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Jase & Lauren

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Jase may be hitting 40, but he still acts like a child. Known for his pranks and immature antics along with a borderline food delivery service addiction, prepare to experience a lot of second-hand embarrassment and laugh out loud moments. And Lauren is the new kid on the block, but you might have seen the born and bred Melburnian on Kids WB, Postcards or Weekend Today… remember that time Chris Hemsworth aka Thor hijacked her weather? Together, Jase & Lauren bring their humour, warmth and good vibes to leave you in a great mood. Launching Monday, August 9 on KIIS 1011.


DAILY WRAP: Another pop up!

Surprise! We had time for a poddy today. We get very special guest Hitchy on to see if he'll be Sam's reference for a rental. Love you guys x
05/08/2146m 14s

DAILY WRAP: First one with the new crew.

Can Lauren & Clint keep up with the chaos that is the poddy? Also RIDP to the 'PJ is Rich' Facebook page, but hellooooooo to the 'Relatable Jase' page! Love you guys x
30/07/2147m 22s

FULL POP-UP SHOW: Meet the family!

Jase & Lauren are officially launching on Melbourne's KIIS 1011 on Monday August 9 as the brand new breakfast show, but as a little surprise this morning they did a 1 hour pop-up show to introduce you to our newest family members Nazeem Hussain, Clint Stanaway and Christian Petracca. Here's the full show, but feel free to listen to each chat individually in our mini episodes below. Love you guys x
29/07/2123m 31s

MINI: Welcome Christian Petracca!

Each week, AFL superstar Christian Petracca will be chatting to Jase & Lauren about all things footy, and hopefully bringing in some of his mum's lasagne for the team! Love you guys x
29/07/216m 26s

MINI: Welcome Clint Stanaway!

You may have seen him on 9 News bringing you all of your latest sport updates, and now Clint is part of the Jase & Lauren fam, giving us our news and talking all things sport each day. Love you guys x
29/07/215m 40s

MINI: Welcome Nazeem Hussain!

For our pop-up Jase & Lauren show today, we are introducing you to the newest members of our family. First up, hilarious comedian Nazeem Hussain who will be on the show each week. Love you guys x
29/07/215m 59s


A nice long send off for PJ. Enjoy! Love you baiii
23/07/211h 9m


Get the tissues ready! What a send off for our amazing PJ. We love you so much Polly, all the best with everything in the future!! xxxxxx
23/07/211h 17m

DAILY WRAP: New family member!

Lauren Phillips joins the team so the big question is... has something terrible happened to her before? Love you baiiii
22/07/2128m 29s

FULL SHOW: How'd you accidentally injure your partner?

Plus Kyle Sandilands on the show, and Lauren Phillips hangs around after she's announced as the new host and gets to know Jase. Love you baiii
22/07/2151m 30s

MINI: Welcome the new host.. LAUREN PHILLIPS!

We have finally found out who Jase's new co-host is! Love you baiiii
21/07/2119m 1s

MINI: Anthony Albanese

After Jase's comments to ScoMo blew up yesterday (including asking him to spell S-O-R-R-Y), we thought we'd give Albo a spelling test, Love you baiiii
21/07/215m 49s

DAILY WRAP: PJ's survivor gets controversial

Plus, reasons each team member would end up in prison. Love you baiiii
21/07/2139m 6s

FULL SHOW: What happened on the loo?

Tom Grennan on the show, plus we look back at the time PJ had woolly nipples. Love you baiii
21/07/2154m 13s

MINI: Jase asks ScoMo for an apology

Does the Prime Minister finally take accountability for the vaccine rollout? Listen to find out. Love you baiiii
20/07/2110m 59s

MINI: The new Bachelor Jimmy!

Of course Jase does his pilot impression to him... classic! Love you baiiii
20/07/215m 35s

DAILY WRAP: Nonna has failed with her cheesecake

Plus, who is next to the be thrown to the sharks in PJ's game of survivor? Love you baiiii
20/07/2127m 28s

FULL SHOW: Who you should never sleep with!

Plus, one of our absolute favourite PJ moments for her final week. Love you baiiii
20/07/211h 0m

MINI: Beauty & The Geek's Kiran & Bryanna

Never mind MAFS or The Bachelor, this is the show to watch if you want to see love blossom! Love you baiiii
20/07/215m 25s

MINI: Tones and I!

The hugely successful Melbourne girl joins Jase & PJ on the show. Love you baiii
19/07/214m 59s

DAILY WRAP: PJ begins survivor!

And we met our new receptionist. Love you baiiiii
19/07/2135m 47s

FULL SHOW: More clues revealed for the new co-host!

Plus, PJ's hens party on the weekend was a wild one! Love you baiiiii
19/07/2155m 29s

MINI: How'd you hurt your bits?

Get ready to grab your crotch. Love you baiiii
18/07/2110m 41s

MINI: One of PJ's best moments

This week for PJ's final week we are reliving one of her most embarrassing moments. It's not PG. Love you baiii
18/07/215m 36s

DAILY WRAP: We got keep cups!

Plus, is PJ getting a stripper? Love you baiiii
16/07/2128m 9s

FULL SHOW: Where'd you get stuck?

Plus, Jase's son Huddy is doing something very questionable at Kinder! Love you baiiiii
16/07/2144m 12s

MINI: Give Us The Facts - Egg Edition

Lockdown isn't fun so let's get silly with a game of how do you have your eggs! Love you baiiii
16/07/2111m 19s

MINI: Co-host who?

A fun game to narrow down who Jase's new co-host will be! Love you baiiiiiii
15/07/2110m 15s

DAILY WRAP: Chatty Tony's demo

Plus, Sach's story about someone faking a death! Love you baiiiiiiii
15/07/2130m 44s

FULL SHOW: Dude, where's my car?

Million dollar food ideas, salty eyebrows and unusual jobs - today's show has a bit of everything! Love you baiiiiii
15/07/2158m 20s

MINI: As if these laws exist!

A new strange new law is being enforced in Victoria so Jase & PJ go through the strangest laws in Australia. Love you baiiiii
14/07/213m 51s

MINI: The pet parlour

There is actually a day spa for dogs, so Jase tries to book in his dog "Polly" for a treatment. Love you baiiiii
14/07/214m 42s

DAILY WRAP: New name for PJ is Rich

Jase is BACK!!! Love you all <3
14/07/2137m 7s

FULL SHOW: Walking kids on a leash

Plus, Jase give us TMI about what he wants to do with his wife Lou. Love you baiiiii
14/07/2149m 46s

MINI: Simon Cohen from Luxe Listings Sydney

Need property advice? Simon's your man! Love you baiiiiii
14/07/216m 32s

MINI: PJ's mum's turn to watch THAT scene in Sex/Life

Jase's mum saw the dong yesterday, now it's PJ's mum's turn! Love you baiiiiiii
13/07/214m 55s

DAILY WRAP: How heavy is a hot tub?

Asking for a friend. Love you all <3
13/07/2137m 43s

FULL SHOW: Andy Allen plays 5K Wordplay!

It was EPIC... Love you all <3
13/07/2152m 30s

MINI: Jase's Mum watches THAT scene from Sex/Life

Quite an unexpected reaction from Janet! Love you all <3
13/07/214m 30s

MINI: Rocketman Scott!

Scott is of to outer space with Richard Branson's new venture Virgin Galactic! Love you all <3
13/07/216m 20s

DAILY WRAP: The A-Jase-da

The gang are back!!! Love you all <3
12/07/2126m 34s

FULL SHOW: We're on the bandwagon!

Happy Euro 2020 day! Also PJ ran into her ex on the weekend and made it REALLY awkward... Love you all <3
12/07/2135m 2s

MINI: What did you do on Autopilot?

Jase is a criminal... He received a call from the police because he broke the law while on Autopilot... Love you all <3
11/07/217m 47s

MINI: Broken Bones!

