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Canary: The Washington Post Investigates

Canary: The Washington Post Investigates

By The Washington Post

After a sexual assault case in the District of Columbia, one woman’s public warning ricochets all the way to Birmingham, Ala., where another woman gives voice to a devastating allegation. This seven-part investigative series from The Washington Post follows the Alabama woman’s decision to come forward with a claim of sexual assault against a high-ranking figure in the D.C. criminal justice system, and the spiraling effects of that choice. “Canary: The Washington Post Investigates” is about the intertwining stories of these two women, separated by decades and united by a shared refusal to stay silent. It’s a podcast about what it takes to report this story — and why it matters. Hosted by investigative reporter Amy Brittain.


Introducing “Field Trip”

Journey through the messy past and uncertain future of America’s national parks. The Washington Post’s Lillian Cunningham ventures off the marked trail to better understand the most urgent stories playing out in five iconic landscapes today.“Field Trip” is a new podcast series that will transport you to five national parks: Yosemite, Everglades, Glacier, White Sands and Gates of the Arctic. Follow the show wherever you listen.
20/06/23·3m 36s

Broken Doors, Episode 1: "That's what you get"

Sheriff’s deputies burst through the front door of a man’s home as he slept. He said they pointed a gun at his head and ransacked his home in search of drugs and cash. The no-knock search warrant they used was threadbare. But that wasn’t the worst of it.The Washington Post’s Jenn Abelson and Nicole Dungca started identifying unusual warrants almost from the moment they began their investigation into no-knock raids. When Jenn looked more closely at documents from a rural county in Mississippi, she got a startling view into how little it took to execute a no-knock warrant in Monroe County.
25/05/22·42m 44s

Introducing "Broken Doors"

No-knock warrants allow police to force their way into people’s homes without warning. What happens when this aggressive police tactic becomes the rule, rather than the exception? "Broken Doors" is a new investigative podcast series about how no-knock warrants are deployed in the American justice system - and the consequences for communities when accountability is flawed at every level. Hosted by Jenn Abelson and Nicole Dungca.
25/03/22·4m 14s

Chapter 7: "I'll find my joy"

Two women come face to face. Subscribe to The Washington Post:
01/10/20·29m 30s

Chapter 6: "You can always have the last word"

How will the accused respond? And what will his defenders say? Subscribe to The Washington Post:
01/10/20·41m 35s

Chapter 5: "He's hurt my daughter"

A family reckons with the consequences of long-kept secrets. Subscribe to The Washington Post:
01/10/20·33m 33s

Chapter 4: "To serve as a judge"

A judge rises to national prominence, fueled by 40 years of experience and activism. Subscribe to The Washington Post:
01/10/20·23m 28s

Chapter 3: "No way in hell she would make this up"

Unexpected roadblocks slow the search for evidence. Subscribe to The Washington Post:
01/10/20·27m 26s

Chapter 2: "A secret that she couldn't tell"

We head to Alabama to investigate allegations about a prominent figure in the D.C. justice system. Subscribe to The Washington Post:
01/10/20·28m 37s

Chapter 1: "The system failed us"

A stranger attacks a jogger in D.C., sparking a four-year courtroom saga and a campaign for justice. Subscribe to The Washington Post:
01/10/20·28m 27s

Introducing “Canary: The Washington Post Investigates”

What happens when a secret becomes too much to bear? “Canary: The Washington Post Investigates” is a new podcast series about two women, separated by decades and united by their refusal to stay silent. Hosted by investigative reporter Amy Brittain.
17/09/20·3m 2s
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