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Jase & PJ

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PJ's like the best friend you never had; easy to love, impossible to hate, and takes endless roasts from her mate Jase, like a champ. And the other half? Known for his pranks and borderline antics on and off-air, Jase the wit master is damn-near impossible to stump and knows a good VonZipper trucker cap when he sees one. Tune in weekday mornings from 6am on Melbourne's KIIS 1011.


MINI: Kmart Hack!

PJ has the BEST hack from Kmart, and it's making us all wanna quit our job. Love ya
21/10/205m 9s

MINI: Bad Parenting

There's only one parent on the team - and he's in trouble! Love ya
21/10/203m 44s

FULL SHOW: Jase buying a friend

..Or was that Friand? Love u
20/10/2059m 16s

🍕 Jase's Breakdown

Jase has been somewhere, and something TERRIBLE has happened. Love ya
20/10/204m 40s

MINI: Guy Sebastian

Guy is in and chatting about living La Vida Loca! Love ya
20/10/206m 10s

FULL SHOW: Giving up on love

As always, we get across a lot of topics. Love ya!
19/10/201h 0m


Hot Guy and Producer Alex finally bring their new podcast to the Jase & PJ family of podcasts. No two episodes will ever be the same. Follow the lads: @alexperigo // @sammcginn
19/10/2038m 48s

✂️ Haircuts for sale!

Jase needs a favour from the people of Melbourne. Love ya
19/10/2010m 55s

FULL SHOW: Demountable Chairs

I don't think Jase knows what demountable means. Love ya
19/10/201h 19m

NO CONTEXT: Footspas

Nark and Tonarotti talking the big topics, as always. DM @janemackinlay or @tonilodge if you have good grabs! Love u
18/10/2032m 9s

Help Me, Rhonda: What's your fetish?

Veggie Boy and Sach are back at it again, answering your questions! This week: we want you to let us know what your fetish is. Send that, and all your questions through to @sachbarbour and @veggieboyofficial
17/10/2030m 43s

🐷 Attacked by a what?!

A horror story from someone in Australia, turned into some animal stories you won't expect. Love ya
16/10/207m 27s

FULL SHOW: 50 minutes of goodness

What can go wrong with a 50 minute poddie intro! Hehe love ya
16/10/201h 38m

🏡 Can PJ get back to Australia?

Based on the news about the NZ - Aus travel bubble, can we get our girl back on Aus soil? Love u
16/10/203m 31s

MINI: Jase opens up about his Mental Health

Jase needs to get some personal stuff off his chest, and it turns into a lovely open chat. Hope you're all doing okay. Love ya
15/10/2014m 38s

FULL SHOW: A Deserted Island

We chat about who we'd choose to be with us on a deserted island. It does not go well. Love ya
15/10/201h 26m

💩 PJ's SECOND poo incident

Unbelievable - there shouldn't have even been a first one! Love ya
15/10/204m 48s

🔞 18+: PJ's Wednesday Night Activity

An adult rating for an adult activity. Love u
14/10/205m 34s

FULL SHOW: Organic Material

Incredible hump day poddy intro. Love ya
13/10/201h 10m

EPIC TALES: A Refugee's Nightmare

He was a respected Iraqi policeman, husband and dad. But when someone tried to take his life, Ghanim al-Shnen knew he had to flee his country. Follow his journey to Australia where he hoped for a better life, but his situation went from bad to worse, to devastating. Ghanim is now fighting for his independence and against the Australian Government for his family. If you want to help, please go to: gofundme.com/f/thisisghanim
13/10/2012m 45s

MINI: Jase needs a bodyguard

Jase has decided he wants the PM treatment - so we put it to the test! Love ya
13/10/2010m 58s

FULL SHOW: Instagram Habits

We all need to have a word with the people on the team about how they're using the show instagram. Love u
12/10/201h 11m

❤️ PJ's special reunion

A very special weekend for PJ in New Zealand. Love u
12/10/204m 49s

FULL SHOW: Jase Can't Be Rattled

Jase is in SUCH good mood - there's no way we can rattle him! ...Or can we? Love ya
11/10/201h 2m

NO CONTEXT: Get the whip

Nark and Tonarotti comin' at ya again - with a special guest - Jase! If you come across any GREAT one-liners in a video or story - send us the link or a screen recording to @janemackinlay or @tonilodge on insta, and we'll use it next week! Love u
11/10/2031m 52s

Help Me, Rhonda: Pork Skins

Don't miss the special guest Rhonda this week! Plus some naughty chat and getting a bit on the side... Keep your questions coming through @sachbarbour and @veggieboyofficial. I like your doodle
10/10/2034m 58s


Everyone's fave segment - now in mini form! Love u
09/10/2010m 1s

MINI: Naked Siblings

The title speaks for itself, surely! Love ya
09/10/206m 41s

FULL SHOW: PJ's assistant

We've got PJ a new assistant. Love ya
08/10/201h 3m

MINI: PJ's havin' a baby!

You won't believeeeee it! PJ's got an announcement! Love ya x
08/10/204m 39s

🌹 Dad Reviews Bachie

Jase's Dad has done his homework, and he's ready to review the new season of Bachie! Love u
08/10/205m 31s

FULL SHOW: It's pretty much free...

Jase the influencer strikes again! Love ya
07/10/201h 16m

🍻 PJ's first outing

PJ's out of Victoria and doing little tasks for Jase that he misses! Love ya
07/10/204m 34s

FULL SHOW: Jase cracks it

Jase chucked the sads during this morning's poddie intro - so it's a short one! Sorry babies! Love u
06/10/201h 6m

MINI: The goss from Scomo

Scomo joining us with all the budget goss - and insights about Victorian lockdown and his relationship with Dan Andrews. Love ya!
06/10/208m 9s

MINI: Ranking Trump's Friendships

This sounds like a random one - but where does picking someone up from the Hospital rank on the friendship scale? It'll all make sense when you listen. Love u
06/10/207m 37s

FULL SHOW: A big one

Guys it was a massive show - and a big podcast intro as a treat! Love u
06/10/201h 28m

🔞 MINI: R18+

We thought we might have to dump this morning! Love ya x
06/10/206m 48s

🥰 PJ + BJ reunited

FINALLY! After 7 months of being apart, PJ was reunited with her boyfriend BJ. We get to relive and share the moment with her RIGHT HERE! Love u
05/10/206m 42s

MINI: Fines in St Kilda

Unreal scenes in St Kilda over the weekend with mass gatherings at the beach. Love ya
05/10/205m 10s

FULL SHOW: PJ the influencer

We all love a freebie, and PJ has made quite a day out of free stuff hehe, love ya
04/10/201h 12m

NO CONTEXT: Breast Milk

Nark and Tonarotti, back at it with the chat. You can flick some good grabs through to us on insta! @janemackinlay @tonilodge - Love ya!
04/10/2029m 43s

Help Me, Rhonda: Kill Me Now (...or later)

Sach & Veggie Boy are back for another week - now getting you through the weekend! Some more random questions this week courtesy of the lovely Rhonda's out there. Keep your questions coming through @sachbarbour & @veggieboyofficial
03/10/2037m 56s

MINI: PJ's final words

Our gal is about to get OUT! Love ya x
02/10/205m 46s

🙏 FULL SHOW: The final show!

Our final day with our gal in quarantine! Such a fun show for a friday - love ya x
02/10/201h 20m

PJ's Quarantine Diary: Day 14

PJ's FINAL quarantine diary for her stay in New Zealand! She's out tomorrow and she's got a LOT planned. Love ya
01/10/2031m 42s

MINI: Illegal Actions in NZ

Some interesting audio surfaced yesterday, and you can't miss it. Love ya
01/10/204m 41s

FULL SHOW: Radio auditions

Jase isn't happy with the boss' decisions for over the break, so we need auditions. Love ya!
01/10/201h 26m

PJ's Quarantine Diary: Day 13

A special guest for today's Quarantine Diary! Love ya
30/09/2034m 7s

MINI: Jase needs a refund

We've been given VERY few concessions in Victoria, and Jase wants to change one!!!!! Shocker! Love u
30/09/204m 33s

FULL SHOW: Double Sleeping Bag

Happy Wednesday - Hank's in this morning and we've got a SUPER fun show. Love you x
30/09/201h 29m

PJ's Quarantine Diary: Day 12

Day 12 - but we derailed a bit. Sorry! Love ya
29/09/2024m 14s

FULL SHOW: Jase's old days

Jase has said many times his partying days are behind him - but we're not so sure. Love ya
29/09/201h 20m

MINI: Teaching Jase to flirt

We've tried to teach Jase a new skill, it's not gone that great though! Love u
29/09/204m 22s

PJ's Quarantine Diary: Day 11

Day 11 for PJ - it's getting tough but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Love ya
28/09/2025m 20s

UNCUT: The Social Dilemma

The guys chatting to Jeff Orlowski - the director of The Social Dilemma (now on Netflix - give us a plug!!!!) to ask their burning questions about Social Media. Love ya x
28/09/2016m 21s

FULL SHOW: Show Secret

We've got a show secret, and Jase is trying to decide whether he tells you guys or not! Love ya x
28/09/201h 42m

PJ's Quarantine Diary: Day 10

We've hit double digits! 2/3s through, hear the latest update...
27/09/2032m 11s

PJ's Quarantine Diary: Day 09

Day 9 - she's over the halfway mark and getting ready to get out of there! Lot's of excitement today too! Love ya x
26/09/2043m 17s

NO CONTEXT: Suckin' Jase's Head

Nark and Tonarotti coming through with No Context Jase and PJ! Flick us a message if you LOVE IT! @janemackinlay @tonilodge. Love ya! x
25/09/2024m 15s

PJ's Quarantine Diary: Day 08

PJ is one week down, with ONE WEEK TO GO! Listen to how she's going here! Love u x
25/09/2023m 5s

MINI: Exclusive Bachelor Audio!

