How To Change The World with Alan Johnson

How To Change The World with Alan Johnson

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Former Home Secretary Alan Johnson asks his guest what they would do to change the world.


Joe Walsh

Alan's guest for the final episode of series one of 'How to Change the World', is former Presidential candidate and former Republican Congressman, Joe Walsh.He was a lifelong Republican until Trump (who he describes as a facist) took over the party, and is now politically homeless. He has A LOT to say about the former President, as well as the new one, Joe Biden.
22/01/2133m 6s

Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Alan's guest this week is the brilliant Dr Rangan Chatterjee, a man of many talents. He's a practising physician, as well as an author, television presenter and podcaster.Dr Rangan tells Alan about his new book 'Lose Weight, Feel Great', and how sleep and relaxation are just as important as diet in terms of getting healthy.
14/01/2145m 3s

The Best of Alan Johnson

The higlights of this year's 'How to Change the World' with Alan Johnson.Clips in order:- Andrew Neil- Suzanne Moore- Stewart Lee- Rory Stewart- Gloria De Piero- Phillipa Perry- Stewart Lee- Rory Stewart- Andrew Neil- Suzanne Moore- Rory Stewart- Gloria De Piero- Bryony Gordon- Jenny Kleeman- Phillipa Perry- Stewart Lee- Bryony Gordon- Jenny Kleeman- Stewart Lee
24/12/2037m 37s

Suzanne Moore

Joining Alan this week, is former Guardian journalist and Orwell Prize winner, Suzanne Moore.She talks to Alan about why she left the Guardian after 30 years, how she began her career as a Marxist from a working class Tory upbringing, and the current state of feminism.
17/12/2049m 47s

Andrew Neil

Alan's guest this week is a titan of broadcasting and journalism, it's former Sunday Times editor and chairman of the television news channel GB News, Andrew Neil.Sit back as Andrew tells Alan about his experiences of working with Boris Johnson, and his thoughts on Martin Bashir...
10/12/2049m 18s

Philippa Perry

Alan's guest this week is the psychotherapist and best-selling author of 'The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read: (And Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did)', Philippa Perry.The two chat about Philippa's book and her incredible career, which includes a stint as both a McDonalds employee and a private detective!
03/12/2053m 3s

Jenny Kleeman

On this week's episode, Alan Johnson has a chat with journalist, presenter and author of the brilliantly named, 'Sex Robots & Vegan Meat: Adventures at the Frontier of Birth, Food, Sex & Death', Jenny Kleeman.As well as being a Times Radio presenter, Jenny's also appeared on arguably the biggest podcast in the world, 'The Joe Rogan Experience'.Enjoy her discussion with Alan about sex robots, vegan food and euthanasia...
26/11/2053m 55s

Bryony Gordon

This week on 'How to Change the World', Alan Johnson has an honest and emotional chat with journalist and best-selling author, Bryony Gordon.Bryony talks candidly about her struggles with addiction to drugs and alcohol, and explains why the UK's current government isn't taking the mental health crisis in the country seriously enough.
19/11/2051m 45s

Stewart Lee

Alan sits down with comedian Stewart Lee, a man The Times called in 2018 'the best standup working today'!They chat about how COVID-19 stopped Stewart's latest tour and how he'll tackle comedy once it's back to some sort of normality, as well as how the pair both shared the same stage decades apart!Alan and Stewart have met on a few occasions before, but this is the first time the two men, who admire each other greatly, have got together for a detailed, honest and exclusive chat!
12/11/2058m 8s

Gloria De Piero

Alan's guest is journalist and Times Radio broadcaster Gloria De Piero who chats to Alan about growing up and her time as a Labour MP.Listen to find out about Gloria's struggles in getting into parilament, the in-fighting within the Labour party and why she feels lucky to be doing what she's doing now. the show on Social Media for updates Twitter: @PodcastAlanInstagram: AlanJohnsonPodcast Facebook:
05/11/2044m 16s

Rory Stewart

On the very first episode of 'How to Change the World', Alan Johnson welcomes on a man who used to sit opposite him in the House of Commons as a Tory MP, Rory Stewart.But Rory's much more than that - he's an author, an explorer and is currently a lecturer at Yale University.Find out about Rory's near death experience when trecking across Afghanistan, his real thoughts on how he left the Conservative party and how Orlando Bloom NEARLY played him in a film about his life, produced by Brad Pitt!Follow the show on twitter: @PodcastAlanOn Instagram: AlanJohnsonPodcast
30/10/2047m 43s


Welcome to Alan Johnson's new podcast 'How to Change the World' where he'll be asking a different guest each week about their life and career as well as what they would do if they could change the world.
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