By Wafflin' by Joe Weller

Joe Weller, Theo Baker & Luke Martin present the crazy talk show: Wafflin', whereby they aim to discuss and debate anything and everything, through questions sent in from YOU, the listeners!


S4 Ep8: Goodbye For Now

The Wafflin' boys sign off in typical fashion.
17/07/2254m 51s

S4 Ep7: Terrible Excuses, Dodgy Wafflin’ Fan Mail & Can KSI Really Win?

YESSSS, the boys are back with Wafflin'. Don't miss out on this weeks episode!
03/07/221h 8m

S4 Ep6: Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury, Youtuber Earnings & Breaking Bro Code

Wafflin is back again! The boys discuss Youtube boxing including Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury, we talk Youtuber Earnings and what it's like breaking bro code!
26/06/221h 1m

S4 Ep5: Joe’s New UFO Crystals, Liam Payne Beef & Baby Name Reveal

Wafflin is back again! Continuing with more dodgy, dodgy stories and questions; the boys also discuss hilarious baby names that are ILLEGAL!
19/06/221h 6m

S4 Ep4: Dodgy Festivals, Weller’s YouTube Return & Royal Family Reptilian Conspiracy

Yes, we know - but we're back now! Everything will be explained in this episode that you DO NOT want to missssss.
12/06/221h 2m

S4 Ep3: Voodoo Curses, Niko Omilana Gives Out His BBC & Do Criminals Deserve Torture?

YESSSS, Wafflin is back again to cure your Sunday blues. Don't miss joining the boys in another typically dodgy yet hilarious episode!
21/05/221h 10m

S4 Ep2: Addressing HSTikkyTokky Drama, KSI & Jake Paul Boxing Returns & Savage Snapchat Stories

Wafflin is back again. This week we're addressing the hstikkytokky drama, KSI and Jake Paul's return to boxing & we answer mental questions sent in by you guys!
15/05/2256m 37s

S4 Ep1: WE’RE BACK! Small Man Problems, Facing Scary Haters & How NOT to Jump Out a Plane

WAFFLIN HAS OFFICIALLY RETURNED! The new season begins in typical chaotic and dodgy fashion. Don’t miss this one!
08/05/221h 14m

S3 Ep10: Fighting Jack Joseph, Breaking His C*ck & Getting DM’d by Drake

Yesssssss! Join the boys for the season finale, where they are joined by TikTok sensation Jack Joseph. Find out what Drake said when he slid into his DM's, how he dealt with a broken cock and how he came face to face with death a few years ago.
20/03/221h 22m

S3 Ep9: Reacting to Deji’s Fight, Central Cee Embarrassment & Getting Revenge on Exes

Wafflin' returns again - listen to the boys react to Deji's loss, that Weller video with Cetral Cee and dodgy viewer questions!
13/03/221h 5m

S3 Ep8: Debating Marriage, Bottling It & How We Survive a Nuclear Explosion

Wafflin' returns! Make sure to rate us 5 stars - Enjoy!
06/03/221h 8m

S3 Ep7: World War Three, Showing Off To Women & Using Instagram For Validation

The Wafflin' season continues in typical dodgy fashion! Don't forget to rate us 5 stars!
27/02/221h 8m

S3 Ep6: Hasbulla Interview, UFC Fight & Finding True Love

Wafflin' welcomes internet sensation, Hasbulla Magomedov, for a world exclusive interview!

S3 Ep5: Taste Testing Prime, Cancelling Footballers & Addressing You Controversial Opinions

Episode 5 brings you a taste test of Logan Paul & KSI's new drink - Prime, discussion on the recent controversies in football and we asked YOU for your most controversial opinions for us to debate!
13/02/221h 12m

S3 Ep4: Intimate Public Massages, Life Changing Habits & Does “Playing Hard to Get” Work?

The season continues in typical dodgy fashion! Don't miss this weeks new episode.

S3 Ep3: Weller & Malfoy Clash Spiritually, Bisexual Girlfriend & Naughty Viewer Questions

THE RETURN OF YOUR DODGY QUESTIONS - don't miss this episode, as the boys answer fan questions and Weller and Malfoy clash over difference in beliefs
30/01/221h 12m

S3 Ep2: Instagram Models, Time Travel Conspiracy & Do Women Like Powerful Men More?

The new Wafflin' season continues in typical dodgy fashion. From hot sauce in the bedroom to Weller's extra small johnny's - you won't want to miss this,
23/01/221h 16m

S3 Ep1: Caught Slipping, Public Humiliation & Is Molly-Mae Treated Unfairly?