We've got some unreleased Bachie audio that you will not believe! Love ya x
25/09/204m 55s

FULL SHOW: Don't use this second hand!

A massive show for a Friday! Love ya x
25/09/201h 14m

Help Me, Rhonda: Nocturnal Emissions

Sach and Veggie are back for another week of Help Me, Rhonda! This week, some more great questions from Rhonda him or herself. This week, absolutely captivating chat about theme parks and staying at a relative's house... Don't forget to send your questions through @sachbarbour or @veggieboyofficial
24/09/2030m 35s

PJ's Quarantine Diary: Day 07

PJ's exclusive look into a full week of quarantine with another week to go! Love ya
24/09/2024m 41s

MINI: Where have you been stuck?!

You won't believe this - Cherie called in to give us an exclusive! Love ya
24/09/205m 23s

MINI: Where have you been stuck?

You won't believe this - Cherie called in to give us an exclusive! Love ya

FULL SHOW: Swingin' Dads

24/09/201h 28m

PJ's Quarantine Diary: Day 06

Day 6 for PJ in Quarantine, joined by Hot Guy and The Nark! Love ya
23/09/2019m 27s

MINI: One of us got MARRIED!

Someone in Jase's family has gotten married in a surprise wedding! Love ya
23/09/204m 9s

MINI: Steph Claire Smith

Steph chats about some backlash she got on social - but it's all a reality to us in Victoria! Love ya
23/09/205m 6s

FULL SHOW: Pets and Partners

So much good gear today - pets, ooshies and annual leave. Love ya!
23/09/201h 14m

PJ's Quarantine Diary: Day 05

PJ reporting on Day 5 in Quarantine! Love ya
22/09/2026m 15s

MINI: PJ's in trouble!

PJ has found herself in a little bit of hot water - and it's an amazing story. Love ya!
22/09/205m 39s

FULL SHOW: So much content guys

Jase says we've done sooooo much content today (and for once he's actually right about something!) Love ya!
22/09/201h 29m

PJ's Quarantine Diary: Day 04

PJ's got the quarantine goss for us, with her daily check-in! If you've got any questions for her, flick them through @pjdeejay on insta. Love ya x
21/09/2021m 37s

MINI: Kid's Helpine

We've got someone to chat about the importance of Kid's Helpline and the spike of numbers recently. You can call them anytime on 1800 55 1800. Love ya
21/09/205m 56s

FULL SHOW: PJ the psycho girlfriend

We get across a LOOOTTTT of topics everyday - and today it includes PJ being a crazy girlfriend after an unsent message was taken the wrong way. Love ya!
21/09/201h 36m

PJ's Quarantine Diary: Day 03

PJ shares her thoughts and feelings about day 3 of being in quarantine in NZ! If you've got any questions you can send them through to @jaseandpj or @pjdeejay on insta. Love ya!
20/09/2027m 59s

PJ's Quarantine Diary: Day 02

How's PJ holding up in Quarantine? Find out what Day 2 holds.
19/09/2043m 23s

PJ's Quarantine Diary: Day 01

Hear all the highs and lows from the first day of PJ's Quarantine diary.
18/09/2030m 21s

MINI: PJ and the army

PJ didn't realise how intense it would be travelling on a quarantine bus, and Jase asks the important questions! Love ya
18/09/205m 34s

NO CONTEXT: Stinky Fridges

Nark and Tonarotti debut their BRAND NEWWWWW PODCAST! We hope you love it - and you can find us on insta @janemackinlay @tonilodge or you can join in for 24/7 bants at pjsfeet.com. Love ya!
18/09/2027m 6s

FULL SHOW: PJ from across the ditch!

Our fave Kiwi is back on home soil, and we're catching up about all things QUARANTINE! Make sure you follow Peej's journey on instagram @pjdeejay and @jaseandpj - love ya!
18/09/201h 26m

Help Me, Rhonda: Fishin' for Likes

Join Veggie Boy and Sacha for the second episode of Help Me, Rhonda! Today, all the best advice for people struggling with their career, and the best way to get seen on Tinder. Don't forget to send your questions through to @sachbarbour or @veggieboyofficial
17/09/2033m 46s

MINI: Where you've seen a snake

An absolute LIVING NIGHTMARE! Love ya
17/09/2011m 45s

MINI: PJ's final break on air

...in Australia!! The juicy and tear-jerking end to the show today with PJ heading off. Love ya PJ, we'll miss you so much x
17/09/2012m 14s

FULL SHOW: Our last day as a team

Today is PJ's last day in Australia and we're all absolutely beside ourselves! But the juiciest bits that you want - are coming at 11am in the mini! Love ya!
17/09/201h 10m

MINI: PJ is almost away!

One more sleep until PJ is off - so we treated her! Love ya
16/09/207m 5s


We've got ONE sleep left before we lose our favourite Kiwi - so we treat her! One treat is in this podcast and there's another lil treat coming at 12 in the mini! Love you!
16/09/201h 12m

MINI: The offer of a lifetime!

Jase has brought it with his latest idea - and we could allllll get something out of it. Love ya!
15/09/2014m 0s

MINI: Melbourne Dining Alfresco

We chat to the owner of 400 Gradi about his stance on the new proposal of dining alfresco in Melbourne to get our restaurants open ASAP. Love ya
15/09/206m 24s

FULL SHOW: Someone's leaving the team

Jase drops a BOMBSHELL during the podcast intro, and the rest of the team didn't even know about it! Love ya
15/09/201h 24m

MINI: Do you need a bubble buddy?

Jase has opened applications to be his bubble buddy - but beware, he's bloody picky! Love ya
14/09/207m 16s

COVID-19: Protest Controversy

After a few protests have gone viral over the weekend, we need to chat about where we're at, with some exclusive audio! Love ya
14/09/205m 56s

FULL SHOW: Podcast Review

We're all trying to branch out into our own podcasts - and the guys are reviewing the first cab off the rank! Love ya
14/09/201h 17m

MINI: Katie Holmes DRAMA

When have you been the other person? We've got celeb DRAMA - believe it or not! Love ya
11/09/207m 59s

COVID-19: Missing the big moments

Today, PJ has a reflective chat on the difficulty of losing a parent, with the added difficulty of Border Closures and Quarantine. Sending everyone love x
11/09/204m 57s

Help Me, Rhonda: Goin' Off-Road

Join Newsreader Sacha and Veggie Boy as they attempt to make your life a little easier - solving your life's problems. Today: we delve into all things marriage and a really important question when it comes to cars... Make sure to send your questions to @sachbarbour on Instagram
11/09/2024m 44s

FULL SHOW: Jase's Crowning Glory

Something terrible has happened - and it's to do with Jase's hair! You'll hear here. Love ya
11/09/201h 21m

MINI: PJ's new career

Jase needs his hair cut and PJ's put her hand up... from a distance! Hehe love ya
10/09/2011m 41s

MINI: An important chat on Mental Health

PJ has a chat about the importance of checking in with your mates - and has a twist on how to raise money for R U OKAY day. Love ya!
10/09/209m 15s

FULL SHOW: The Coffee Saga

We'll never hear the end of this one! Love ya
09/09/201h 16m

MINI: Put ya foot in it

Jase sent a risky text... oh God. Love ya!
09/09/205m 33s

MINI: Jase needs tending to

Jase has a concern about something he can't get done during lockdown, can he turn to doing it outside in public? Love ya!
09/09/204m 34s

FULL SHOW: What happened on the toilet?

PJ has an amazing story, plus a worry about and ex that's still in BJ's life, and one of us runs around Aldi as part of our job. Love ya!
09/09/201h 24m

MINI: Jase's Birthday Gift

We love Jase - and this is us showing our appreciation! Make sure you wish Jase a special happy birthday on insta or at pjsfeet.com! Love ya
08/09/206m 16s

MINI: Lockdown Breakdown

Jase needs to have an honest and open chat about his lockdown experience so far. Love you
08/09/204m 29s

FULL SHOW: The festival of JASE!

