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Every New Beginning Comes from Some Other Beginning's End | The 91st with Midge Purce and Katie Nolan presented by Adobe

Midge Purce and Katie Nolan are back for one final look back at the 2023 Women's World Cup. They begin by looking back at how this World Cup had everything: a new winner, shocking exits, and a Swedish goalkeeper playing out of her mind. Then, they revisit the World Cup Final and Spain's 1-0 victory. Afterwards, they speak on the Spanish F.A. and the shocking post-game actions from their president. Later, Sam Mewis joins the show to talk about her favorite moments from the tournament, what to look forward to in the Olympics, and whether her sister, Kristie Mewis, has the best World Cup record of all time. Finally, Midge and Katie give out their own tournament best ofs, including the coveted award for "Most Swag."
22/08/2344m 50s

Goodbye Vlatko, Hello World Cup Final | The 91st with Midge Purce and Katie Nolan presented by Adobe

Midge and Katie have a ton to cover, starting with the breaking news that Vlatko Andonovski has resigned as USWNT head coach. Then, they talk through both semifinals, Australia's heartbreak and Sweden S(pain). After that, they look ahead to the World Cup Final, Spain vs. England, and make predictions as to who will play, who will sit, and who will win. Later on, they're joined by Ali Riley to talk about how players can make meaningful change and she shares a never-before-heard World Cup story that will definitely bring you to tears. Lastly, Alyssa Thompson stops by to talk about her favorite moments of the tournament and what comes next for her, and the USWNT.
17/08/2346m 50s

Quarterfinal Drama with Brandi Chastain | The 91st with Midge Purce and Katie Nolan presented by Adobe

Midge and Katie dive straight into the drama that Lineth Beerensteyn got herself into when she smack talked the USWNT. They follow that up with a recap of Netherlands - Spain, then they discuss the two yellow card rule and how it is *ahem* bad. Then, they talk about Japan's unexpected exit and the Swedish side that just keeps winning. Later, they're joined by USA legend Brandi Chastain to talk about her feelings on the USWNT's tournament and who she thinks should be the next head coach - and the answer will definitely surprise you. They finish up by laughing at how no one will hug the Spanish coach and Midge sings a surprising, yet perfect, song about Barbie.
12/08/2344m 35s

The USWNT loses to Sweden by 1 Millimeter | The 91st with Midge Purce and Katie Nolan presented by Adobe

Midge and Katie have all the feels as they dissect the US' early World Cup exit. They start with an in-depth look at the penalty kicks that decided it all - who shot when, some highlights like Andi, Kristie, and Alyssa Naeher (?!) scoring bangers, and the eventual loss by a millimeter. Then, they look back at the full USA vs. Sweden match and how tactically the USA was finally getting there. After that, they're joined by Becky Sauerbrunn to discuss the legacy this team leaves behind as well as the new beginnings that are to come in future World Cups and in next year's Olympics. Finally, Midge and Katie look at England vs. Nigeria and pour one out for Ify, then pick who, if anyone, they're taking to win the quarterfinals, and eventually, the tournament.
08/08/2351m 46s

Post-Portugal with AD Franch | The 91st with Midge Purce and Katie Nolan presented by Adobe

Midge and Katie are back as they get together to discuss the end of the group stage, with Portugal in the rear view. First, they react to the 0-0 draw, finally seeing Lynn Williams, and a very soft yellow that could mean everything. Then, they look into recent comments about the team and the negative turn that has occurred in fandom and the media, and discuss how the US team is absolutely in it to win it. Later, they're joined by USWNT goalkeeper A.D. Franch who gives her take on the US in the knockouts and what it might take to beat Sweden. Finally, Katie and Midge look at some of the other knockout matches and speculate who might go all the way.
02/08/2349m 31s

Netherlands vs. USA, Barbie vs. Oppenheimer | The 91st with Midge Purce and Katie Nolan presented by Adobe

Midge and Katie prep you for USA vs. Netherlands, the second group stage match, and the one that will likely decide the fates of both squads. First, they look back at the history of the rivalry, including deciding what Megan Rapinoe's PK celebration was called, the not-very-fun Olympics, and what Netherlands did vs. Portugal this World Cup. Later, they're joined by Allie Long to discuss her prep for the Netherlands in 2019 as well as who, if anyone, has seen Barbie on the current squad. Lastly, Katie and Midge take a look at some of the other huge scorelines, discuss what exactly is wrong with Norway, and decide which upcoming matches to watch with one big twist.
26/07/2346m 5s

USA vs. Vietnam was an OK Time | The 91st with Midge Purce and Katie Nolan Presented by Adobe

