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Jase may be in his 40s, but he still acts like a child. Known for his pranks and immature antics along with a borderline food delivery service addiction, prepare to experience a lot of second-hand embarrassment and laugh out loud moments. And Lauren is the new kid on the block, but you might have seen the born and bred Melburnian on Kids WB, Postcards or Weekend Today… remember that time Chris Hemsworth aka Thor hijacked her weather? Together, Jase & Lauren bring their humour, warmth and good vibes to leave you in a great mood. Weekdays from 6-9am on Melbourne's KIIS 1011.


DAILY WRAP: ft. the bride, Lauren's mum

Lauren's mum Lizzie is getting married tomorrow, so naturally Jase asked her an uncomfortable question on today's poddy. Plus DVD aka Twistie3 aka Dorito47 was recognised! Love you guys x
24/01/2252m 33s


Here are the exclusive clues for tomorrow's 1 Second Song, where you can win $1000 every single hour on Melbourne's KIIS 101.1. Jase & Lauren are making it super easy for you to win tomorrow morning at 8am.
24/01/221m 48s

DAILY WRAP: Weird wedding traditions

On today's poddy, we get onto the topic of wedding traditions, ie throwing the garter, and whether Jase will be DJing and MCing Producer Scatman's wedding. Love you guys x
21/01/2242m 52s


Here are the exclusive clues for Monday's 1 Second Song, where you can win $1000 every single hour on Melbourne's KIIS 101.1. Jase & Lauren are making it super easy for you to win Monday morning at 8am.
21/01/221m 51s

MINI: Podcast exclusive: Anthony "Albo" Albanese

Opposition leader Albo joined Jase & Lauren for today's podcast, and spoke about the compromising photos he and ScoMo have in their text messages to one another! Love you guys x
20/01/2214m 17s

DAILY WRAP: A sausage in the sunset

Clint's back for the poddy today and he told us what he really gets up to at the tennis while he's there "for work". Plus, a double Uber Eats order occurred this morning. Love you guys x
19/01/2222m 59s


Here are the exclusive clues for tomorrow's 1 Second Song, where you can win $1000 every single hour on Melbourne's KIIS 101.1. Jase & Lauren are making it super easy for you to win tomorrow morning at 8am.
19/01/222m 5s

DAILY WRAP: Byron Cooke has cooked it

Byron has done his fair share of early mornings on Melbourne radio, and now he's filling in for Jase & Lauren til they're back in Feb. But in classic poddy style, he cops an absolute roasting for his performance this morning. Love you guys x
18/01/2240m 2s


Here are the exclusive clues for tomorrow's 1 Second Song, where you can win $1000 every single hour on Melbourne's KIIS 101.1. Jase & Lauren are making it super easy for you to win tomorrow morning at 8am.
18/01/221m 56s

DAILY WRAP: The Nark plays Survivor!

Our beloved ex-producer Jane aka The Nark (RIDP) ranks the team in order of who she'd like to stay on the Survivor Island with, plus what did Jase end up getting Lauren for her birthday? Love you guys x
17/01/2233m 34s


Here are the exclusive clues for tomorrow's 1 Second Song, where you can win $1000 every single hour on Melbourne's KIIS 101.1. Jase & Lauren are making it super easy for you to win tomorrow morning at 8am.
17/01/222m 21s


You may have heard that Jase and Lauren are back on air in Feb, but guess what? There will be a Daily Wrap poddy each day until then. Yay! We have some new team members to introduce you to, we delve into what Jase, Lauren and the team got up to over the break, and we find out what is going to happen to the Ajaneda. Love you guys x
17/01/2259m 57s


Jase & Lauren are giving podcasters some exclusive clues for our 1 Second Song, where you can win $1000 every single hour on Melbourne's KIIS 101.1. Here are some clues for when we play at 8am tomorrow morning!
16/01/222m 9s

HIGHLIGHT: Have we just broken up Martha and Michael from MAFS?

With Married at First Sight returning to our screens in just a couple of weeks, we're eager to know how some of the past relationships from the show are going. In today's podcast, Martha and Michael are quizzed to see which partnership is stronger, theirs, or Jase & Lauren's! Love you guys x
16/01/2214m 6s

HIGHLIGHT: Good vs bad parenting!

We were introduced to a new TV show late last year called "Parental Guidance", where parents were put to the test to see what worked better for their children. Lauren then put Jase to the test with his kids Felix and Hudson by quizzing them on what they thought about dad. Love you guys x
11/01/2214m 36s

HIGHLIGHT: Christian Hull

Jase & Lauren spoke to comedian/entrepreneur/social media sensation Christian Hull about the dumb things people spend money on, and we can't believe what he is selling! Love you guys x
10/01/2211m 16s

HIGHLIGHT: Lauren's terrible singing

We take a look back at the end of last year where we discovered Lauren is an undercover singer! (Please note, we never said good singer. You have been warned!)
10/01/2210m 17s

HIGHLIGHT: Nigel's Epic Tale

Nigel embarked on a work assignment that almost cost him his life. His incredible story of survival has to be heard to be believed. Love you all <3
07/01/2230m 59s

HIGHLIGHT: Kyle Sandilands!

Kyle is the new face of Coca Cola No Sugar! Jase and Kyle lived together in the early days, so of course there was some dirt dished! Love you all <3
06/01/2210m 31s

HIGHLIGHT: Hitchy plays 5K Wordplay!

The unofficial mayor of Melbourne Peter Hitchener graced us with his presence in the studio late last year, and even had a crack at the 5K Wordplay! Love you all <3
06/01/2213m 21s

HIGHLIGHT: Grant Denyer sex dream

We surveyed 100 people and asked who Lauren is most likely to have a sex dream about... And then we got him on the show! Love you all <3
05/01/2210m 33s

HIGHLIGHT: Anastasia and Faye

Our favourite Goggleboxers ran riot on our show last year! Reckon they'll get the call up next time Jse and Lauren pull a sicky? Love you all <3
05/01/226m 5s

HIGHLIGHT: Worst Kisses

Newsreader Clint recalled one of the worst kisses he's experienced... Jase came up with a way for us to judge his kissing skills... Love you all <3
04/01/2214m 36s

HIGHLIGHT: Clint's living at Lauren's house!

Lauren has a new roomy! Clint claimed the crisis couch at Lauren's house for a couple of weeks... He found out a LOT about our Lauren! Love you all <3
04/01/2211m 1s

HIGHLIGHT: Speedmating!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Remember when Jase and Lauren first met and we sent them "Speed Dating"? We all got to know them quite well! Love you all <3
03/01/226m 14s

HIGHLIGHT: Classic Aussie ads!

Turns out "We should get Sushi Carol!" is now kinda viral!
30/12/2111m 46s

HIGHLIGHT: Matt Damon roasts Lauren

In a segment called "Bad Neighbours", Lauren's former neighbour Matt Damon called the show to dishthe dirt! Seems like she wasn't as good a nighbour as she remembers! Love you all <3
29/12/218m 3s

HIGHLIGHT: Lou's Massage Chair

Remember when Jase thought he had NAILED his birthday present for his wife Lou? We got a body language expert on the show to tell us what Lou REALLY thought of it! Love you all <3
28/12/2112m 42s

XMAS SPECIAL: Kris Kringle & MVP of the year!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! We recorded this just before our office Christmas party in the basement of a pub in Richmond. We opened our KK gifts and voted for our official MVP and Participation awards for the year! Love you all <3
24/12/2143m 35s

REHEAT: Tim the Tool Man Howling Contest

One of our favourite Daily Wraps of the year! We plan our Christmas party (The podcast from which will be up tomorrow!) and reminisce about one of the strangest TV shows in Australian history. Love you all <3
24/12/2122m 10s

HIGHLIGHT: Company Christmas gifts!

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you got a better Christmas gift than Jase did from your company...
23/12/218m 12s

HIGHLIGHT: Craig David zooms in!

Of course we had to play a round of No Further Questions with superstar Craig David... Love you all <3
23/12/2111m 45s

HIGHLIGHT: Unpopular Opinions with Kitty Flanagan!

Jase may have accidentally offended Kitty here with his ABC dig... Love you all <3
22/12/2116m 0s

HIGHLIGHT: Kate Langbroek!

Kate's book Ciao Bella is out now! She jumped in to chat about her brief life in Italy. Love you all <3
22/12/2116m 3s

HIGHLIGHT: Urzila Carlson!

Throwback to last month when our fav kiwi comedian Urzila Carlson called up for a chat! Love you all <3
21/12/217m 20s

HIGHLIGHT: Eva Longoria plays No Further Questions!

Plus, did she just drop a big clue about a potential Desperate Housewives reunion?!?! Love you all <3
21/12/215m 28s


The lovely Amy Shark joined us on air to chat about touring, and we got newsreader Clint to dig up some dirt on Lauren for "What did you last cry over?". Love you all <3
20/12/2114m 28s

REHEAT: Regional Sam's personal pecking order

Also, Jane opens up about her time in rehab. Love you all <3
20/12/2127m 8s

HIGHLIGHT: Opposition Leader Albo SLEEPS NAKED?!

We got to know our Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese VERY well when he joined us in the studio... Love you all <3
19/12/2115m 35s

HIGHLIGHT: No further questions with Sophie Monk!

Sophie Monk tells it how it is at the best of times... All bets were off when we played a round of No Further Questions with her! Love you all <3
17/12/216m 20s

HIGHLIGHT: Bobby Phillips in the house!

Lauren's Dad Bobby Phillips has been a staple on the show this year... But the best moment was when he surprised us all in the studio after lockdown! Love you all <3
16/12/2112m 4s

HIGHLIGHT: Can Jase carry 50 beers?!

Challenged by a story we saw from the other side of the world, Jase attempted to carry 50 beers from the local pub back to the studio! Love you all <3
16/12/2112m 7s

HIGHLIGHT: Words you can't say!

We're not laughing at you... We're laughing WITH you! Love you all <3
15/12/2110m 11s

HIGHLIGHT: Jase and Jack Post did WHAT in the same room?!

Our radio mate Jack Post dropped in to reveal something quite personal that Jase and he shared... Love you all <3
15/12/217m 19s

HIGHLIGHT: Epic Tales - Lottery Winner

Imagine getting home from a random night out with a mate, only to realise you were an instant multi-millionaire! Love you all <3
15/12/2117m 57s

HIGHLIGHT: Karl Stefanovic!

Ahead of his appearance on The Hundred, Karlos jumped on the show to chat about excuses you use on your partner to stay out longer! Love you all <3
14/12/2110m 18s

REHEAT: Chatty Tony gets a good old roasting!

Not many people are brave enough to roast their boss like we did this day! Also... We owed a listener a BIG apology. Love you all <3
14/12/2136m 34s


Throwback to September when Lorde zoomed in for a chat! Love you all <3
12/12/216m 13s

HIGHLIGHT: Jason Derulo tell us something X-rated!

Jason Derulo played a game with Jase and Lauren called 'No Further Questions' where some very personal and intimate questions were asked, and he revealed something quite spicy about himself to do with the bedroom. Love you guys x
10/12/213m 19s

PRODUCER TAKEOVER: Does Producer Nonna's husband Mike even love her?