It's Jase's birthday, and Hot Guy's second day, we need to address it! Love ya!
08/09/201h 25m

MINI: The most popular team member

We have to pick ONE person to share our bubble with on the team - who will be the winner? Love ya
07/09/208m 46s

FULL SHOW: Our new family member

We have a new friend this morning! Love ya
07/09/201h 23m

COVID-19: James Merlino chat

Deputy Premier and Education Minister James Merlino joins us to chat about the newly announced RoadMap for Victoria.
06/09/208m 25s


Tiny mini podcast for BIG FAMILIES! Love ya
04/09/208m 23s

FULL SHOW: Pink Eye and PJ's Poem

A big day and you won't believe the amount of topics we cover. Hehe! Happy Friday!
04/09/201h 32m

MINI: Osher Gunsberg

Osher joins us to chat about an abrupt announcement on Bachie! Love ya
03/09/2011m 52s

YAY OR NAY: A heated debate

Yay or Nay has made it's way into a mini today because she's a goody! Love ya
03/09/2012m 57s

FULL SHOW: A rollercoaster

Jase explains his rollercoaster of a day - and we have lots of new friends listening to our podcast at the moment! So just wanted to express our appreciation and ALSO that we use a bit of bad language and explore a wiiiiiiide range of topics! Don't forget you can chat with all of us anytime at pjsfeet.com. Love ya xo
03/09/201h 10m

MINI: Funeral Crasher

We've got a guy on that will make you realise the title of this podcast ISN'T clickbait. Love ya!
02/09/208m 23s

MINI: What's the tea?

The Facebook Communi-TEA! We want the GOSS! Send us juicy goss from your community Facebook pages at Jase and PJ on Facebook. Love ya!
02/09/204m 54s

FULL SHOW: Where are you listening from?

We asked you where you are while you listen - and if you want to get involved you have to join pjsfeet.com! Love ya
02/09/201h 20m

MINI: Dad loves AFL

We prank Jase's Dad and it's THE. BEST. Love ya!
01/09/205m 41s

MINI: PJ's sexy job

PJ is dabbling in another career! Love ya
01/09/209m 55s

FULL SHOW: The Poddie Hotline!

Back by 'popular' demand - we've got a few of you guys on the line to join the poddy intro!! If you want behind the scenes action like, all the time, find us at pjsfeet.com - Love ya!
01/09/201h 24m

MINI: Jasooonnnn Derulo

We got to interview Jason Derulo with one catch - Jase was busy and PJ had to take the reigns herself. It's a hot mess - love ya!
31/08/208m 12s

FULL SHOW: PJ on Only Fans

PJ shares her new career and we chat about microchips in pigs. Hehe love ya
31/08/201h 30m

MINI: Gogglebox chat!

Holly from Gogglebox joins us for a chat - and raises a VERY important question of what our family and friends do. Love ya!
28/08/209m 56s

FULL SHOW: A sad goodbye

Today we wished goodbye to a special and sad goodbye to our Producer Lil P! Love ya x
28/08/201h 18m

MINI: TV shows

This is what we'd sound like if we were on TV! Haha let's not quit our day jobs! Love ya
27/08/207m 33s

FULL SHOW: PJ's relationship's next step

BJ has taken a massive step for PJ - you won't believe he's done this! Love ya
27/08/201h 17m

EPIC TALES: Trouble in Paradise

Jules Allen is a remarkable Australian with a truly moving story. Her Epic Tale is a lesson in why it's best to be prepared when travelling overseas.
26/08/2015m 47s

FULL SHOW: Shower beers + Interventions

We need to sit someone on the team down and have a serious chat - you'll definitely agree with this one! Love ya
26/08/201h 25m

MINI: Old People

We need to talk about something everyone's thinking, but noone's saying! Love u
25/08/209m 5s

FULL SHOW: Fancy Supermarkets

PJ gushes about her fancy supermarket, and we chat about Jase's house catching on fire. Love ya!
25/08/201h 13m

MINI: Cheeky Trouble

Jase has a hunch there's trouble in paradise - in the Government?! Get the goss here. Love ya!
24/08/204m 23s

FULL SHOW: Which bird is which?

Lots of birds and Jase's Dad. Love ya!
24/08/201h 23m

MINI: Empty threats

Jase talks about his fave thing about being a parent! Hehe love ya
21/08/208m 12s

FULL SHOW: Private instagrams

We think Jase should start a private instagram for his.... online habits. Love ya!
21/08/201h 14m


On Rob Hunter’s ninth day of teaching, Edwin John Eastwood burst into his remote South Gippsland school of Wooreen and at gun point took Rob and his nine students hostage. This Epic Tale takes you on Rob and his students harrowing journey to safety.
20/08/2024m 13s

MINI: Another poo scandal

Another poo scandal has ROCKED the Jase and PJ team. You'll love it. Love ya
20/08/208m 34s

FULL SHOW: Karl Stefanovic Gate

You won't believe this one - Jase has sent a risky text and we get to hear about it for the whole show... haha! Love ya
20/08/201h 18m

MINI: The unofficial Mayor of Melbourne

Our favourite guest - HITCHY! Jase needs to ask Hitchy for a favour! Love ya
19/08/206m 47s

MINI: Long Distance

Long D chat with champion long D'er PJ! Love ya
19/08/203m 50s

FULL SHOW: Ice Rooms in Hotels

Nothing tastes sweeter than Jase being proved wrong, and PJ gets him good today! Love ya
19/08/201h 16m

MINI: When have you been friendzoned?

PJ needs love advice 'for a friend'. Love ya!
18/08/207m 42s

MINI: Fat pets

Overweight pets, and PJ's cat gets revenge.... Hehehe love ya!
18/08/203m 27s

FULL SHOW: Fences + hacked computers

Jumping over fences and tax evasion. Love ya
18/08/201h 8m

MINI: Burnside Politics

We need to chat politics - and Jase knows what he wants. Love ya!
17/08/205m 22s

FULL SHOW: Living the finer / PJ life

Have you had a slice of the finer things and lived like PJ? Make sure you join us at pjsfeet.com. Love ya!
17/08/201h 18m

FULL SHOW: PJ's big news!

PJ received a reallllyyy special gift for her birthday, and we're chatting logistics. Love ya!
14/08/201h 21m

EPIC TALES: Unimaginable Pain

In this Epic Tale we introduce you to Khadija Gbla, at the age of 9 she experienced an unimaginable pain at the hands of her own mother. Khadija’s story is one of trauma, forgiveness and determination as she overcomes the cultural practice FGM and fights to end it here in Australia.
13/08/2019m 20s

FULL SHOW: PJ'S 30th!!!!!!!!

Haaaappy birthday to our fave Kiwi - PJ! Make sure you give PJ some love today @pjdeejay on instagram! Love ya xoxox
13/08/201h 23m

MINI: Bachie chat

The next Aussie Bachelor Locky dishes the dirt on the next season! Love u
12/08/205m 1s

Full Show: An Announcement!

Today is a sad lil baby intro! Waah! Love ya x
12/08/201h 18m

MINI: Andy Lee

Andy joins us for a yarn about his new book! And chat about Jase's modelling career. Love ya
11/08/207m 12s

FULL SHOW: A new game

Brand new game taking the internet by storm..... Naaaaaaah! Hehe love ya
11/08/201h 16m

MINI: Who pays the fine?

You don't wanna get caught in a sticky situation with Jase after he admits this! Love u
10/08/205m 52s

MINI: Jackie O

Jackie O joins us to chat Season 2 of The Masked Singer! Love ya
10/08/207m 31s

FULL SHOW: Custard, hot or cold?

I mean, having custard hot or cold sets the tone for the whole show today! Plus an amazing surprise Jase is organising for PJ's 30th! Love ya
10/08/201h 12m

FULL SHOW: Another special guest...

A big deal around the trap and the ORIGINAL DADDY joins us this morning. Love ya!
07/08/201h 28m

EPIC TALES: Dead in the Water

While on a morning run along Torquay beach in Victoria; Sean Purcell went into cardiac arrest and his heart stopped beating - he was left face first in the water. This Epic Tale tells Sean's inspiring story of recovery and the amazing people who came to his rescue.
06/08/2029m 28s

MINI: Sexy Sutto

PJ has to chat about something she's passionate about today! Hehe love ya x
06/08/204m 20s

FULL SHOW: Bathing

Noises from next door and having baths every day. Annnnddd a delish special guest for the poddie intro! Love ya!
06/08/201h 23m

MINI: Everyone's fave Dad

Jase's Dad needs help with his internet - and he knows just who to call!!!!! Love ya
05/08/205m 43s

MINI: Jase's Boycott

We hit a serious topic - and Jase is letting it out! Love ya
05/08/206m 6s

FULL SHOW: Adopting late & Tracking

A big massive exciting show! And an amazing chat with Jase's Dad coming in the MINI at 12pm! Love ya
05/08/201h 13m

MINI: PJ's musical surprise

You know PJ - any chance to write a song, she's there. Love ya!
04/08/202m 27s

MINI: Jase for City Council

Jase enlists the help of Brighton Royalty for help in his political campaign. Love ya!
04/08/206m 8s

FULL SHOW: Dumb Questions

We've found some silly questions people are asking about the Melbourne curfew, and PJ has a question about boy's bits. Love ya!
04/08/201h 20m

MINI: Lockdown Chat

We're in Lockdown 3.0 here in Melbourne, and we want to extend our love to everyone! Stay safe, love ya x
03/08/206m 5s

FULL SHOW: Lockdown 3.0

Us Victorians are heading into Lockdown with Stage 4 restrictions, and we're ready! Stay safe if you're here in Victoria. Love ya!
03/08/201h 35m

What's in ya freezer?!

