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The Netmums Podcast

The Netmums Podcast

By Netmums

The award-nominated podcast with an unvarnished take on parenting, featuring well-known guests. Wendy Golledge and Alison Perry chat with celebrities, authors and public figures about birth stories, parenting fails, teen troubles and everything in between.


S11 Ep2: Gemma Bird: Money hacks that REALLY work for mums

In this episode, hosts Wendy and Alison are joined by influencer and social media star Gemma Bird, aka @MoneyMumOfficial. With her expertise in all things finance, Gemma shares money-saving insights for navigating parenting during a cost-of-living crisis. Having paid off her mortgage by the time she was 38, Gemma is full of real-world advice on how to save money NOW. Don't miss her fantastic tips on saving, shopping, how to change your mindset and use the secret 3-day rule! This episode of The Netmums Podcast is brought to you by @aldiuk. Switching from big brands to Aldi Mamia products will give you big savings plus Netmums and Aldi are giving new parents the chance to get a full-size pack of newborn nappies absolutely FREE to try! Click here to sign up for your voucher. This series of the Netmums podcast is produced by Decibelle Creative
19/09/23·47m 15s

S11 Ep1: Jaqueline Wilson: Juggling motherhood with writing & her fave character

Welcome back to a brand new series of The Netmums Podcast. In this episode, hosts Wendy and Alison are joined by the creator of the much-loved characters Tracey Beaker and Hetty Feather. Jacqueline Wilson is one of the nation’s favourite authors, selling over 40 million books across the UK. Jacqueline has now released The Best Sleepover in the World, a follow-up to her popular book Sleepovers published 22 years ago! Jacqueline chats to Netmums about juggling motherhood and writing, her books and her favourite characters. This episode of The Netmums Podcast is brought to you by @aldiuk. Switching from big brands to Aldi Mamia products will give you big savings plus Netmums and Aldi are giving new parents the chance to get a full-size pack of newborn nappies absolutely FREE to try! Click here to sign up for your voucher. This series of the Netmums podcast is produced by Decibelle Creative
14/09/23·40m 34s

S10 Ep10: Joe Swash: Looking after our vulnerable teens

Season 10 ends with the fantastic Joe Swash, joining us to talk about life at Pickle Cottage with wife Stacey Solomon and their large gang of children! Joe also talks to hosts Wendy and Alison about the new BBC documentary that he's presenting entitled 'Teens In Care'. The documentary follows Joe as he explores the stories of teens in care over the age of 16, who are the largest growing cohort in both child protection and the care system. 
27/06/23·29m 51s

S10 Ep9: Why Money Matters, with Deborah Meaden

Star of Dragon's Den, Deborah Meaden, joins Wendy and Alison this week. As well as being an investor on the hit BBC show, Deborah has written a book for children all about money.  "Why Money Matters" is a Little Experts Book for 6-9 year olds and it teaches kids the basics from the history of money, through to how interest works and the difference between needs and wants. Deborah chats about the importance of teaching kids about money, how to explain the cost of living crisis to children, whether it's OK to give kids pocket money AND the secret to raising kids with a good attitude towards saving. The book is released on the 6th of July. 
20/06/23·31m 53s

S10 Ep8: Love, Lists and Labels with Jemma Solomon

Jemma Solomon aka 'The Label Lady' joins Wendy this week, to talk about how she swapped her stress filled life working as full time nurse with 3 young children, to setting up her own business that helps people find order in their lives. Jemma's book "Love, Lists and Labels" is released on the 22nd of June.
13/06/23·24m 6s

S10 Ep7: You Grow Girl! ... with Dr Zoe Williams.

Growing up, GP and telly doctor Zoe Williams knew what it was like to feel like the odd one out. So, she's written "You Grow Girl", the ultimate growing-up guide for girls aged 9+ who want to feel empowered, informed and positive about becoming the very best version of themselves. We chat to Dr Zoe about how to talk to tweens about their bodies and puberty, and have a little reminisce about More magazine's 'Position of the Fortnight' and Judy Blume's 'Forever' while we're at it!
06/06/23·40m 29s

S10 Ep6: Carrie & David Grant: How to navigate parenthood in a gender fluid and neurodivergent age.