After Conor McGregor's NASTY leg break in the UFC fight over the weekend... We asked how many bones have you broken? Love you all <3
11/07/218m 13s

PRODUCER TAKEOVER: Dinner Reservations and Pronunciations

Happy Friday!!! Is Nonna a bad person? Love you all <3
08/07/2130m 48s

RE-HEAT! PODDY INTRO: The birth of the Jase & PJ Jingle

It was also Jase's birthday AND Sam's 2nd day on the show! RIDP "Hot Guy" nickname. Love you all <3
08/07/2130m 18s

PRODUCER TAKEOVER: Useless skills and Influencing

Also, RIDP "Suburban Sam"... Love you all <3
07/07/2130m 42s

PRODUCER TAKEOVER: Keep Cups and Will Kits

Thanks to our sponsor! Love you all <3
06/07/2131m 49s

PRODUCER TAKEOVER: The team is (mostly) back!!!

They're baaaaaaaack! Sk8lin, Nark, DVD, Nonna, Scatman, even Sam (sort of)... Love you all <3
05/07/2139m 18s

RE-HEAT! Sach's Bogan Wedding Predictions

To celebrate Swingin' Sacha's wedding day tomorrow (OMG IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!!), here's a massive throwback to 2019 when the team were predicting her "Bogan wedding". HAPPY WEDDING DAY SACHA!!! Love you all <3
02/07/2114m 50s

PRODUCER TAKEOVER: Happy 30th Birthday Scatman!

Scatman, Regional Sam, Nonna & DVD in the house. Love you baiiiiiii
01/07/2144m 19s

A LITTLE EXTRA SUMTH'N - A Producer Takeover

Nonna, Regional Sam & Scatman have gone rogue and talk about Sam's foul mood, DJ Scatman's new track, childhood injuries & new podcast ideas. Love you baiiiiiiii.
30/06/2142m 0s

RE-HEAT! PODDY INTRO: (18+) How'd the team lose their virginity?

Not one for the kids! One of the most honest and open (and dirtiest) poddy intros of 2020. Love you all <3
30/06/2131m 59s

RE-HEAT! MINI: Hitchy's Birthday!

Throwback to the unofficial mayor of Melbourne's birthday! We got him a gift that he'll never forget. Love you all <3
28/06/2111m 1s

RE-HEAT! DAILY WRAP: The birth of the "Seal noise"

We're re-living some of our favourite poddy episodes! Love you all <3
27/06/2126m 25s

DAILY WRAP: (R18+) Thirsty Sk8lin

This one's NOT a "Kids in the car" episode... Bloody Sk8lin! Love you all <3
25/06/2131m 32s

FULL SHOW: BYO Condiments?

Also, PJ got some weird underwear for her 19th birthday... Love you all <3
25/06/211h 0m

MINI: Our Uber Ratings!

The team came clean about their Uber ratings... No surprises here really!
24/06/214m 36s

MINI: Sophie Monk

She's hosting the new season of Beauty and the Geek and she joined us to spill all the BTS action!
24/06/215m 48s


The wheels are OFF today! Love you all <3
24/06/2136m 30s

FULL SHOW: PJ's Mum found her... Hair curler?

Also, how Boujee was your school??? Love you all <3
24/06/2155m 20s

MINI: Was your school Basic or Boujee?

We can hear the headlines now... "Jase tells 16-year-old to get stuffed on his birthday". Love you all <3
23/06/217m 55s

MINI: Sam's (Jase's) House!

Jase has kindly offered Sam his house while he's away, but Sam isn't having the easiest time adjusting to a much nicer lifestyle...
23/06/214m 51s

DAILY WRAP: The meeting that shall not be discussed

A short and sweet one today sorry!!! Love you all <3
23/06/2113m 41s

FULL SHOW: The team storms out!

Also... Where do you stash your cash? Love you all <3
23/06/2146m 21s

MINI: Mark Kilian

Mark and his partner made headlines this week, they're desperately trying to get into QLD to see Mark's father
22/06/218m 7s

MINI: Victoria Devine!!!

She's behind Australia's biggest money and finance podcast "She's On The Money", and we gave her Jase and PJ's bank statements to trawl through with a fine tooth comb!
22/06/219m 25s

DAILY WRAP: Sk8lin's business idea...

Would you make a booking? Love you all <3
22/06/2142m 33s

FULL SHOW: Sam keeps feeding cats in Jase's yard

Also, how long have you used something before returning it? Love you all <3
22/06/2152m 9s

MINI: Glenn Robbins!!!

He's an Aussie icon, and apparently caught Jase in a pretty awkward situation!
21/06/215m 19s

MINI: Nazeem Hussain!!!

He's asking the hard-hitting questions on ABC's Australia Talks and he joined us to chat about it!
21/06/216m 36s

DAILY WRAP: We're getting a puppy!!!

Also, Sam has a MASSIVE surprise for Jase's family... Love you all <3
21/06/2130m 51s

FULL SHOW: Dad Jokes!

Turns out neither Jase nor PJ are very good at understanding jokes.......... Love you all <3
21/06/2157m 59s

MINI: Ryan Shelton!

Aussie funny man Ryan Shelton has a new app!
20/06/214m 52s

MINI: Dane Swan!

Swanny joins the guys every Monday morning in the studio, this morning was all about manscaping and crowd capacities!
20/06/216m 20s

DAILY WRAP: Haircuts + Scatman's guilty pleasure

Plus... We've committed to a 45+ min Daily Wrap next week... Sort of............... Love you all <3
18/06/2120m 30s

FULL SHOW: Normalise It + What's your wallpaper?

Plus FREE FOOD FRIDAY! Love you all <3
18/06/2148m 16s

MINI: Ben Fordham!

He's a massive supporter of the show and is about to embark on a new season of Ninja Warrior with Nick Kyrgios! Love you all <3
17/06/216m 43s

MINI: Sam's (Actually Jase's) House!

There was a bit of drama over at Jase's house last night. Sam's just trying to live his best life! Love you all <3
17/06/2112m 46s

DAILY WRAP: Has Jase had a threesome?

Plus, special guest Lou on the poddy. Love you baiiiiiii
17/06/2131m 42s

FULL SHOW: Cheating on the family business

Plus - How long was your break?! Love you all <3
17/06/2144m 33s

MINI: Food Trauma!

After an Olympian blamed a burrito for her positive steroids test, we asked listeners what Food Trauma they have! Love you all <3
17/06/2111m 11s

MINI: Men's Health Week - Jonathan

Jonathan joined us on air for an open chat about his battle with testicular cancer earlier this year. Love you all <3
16/06/214m 46s

DAILY WRAP: Jase's dirty dream

Plus an update from Sam about Jase's house! Love you all <3
16/06/2118m 5s

FULL SHOW: Bunnings Sausage guy!

He didn't like any of the nicknames we came up for him........ Love you all <3
16/06/2148m 30s

MINI: Shaynna Blaze

Shaynna Blaze took out Celebrity Apprentice 2021 last night! Jase couldn't help but ask her about the new Block houses down the street from his house...
15/06/218m 13s

MINI: Ryder from Tomorrow Man

Ryder joined Jase and PJ on air to chat about Men's Health Week and what Tomorrow Man are doing to support Men's mental health awareness
15/06/2112m 59s

DAILY WRAP: Sam has become Jase...

How's Sam going living the lavish life of Jase Hawkins? Love you all <3
15/06/2122m 36s

FULL SHOW: Beat My Burn!

Jase and PJ both burned themselves pretty badly over the weekend! Plus, are you a lawn freak? Love you all <3
15/06/2158m 44s

MINI: Dr Zac - Men's Health Week

It's Men's Health Week this week, and friend of the show Dr Zac joined us for a special MINI today - Focusing on self-checks all men can do at home.
14/06/2112m 4s

MINI: Martha - Celebrity Apprentice

Were The Veronicas right to be outraged at their portrayal on the show? Martha weighs in!
14/06/214m 54s

DAILY WRAP: Jase no longer has the power!