Regional Sam, Scatman and Nonna are in the house today, and we get Nonna's husband Mike on the phone for a few hard hitting furniture related questions. Also. we know we promised an announcement yesterday but we now need to wait until next week! Sorry! Love you guys x
10/12/2128m 22s

HIGHLIGHT: Does a Porsche driver deserve this?

Lauren had a run in with the driver of a very expensive car, so she faced the dilemma of whether she should speak up or let it go. What would you do? Love you guys x
09/12/218m 36s


Newsreader Clint had a big weekend, and we know it's Thursday but we needed to see if 6 days was enough recovery time since the Christmas party. Also on the podcast, the producers showcase audio from their first ever radio demo! Love you guys x
09/12/2128m 29s

REHEAT: Where the iconic saying "In Sydney, she lives" was born!

If you're a regular poddy listener, you would hear us often say sentences backwards such as "in Sydney, she lived" or "in accounting, she worked" etc. Here is the daily wrap podcast where it originated from! If you're a new listener, enjoy the chaos that is the daily wrap! Love you guys x
08/12/2133m 37s

HIGHLIGHT: ScoMo's drunken regret!

Prime Minister Scott Morrison joined Jase and Lauren to play a game called "No Further Questions" where he was asked some uncomfortable things such as what was your last drunken regret and what do you earn as the PM! Love you guys x
07/12/215m 56s

PRODUCER TAKEOVER: Featuring Big Boy Jase

The team answer some "ask me anything" questions from you guys, plus we call Jase to see what he's up to on his Christmas break! Love you guys x
07/12/2142m 19s

PRODUCER TAKEOVER: How was the Xmas party?

While Jase & Lauren are on their Christmas break, the producers will be bringing you a special podcast each day to catch you up on what's going on in the team. On today's ep, we delve into what went down at the Christmas party on Friday. Love you guys x
06/12/2113m 48s

DAILY WRAP: The final proper poddy for a while!

We will be back for a Christmas special, plus the producers will be doing some exclusive poddies for you in the coming weeks, but for now it's the last poddy with the whole team for a bit! Special guest today, Nonna's mum Maria (the real Nonna)! Plus, how did Jase & Lauren's lunch go yesterday with the big big bosses? Love you guys x
03/12/2129m 58s

FULL SHOW: Presents for all!

Our final show for the year included a whoooollle lot of gifts being handed out to children all across Melbourne! Plus, Lauren's dad Bobbie Phillips gives us one last review of the show for a while. Love you guys x
03/12/2153m 21s

MINI: A look back at the year!

Well, a look back at the last 5 months anyway! We relive some of our favourite moments since the Jase & Lauren show began earlier this year. Enjoy! Love you guys x
02/12/217m 45s

MINI: What the Dees players really get up to at their Xmas party!

AFL superstar Christian Petracca from the Melbourne Demons joined Jase & Lauren in the studio to discuss embarrassing moments at the Christmas party, and Trac revealed a secret that some of his colleagues don't know! Love you guys x
02/12/2110m 2s

DAILY WRAP: You laser your WHAT?

In today's poddy, there's a lot of discussion about body parts you should and shouldn't laser, plus Jase gets his shirts custom made for his unusual body shape. Love you guys x
02/12/2129m 33s

FULL SHOW: Imagine being in a restaurant full of Karens!

There's a restaurant in Sydney that purposely give bad service, so we chat to the owner to find out why! Plus, Lauren has had a realisation that's she's officially old after what happened on the stairs. Love you guys x
02/12/2145m 7s

MINI: Best Melbourne suburb revealed!

Do you live in this suburb that has just been crowned the most liveable in Melbourne? And what's so good about the others that made the list? We find out! Love you guys x
01/12/215m 19s

MINI: Making a living out of catching a cheater!

A woman has made a living out of catching out cheaters for other women around the world. Hear how Em from Canada started this unique business, plus some of the crazy stories of how others have trapped a cheater before! Love you guys x
01/12/219m 54s


On today's poddy, everyone has a go at doing the Home Improvement noise, plus we talk a whole lot about cribs. Love you guys x
01/12/2122m 10s

FULL SHOW: Lauren has made a Christmas album!!

Lord help us, she has recorded a Christmas album! Thanks to Lauren's mum Liz, we've found something from the archives that we can't believe we didn't have our hands on sooner. Enjoy more of Lauren's singing on today's show, plus we hear your unpopular opinions! Love you guys x
01/12/2156m 55s

MINI: Imagine your wedding was cancelled THIS many times!!

Like many people wanting to tie the knot recently, Fitness Influencer and Keep it Cleaner co-founder Laura Henshaw had Covid royally mess up her plans several times. But it was what happened right before the last attempt that threw a giant spanner in the works! Love you guys x
30/11/216m 23s

MINI: Extreme lengths to get back at an ex

If you've got a crazy ex, or you've gone to an extreme length to get an ex's attention, we bet it's nowhere near as far as one particular girl has gone to make her ex jealous! Love you guys x
30/11/2111m 46s

DAILY WRAP: God help us at the Christmas party!

Lauren's love for singing has unfortunately been reignited and now she won't put down the mic. Is this what we can expect on Friday at the work Christmas party? Love you guys x
30/11/2136m 53s

FULL SHOW: How 'bout a piece of fruit for Xmas!

We hear some of the hilarious and bizarre requests some kids have for Christmas this year, including a pineapple and some tomato sauce. Also on the show, we speak to someone who has just been freed from a pub in the UK that was snowed in for 3 days!! With all that beer, karaoke and pub food, is this a dream come true? Love you guys x
30/11/2148m 52s

MINI: Warning: Do NOT listen to this in public or while driving!!

Honestly, you have been warned, listen at your own risk!! Jase has dug up yet another video of Lauren Phillips singing on The Footy Show, and it just gets worse and worse from there! Love you guys x
29/11/2110m 17s

MINI: Your personal trainer is doing WHAT!!??

If you think that your partner and your PT are playing up, you may very well be right! We can't believe these stories that came through about PTs hooking up with their clients. Love you guys x
29/11/219m 31s

DAILY WRAP: RIDP Regional Sam?

Is he alive? Producer Regional Sam has been away for a while so we check in to see how he's going. Plus, Dragon Lady is a little hung. Love you guys x
29/11/2121m 26s

FULL SHOW: Ouch that'd hurt your privates!!

WOW we did not expect a call like this when we asked "did you end up in the ER on Christmas day?", sorry in advance for the shudders you will experience. Also on the show, we want to know if people hate you for the job you do, and we speak to Epidemiologist Catherine Bennett about the new Covid strain. Love you guys x
29/11/2158m 56s

MINI: Yvie Jones

The former Gogglebox star Yvie Jones is now appearing on a brand new show that'll make you run to the pantry! Plus, she addresses rumours about her going on MAFS. Love you guys x
29/11/219m 12s

MINI: Lauren's amazing singing on The Footy Show

FINALLY we've busted out something that we've been dying to play for months - Lauren is caught off guard when we air the audio of her singing on The Footy Show back in the late 2000s. ENJOY! Love you guys x
28/11/218m 25s

FULL SHOW: How quick did you quit?

Today on the show, we want to find the person in Melbourne who has been employed for the shortest amount of time, plus it's our final attempt to play Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas, so will we be successful? Love you guys x
26/11/2142m 57s

DAILY WRAP: The big ab reveal!!!

Our video guy Dean aka DVD said months ago that he's going to have "abs for the summer", and 5 days early he was ready for the big reveal! Head to our secret Facebook page 'Relatable Jase' to see the results. Also, our second last award ceremony for the year, and Monty Dimond from The 3pm Pickup crashed the poddy! Love you guys x
26/11/2131m 34s

MINI: Bachelorette Lovebirds Brooke & Darvid

Brooke Blurton chose Darvid last night on the finale of The Bachelorette and the pair spoke to Jase & Lauren this morning about how they've gone spending time apart between filming and the show airing. Love you guys x
25/11/217m 53s

MINI: Hamish Blake

Host of Lego Masters Hamish Blake joins us to talk about the Christmas Special happening on Channel 9 this weekend, plus he discusses some of the company Christmas gifts he has given and received before! Love you guys x
25/11/217m 26s

MINI: The best company Xmas gifts

Imagine getting some of these gifts from your company for Christmas! We wouldn't know, "we've got no money"! Love you guys x
25/11/218m 12s

DAILY WRAP: Pingaz is in the MF housssseeeee!!!

Producer Pingaz is back, filling in for Regional Sam this morning. Any opener suggestions for her, please send them our way! Also speaking of Regional Sam, should he give Jase's bike back to him? Love you guys x
25/11/2127m 2s

FULL SHOW: Have you picked up at a funeral?

Some conversations shouldn't be had in certain settings, like where Jase's friend was when wanting to propose to his girlfriend, or what Lauren's friend did on a plane! Also on the show today, we ask "when did technology drop out at the worst possible time?". Love you guys x
25/11/2150m 14s

MINI: Clint's SHOCKING news!

For the past 2 weeks, we've been trying to play the entire song "All I Want For Christmas" by Mariah Carey but if someone calls, we need to stop the song. No one ever lets us get through the whole song and today it was Clint who had to pay. Love you guys x
24/11/2111m 18s

MINI: Lauren sings to Craig David!

Who didn't love to belt out 7 days while getting ready to hit the clurrrbs back in the day? Lauren gave Craig David a taste of what the team experiences daily and sang to him, so how did it go down? Plus he played our favourite game No Further Questions. Love you guys x
24/11/2111m 45s

DAILY WRAP: Peter Alexander is HERE!!!!

The team are so excited about Jase's surprise on the poddy today! Spoiler alert, Peter himself visits the KIIS studios and brings along not one but two surprises for us. A massive thanks to him and the team at Peter Alexander!! Love you guys x
24/11/2129m 49s

FULL SHOW: What do Jase & Lauren's names mean?

Lauren lets the team know what kind of person they are based on their name, plus we ask "what'd the ball hit?" after Tim Paine's week went from bad to worse when a ball hit his car! Love you guys x
24/11/2145m 1s

MINI: Teachers in the wild

Yesterday, Lauren mentioned a teacher she will never forget from school, so naturally Jase stitched her up and got them on the phone! They then wanted to know "have you seen a teacher in the wild?". Love you guys x
23/11/2111m 8s

MINI: Kitty Flanagan's extremely unpopular opinion!

Hilarious comedian Kitty Flanagan talks about some of the unpopular opinions in her new book 'More Rules For Life' including her hatred for one of the most popular Christmas movies of all time! Love you guys x
23/11/2116m 0s

DAILY WRAP: Jase is being shamed for his miso eggplant

Poor Jase is the one to cop a grilling on today's poddy. Also, please don't rock up at our Christmas party! This is not a challenge! Love you guys x
22/11/2118m 55s

FULL SHOW: You won't ever send food back after this!

We ask what really happens in the kitchen when you send food back, and believe us, you will not be complaining at a restaurant ever again after these stories! Plus, we talk about the odd requests that landlords have for their tenants. Love you guys x
22/11/2158m 49s

MINI: Teachers you won't forget!

