was very nervous…and it was essentially fear of ridicule if I’m being breathtakingly honest with you” says comedian Rob Brydon about creating his show A Night of Songs and Laughter. Overcoming fear and finding inspiration in Bruce Springsteen are just some of the things the actor, writer and singer reveals over Elevenses. He also recalls his favourite line from Gavin and Stacey, talks about reuniting with Ruth Jones for new project, The Ring and tells us: who is really Steve Coogan’s best friend.
02/11/2140m 56s

Nadiya Hussain

“I do feel like I’m cheating on my husband and it’s so weird cause I wake up feeling really guilty.” Cook, writer and Bake Off Queen, Nadiya Hussain reveals her recurring dream, why she’s still scared of crows and how she deals with anxiety, when she joins Danielle to talk about memories, motherhood and her new book, Fast Flavours.
26/10/2131m 12s

Season 2 of Elevenses is coming soon!

Get the kettle on. More guests stopping by for tea, biscuits, and the same eleven questions... Getting to the heart of the small-big things that make us tick.
21/10/211m 49s

Jeremy Vine

“I’m scared that when I get to the end of my life, I didn’t do anything of consequence”. Broadcaster, journalist and author, Jeremy sits down with Danielle for a very special Radio Festival edition of Elevenses. Jeremy reveals why he had to give up on his ultimate dream of being a rock star, how he swims around his kitchen in VR goggles, and why he'd like to give his 18-year-old self a big hug. Special thanks to producer Kellie Redmond and Engineer Chris Bailey.
12/11/2037m 39s

Sister Bliss

“I had to work twice as hard to get half the recognition.” Sister Bliss - founder member of Faithless, producer, DJ and all round global club icon - is Danielle's final guest. As Faithless release their first album in 10 years, Blissy talks candidly about imposter syndrome, women in music, fears for the survival of the club scene, and shares how a childhood love of cheese on toast turned her on to classical music.
21/09/2043m 21s


“You’re the first person I’ve told - oops!” Skunk Anansie singer, DJ and now author, Skin, lets slip her engagement. She also reveals how Muhammed Ali visited her grandad’s club, relives her ‘Stepford wife’ phase, and wonders if she shouldn’t have gone to university.
14/09/2041m 27s

David Arnold

“I am the king of procrastination.” Film composer David Arnold – creator of Bond movie scores and Bjork’s Play Dead – puts off his work a little longer… He tells Danielle about the time Tom Jones rode around St Albans in a Batmobile, his bizarre dreams involving Sir Paul McCartney, and why you should always work with nice people.
07/09/2045m 7s

Angellica Bell

“I have never had a best friend.” Angellica Bell – star radio and TV presenter, and winner of Celebrity Masterchef – talks about her haggling grandmother, riding rollercoasters, and the terrifying honesty of children.
31/08/2032m 16s

Jeff Goldblum

“She extended her long gnarly fingers and said peaches… peaches!” Jurassic Park star Jeff Goldblum talks to Danielle Perry about movies, jazz, nightmares, and dressing up as a cowboy.
24/08/2021m 34s

Sophie Dahl

“I famously bit Emily when we were five.” Balancing a life of books, family, an 80 year old tortoise and rescue menagerie, author Sophie Dahl talks to Danielle about her fifth book, Madame Badobedah, growing up in 17 houses, and why she likes being in one place.
18/08/2032m 59s

Steve Coogan

“Comedy’s how you sugar the pill of life.” Steve Coogan talks about Alan Partridge, his latest film Greed, and his friendly rivalry with Rob Brydon on The Trip. He also tells Danielle Perry what he’s scared of, who his best friend is, and why he always had to go the long way round on his paper round…
10/08/2023m 12s

Karl Pilkington

“I nearly died on a freeze pop.” Karl Pilkington – star of Sick of It and An Idiot Abroad – talks about his job as a paper boy, friendship with Ricky Gervais, and how he is definitely NOT a comedian. All wrapped up in eleven questions.
03/08/2045m 45s


Kettle on? Then here's broadcaster, writer and musician Danielle Perry to tell you all about her new podcast Elevenses.
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