The 91st returns and Midge and Katie are back to break down all of the moments from USA vs. Vietnam and the 3-0 victory that left everyone having an ok time. First, they talk through the drama and big moments, a stretcher, VAR, Sophia's nutmeg proficiency, the return of Rose, and what and who exactly is a "Cruyff?" Later, USWNT World Cup champion Abby Dahlkemper joins the show to discuss her first impressions of the '23 team and to help Katie and Midge give nicknames to the new look defense. Later, Midge and Katie talk through some of the other big news, like the Fantastic Ferns, Australia's Sam Kerr loss, and all of the penalty saves. Finally, Katie reveals who exactly is on her USWNT jersey - and trust us, you will never guess who.
22/07/2351m 37s

Get Ready, Stay Ready | The 91st with Midge Purce and Katie Nolan Presented by Adobe

The 2023 Women's World Cup is here, and with it, the debut episode of the 91st with Midge Purce and Katie Nolan. Midge and Katie break it all down so you're ready for the first matches: they discuss the USWNT roster and its notable absences, thoughts on veterans vs. fresh faces, and who they most want to see on the pitch. Then, they look at each of the three upcoming US group stage matches. Later, USWNT hero Becky Sauerbrunn joins the show and shares her opinions on the new look squad as well as her toxic trait. Lastly, Katie and Midge play a game of "Fun Facts" with tournament facts you do not want to sleep on.
20/07/2359m 33s

Welcome to the 91st presented by Adobe

Midge Purce and Katie Nolan welcome you to the 91st, presented by Adobe, a Women's World Cup show that will follow along with all of the intrigue, drama, and fun of the 2023 tournament. In the trailer, Katie and Midge give you a sense of what to expect when you subscribe - you won't want to miss it.
19/07/231m 56s

Kristie Mewis isn’t satisfied with just making the USWNT | 1v1 presented by Ally

USWNT midfielder Kristie Mewis sits down with Kelley O’Hara to discuss how she’s preparing for her first World Cup at the age of 32. After previously saying on an episode of Snacks that making this roster would change how she thinks about her career, Kristie shares with Kelley how her mindset has shifted to focus on the next task at hand: helping the USWNT win their third consecutive World Cup. Kristie and Kelley discuss who would win in a penalty shoot out: Kristie or her partner, Australia’s Sam Kerr. Kristie reflects on the last time the USWNT played Australia and what might happen if they collide this tournament.
19/07/2324m 57s

Emily Sonnett bridges the gap between the USWNT’s generations | 1v1 presented by Ally

OL Reign and the USWNT’s do-it-all star Emily Sonnett joins Kelley O’Hara to discuss what it’s like to bridge the gap between the USWNT’s older veterans and the rising Gen Z core. Sonnett discusses the different roles she plays for club and country and how her mentality has changed since her first World Cup. She also explains why she wants to play Australia in Australia and reveals which teammates she relies on the most when she’s on the field.
18/07/2320m 37s

Alana Cook is ready to inherit the USWNT’s legacy | 1v1 with Kelley O'Hara presented by Ally

USWNT defender Alana Cook joins Kelley O’Hara to discuss the upcoming World Cup and how she’s preparing to step into a critical role as a center back for the USWNT. Alana discusses what it’s like to have played with Naomi Girma in college and now for the national team. She and Kelley also discuss the legacy of the USWNT, why Cook chose to play for the USWNT vs England, her game day routine, Cook’s ideal center back partner, and why she goes into every game knowing the USWNT can win.
17/07/2320m 51s

Lindsey Horan wants to enjoy the World Cup roller coaster | 1v1 with Kelley O'Hara presented by Ally

Lindsey Horan joins Kelley O’Hara to talk about how she’s getting ready for her second World Cup. With co-captain Becky Sauerbrunn sidelined for the tournament, Lindsey says knows she has to step up as a leader for the USWNT. Her and Kelley O’Hara talk about how she’s learning to develop her voice in a team full of outspoken leaders, how her prep for this World Cup is different than in 2019, which teams she thinks will be the hardest to beat, how she’s getting ready for the USWNT’s group stage, and what it means to embrace the pressure.
15/07/2326m 38s

Let's Go Girls with Lynn Williams | 1v1 with Kelley O'Hara Presented by Ally

USWNT star Lynn Williams sits down with Kelley O’Hara to discuss what it means to make her first World Cup roster. Lynn and Kelley talk about getting the call that they’d made the team, how Lynn bounced back from not making the 2019 roster, what she learned from her Olympic experience in 2021, whether or not Lynn feels like a leader, and so much more. They also settle once and for all: Who’s the pilot, who’s the flight attendant, and who’s the passenger between Lynn Williams, Kelley O’Hara, and Kristie Mewis.
14/07/2324m 45s