Have you had a teacher who you remember for all the wrong reasons? Lauren sure has, and she's about to be thrown under the bus big time. Love you guys x
22/11/2111m 47s

MINI: Andy Lee on what really goes on at radio station Xmas parties!

There is a Christmas special of Andy Lee's The Hundred on Channel 9 tonight so he joined us on the show this morning to discuss all things Christmas, including some of the things he has witnessed at past radio station Christmas parties. It's what Lauren can expect at her first one next Friday! Love you guys x
22/11/216m 43s

DAILY WRAP: Producer Nark's boyfriend went to the strippers

Jane aka The Nark tells us about her boyfriend Darcy's wild weekend, but he's not the only one who got up to mischief... who else but Producer Regional Sam to have an eventful Saturday night! Love you guys x
22/11/2129m 7s

FULL SHOW: Staying together after an affair

Would you stay with your partner if you knew they were having an affair? Also on the show, we want to know what you lost or collected off the back of a truck. Love you guys x
22/11/2153m 11s

MINI: Does Christian Petracca give away 5k this morning?

We made is SO easy for Christian Petracca to win the 5k Wordplay this morning - instead of having to get 5 words correct, he only had to get 1! Also, he gives dating advice to Clint from our newsroom. Love you guys x
21/11/2114m 7s

MINI: Santa's Hotline

This Christmas we have a direct line to Santa and we're giving kids of Melbourne truckloads of gifts from their wishlist! Love you guys x
21/11/218m 50s

DAILY WRAP: The worst awards ceremony ever

Thanks Jase for the "token 5 minutes" today. Love you all <3
19/11/2114m 29s

FULL SHOW: Peter Hitchener reads the news!

The lovely Hitchy joined us on air today in Clint's absence! Love you all <3
19/11/2158m 0s

MINI: Scotty Cam - Legomasters "Bricksmas" Special!

Merry Bricksmas! Scott Cam gets to finally prove how good a builder he is... With Lego. Legomasters "Bricksmas" Special airs this Sunday on Nine.
18/11/215m 48s

MINI: Two Bob's Worth with Bobby Phillips!

Lauren's lovely Dad Bobby calls the show every Friday to give his "2 Bob's worth"! Happy Birthday Bobby!!!
18/11/214m 55s

DAILY WRAP: Whose Xmas party would you choose - Jase or Lauren's?

Mum & dad make the team choose between them in a Christmas party battle. Plus surprise surprise, Jase won't let anyone get to their Ajaneda item. Love you guys x
18/11/2122m 37s

FULL SHOW: James Blunt's new song is about his mother-in-law!

His songs may be emotional ballads but he sure knows how to crack us up! James Blunt tells a hilarious story about how his new song has to do with his mother-in-law. Plus, unpopular opinions is back! Love you guys x
18/11/2152m 51s

MINI: Kate Langbroek pashes in public

Kate Langbroek joined us this morning to chat about her new book and revealed that she had a big smooch in the middle of a piazza in Italy, which got Jase and Lauren talking about parents who like PDA. Love you guys x
18/11/2116m 3s

MINI: Clint's replacement!

Clint had an announcement this morning and it means we will need someone else to do the news! We're very excited for who will be stepping in for Clint. Love you guys x
17/11/217m 5s

DAILY WRAP: Poddy from the boardroom

Jase is missing because this week he has to race home to help his pregnant wife, and now our studio time is being limited, but regardless of these hurdles WE SHALL NOT BE SILENCED. A poddy from our meeting room today! Love you guys x
17/11/2123m 47s

FULL SHOW: Max Gawn outs Christian Petracca!

We spoke to captain of the Melbourne Football Club Max Gawn, asking him a few questions about his teammate and good friend of the show Christian Petracca. Let's just say he didn't hold back revealing a few things that Christian may not be happy about! Also on the show, who is the bigger 'basic bitch', Jase or Lauren? Love you guys x
17/11/2156m 11s

MINI: A Microchipped Man

Imagine being able to access data just by scanning your hand! It's possible, and we speak to a guy who has 3 microchips inside of him! Love you guys x
17/11/2112m 41s

MINI: Urzila Carlson compares her PM to a fart!

Urzila is returning to Australia with a brand new comedy show called "It's Personal" and it turns out things got a little too personal when chatting about NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern! Love you guys x
16/11/217m 20s

DAILY WRAP: What actually are the lyrics to Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer?

Like a lollipop? Or like a light bulb? We finally get to the bottom of it. Plus, Clint is rattled, Jase aka King Kong is away, and Xmas party plans are up in the air! Love you guys x
16/11/2119m 7s

FULL SHOW: Parties that end in tears

On last night's ep of Parental Guidance, they played a game that is banned in Jase's house because it always ends up in tears. Also on the show, Jase fires up about Daddy Dan. Love you guys x
16/11/2143m 25s

MINI: Unfortunate names

Do you know someone with an unfortunate name? We discovered that there are some real shockers out there! Love you guys x
15/11/2110m 25s

MINI: Amy Shark & crying over silly things!

The lovely Amy Shark joined us to chat about her ARIA noms and play our favourite game "No Further Questions", where we learned the hilarious reason she last cried. Love you guys x
15/11/2114m 28s

DAILY WRAP: The aftermath of Friday night.

The team went out yet again on the weekend and boy are there some stories to tell from the night. Love you guys x
15/11/2127m 5s

FULL SHOW: Classic movies you've never seen

Today on the show we chat about those huge Hollywood movies you've never seen in your life, and we can't believe some of the ones Lauren has never seen! Speaking of movies, James Marsden stars in the brand new Boss Baby film "The Boss Baby: Family Business", and joins us to chat all about it. Love you guys x
14/11/2149m 28s

MINI: Living At Lauren's House

Newsreader Clint Stanaway has moved in with Lauren for what was supposed to be just a few nights, but it turns out she may not be able to get rid of him! Love you guys x
14/11/2111m 1s

MINI: How are our kissing skills?

This morning we discussed the best and worst kisses we've ever had (mainly worst), which led to testing out how Jase and newsreader Clint pash someone. Things get graphic, we apologise in advance. Love you guys x
14/11/2114m 36s

BONUS MINI: Eva Longoria (full chat)

You may have heard a snippet of Eva Longoria in today's show but here's something exclusive to the poddy - we played "No Further Questions" with her, where she was asked 10 questions that some may think are a little too personal! Love you guys x
12/11/215m 28s

DAILY WRAP: Did we just get ScoMo to join us for the poddy??!!!

ScoMo was floating around the building doing an interview for the other station so we thought "let's get him in for the poddy". Were we successful is the question? Also, it's awards day, and we meet Lauren's mum who is about to get plonked. Love you guys x
12/11/2132m 44s

FULL SHOW: Could there be a Desperate Housewives remake?

Eva Longoria joins us to discuss whether there will actually be a Desperate Housewives reboot! Also on the show, is it too early for Mariah to come out of her cave? Love you guys x
12/11/2155m 6s

MINI: A tribute to Bert Newton

Today on the show we paid tribute to the late and great Bert Newton who we will farewell at a state funeral in Melbourne today. Eddie Maguire will be reading the eulogy at the service and joined us to talk about all the great times many shared with Bert.
11/11/219m 32s

MINI: Fetish Week - today's fetish: furries

This week we've been normalising different fetishes, and today we discussed the fetish of dressing up in a furry outfit which then turned into talking about the cartoon characters we find hot! Love you guys x
11/11/2110m 54s

DAILY WRAP: Would you let someone get jiggy in your spare room?

Lauren may let Newsreader Clint stay in her spare room, so how does she feel about him bringing a date back? Also, we talk clothes after Covid. Love you guys x
11/11/2126m 7s

FULL SHOW: Lauren hates Nutella 😱

During 'Unpopular Opinions' today (spoiler alert) Lauren reveals she hates the most loved spread that has ever been made... Nutella!! Also, don't you hate it when people give your kid a gift that's noisy or takes up too much space in the house? Jase isn't happy with what Lauren bought his son Felix. Love you guys x
11/11/2142m 16s

MINI: Peter Hitchener

Hitchie dropped by this morning to play the 5k wordplay, a game where you're given a word and you've got to say the first thing that comes to mind, but things take a turn when our caller is given the word "news". Love you guys x
10/11/2113m 21s

MINI: Fetish Week - today's fetish: food

We've been exploring different fetishes this week, but today rather than just talking about it, Jase & Lauren decided to get involved and try it for themselves! Love you guys x
10/11/2112m 37s

DAILY WRAP: Regional Sam's personal pecking order

We find out what order Producer Regional Sam has put the team in when it comes to his favourites in his phone, plus The Nark opens up about her rehab experience. Love you guys x
10/11/2127m 8s

FULL SHOW: There should be a court called Dylan AllCourt!

Wheelchair tennis champion Dylan Alcott joins us to chat about his retirement announcement, plus we ask what's the best feature of your house. Love you guys x
10/11/2146m 21s

MINI: Fetish Week - today's fetish: exhibitionism

Today we look into the fetish some people have where they like to be watched. Dr Nikki Goldstein explains, plus we chat to someone who works at a sex club, and we ask "have you ever run into someone in a compromising position?". Love you guys x
09/11/2118m 5s

MINI: No further questions with Brooke Blurton

This year's Bachelorette Brooke Blurton came in this morning to chat about the contestants she has been smooching on the show and to play our favourite game "No Further Questions" where things always get a little too personal! Love you guys x
09/11/2112m 15s

DAILY WRAP: The Nark in charge

How does Jane aka The Nark go in Caitlin's seat today? A whole lotta helicopters going off this morning! Love you guys x
09/11/2117m 1s

FULL SHOW: Spending money on dumb things!

The hilarious Christian Hull joined us to talk about the sweet sweet cash he has made selling knickknacks online, plus we speak to parents who have a problem with their kids and their screen time. Love you guys x
09/11/2152m 49s

MINI: No further questions with ScoMo

Prime Minister Scott Morrison came in this morning and Jase & Lauren hit him with the awkward questions as part of their game "No Further Questions". Hear ScoMo answer questions such as what do you wear to bed and how much do you earn. Love you guys x
08/11/2114m 9s

MINI: Fetish Week - today's fetish: pregnancy

This week we are exploring different fetishes people have, and today we are focusing on pregnancy. Dr Nikki Goldstein explains what the attraction is for certain people, and we speak to a man who admits he has this particular fetish. Love you guys x
08/11/2112m 2s

DAILY WRAP: Lots on the Ajaneda

Many items to get through in today's poddy, including Clint's love interest who he was spotted having pizza with on Friday. Love you guys x
08/11/2127m 42s

FULL SHOW: Who's missing the most teeth?

People have been doing DIY dental work which really isn't a great idea! We ask who in Melbourne is missing the most teeth. Plus, Jase prematurely punished his son for something and now looks like the bad guy! Love you guys x
08/11/2157m 0s

MINI: Fetish Week - today's fetish: feet

This week we are focusing on a different fetish each day, starting with feet. Dr Nikki Goldstein shines a light on what it is about the foot that turns some people on so much! Love you guys x
07/11/2112m 44s

MINI: The Block winners!