We can chat about anything with you guys, and that includes cameras in vaginas, condoms in the freezer, and.... well what else is there? Love ya, have a good weekend xoxo
31/07/201h 29m

Epic Tales: Blind Ambition

Description: Ben Pettingill lost 98% of his eyesight overnight due to a rare genetic syndrome. This down to earth Aussie takes Jase & PJ through his truly inspiring Epic Tale.
30/07/2026m 7s

MINI: Hey Dad!

Jase's Dad joined us this morning, as as per usual, he did not hold back. Love ya!
30/07/205m 59s

What can't ya do?

A big show. A fun show. Join us at pjsfeet.com, love ya x
30/07/201h 8m

MINI: Hottie Patrol

A new hottie has been spotted on telly, and we need to talk about it! Love ya
29/07/2012m 27s

PJ's getting MARRIED!!!!!!!

Amazing and exciting news for our team today - you won't believe it! Love ya
28/07/201h 7m

MINI: The mask test

PJ found an amazing test to know how effective your mask is. Love ya
28/07/203m 14s

Uncomfortable chat

PJ brings up something that makes Jase on edge in today's poddie intro! And heaps of chat about masks and we get Greg Hunt on to give us the health goss! Love ya
28/07/201h 20m

MINI: Know Your Rights, Karen

Karen is on the loose - and we've got an expert on the line to tell us exactly what we're allowed to do. Love ya!
27/07/208m 19s

Family Drama & Taylor Swift

A big and happy Monday for us - with a special surprise for PJ at the end of the show you won't want to miss! Love ya
26/07/201h 7m

MINI: Bancroft & son

We hear from some very special people to talk about Bancroft's Drycleaning. Love ya
24/07/207m 11s

MINI: Jase needs therapy

Not that surprising tbh, but an interesting development in his therapy breakup. Love ya!
24/07/205m 35s

Happy Friday!

Get your weekend started RIGHT with us! Have a safe weekend, see ya Monday, love ya x
24/07/201h 12m

MINI: The ultimate trust test

We've put our good mate Nick from Bancroft's Drycleaning to the test, let's see if he passes. Love ya!
23/07/208m 38s


Jase needs advice about a breakup, and he's talking to the best person about it - PJ! Love ya
23/07/201h 29m

MINI: Daryl Braithwaite uncut!

The guys got to catch up with this Aussie legend, and chat about a verrrry special birthday coming up! Love ya
22/07/209m 5s

MINI: Stain Roulette

Another crazzzzyyyyy idea - we're covering ourselves in CRAP to test out our favourite drycleaners in Melbourne! Go to our insta @jaseandpj to cop an eyeful. Love ya!
22/07/206m 37s


This episode title works in two ways, because we chatted about what you've cried over, and Jase has a Save of Wadness in the intro. Love ya!
22/07/201h 23m

MINI: Mike Goldman's Voice

We had to call in a professional to help PJ out with her new career - love ya!
21/07/2013m 1s

You got recognised WHERE?

The most amazing story I think I've ever heard, and a relief for PJ. Make sure you join us at pjsfeet.com - love ya!
21/07/201h 7m

MINI: Make your own masks

Arts and Crafts in the studio this morning! Love ya!
20/07/206m 36s

MINI: PJ's new career

We've been helping out our mates at Bancroft's Drycleaners, and PJ's testing out her newest skill to help them this morning! Love ya
20/07/206m 29s

Saving yourself

We chat when you saved yourself and wild Karens! Love ya x
20/07/201h 13m

MINI: I made that biz faaaamous

We chat to our special friend Nick's wife to get the inside goss on our fave Melb business. Love ya
17/07/206m 44s

MINI: Urzila Carlson Chat

We're joined by this comedy legend - don't forget to check out her new special on Netflix! Love ya
17/07/206m 57s

What have we forgotten?

Jase has forgotten something this morning, and we make him wait til the verrrry end of the show to find out. Love ya!
17/07/2057m 56s

MINI: Make your business faaaaamous!

We've picked someone very special for our next adventure! Love ya
16/07/2012m 33s

The white jumper

A piece of clothing has been introduced to our Show Family and it's HIDEOUS. Find out here who wore it (if you couldn't already guess!!!!) Love ya xoxox
16/07/201h 30m

MINI: The Veronicas

We've got the Veronica's on the phone for a chat about life and their new single! Love ya
15/07/206m 56s

Great stories with the team

Some great, 'well told' stories and food from the bin. Love ya!
15/07/201h 26m

MINI: Sweet dreams are made of this

You just won't see what's coming so I'm not going to bother. Just listen. Love ya!
14/07/2011m 56s

Snakes and Lockdown

A special message at the top of the podcast means you need to get in touch with us! @jaseandpj on instagram and Jase and PJ on facebook. Love ya! (OMG also, PS - we've got a fricken amazing mini ep coming today! Love you again hehe)
14/07/201h 28m

We're back!

We're hommmeeeee and ready for a big one! It's good to be back! Love ya x
13/07/201h 37m

REHEAT: The Best of the 56 Hour Marathon

Throwing back to you know about this time last year... before we all had to spend the entirety of our days in one location... when we CHOSE to do that for some stupid reason... Yeah, it's the best bits of the 56 Hour Marathon
08/07/203h 1m

REHEAT: Wait, who's the manager...?

Bit of extra love for your holidays. Today, we look back at that time we had no idea who was or was not the manager...
06/07/2018m 24s

REHEAT: Dessert Chat

This was a real conversation starter over at our incredibly exclusive and hard to access podcast group (go to pjsfeet.com) so deserved another look in. Love ya
04/07/2018m 43s

REHEAT: Podtails

A fan fave (and one of my faves too actually because the food was heaaaaavenly), so it was only natural that this got another spin! Love ya
03/07/2049m 44s

REHEAT: PJ's on the phone

Did you really think I'd leave you alone for all that time?! Abso-fruit-ly not. I've done some recon (ie, searched in the PJ is Rich Group [which is incredibly exclusive and hard to access, pls go to pjsfeet.com]) and discovered some of your fave intros, and I've bloody gone and found them and I'm going to put them up for you over the next two weeks! Wow! So kind of me!!!!! Anyway, enjoy! Love ya
02/07/2023m 14s

A Goodbye....

Our final poddy for two weeks! We'll miss you - see you soon! Love ya xoxoxoxoxoxox
25/06/201h 26m

MINI: Career.....s Investigation

Remember this?! Massive insight into the world of contact tracing - love ya!
25/06/207m 7s

The Golf Trip is off!

Producer Alex is heartbroken. And we've got a surprise guest for PJ! Love ya
24/06/201h 23m

MINI: Callin' the cops

When have you called the cops? We wanna know! Love ya
24/06/208m 58s


Jase's Dad joins us with some harsh news for Victorians! Love ya
24/06/201h 16m

MINI: Mullets and Fake IDs

Have you ever had a night out ruined by a dresscode? Plus a flashback to schoolies for Jase. Love ya
23/06/205m 5s

An apology and redemption

Let us fill you with warm fuzzies, and something that's been a long time coming. Love ya xoxo
23/06/201h 21m

What are you ashamed of?

Yes, we've all been to things we wish we hadn't... but instead of bottling it up, why don't you tell us? Plus, we can't go out anymore... or can we? There may or may not be some kind of gym/bar bar/gym thing happening today... Check it out on our socials!
22/06/201h 32m

MINI: Why you shouldn't have kids

PJ's got a story that might make you change your mind about having a family! Hehe love ya x
19/06/207m 45s

Will he come back?