Alex Morgan on Snacks

**This episode originally premiered in April on the Snacks podcast feed** Alex Morgan joins Snacks to discuss growing up on the USWNT, why the next two months are unlike any other in her history as a player, her favorite Taylor Swift songs, what a day in the life looks like, and so much more. Plus: Lynn and Sam break down Week 3 in the NWSL, including a strange no-goal, Portland’s new uniforms, and the revamped $1 million dollar Challenge Cup.
24/05/2342m 32s

Megan Rapinoe on Snacks

**This episode originally premiered in April on the Snacks podcast feed.** Lynn is back from USWNT camp, and she and Sam break down all the biggest stories. They discuss Mallory Swanson’s heartbreaking injury, Becky Sauerbrunn’s 200th cap (and almost goal), and how two defenders scored against Ireland. Then, Megan Rapinoe joins the show to share major life lessons, from how to take a penalty kick on the world’s biggest stage to what Sue Bird has taught her about retiring gracefully.
16/05/231h 2m

Jennie Finch: Softball icon dishes on her legendary career

Jennie Finch joins Kelley O'Hara to discuss her iconic softball career, from winning the Women’s College World Series at Arizona to pitching in the Olympics with Team USA. Jennie reflects on her lasting influence, creating the first fast-pitch softball equipment, and the future of her sport.
16/06/2259m 11s

Bianca Belair: The EST of WWE

Bianca Belair joins Kelley O'Hara to discuss her journey from track All-American to WWE Superstar. From a life-changing DM to headlining WrestleMania, Bianca’s story is as dramatic as it is inspiring. She talks with Kelley about her meteoric rise, her current championship reign, and what it means to have an impact in and out of the ring.
09/06/221h 1m

Brandi Chastain: USWNT memories and the NWSL's future

USWNT legend Brandi Chastain joins Kelley O’Hara to discuss her rise to fame, the legacy of the '99ers, what the future holds for the NWSL, and whatever happened to the world’s most famous sports bra.
02/06/221h 34m

Sue Bird: Running it back, We Are BG, and what's next for the WNBA

Sue Bird joins The Players’ Pod to talk all things WNBA: where the league should expand, how players are handling Brittney Griner’s detainment, whether this is actually Bird’s last season, how the league has changed and how it needs to evolve, and what it takes to win a Championship in three different decades. To learn more & get involved in the campaign to bring Brittney Griner home, visit WeAreBG.org
26/05/221h 8m

Shawn Johnson East: Her Olympic journey and digital empire

Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson East joins Kelley O'Hara for a behind-the-scenes look at her iconic career. Shawn discusses her life since the Beijing Olympics, including winning Dancing With the Stars, starting a family, and building a world-famous media brand.
19/05/221h 6m

The Washington Spirits: Trinity Rodman, Emily Sonnett and Andi Sullivan talk championship, rivalries, and more

Kelley O’Hara sits down with her Washington Spirit and USWNT teammates Trinity Rodman, Emily Sonnett and Andi Sullivan to discuss last year’s roller coaster season, winning the NWSL Championship, their budding on-field rivalries, what they’ve learned in their careers, and what’s coming next in 2022.
12/05/221h 10m

Introducing Snacks Season 3

Snacks is back! Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams are NWSL champions, USWNT teammates, Olympic medalists, and former roommates. Through candid (and often humorous) conversations with their teammates and friends, Snacks with Lynn and Sam gives listeners unprecedented insight into two of soccer’s biggest stars as they navigate life, sports and everything in between.

Caroline Marks: Surfing prodigy talks meteoric rise and the future of her sport

Surfing icon Caroline Marks joins Kelley O'Hara to discuss her journey from the beaches of Florida to becoming the youngest woman to ever qualify for the WSL’s Championship Tour. Just 20 years old, Caroline is already considered the future of her sport after representing the US in Tokyo last summer. She talks to Kelley about her first love of horseback riding, her experience as an Olympian, and the keys to finding success at such an early age.
05/05/221h 1m

Oksana Masters: Racking up medals, overcoming obstacles, and kicking absolute a**

17-time Paralympic medalist Oksana Masters joins Kelley O'Hara to discuss her incredible journey from a Ukrainian orphanage to dominating the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games.
28/04/221h 18m

Arike Ogunbowale: Chasing WNBA greatness and playing overseas

Arike Ogunbowale joins Kelley O'Hara to discuss her journey from Notre Dame to chasing WNBA greatness, playing overseas, and what's next for her basketball career.
21/04/2247m 53s

