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The warts-and-all take on parenting, with Netmums editors Annie O’Leary and Wendy Golledge plus well-known guests, sharing their birth stories, parent fails and everything in between.


51: Molly Oldfield on tricky school starts

What happens when your little one's happy to start school - for a day or two, then isn't having any of it? Listen as Molly Oldfield, host of award-winning kids' podcast 'Everything Under The Sun' regales Annie and Wendy with her eldest's start at primary school, PLUS why having a room of one's own, is VITAL when it comes to WFH.
21/09/2125m 51s

50: Laura Hamilton on learning to manage panic attacks

Listen as the ‘A Place In The Sun’ presenter shares how she realised she was suffering from panic attacks during lockdown, and how she's learnt to manage them, PLUS how to juggle EVERYTHING as a working mum of two. Note: It ain't easy!
14/09/2127m 53s

49: Rob Biddulph on the animal NO ONE can draw!

Listen as the artistic equivalent of PE with Joe, author and illustrator Rob Biddulph, chats to Annie and Wendy about keeping kids occupied in lockdown, and his new book, Peanut Jones and the Illustrated City, out now!
07/09/2132m 1s

48: Frankie Bridge on managing your mental health as a mum

Listen as Annie and Wendy talk to Frankie Bridge about more or less everything. From getting ready for Wayne's birthday party to dealing with the class smart-arse during home-schooling, PLUS what it's like living with depression when you're a mum.
31/08/2146m 46s

47: Joanne Harris on writing a bestseller with a four-year-old in tow

Listen as Annie and Wendy chat to Joanne Harris about keeping your creative juices flowing when you're a mum to little ones, PLUS what it's like losing your taste for chocolate thanks to chemo - when chocolate is the thing you're most famous for!
24/08/2128m 1s

46: Ruby Wax on why mindfulness is a must for mums and dads

Listen in on Wendy and Annie's catch up with comedy icon turned psychotherapist, Ruby Wax as she describes why our mindfulness muscles need flexing every day and why her daughters have banned her from their comedy shows! Ruby reminds us why investing in our mental health is so important for us all.
17/08/2123m 51s

45: Sarah-Jane Mee on why she's definitely stopping at one

Listen as Sky News host Sarah-Jane Mee gets teary over the love you feel for little ones... plus the relentlessness of motherhood, especially when you're a working mum just back from maternity leave. Don't miss her account of an induction - alone! - in the middle of lockdown plus why baby Rae and stepson Teddy make her feel so lucky, she won't be tempting fate with a third.
10/08/2145m 34s

44: Liv Thorne on choosing single-parenthood via a sperm donor

Listen as author Liv Thorne talks middle aged cliches, toddlers and turkey basters and single parenting in a pandemic.
03/08/2142m 11s

43: Dr Ranj: Kids’ Covid vaccines special

Confused as to whether Covid vaccines for kids are happening or not, and if so, whether your child should have one? Dr Ranj answers all your most asked questions – from whose eligible right now, to THOSE side-effect rumours.
27/07/2131m 22s

42: Ellie Taylor on THAT Bellini Mum hack

Listen as comedian Ellie Taylor chats with Wendy about the vulnerability of PND, losing yourself in motherhood and how thick your skin needs to be to appear on panel shows. Ellie's new (fabulous!) book is called My Child And Other Mistakes, £16.99, Hodder & Stoughton.
20/07/2132m 39s

41: Lisa Faulkner on adopting, IVF and step-mumming

Listen as Annie and Wendy talk about alternative routes to motherhood with actress turned celeb cook, Lisa Faulkner. From the agonies of ectopic pregnancy to the stress of IVF; that first day as an adoptive mum to her golden rule as a step-mum: NEVER parent your partner's kids.
13/07/2134m 19s

40: Gill Sims on drinking, swearing and being the real you

Listen as Annie and Wendy chat Vesper Martinis AND dealing with do-gooders with Gill, author of the infamous Why Mummy…  books.
29/06/2137m 43s

39: Rebecca Adlington on THOSE lockdown rumours

Listen as Annie and Wendy chat co-parenting AND having a new baby in lockdown with Rebecca Adlington. PLUS listen up for Rebecca's parenting dating tips - hint: don't tell them you're a gold medalist... wait for them to find out
22/06/2146m 16s

38: Emma Bunton on wanting a third

Listen as Annie and Wendy get up close and personal with Baby Spice, discussing everything from never being able to shed your younger you to what’s for tea.
15/06/2134m 55s

37: Rochelle Humes on the quest to raise kids with good values

Listen as Annie and Wendy talk to Instagram’s favourite mum, about how to raise kids who know how lucky they are, plus what it’s like following in the footsteps of a truly remarkable mum of her own. Oh, and don’t miss her singing go at the end. It’s ace.
08/06/2149m 4s