Carrie and David Grant have an extraordinary story to tell: three of their four children are trans or non-binary, they are also gay or queer, all four are neurodivergent, and they are a mixed-race family, too. They talk to Alison about navigating everything from their children receiving a diagnosis of autism, ADHD, dyslexi and Dyspraxia diagnosis, serious mental health battles and suicide fears, and three of their children coming out as trans or non-binary. "A Very Modern Family" is out now
30/05/23·49m 14s

S10 Ep5: Sophie Ellis-Bextor: Life is busy when you have 5 kids!

Verified disco queen Sophie Ellis-Bextor joins Wendy and Alison this week, to talk about life as a mum of five boys, what it was like to hold a Kitchen Disco every week in lockdown, and her new album "HANA" which is out on the 2nd June.
23/05/23·32m 20s

S10 Ep4: Dr Ranj: How To Be A Boy

Dr Ranj joins Wendy and Alison to talk about his new book 'How to Be a Boy and Do It Your Own Way' which was released last week. His last book focused on puberty for boys, but this next chapter is all about boys and their identities, and what exactly does it mean to be masculine? Ranj chats about everything from sexuality and gender to mental health and toxic masculinity, and his book is essential reading for all parents of boys. This episode is sponsored by Aldi.
16/05/23·31m 21s

S10 Ep3: Some sound financial advice with Claer Barrett

Claer is the Consumer Editor of the Financial Times and presenter of the "Money Clinic" podcast. Here she talks to Jennifer Howze about ways that we can all make our money go a little further. This episode is sponsored by Aldi.
09/05/23·48m 58s

S10 Ep2: Siobhan Donaghy: Motherhood, me and getting the band back on the road

Siobhan opens up for the first time about motherhood, telling us about her experiences with IVF, a difficult birth and post-natal depression. She also talks about what it was like to be thrust into the limelight age 13, her struggle with anxiety at a time when mental health wasn't as openly discussed, and her friendship with Sugababes bandmates Keisha and Mutya. The Sugababes Tour runs from the 19th May to the 8th August then a big show at the London O2 on 15th September.
02/05/23·41m 4s

S10 Ep1: The Big Farm Rescue with JB Gill

It's a brand new series of The Netmums Podcast, and to kick us off, Wendy and Alison's first guest is former JLS star JB Gill, who tells us whether he prefers being a popstar, or his pig Ginger's birthing partner, and talks about his new kids' book, Ace and the Animal Heroes: The Big Farm Rescue - which is released in paperback form on the 27th April.
25/04/23·35m 2s

S9 Ep10: Tess Daly on how it's NEVER about you when you're a mum

We shared a cup of builder's tea with TV legend Tess Daly, and talked about everything from her new book, Eat, Breathe, Move, Sleep, out 16th March, to her fear of anything that makes her sweaty! 
14/03/23·28m 44s

S9 Ep9: Christine McGuinness on reframing autism, and choosing your battles

Mum of three Christine talks about her debut kids book, 'Amazing Me, Amazing You' and shares on everything from her eating disorder to her struggles with friendships.
07/03/23·27m 44s

S9 Ep8: The Making of You, with Binky Felstead

This week, Wendy and Jen's special guest is Binky Felstead, who's new book 'The Making Of You' was released on the 23rd February.
28/02/23·29m 13s

S9 Ep7: Dangerous roads with Will Mellor

Will Mellor joins Wendy to talk about everything from being an embarrassing Dad and avoiding the fake tan bottle on Strictly, to travelling across Albania with Keith Lemon and the joys of parenting teens! Will stars in the World’s Most Dangerous Roads, Sundays at 8pm on Dave. Watch the full series on UKTV Play.
21/02/23·26m 57s

S9 Ep6: Listen Up, Speak Up with Jim and Sarah Chapman

YouTuber Jim Chapman and his wife Sarah on the new Listen Up, Speak Up campaign they're fronting for the NSPCC, plus mum shaming, preserving parents sanity and their very big news! Oh, and all that's wrong with belly buttons!
14/02/23·41m 39s

S9 Ep5: Ashley James talks traumatic births, trolls and everything else they don't tell you about!