Jill Ellis: The Price of Victory with former USWNT Head Coach & President of San Diego Wave FC

Jill Ellis, the former USWNT head coach and current president of San Diego Wave FC, joins Kelley O’Hara for the first episode of The Players’ Pod. The two World Cup champions reflect on their time together with the national team before discussing why Ellis stepped down from her role as head coach and how she eventually ended up in San Diego.
14/04/221h 7m

The Just Women's Sports Podcast Update with Kelley O'Hara and Haley Rosen

Just Women's Sports CEO and founder Haley Rosen joins Kelley O'Hara to catch up on her NWSL championship win, life, and announcing the rebrand of the Just Women's Sports Podcast into the Players' Pod.
13/04/2216m 1s

Jamie Chadwick

Jamie Chadwick is one of the fastest drivers in the world. She was the youngest driver and first female to win a British GT Championship, and she went on to become the first female winner of a BRDC British Formula 3 race and the MR Challenge Championship. Two race victories and three other podium finishes saw Jamie crowned the inaugural W Series champion in 2019. She defended her title in 2021, winning the W Series again after the tour skipped over 2020.

Stefanie Dolson

Stefanie Dolson is riding high after having one of the most incredible years of her career. The two-time NCAA Champion added some new hardware this year as a 2021 WNBA Champion with the Chicago Sky, and to top it all off, she became an Olympic gold medalist with Team USA’s 3-on-3 squad.
24/11/211h 6m

Ashleigh Johnson

Ashleigh Johnson is being heralded as one of the best water polo players in the world. She has a total of 14 gold medals, spanning across the Olympics, World Cup, Pan American, World Championships. Not only is she one of the most decorated gold medal athletes you’ll ever hear from, she is also a four-time Swimming World Female of the Year award winner.
17/11/211h 10m

Erica Sullivan

Swimmer Erica Sullivan made a splash with an epic performance in the pool at the Tokyo Olympics where she won the silver medal in the 1500-meter freestyle during its first year featured for women’s swimming. Now, the University of Texas freshman joins the Pod to talk about her love of long-distance swimming, mental health, and her future in film.
10/11/211h 7m

Nelly Korda

One of the top ranked golfers in the world and Olympic Gold Medalist, Nelly Korda, joins Kelley to break down just how the 23-year-old has made it to the top of her game. They discuss what it was like to qualify for the U.S. Open at just 14 years old, completing the “Family Slam” by winning the Australian Open, and the importance of staying healthy during golf’s season.
03/11/2144m 20s

Tina Charles

Kelley sits down with three-time Olympic Gold Medalist and the WNBA’s leading scorer, Tina Charles. They break down dynasties, from back-to-back undefeated college seasons at UConn to the legacy of the US Women’s Basketball Team, as well as the importance of giving back through Tina’s Hopey’s Foundation or her films. How do you continue to level up both on and off the court? Tina Charles gives us the keys.
27/10/211h 8m

Lynn Williams

USWNT forward Lynn Williams joins Kelley to talk about how she went from being an underdog to becoming an Olympian. Lynn talks about growing up on a pecan farm, shares the story of how she got to Pepperdine, and how she went from being roster alternate to being an Olympic hero.
20/10/211h 27m

Alix Klineman

Olympic gold medalist Alix Klineman joins Kelley to talk about her journey from indoor volleyball star to beach volleyball champion. An athlete since childhood, Klineman was an All-American indoor player at Stanford and a member of Team USA before she decided to make the life-changing switch to beach. Klineman discusses the freedom that came with failing while transitioning sports and the importance of taking care of your body even when you’re young. She then takes Kelley behind the scenes of her and April Ross’ gold medal run at the Tokyo Olympics, where Klineman confirms that yes, she was nervous.
13/10/211h 10m

Jordan Larson

Team USA volleyball legend and Olympic triple medalist Jordan Larson joins Kelley to talk about the Tokyo Olympics and winning her first Gold. Jordan discusses the importance of being coachable and how that’s helped her win at every level of competition, from college to the national team to playing abroad. Kelley even finds out how Jordan’s nickname "the governor" really came to be…
29/09/211h 5m

Alyssa Naeher

The woman who *truly* saved the day in the USWNT’s 2019 World Cup run. World Cup Champion Alyssa Naeher joins Kelley O’Hara to deep dive about her journey from USWNT sub to superstar keeper. From scoring her first pair of goalie gloves, to dealing with pressure from the media, to all of the false starts and heartbreaks she experienced while waiting for her first national team game. Now having reached the top, Kelley and Alyssa discuss the keeper’s secret to making big-time penalty saves before reflecting on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and where the USWNT goes from here.
22/09/211h 13m