36: Alesha Dixon: her secret to NEVER feeling mum guilt

Listen up as the lovely Alesha talks juggling work with parenthood, life in lockdown AND as she puts in a call on air to her mate David Walliams. Ohn and check out her plans to become the British Gwyneth Paltrow - MINUS the vagina candles.
01/06/2141m 56s

35: Ore Oduba on the tricky transition from two to three

Listen as Ore gets real about navigating the path from couple to family PLUS why stockings and high heels have been his lockdown outfit of choice ;)
25/05/2146m 28s

34: Annie Price: what being a burns survivor taught me about communicating with kids

Listen as Annie and Wendy talk to TV presenter and fitness trainer Annie Price about her astonishing childhood story and how it's made her the mum she is. To find out more about BBC's Tiny Happy People campaign - designed to help us develop our child's communication skills through simple interaction and play - check out their Instagram page here @bbctinyhappypeople
18/05/2144m 22s

33: The Scummy Mummies on turning sitting in your sad into sitting on, well, something else

Listen as Annie and Wendy get up close and personal with Helena and Ellie. It'll make sense when you do. WARNING: not for fainthearted, easily offended types.
11/05/2139m 5s

32: Aston Merrygold on coping when racism’s directed at your kids

Listen as Annie and Wendy get up close and personal with Aston Merrygold from JLS. From racist trolling of his kids to what it’s like having a talented child, Aston tells it like it is.
04/05/2143m 17s

31: Helen Glover on going for gold as a mum of three under three!

Listen as Annie and Wendy grill Helen Glover on her astounding rowing comeback and how she's handling the pressure with a toddler and baby twins in tow. ps GO HELEN! WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!
27/04/2131m 46s

30: Helping kids bounce back after lockdown with Nadiya Hussain, Joe Wicks, Linda Blair and Tracey Stone

Don't miss this extra special episode of SS&T as we explore how best we can help our kids get back to some kind of new normal after a year in and out of lockdowns. Annie and Wendy are joined by fellow parents Nadiya Hussain, Joe Wicks PLUS Clinical Psychologist for Netmums, Linda Blair, and Head of Parent Support, Health Visitor Tracey Stone.
20/04/2152m 51s

29: Camilla Thurlow: from clearing minefields to the chaos of new motherhood

Listen as the former Love Island star, shares the honest and conflicting truths about life with a newborn, and how to get to grips with a birth that didn't go to plan. Plus how she deals with social media trolls, and what she misses about life in the minefields.
13/04/2141m 8s

28: Louise Pentland on being a mum when you've lost your own

Listen as Annie and Wendy talk to one of the original 'online creators' about vlogging your birth, the fine line between sharing and over-sharing, and why she thinks she attracts the most positive comments on YouTube. Louise's book 'MumLife: What Nobody Ever Tells You About Being a Mum', is out now.
30/03/2140m 7s

27: Hurrah for Gin: Katie Kirby on why telling it like it is REALLY matters

Listen to Annie and Wendy discuss everything from fish fingers and lycra one-pieces to mental health in lockdown, as well as, of course, gin, with Katie 'Hurrah for Gin' Kirby.  The Extremely Embarrassing Life of Lottie Brooks, by author and blogger Katie Kirby, AKA Hurrah for Gin, is out now!
23/03/2139m 29s

26: Denise Van Outen on having couples therapy BEFORE the wedding

Wendy and Annie get up close and personal with Denise Van Outen, on what it's like realising you're a rubbish lockdown teacher to your child, the challenges of settling down for a second time AND whether there'll be any more little Van Outens joining daughter Betsy any time soon.
16/03/2138m 58s

25: Myleene Klass talks parenting toddlers and teens at the same time

Listen as Annie and Wendy chat to Myleene about life as a mum of teens and a toddler and how this year of on and off lockdowns has affected each of them differently. Plus why she went public with her miscarriage story.
09/03/2136m 33s

24: Dermot O'Leary on life as a new dad... when you're trying to get your next book written!