Mitch & Mark took out The Block last night and they joined Jase & Lauren this morning to tell us what gorgeous outfits they'll be blowing their 700K on. Love you guys x
07/11/216m 20s

DAILY WRAP: 3-ways all round!

There are two 3-ways that actually happen DURING the podcast so strap yourself in for that! (Bad choice of words). Love you guys x
05/11/2126m 38s

FULL SHOW: Water taste tests

Lauren thinks she can tell the difference between expensive bottle water and tap water from different suburbs so we've put her to the test! Also on the show, we ask have you accidentally made a kid cry? Love you guys x
05/11/2159m 47s


How did Newsreader Clint & Producer Regional Sam go yesterday at Oak's Day as two single lads? Did they get anyone's phone number? They revealed all this morning. Love you guys x
05/11/217m 8s

MINI: Shelley Craft

The Block finale is on this Sunday night so what prices can we expect from the auction this weekend? Host Shelley Craft gave us all the goss! Love you guys x
04/11/217m 13s

DAILY WRAP: Jase demands more baked goods

It's not uncommon for Jase to shoot out requests for what food he wants the team to make, but has he ever brought anything in himself? The answer is no. Love you guys x
04/11/2117m 5s

FULL SHOW: Worst thing you've had in your mouth

You're not going to believe what they have made a burger taste like overseas 🤢!! We then ask what grim thing you've put in your mouth and let's just say we're sorry we ever asked! Also on the show, unpopular opinions such as flower girls aren't a good addition to a wedding. Love you guys x
04/11/2142m 38s

MINI: Anthony "Albo" Albanese

Opposition leader Albo gave us a good laugh this morning when he played "No Further Questions" with Jase and Lauren. Does he sleep nude? Has he ever been in trouble with the police? Does he walk around with no security? All of the above will be answered in this chat! Love you guys x
03/11/2115m 35s

MINI: Wonderful news for Cleo Smith!

Yesterday, news broke that Cleo Smith, the 4-year-old girl from WA who had been missing for 18 days, had thankfully been found. Her family friend Latisha spoke to us this morning about the relief experienced by the community. Love you guys x
03/11/217m 7s

DAILY WRAP: What is saganaki?

Jase proves how uncultured he is in today's poddy, plus we're going around in circles with the whole Christmas party chat yet again! Love you guys x
03/11/2120m 20s

FULL SHOW: When you injure yourself but keep on keeping on!

Jase nearly ended up in the ER yesterday but nothing could pull him away from having a lemonade at the bowls club whilst watching the big race! Also on the show, a new way for newsreader Clint to pick up. Love you guys x
02/11/2147m 54s

MINI: Jase's kids expose all about his parenting!

Lauren had a sit down with Jase's two sons Felix & Huddy to see what he is really like as a dad, and let's just say we weren't overly surprised with some of his terrible habits at home! Love you guys x
02/11/2114m 36s

MINI: Dude, why is my car still there?

How long have you left your car parked somewhere? Bet it's not as long as this guy from Italy. Love you guys x
02/11/2110m 6s

DAILY WRAP: The team had another wild Friday night

What time did Clint get home on Saturday morning before being on national news later that day? Also, Jase's kids Felix & Huddy hijack the poddy! Love you guys x
01/11/2113m 56s

FULL SHOW: Have you had a brush with Bert?

After the sad passing of beloved Aussie TV personality Bert Newton, we ask if anyone has had an encounter with the great man. Also on the show, why Lauren nearly became single after a trip to Officeworks. Love you guys x
01/11/211h 0m

MINI: Michelle Payne's Melbourne Cup tips

Michelle Payne, the jockey who won the Melbourne Cup back in 2015, joined Jase & Lauren to chat about that amazing moment 6 years ago and gave us her tips on who to back tomorrow! Love you guys x
31/10/217m 24s

MINI: Old school parenting

Remember when getting smacked with a wooden spoon was the norm? We chat to Allison Langdon, host of the new Channel 9 show 'Parental Guidance' and talk about what whacky ways our parents used to discipline us back in the day. Love you guys x
31/10/2112m 9s

DAILY WRAP: Awards time

Can Jase take out the Participation Award thrice in a row? Plus, it's The Nark's birthday tomorrow so is her partner Darcy going to propose? Love you guys x
29/10/2134m 40s

FULL SHOW: Lauren takes over the buttons

After hearing news about people preparing for retirement at age 40, Jase has decided to hang up the headphones... or at least just move to Lauren's side of the desk where life is cruisy! It's up to her to steer the ship from now on so how will she go? Plus, we ask why you were in the paper. Love you guys x
28/10/2157m 1s

MINI: Classic stitch up

Jase thinks he's going to be interviewing one of his favourite reality TV stars but Lauren has stitched him up with a Halloween-related guest. Love you guys x
28/10/217m 39s

MINI: Jasonnnn Derulllloooo ♫

Mega superstar Jason Derulo (please only read that in a singing voice) joined Jase & Lauren this morning to play a game called "No Further Questions" where things got a little too personal! Love you guys x
28/10/217m 33s

FULL SHOW: Hitchy & Lavinia Nixon!

On today's the show, Hitchie & Livinia from Channel 9 do the "Couples Quiz" with Jase & Lauren. Love you guys x
28/10/2146m 28s

DAILY WRAP: Jase complains too much

While Jase is busy writing in to Uber Eats complaining about the slow service, everyone else talks about how they were school captain. Love you guys x
28/10/2129m 21s

MINI: No further questions with Sophie Monk

Hosting Love Island is the easy part, it's the new game "No Further Questions" with Jase & Lauren that really tests Sophie Monk! Love you guys x
27/10/216m 20s

MINI: Josh Cavallo

Yesterday, history was made when 21 year old A League player Josh Cavallo shared a video online coming out publicly as a gay man. He joined us to discuss how monumental this moment is for a lot of people in sport. Love you guys x
27/10/216m 7s

DAILY WRAP: No to the Xmas Party

Should we bother with the company Christmas party? Lauren says no. Love you guys x
27/10/2124m 19s

FULL SHOW: Does the team have the Rona?

Jase & Lauren do the new rapid Covid test live on air, so do they finish the show? Also on the show we talk covering for cheaters! Love you guys x
27/10/2146m 44s

MINI: Unbelievable stories

What's that one story you roll out at dinner parties that no one believes? A woman from Florida joined us to tell us about what her 3 daughters have in common that is a freak coincidence! Love you guys x
26/10/2110m 33s

MINI: Couples Quiz - Peking Duk

All week Jase & Lauren are going up against other pairs to see whose relationship is stronger. This morning it was Adam & Reuben from Peking Duk. Love you guys x
26/10/2112m 1s

DAILY WRAP: That's crossing a line!!!

A lot of lines crossed in today's poddy, mainly by Jase (surprise surprise). Love you guys x
26/10/2130m 11s

FULL SHOW: Foot Fetishes

Do you like feet? Well, either way strap yourself in for some serious foot chat, and head to the Jase & Lauren socials for some visuals too. Also on the show, we talk bad advice that your parents gave you. Love you guys x
26/10/2146m 59s

MINI: Our favourite food, GONE!!

There has been some devastating news in the food world, one of our favourites is no longer available to us like it used to be. So we ask "what food do you miss?". Love you guys x
25/10/2110m 50s

MINI: Couples Quiz - Martha & Michael from MAFS

One of our favourite couples out of Married At First Sight Martha & Michael joined us for the next Couples Quiz. Do they know each other better than Jase & Lauren? Love you guys x
25/10/2114m 6s

DAILY WRAP: Friday debrief

Our first outing as a team happened on Friday, so hear all the goss of what went down after the mics stopped rolling. Plus, we forgot the MVP & Participation Awards on Friday's poddy so we did it today instead. Love you guys x
25/10/2126m 58s

FULL SHOW: Food Affairs

Do you hide food from your partner? Lauren does, and she went to extreme lengths! Also on the show, Christian Petracca has another crack at the 5k Wordplay, and we talk when your kid rats you out.
25/10/211h 1m

MINI: Speaking to a Film Armourer

On Friday we heard the very tragic news that actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and sadly killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his latest film 'Rust'. Cameron Douglas, a Film Armourer from diggertactical.com.au, joined Jase & Lauren this morning to give information about what protocols are followed when using guns on film sets and how something like this could happen.
25/10/217m 17s

MINI: Couples Quiz - Shelley Craft & Scotty Cam

Jase & Lauren are going up against different duos this week to see who knows each other better, and first up is The Block's Shelley Craft & Scotty Cam. Love you guys x
24/10/2110m 25s

DAILY WRAP: Pubcast!! It's a poddy at the pub.

IT'S FREEDOM DAY BABY!!! Finally after months in lockdown, we can finally go out for a parma and a pot at the pub, so we did our poddy from there for a Friday. Love you guys x
22/10/2137m 58s

FULL SHOW: Get on the beers!

Jase's pub challenge went down today, so did he successfully carry 50 beers from Public House in Richmond to the KIIS studios 1 kilometre away.? Or did he fail miserably? One thing we can tell you is that he came in REEKING of the good stuff. Love you guys x
22/10/2146m 5s

MINI: Melbourne is FREE BABY!!

Hair salon owner Joey Scandizzo opened up at midnight last night to celebrate Freedom Friday, and boy were people excited to have a make over! Love you guys x
21/10/214m 13s

MINI: Bobbie Phillips is in the house!

Lauren's dad is usually on the phone every Friday for his segment "Two Bob's Worth", but this week Jase surprised her by bringing him in. It was the first time she had seen him in months so a very emotional moment for all! Love you guys x
21/10/2112m 4s

DAILY WRAP: Lauren pissed herself

Lauren tells the tale of how she wet herself as a grown adult, plus more chat about how we're going to get the 40 beers from the pub to the studio tomorrow (see previous mini). Love you guys x
21/10/2124m 59s

FULL SHOW: Final Freedom Fantasy

We are FREE tomorrow!!! Jase & Lauren celebrate by doing the final instalment of "Freedom Fantasies" where this week, Jase writes erotic fiction about going to the beauty salon. Prepare yourself to need a shower. Also, Stephen Curry on the show! Love you guys x
21/10/2147m 30s

MINI: Beer Challenge

A guy overseas went viral for carrying 48 cups of beer at once... so naturally Jase thinks he can do it too. The challenge has been set for tomorrow. Love you guys x
20/10/2112m 7s

EPIC TALES: Born into drug addiction

Ash McNamara went through more in her childhood than others go through in a lifetime, being born into a family where her mother was a heroin addict. But Ash's story of triumph and breaking the cycle is truly inspiring, giving hope to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position. Ash works with The Mirabel Foundation who provide amazing support and assistance to children who have been orphaned or abandoned due to parental illicit drug use and are now in the care of extended family. If you'd like to make a donation, please visit mirabelfoundation.org.au
20/10/2120m 58s

DAILY WRAP: Jase & Lauren have become one

Jase & Lauren are spending so much time together that they're turning into one another. Also, things are starting to get weird around here... boss Chatty Tony was in the studio for the whole poddy today. What is going on! Love you guys x
19/10/2125m 10s

FULL SHOW: Worst housemates

We want to know who has the worst housemate in Melbourne, plus what your coffee order says about you! Love you guys x
19/10/2136m 54s

MINI: Food temptations

Jase & Lauren would like to fit into their pre-Covid clothes by Friday so are currently on a health kick.. Will Lauren take the temptation of the delicious food in front of her for a very big reward? Love you guys x
19/10/216m 51s

MINI: Words you can't say

There's a whole list of words Jase can't say, so we want to know what other words people struggle to pronounce. Love you guys x
19/10/2110m 11s

DAILY WRAP: Someone give us a massage!