Also... Jase gave Sam his house?!?! Love you all <3
11/06/2118m 39s

FULL SHOW: Jase gives Sam his house + Miguel plays 5k Wordplay!

Plus Razor Ray on the phone!!! Love you all <3
11/06/211h 2m

MINI: Miguel Maestre!

The King of the Jungle Miguel Maestre dropped in for a chat about his recent trip to Tasmania hunting for the ellusive Black Truffle
10/06/216m 45s

MINI: Rag N Bone Man!

He's just dropped an incredible new song with P!nk called "Anywhere Away From Here" and the guys had the absolute pleasure of chatting with him on air!
10/06/215m 10s

DAILY WRAP: Jase was an altar boy!

Plus, what's your favourite magnum? Love you baiiii
10/06/2123m 35s

FULL SHOW: James Magnuson on the show

Plus, what does an echidna penis look like? Love you baiiiii
10/06/2154m 58s

MINI: Is Swanny the new coach of Collingwood?!

Dane Swan reveals if he has been asked to take Nathan Buckley's role. Love you baiiiii
09/06/216m 47s

MINI: PJ has to choose over her fiancé BJ and her cat Jo Jo!

Would you choose your pet over your partner? Love you baiiiiii
09/06/217m 42s

DAILY WRAP: Jase's police ride along

Plus, what posts should be approved on PJ is rich? Love you baiiiiii
09/06/2136m 16s

FULL SHOW: Jase has HOW many unread emails?!

Plus, old people complain about young people and young people complain about old people. Love you baiiiiii
09/06/2154m 43s

MINI: Croc confessions

If you're a croc wearer, would you go as far as this new style that has come out? Love you baiiiii
09/06/2112m 34s

MINI: PJ's email scam

Watch out for this terrifying email! And don't hand over the cash! Love you baiiiiii
09/06/216m 17s

DAILY WRAP: Nonna's hickey, Sk8lin's sore tum tum & DVD's fridge

A whole lotta nothing discussed on today's poddie, but still fun! Love you baiiiii
08/06/2131m 32s

FULL SHOW: Is PJ's fiancé BJ okay?

Plus, what is the one thing you won't skimp on when it comes to budgeting. Love you baiiiii
08/06/2155m 18s

MINI: How'd you move something?

Imagine moving a couch on a skateboard! Love you baiiiii
07/06/219m 37s

MINI: PJ takes a lie detector test!

Jase asked some very confronting questions! Love you baiiiii
07/06/215m 19s


Also, who would Jase hook up with out of everyone on the team? Love you baiiiiiii
07/06/2128m 29s

FULL SHOW: If you hear this rumour about PJ... it's true!

Plus, Dane Swan on the show. Love you baiiiiiii
07/06/2153m 30s

MINI: Melissa Leong from Masterchef

As per usual, PJ reveals TMI to our guest. Love you baiiiiiii
07/06/216m 55s

MINI: Have you seen a UFO?

And nobody believes you? Love you baiiiii
06/06/2111m 6s

DAILY WRAP: Shout out to Scott Robinson from Five

Plus, the story of Sacha & the elephant. Love you baiiiii
04/06/2138m 50s

FULL SHOW: Ian Thorpe & annoying customers

Plus, Jase is disappointed in his son for one of his life choices. Love you baiiiiii
04/06/2150m 49s

MINI: Saying the wrong thing

What did you mean to say, and what did you accidentally say instead? Love you baiiiii
03/06/218m 5s

MINI: Vance Joy

He joins us from Spain so does he know what PJ's fiancé's Spanish tattoo means? Love you baiiiii
03/06/215m 16s

DAILY WRAP: R 18+ Poddy today! You're welcome.

What colour is PJ's bu..... ah you know what, filthy content ahead. You have been warned. Love you baiiiiiii
03/06/2130m 52s

FULL SHOW: Do you care if your partner watches adult videos?

Plus, PJ wants to get another certain household appliance so they have a his and hers... must be nice! Love you baiiiiiii
03/06/211h 4m

MINI: What it's REALLY like working with Jase & PJ

The results may shock you! (Or may not) Love you baiiiiiii
02/06/216m 59s

MINI: PJ wants her cat as her bridesmaid!

Jase ain't happy about this one! Love you baiiiiiii
02/06/214m 59s

DAILY WRAP: The Nark was papped!

Jase & PJ are no longer the most famous on the team. Love you baiiiiiii
02/06/2128m 30s

FULL SHOW: Messed up food cravings

Plus, you won't believe what a woman remembers from her childhood! Love you baiiiiii
02/06/2147m 54s

MINI: Jase grills Deputy PM Michael McCormack

He is standing in for ScoMo at the moment so what is his response to Jase when he asks about the lack of Job Keeper in Melbourne? Listen to find out! Love you baiiiii
02/06/219m 41s

MINI: PJ Homeschools Jase's son Felix

Homeschooling is back in VIC so it's PJ's turn to give Jase a hand in teaching his son a few things. Love you baiiiii
02/06/219m 16s

DAILY WRAP: Difference between a pancake & a crepe

Plus, sex parties and going up in the ratings right as PJ is leaving! Love you baiiiiii
02/06/2125m 50s

FULL SHOW: Whose licence is getting shredded?!

Plus, dibby dobbers of Melbourne. Love you baiiiiii
01/06/2156m 11s

MINI: Jase isn't happy with the pollies

A much needed lockdown rant! Love you baiiiiii
01/06/215m 42s

MINI: A tradie saw WHAT at PJ's house?!

Make sure you tidy up before tradies enter your home! Love you baiiiiii
01/06/219m 48s

DAILY WRAP: Food, glorious food!

A man died in the name of salami. Love you baiiiiii
31/05/2139m 13s

FULL SHOW: Driving while something's broken!

Plus, running away from your parents. Love you baiiiiii
31/05/2143m 42s

MINI: Janine Allis

She chats Celeb Apprentice & Producer Regional Sam pitches his Shark Tank idea to her. Love you baiiiiii
31/05/2112m 50s

MINI: Dane Swan & The Queen

Dane Swan is in the studio for a chat and during Yay or Nay he drops a bombshell regarding the Queen! Love you baiiiiii
31/05/2114m 46s

DAILY WRAP: Is Jase a bridesman for PJ or not?

Plus, someone from PJ's past on the poddie. The question is, was he interested in her? (Spoiler, no.) Love you baiiiiii
28/05/2118m 36s

FULL SHOW: Have Jase & PJ hooked up?

Also, the time of the day people are the friskiest. Love you baiiiiii
28/05/2152m 13s

MINI: How do we open this damn lid?!

Jase brought in a nutribullet that was completely locked shut so we needed your help! Love you baiiiiii
27/05/2112m 48s

MINI: Will from Will & Woody has a great new app!

It's called Share My Mood, get around it! Love you baiiiiii
27/05/216m 16s

DAILY WRAP: PJ has very special crystals

Plus, Regional Sam has the origin of the word Quarantine. Love you baiiii
27/05/2125m 50s

FULL SHOW: Badly timed announcements

Plus, Jase doesn't know whether to approve of his son's most recent decision! Love you baiiiii
27/05/2158m 19s

MINI: What did you watch when you shouldn't have?

Jase has watched Air Crash Investigation on a plane before and now what he's watching is even more worrying! Love you baiiii
27/05/2110m 14s

MINI: Friends reunion - George Newburn AKA "The Yeti"

Remember the guy on Friends that Rachel & Monica were terrified of because he looked like a Yeti, but then he shaved and Rachel dated him? He also had a weird relationship with his sister. Anyway the guys spoke to him this morning ahead of the Friends reunion! Love you baiiii
27/05/215m 26s

DAILY WRAP: Does Jase even pay tax?