Listen as Annie and Wendy catch up with Annie's cousin Dermot (no, not really) on all things new baby, new book and whole new world in response to Covid. From the kids' books Dermot loved as a kid to the baby books he's loving reading to Kasper, Dermot gets his bookworm geek on ... and we loved every single second of it. We hope you do, too.
02/03/2143m 10s

23: Jessica Plummer on how she juggles single mum-hood with a career on the rise

From finding out her character was to be murdered in Eastenders, to drinking pig’s vaginas with Shane Ritchie in I’m A Celebrity, Jessica Plummer has had QUITE the year. Listen as she charts the highs and lows with Annie and Wendy.
23/02/2128m 49s

22: Rosie Green on how she learnt to thrive - not just survive - as a suddenly single mum

When Rosie Green's husband left her and her two children, a friend joked that she'd, 'shagged more people on holiday than Rosie ever had in her life.' So how do you come to terms with life as a single mum - including dating - when you've been with the same guy since you were 18? Listen as Annie and Wendy chat to Rosie Green about breaking up - and how to piece yourself together again so that you emerge happy, strong and a role model for mums everywhere. Rosie's new book,How to Heal a Broken Heart: From Rock Bottom to Reinvention (via Ugly Crying on the Bathroom Floor) is out now (from £7.99, Orion Spring). Follow Rosie at www.lifesrosie.co.uk and @lifesrosie
16/02/2145m 57s

21: Vernon Kay on how not to embarrass your teenage daughters

Listen as Annie and Wendy chat I'm A Celeb, dad dancing and renewing your wedding vows with Vernon Kay. Plus what's next when no one's making any telly programmes, and what he's making for tea. Oh, and don't miss a surprise guest appearance from Tess. Hi, Tess!
09/02/2143m 7s

20: Dr Ranj talks vaccines, vomit and why he’d consider adopting

Listen as Annie and Wendy catch up with honorary parent, Dr Ranj. Listen as he firmly puts down anti-vaxxers plus what he says people ALWAYS ask him in the supermarket.
02/02/2142m 6s

19: Anna Saccone Joly on sons who wear dresses: how do you decide what to share - and what not to - when you're a parenting influencer?

Listen as Annie and Wendy chat all things parenting with influencer extraordinaire and mum of four, Anna Saccone Joly. From how she juggles a hectic daily life with content creation, to how she navigates her struggles with her children's privacy and choices.
26/01/2131m 30s

18: Tom Kerridge on being a different dad to your own dad

Listen as the nation’s most beloved chef tells Annie and Wendy all about his own childhood and how he’s doing it differently PLUS why we’ve all been grating cheese wrong. Yes, you heard it here first. Note: Tom's lullaby is by Stefan Holmes and is called "Schlaf, Kinderlein, Schlaf": https://open.spotify.com/track/5P7qWe2pX0ckIuJ0D4io2Y?si=IIPrJJOATfKYcbyvRkg2hA
19/01/2141m 23s

17: Bryony Gordon on juggling your own mental health needs with being a mum

Listen as Annie and Wendy discuss parenting with Bryony, author of new book, No Such Thing as Normal. Listen as she shares how she parents daughter Edie, and what it's like being friends with the 'very normal' Harry, Meghan and Archie. Could there be anyone nicer than Bryony? We don't think so.
12/01/2149m 6s

16: Joe Wicks on parenting when your own parent was an addict

Listen as Annie and Wendy get up close and personal with the nation’s PT – Joe Wicks. From his own chaotic childhood to media beloved, Joe shares the thinking and determination that propel him forward, and that he believes we can all live by.
05/01/2136m 24s

15: Paloma Faith reveals why she hates being pregnant... especially the underwear

Listen as Annie and Wendy chat everything from IVF, miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy to traumatic births, PND and loving a newborn cone head with Paloma, who's well known for telling it like it really is.
22/12/2048m 48s

14: Ella Mills: when food's your life but pregnancy stops you eating

Listen as Annie and Wendy chat all things parenting with Ella Mills (aka healthy eating and food guru Deliciously Ella). From being too sick to eat in pregnancy, when food is your livelihood, to why adult nappies beat maternity pads hands down.
15/12/2046m 14s

13: Steph Douglas from Don't Buy Her Flowers on why less is more when it comes to being a new parent

Listen as Wendy and Annie discuss the secrets to life with new babies. While Steph started her (very successful!) business with three tiddlers in tow, she says the key is ... doing nothing and having zero expectations. Oh, and listen to the end for her hilarious birth story. She's nothing if not honest, our Steph.
08/12/2052m 54s

12: Katie Piper talks about the joy of becoming a mum when, for so long, it was beyond her wildest dreams

What does it feel like to become a parent when for so long you thought it wouldn’t happen for you? Katie Piper, bestselling author, activist, model and TV presenter of Songs of Praise, shares why she’d have 10 children if her husband would go for it. Listen as she shares with Annie and Wendy how life as a mum has brought home the agony her own mum must have felt at watching her suffer after the acid attack that caused major damage to her face and blinded her in one eye. And prepare to be awed – Katie isn’t just a survivor, she’s a thriver. No wonder her books sell by the bucket load!
01/12/2039m 17s