Nonna has her own massage lady, Jase's neighbour is texting Regional Sam, and Sk8lin loves Adele way too much. Love you guys x
19/10/2128m 9s

FULL SHOW: Unromantic Gifts

Also, what spilt in your car? One of the producers of the team had something REALLLL messed up go all over his back seat. Love you guys x
19/10/2144m 43s

MINI: What not to do on dating apps

Lauren's friend got asked something inappropriate on a dating app, so we wanted to know what other unacceptable things people have asked. Love you guys x
18/10/219m 56s

MINI: The weigh in

Jase, Lauren & Clint do a group weigh in as we countdown to freedom day on Friday. Will we get the number down in 3 days? Love you guys x
18/10/216m 16s

DAILY WRAP: Sam's going to jail

Producer Regional Sam has committed a crime. Also, we're doing a poddy at the pub! Love you guys x
18/10/2130m 14s

FULL SHOW: Lauren's hit & run

Lauren is facing a dilemma regarding a hit and run.... okay spoiler, no one was hurt! Also, Christian Petracca stops by to give wordplay another crack. Love you guys x
18/10/2149m 35s

MINI: Not liking your mate's partner

Jase put his foot in it when his mate broke up with his partner... then they got back together. Love you guys x
17/10/2110m 11s

MINI: How to lose weight in 4 days

Lockdown in Melbourne officially ends on Friday and Jase & Lauren want to get in shape for it. Chris Hemsworth’s trainer Luke Zocchi gives us tips on what to do between now and then! It's very realistic and will definitely happen (not). Love you guys x
17/10/217m 9s

DAILY WRAP: Sexual tension

Hey it's producer Nonna here - I was forced to write that podcast title as the team seems to believe there is sexual tension between Jase and I. THERE IS NOT. Love you guys x (APART FROM YOU JASE, GROSS)
15/10/2138m 49s

FULL SHOW: Cool Grandparents

Have you got a cool granny? Plus, forget Aldi, Lauren's partner 'The Unit' is now shopping somewhere she never thought they'd step foot in. Love you guys x
15/10/2153m 48s

MINI: Two Bob's Worth

Every week Lauren's dad Bobbie Phillips is on the show to give his feedback on what went well and what didn't. This time he wasn't happy with Lauren fat shaming Jase. Love you guys x
15/10/217m 36s

MINI: OG Yellow Wiggle Greg

The OG Yellow Wiggle Greg spoke about the show he is hosting on Channel 9 tomorrow called ‘Heart of the Nation- World’s Largest CPR Class’, plus he wrote a Wiggles song for Jase & Lauren to encourage them to stop eating so many snacks. Love you guys x
14/10/2110m 17s

DAILY WRAP: The Nark's jug story

Jane aka The Nark has a very important story to tell about a milk jug, but it takes the entire poddy to tell it. Also, we hear what her dad's podcast sounds like! Shout outttttttt! Love you guys x
13/10/2125m 56s

FULL SHOW: Clint's sexy story time

Freedom Fantasies is back, but this time it's newsreader Clint's turn to read out the filthy.. I mean erotic fiction that Jase has written. Also, Abbey Chatfield on the show! Love you guys x
13/10/2137m 7s

EPIC TALES: Identity, Gender & Survival

Kaya Wilson’s journey began the day he was born. He was assigned the gender of a female and struggled with his identity until a near-death experience completely changed his life. But survival and family secrets add twists to this tale nobody saw coming. This is his Epic Tale. If you need or want to offer support, please visit TransHub. Kaya has also published his first book earlier this year - As Beautiful As Any Other - Pan Macmillan AU.
13/10/2124m 8s

MINI: Unpopular opinions

Some of us can't believe which Arnott's Shapes have won the title of the most popular flavour! We ask for other unpopular opinions. Love you guys x
13/10/2111m 43s

DAILY WRAP: Jase is a liar

Lauren had to break the bad news to Jase's wife Lou about her Aldi pots, and it's all Jase's fault. Love you guys x
13/10/2129m 58s

FULL SHOW: Lauren goes to Aldi

Jase made Lauren take her first trip to Aldi this morning for their 'Special Buys' and wow it was a rollercoaster. Love you guys x
13/10/2130m 31s

MINI: Getting more kids than you bargained for!

Jana Pittman from SAS Australia joined us after getting eliminated last night, and it got us onto the topic of her two unexpected twins on the way. We asked "did you go for just one more kid but got more than that?". Love you guys x
13/10/2111m 46s

MINI: We're going to the moon!

Big news for Australia, while we can't visit our family 20km away, we're somehow going to the moon! Love you guys x
12/10/217m 4s

DAILY WRAP: Chatty Tony's Dungeon

We discovered what was really going on behind boss Chatty Tony's brick wall. Love you guys x
12/10/2122m 29s

FULL SHOW: Getting paid for odd things

On the show this morning, we find out what extremely bizarre jobs exist out there, plus there's a huge coincidence involving a car and Lauren's partner (The Unit). Love you guys x
12/10/2140m 54s

MINI: Weird food combos with Nazeem

Good friend of the show Nazeem Hussain stopped by with a weird food combo for Jase & Lauren to try.... plus we maaaaay have snuck a little something into Jase's coffee this morning. Love you guys x
12/10/2113m 26s

MINI: Lauren is going to Aldi!

Jase is sending Lauren to Aldi tomorrow for their special buys so she can finally experience the joy of discount shopping. Love you guys x
11/10/219m 36s

DAILY WRAP: What makes you rich

Jase thinks having a tennis court means you're rich, we think everything he has means you're rich. Plus, we want to know the dirt about Clint's weekend. Love you guys x
10/10/2131m 51s

FULL SHOW: Can Petracca win someone 50k?

Christian Petracca gives the 50k wordplay a crack, plus reveals what his cinema hack is for when they re-open. Also on the show today, Rebecca Gibney who is on this season of Celebrity Masterchef. Love you guys x
10/10/2145m 23s

MINI: OMG remember these stores?!

We got nostalgic on the show today remembering some of the places we shopped at back in the 90s and 2000s that no longer exist. Love you guys x
10/10/2111m 5s

MINI: Jack Post & Jase have shared too much

Turns out Jase isn't the only one in the building expecting a baby, and he worked out that he shared something very intimate with Jack Post. Love you guys x
10/10/217m 19s

DAILY WRAP: We have a storm out!

On today's poddy, why does Nonna storm out on the team, plus find out what actually went down with the whole Ryan Jon TV saga. Love you guys x
08/10/2134m 24s

FULL SHOW: Lauren's in trouble with her dad!

We got Bobbie Phillips (Lauren's dad) back to give his 'Two Bobs Worth' on what went well and what didn't this week on the show. Also, are you the odd one out in your family? Love you guys x
08/10/2151m 30s

MINI: Missy Higgins & break up songs

Missy Higgins joined us this morning to chat about her upcoming show and Lauren revealed that one of her old songs was actually the break up track for her and an ex. We then ask "what was your break up song?". Love you guys x
07/10/2112m 0s

MINI: Jase's BIG news!!!

Wowza this is exciting! Jase revealed some huge news on the show today. Let's just say... he's gonna need a bigger boat! Love you guys x
07/10/217m 40s


Newsreader Clint has been excluded from something very important. Also, he's hungry. Love you guys x
07/10/2124m 22s

FULL SHOW: Lauren can't park!

On the show we talk about Lauren's brand new car that she doesn't know how to park, weird things you do with your partner and Nazeem Hussain stopped by to chat about those random sentences you learned in school in another language and have never forgotten. Love you guys x
07/10/2150m 1s

MINI: Psychic prediction for Jase

Jase is a sceptic when it comes to psychics, so will he see the sign that caller Janelle tells him to look out for? Love you guys x
06/10/2111m 42s

EPIC TALES: Winning Powerball

Everyone imagines winning the huge Powerball jackpot, but no one ever knows the person who actually wins it. Aaron was that person, and tells us how many millions he won, along with how he reacted and what he did with the money. Love you guys x
06/10/2117m 57s

DAILY WRAP: Video guy DVD has abs

On today's poddy, the progress on how DVD's abs are looking, plus if you have another podcast, make sure on that podcast you mention our podcast, and then we will see if that podcast gets our podcast numbers up, and then we will get you on our podcast to plug your podcast, and..... wait I'm so confused. The Nark will explain. Love you guys x
05/10/2121m 47s

FULL SHOW: Are Jase & Lauren going to have an affair?

A psychic called in with a prediction for Jase and Lauren, and not everyone was thrilled with where the show is apparently headed! Also on the show, find out what Jase's wife Lou has banned him from doing. Love you guys x
05/10/2142m 35s

MINI: The Masked Singer winner Anastasia

One of our favourite artists from the early 2000s Anastasia took out The Masked Singer last night. She joined Jase & Lauren this morning and revealed the elaborate excuse she gave her family as to why she was away for so long! Love you guys x
05/10/215m 14s

MINI: Freedom Fantasy - Dan Andrews Edition

Last week we fantasised about the freedoms that are still to come post lockdown by writing an erotic fiction. This week Jase wrote one about Dan's press conferences and made Lauren read it out. Love you guys x
05/10/214m 54s

DAILY WRAP: Jase bought a $7m house

Lauren is absent for the poddy today, but that doesn't mean we don't pile on Jase just as much. Also, the Jase & Lauren Monopoly board is here!! Big shout out to listener Peter Nguyen. Love you guys x
05/10/2135m 59s

FULL SHOW: Lauren's driving test

Jase wants Lauren to re-sit her driving test, otherwise he gets her brand new car for a weekend. Also, we want to know what movie scared you as a kid? Love you guys x
05/10/2139m 6s

MINI: With Nazeem Hussain - are traffic controllers strippers?

Lauren often makes outlandish statements such as "a lot of traffic controllers also work as strippers", so is she right? Naz joins us to discuss. Love you guys x
04/10/2111m 5s


We thought after last time when Jase made him spell out the word sorry he wouldn't come back on the show, but we were wrong. ScoMo joined us this morning to discuss international travel, Covid pills and that awkward moment with Joe Biden. Love you guys x
04/10/2111m 1s

DAILY WRAP: The pecking order has been updated

There a brand new unofficial official pecking order by listener James Barber, which we must all respect and abide by. Also, who the heck broke the screen in the studio? Love you guys x
04/10/2132m 35s

FULL SHOW: Christian Petracca co-hosts

Finally we get our man Christian in the studio with us after the big Grand Final win last week, and he helps host the show for an hour. Love you guys x
04/10/2155m 36s

MINI: A Covid denier who got Covid!