Plus, Scat Man's diet is concerning Producer Sk8lin. Love you baiiiii
26/05/2124m 20s

FULL SHOW: Have you been on A Current Affair?

Plus, hard hitting topics such as: should peanut butter toast have butter as well? Love you baiiiii
26/05/2149m 49s

MINI: BJ wants to be on Instagram

But PJ is concerned! Love you baiiii
25/05/214m 11s

MINI: Should sports stars be punished more?

A heated debate about AFL stars and other celebs. Love you baiiiii
25/05/2111m 53s

FULL SHOW: Weird sandwiches & abandoning your mates

Also, PJ isn't built for flatpack furniture. Love you baiiiiii
25/05/211h 0m

DAILY WRAP: The pecking order has been revealed!

Plus, the most annoying thing about cocktails. Love you baiiiiii
25/05/2126m 34s

MINI: BJ Welfare Check

Find out how BJ is going after living with PJ for a month. Love you baiiiiii
24/05/219m 33s

MINI: Shaynna Blaze!

Chatting all things Celeb Apprentice & The Block. Love you baiiiiii
24/05/216m 50s

DAILY WRAP: What really happened between Regional Sam and Jase's wife?

Also Jase needs to learn people's names and how to say pneumonia. Love you baiiiii
24/05/2126m 7s

FULL SHOW: No PJ, extra Swanny!

PJ must have gotten sick from her baking over the weekend! Love you baiiiii
24/05/2147m 29s

MINI: Magda Szubanski

Newsreader Sach did her Kath & Kim impersonation to Magda. Love you baiiiii
24/05/217m 43s

MINI: Jase is in a thrupple!

Producer Regional Sam joined Jase on his date night. Love you baiiiii
23/05/214m 9s

DAILY WRAP: Warning - long winded story from Nonna!

Plus Jase talks about his sex life (insert gag sound effect). Love you baiiiii
21/05/2130m 46s

FULL SHOW: TV Theme Friday!

So much nostalgia today! Love you baiiiii
21/05/2149m 46s

MINI: Cameo TV stars!

Jase and PJ organises TV stars for each other from the website Cameo. Love you baiiiii
21/05/215m 47s

MINI: Urzila Carlson

Jase & PJ dug up some audio from when she starred in a comedy TV show. Love you baiiiii
21/05/216m 44s

DAILY WRAP: Sweetheart remix!

Someone on the team bought $500 worth of KFC! Love you baiiiii
20/05/2135m 10s

FULL SHOW: Ever been on a TV show?

Plus, we talk least favourite children! Love you baiiiii
20/05/2156m 33s

MINI: Awkward ScoMo

Turns out Jase and PJ aren't great with small talk. Love you baiiiii
19/05/215m 5s

MINI: The New Bachelorette!

What a season this will be! Love you baiiiii
19/05/215m 31s

DAILY WRAP: Did you know Jase had Kevin Rudd over?

Will we actually hear Sam's untold story today? Love you baiiiii
19/05/2144m 28s

FULL SHOW: A big exciting and expensive moment!

Plus, is it just us or does pasta salad taste weird? Love you baiiiii
19/05/2147m 21s

MINI: What can you do with your mouth?

PJ can do many things with her mouth (mind out of the gutter please). Love you baiiiii
19/05/2114m 39s


The Prime Minister was in the studio this morning and Jase asked a personal question. Love you baiiiii
19/05/2111m 24s

DAILY WRAP: Who would survive in prison?

Asking the hard questions today! Love you all <3
18/05/2138m 26s

FULL SHOW: Normalise it + Oldest thing you own

On this episode of Antiques Roadshow... What's the oldest thing you own???
18/05/2156m 2s

MINI: Is your life a movie?

Some epic movie-like stories from you guys!
17/05/219m 56s

MINI: Delta Goodrem!

Delta on air chatting about her new album AND book!
17/05/214m 17s

DAILY WRAP: The B team is back baby!

The Nark and Regional Sam are in da houseeeee. Love you baiiii
17/05/2127m 9s

MINI: Dane Swan

Dane Swan gives his opinion on bum tapping! Love you baiiii
17/05/215m 26s

FULL SHOW: Adults with curfews

Plus amazing birth stories! Love you baiiii
17/05/2159m 13s

MINI: PJ's engagement debrief

Some technical difficulties on the night! Love you baiiii
16/05/215m 26s

DAILY WRAP: Let's dig up more dirt on the team!

And shout outs and storm outs. Today's poddy has it all! Love you baiiii
14/05/2126m 4s

FULL SHOW: Living at home in your 40s & Dane Swan in the studio

Friday means PJ's Poem, Free Food Friday and making money out of genius ideas! Love you baiiii
14/05/2151m 23s

MINI: Yay or nay

CYA later Ellen Degeneres! Richard Reid gives his thoughts on the topic in today's Yay or Nay. Love you baiiiii.
13/05/215m 49s

MINI: Flight ferals

2 topics - 'Where have you blown your nose?' And 'Ferals on a flight'. Love you baiiii
13/05/2110m 21s

DAILY WRAP: Special guest 'Sweetheart You Got A Second'

We need songs for TV Theme Friday!
13/05/2141m 49s

FULL SHOW: Making out with mascots

Jase knows someone who hooked up with a few mascots.. whilst in costume! Love you baiiiii
13/05/2154m 51s

MINI: Bad engagement gifts

PJ's engagement party is this weekend, so what can she expect for gifts?
13/05/219m 59s

MINI: Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies is coming to Melbourne for the first time in 3 years!
13/05/216m 11s

FULL SHOW: What are you addicted to?

Plus DJ Sue phones in for a debrief after last night's epic party! Love you all <3
12/05/2159m 28s

DAILY WRAP: Air Force Salutes and FOOD!!!

We broke our promise of n food on the poddy... for GOOD REASON! Love you all <3
12/05/2131m 29s

MINI: Fakecents!

Can Jase and PJ pick out a fake accent? Let's find out!
11/05/216m 49s

MINI: PJ's laser appointment

PJ had a very personal question for the team... Is this normal?!
11/05/215m 24s

DAILY WRAP: Airport security

Also, can you fit a Hummer-zine through a Macca's drive thru? Asking for a friend. Love you all <3
11/05/2134m 1s

FULL SHOW: DJ Sue in the house!!!

DJ Sue has landed in Melbourne!!! Love you all <3
11/05/2151m 13s

MINI: Yay or Nay with DJ Sue!

DJ Sue came to hang out in the studio with us this morning, so we played a quick round of Yay Or Nay with her!
10/05/216m 28s

MINI: Are you successful despite doing badly in school?

It's Naplan day today, and there are a lot of nervous school kids around Australia. We wanted to prove a point - You can still be successful even if you don't do well in school!
10/05/219m 58s

DAILY WRAP: Blue ticks

Creepy Uncle Jase makes an appearance as well... Love you all <3
10/05/2137m 9s

FULL SHOW: Inconvenient baby arrivals

You love your child! But sometimes their arrival comes at the most inconvenient time, Love you all <3
10/05/2159m 44s

MINI: Worst sound in the world?

A recent survey revealed what people think is the worst sound in the world!
09/05/216m 56s

MINI: Jase's Mother's Day fail

Jase always has the best intentions, but the worst luck!
09/05/214m 18s

DAILY WRAP: Tiramisu day???

Did Nonna deliver??? Love you all <3
07/05/2122m 26s

FULL SHOW: Are you weirdly close with your family?

Plus DJ Sue's entourage has been locked in!!! Love you all <3
07/05/2155m 16s

MINI: Did Sam find love???

The decision!
07/05/214m 58s

MINI: Tonarotti in the studio!