Olympics Special ft. Katie Nolan

Kelley O’Hara jumps into the guest seat as ESPN’s Katie Nolan stops by to talk all things Olympics. Kelley unpacks the USWNT’s surprising 2016 defeat in Rio, which fueled the team’s run through the 2019 World Cup, while also discussing unusual Olympics prep (thermometer pills, anyone?), what makes the Olympics harder to win than a World Cup, and how the team is feeling heading into Tokyo. Her and Katie then discuss what it would mean for the USWNT to become the first team to ever win the World Cup and Olympics back-to-back.
07/07/2151m 59s

Kate Courtney

World champion mountain bike racer Kate Courtney joins Kelley O’Hara to discuss her incredible run to the top of her sport. Growing up at the base of Mount Tam, the birthplace of modern mountain biking, Kate almost seemed destined to become a world-class racer, but numerous obstacles were thrown in her way. Kate talks to Kelley about competing against Europes’ best racers, what she learned from not making the 2016 Olympic team, how she’s preparing to chase gold in Tokyo, and the moment she decided to go "win the ham."
30/06/211h 9m

Tyler Wright

Two-time World Surf League Champion Tyler Wright joins Kelley O’Hara to discuss her unbelievable journey from surf prodigy to champion to bedridden superstar. After becoming the youngest surfer in history to win a Championship Tour event at age 14, Wright almost walked away from her sport before becoming a back-to-back world champion. Then, a post-viral illness knocked her out of competition for a year and a half. She talks with Kelley about the pressure of being a prodigy, overcoming both illness and family emergencies, and what it means for her to be back on the tour today.
23/06/211h 8m

Abby Wambach

A two-time Olympic gold medalist, 2015 World Cup Champion, and the all-time leading goalscorer in US Soccer History, Abby Wambach sits down with Kelley O’Hara to reflect on her incredible journey on and off the pitch. The USWNT legend discusses the championships and setbacks that defined her career, as well as her transition to retirement, and how she’s still working to push her sport forward as an NWSL owner.
16/06/211h 31m

Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks joins Kelley O'Hara to discuss how she went from WWE superfan to the first woman to ever headline a WWE pay-per-view event. From begging wrestling schools to let her join at age 13 to becoming one of the first African-American women to headline WrestleMania, Sasha Banks has broken barriers during every step of her journey. She talks with Kelley about what it took to succeed in and change a male-dominated sport, life on the road as a professional wrestler, and what she still hopes to achieve in and outside the ring.
09/06/211h 4m

Tea with A & Phee is BACK!

As the 25th season of the WNBA gets underway, 2020 MVP A'ja Wilson and 2019 Rookie of the Year Napheesa Collier are back for Tea with A and Phee. The All-Star pair are spilling the tea with the biggest names in basketball and pop culture, discussing hoops, current events, and their lives as professional athletes. Subscribe today! First episode drops Thursday, June 10th.

Elena Delle Donne

Two-time WNBA MVP and 2019 Champion Elena Delle Donne joins Kelley to discuss her one-of-a-kind path to basketball stardom. From fleeing UConn in the middle of the night to battling Lyme disease and a series of career-threatening injuries, Elena’s path to the top of the WNBA has never been easy. She discusses the unbreakable bond with her sister that has shaped her career, what it was like to walk out of the spotlight, and the work ethic that helped her become the only WNBA player in the 50-40-90 club.
02/06/211h 14m

Maggie Steffens

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Maggie Steffens sits down with Kelley O’Hara to discuss life atop the water polo world. Maggie brings us on her journey from being a little sister tagging along at the pool to competing alongside her heroes at the London Olympics. As Maggie trains and remains hopeful for the Tokyo Olympics, she lets us in on the family motto that motivates her, the moment her father predicted her Olympic success, her historic scoring spree at the 2012 games, and so much more.
26/05/211h 10m

Sam Mewis

USWNT midfielder Sam Mewis joins Kelley to discuss how she went from playing backyard soccer to being named the No. 1 women’s player in the world. Sam discusses her decision to leave the east coast for UCLA, her parallel track with sister and teammate Kristie Mewis, what she learned from being an alternate at the 2016 Olympics, her NWSL titles with the North Carolina Courage, and how she’s preparing for the Tokyo Olympics.  *This conversation took place shortly before Sam announced she was returning to the North Carolina Courage from Manchester City. Presented by Heineken
19/05/211h 10m