If you or anyone you know is under the impression that Covid is a conspiracy, or that the vaccine won't help, think again. Our guest Amanda tells her first-hand experience of how she went from a conspiracy theorist to encouraging others to get the jab. Love you guys x
03/10/218m 46s

MINI: What happened after a big night?

Imagine waking up after a big night and joining a search party in the woods.. then realising the search party is actually looking for you! Love you guys x
03/10/219m 15s

DAILY WRAP: MVP & Encouragement Award time

The awards have rolled around again, so who in the team takes out the top spot this week? Plus, Loz has FINALLY made her debut on the Relatable Jase Facebook page. Love you guys x
01/10/2132m 23s

FULL SHOW: Lauren sucks at being an influencer

Today on the show find out why Lauren will never make a living out of influencing, whose DMs Jase has slid into and who has walked in on their parents doin' it. Love you guys x
01/10/2147m 10s

MINI: Two Bob's Worth

Lauren's dad Bobbie Phillips gives his weekly feedback on how the show is going. Love you guys x
01/10/217m 25s

EPIC TALES: Held hostage for 462 days

Australian Photojournalist Nigel Brennan was kidnapped by Islamic extremists in Somalia and held hostage for 462 days, where his captives were asking for $5m for his release. His tale of survival is worthy of a Hollywood film. This is Nigel's Epic Tale.
01/10/2130m 59s

DAILY WRAP: We don't need Jase

You can imagine Jase's reaction when he walks in 10 mins after we've started the poddy without him! Also, how annoying is your alarm? Love you guys x
30/09/2136m 34s

FULL SHOW: Sleeping nude is bad for your health!

We find out why sleeping naked is actually a lot more gross than you think, plus travel expert Angus Kidman tells us when the heck we can get out of here! Love you guys x
30/09/2146m 55s

MINI: Urzila Carlson

Funny lady Urzila is on the panel of The Masked Singer again this year and joined us this morning to talk about their ridiculous guesses such as P!nk and Mark Wahlberg. Love you guys x
30/09/216m 22s

MINI: When were you conceived?

September is a very popular month to be born, so what does your birthday say about when your parents conceived you? Get ready to feel sick. Love you guys x
29/09/218m 24s

DAILY WRAP: Who on the team has an innie?

Jane shows us a part of her body she feels very uncomfortable about showing, and she let her partner Darcy touch it for the first time.
29/09/2136m 55s

FULL SHOW: Lauren's been poisoned!

Bit of an upset tummy happening for poor Lauren today so we ask "who'd you poison?", plus Vic Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton on the show for Blue Ribbon Day. Love you guys x
29/09/2134m 34s

MINI: Ronnie & Georgia from The Block

Even if you don't watch The Block, you've probably heard of the scandal going down this season. Jase & Lauren try and get to the bottom of it with Ronnie & Georgia, plus ask what they really thought of that terrazzo kitchen. Love you guys x
29/09/215m 59s

MINI: Erotic Fiction Freedom Fantasies

A few restrictions ease today which got Jase & Lauren fantasising about the freedoms they'll soon experience.... but it got a bit weird! Love you guys x
28/09/215m 28s

DAILY WRAP: Minnie gets her own intro

Fill-in producer Minnie has history with Jase, luckily not the same history as poor Pingas who we've heard from before, but this involves what a terrible wedding guest he was for her. Love you guys! x
28/09/2128m 31s

FULL SHOW: Nazeem Hussain hates something we all love!

Naz joined us today to give his opinion that nobody asked for! Plus, we talk weird dog breeds. Love you guys x
28/09/2141m 47s

MINI: Karl Stefanovic & how to stay out late!

Karl joined us ahead of his appearance on The Hundred tonight with Andy Lee, and it got us into a conversation about techniques you can use to stay out longer without getting your partner mad! Love you guys x
28/09/2110m 18s

MINI: The Roadmap State Of Origin

It's VIC vs NSW in the race to freedom. Love you guys x
27/09/215m 5s

DAILY WRAP: Minnie From The Block aka 9 Toe Minnie

We're baaaaaaaack!! Filling in for Sk8lin, we have producer Minnie who has a few nicknames, plus Nazeem Hussain joins us for the poddy and Jase tells us how he can spot hub caps "from a million miles away". Love you guys x
27/09/2120m 7s

FULL SHOW: Don't tell me the 50k went off again!?

A biiiiiiig morning. We gave away 50 thousand dollars with the 50k Wordplay right before the break, so did it go off once again this morning? Also, Christian Petracca's mum joins us. Love you guys x
27/09/2145m 44s

MINI: Jase's son said WHAT??!!

Jase's 7 year old son Felix yelled something out in the park that made Jase look like a terrible father. Love you guys x
26/09/213m 28s

MINI: Christian Petracca

He's the man of the hour/weekend/year! The Norm Smith and premiership winner of 2021, our boy Christian Petracca from the Melbourne Demons joined bright and early (and very husky) from Perth this morning. Love you guys x
26/09/219m 50s

PRODUCER TAKEOVER: Does Sk8lin have the Rona??!!!

While Jase & Lauren are taking a week off, a few of the producers have decided to keep you company with a little pop up poddy. Love you guys x
21/09/2128m 37s

DAILY WRAP: Chatty Tony gets an absolute roasting!

A not so happy birthday to poor Chatty Tony who cops it in today's poddy, plus our 2nd MVP & Participation Awards Ceremony. Love you guys x
17/09/2136m 34s

FULL SHOW: Two Bob's Worth

Forget boss Chatty Tony giving feedback on the show, Lauren's dad Bobbie Phillips has a whole notepad full of things they could improve on! Plus, Christian Petracca gets his own mural painted of him and this morning was the big reveal! Love you guys x
17/09/2154m 49s

MINI: Julia Gillard

The former Prime Minister is now the chair of Beyond Blue and speaks about the importance of reaching out during this challenging time. Love you guys x
16/09/2112m 59s

MINI: Lorde!

Superstar Lorde was on the show today talking all about her new album Solar Power. Love you guys x
16/09/216m 13s

DAILY WRAP: There's a new pecking order

1 listener is in complete control of the pecking order around here, and The Nark isn't happy! Love you guys x
16/09/2123m 17s

FULL SHOW: A whole lotta 50K

Nazeem Hussain puts another Melburnian on his Wall of Fame, plus the 50k wordplay MUST GO OFF today so we may have had a few goes at it! Love you guys x
16/09/2158m 16s

MINI: Sabrina Frederick

She was on SAS Australia last year, now she's doing a debrief podcast about this season! Love you guys x
16/09/214m 45s

MINI: Give us your sexy facts!

We have found out which Melbourne suburbs are the friskiest, so Jase & Lauren want to guess how often you're "throwing the leg over" based on a few details. Love you guys x
15/09/2113m 25s

DAILY WRAP: Big boy in the Bathtub

The Nark will now be known as 'Big Boy in the Bathtub'. See the Relatable Jase Facebook page for reference. Also on today's poddy, Nonna talks way too much about another show. Love you guys x
15/09/2123m 31s

FULL SHOW: Who is Tonia Todman?

Lauren would like to get a guest on the show that Jase has never heard of, plus Susie Youssef talks about her brand new show on Channel 10! Love you guys x
15/09/2155m 42s

MINI: AFL mums go head to head!

Mel Jackson, mum of Luke Jackson from the Dees, went up against Lisa Dunkley, mum of Josh Dunkley from the Bulldogs, to see who knew their son better ahead of the grand final. Love you guys x
14/09/2112m 26s

MINI: Anastasia and Faye from Gogglebox

Our favourite ladies from Gogglebox join Jase & Lauren... and it turns out they could be joining them for more than just this interview! Love you guys x
14/09/216m 5s

DAILY WRAP: Lauren shat herself on a plane

Lauren had an accident on a flight. Plus, is boss Chatty Tony quarantining at home or is he now allowed to come into the office? It's a bloody rollercoaster! Love you guys x
14/09/2130m 25s

FULL SHOW: Who do you live next to?

We talk about the weird and whacky neighbours people have, plus Heath Shaw from SAS Australia on the show. Love you guys x
14/09/2154m 40s

MINI: Martha on The Hundred

We know and love her from MAFS, now Martha is appearing on Andy Lee's The Hundred. Love you guys x
13/09/215m 46s

DAILY WRAP: An ad for Aldi?

Nazeem Hussain walks in half way through the poddy today while everyone is having a heated debate about Aldi. Plus, producer Regional Sam keeps coming in on a Monday with a new terrible lockdown haircut. Love you guys x
13/09/2123m 5s

FULL SHOW: Cold calling someone to see if they'll answer

On today's show, Jase makes Lauren pick 1 person from her phone that would never miss a call from her, and if they don't answer, he gets control of her phone for an hour. Love you guys x
13/09/2151m 23s

MINI: Christian Petracca

Another huge win for the Dees on the weekend and this one means they're in the final for the first time in 21 years. We check in to see if Christian is feeling a little dusty seeing as he has 2 weeks off between now and the final! Love you guys x
13/09/2110m 51s

MINI: The call

Jase asks Lauren who in her phone would never miss a call from her... and if this person doesn't answer, he gets control of her phone for an hour. So will her nominated person answer? Love you guys x
12/09/2112m 22s

DAILY WRAP: The MVP and the...participation award

It's our first awards ceremony where everyone has to vote for an MVP and a "try harder next time" person. We'll work on the name. Love you guys x
10/09/2136m 16s

FULL SHOW: Petracca plays the 50k Wordplay!

Special guest Christian Petracca from the Melbourne Demons on the show today giving someone the chance to score 50 thousand dollars. Even more pressure than the big game this weekend! Also on the topic of footy, we ask where'd you lose your footy? Love you guys x
10/09/2150m 23s

MINI: Who gets the pizza oven?

Jase got two pizza ovens for his birthday this week, one from the team and one from his wife Lou, so we're spinning the pizza wheel to give it to a deserving winner! Love you guys x
10/09/2110m 48s

MINI: 911's 20 year anniversary

We had the privilege of speaking with father & daughter Jay & Rebecca who were just streets away from when the twin towers came down back in 2001. Love you guys x
09/09/2115m 26s

DAILY WRAP: Tomorrow's awards ceremony

Who will be the MVP and who will be the gimp? We decide tomorrow. Love you guys x
09/09/2129m 22s

FULL SHOW: Guess what Lou bought Jase!

We cannot believe what Jase's wife Lou ended up getting him for his 40th yesterday. Lauren doesn't know how to feel about it! Love you guys x
09/09/2154m 51s

MINI: Adam and Symon from GOGGLEBOX!

The boys are back in town! Adam and Symon are back on Gogglebox after a couple seasons off, and we get the pleasure of catching up with them this morning. Love you all <3
09/09/215m 37s


Today is R U OK day. We had an open chat about mental health, and got one of Lauren's best friends Nick on to talk about getting Lauren through one of the hardest times in her life. Love you all <3
08/09/2111m 50s

DAILY WRAP: Scissoring is for everyone

What did Chatty Tony get Jase for his 40th? And is everyone going to be nice to Jase because it's his birthday? HAHAH YEAH RIGHT!
08/09/2139m 54s

FULL SHOW: Jase is finally 40!