Recently departed member of the team Tonarotti came in to chat about Motherless Daughters Australia, and how hard this weekend can be for people who have lost their mothers
06/05/215m 57s

DAILY WRAP: Nonna brought food!

Classic Nonna. Love you all <3
06/05/2136m 55s

FULL SHOW: iPhone to the face!

Jase had a rude awakening during yesterday's siesta! Love you all <3
06/05/2158m 46s

MINI: PJ got hacked!

PJ discovered somebody online pretending to be her. We opened up the phones to ask if you'd been hacked or if someone had stolen your identity too.
05/05/219m 44s

MINI: Aussie cricketers in India

We had a chat with Krista - Moises Henriques wife - about how the guys are doing over there, and also her thoughts on our government's response to the situation
05/05/215m 22s

DAILY WRAP: Where's Jase?

Get well soon Jase!!! Also... it's "Sk8lin". Love you all <3
05/05/2120m 7s

FULL SHOW: Dane Swan plays 5K Wordplay + What's still broken?

Plus heaps of Jetstar giveaways!!! Love you all <3
05/05/2145m 27s

MINI: Sam's 3rd date!

Everyone's asking why Sam is still single? Well... This audio might answer that question
04/05/216m 41s

MINI: Drink Spiking

A serious chat about a recent news story regarding drink spiking
04/05/215m 18s

DAILY WRAP: Nicknames + Carnies

Language warning! We settled on a nickname for the newest member of the team today. Love you all <3
04/05/2131m 45s

FULL SHOW: Sam's 2nd date!

Jase put his body on the line for Sam to find love on his second date yesterday! Love you all <3
04/05/2158m 5s

MINI: Peter Helliar!

He's back for season 3 of How To Stay Married tonight!
03/05/215m 36s

MINI: Amy Shark!

Amy Shark in the studio this morning! She's a mad keen Star Wars fan, so the guys made her something as an early birthday present...
03/05/215m 3s

DAILY WRAP: New Team Member!!! + Scudda's new single

There's a new family member here!!! Love you all <3
03/05/2133m 40s

FULL SHOW: DJ Sue's venue announced!

Plus, why did the school call your parents? Love you all <3
03/05/2155m 8s

MINI: Sam's Date #1

We sent our eligible bachelor Sam out on his first date! This one had a bit of a DARK twist...
02/05/218m 0s

MINI: Dane Swan!

Dane Swan actually rocked up today... Just a few minutes late. He revealed what he's keeping in storage!
02/05/217m 40s

DAILY WRAP: Jase LIVE from the shuttle bus

A man of the people! Love you all <3
30/04/2122m 5s

FULL SHOW: How'd you know they were "the one"?

Plus 5K wordplay with G FLIP!!! Love you all <3
30/04/2156m 2s

MINI: Jase left his son in the lift

Jase's 5-year-old son has a new fear of elevators... Thanks to Jase!
29/04/214m 6s

MINI: G Flip!!!

G Flip joined us in the studio to chat about her new gig as host of iHeartRadio's TikTok Trending!
29/04/214m 49s

DAILY WRAP: PJ has worms?

Also, DVD needs a fridge!!! Love you all <3
29/04/2129m 38s

FULL SHOW: Melbourne's most eligible Bachelor!

Ladies form a line! Also, the most important call you've missed? Love you all <3
29/04/211h 4m

MINI: DJ Sue back on air!

She's coming Melbourne! We've locked in DJ Sue for a Tuesday night gig - We just need to find a venue...
28/04/214m 26s

MINI: Rhys Nicholson!

RuPaul's Drag Race: Downunder is coming!!! We caught up with Rhys Nicholson to find out all about it
28/04/215m 13s

DAILY WRAP: Red Cards?

Plus wedding guest lists... Love you all <3
28/04/2134m 43s

FULL SHOW: Have you never been in a relationship?

Plus PJ has a new voicemail on her landline!!! Love you all <3
28/04/2154m 58s

MINI: "Young" older people

We were chatting with Sue yesterday, the 63-year-old DJ! Turns out Sue isn't the only one doing a "young person" thing out there!
27/04/2110m 37s

MINI: Jase's wedding anniversary!

For the first - maybe ever - Jase remembered his wedding anniversary!!! Well... Kinda.
27/04/2110m 5s

DAILY WRAP: Swingin' Sash made headline news!

Jase is selling his house! Love you all <3
27/04/2129m 54s

FULL SHOW: Do you wipe standing up?

PLUS The Veronicas and Steph Claire-Smith on the show! Love you all <3
27/04/211h 10m

MINI: Byron Cooke

Friend of the show Byron Cooke came on to chat about his recent experience with border security, amid the "double standards" around current travel restrictions
27/04/216m 5s

MINI: DJ Sue is coming to Melbourne!!

After we tracked her down last week, we've got permission from the big bosses to fly DJ Sue out to Melbourne for ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!
26/04/216m 7s

FULL SHOW: Where is Dane Swan? + Normalise it

PLUS A 5K WORDPLAY WIN!!!!!! Love you all <3
26/04/211h 11m

DAILY WRAP: Relatable Jase

New team members on the way??? Love you all! <3
26/04/2122m 20s

MINI: PJ and BJ's KFC trip

PJ and her partner had a hankering for KFC... Like, A LOT of KFC
25/04/215m 4s

MINI: Sam Fischer!

A very open chat about Sam Fischer, including his major insecurity about his appearance
25/04/215m 22s

DAILY WRAP: Welfare check + Dates

Happy Friday! Special guest Brent from NZ joined us today. We love you all!
23/04/2128m 58s

FULL SHOW: BJ Welfare Check + Previous jobs

Happy Friday!!! So much on the show today. We all love you!
23/04/2154m 5s

MINI: Jase's welfare check with BJ

PJ has officially moved in with her fiance BJ... How is he feeling about it though?
22/04/214m 20s

MINI: DJ Sue!!!

We tracked down 63 year old DJ Sue after a video of her DJing in Canberra went viral!
22/04/217m 22s

DAILY WRAP: Tonarotti on the potty + Scudda's nickname?

Plenty of A-Jane-da items to get through as well! Enjoy!!!
22/04/2136m 47s

FULL SHOW: Can we guess your age from your voice?

Short answer... No. Enjoy!!!
22/04/2157m 19s

MINI: Veggie Boy live from the US!

Team member Veggie Boy joined us on-air live from LA! He landed a matter of hours ago and has ALREADY been vaccinated!
21/04/216m 17s

MINI: Beau Ryan!

Beau jumped on to chat gyms, whiskey and weddings!
21/04/214m 50s

FULL SHOW: Another use for undies + Team Phone Challenge!

Brodie Grundy in the studio as well playing the 5K Wordplay! Enjoy!
21/04/2150m 53s

DAILY WRAP: Jase is already off "the new person"

Lots to catch up on today!
21/04/2129m 31s

MINI: Consent Chat

A new campaign about consent education came out recently... The guys had an open chat about the importance of consent.
20/04/215m 25s

MINI: Brodie Grundy!

Collingwood star Brodie Grundy popped in for a chat about the big Anzac Day match coming up!
20/04/215m 22s

DAILY WRAP: Guess the team members cars!

Today is all about swingers parties and scat play.............. Enjoy!
20/04/2134m 41s

FULL SHOW: Hot family members + Show boat!

Do you find a family member attractive? Plus a boat update from Jase!
20/04/2154m 27s

MINI: Bec Hewitt

Dancing up a storm on Dancing With The Stars, Bec Hewitt called in for a chat with the guys!
19/04/215m 29s

MINI: Brickman's "Quote"

Jase and Brickman from Legomasters had a conversation off-air yesterday... Jase ight have signed up for something he couldn't afford.
19/04/216m 7s

DAILY WRAP: Win your way to PJ's Engagement party!

Great to be back guysssss!!!
19/04/2132m 7s

FULL SHOW: Peeing in the pool + Bryce and Melissa

Be honest... Who hasn't? Enjoy!
19/04/2149m 52s

MINI: Brickman from Legomasters!