Bonus: 2020 reflections, 2021 resolutions

Kelley O’Hara sits down with JWS Founder & CEO Haley Rosen to discuss the state of women’s sports after an eventful 2020. Then, special guests Hilary Knight, Maggie Steffens and Sam Mewis jump on to discuss their 2020s and what they’re looking forward to in the new year. Go deeper. Presented by Heineken.
07/01/211h 2m

Becky Sauerbrunn

Becky Sauerbrunn joins teammate and friend Kelley O’Hara to discuss her historic career anchoring the USWNT defense. Becky and Kelley start by reflecting on the national team’s final match of 2020 against the Netherlands, before jumping back in time to re-trace Becky’s journey from being her older brothers’ guinea pig to becoming the first-ever president of the USWNT Players Association. Becky discusses what it means to be an introverted leader on a team full of extroverts, how she’s overcome the doubts of certain national team coaches, the work ethic that led her to win four NWSL Defender of the Year awards, and what made the 2019 World Cup a tournament like no other. Go deeper. Presented by Heineken
22/12/201h 11m

Nastia Liukin

Gymnastics icon Nastia Liukin joins Kelley O’Hara to discuss her journey to Olympic gold. The daughter of two former Soviet champion gymnasts, Nastia was born in Moscow, Russia, before her family found their way to Plano, Texas. There, Nastia followed in her parents footsteps, quickly ascending to the top of her sport. In this conversation, Nastia discusses her legendary 2008 Olympic battle with fellow American Shawn Johnson, the effects of that rivalry on the two gymnasts’ friendship, her attempt to make the 2012 Olympics, and what she’s learned from both winning and falling short on the world’s biggest stage. Go deeper. Presented by Heineken
15/12/201h 21m

Nneka Ogwumike

WNBA superstar and Players Association President Nneka Ogwumike talks with Kelley about her unusual path to becoming one of the most impactful leaders in sports. Ogwumike discusses the impact of her Nigerian-American upbringing on her basketball career, why she needed to be talked into going pro before being drafted No. 1, learning to drive stick shift in Poland during her first year abroad, her record-breaking 2016 MVP season, scoring the championship-winning shot to win a title with the Sparks, negotiating the league’s groundbreaking 2020 CBA, and what it took to pull off a paradigm-shifting season inside the WNBA bubble. Go deeper. Presented by Heineken
08/12/201h 15m

Cat Osterman

Cat Osterman may be the greatest pitcher in softball history. A two-time Olympic medalist and three-time Player of the Year at the University of Texas, Cat recently came out of retirement in order to help Team USA win gold in Tokyo. She sits down with Kelley O’Hara to explain that decision while also reflecting on her career in the sport. Cat talks about her introduction to pitching, her historic career at Texas, winning gold in Athens, what drew her to Athletes Unlimited, and what it means to have another shot at gold next summer. Go deeper. Presented by Heineken
08/12/2058m 27s

Mal Pugh

Mallory Pugh has been considered the future of the U.S. women’s national team since before she could drive a car. After being called in to the USWNT at age 17, she made her Olympic debut at 18, turned professional at 19, and then won a World Cup at age 21. In this episode, Mal and Kelley discuss her meteoric rise to soccer stardom and what comes next in a career that is still just getting started. Mal reflects on her Olympic and World Cup experiences, her decision to turn pro after only three months at UCLA, and what she’s learned from betting on herself. Mal also discusses her recent omission from the USWNT Olympic qualifying roster and why she sees this temporary setback as a turning point in her career. Go deeper. Presented by Heineken
01/12/201h 3m

Stephanie Gilmore

The most dominant surfer of her generation joins Kelley O’Hara to discuss her life in and out of the water. Born and raised in New South Wales, Australia, Stephanie Gilmore won her first professional event when she was still in high school. As a rookie on the Women’s ASP World Tour, she won four of the eight events and claimed the 2007 World Title, which she then defended for the next three years. Stephanie talks with Kelley about her innate competitive drive, her love of the sport, how she recovered from a random act of violence to reclaim her top spot, what it means to be going to the Olympics next summer, and how she fought for and won equal prize money for women surfers. Go deeper. Presented by Heineken
24/11/201h 8m

Michelle Wie West

One of the biggest names in golf history sits down with Kelley O’Hara to talk about her one-of-a-kind career. Michelle Wie West discusses her unprecedented rise from a local child prodigy to a national superstar, the highs and lows of her professional journey, and how motherhood has changed her perspective on golf. Already winning adult amateur tournaments by the time she was a teenager, Michelle turned pro the week before she turned 16. She talks with Kelley about the secrets to her early success and the lessons she learned having to persevere through both injury and professional uncertainty. Go deeper. Presented by Heineken
17/11/2052m 31s