Wendy and Jen's special guest this week is Ashley James, who gives a frank and honest insight into her own experiences as a young mum, and how reality can be very different to the dream.
07/02/23·28m 46s

S9 Ep4: Peter Andre talks big birthdays, the big challenge of parenting teens, a big tour, and a substantial remote control!

Peter Andre is Wendy and Jen's special guest on the podcast this week, and as ever he doesn't disappoint. Peter's got a couple of big milestones coming up this year and is in celebratory mood, although still coming to terms with the fact that his son now gets more attention than him, and the reality of reaching an age where he's told 'my nan fancies you!'
31/01/23·34m 5s

S9 Ep3: Winning at parenting, with Harry Judd

Wendy and Jen's special this week, is TV presenter and McFly drummer Harry Judd, who along with his wife Izzy, seems to have come up with a winning formula for balancing their respective careers with parenting their three young children.
24/01/23·30m 56s

S9 Ep2: The hypnotic world of Paul McKenna

Paul McKenna, renowned hypnotherapist and behavioural scientist, invites us into his study to talk about how to be less anxious and manifest the life you want to feel more calm instantly. His book 'freedom from anxiety' is out now.
17/01/23·39m 3s

S9 Ep1: You, me and bubble tea with Angela Griffin

It's the first episode of a new year and a new season, and Wendy and Jen are joined by one of the nation's most loved actresses! Angela Griffin has been on our screens for the last 30 years and shows no sign of slowing down. When she's not on set somewhere filming another series, Angela is a full time mum who rails about vaping being aimed at kids and the exorbitant price of bubble tea! She also recognises that nobody has actually got parenting right in the history of childbirth, so whatever's going on in your house is almost certainly going on in other people's houses as well, and that's something we can all take comfort in.
10/01/23·29m 25s

S8 Ep11: Everything you need to know about children’s flu vaccinations with Dr Zoe Williams

In this bonus episode of The Netmums Podcast, host Jennifer Howze and Netmums Social Media Editor Alison Perry talk with popular TV doc GP Dr Zoe Williams and learn the surprising facts about the flu vaccine and a hack for treating it at home. Dr Zoe, mum to a toddler and currently one of the resident GPs on ITV’s popular daytime show This Morning, has also presented on BBC’s The One Show, Horizon and Trust Me I’m a Doctor. Zoe reveals why you should be getting your kids vaccinated against flu, why you don’t have to worry about needles when vaccinating your toddler, who can get the vaccination for free – and even a tip about treating flu at home that surprised Jennifer and Alison and may be new to you too!  Listen to all that, plus learn how easy it is to book your child’s flu vaccination and what to expect on the day.
12/12/22·22m 15s

S8 Ep10: Under Milk Wood with Cerys Matthews

Cerys Matthews reads Wendy and Jen her new bedtime story, and talks about those precious raw moments just before your kids falls asleep.  Cerys Matthews’ Under Milk Wood: An Illustrated Retelling by Dylan Thomas and Cerys Matthews, Kate Evans published by W&N 3rd November 2022 available in Hardback, eBook and audio £20.00 
22/11/22·31m 51s

S8 Ep9: Tackling the taboo of suicide, and why it's ok not to be ok, with Roman Kemp

Capital Radio breakfast show host Roman Kemp has suffered his own mental health demons over the years, and during lockdown lost one of his closest friends to suicide. Understandably it's a subject he feels incredibly strongly about, and he deals with this and much more in his new book 'Are you really ok?' which is out now. 
15/11/22·38m 47s

S8 Ep8: Greg James and Chris Smith on their new book 'Super Ghost' and how they both struggle with the word literature!