Season 3 of Legomasters has arrived!!! Brickman dropped in to the studio this morning, but Jase had quite the bone to pick with him...
18/04/215m 29s

MINI: MAFS Bryce and Melissa

After an explosive final reunion last night, Bryce and Melissa came in for a chat with the guys!
18/04/219m 5s

PJ's Quarantine Diaries Day 12 - The Final Countdown!

A quick Bryce update from Chatty Tony, a quick Mel update from the team, and plenty of food chat! WE'RE BACK MONDAY!!!
16/04/2130m 1s

PJ's Quarantine Diaries Day 11 - Climax and Comedown!

The new segment is finally here! Enjoy!
15/04/2129m 16s

PJ's Quarantine Diaries Day 10 - Veteran of the Quaz!

More questions answered! Plus, what do dreams mean?
14/04/2130m 12s

PJ's Quarantine Diary: Day 9 - Question Time!

PJ's answering all your questions from hotel quarantine!!!
13/04/2123m 15s

PJ's Quarantine Diary: Day 8 - A little late!

Sorry for the delay! Here's the first episode of PJ's Quarantine (Round 2) diaries. Enjoy!
12/04/2126m 24s

DAILY WRAP: Closing This Chapter...

Guys, in total honesty, I don't know if anyone actually reads these. But! It's been such a pleasure to upload this podcast for you for the last three years. Here's the final Daily Wrap from Veggie Boy and I! Buuuuttt you can follow me on instagram if you like hehe @tonilodge Love you!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxox
01/04/2122m 31s

FULL SHOW: Pooing on the Couch

01/04/211h 8m

MINI: Christian Hull

Christian Hull is joining us to chat about his new book, his comedy tour, and his very naughty shop! Love ya
31/03/217m 28s

MINI: PJ's Poem 📰🎵

The BIGGEST news of the week! Love u
31/03/212m 48s

DAILY WRAP: Jase has got a guy...

Don't you worry, Jase can hook you up!
30/03/2117m 31s

FULL SHOW: Babies + Eating

Massive show!!! Love ya
30/03/2158m 28s

MINI: Ross Noble

Ross is joining us and things get off the rails FASSSSST! Love u
30/03/2113m 56s

MINI: Dane Swan's Lockdown 🛫

Swanny's on holiday, but he hasn't timed it very well!!!!!
30/03/214m 26s

DAILY WRAP: Thursday Dinner 🍽🥂

Unfortunately we are planning again, sorry! Love u
29/03/2132m 36s


Today is YES day - and we got up to a bit of mischief. Love u
29/03/211h 2m

MINI: Dilruk Jayasinha 🤣

Dilruk is joining us and helping us celebrate YES day!!!!
29/03/218m 15s

MINI: Brisbane's Lockdown

Jase shares his thoughts on the latest Brisbane Lockdown. Lots of love to anyone affected by these lockdowns right now xxx
29/03/214m 38s


WE HAD THE BEST NIGHT EVER ON SATURDAY NIGHT and Jase wasn't there - shame!!!!! Love u
28/03/2132m 9s

FULL SHOW: Breaking up 😥

Have you gotten the heads up of a breakup?! Love you
28/03/2156m 2s


A special treat for tomorrow - and we have a great deal for you guys! Love u
28/03/216m 57s

MINI: Dane Swan's First Job

Dane tells us about him in a previous life and getting fired from his first job!
28/03/2110m 33s

DAILY WRAP: Uber Bans 🚫

Someone on the team is almost BANNED from Uber. Seriously, what's wrong with us??? Love u
25/03/2129m 43s

FULL SHOW: Jase and PJ's Longest Handball

We're finally here - and ready to handball to the 'G! Love you
25/03/2150m 22s

MINI: PJ's Wedding Invites 👰💐

PJ has a big event coming up, and there isn't room for the whole team. Awkward!
25/03/2110m 29s

MINI: PJ's Poem 🎤

PJ wraps up the week!!!! Love u
25/03/212m 49s

DAILY WRAP: Jase is in the Car

Jase is on his way to be on Dad Duty! Love ya
24/03/2129m 0s

FULL SHOW: Splitting Finances

Money Chat and fishing rods. Love u
24/03/2152m 34s

MINI: PJ's Replacement 😿

Some potential news on Jase's new co-host! Love u
24/03/214m 47s

MINI: Needing a cleaner 🧼

PJ's housemate needed to hire a cleaner because of PJ! Love u
24/03/213m 23s

DAILY WRAP: The approved version 😂

Chatty Tony has passed his notes on (which is why this is late!!!! Sorry!!!) and here's the 'approved' version of today's wrap! Hahahaha don't worry I can't believe this is the right version either! Love you xoxox
24/03/2126m 34s

FULL SHOW: Jase and ...?

A sad, sad day. But we still have a little while left to have fun! Love you x
23/03/211h 22m

PJ is leaving Jase and PJ

Our saddest day. Love you xoxoxoxox
23/03/2120m 20s

DAILY WRAP: On a Boat 🚢

Someone's on a boaaaaat - love u
23/03/2130m 35s

FULL SHOW: Breakups 💔

Wedding related breakups :( Love u
23/03/2158m 22s

MINI: Surveillance Cameras 🎥

Some V E R Y interesting footage from a surveillance camera. Love u
22/03/213m 49s

MINI: Sam Fischer 🎵

Sam's joining us this morning, and Jase makes a little mistake (surprise surprise!!!!) hehe love u
22/03/214m 53s

DAILY WRAP: Planning.. again

Here we go again! Hopefully after this we have a break from planning parties for a while! Love u
21/03/2136m 17s

FULL SHOW: Handballs + Roadworks

21/03/2153m 12s

MINI: Jase in the Wild ⛺

Jase went 'C A M P I N G' and had an issue without his personal drivers :( 1 like 1 prayer xoxox
21/03/215m 42s

MINI: Dane Swan's Handball 🏉

Dane Swan is joining us, and we need to plan for Jase and PJ's Longest Handball! Love u
21/03/219m 35s

DAILY WRAP: Survivor Game Round 5 🔥

It's shocking content. Love u
18/03/2133m 17s

FULL SHOW: Weddings + Footy

A big FRIDAY! And 9 shows left before the break! Love u
18/03/211h 3m

MINI: An important discussion.

Catharine Lumby is joining us for a chat about Consent and where we need to take this discussion.
18/03/215m 47s

MINI: PJ's Poem 🎤🎵

18/03/213m 11s

DAILY WRAP: Planning + Welcoming!

Special guest on the poddy today - and ATTEMPTING to plan a farewell drinks. Love u
17/03/2142m 9s

FULL SHOW: Everyone gets a...!

Every caller today got a Football Guernsey!!!! Love ya
17/03/2159m 26s

MINI: Happy Birthday Mackenzie!!

It's a special day for Jase's niece - she's turning 18!!! But Jase hasn't got the right idea to celebrate! Love u
17/03/213m 53s

MINI: Getting Cat Fished 😸🐟

We're chatting about Safety within dating apps, and hearing you're most obscure experiences! Love u
17/03/219m 19s

DAILY WRAP: Just a quickie

Just a tiny one today - sorry for our terrible time management!!! Love u
17/03/2113m 21s

FULL SHOW: Caught with ya pants down 🩳🩲

PJ's caught with her pants down, and Jase has conquered a task! Love u
16/03/211h 4m

FAMILY MEETING: Here we go again...

Sorry about this one... Love you xoxo
16/03/2111m 6s

MINI: Andy Lee 🔳🔲

Andy Lee joins us the chat all things The Cube - and his fave prank to play on his girlfriend Bec! Love u
16/03/218m 0s

DAILY WRAP: Part One....