Carli Lloyd

One of soccer’s most iconic players sits down with Kelley O’Hara to talk about her roller-coaster journey to the top of her sport. Carli Lloyd speaks candidly about the highs and lows that have defined her career, from getting cut from a youth national team to her legendary hat-trick in the 2015 World Cup final. The USWNT star discusses why she stood by Hope Solo following her controversial benching at the 2007 World Cup, what it meant to score the gold medal-winning goal at the 2008 Olympics and again in 2012, her dominant run through the 2015 World Cup, and what people misunderstood about her comments during the 2019 tournament. Carli also discusses how quarantine inspired her to reconnect with her family after 12 years apart and the hard-won lessons she’s learned as both an athlete and a person. Go deeper. Presented by Heineken
10/11/201h 6m

Allyson Felix

The most decorated woman in track and field history joins Kelley O’Hara to talk about the highs and lows that have defined her career. Allyson discusses her late introduction to the sport in high school, competing in the Olympics just four years later, her longtime rivalry with Veronica Campbell-Brown, overcoming disappointment in Beijing to win gold in London, the controversial dive which cost her in Rio, the lasting effects of her life-threatening pregnancy, fighting with Nike over maternity coverage, and why she’s now determined to be an advocate for female athletes everywhere. Go deeper. Presented by Heineken
27/10/201h 7m

Bonus: Kelley's season 1 recap

Just Women’s Sports founder Haley Rosen joins Kelley to reflect on season one of the podcast. Kelley discusses her favorite moments from the season, what she learned from each interview, some of the lessons she has collected from her own career, and why she is already stoked for season two of the show. Together With: Ritual, vitamins for skeptics, by skeptics. Get 10% OFF with code: JWS Sports Save You Money.
06/10/2039m 0s

Sam Kerr

The all-time leading scorer in both NWSL and W-League history joins Kelley to discuss the unorthodox path she’s taken to becoming a global superstar. Sam discusses her lifelong passion for Australian rules football, why she was forced to switch sports by her family, how she went from picking up soccer at age 12 to debuting for the Australian national team at 15, her recovery from two career-threatening injuries in less than a year, why she moved to Chelsea, winning equal pay, and what it means for Australia to be co-hosting the 2023 World Cup. Go deeper. Together With: WISS, your full-service accounting & business growth advisory partner. Get a 30-minute advisory session Magic Spoon, healthy cereal that tastes too good to be true. Get 12% OFF with code: JWS Sports Save You Money.
22/09/2059m 7s

April Ross

Beach volleyball star April Ross joins Kelley to talk about the twists and turns of her Olympic career. April discusses her late introduction to the sport, her unexpected decision to attend USC, how the loss of her mother impacted her on and off the court, why early professional burnout in Puerto Rico led her to make the switch to beach, her early success on the AVP and FIVB circuits, making the gold medal match in her first Olympics, why breaking up with a partner is a lot like breaking up with a significant other, and how she’s preparing for the Tokyo Olympics as the favorite to take home gold. Together With: WISS, your full-service accounting & business growth advisory partner. Get a 30-minute advisory session Magic Spoon, healthy cereal that tastes too good to be true. Get 12% OFF with code: JWS Sports Save You Money.
15/09/201h 4m

Lizzie Armanto

Skateboarding unicorn Lizzie Armanto joins Kelley to talk about her uncharted path through the world of professional skating. Lizzie discusses the importance of skate park culture to her early education in the sport, why an injury of all things was what convinced her to go pro, the lack of an obvious blueprint and professional role models at the start of her career, how she ended up on Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse team, landing on the cover of Thrasher the same day she got a pro model, why she’s optimistic about the sport’s inclusion in the Olympics, and the story of how she became the first woman to complete the infamous 360 loop. Go deeper. Together With: WISS, your full-service accounting & business growth advisory partner. Get a 30-minute advisory session Ritual, vitamins for skeptics, by skeptics. Get 10% OFF with code: JWS Ohza, mimosas are now #notjustforbrunch. Get 10% OFF with code: JWS Sports Save You Money.
08/09/2046m 40s