He's been dreading this day for years, but Jase has now officially hit the big 4 0. He gets given many gifts... but with a twist! Plus audio from his early radio days... get ready to cringe. Love you guys x
08/09/2151m 56s

MINI: Dating a snake owner

Jase is freaked out by snake owners, so are you one? Have you dated one? Love you guys x
08/09/2110m 23s

MINI: Kyle Sandilands

Kyle was on to wish Jase a happy 40th birthday and to reveal what he was like back in the day. Did you know Jase & Kyle once lived together? Love you guys x
07/09/2110m 43s

DAILY WRAP: We meet Shorty Brown The Clown!

(Apologies, the previous upload was the wrong file, let's try again!) Remember the other day when Jase spoke about his friend Shorty Brown The Clown (in Sydney, she lived)? Well she's a real person and she's on today's poddy! Love you guys x
07/09/2117m 56s

FULL SHOW: Jase's last day in his 30s!

It's the big 4 0 for Jase tomorrow and you won't believe what Lauren does to him to celebrate the last day of his 30s. Let's just say he now looks like a member of the Backstreet Boys. Love you guys x
07/09/2148m 56s

MINI: Jase nearly slipped a finger WHERE?!

This is why you shouldn't skimp on certain household items! Jase nearly had quite the situation. Warning: gross content ahead! Love you guys x
07/09/2114m 40s

MINI: Andy Lee

Andy Lee is hosting The Hundred on Channel 9 so Jase & Lauren play along answering a few questions that pop up on the show. Love you guys x
06/09/2111m 47s

DAILY WRAP: From the board room

Excuse the audio quality (or quawity as Jase would say) for today's poddy! We got kicked out of the studio so had to record from a meeting room! Love you guys x
06/09/2125m 22s

FULL SHOW: Sexy voices

We ask who has a sexy voice, and also play a game called guess that veggie! Love you guys x
06/09/2149m 42s

MINI: Jase nearly broke into The Block house!

Jase had a situation with his 5 year old son Huddy on the weekend that meant he nearly broke into Kirsty & Jesse's Block house, so what do they have to say about it when we get them on the phone? Love you guys x
06/09/2113m 17s

MINI: Nazeem Hussain's Wall Of Fame - Biggest Imposter Edition

Naz is in the house looking for another name to put on his 'Wall of Fame'. This week, he's looking for people who have pretended to be someone they're not. Love you guys x
06/09/2116m 20s

DAILY WRAP: In Sydney, she lived.

In Jase, we trust. It will make sense after you listen. Boy did we have a good giggle in today's poddy! Love you guys x
03/09/2133m 37s

FULL SHOW: Dad jokes!

With Father's Day approaching this weekend, Lauren's dad Bobbie Phillips plays the 50k Wordplay for somebody and we get your favourite dad jokes on the air! Love you guys x
03/09/211h 0m

MINI: Lauren's dad Bobbie Phillips

Since it's Father's day this weekend, meet Lauren's dad Bobbie! He gave us an insight into Lauren's teenage years. Love you guys x
02/09/214m 29s

MINI: Old phone, you still there? Patti & Keith edition

This week, Jase and Lauren have been going through their phones cold calling celebs they haven't spoken to in years. Today it's Patti Newton & Forman Keith's turn! Love you guys x
02/09/2110m 44s

DAILY WRAP: Jase is back baby!

Clint was hit on by a hottie and rejected her! Whaaaaat? Love you guys x
02/09/2118m 11s

FULL SHOW: Sledging Jase

The team lines up and sledges Jase for a bit of fun, plus Nazeem Hussain puts someone else on his Wall Of Fame. Love you guys x
02/09/211h 4m

MINI: Agro!

For some reason, Jase and the puppet Agro go way back! Jase cold calls him to have a chat, but Lauren is confused as to which puppet they're speaking to. Love you guys x
02/09/216m 22s

MINI: Jase opens up about why he was away

Yesterday Jase took a day off. It wasn't Covid symptoms or an upset stomach, but for a reason that is affecting a lot of people at the moment, particularly in Melbourne. Love you guys x (and lots of love Jase).
01/09/218m 58s

DAILY WRAP: Minus Jase, Plus Ryan

Jase is away, but Ryan Jon is here and tries to sell his carpark to DVD. Love you guys x
01/09/2115m 22s

FULL SHOW: Shane Crawford in for Jase

Jase was away sick today so Ryan Jon and Shane Crawford stepped in for him. Not only does Crawf dig up some dirt on his old mate Lauren Phillips, they chat about the history people had before they met their partner. Love you guys x
01/09/2153m 55s

MINI: Shane Crawford plays "Old Phone, You Still There?"

We introduced a new game yesterday where Jase & Lauren called celebrities in their phones who they hadn't spoken to in years. Today, Shane Crawford filled in for Jase and it was his turn to call someone in his phone.... Sam Newman! What a wild time. Love you guys x
01/09/2110m 50s

MINI: The Block's Mitch & Mark

Mitch & Mark from The Block chat all about the big cheating scandal that we saw last night. Love you guys x
31/08/216m 38s

DAILY WRAP: Clint's hilarious stuff up

We had a good lol during today's poddy - not only did we find audio of Clint's major stuff up on Nine News, we also gave Jase & Lauren's 5am pre-show a great name (of course it's X-rated). Love you guys x
31/08/2116m 49s

FULL SHOW: Hero Uber drivers!

Producer Regional Sam nearly died this morning, but an Uber driver came to the rescue! Also, Jase & Lauren guess your job based on your salary. Love you guys x
31/08/2154m 9s

MINI: Old phone, you still there?

It's a brand new game where Jase & Lauren go through their phones, find a celeb's number they haven't spoken to in years, and call it to see if it's still them. Let's just say calling an ex would be less awkward! Love you guys x
30/08/2111m 32s

MINI: Nazeem Hussain's Wall Of Fame - Worst Gift Edition

Hilarious Melbourne comedian Nazeem Hussain is back to put another name on his wall of fame. This week, it's the person who has received the worst gift ever! Love you guys x
30/08/2110m 7s

DAILY WRAP: Are we on tiktok?

DVD's sister popped up on tiktok and wowza, what a babe! Also, will Chatty Tony give Jase a vegas trip for his 40th? Love you guys x
30/08/2120m 19s

FULL SHOW: Drive-thru weddings

Would you have a shotgun wedding through a drive-thru? Also, Rebecca Madden on the show. Love you guys x
30/08/2152m 59s

MINI: Christian Petracca

Coming off another big win on the weekend, AFL superstar Christian Petracca from the Dees joins us and lets us know his thoughts on Toby Greene's run in with an umpire. Love you guys x
30/08/2110m 50s

MINI: The massage chair

Jase bought his wife Lou a massage chair... sorry... massage CUSHION for her birthday, so what does a body language expert have to say when she sees the video of Lou's reaction. Did she really like it or was she flat out lying? Love you guys x
29/08/2112m 42s

DAILY WRAP: Jase fails with the flowers!

Jase is on the road again for the poddy and keeps having to turn back because he has forgotten something. Also, how is DVD going in lockdown? Love you guys x
27/08/2122m 18s

FULL SHOW: KFC for the tradies!

Will our carry over champion David win Tradie Trivia and get $500 worth of KFC for his jobsite? Also, Loz brings us some good news heading into the weekend. Love you guys x
27/08/2142m 14s

MINI: Jase's present for his wife

It's Lou's birthday today and the gift Jase bought for her is... questionable. Lucky Lauren has come to the rescue! Love you guys x
26/08/215m 52s

MINI: What have you done with a spare key?

You won't believe what the real estate agent walked in on when he thought Lauren wasn't home! Love you guys x
26/08/219m 28s

DAILY WRAP: Where is Jase?

Jase is MIA for the poddy... or is he? Love you guys x
26/08/2123m 41s

FULL SHOW: Another swear jar!

Jase's son Felix is once again in the house which means no swearing or it'll cost us... and this time, it's a LOT! Also on the show we ask about your stripper stories! Love you guys x
26/08/2153m 4s

MINI: Matt Damon!!

We spoke to Nazeem Hussain this morning about bad neighbours, so Jase then surprised Lauren with her former Byron Bay neighbour.... Matt Damon! He reveals all about what Lauren is like as a guest, and it's not all pleasant! Love you guys x
25/08/218m 3s

MINI: Nazeem Hussain's Wall Of Fame - Worst Neighbours Edition

Naz is back to put another person on his 'Wall Of Fame'. This time it's the worst neighbour in Melbourne. Love you guys x
25/08/2113m 34s

DAILY WRAP: Lauren learns the buttons!

Jase leaves the studio so Lauren takes over the panel, plus find out why Jase is turning into David from Schitt's Creek. Love you guys x
25/08/2122m 23s

FULL SHOW: Naughty cop surprise!

Jase had a book week themed surprise for Lauren, plus deputy PM James Merlino reveals the positive results for Victorian school students amid the pandemic. Love you guys x
25/08/2151m 55s

MINI: What doesn't your partner know you're doing?

Whether it's a nice birthday surprise or a secret family, we want to know what you're hiding from your partner! Love you guys x
24/08/2110m 8s

MINI: Callum Scott!

The lovely Callum Scott has a brand new single and is now a radio host! Jase & Lauren checked in to see how it was all going. Love you guys x
24/08/216m 3s

DAILY WRAP: Our favourite ads

We spoke about memorable ads on the show today which then continued in today's poddy, ft Nonna's entire Menulog rendition. Love you guys x
24/08/2117m 36s

FULL SHOW: What would you do if you were Dan Andrews for a day?

Plus, how are Jase & Lauren going with the whole 'let us in your Whatsapp group' thing? Love you guys x
24/08/211h 10m

MINI: An unforgettable 50k Wordplay

We give people the chance to win 50k every single day, and today's is one you don't want to miss! Love you guys x
24/08/2110m 59s

MINI: Favourite retro ads

The new QANTAS ad hit us right in the feels. It got us chatting about ads you'll never forget! Love you guys x
23/08/2111m 46s

DAILY WRAP: Special Guest - Lauren's Mum!

Also Nazeem Hussain once again swings by for the poddy, plus MORE CAKE!! Love you guys x
23/08/2140m 51s

FULL SHOW: What's your Whatsapp group?

Jase & Lauren want to join your Whatsapp group, plus if you did something mundane in lockdown, was it as bad as these callers? Love you guys x
23/08/2159m 28s

MINI: Doing VCE during Covid

It's tough for all school kids during this time, but imagine doing year 11 and 12 during the pandemic! Sophia Murray is in year 12 at Loreto and tells us all about what the past 18 months have been like, plus the petition you can sign to help out. Love you guys x
23/08/217m 27s

MINI: What a win for the Dees!

Christian Petracca joins us after the huge win on the weekend, and we get an insight into what the boys chat about in their Whatsapp group! Love you guys x
22/08/2112m 24s

DAILY WRAP: We're goin' to Vegas babyyyyy!

Also Clint talks a LOT about his uncle Alan..... Love you guys x
20/08/2122m 35s

FULL SHOW: Did you nearly die?