Sorry for the cyrptic title - but something good is coming at 1pm ADST!!!!!! It's a big one. Love you!
15/03/2115m 23s

FULL SHOW: Unforgettable Jobs

a B I G Tuesday today! It is very funny and good 🤖 Love u
15/03/2147m 42s

MINI: Special Rooms 🤐

Don't ask - don't tell!!! Love u
15/03/219m 53s

MINI: Hugh Van Cuylenburg

Hugh van Cuylenburg was a primary school teacher volunteering in northern India when he had a life-changing realisation: despite the underprivileged community the children were from, they were remarkably positive. He is chatting to the guys about maintaining positivity through the pandemic, and teaches strategies to look after your mental health through his work with The Resilience Project. Here's the full uncut chat! Love u
15/03/2117m 3s

DAILY WRAP: The Official Bike Deal 🚲🚳

Very exciting stuff with the bike FINALLY wrapping up! Love u
14/03/2133m 52s

FULL SHOW: Our Next Adventure!

We're announcing our next big adventure this morning, and we've got a champ to help us announce! Love u
14/03/211h 4m

MINI: The Narc's Feet 🦶💰

The Narc has started an only fans to make some extra cash! Here username is Only Jane's Feet, make sure you subscribe here: https://onlyfans.com/onlyjanesfeet Love you xoxox
14/03/2110m 12s

MINI: Sarah Everard

With the shocking news of Sarah Everard causing an outpouring of support for women's safety, PJ has opened up about her feelings around the conversation of safety and privilege. Lots of love xx
14/03/214m 14s

BANANA PHONE: The Trans Tasman Special

Alex updates us on his quarantine life and sets Sam up on a date with a listener
14/03/2155m 42s

Help Me, Rhonda: Endings and New Beginnings

The most important HMR you'll ever listen to! All the details on the future of the show and how you can continue to get your Help Me, Rhonda fix going forward. There's a special surprise and some details on some extra special content tonight 😁 Don't forget to follow us on Insta and Facey @helpmerhondapodcast. Love you forever x
13/03/2135m 57s

DAILY WRAP: Daddy's taking us out!! 👙🩱🩲

We're going on an adventure!!!! Love u
11/03/2130m 32s

FULL SHOW: Poem + Families

PJ's wrapping up the week, and Jase has crabs. Love u
11/03/211h 0m

EPIC TALES: From Jail to the 'G

Marlion Pickett’s journey is as heart-warming as it is heart-breaking. With most of his adolescent life in and out of prison, he was destined for failure. However, through the support of his partner Jess, his 4 kids and his passion for footy, Marlion achieved the ultimate goal: Winning an AFL Grand Final… in his debut game. But the man isn’t overwhelmed by his past or his present, which is evident in the way he celebrate the 2019 and 2020 AFL Premierships.
11/03/2120m 16s

DAILY WRAP: Take a pic for us! 📷

We've got a little experiment going!!! When you're instructed to - take a pic of yourself, and then upload it to the thread on PJ is rich: our excLuSiVe podcast group! If you go to www.pjsfeet.com you'll find it! Love u x
10/03/2140m 0s

FULL SHOW: Coffevvffee ☕

Big Thursday fun Friday happy day! Love u
10/03/2145m 36s

MINI: Adopting a Doggy 🐶

We've got absolute legend Sharni Norder on the show, chatting about being a crazy animal lover! Love ya
10/03/214m 57s

MINI: PJ's Party 🎉

PJ's got a worry about what she's up to over the weekend! Love u
10/03/213m 52s

DAILY WRAP: Group Check-In

Also, PJ has something to learn about anatomy... Love u xox
09/03/2119m 37s

FULL SHOW: Netflix + Instagram

Screen time and lots of accounts. Love u
09/03/2148m 47s

MINI: Jase's New Job 😥

Something TERRIBLE has happened :( Love u
09/03/215m 9s

MINI: PJ's Feet 🧀

Absolutely foul. Can't believe it. Love u
09/03/214m 6s

DAILY WRAP: Oh oh! 📞

Happy Birthday Sophie!!! Love u
08/03/2126m 25s


Holidays and marriage. Love u
08/03/2136m 53s

MINI: Yay or Dane (Swan) ✅❎

Dane Swan joining us, and covering how he felt when being ranked by his looks in a massive radio show. Love u
08/03/2111m 17s

MINI: A Royals Expert 👸🤴

We've got a Royal Expert on the show - except it's actually BJ and he doesn't know anything. Love u xox
08/03/219m 38s

Help Me, Rhonda: So Many New Things

Would you look at that! Help Me Rhonda is back again! Keep your questions coming through @helpmerhondapodcast on Facebook and Instagram or @sachbarbour and @veggieboyofficial.
06/03/2135m 24s

DAILY WRAP: Travel plans 🚀🛸✈️

Everyone's off the for the long weekend and Jase needs to plan the parking still! We're back Tuesday, love u
04/03/2138m 15s

FULL SHOW: Words + Elmo

Words ya can't say Friiiidaaaayyy! Love u
04/03/2146m 33s

EPIC TALES: A Mid-Air Emergency

Qantas Pilot, Richard de Crespigny was the pilot in command of QF32 when things went terribly wrong, midair. On November 4, 2010, just four minutes after leaving the runway in Singapore, the A380 aircraft carrying 469 people suffered significant damage, leaving Captain Richard de Crespigny with no choice but to remain calm and act quickly. Whilst the pilots worked through their checklists and scrambled to find the origin of the fault, the passengers were assured that they were safe. Clare Ryan, of seat 73A was sitting right by the wing, she saw fuel spilling from the aircraft and knew that something was not right.
04/03/2126m 44s

DAILY WRAP: Jase + Sam's bike

Here we go. The bike saga continues! Love u
03/03/2125m 30s

FULL SHOW: Driving + Pets

Pets that ruin your stuff, and driving around Melbourne. Love ya
03/03/2147m 11s

MINI: Jase fails at friendship 💔

PJ has put Jase through his paces as a friend - and he's FAILED! Love u
03/03/214m 7s

MINI: PJ's long weekend 🏝️

PJ has made a reaaaaalllll mistake whilst booking accom! Love u
03/03/214m 24s

DAILY WRAP: Survivor Game Round 4 🔥

EP Ed joins for SURVIVORRRRRRR. Love u
02/03/2133m 11s

FULL SHOW: The Next AFL Superstar

I know you don't really associate Jase and PJ with AFL - but you'll love this. Love u
02/03/2144m 12s

MINI: Framing Britney - Perez Hilton

We've got Perez Hilton on to chat about his statement of not watching Framing Britney, and his tour of apologies.
02/03/2115m 20s

MINI: PJ's Top 6 🔥

A bit more competitive than we expected! Love u
02/03/215m 59s

DAILY WRAP: NDA's expiring

Poor Pingerz. Love u
01/03/2126m 10s

FULL SHOW: Hottubs + Worming

What'd ya catch in a hot tub???? Don't get into Jase's! Love u
01/03/2147m 12s

MINI: Jase's Handcuffs ⛓️

Jase's behaviour seems to be rubbing off as his kids! Love u
01/03/213m 46s

MINI: Framing Britney

Today we chatted to one of the organisers of the #FreeBritney movement - and got the most amazing explanation on behind the scenes of Britney Spears' trauma in the media. Hear the uncut chat RIGHT HERE! Love u
01/03/2110m 58s

DAILY WRAP: Daaaancing in the Gaslight 🎵

Happy Monday! Love u
28/02/2133m 12s

FULL SHOW: Stuck in a maze

Jase got stuck with a naked baby in a maze. Love u
28/02/2143m 10s

MINI: PJ the Crim

PJ has done something that she needs to double check isn't illegal. Love u
28/02/213m 16s

MINI: Dane Swan 💸

Dane joins us to chat getting papped, and plays 5K Word Play! Love u
28/02/2115m 12s