Does Jase make an appearance, or not? Have a good weekend - love ya
18/06/201h 25m

MINI: Free Entertainment

Where did ya parents take you for free? Love ya
18/06/2010m 15s

The final podcast

A misunderstanding with volcanic consequences. Love ya
17/06/201h 3m

MINI: Our savings hacks

Hear exclusive financial opinions from the team! Fire your financial advisor, this is all the money advice you need! Love ya
17/06/208m 27s

The Showercap Files

Massive, huge, explosive, and literally like a 35 minute poddie intro. Love ya
17/06/201h 32m

MINI: Rebel Wilson

We've got world class boss bitch Rebel Wilson on for a chat talking about her new show on Amazon TV show Last One Laughing. Love ya
16/06/208m 10s

A fancy new purchase

Jase has something fancy and exciting he's looking at - and it's not the house! Massive day today. Love ya x
16/06/201h 26m

MINI: Hiiiii Aunty PJ

Important life lessons and questions - but who is doing the learning? Love ya
15/06/206m 10s

Post iso ideas

Jase has come up with a great idea for us in Melbs, and we are IN LOVE. Plus pooing in a public toilet and rolling a car. Love ya!
15/06/201h 22m

Cheeseburgers + sex fest

The two go hand in hand, right? Have an amazing weekend, love ya
11/06/201h 33m


Inappropriate smooching and an affair on the team. Love ya!
11/06/208m 52s

Putting PJ to the test

Something is finally allowed in Melbourne, and we're putting PJ to the test. Love ya!
11/06/201h 23m

The Potato Popper

What'd you do in iso? Anything? Yeah same. Our guest today spent it doing something whacky and awesome. We put their special skill to the test Also... what ended up inside you.... If you don't know what it is I reckon go get it checked out. Better to be safe than sorry.
10/06/201h 35m

MINI: You know that scene..?

Jase gets himself into a sticky situation, and just like normal, PJ's brain is in another place! Love ya
09/06/2010m 56s

Aunty PJ knows all

PJ is putting on her aunty hat and helping Felix out - and we talk about the best gifts you've gotten from Mummy and Daddy. Love ya!
08/06/201h 16m

The final leg for the beer!

A special event for Jase and his Dad's birthday, and we finally reach Hervey Bay with the help of you guys! Love ya x
04/06/201h 2m

PLEASE listen to this - An honest conversation with Nerita Waight

Over the past week, American citizens have taken to the streets in passionate, angry protest against police brutality toward African-American people. The murder of Black man George Floyd by a white police officer was a lightning-rod moment, sparking widespread anger into action.  It’s easy to see stories of America on the news and think that this is a problem for someone else, somewhere else.   Police brutality and racial violence against Aboriginal people is a crisis right here in Australia, tearing families and communities apart.  432 Aboriginal people have been killed in police custody since the 1991 Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. Not a single police officer has ever been held criminally responsible for these Aboriginal deaths. Just this week, a police officer in NSW was stood down after he slammed an unarmed Aboriginal teenager’s face into the pavement.  We don't want to brush over this issue. We are uneducated. We want to learn more. We want to listen. Nerita Waight from the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service sat down with us to start us on our journey in understanding the plight of indigenous people in Australia.
04/06/2031m 58s

MINI: Secret Rooms

Secret Secrets - and Jase reckons he's got a secret scoop on a famous person. Love ya
04/06/208m 57s

The Milky Bars are on....

JASE! You will not see this coming!!!! And luckily he was in a good mood before he hit the save of wadness you'll hear in the intro! Hehe love ya
03/06/201h 25m

MINI: Being a **** tease

An (animal noise) tease. Good stuff - love ya!
03/06/209m 29s


We've got some news about Jase sharing a beer with his Dad, plus adult toy collections and relationships with teachers. Love ya
03/06/201h 26m

MINI: What's up with ya feet

Feet are weird - join Jase and the Raptor! Hehe love ya
02/06/207m 30s

The Beer Problem

Transport problems, moral dilemmas, and dumb mates. Love ya!
02/06/201h 34m

The Completely Legal, Not-at-all Wrong, Border Bust

Jase has a grand idea... hopefully it won't get someone arrested. Plus hot tradies and Felix has some questions for PJ
01/06/201h 36m

MINI: Defending yourself!

We give an entire industry the chance to defend themselves - join us! Love ya
29/05/207m 33s

An intro for ya Friday!

A very spicey podcast intro for your Friday - so goooood it couldn't be included in the full podcast!!! Love ya x
29/05/2025m 33s

Festishes and Mistaken Identities

A M A S S I V E show for this Friday! PJ's poem, and fetishes. Love ya!
28/05/201h 10m

MINI: The Last Buffet

It's finally here - our final buffet took place yesterday, and you can catch all the glamour right here or on our BUFFET highlight @jaseandpj on instagram! Love ya
28/05/2031m 4s

Secrets of the Trade

In radio we have a few secrets, and today, Jase decided to tell you about them!!! Fun voiceover tricks, and also Jase deciding to get a dog. Love ya!
28/05/201h 45m


We've got Scomo on, chatting all things Job Keeper, and alsooo everything he's been up to in iso! Love ya
27/05/2013m 9s

Buying a house (for the 1%)

Northfacing houses? Lounge rooms? Ahhh to be rich! Lots of fun stuff and an AMAZING Scomo chat coming at you at 12pm in the Mini! Love ya
27/05/201h 22m

MINI: Pulling massive cones

A couple of lil surprises about our FINAL BUFFET on Wednesday night! A new song and a cone pulling competition. Love you!
26/05/2014m 15s

Can you draw?

You'll get to it in the podcast intro, but if you can draw, we need you! IF you can do what Jase asks for in the podcast, give it a whack and send it to Jase and PJ on Facebook, Instagram, or join us at pjsfeet.com and post! Love ya xoxo
25/05/201h 29m

MINI: PJ's surprise

PJ has a special lil surprise for Jase for our Buffet night on Wednesday! Love ya!
25/05/205m 57s

The final day

Jase is thankful, it's the last day of homeschooling!!!! So to go out with a bang, PJ has her final homeschooling session with Felix. Love ya!
24/05/201h 41m

MINI: The Food Files

Hard hitting topics (as always) and something that's gonna stir you up at home. Have a good weekend! Love ya
22/05/2010m 14s

Showering with ya Mum

Weird, or nah? Plus Marketplace fails, buffet news and hot friends. Love ya!
22/05/201h 28m

MINI: Sam Fischer Uncut

We have Aussie Tik Tok music superstar Sam Fischer, and here's the uncut chat. Love ya!
21/05/2010m 42s

MINI: The Last Buffet

After tragedy struck yesterday regarding buffets, we have a new mission. Love ya!
21/05/2013m 44s

Team Uniform

We've come up with a great idea - a team uniform!!!! Share your ideas with us at pjsfeet.com. And also there are TWO mini podcasts coming your way today! Love ya x
21/05/201h 30m

MINI: A sad reality

Some very sad news, and a dead dream of Jase's. Love ya!
20/05/2014m 29s

We need your help!

Jase wants to change up his vibe and we need your help! Post all of your ideas at pjsfeet.com and join us to help fix Jase hehe! Love ya x
20/05/201h 17m

MINI: Putting the fun in funeral

Wow - light and bright! Nah it's a great yarn. Love ya!
19/05/2013m 52s

Ruining everything

Have you ever ruined something for everyone else? Plus cancelled weddings and Guy Sebastian! Love ya
18/05/201h 24m

Mini: Friends with benefits

Can it work? Or is it against the law? Love ya
18/05/2010m 44s


A slip of the tongue has turned into the best gag, but Jase is vulnies. We're joined by Hamish Blake and some friends of the show with info about lockdown restrictions easing. Love ya!
18/05/201h 31m

MINI: Will it float?

The guys are in Jase's inflatable hot tub, and we wanna know what floats! Love ya
15/05/206m 36s

Liiiiiive from the Spa!!!!

Jase has finally figured out how to claim his Inflatable Spa on tax, so we're liveeeee from the Spa at Jase's house! Love ya x
15/05/201h 27m

MINI: Makin' money off ya kids PT 3

The final instalment of Jase betting on his son Felix! And it ends just as you would expect, to be honest. Love ya!
14/05/205m 41s

Beggin' the boss

We've come up with an AMAZING idea for tomorrow morning's show, and we need to get the boss Chatty Tony on side, so get ready for the debate of the year! Love ya x
14/05/201h 38m

MINI: Makin' money off ya kids PT 2

The results of Felix and PJ going head to head at uno are in! Love ya
13/05/207m 50s

You can't unsee that...

We chat about things you can't unsee, and we are SHOOK! Heaps of good stuff - love ya x
13/05/201h 40m

MINI: Makin' money off ya kids

Jase's son Felix has challenged PJ to a bet, and we wanna know how you've made money off of ya kids! Love ya
12/05/2012m 55s

Is Hunter a hot name?

PJ certainly thinks so! Big day with lots of news around restrictions being lifted slowly around Aus, so if these apply to you, be safe! Love ya x
12/05/201h 27m

MINI: Hamish Cake

We get an update on one of our FAVE annual traditions! Hamish Blake joins us to chat drunken baking. Love ya!
11/05/207m 16s

Your fave desserts?