Wafflin' is back to beat the January blues! The boys are back to their old ways, with Weller baiting himself out by revealing some of his childhood secrets, discussing public humiliation; and questioning whether Molly-Mae gets a hard time on social media.
16/01/2257m 30s

TikTok Drama, Dodgy Presents & Making it Snow | WAFFLIN’ CHRISTMAS SPECIAL

YESSSSSSS, the boys are back for a Christmas special. Wafflin' season 3 begins January the 16th 2022!
24/12/211h 42m

AMSTERDAM SPECIAL! Getting H*gh & Exploring S*x Work

The boys have finally done it - a short flight to Amsterdam and a quick visit to a coffee shop, led to the most mental Wafflin' episode ever!
28/11/211h 20m

S2 Ep10: Girlfriends For Christmas, Getting Stalked & Is Theo Scared of Our Last Guest?

The season 2 finale is here! The boys discuss whether seasonal girlfriends are a thing, give their honest opinions of last episode and discuss how the government controls us!
24/10/211h 7m

S2 Ep9: Confronting HSTIKKYTOKKY About Boxing, Tiktok Earnings & If Hold This Wood Works

The boys have done it - the first guest of season 2 and it is a BELTER. Hstikkytokky reveals all, from how he makes a living, to his most embarrassing memory in the bedroom. Weller also confronts him about calling him out on a live stream.. You don't want to miss this.
17/10/211h 6m

S2 Ep8: Weller Gets Triggered, Medical Conspiracies & Is Paying For Only Fans Embarrassing?

The boys are back as Weller brings some goods for show and tell. This leads to a lengthy discussion on products sold as possessing 'special powers'. As you can imagine, Teddy gets Weller going!
10/10/211h 5m

S2 Ep7: Laughing at Theo, Alpha Mentality & How Alcohol Changed Weller

The boys are back with a classic. With one of the weirdest openings to any Wafflin' ever, you don't want to miss this!
03/10/211h 6m

S2 Ep6: Theo Gets Mugged!!! Catching FAKE Feelings & Why You Shouldn't Give Up

Back in the usual setting, the boys discuss meaningful connections & Theo's eventful week; which included him being mugged on the streets of London!
26/09/211h 8m

S2 Ep5: Mixed Signals, Party Struggles & What Counts as Cheating?

The boys are reporting live from Ibiza. Fragile, and hungover, they share their dodgy stories and answer all your dodgier questions.
19/09/211h 2m

S2 Ep4: The Greatest First Date, Self-Love & The Importance of Consistency

The boys are reporting live from the London set up for the first time - granted, it needs some work. They discuss the different types of dates, and what makes the greatest first date. As the podcast takes a deeper turn, the boys consider the need for self-love and consistency for a happier life.
12/09/211h 2m

S2 Ep3: Dating Taller Girls, Humiliated on Live TV & Confronting Theo's Toxic Habits

The boys perform an intervention on Theo, as they're worried about his new party lifestyle. In response to yet another disgruntled fan, the boys discuss whether boys only see women as objects. Joe talks about his dead trim that he had for live TV and how taller women suffer from the stigma attached to them.
05/09/211h 2m

S2 Ep2: Try Not to Laugh, Confronting an Angry Fan & Jake Paul Strikes Again

The boys are back for episode two! After comments made last episode, a fan sent in a angry response which evoked a response. A laughing fit erupts before the boys regain calm and discuss Jake Pauls upcoming fight and how Joe once nearly got arrested.
29/08/211h 4m

S2 Ep1: WAFFLIN’ RETURNS! Becoming Sh*ggers, Going Wild in Ibiza & Body Count Reveal

The boys are BACK. The second season kicks off with the boys catching up on all the ridiculous things they got up to over summer. Theo opens up about how he's finding single life and Weller admits to becoming single again also. Having not seen each other since the last episode, you can imagine the stuff that comes out. VISIT https://www.expressvpn.com/wafflin FOR 3 FREE MONTHS WHEN YOU PURCHASE A 12 MONTH PLAN VISIT http://freetrade.io/wafflin for a FREE share worth up to £200! VISIT http://Coinbase.com/WAFFLIN FOR €5 IN FREE BITCOIN WHEN YOU SIGN UP
22/08/2157m 29s

S1 Ep15: Drunk Season Finale

The season has come to an end. The boys celebrate the season by playing drinking games, getting smashed and finally getting Stannard on the pod. It's a chaotic but hilarious ending. VISIT https://uk.manscaped.com/wafflin WITH CODE WAFFLIN FOR 20% OFF! If you go to http://expressvpn.com/wafflin, you can get an extra three months of ExpressVPN for free! VISIT http://freetrade.io/wafflin for a FREE share worth up to £200!
19/06/211h 18m