On this week's podcast, Wendy and Jen welcome special guests Greg James and Chris Smith into their Netmums studio. As successful authors in their own right, the boys talk about turning teachers into baddies to get kids engaged in reading, and why they think there's genuinely a book out there for everyone. Their latest release 'Super Ghost' is out now.
08/11/22·36m 45s

S8 Ep7: The Maths Factor with Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman is Wendy and Jen's special guest on the podcast this week, as she talks about the best way to get children excited about maths, the confidence that can bring, and how dyslexia can actually provide enormous potential for some kids. Carol also discusses her age defying outlook, her determination to one day do the splits, and clarifies what we've all been thinking for so long, that nobody ever really needs to know how to do quadratic equations!
01/11/22·41m 1s

S8 Ep6: Nothing but the whole truth with Kerry Katona

As one of the most recognisable faces in showbiz today, Kerry Katona has seen more than her fair share of ups and downs, all played out under the glare of the public eye. Her chat with Wendy and Jen couldn't have been more honest and open, and her latest book "Whole Again" was released on the 13th October and is available in all good book shops now.
25/10/22·29m 7s

S8 Ep5: Tom Fletcher and his out of this world Space Band!

McFly star Tom Fletcher chats to Wendy and Jen, about his new book Space Band, which his kids are the perfect age for, to be either his kindest or his harshest critics!
18/10/22·23m 7s

S8 Ep4: It's launch week for Tim Peake!

Tim Peake joins Wendy and Jen to talk about his first non-fiction book for kids, perfect for those who are hungry to know more about space, the universe and our place in it. The book is released on the 13th October.
11/10/22·34m 57s

S8 Ep3: James and Clair Buckley on their chaotic but highly watchable home life

James and Clair Buckley chat about their YouTube hit 'At Home With The Buckleys', how on earth they've been allowed to write a book and James's take on his Inbetweeners stint. And if that wasn't enough, there's even some top tips on how to BBQ like a pro! All on the latest episode of The Netmums Podcast with Wendy Golledge and Jennifer Howze.  At Home With The Buckleys - Scummy stories and misadventures from family life by James and Clair Buckley - Released 29th September 2022.
04/10/22·31m 33s

S8 Ep2: Ferne McCann on the toughest challenges she's ever faced

Reality TV celebrity, TOWIE veteran and First Time Mum Ferne McCann talks frankly about birth complications, doing SAS training, missing her daughter’s birthday and more, with Netmums hosts Wendy Golledge and Jennifer Howze. Ferne McCann: First Time Mum airs every Thursday on ITVBe and ITVHub. This episode of The Netmums Podcast is in partnership with Aldi Mamia.
27/09/22·32m 51s

S8 Ep1: Emilia Fox kicks off the new series!

A new series with a new name and a new presenting line up in the form of Jennifer Howze who joins Wendy Golledge on the brand new Netmums podcast. For the maiden voyage they're joined by actress Emilia Fox, who's keen to get some tips of her own from Wendy and Jen on the struggles of parenting tweens and teenagers! Murdertown series 4 is available to stream on Crime+Investigation Play now, with episodes available every Monday. Sign up now at This episode of The Netmums Podcast is sponsored by Aldi Mamia. 
20/09/22·32m 39s

S1 Ep82: Mariella Frostrup on the endless judgement of mothers

Mariella chats to Wendy about everything from revolutionising education and talking about vulvas in the House of Commons, to her #menopausemandate and her macabre choice of lullabies when her kids were small!
28/06/22·45m 44s

S1 Ep81: Matt Willis on banning his kids from using social media

Matt Willis shares a sneak preview of his planned new book for teenage boys with Wendy, and reveals the Willis family tradition of 'gunking it out!’
21/06/22·38m 49s

S1 Ep80: Gabby Logan on being middle aged and unashamed

Gabby Logan talks to Annie and Wendy about the permanently empty fridge that comes with having teenagers, and managing midlife...without the crisis! Gabby has recently launched a brand new series of her podcast 'The Mid.Point'.
14/06/22·40m 54s

S1 Ep79: Is parenting really all hell? Josh Widdicombe tells all

Josh Widdicombe talks to Annie and Wendy about why you have to laugh about parenting, or else you'd cry! Series 4 of 'Hypothetical' is now showing on Dave, with all episodes available to stream on UKTV Play. Podcast credit: Hypothetical the Podcast is available on all listening platforms now.
07/06/22·31m 35s

S1 Ep78: Joss Stone on the highs and heartbreak of parenting

She may be a global superstar, but talking to Annie and Wendy about her new album 'Never Forget My Love', the mum of one (with one on the way) reveals she's still a Devon girl at heart.
31/05/22·40m 33s

S1 Ep77: Angela Scanlon on new motherhood, gratitude and eating disorders.