We got a bit derailed after Jase asked us about peanut butter, so enjoy 17 minutes if us talking about desserts! Love ya
11/05/201h 31m

MINI: Real estate chat

Our fave thing ever! And some fake news from Jase, of course! Love ya x
08/05/2010m 31s

What's wrong with ya house?

Tell us why we shouldn't buy your house, and we've got Benee on the show! We also have some lovely Mother's Day tributes for Mother's Day on Sunday! Love ya x
08/05/201h 33m

MINI: Would you make the cut?!

The guys are organising their first gathering post ISO, and want to know what you can offer them! Love ya
07/05/209m 52s

Unicycles at the shops

We chat iso purchases and what ya can't do. Make sure you join in for 24/7 bants at pjsfeet.com - love ya!
07/05/201h 28m

MINI: Naughty babies

Naughty babies, or as Jase and PJ call it, Devil Children. Love ya!
06/05/208m 28s

A birthday surprise!

A HUUUUGE show, with a bonus birthday surprise!!! We celebrate all things Chloe. Love ya!
06/05/201h 46m

MINI: ISO birthdays

We neeeeeed your help! Tomorrow morning we're putting on a special surprise, and would love for you to join us to celebrate! Love ya
05/05/209m 53s

A public apology

Yesterday, something was said that SOMEONE is going to very quickly realise they need to apologise for. Plus a special guest in the podcast intro! Love ya
05/05/201h 40m

MINI: What'd ya cut off

I mean, what'd ya cut by ACCIDENT!!!! Love ya x
04/05/2012m 3s

May the fourth be with you...

PJ loves date puns, and it's the best day of the year for them! Plus good bits about sauce on a sandwich and strippers. Love ya!
04/05/201h 33m

MINI: How low can ya go?

Radio limbo, in a way you will not expect! Haha love ya
01/05/2010m 19s

Breaking the law (hypothetically)

The operative and important word here, is HYPOTHETICALLY! Lots of fun, and keen for the weekend. Stay safe, love ya!
01/05/201h 33m

MINI: Walking in someone elses shoes

This morning - Jase got PJ to look at life from another perspective, and it was a LOT lower down! Love ya x
30/04/208m 9s

What's he forgotten now?

Jase has forgotten something EXTREMELY close to all of our hearts today. Make sure you join us at pjsfeet.com and wish Franco a happy birthday! Love ya
30/04/201h 34m

MINI: What haven't ya got

What have you lived without? One of them seems pretty essential to us!!!! Love ya
29/04/2012m 22s


Literally NONE of us (even Jase!) saw this coming! Plus a fun little poddy intro of all of us zooooomin' around the place. Love ya!
29/04/201h 44m

MINI: Zip me up

Things that make you go AAAAAHHHHHHH! Love ya!
28/04/208m 22s

Someone needs a diary...

This is a bit like a groundhog day scenario, and once again, PJ has proved she's waaaaaay smarter than Jase! Haha you won't believe what's happened - AGAIN! Make sure you annoy the guys as often as you can by joining all of us at pjsfeet.com. Love ya!
28/04/201h 34m

MINI: Taking good with the bad

We wanna know when something realllllly bad has happened, but then your luck has changed! Love ya
27/04/2010m 25s

Welcome to court

Someone on our team has broken the law, so PJ has opened up her courtroom. We also cover fake news and Jase's wood. Love ya!
27/04/201h 35m

MINI: How to get free cash

Our resident tax-spert Jason joins us for some tips on getting the most out of your tax return, topped off by a very relatable chat from Jase.... Haha love ya!
24/04/2011m 52s

Zoooooom poddy!

To honour social distancing rules - we are alllllll on the podcast this morning from a distance!!! Massive show today - and make sure you join us on zoom tonight, for all the details hit us up on pjsfeet.com - love ya!
24/04/201h 28m

MINI: PJ's hungry bum

Yesterday on our family friendly livestream, PJ revealed a side of herself we didn't expect! Plus allll the deets about tonight's livestream! Catch it at 7.30pm AEST on the Jase and PJ facebook page. Love ya!
23/04/2013m 14s

Croissant Feet

I promise you - the story I'm referring to in the title is JUST as cooked as you might think! Make sure you switch ya ears on for the MINI podcast today at 12pm for the juicy goss from last night's livestream and the deets about tonight!!! Join us at 7pm AEST on the Jase and PJ facebook page for FUN! Love ya
23/04/201h 44m

MINI: Brickman!

Jase and PJ's Week of Livestreams continues today at 4pm with a special kid friendly Lego building session! Brickman from Lego Masters joins us for a beautiful, positive chat about what we're building this afternoon! Join us live from 4pm AEST on Jase and PJ's facebook page. See you there! Love ya
22/04/208m 29s

PJ's onto a winner

PJ has made an EPIC discovery overnight, and as soon as you hear about it you'll wanna rush out and buy this thing for yourself! (...if you haven't already got it, that is). Plus we have Jase's Dad joining us from Hervey Bay and exclusive audio of the Royals. Join us from 4pm of our Facebook page for our next livestream. Love ya!
22/04/201h 44m

MINI: What women really want...

You're gonna want to catch this breaking news!!!!! Love ya
21/04/2011m 4s

How many pairs of jeans do you have?

PJ's being quizzed about her jeans, brain teaser TikToks and kids on drugs. Stay safe team, love ya x
21/04/201h 29m

MINI: A week of livestreams!

We have a massive surprise, and you get to hang out with the guys EVERY NIGHT this week! We start with a big surprise, and your chance to win!!!!! Tune in from 7.30pm AEST on the Jase and PJ facebook page. Love ya!
20/04/2015m 59s

Clearing Jase's energy...?

Tarot cards, sexologists, Corona farts and homeschool science???? Where else can you get all that in only one podcast? Hehe take a listen here - and don't forget to join us tonight for a special treat! All is revealed in today's MINI released at 12pm! Love ya!
20/04/201h 30m

MINI: Movie reviews with PJ Volume 2

She did Back to the Future 1 yesterday - so it's only fitting that we cover Back to the Future 2 today! Plus a little surprise from Jase. Love ya!!
17/04/2013m 40s

Uno. Uno? Uno!

We're adding another word to the list of things Jase says wrong. We also chat to Delta Goodrem - and a special surprise following in the MINI at 12pm today! Have a great weekend babies, love ya x
17/04/201h 21m

MINI: Movie reviews with PJ

You'll remember that yesterday Jase gave PJ shit about not having seen Back To The Future (which is absolutely ridiculous) and made her watch it! Here's her review! Love ya
16/04/2012m 1s


You guessed it - we had a zoom party for our poddie intro! All of us together (at a safe distance of course) once again! Heaps on today including Hamish Blake and Hitchy joining us for a chat. Love ya!
16/04/201h 28m

MINI: Can anyone help PJ?

Jase wants to know the basics of an appliance in your home but PJ reveals a problem she's run into in her house! if you can help, please message her @pjdeejay on insta! Love ya
15/04/2011m 45s

Pants! orrrrrr Pyjamas!

A hit new game is taking the world by STORM! And thanks to our PJ, we're the first ones in town with it! If you're working from home, make sure you're streaming us every morning from 6am-10am AEST! Love ya, stay safe x
15/04/201h 40m

MINI: Who's joining PJ on the toilet?

Our first day back on air, and this is where we've gone already! Love ya
14/04/209m 40s

We're baaaaaack!

We've missed you and we're ready to have some FUN! Massive long one today (hehe) with all the good stuff like dates and homeschooling (not at the same time). Oooo and also - the video the guys mention with swearing in it is coming in today's MINI at 12pm ;) Love ya!
14/04/201h 43m

MINI: An iso expert

Jase had a bright idea to have an isolation expert on the show and he's come through! Let's appreciate the effort, but it's not what we expected! Hehe have a safe week, love ya x
03/04/207m 47s

Someone's having a party tonight!

Jase is throwing a houseparty and wants you all to come! Add his Houseparty login: jase_hawkins. We're off for a week of Easter break, and we'll be back on the 14th of April. Stay safe everyone, and hit us all up on social in the meantime! @jaseandpj - and also visit pjsfeet.com to join our Zoom party tonight - love ya!
02/04/201h 53m

MINI: Old people using Zoom

Every week Jase's Dad Paul joins us, and this week with Zoom and Houseparty being popular while we're all in iso - we thought we'd get him on the phone a little differently! Love ya x
02/04/2011m 5s


Cauliflower and Cops at your door. Broad range of topics as always! Stay inside! Love ya
01/04/201h 55m

MINI: A day in the life...