Plus, it's Feel Good Friday! Love you guys x
20/08/2153m 2s

MINI: What's in your freezer?

Lauren is horrified with the state of the work freezer so first we make her clean it out, then we take your calls on the gross stuff you've found in yours! Love you guys x
20/08/2112m 4s

MINI: Speed Mating - Montage

A look back at all the things Jase & Lauren got to know about each other during their "Speed Mating" aka asking each other 100 questions each over a 6 hour period. Love you guys x
20/08/216m 14s

DAILY WRAP: What's your cocktail?

We may be doing a zoom cocktail night, plus DVD is #famous! Love you guys x
19/08/2137m 20s

FULL SHOW: What got stuck inside you?

Plus, rock bottom moments that we can laugh at! Love you guys x
19/08/2139m 16s

MINI: Tragedy in Afghanistan

A very confronting but important conversation with Afghan Australian journalism student Shamsiya Hussainpoor.
19/08/217m 47s

MINI: Nazeem Hussain's Wall Of Fame - Biggest Impulse Purchase

Naz is back to put someone else on his Wall Of Fame, but this time, Jase has a very expensive twist for the team! Love you guys x
18/08/2119m 17s

DAILY WRAP: Let's get plonked (responsibly)!

As always, food is a main topic today. Love you guys x
18/08/2127m 39s

FULL SHOW: Do you live in a murder house?

Has anything happened in the house you live in prior to you moving in? Also, Reuben from Peking Duk on the show! Love you guys
18/08/2153m 48s

MINI: Tanya Hennessy

Tanya chats all things breakfast radio, make-up, and pissing in lamingtons!
18/08/216m 1s

MINI: Speed Mating - Tattoos

Tell us your tat, we'll guess where it is! Love you guys x
17/08/2112m 38s

DAILY WRAP: Sam's plans to boost morale

Producer Regional Sam has some suggestions to get us in a good mood... but are they any good? Love you guys x
17/08/2127m 58s

FULL SHOW: Dreaming of your ex

Jase's wife had a dream he would rather not know about, plus Nazeem Hussain stops by to put another person on his Wall Of Fame! Love you guys x
17/08/2158m 58s

MINI: Abbie Chatfield!

The 100 with Andy Lee is taking over our TVs and Abbie Chatfield joins the cast tonight!
16/08/216m 27s

MINI: Speed Mating - Thongs

Lauren's not a true blue Aussie!!! Love you all <3
16/08/215m 15s

DAILY WRAP: Special guest Nazeem Hussain

Naz pops in for the poddy. Apologies for the low mood today, everyone is just ooooooover lockdown. Love you guys x
16/08/2123m 54s

FULL SHOW: The Block contestants have gone rogue

Plus, Christian Petracca gets asked the tough questions. Love you guys x
16/08/2150m 32s

MINI: Speed Mating - Jase pictures couples doin' it!

While Lauren gets to know Jase, she learns all the very disturbing parts about him! Love you guys x
16/08/2111m 12s

MINI: People breaking the rules!

A group of people allegedly had an engagement party during lockdown over the weekend. What is wrong with some people, honestly!? Love you guys x
15/08/216m 0s

DAILY WRAP: Clint owns a racehorse!

Plus, each team member needs a hand signal??? Love you guys x
13/08/2114m 20s

FULL SHOW: Good news Friday!

On the show today we talk naughty nannies..... it's not as weird as it sounds, we promise. Love you guys x
13/08/2144m 50s

MINI: The Grant Denyer Sex Dream!

Strap in for possibly the most awkward and hilarious moment of the show so far. Loz had a sex dream about Grant Denyer so how does she react when Jase gets him on the show!? Love you guys x
12/08/2110m 33s

MINI: AFLW's Katie Brennan

It has been announced that all 18 AFL clubs will now have AFLW teams. Yay! Love you guys x
12/08/216m 57s

DAILY WRAP: Special guest Felix!

Jase's son is in the house so how much will the poddy cost everyone when he is putting $1 in the swear jar each time. We're estimating around 7K. Love you guys x
12/08/2129m 39s

FULL SHOW: Working through injuries

On the show today we chat about things that you thought you were eating/drinking, but it was really something else. Plus, will our tradie playing Tradie Trivia be the carry over champ once again? Love you guys x
12/08/2144m 4s

MINI: Speed Mating - Visiting Schapelle in prison

Lauren recounts the story of when she visited Schapelle Corby in Bali. Also an ex prison guard joins the show! Love you guys x
11/08/2113m 29s

MINI: Nazeem Hussain's Wall Of Fame - Biggest Age Gap Edition

Who is next to go on Naz's Wall of Fame? Love you guys x
11/08/2112m 36s

DAILY WRAP: Are we saying RIDP to the poddy?

In today's poddy, Jase gets caked. He gets caked real good. Love you guys x
11/08/2126m 41s

FULL SHOW: What'd you get fined for?

Plus, Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants on the show. Love you guys x
11/08/2147m 3s

MINI: Speed Mating - Bad dads

Lauren learned about Jase's parenting habits and let's just say they were quite concerning. Love you guys x
10/08/219m 22s

MINI: Dead or alive

A grim yet fun game. Guess if the celeb is dead or alive.... I told you it was grim. Love you guys x
10/08/217m 24s

DAILY WRAP: Pyramid Schemes

Lots of gadget chat! Love you guys x
10/08/2129m 45s

FULL SHOW: Relatable Lauren

Lauren is slowly learning that anything she says in this building, on or off air, will be recorded and used against her! Love you guys x
10/08/2148m 20s

MINI: Speed Mating - Bad dates

While Jason & Lauren were locked in a room asking each other 100 questions each, they got onto the topic of pregnancy scares and dates gone wrong. Love you guys x
10/08/2112m 6s

MINI: Christian Petracca

Every week we're getting Dees player Christian Petracca on to chat all things footy... and maybe a bit of Italian food chat too. Love you guys x
09/08/216m 58s

DAILY WRAP: Too many treats!

First official daily wrap of the new show! Lauren tries to gain access to our unofficial private Facebook page 'Relatable Jase'. Love you guys x
09/08/2131m 20s

FULL SHOW: Jase & Lauren's very first proper show together!

They've done trial runs and pop-up shows but today was officially day 1 of the brand new breakfast show with Jase & Lauren. Love you guys x
09/08/2155m 7s

MINI: Speed Mating - Lauren opens up

Jase & Lauren were locked in a room until each answered 100 questions. To kick things off, we learn about Lauren's marriage breakdown and the tough time that followed. Love you guys x
08/08/219m 5s

MINI: Nazeem Hussain's Wall Of Fame

Friend of the show Nazeem stopped by for his brand new segment. Love you guys x
08/08/2113m 13s

DAILY WRAP: Another pop up!

Surprise! We had time for a poddy today. We get very special guest Hitchy on to see if he'll be Sam's reference for a rental. Love you guys x
05/08/2146m 29s

DAILY WRAP: First one with the new crew.

Can Lauren & Clint keep up with the chaos that is the poddy? Also RIDP to the 'PJ is Rich' Facebook page, but hellooooooo to the 'Relatable Jase' page! Love you guys x
30/07/2147m 37s

FULL POP-UP SHOW: Meet the family!

Jase & Lauren are officially launching on Melbourne's KIIS 1011 on Monday August 9 as the brand new breakfast show, but as a little surprise this morning they did a 1 hour pop-up show to introduce you to our newest family members Nazeem Hussain, Clint Stanaway and Christian Petracca. Here's the full show, but feel free to listen to each chat individually in our mini episodes below. Love you guys x
29/07/2123m 46s

MINI: Welcome Christian Petracca!

Each week, AFL superstar Christian Petracca will be chatting to Jase & Lauren about all things footy, and hopefully bringing in some of his mum's lasagne for the team! Love you guys x
29/07/216m 41s

MINI: Welcome Clint Stanaway!

You may have seen him on 9 News bringing you all of your latest sport updates, and now Clint is part of the Jase & Lauren fam, giving us our news and talking all things sport each day. Love you guys x
29/07/215m 55s

MINI: Welcome Nazeem Hussain!

For our pop-up Jase & Lauren show today, we are introducing you to the newest members of our family. First up, hilarious comedian Nazeem Hussain who will be on the show each week. Love you guys x
29/07/216m 14s


A nice long send off for PJ. Enjoy! Love you baiii
23/07/211h 10m


Get the tissues ready! What a send off for our amazing PJ. We love you so much Polly, all the best with everything in the future!! xxxxxx
23/07/211h 17m

DAILY WRAP: New family member!

Lauren Phillips joins the team so the big question is... has something terrible happened to her before? Love you baiiii
22/07/2128m 44s

FULL SHOW: How'd you accidentally injure your partner?

Plus Kyle Sandilands on the show, and Lauren Phillips hangs around after she's announced as the new host and gets to know Jase. Love you baiii
22/07/2151m 45s

MINI: Welcome the new host.. LAUREN PHILLIPS!

We have finally found out who Jase's new co-host is! Love you baiiii
21/07/2119m 16s

MINI: Anthony Albanese

After Jase's comments to ScoMo blew up yesterday (including asking him to spell S-O-R-R-Y), we thought we'd give Albo a spelling test, Love you baiiii
21/07/216m 4s

DAILY WRAP: PJ's survivor gets controversial

Plus, reasons each team member would end up in prison. Love you baiiii
21/07/2139m 21s

FULL SHOW: What happened on the loo?

Tom Grennan on the show, plus we look back at the time PJ had woolly nipples. Love you baiii
21/07/2154m 28s

MINI: Jase asks ScoMo for an apology

Does the Prime Minister finally take accountability for the vaccine rollout? Listen to find out. Love you baiiii
20/07/2111m 14s

MINI: The new Bachelor Jimmy!

Of course Jase does his pilot impression to him... classic! Love you baiiii
20/07/215m 50s

DAILY WRAP: Nonna has failed with her cheesecake

Plus, who is next to the be thrown to the sharks in PJ's game of survivor? Love you baiiii
20/07/2127m 43s

FULL SHOW: Who you should never sleep with!

Plus, one of our absolute favourite PJ moments for her final week. Love you baiiii
20/07/211h 0m

MINI: Beauty & The Geek's Kiran & Bryanna

Never mind MAFS or The Bachelor, this is the show to watch if you want to see love blossom! Love you baiiii
20/07/215m 40s

MINI: Tones and I!

The hugely successful Melbourne girl joins Jase & PJ on the show. Love you baiii
19/07/215m 14s

DAILY WRAP: PJ begins survivor!

And we met our new receptionist. Love you baiiiii
19/07/2136m 2s

FULL SHOW: More clues revealed for the new co-host!

Plus, PJ's hens party on the weekend was a wild one! Love you baiiiii
19/07/2155m 44s

MINI: How'd you hurt your bits?

Get ready to grab your crotch. Love you baiiii
18/07/2110m 56s

MINI: One of PJ's best moments

This week for PJ's final week we are reliving one of her most embarrassing moments. It's not PG. Love you baiii
18/07/215m 51s

DAILY WRAP: We got keep cups!

Plus, is PJ getting a stripper? Love you baiiii
16/07/2128m 24s
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