Annie and Wendy are joined by TV's Angela Scanlon, as she explains her trepidation at telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in her new book 'Joyrider'.
24/05/22·44m 48s

S1 Ep76: Double Trouble with Tim Vincent

Listen as TV's Tim Vincent explains to Annie and Wendy the tricky task of being dad to his twin boys Jasper and Felix, and tells them all about the new series of 'The Likely Dads'.
12/04/22·26m 59s

S1 Ep75: Liz Pichon on the inspiration behind Tom Gates

Listen as Annie and Wendy chat to author and illustrator Liz Pichon about the career she never thought she'd have! Inspirational listening for parents of kids who hate writing
05/04/22·21m 52s

S1 Ep74: Mel Giedroyc on winging it and getting away with it

Listen as the brilliant Mel Giedroyc shares her tips with Annie and Wendy for making life a little easier, and how winging it is often the best way!
29/03/22·22m 36s

S1 Ep73: Kate Lawler on a first year of motherhood, that wasn't all unicorns and rainbows

Listen as Wendy and Annie get real with Kate Lawler, on the confusion that is postnatal depression.
22/03/22·47m 37s

S1 Ep72: Writing my tits off with Annie Macmanus

Annie and Wendy are joined by the brilliant Annie Macmanus, who talks about the daily and nightly struggles that all mums go through, her new found love of being a professional author and why it was totally the right time to leave Radio One.
15/03/22·45m 1s

S1 Ep71: The 'Unmumsy Mum' Sarah Turner on why it's taken four years to write her first novel

Listen as Sarah Turner explains the learning curve of writing her first novel, and what she's worked out along the way.
08/03/22·44m 41s

S1 Ep70: Michelle Heaton on celebrating sobriety and the difference its made to her family life

After years of turning a blind eye to an addiction that was raging out of control, Michelle sought help, spending a month in the priory last year and is now approaching a year of being clean and sober. The difference it’s made to her life is incredible as she happily explains to Annie and Wendy. 
01/03/22·26m 49s

S1 Ep69: Midwife Sarah Joy Owen on everything you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine and pregnancy

Listen as Netmums resident midwife Sarah Joy Owen talks about the COVID-19 vaccine and why it's safe to have in pregnancy. Plus, new mum Nabila Rehnnuma shares what convinced her to have the jab while she was pregnant... and why she's so glad she did. 
24/02/22·17m 41s

S1 Ep68: Fay Ripley on 'Cold Feet' and clowning around

Listen as Fay Ripley talks cookbooks, kids, contraception, 'Cold Feet' and career clown credentials with Annie and Wendy. 
22/02/22·30m 6s

S1 Ep67: Kelvin and Liz Fletcher on how to embrace your inner farmer

Two kids, twins on the way.....and a farm! Listen as The Fletchers talk about ALL OF IT with Annie and Wendy.
15/02/22·31m 4s

S1 Ep66: Adam Hills on long distance parenting and pissing off the Queen

Listen as Aussie comedian Adam Hills talks about getting locked out of his homeland during lockdown, plus an encounter with Her Majesty that proves nothing gets past her! Adam's first children’s book, Rockstar Detectives, is out now.  This page-turning mystery is perfect for fans of Murder Most Unladylike and readers of David Baddiel, was inspired to write the book by his own daughters, particularly his eldest who once said she wanted to be ‘a rockstar or a detective’ when she grows up. Adam’s main character George is a wheelchair user which is inspired by Adam’s own experiences of disability.
08/02/22·37m 17s

S1 Ep65: Jeff Brazier on why we all need to give ourselves a break!