11: Tana Ramsay talks about the loss of baby Rocky and being mum to premature twins

Listen as Annie and Wendy hear Tana Ramsay’s honest and inspiring story of coping with baby loss and the birth of premature babies. Tana shares how she discovered, 'Talking is the best form of therapy, even though it doesn't come naturally to me because I'm very private,' giving hope to others who’ve suffered the same. TRIGGER WARNING: this podcast episode discusses pregnancy loss.
26/11/2035m 1s

10: Ronan Keating on having a lockdown baby … and, er, vasectomies

Annie and Wendy cosy up with former Boyzone bandmember Ronan Keating about the joys and challenges of being a dad of five, what it’s like having a baby in lockdown and why he’s DEFINITELY not planning on a baby number six. Ronan also talks about parenting in the face of the tragic loss of his mum, Marie, and the work he does to raise awareness of the importance of early cancer detection with the Marie Keating Foundation (mariekeating.ie).
24/11/2028m 40s

9: Gemma Atkinson on complex births and what it’s really like being the partner of a Strictly pro.

Gemma Atkinson, actress and radio host, shares her birth story and what it’s really like being the partner of a Strictly pro.
17/11/2035m 27s

8: Claire, Faye and Lisa from Steps on what people STILL shout at them on the street

In need of some comfort and a bit of an escape from your lockdown world? Then listen as Claire Richards, Faye Tozer and Lisa Scott-Lee from Steps reveal what life’s like as parents after you’ve been the soundtrack to all the other parents’ teenage years.
10/11/2038m 46s

7: Jeff Kinney, author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, on why a one-size fits all attitude to screen time isn’t the answer, plus more secrets to connecting with pre-teens (especially boys).

The man who’s sold 150 million kids’ books worldwide, is also a dad of two teenage boys. In this episode of Sweat, Snot & Tears he joins us from his book shop in Plainville, Massachusetts, to chat about how he’s helping his sons negotiate these uniquely socially-distanced times, his approach for encouraging reluctant readers, which authors he’d encourage his readers to read next, and why he writes his books in the cemetery (parents everywhere will relate). Big thanks to this week’s special co-host, Atticus, 9 - aka Z-Boy-Gaming (he said he’d kill us if we didn’t promote his YouTube channel). NOTE: this is a kid-friendly listen so please do share with your mini Wimpy-kid fans - Jeff shares some great tips for budding writers, and is a thoroughly lovely man. We were utterly charmed and would quite like him to be our dad! Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Deep End, written by best-selling children’s author Jeff Kinney, is available in hardback by Puffin now -  https://bit.ly/3jcPySl 
03/11/2031m 35s

6: Anton Du Beke on being paired with some of the more ‘challenging’ Strictly guests, and the visualisation that got him through IVF

Want to know what falling love sounds like? Listen to this week’s guest, Anton Du Beke, make Wendy and Annie fall head over heels for him. From the joy that fills his soul watching twins, George and Henrietta, dance, to the agony that was IVF; from the trick to acing routines with less than ace dance partners, to the lullaby he sings the twins at bedtime, listeners - he had us at 5, 6, 7, 8. A Christmas to Remember by Anton Du Beke, available to pre-order now from all good bookshops, and out in hardback, eBook and audio on 29th October. 
27/10/2044m 6s

5: Nadiya Hussain reveals her plans to adopt a fourth child

Since winning Bake Off, Nadiya Hussain, has become a national treasure and role model for mums wanting to tackle fresh challenges. Here she talks about her battles with anxiety, her plans for growing her family, how she made the decision to go public with her story of sexual abuse as a child, and why her family’s motto is ‘elbows out!’. Get your tissues ready for her answer to the ‘How do you want to be remembered’ question – THIS is why the world has fallen in love with Nadiya Hussain.
20/10/2054m 40s

4: Giovanna Fletcher spills the beans on working with the Duchess of Cambridge

Giovanna Fletcher is like the living patron saint of parents – and on this episode of Sweat, Snot & Tears it’s easy to see why. Honest, funny and always willing to belt out a tune, we wish she was our real-life mum-friend. Listen to Giovanna talk early morning starts with Buddy, Buzz and Max … and how she managed to snare the biggest podcast coup of all-time: an interview with Kate Middleton.
13/10/2054m 17s

2: Michelle Heaton talks parenting in early menopause

The Liberty X singer now juggles life as a mum to two small children while being a spokesperson for menopause charities, having experienced early menopause due to the effects of her cancer prevention surgery. Listen as Michelle shares the hilarity and heartbreak of her unique parenting journey (and what to do with a fringe that has a life of its own!).
06/10/2051m 22s

1: Sweat, Snot & Tears Series 1 Trailer

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