Glow Get Em with Matt and Perri

Glow Get Em with Matt and Perri

By Matt Vaughan

Matt Vaughan and Perry - a married couple having a chat, talking about what's been happening, mocking each other and having a giggle.This Podcast may contain strong language.We may talk about Bristol, Berkshire and Hampshire


Is TV boring or is the phone more interesting?

Perri tells us about tricks with Alexa, Matt wonders how picnics became posh and missed No Frills crisps. 
27/07/2010m 41s

How can that be Vegan?

Perri suggests that she enjoyed a taste in her mouth, so she&aposs giving up the meat. Matt misses No Frills crisps. Also a tip on how to warm your paddling pool without using warm water. We also talk Back To The Future and The Greenhouse in Fleet.
15/07/2010m 24s
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