Listen as presenter and life coach Jeff Brazier dials in from his dentist's consultation room (long story!) to give Wendy and Annie the lowdown on the parenting years, once your kids have emerged on the other side.
01/02/22·53m 48s

S1 Ep64: Kimberly Wyatt on the extras she got with her caesarean

Listen as Annie and Wendy discuss the perils of 'Dancing On Ice' training with Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt, and find out what we should all be asking for when having a caesarean! Who knew??
25/01/22·27m 17s

S1 Ep63: Gino D’Acampo on raising good men

Listen as Annie and Wendy chat to Gino D'Acampo about how he’s raising his kids to avoid the mistakes he made as a younger man, plus Gino shares his no nonsense approach to dealing with fussy eaters! Gino's new family cooking book, Gino’s Italian Family Adventure: Easy Recipes the Whole Family will Love by Gino D’Acampo (published by Bloomsbury), £22, photography by Haarala Hamilton, is out now!
14/12/21·31m 4s

S1 Ep62: Lorraine Kelly and daughter Rosie Kelly Smith, on mums and daughters

Listen as mother and daughter journalists and co-hosts of their podcast 'What if?', discuss working together and the choices that got them where they are today. Lorraine reveals the stories she's never been able to get over in her 29 years of working in news and television, while Rosie explains why she's decided to follow in her mum's footsteps.
07/12/21·32m 19s

S1 Ep61: Katie Price on managing her mental health, co-parenting and surrogacy

Listen as the glamour model turned businesswoman and mum of five, tells us why she wants more babies, what REALLY drove her to the Priory and why, in her own words, she hates her kids' dads!  WARNING: this episode contains discussion on miscarriage and suicide, which some listeners may find distressing. For support after miscarriage, Netmums is a proud champion of Tommy’s – visit them at, and for support with suicidal thoughts, we recommend calling the Samaritans, on 116 123. Katie's book, Harvey and Me: A Mother's Love (Mirror Books) is on sale now.
30/11/21·38m 47s

S1 Ep60: Melanie Sykes on her autism diagnosis

Listen as TV presenter, model and Frank magazine Editor-in-Chief tells Annie and Wendy what it means to be diagnosed with autism at 51, after nearly two decades of parenting a child with autism.
23/11/21·32m 37s

S1 Ep59: SCREEN TIME SPECIAL: what parents REALLY need to know

How much is too much? And how can you EVER keep them safe online? Mum of teenage twin boys and head of Internet Matters, Carolyn Bunting, shares why she DOESN'T limit screen time, but also what she DOES do to keep her boys safe online.
16/11/21·39m 6s

S1 Ep58: Lucy Mecklenburgh on how her attitude to working out has changed since becoming a mum

Listen as Annie (but no Wendy this week - sob!) chats to Lucy about her fitness regime.
08/11/21·31m 38s

S1 Ep57: Annabel Karmel on what she REALLY thinks of kids’ diets

Listen as Annie and Wendy ask Annabel for her verdict on how to feed kids a balanced veggie or vegan kids’ diet, PLUS the one recipe her grown-up son still comes home for! Sponsored by Clairol: Get Feel Good Colour with Clairol Natural Instincts. The natural choice for rich colour and brilliant shine - with no ammonia or harsh scent - that is kinder on your hair. It’ll make you and your hair glow with radiant shine.
01/11/21·38m 9s

S1 Ep56: Julia Samuel on parenting after your own mum or dad has died

Parenting while dealing with the loss of your own parent, and parenting while battling anxiety. Neither are easy or straightforward, but are sure to become clearer to understand and deal with, as Annie and Wendy meet psychotherapist Julia Samuel. Julia specialises in grief therapy, was a bestie and confidant of the late Princess Diana, is godmother to Prince George and the author of best selling books ‘Grief Works’ and ‘This Too Shall Pass’. We wanted her to adopt us by the end, and we’re pretty sure you will too! Sponsored by Clairol: Get Feel Good Colour with Clairol Natural Instincts. The natural choice for rich colour and brilliant shine - with no ammonia or harsh scent - that is kinder on your hair. It’ll make you and your hair glow with radiant shine.
25/10/21·49m 16s

S1 Ep55: Izzy Judd on being lonely in pregnancy

Listen as Annie and Wendy try and play it cool as Harry Judd appears wet and er, towel-less out of the shower having just arrived back from the McFly tour. Aside from this moderate distraction, they discuss pregnancies, births and making friends when you’re famous, with violinist and author, Izzy Judd. Sponsored by Clairol: Get Feel Good Colour with Clairol Natural Instincts. The natural choice for rich colour and brilliant shine - with no ammonia or harsh scent - that is kinder on your hair. It’ll make you and your hair glow with radiant shine.
18/10/21·38m 53s