Help Me, Rhonda: Don't Get Too Political

Another week, another Help Me, Rhonda! Some sad news to begin today's episode... Don't forget that where you get your Help Me Rhonda fix is soon changing. Stay tuned to @helpmerhondapodcast on Facebook for all the details and make sure you keep your questions coming through @sachbarbour and @veggieboyofficial on Insta.
27/02/2135m 27s

DAILY WRAP: On our best behaviour

We're very excited about a Friday! Love u
25/02/2129m 50s

FULL SHOW: Fave Siblings + Games Night

A really big Friday today! Love u
25/02/2152m 10s

MINI: It's Friday, Friiiiiday 🎵

25/02/216m 45s

MINI: Supermarket Sweep 🛒

We test Helen's knowledge on the Coles aisles! Love u
25/02/218m 31s

DAILY WRAP: Jase's Bush 🌳

Jase chats about 'gardening' and camping - so basically a heap of stuff he won't actually do. Love u
24/02/2125m 39s

FULL SHOW: Jase's Obituary

We're future proofing our show - Jase has a special task for PJ this morning. Love u
24/02/2149m 51s

MINI: A Royal Wedding 👰🏻

PJ's been doing some exciting things to plan for her special day!!!! Love u
24/02/215m 3s

EPIC TALES: Reunited - Volunteer Firefighters save their own

In November 2019 Victorian volunteer firefighters were deployed to Northern NSW – the area where the devastating 2019/20 bushfire season began. Included in that group were firefighters Luke Summerscales from the Wonga Park Fire Brigade and Jessica Jacobs from the Hoddles Creek Fire Brigade. They were conducting backburning to prevent further wildfires in the area when their coordinator, John, fell to the ground and experienced a severe heart attack. Luke & Jess were the first responders and what happened next is worthy of a Hollywood film.
24/02/2117m 44s

DAILY WRAP: Jase's Glasses 👓

Jase is feeling IMPULSIVE today! Love u
23/02/2130m 53s

FULL SHOW: Customers + Ultimatums

Taking notes on Customers and eating in the bath - love u
23/02/2141m 3s

MINI: PJ's sponge bath

PJ has committed a TERRIBLE social crime - Love u
23/02/213m 23s

MINI: Josh Frydenberg 💸

We've got the treasurer on to chat about Facebook News and PJ being wealthy! Love u
23/02/215m 8s

DAILY WRAP: PJ's hot date 🔥

PJ's got some new girlfriends, and tonight's the big night! Love ya
22/02/2130m 58s

FULL SHOW: Jane or Nay

It's the Nark's turn for Yay or Nay, and PJ's going out for dinner! Love u
22/02/2133m 50s

MINI: Dating with Jase

Jase tells us how he'd pick up if he was single. Hehe love u
22/02/216m 2s

MINI: Andy Lee

Andy Lee joins us to chat his new TV show - and to play 5K Word Play with Erin from Werribee!! Love u
22/02/2115m 44s


Jase has a delish little gifty and we debrief from the weekend. Love u
21/02/2145m 38s

FULL SHOW: Vaccines + Boats

A big Monday Fun-day! Love u
21/02/2147m 36s

MINI: Hi Aunty PJ!

All of Felix's best questions for Aunty PJ! Love u
21/02/215m 25s

MINI: Daddy Swan 🏉

Big news from Daddy Dane for our Monday catch up with Dane Swan! Love u
21/02/218m 57s

Help Me, Rhonda: A HUGE Announcement

It's been a bit! A new week, a new Help Me Rhonda! Woo! Stay tuned for the BIG announcement coming.
21/02/2127m 22s

BOXSET: Megan's Epic Tale

To get you all excited about our next season of Epic Tales, Megan tells us her story of a surprise baby. Love you
21/02/2130m 47s

BANANA PHONE: The Final Installment...?

Goodbye Producer Alex! Is this the end?!
20/02/211h 11m

DAILY WRAP: Producer Alex's Survivor Game

We have a final Daily Wrap Surprise. We'll miss you so much Alex, love you more than life itself. Love you xxx
19/02/2136m 18s

FULL SHOW: The Final Friday

Happy Friday everyone! There's an amazing Daily wrap to follow this as well. Love u xoxox
18/02/2141m 39s

MINI: Producer Alex's Final Break 😭

Our FINAL Alex yay or nay EVER. We'll miss you! xox
18/02/218m 10s

MINI: Hitchy's Birthday! 🎂

The (unofficial) Lord Mayor of Melbourne - it's time to celebrate!!! Love u
18/02/2111m 1s

DAILY WRAP: The sinking ship 🚢

This podcast WRAP is incredibly long. Love u
17/02/2149m 36s

FULL SHOW: Babies & Love Advice

Big day and an amazing Thursday. Love u
17/02/2150m 26s

MINI: Should You Be Dead? ☠️

This is a bit CRAZY! But amazing stories! Love u
17/02/2110m 11s

MINI: Our Facebook is gone

We need to chat with Tech Expert Trevor Long about our news being taken away from us!
17/02/215m 57s

DAILY WRAP: Another one bites the dust

Dropping like flies, we are. Love u
17/02/2120m 14s

FULL SHOW: Undies at kindy

Jase has had an incident with some undies at kindy. Love u
16/02/2150m 35s

MINI: Keepin' it in the faaamily

When have you kept it .... closer than you're supposed to? Love u
16/02/217m 38s

MINI: A great excuse!

Sometimes you need to look at the brightside - and how lockdown is working for you! Love ya
16/02/217m 26s

DAILY WRAP: Our new family member

Welcome our newest team member! Love u
15/02/2131m 3s

FULL SHOW: Pets, appliances & Tennis

Big Tuesday for us! Love u lots
15/02/2156m 8s

MINI: Communiteaaaa darling

The best communitea posts this side of the internet. Love u
15/02/214m 35s

MINI: Are we essential workers?

After a really emotional morning yesterday, it raises the question of essential workers, and whether you think you're essential or not. Stay safe team, love ya
15/02/2112m 0s

DAILY WRAP: Veggie Boy is wrong 🥦

You love to see it!!!!! Love u
14/02/2142m 27s

FULL SHOW: Lockdown in Melbs

We're all coming to terms with the news of lockdown, and it's hitting a little different this time. Stay safe lil babies xxx
14/02/2153m 14s

MINI: Here comes the (lockdown) Bride 👰

The most exciting thing to come out of Melbourne's snap lockdown! Love ya
14/02/216m 18s

MINI: Dane Swan's a daddy! 🥰

Dane has some big news to share with us this morning!
14/02/216m 30s

DAILY WRAP: Swimming Carnival De-brief

Jase and PJ hit the water this morning, and now it's time to do our usual Friday chat - what's on for the weekend?
12/02/2136m 27s

FULL SHOW: Jase and PJ's Swimming Carnival!

A HUUUUGE morning with the day finally here!!!! But will the guys make it out alive?!!?!??!?!?!?! Love u xoxox
11/02/2148m 44s

MINI: Valentines Day 💗💕💘

Valentine's Day is coming! And there's love in the air... Maybe not actually xoxo
11/02/214m 59s

DAILY WRAP: Jase's Will

Jase's final will and testament. We will miss you xoxo
10/02/2128m 13s

FULL SHOW: A Blast from the Past

A show we allll know and love has wrapped up, plus we chat about hospo crimes and using airtasker. Love u
10/02/2158m 3s

MINI: Dane Swan's Boss

The big boss - his wife Taylor is helping us out and confirming our suspicions! Love ya
10/02/214m 50s

MINI: Swimming Trash Talk 🏊‍♀️

It's the final day of swimming prep before the big day tomorrow! Love u
10/02/215m 3s

DAILY WRAP: Picnic Basket Survivor

We're obsessed with Survivor, and this time: It's personal.
09/02/2139m 38s
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