Jase and PJ are always comparing their lives, and we can finally judge them side by side. Listen to their direct comparison! Love ya
01/04/204m 57s

There is a liar amongst us

PJ is really worried that someone close to her is lying to her, and you WOULD NOT expect it from him :( Plus we find out who's the grossest on the team and whether we prefer Pak Choy or Bok Choy. All in a day's work. Love ya
01/04/201h 43m

MINI: Our new obsession

Aaaaand everyone's new obsession: TIGER KING! Get around it - it's on Netflix, and we have a little treat for fans of the show! Wellllll we tried to give fans a little treat, but Melbourne wasn't into it. Love ya!
31/03/207m 14s

Who's Miss Wall Street?

Jase gives PJ a new nickname we didn't know she had, and neither did she! We chat getting through isolation, Botox, and feel good news. Love ya!
30/03/201h 33m

MINI: Hotel Quarantine

This morning we had the pleasure of chatting to Demelia who has been put into a hotel room for quarantine in keeping with the new Australian Corona restrictions, and she gives us an insight into what conditions are like. Love ya x
30/03/2010m 15s

MINI: Corona Questions

We've got Dr KIIS on the line to answer your most budding COVID-19 questions, hopefully you'll find it educational and quash any rumours you've heard. Be safe, love ya
27/03/2011m 43s

Inflatable spas, yay or nay?

Jase has a new purchase in mind for his house - and it's a big one. We take your best 'told you so' stories and brighten up the end of your Friday with a special guest. Stay safe over the weekend team - love ya x
26/03/201h 16m

MINI: A special thankyou

We have a very special mini podcast for you, with some really special messages for people in our community. We would also love to hear from you if you've written an isolation song, and join us at pjsfeet.com to share your video! Love ya x
26/03/2011m 9s

What are you doing during isolation?

As you would have seen - and heard! - PJ's keeping herself busy at home by writing songs. Have you done the same? If you have we'd LOVE to hear them! Upload your tracks at pjsfeet.com and share your talent. Stay safe and take care of each other - love ya x
25/03/201h 21m

MINI: Never have I ever...

We play one of our fave naughty games to prep for our Isolation Celebration tonight! If you'd like to see PJ's mansion, join us at 7.30PM AEDST on Instagram and Facebook live @jaseandpj. Love ya!
25/03/209m 11s

Break your news

We all need some goodness - so we're breaking your news! We've got your guys best news that's been overshadowed by bad Corona news over the last week. Stay safe my loves, love ya!!
24/03/201h 31m

An intro from home

Due to unforeseen circumstances (not because we don't care about you, we promise!) we aren't able to give you a full podcast today. INSTEAD! We give you a ~special~ intro live from Sacha's leather recliner. Love ya!
24/03/2019m 34s


Wow. It seems like it might be clickbait but I actually promise you it's not. Love ya!
23/03/206m 0s

Introducing a brand new artist!

We aren't really known for being hot off the press with brand new music, BUT! We have an exclusive chat with a star who's just released a hot new track! Stay tuned for that gem. Stay safe little babies, love ya!
22/03/201h 27m


20/03/2019m 12s

Home Studios and Making Beds

Get ready for PJ's Poem for a MASSIVE boost in good news for a break from Corona. Have a great weekend - bloody love ya!
19/03/201h 16m

MINI: Cheat, but make it art

Creative juices are flowing with these random stories from you guys about how you caught someone out. Stay safe out there my little cupcakes, love ya!
19/03/209m 36s

Dad's got a plan

We've got Jase's Dad on the blower and he's got a plan! We also chat jail time, TV and alcohol. Wow, that's a lot right? We worked hard today! Love ya
18/03/201h 17m

MINI: Lying Kids

Getting outta the Corona vibe with lying kids and Jase's guilt. Love ya!
18/03/2011m 4s

The hottest crime????

Things have reallly taken a turn this morning with chatting hottest crimes to commit. Plus Corona vibes and Jase the oracle. Love ya
17/03/201h 23m

MINI: Don't touch your face

The one thing we're not supposed to do right now? TOUCH YOUR FACE! Listen to these goobers - you won't believe it. Love ya!
17/03/205m 0s

An idea to make us RICH

And by 'us' I mean Jase and PJ but they don't even need it!! But we take your best ideas and keep 10% for ourselves with Fishtank! Join the yarns at pjsfeet.com. Stay safe my lil cupcakes - love ya!
16/03/201h 28m

MINI: Guess who's coming to... lunch

Jase got sprung like a celebrity, by a real celebrity. This weird glitch in the Matrix is our tiny burst of mini goodness today - love ya
16/03/206m 30s

Amongst the heavy news...

We're CUTTING THROUGH your heavy Corona based news and filling your day with something bright! We cover all the big news plus Aunty PJ will make you smile, plus the most relatable segment ever: I don't care. Stay safe out there - love ya!
15/03/201h 32m

Uh Oh!

Veggie Boy gettin' ya thru the poddie descriptions today.... Hear what happened when an unbreakable Hilux was.. well, broken. Plus 'Uh Oh!' When did you get a stain??!! And Katy Perry called the show... well kind of.
12/03/201h 3m

MINI: PJ's little accident...

An unsurprising turn of events for our beloved PJ. Enjoy the overshare as always! Love ya
12/03/2013m 13s

PJ's big break!

Amazing news for our amazing gal PJ! And we chat corona and jump into the Mancave. Love ya!
12/03/201h 9m

If you had two years to live....

What would you do? Quit your job? Travel the world? Get fat? Plus we play a pet game and chat about blind dates. Love ya!
11/03/201h 22m

MINI: Talent V Newsreader

Jase takes Sach on head to head and it ends very interestingly... Voice your opinion over on pjsfeet.com. Love ya!
11/03/209m 19s

MINI: Corona Contest Line

Corona Chaos and how it's affecting us. Let us know your Corona Story by joining us at pjsfeet.com for 24/7 bants. Love ya!
10/03/2010m 13s

Getting Recognised in Public

Jase plays coy about being recognised while out with his kewl parent friends and advice to get onto the property ladder. Love ya
09/03/201h 13m

MINI: A letter to young PJ

A very wholesome mini podcast for International Women's Day, with PJ sharing a beautiful letter to someone very special. Happy International Women's Day, lovers! Love ya
06/03/206m 40s

Worst things to do whilst hungover

Happy Friday! We've got chats about hangovers and being late to the party but they're actually totally separate. Don't forget to grab the Mini Podcast today for a heartwarming little bite of goodness. Turn on your podcast notifications so you don't miss it! We're out for a long weekend, but back on Tuesday so see you then! Love ya
05/03/201h 2m

MINI: Telepathy

Today's mini podcast - or should I say - TWINNIE PODCAST?! I mean, to keep with branding I'll say mini podcast but appreciate the pun pls. We've got some special guests for mythbusting. Love ya!
05/03/209m 44s

Limbo Limbo Limmmmbo!

Phone battery limbo - how low do you go before plugging in?! Love ya
05/03/201h 26m

MINI: Shock us!

We are putting the call out for you to tell us something we don't know! And today's mini ends with a mess in the kitchen... how do we always end up here? Love ya!
04/03/2011m 1s

How much would you pay for....

Warning: Fetish chat. Our poddie intro gets... entrepreneurial...? We also chat about wedding plus ones and pet choices. Join us at pjsfeet.com - love ya
03/03/201h 27m

MINI: I don't care

Our tiiiiiiny podcast gets H U G E and heated when we chat about what you don't care about, and Jase announces an absolute bombshell! Love ya
03/03/2013m 33s

Escape Rooms

Jase has spoiled a surprise and we talk about living amongst Corona Virus Chaos. If you've got good banter then we'd love for you to join us at pjsfeet.com. Love ya!
02/03/201h 17m

MINI: Kids Cutoff

We have a big argument in our mini podcast - it's kid chat, and Jase and PJ go head to head. Love ya!
02/03/2015m 14s

Someone's on painkillers...

Jase has a toothache, so get ready for the show to get a little bit curly towards the end! Love ya
01/03/201h 21m

Illegal Pets

Illegal pets and inappropriate TV for kids. Happy Friday! Love ya
27/02/201h 6m

BOXSET: Epic Tales Volume 04

This week we have heard an amazing story from Megan who has a truly phenomenal story with an ending that you will not see coming. Megan's Epic Tale in full right here, with a special chat with Megan to answer some of your questions. Definitely an 'epic' way to wrap up Season 01 of our Epic Tales. Love ya!
27/02/2031m 47s

MINI: Stuck between a rock and a hard place

We have a big topic for our mini podcast, while we chat embarrassing pet injuries! You might think this podcast title is a misdirect, but just you wait... Love ya!
27/02/2010m 59s

Team Breakfast Order

Amazingly, we've hit a new low on our podcast intro and you can hear the guys chat about halloumi pockets and teaching PJ how to buy a bed. Beyond that - Jase tricks PJ into eating something and we hang out with Chingy. Big Thursday for us! Love ya!
26/02/201h 8m

MINI: Australian Exclusive

We have an Australian Exclusive for you off a massive news story that you might not believe coming out of Sydney. Love ya
26/02/204m 50s

Rich Kids

We've got rich kids, getting left out, and wedding chat. Wanna chat with the guys 24/7? Join us at pjsfeet.com and get exclusive JPJ content and mean yarns. Happy Wednesday - love ya!
25/02/201h 7m


A battle of EPIC proportions has broken out today, with Jase VS PJ, and it gets incredibly personal. Perhaps you could cast your vote at pjsfeet.com. Love ya!
25/02/209m 7s

Are you filthy like PJ?