S1 Ep14: Sleeping With Fans, Why Logan Beat Floyd & Proof England Will Win Euro 2020

The boys are back in full swing for the penultimate episode. They discuss whether Theo, now single, would sleep with a fan, who they think is England's star player and Joe explains why he though Logan did beat Floyd! VISIT https://www.beer52.com/Wafflin for a FREE case of 8 beers. Just pay delivery! VISIT http://freetrade.io/wafflin for a FREE share worth up to £200! VISIT https://StitchFix.co.uk/WAFFLIN for 20% off your order if you buy all 5 items from your fix!
13/06/211h 6m

S1 Ep13: First Time Dating, Fake Friends & The Real Reason Theo Quit

Theo finally returns, as he reveals what kept him away for two weeks. The boys also discuss how to begin dating, what the ideal date is and how friends can help you through a terrible time. VISIT freetrade.io/wafflin for a FREE share worth up to £200! Go to Curve.com/wafflin for your free £5!  VISIT https://www.beer52.com/Wafflin for a FREE case of 8 beers. Just pay delivery!
06/06/211h 10m

S1 Ep12: Bringing Girls Home, Fighting Family & Joe's Mum on KSI vs. Joe Weller

Joe's mum kindly stands in for Theo, as he prepares for his return next week. The boys discuss Joe's dodgy childhood habits, what she thinks of his openly talked about sexual endeavours and how she handled the fight Joe had against KSI. VISIT freetrade.io/wafflin for a FREE share worth up to £200! VISIT www.beer52.com/Wafflin for a FREE case of 8 beers. Just pay delivery! 
30/05/211h 12m

S1 Ep11: Fighting in Public, Pleasuring Your Girl & Dumping Bad Friends

With Theo away, the boys dig into their memories of rowdy nights out, life at school and how they think you best please a girl. Don't miss this one! VISIT freetrade.io/wafflin TO CLAIM YOUR FREE SHARE WORTH UP TO £200
23/05/211h 5m

S1 Ep10: Caught Breaking the Law, Jake v Mayweather? & The Moment That Changed Everything

A third of the way through the season. The boys discuss how much money there is to be made for influencers on Instagram, and why it is such an important thing for them. Big events happened at the face-off between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather, which has seemingly made Theo a Jake Paul fan! Also, the boys discuss their lowest moments and how they turned life around. VISIT freetrade.io/wafflin TO CLAIM YOUR FREE SHARE WORTH UP TO £200
16/05/211h 7m

S1 Ep9: Dodgy Lads Holiday, Celebs Sliding In & Angry Fan Complains

The boys are back to reminisce on their younger holidays, discussing their ridiculous stories from abroad. The boys press Joe to go through his old DM's to see which celebrities have tried to make their move on him. And an angry mafia member, or more appropriately, waffler, makes a complaint regarding last weeks episode. VISIT freetrade.io/wafflin TO CLAIM YOUR FREE SHARE WORTH UP TO £200 VISIT http://expressvpn.com/wafflin, you can get an extra three months of ExpressVPN for free! VISIT https://uk.manscaped.com/wafflin WITH CODE WAFFLIN FOR 20% OFF!
09/05/211h 1m

S1 Ep8: Losing Porn Virginity, Escaping the Friend-Zone & Theo Gets Naughty!

Over halfway through the season! Yes, the boys are back discussing losing your porn virginity, how to dig yourself out the friend-zone (if at all possible) and a viewer sends in an email confessing his love for one of the boys. Visit www.stitchfix.co.uk/wafflin
02/05/211h 7m

S1 Ep7: Dirty Texting Fails, Weller Loses It & Toxic Internet Melts Culture

Episode Seven, let's have it. The boys discuss Weller's drunken antics on True Geordie's live stream, as he reflects on some tweets he sent. A fan asks for help with sexting, while Theo is pressured into giving his advice and what he'd do in this situation. It's classic, dodgy and jokes. Don't forget to go to freetrade.io/wafflin to claim a free share worth up to £200.
25/04/211h 7m

S1 Ep6: Exposing Old Weller, Sleepy S*x & Joe Makes Theo Cry...