Breanna Stewart

All-world basketball star Breanna Stewart joins Kelley to discuss her ongoing pursuit of basketball perfection. Stewie discusses her recent recovery from a torn Achilles, why she’s still salty about the games she lost in college despite going 151-5 and winning four national championships, what makes UConn players different, Kobe Bryant’s mentorship and passing, winning a WNBA title in just her third season in the league, butting heads with Geno Auriemma, and her outspoken advocacy on behalf of both Black Lives Matters and sexual abuse survivors. Note: this episode was recorded before the start of the 2020 WNBA season. Together With: BEAST, personal care products for BEASTS of all kinds. Get 20% OFF with code: JWS Ohza, mimosas are now #notjustforbrunch. Get 10% OFF with code: JWS Sports Save You Money.
01/09/2047m 32s

Mikaela Shiffrin

Record-breaking ski racer Mikaela Shiffrin sits down with Kelley to talk about her historic rise to the top of her sport, the influence of her family on her life and career, why she prefers training to competing, how she recovered from a near-crash to take home gold at the 2014 Olympics, what made the 2018 Olympics complicated, and what she’s learned about herself in the wake of her father’s passing. Go deeper. Together With: BEAST, personal care products for BEASTS of all kinds. Get 20% OFF with code: JWS Ohza, mimosas are now #notjustforbrunch. Get 10% OFF with code: JWS Sports Save You Money.

Bonus: Alex Morgan on motherhood

During our conversation with Alex Morgan, the USWNT star went into detail about both her pregnancy and her life as a new mother. Not all of that made it into the final episode, but we thought it was too good not to share. Now, in this special bonus episode of the JWS Podcast, you can listen as Kelley and Alex discuss what it was like to give birth in a pandemic, the lack of research regarding pregnancy and training, and what Alex’s return-to-play protocols look like as the new mother gets ready for next summer’s Olympics. Together With: BEAST, personal care products for BEASTS of all kinds. Get 20% OFF with code: JWS Ritual, vitamins for skeptics, by skeptics. Get 10% OFF with code: JWS Sports Save You Money.
21/08/2023m 10s

Kerri Walsh Jennings

The beach volleyball GOAT Kerri Walsh Jennings gets candid with Kelley as she discusses the ins and outs of her record-setting career. Kerri provides deep insight into her legendary partnership with Misty May-Treanor, the unbreakable mental bond that led to three gold medals, the negative effects her obsession with winning had on her family life and how she was able to recover, why her competitive switch is never off, how she managed to have a family while maintaining her Olympic career, and why she’s more excited than ever before to chase gold at Tokyo next summer. Go deeper. Together With: WISS, your full-service accounting & business growth advisory partner. Get a 30-minute advisory session Ohza, Mimosas are now #notjustforbrunch. Get 10% OFF with code: JWS Sports Save You Money.
18/08/2057m 29s

Hilary Knight

Hockey superstar Hilary Knight joins Kelley to talk about her historic career and the battles she’s fought on and off the ice. Hilary discusses wanting to be an Olympian before women’s ice hockey was even included in the Games, breaking records at Wisconsin, the perils of too many college shenanigans, how she survived on closing-time Dunkin’ Donuts during her first professional seasons, fist-fighting with the Canadian national team, and why the Americans and Canadians put their differences aside to form the PWHPA. Go deeper. Together With: WISS, your full-service accounting & business growth advisory partner. Get a 30-minute advisory session Sports Save You Money.
11/08/2056m 14s

Candace Parker

Basketball legend Candace Parker joins Kelley to share some of the wisdom she’s accrued in her Hall of Fame career. Candace discusses learning how to dunk at the age of 14, the influence of the late Pat Summitt on her life and career, how having a daughter made her a better person, her controversial exclusion from the 2016 Olympic team, what it meant to win a WNBA title in a season dedicated to Summitt, and much more. Go deeper. Together With: WISS, your full-service accounting & business growth advisory partner. Get a 30-minute advisory session Sports Save You Money.
04/08/2055m 46s

Chloe Kim

Snowboarding’s present and future queen Chloe Kim joins Kelley to talk about the true story behind her introduction to the sport, what it meant to go pro at age 12, the fearlessness required to learn a new trick, how she handled being the favorite at the 2018 games, competing in front of her family in Korea, her infamous tweet during the halfpipe final, the demands of celebrity, her transition to life as a Princeton student, and much more. Go deeper.
28/07/201h 9m

Alex Morgan

Soccer icon Alex Morgan talks with teammate and friend Kelley O’Hara in her first full-length interview since giving birth. Alex discusses her life as a new mother, her meteoric rise from a late-beginning club career to making her national team debut at age 20, the influence Abby Wambach had on her career, the infamous tea celebration against England, the significance of the 2011 World Cup, the USWNT’s fight for equal pay, what made the 2019 World Cup so epic, and what comes next for one of soccer’s biggest stars. Go deeper.
21/07/2050m 52s
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