Stuff Of Legends with Christian O’Connell

Stuff Of Legends with Christian O’Connell

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Stories are the best parts of our lives, the stories of success, failure, hopes and dreams. Join Christian O’Connell as he asks the world’s funniest and most interesting people to share their three most treasured items and tell the stories behind them – stories rarely told and ones you’ve never heard before.


Matthew McConaughey Has A Ring Made From His Mom’s Teeth 💍🦷

Matthew McConaughey is one of our greatest ever storytellers, and he wants to share them with the world.See for privacy information.
22/11/2025m 36s

Adam Hills is At One With Everything 🕉️🕊️

Adam Hills takes us on a journey to Nirvana – and does a pretty good Groucho Marx impression.See for privacy information.
15/11/2033m 33s

Wil-uminating: 3 things we didn’t know about Wil Anderson 👀

It turns out Wil Anderson might never have entered comedy if not for his mum and a pair of Dr Marten boots.See for privacy information.
08/11/2034m 21s

Ricky Gervais Homemade Cape Shame 🦸

Before Ricky was a Golden Globes controversy, he was a boy with his sights set on scientific world domination. This is his story.See for privacy information.
01/11/2031m 33s

Celeste Barber and the secret VHS years 📼

This is the story of how Celeste Barber nearly became Janet Jackson’s backup dancer (which explains a lot about her Instagram).See for privacy information.
25/10/2025m 44s

Hamish Blake and the world’s smallest dad 👶🕺

Have you ever carried a sperm sample in your armpit? Hamish Blake has, and he wants you to know all about it.See for privacy information.
18/10/2033m 22s

Russell Brand’s Amazing Gran 👵

When Russell was a little boy, his Nan gave him a key to her house. What he did with it was probably not what she expected...See for privacy information.
11/10/2026m 21s

🥁 Introducing... Stuff Of Legends

Christian O'Connell asks the world's funniest and most interesting people to share their three most treasured items and the stories behind them.See for privacy information.
30/09/201m 45s
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