The boys review Weller's old tweets and discover that he's always been a horny weirdo. They then discuss falling asleep during sex after a night out before Theo opens up about yet another physical setback. The show then gets deep with the boys discussing mental things such as where you go when you momentarily die. and don't forget VISIT https://uk.manscaped.com/wafflin WITH CODE WAFFLIN FOR 20% OFF!
18/04/211h 11m

S1 Ep5: Reacting to Weller's Paranormal Footage, Degrading S*x Experiences & Seaspiracy

After Joe's claims, last week, that his house is haunted, he managed to capture unexplainable footage and shares it with the boys to get their reaction. The boys also give their views on Seaspiracy and discuss the most degrading things they've done in the bedroom. Visit https://freetrade.io/wafflin for a FREE share worth up to £200. Visit https://StitchFix.co.uk/WAFFLIN for 20% off your order if you buy all 5 items from your fix! Go to www.beer52.com/Wafflin to claim your free case of 8 craft beers!
11/04/211h 8m

S1 Ep4: Responding to UK YouTubers, Dodgy Role-play & Scary Paranormal Encounters

Normal service resumed. The three boys sit down to reflect on some of the controversies that arose from the previous episode with Elliot, discuss role-playing in the bedroom and Joe tells the boys his house is haunted and he's going to prove it!
04/04/211h 6m

S1 Ep3: Confronting Elliot Crawford About Weller Beef, KSI & YouTube Career

After years of not knowing what truly went on between Joe and Elliot, the pair of them finally sit down to talk it out in a tell-all podcast. The boys dive into why they fell out, why Elliot sent that infamous message to KSI and what impact it all has had on his life since. You do not want to miss this one. And don't forget, visit www.beer52.com/Wafflin to get a free case of 8 beers! (£5.99 postage)
28/03/211h 21m

S1 Ep2: Cheating Scandals, OnlyFans Addiction & Joe Gets a Girlfriend?

The boys have actually done it - 2 weeks in a row! The new season continues on its dodgy pathway as Joe talks about the different things girls have asked him to send them and discusses the authenticity of OnlyFans. The boys also discuss what a career in YouTube is like, from things such as the online pressures and how much money can be made from partaking in those infamous boxing events.  Don't forget to visit https://StitchFix.co.uk/WAFFLIN for 20% off your order if you buy all five items in your fix and; https://freetrade.io/wafflin for a FREE share worth up to £200.
21/03/211h 10m

S1 Ep1: Lockdown Sex Life, Weller Dates a Mum & Exposing Naughty DMs

The boys have finally returned and this time it's for good. Obviously it's a dodgy one; obviously Weller baits himself out; Obviously it's hilarious. You wont want to miss the first one back!  And don't forget, use code WAFFLIN for 20% off at Manscaped.
14/03/211h 1m

Selling Out, Dating My Mate’s Mum & Conor McGregor Fights a YouTuber

The boys are back, for a record-breaking second time in two weeks! They resume normal service by answering your dodgy questions, resulting in hilarious but disturbing conversation. They discuss the potential fight between Conor McGregor and some YouTuber and discuss the impact that brand deals have on a fan base.
20/12/201h 3m

Addressing Our Beef, Fighting Jake Paul & The Future of Wafflin'...

After weeks of tension, the Wafflin' boys are back to address the beef between them that has torn them apart. Plus, discuss some big talking points in the world of YouTube boxing and answer your dodgy questions. 
13/12/201h 6m

Getting Rejected, Choked Out by a Girl & Theo Gets Covid!

The boys finally return (again). They discuss Theo's experience with Covid-19 and how his recovery is coming along, disastrous afterparties and how playing hard to get makes you want someone even more. As usual, the episode is weird, hilarious and full of baiting Weller out! 
18/10/201h 14m

My Cartoon Girlfriend, Awkward Disabilities & Weller's Humiliating Confession

The lads are back discussing Weller's hilarious new discovery and answering your questions!
27/09/201h 9m

Getting Pregnant, Logan Paul v Floyd Mayweather & Weller Ruins Your S*x Life

The boys return in high spirits! From discussing the prospect of pregnancy to horrendous smells in the bedroom, the episode goes from weird, dodgy to outright illegal.
20/09/201h 25m

Weller Is Back, Dangerous Fetishes & Ruining The Show!

