Girls No Filter with Jess Wright

Girls No Filter with Jess Wright

By Pixiu

Girls No Filter is the raucous and unapologetic podcast from Jess Wright (The Only Way Is Essex). Alongside BFFs Gabby and Kelly, Jess lifts the lid on life beyond reality TV – and is joined by celeb guests to discuss everything from flirting to fashion, sex to social media. Expect drama, tears and laughter!


Loveable Pirate with Pete Wicks

Pete Wicks joins the party! They talk Reality News, love advice and TOWIE.
24/06/21·40m 18s

Hard work pays off!

This week, the girls look back on their careers, first jobs and talk about University experiences.
10/06/21·46m 54s

Worst Dates

Who said dating was easy?! For this episode, we asked listeners to send in their dating disasters, join Jess, Gabby and Kelly as they look through the inbox...
03/06/21·37m 17s

Dressed to the nines with Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan joins the girls to talk fashion, Friends and Sex and the City!
27/05/21·38m 34s

We're two plus one

The girls are feeling broody! Gabby fills Jess and Kelly in on her pregnancy journey, as well as talking about life after birth and keeping the spark alive...
20/05/21·48m 3s

Language of love with Maeva D’Ascanio

The girls are joined by Made in Chelsea’s finest - Maeva D’Ascanio! They talk everything around TV, Love and Paris.
13/05/21·31m 27s

All good things come in threes

Jess, Gabby and Kelly are back for Season 3 of Girls No Filter! Its been a while and there is a lot to catch up on…
06/05/21·29m 39s

Honey we're home!

Jess, Gabby and Kelly are back for Season 3 of #GirlsNoFilter
29/04/21·1m 8s

Feeling ok?

This week Jess and the girls talk about their own experiences with mental health.
19/11/20·43m 0s

Hiyaa Huuun! with David Potts

From Tesco Mobile to Ibiza Weekender, David Potts AKA El Jefe, talks all about his TV career on this week’s episode. Tune in to hear about his Tinder antics, body goals and dating in the public eye.
12/11/20·33m 2s

Lockdown baby with Danielle Armstrong

First time mum, Danielle Armstrong, joins the party for a good old natter! She opens up about her experience of giving birth during lockdown, falling in love and her weight-loss journey.
05/11/20·45m 11s

Does the fairy tale even exist?

Everyone wishes for their happy ever after - but is it unrealistic? Jess, Gabby and Kelly dissect all aspects of love, happiness and marriage. Have we been sold a dream? Find out here on Girls No Filter.
29/10/20·44m 20s

World's Easiest Job with Scarlett Moffatt

Girls No Filter are joined by the TV Superstar - Scarlett Moffatt! Learn all the tricks about Gogglebox, what being in the public eye is really like and how to avoid those awkward conversations about ‘dogging' with your parents...
22/10/20·41m 33s

Mysterious Man with Peter Andre

The legend, Peter Andre, joins the party! Jess and the girls ask him about his new Youtube series ‘Life with The Andres', if he ever plans on releasing any more music and the story behind 'Mysterious Girl'.
15/10/20·42m 3s

Breaking the silence on miscarriage

On this week’s episode, Gabby shares her personal story of dealing with miscarriage.
08/10/20·52m 4s

Swings and roundabouts with Vicky Pattison

The honorary fourth member of Girls No Filter is back! Vicky Pattison returns to the show to talk about Netflix addictions, life in lockdown and 21st-century romance.
01/10/20·39m 40s

Doing it for the redheads with Demi Jones

This week Love Islands’ Demi Jones joins the girls! They talk life out of the villa, public assumptions and aspirations to become a museum curator! But the big question...has Demi found love? Find out here on Girls No Filter!
24/09/20·38m 11s

Put a ring on it!

Jess and her besties, Gabby and Kelly, are back for season 2 of Girls No Filter! This week the girls catch up on life and discuss the massive ring on Jess’s finger…
17/09/20·44m 52s

Guess who's back (very soon!)