S1 Ep54: Lucy Beaumont on why power ballads are the perfect lullaby

Listen as Wendy and Annie grill Lucy Beaumont, comedy star of ‘Meet The Richardsons’ and author of new book ‘Drinking Custard: Diary of a Confused Mum’ (Monoray), on why she hides in the bushes outside her daughter’s school and why there definitely won’t be another baby Richardson. Warning: so funny, even the strongest pelvic floors will be tested. Sponsored by Clairol: Get Feel Good Colour with Clairol Natural Instincts. The natural choice for rich colour and brilliant shine - with no ammonia or harsh scent - that is kinder on your hair. It’ll make you and your hair glow with radiant shine.
11/10/21·28m 42s

S1 Ep53: Angel Strawbridge on not fitting in with the chateau set

Listen as Angel (and briefly Dick) Strawbridge chats to Annie and Wendy about bringing up kids in a chateau in France, being a cross-channel stepmum, and how to handle une grande renovation project!
04/10/21·29m 23s

S1 Ep52: Jessie Ware on how a schedule is working for baby no. 3

Listen as Wendy and Annie catch up with singer, songwriter turned podcast superstar Jessie Ware while her newborn naps. As she gears up to head out on tour – cue childcare juggle nightmares – she tells us all about texting Paloma Faith for working mum tips, putting on her gym kit to watch Netflix and her new pregnancy podcast, Is it Normal? Find out all about it at and @isitnormalpodcast on Insta. If you're offended by bad language, be wary it's a bit sweary.
27/09/21·43m 35s

S1 Ep51: Molly Oldfield on tricky school starts

What happens when your little one's happy to start school - for a day or two, then isn't having any of it? Listen as Molly Oldfield, host of award-winning kids' podcast 'Everything Under The Sun' regales Annie and Wendy with her eldest's start at primary school, PLUS why having a room of one's own, is VITAL when it comes to WFH.
21/09/21·25m 51s

S1 Ep50: Laura Hamilton on learning to manage panic attacks

Listen as the ‘A Place In The Sun’ presenter shares how she realised she was suffering from panic attacks during lockdown, and how she's learnt to manage them, PLUS how to juggle EVERYTHING as a working mum of two. Note: It ain't easy!
14/09/21·27m 53s

S1 Ep49: Rob Biddulph on the animal NO ONE can draw!

Listen as the artistic equivalent of PE with Joe, author and illustrator Rob Biddulph, chats to Annie and Wendy about keeping kids occupied in lockdown, and his new book, Peanut Jones and the Illustrated City, out now!
07/09/21·32m 1s

S1 Ep48: Frankie Bridge on managing your mental health as a mum

Listen as Annie and Wendy talk to Frankie Bridge about more or less everything. From getting ready for Wayne's birthday party to dealing with the class smart-arse during home-schooling, PLUS what it's like living with depression when you're a mum.
31/08/21·46m 46s

S1 Ep47: Joanne Harris on writing a bestseller with a four-year-old in tow

Listen as Annie and Wendy chat to Joanne Harris about keeping your creative juices flowing when you're a mum to little ones, PLUS what it's like losing your taste for chocolate thanks to chemo - when chocolate is the thing you're most famous for!
24/08/21·28m 1s

S1 Ep46: Ruby Wax on why mindfulness is a must for mums and dads

Listen in on Wendy and Annie's catch up with comedy icon turned psychotherapist, Ruby Wax as she describes why our mindfulness muscles need flexing every day and why her daughters have banned her from their comedy shows! Ruby reminds us why investing in our mental health is so important for us all.
17/08/21·23m 51s

S1 Ep45: Sarah-Jane Mee on why she's definitely stopping at one

Listen as Sky News host Sarah-Jane Mee gets teary over the love you feel for little ones... plus the relentlessness of motherhood, especially when you're a working mum just back from maternity leave. Don't miss her account of an induction - alone! - in the middle of lockdown plus why baby Rae and stepson Teddy make her feel so lucky, she won't be tempting fate with a third.
10/08/21·45m 34s

S1 Ep44: Liv Thorne on choosing single-parenthood via a sperm donor

Listen as author Liv Thorne talks middle aged cliches, toddlers and turkey basters and single parenting in a pandemic.
03/08/21·42m 11s