The boys are finally back for Season 2, Joe survived his TV show but how is he feeling since returning home? We also talk dangerous fetishes... the classic!
06/09/2036m 11s

Being A Home Wrecker, Dodgy Dads & Joe Speaks To Elliot

The boys are back for a one off August special before the start of Season 2. From Being a home wrecker to Dodgy Dads & Joe finally speaks to Elliot, this is a true Wafflin' episode!
23/08/201h 9m

The S*x Guru Returns! Fighting & Getting Attacked by a Fan

The Wafflin' Boys have returned from their trip to Cornwall with all to tell! From getting attacked by a fan to Joe the Sex Guru, this episode has it all!
26/07/201h 17m

Filming Intimate Videos, Making an Onlyfans & Joe Falls in Love

The boys are back and this time it's Joe's turn to be interrogated, Luke & Theo try to find out what really happened last weekend! From making home videos to making an OnlyFans, this is a true Wafflin Podcast!
12/07/201h 11m

Finding A Lover, Body Transformation & Weller Addresses Deji

The boys are finally back in the Wafflin' Studio! From addressing Joe addressing Deji to their experience at festivals and the aftermath of certain substances, this is a true Wafflin' Podcast.
05/07/201h 28m

Falling Out, Female Complaints & Baiting Weller Out

The boys are back and reporting live from a very special location! They answer your dodgy questions and even address some complaints. From baiting out Joe to discussing their fallouts, this is the true Wafflin' Vibe!    
28/06/201h 4m

Stealing a Fan's Girlfriend, One Night Stands & THE REAL WAFFLIN' IS BACK!!

Finally! The boys reunite face-to-face in an outdoor location. The true Wafflin' vibe is back better than ever as the lads take on your dodgy questions and bait themselves out in true Wafflin' style. 
20/06/2056m 48s

Dirty Lies, Trying Substances & How to be Successful

The boys are back with another hilarious edition of Wafflin'. With discussions on their experiences with psychedelics and how to become successful, the conversation takes a rare solemn turn with a conversation on the black lives matter movement and how we can all make a difference.
13/06/201h 16m

Breaking Up, Bedroom Disasters & Reflecting on the KSI Podcast

The boys cover an array of interesting talking points from how they approach breaking up with girls, to being worried about never finding the one. They answer your questions about our advice to exchange nudes through lockdown backfiring and our most fatal bedroom mistakes, resulting in a hilarious, cringeworthy discussion!
04/06/201h 15m

KSI vs Joe Weller - The Beef

Joe Weller & KSI, for the first time since their boxing match, discuss their beef and everything that has gone down between them. #WafflinMafia

Funny Confessions, UFO Conspiracies & Friends with Benefits

The boys discuss their funny confessions, body transformations and answer some hilarious questions!
06/05/201h 9m

Breaking Down, Rating YouTubers & Exposing Quarantine Stories

In this episode we discuss Joe's new emotional video in which he opened up about YouTube once and for all, Logan and Jake Paul plus Mike Majlak's significant effect on us. Whilst exposing some truths about our quarantine journey thus far and answering your embarrassing questions!
21/04/201h 21m

How to Initiate Sex, YouTuber Scandals & Why Life Has Changed Forever

Another big podcast during isolation. The boys delve into more of your questions including how they're dealing with having a girlfriend during isolation, gym anxiety, how to initiate sex with a girl you like, TGF's video scandal and how life has changed forever. Enjoy!
14/04/2055m 37s

Opening Up to a Therapist about Our Mental Health

Joe Weller & Theo Baker open up to mental health, psychology and body language expert: Believing Bruce. The boys delve into questions about their own personal experiences and lay it all down in an emotional conversation.
11/04/2041m 53s

Isolation, Older Women & Getting Deep

The Wafflin' Isolation special! We take on more of your embarrassing questions and Joe exposes his weird thing for older women. We also get deep about life and YouTube, which inevitably leads to another Weller Therapy Session! LOL 
02/04/201h 13m

Should I Allow My Girlfriend to Sell Nudes on OnlyFans?

The boys debate selling nudes on OnlyFans, specifically when in a relationship. Is it the done thing? 
05/03/2022m 57s

Responding to Your Embarrassing Questions

We asked you to send in quick-fire questions via our Instagram page, @WafflinPodcast, and we answer openly and honestly to the best ones in this episode! 
04/03/2027m 57s

Does This Prove You're Still in Love with Your Ex?

Theo confronts Joe about liking ex-girlfriends' Instagrams posts. Does it mean you're still in love? Or is it harmless? Find out now!
29/02/2012m 41s

Experimenting with Sex Dolls & Using Tinder

Joe Weller humiliated as Theo interrogates him about experimenting with sex dolls and Tinder.
29/02/2044m 5s

Paranormal Encounters & Conspiracies - "Why Spirits Are Real"

Joe Weller explains and debates his most convincing paranormal encounter, which he believes proves ghosts are real. 
29/02/2038m 19s
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