Ladies and Benjamin

Ladies and Benjamin

By Ladies and Benjamin

In this podcast - from Lift Learn Love productions- Ben Rogers and Libby Daniels present LADIES AND BENJAMIN where you will hear personal trainer vs client real talk! With female guests, we will delve into the often-embarrassing realm of bodily functions, fitness and lifestyle. So join us while we break down barriers, expose ourselves and tackle being imperfect in a seemingly ‘insta-perfect’ world.


It’s bye from us!

Join Ben and Libby for the final episode as they laugh, cringe and reflect on what has been a wild ride. Expect an overview of the entire series as they count down their top 10 favourite moments! It’s bye for now from Libby and Ben
05/03/21·20m 14s


Careers by Ladies and Benjamin
18/02/21·41m 27s

Drink and Drug Culture

Join Ben, Libby and Author Gabby Fernie for a chat on today’s drink and drug culture. Where’s the line between recreation and addiction? Featuring tales of addiction, shitting in coconuts, rehab and a hysterical game involving raw eggs!
04/02/21·50m 27s
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