Jess, Gabby and Kelly are back with Girls #NoFilter season 2!
10/09/20·1m 30s

Breakups and bouncing back

"Don't call him, block him... and get some banging photos up on your Instagram". In this episode the girls share stories on bad relationships and broken hearts – with their tips for getting through the tough times!
31/10/19·43m 36s

Love and skidmarks with Jamie Laing

Get ready for a wild one! Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing joins the girls to talk about everything from falling in love, to drunken texts and embarrassing stories of the morning after.
24/10/19·44m 19s

The original Essex girl? with Denise Van Outen

From The Big Breakfast, to the theatre with Andrew Lloyd Webber, and narrating of The Only Way is Essex – Denise Van Outen has had one of the most varied careers on stage and on screen. She joins Jess and the girls to talk about her life in the entertainment business.
17/10/19·52m 14s

Kelly's new arrival

It's a special time for the girls as Kelly becomes a new mum. Jess and Gaby meet her at home to find out how the first two weeks have been since the baby's birth, and hear all of the gory details.
10/10/19·51m 40s

Red carpet fashionistas with Lucas Armitage

Jess and Kelly are joined by friend and 'stylist to the stars' Lucas Armitage to talk all things fashion. Lucas explains his favourite outfits he's put together for Jess, as well as Gemma Collins (including THAT famous orange dress).
26/09/19·45m 44s

Three is the magic number

Snog, marry, avoid. Threesomes. Three wishes... Jess, Gabby and Kelly get saucy and serious as they discuss all the best things that come in threes.
19/09/19·50m 54s

Mum knows best with Carol Wright

Jess' mum Carol Wright is this week's special guest – and dishes the dirt on the tears, laughter and mishaps she's witness the girls go through over the years. Gabby and Kelly also exchange thoughts on leggings (a lazy girl's uniform?) and share tales from school days!
12/09/19·41m 5s

Image obsessed? with Mark Wright

Jess' brother Mark Wright joins the girls to talk about his relationship with food, the gym and body image – discussing the difference between feeling good and going too far for the gram. Plus, tips on how to throw a bangin' BBQ without getting your toilets trashed!
05/09/19·52m 8s

Is 30 the new 20? with Lydia Bright

Close friend and former TOWIE co-star Lydia Bright joins Jess and the girls to discuss the topic "Is 30 the new 20?" – covering everything from the pressure of finding a serious relationship to learning to give less f***s.
29/08/19·35m 37s

Mum life with Ferne McCann

TV personality and former TOWIE star Ferne McCann joins Jess and the girls to look back at her first year of motherhood, dating as "single mum", and dealing with the label. She also shares her top tips with Kelly, who is pregnant with her first child.
22/08/19·37m 16s

Advice to your younger self with Vicky Pattison

Makeup mistakes, boob jobs and passion killing pyjamas – Vicky Pattison joins Jess, Gabby and Kelly to discuss the advice they'd give to their younger selves.
15/08/19·45m 33s

#GirlsOnTour with Arielle Free

This week Jess and Gabby meet Radio 1 DJ and Love Island Podcast host Arielle Free. As Arielle prepares to go on her first proper girls-only holiday, they talk about the dos and don'ts - from packing problems to snogging on the beach!
08/08/19·40m 6s

Life after reality TV with Samira Mighty

Love Island star Samira Mighty joins Jess and the girls to talk about the impact the show has had on her life since appearing in 2018. Jess also compares her experiences with The Only Way Is Essex as Gaby and Kelly ask questions on everything from 'reality TV regrets' to the way fame has affected their families, careers and love lives.
01/08/19·40m 18s

The rules of dating

Meet Jess and her BFFs Gaby and Kelly in the first ever episode of Girls No Filter. This week the girls discuss the do's and don'ts of dating...with #NoFilter !
25/07/19·32m 17s

Introducing Girls No Filter with Jess Wright

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11/07/19·1m 51s
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