A brand new way for us to answer phones AND a very important social question for you. Make sure you join us at pjsfeet.com and follow us on instagram @jaseandpj. Love ya!
24/02/201h 18m

MINI: Tell us somethin' we don't know

A little bite of goodness, not too dissimilar to a Bunnings Snag on a Saturday morning! We get you guys to tell us what we don't know (which is A LOT). Love ya
24/02/2011m 31s

Work Perks

Work Perks and Dog-sitting. Massive day of good vibes - and join us anytime at pjsfeet.com. Love ya!
23/02/201h 6m

BOXSET: Our Holden Hotlap Journey

From accidental inception, all the way through to execution - join us on our Holden Hotlap Journey. Who could have predicted Shaz challenging Jase to a drag race blossoming into a beautiful relationship and a massive display of Melbourne's love for Holden???? Definitely not us!!!! Listen to the whole journey start to finish, and check out our instagram @jaseandpj for some hard evidence of Jase with hair. Love ya!
21/02/2048m 33s

LIVE from Shaz's backseat

Mul-let us take you on a flanno-tastic journey to our Holden Hot Lap! Nanna Shaz is leading the convoy, let's hope she has a reliable GPS. Love ya!
21/02/201h 7m

MINI: I would do anything Ford love

After the news about Holden shutting down in Australia, Jase and PJ have decided we need to pay our respects and we've found the perfect person to lead us! We're doing a Holden Hot Lap around Melbourne with die-hard Holden Fan Nanna Shaz, but we put her commitment to the test with a very special phone call. Love ya
20/02/2011m 27s

A new addition...

Jase has a huge announcement - a new addition to the Hawkins' clan!! We have that exciting news plus people that are maybe a bit too close to their parents. Do you love Jase and PJ but the podcast just ISN'T ENOUGH?! You can join the wholllleeee team and chat whenever you like at pjsfeet.com! There are great people in there like Jakob King who appreciates these Episode Summaries and Titles a lot. Love ya!
19/02/201h 18m

BOXSET: Epic Tales Volume 03

This week we want to introduce you to Harry - who at only 17 found himself on the street with nothing but a laptop. If you or someone close to you has a truly Epic Tale, get in touch with us at Jase and PJ on facebook. Love ya
19/02/2016m 18s

Mullets and Burnouts

If you love all things Holden and the title of Mullets and Burnouts got ya going, then this is the right place for you! Love ya
18/02/201h 16m

MINI: Holden onto a dream

We have a TINY episode full of MASSIVE Holden fans. You'll love it. Love ya!
18/02/2015m 34s

Franco's Big Story

Franco has a big story, and I PROMISE the announcement is actually in here today!! Big news and great yarns. Love ya!
17/02/201h 11m

MINI: Volunteering gone bad

Have you ever volunteered your valuable time only to have it thrown back in your face? These people have. Love ya!
17/02/208m 26s

The big announcement!

The guys had a reallllllll messy Friday night, so get ready to hear the antics from that, plus chats about revenge and your best Fish Tank ideas! Love ya
16/02/201h 20m

Love, love, love

A lovely little show full of love! Happy Valentine's Day lovers - can't wait to chat Monday! Love ya
14/02/201h 2m

MINI: An EGG-cellent adventure!

We have a very egg-citing mini podcast today - where we follow an egg journey that will have you on the edge of your seat! Love ya
14/02/2010m 17s

BOXSET: Epic Tales Volume 02

This week on Epic Tales we have introduced you to Shiranthi and her daughter Niruni who went through something truly incredible. If you or someone you know has an Epic Tale to share - hit us up at Jase and PJ on facebook. Love ya!
13/02/2017m 18s

Microphones are ALWAYS on

PJ learns the hard way that Jase is ALWAYS recording! Zoe Foster Blake joins us as a special surprise for PJ. Love ya
12/02/201h 20m

MINI: Tom Gleeson

We have a tiny treat, and we're joined by a tiny superstar! Tom Gleeson chats all things everything - no holds barred as always! And don't forget to cop the entire podcast below! Love ya
12/02/2011m 25s

Doin' a 'PJ'

Have you done a 'PJ' before? We're making it a verb and you'll love the definition. Don't forget to grab our little baby podcast this afternoon, where we're joined by TOM GLEESON! Turn on notifications and automatic downloads or whatever it's called because I don't just make this for fun! Love ya
11/02/201h 3m

MINI: Death Dealings

A juicy, mini dumpling filled with death... delicious! We have an interesting question, which is definitely a good talking point for your next dinner party. Love ya!
11/02/208m 12s

Buying a house (just a small one though)

Jase is a man of the people - but we're breaking down his walls! We also chat with Ricki-Lee, and talk the latest cult. Love ya!
11/02/201h 28m

BOXSET: 12 Hour Tennis Marathon

Jase and PJ went mad and committed to breaking the world record of longest tennis match - 12 HOURS OF TENNIS, NON STOP! And after the first attempt went bust due to the heat, they did it! A verrrrrry special intro including the result of Jase losing the tennis. Enjoy! Love ya!
10/02/202h 0m

Hang on.... How does Alexa work?

Aunty PJ, Work Perks, and a massive blast from the past with Human Nature dropping by! Love ya
09/02/201h 21m

BOXSET: Epic Tales volume 01

This week to launch our epic tales, we introduced you to Brad. A regular 28 year old guy from Melbourne with a truly Epic Tale. I've compiled his whole story here for you to enjoy! If you yourself have an EPIC TALE - something you always whip out at parties or on boats or doctor's surgery waiting rooms; we would love to hear from you! Message us at Jase and PJ on facebook. Love ya!
07/02/2017m 46s

Catching Someone Out

How have you caught someone out? A cheeky trap to find out if your boyfriend's really asleep? Who's stealing your bread? We chat your traps - love ya!
07/02/201h 29m

MINI: Jase needs reimbursement

Shockingly, Jase has a HUGE problem for our MINI episode and needs advice (or money back). Love ya!
06/02/208m 41s

How long did you last?

Jase's Dad joins us for his weekly segment - don't forget to follow him on instagram @paultheboomer! Love ya
06/02/201h 22m

MINI: Senior Says

PJ's Mum is reaching the point where she's allowed to be blunt and we wanna know when you've dealt with an old person with no filter! Love ya
05/02/209m 51s

Secret Doors and Calling the Cops

Massive morning with cops, reptiles and secret doors. If you have an E P I C tale and you're based in Melbourne, share your story by dropping us a line at Jase and PJ on facebook! Love ya
04/02/201h 18m

MINI: What've ya signed up to?

What's the best part about going to a function? The tiny bite-sized food, of course! We have a bite-sized bit of deliciousness about everyone's guilty pleasure - loyalty programs. Love ya
04/02/209m 23s

Would you fake tip?

Fake tipping, kissing your partner at work - and of course - Jase and PJ's Open Water Tennis wrap up and final tally! Join us at pjsfeet.com - Love ya!
03/02/201h 3m

MINI: What'd you used to do?

You know us - and we don't normally chat sport. HOWEVER - today's mini baby poddie has some of the most impressive sports chat we've ever heard!! Got a great story? Join us at pjsfeet.com and share. Love ya!
03/02/208m 45s

LIVE from a giant floating tennis court ... take two

We got kicked off the Yarra on Friday because of the extreme heat, but have you ever seen Jase and PJ turn down a challenge? Didn't think so! We're heading back down to get into another 12 hours of tennis with Jase and PJ's Open Water Tennis! Watch our live stream until 9pm tonight! Love ya
02/02/201h 1m

MINI: Forbidden Loves

We have a juicy little dumpling of MINI EP goodness where Jase and PJ reveal a bit of a sexy secret about themselves. Love ya!
31/01/208m 2s

LIVE from a giant floating tennis court

We're finally here - it's time to play tennis! With absolutely no training, hydration or preparation, Jase and PJ are playing tennis for 12 hours on a massive floating tennis court being tugged up an down the Yarra River! Join us all day from 9am - 9pm live on the KIIS1011 facebook page - love ya!
30/01/2057m 27s

MINI: Frisky Over Sixty

Today's little babybel of goodness is people calling with their dirty grandparent stories, and unfortunately, one takes place in a workplace. Love ya!
30/01/208m 12s

Podcast on the move

Jase and PJ take you on an exclusive look into their celebrity lives and take you to get breakfast after the show. We also take your best Fish Tank ideas and get ready for 12 HOURS OF TENNIS TOMORROW! Love ya
29/01/201h 15m
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