S1 Ep43: Dr Ranj: Kids’ Covid vaccines special

Confused as to whether Covid vaccines for kids are happening or not, and if so, whether your child should have one? Dr Ranj answers all your most asked questions – from whose eligible right now, to THOSE side-effect rumours.
27/07/21·31m 22s

S1 Ep42: Ellie Taylor on THAT Bellini Mum hack

Listen as comedian Ellie Taylor chats with Wendy about the vulnerability of PND, losing yourself in motherhood and how thick your skin needs to be to appear on panel shows. Ellie's new (fabulous!) book is called My Child And Other Mistakes, £16.99, Hodder & Stoughton.
20/07/21·32m 39s

S1 Ep41: Lisa Faulkner on adopting, IVF and step-mumming

Listen as Annie and Wendy talk about alternative routes to motherhood with actress turned celeb cook, Lisa Faulkner. From the agonies of ectopic pregnancy to the stress of IVF; that first day as an adoptive mum to her golden rule as a step-mum: NEVER parent your partner's kids.
13/07/21·34m 19s

S1 Ep40: Gill Sims on drinking, swearing and being the real you

Listen as Annie and Wendy chat Vesper Martinis AND dealing with do-gooders with Gill, author of the infamous Why Mummy…  books.
29/06/21·37m 43s

S1 Ep39: Rebecca Adlington on THOSE lockdown rumours

Listen as Annie and Wendy chat co-parenting AND having a new baby in lockdown with Rebecca Adlington. PLUS listen up for Rebecca's parenting dating tips - hint: don't tell them you're a gold medalist... wait for them to find out
22/06/21·46m 16s

S1 Ep38: Emma Bunton on wanting a third

Listen as Annie and Wendy get up close and personal with Baby Spice, discussing everything from never being able to shed your younger you to what’s for tea.
15/06/21·34m 55s

S1 Ep37: Rochelle Humes on the quest to raise kids with good values

Listen as Annie and Wendy talk to Instagram’s favourite mum, about how to raise kids who know how lucky they are, plus what it’s like following in the footsteps of a truly remarkable mum of her own. Oh, and don’t miss her singing go at the end. It’s ace.
08/06/21·49m 4s

S1 Ep36: Alesha Dixon: her secret to NEVER feeling mum guilt

Listen up as the lovely Alesha talks juggling work with parenthood, life in lockdown AND as she puts in a call on air to her mate David Walliams. Ohn and check out her plans to become the British Gwyneth Paltrow - MINUS the vagina candles.
01/06/21·41m 56s

S1 Ep35: Ore Oduba on the tricky transition from two to three

Listen as Ore gets real about navigating the path from couple to family PLUS why stockings and high heels have been his lockdown outfit of choice ;)
25/05/21·46m 28s

S1 Ep34: Annie Price: what being a burns survivor taught me about communicating with kids

Listen as Annie and Wendy talk to TV presenter and fitness trainer Annie Price about her astonishing childhood story and how it's made her the mum she is. To find out more about BBC's Tiny Happy People campaign - designed to help us develop our child's communication skills through simple interaction and play - check out their Instagram page here @bbctinyhappypeople
18/05/21·44m 22s

S1 Ep33: The Scummy Mummies on turning sitting in your sad into sitting on, well, something else

Listen as Annie and Wendy get up close and personal with Helena and Ellie. It'll make sense when you do. WARNING: not for fainthearted, easily offended types.
11/05/21·39m 5s

S1 Ep32: Aston Merrygold on coping when racism’s directed at your kids

Listen as Annie and Wendy get up close and personal with Aston Merrygold from JLS. From racist trolling of his kids to what it’s like having a talented child, Aston tells it like it is.
04/05/21·43m 17s

S1 Ep31: Helen Glover on going for gold as a mum of three under three!

Listen as Annie and Wendy grill Helen Glover on her astounding rowing comeback and how she's handling the pressure with a toddler and baby twins in tow. ps GO HELEN! WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!
27/04/21·31m 46s

S1 Ep30: Helping kids bounce back after lockdown with Nadiya Hussain, Joe Wicks, Linda Blair and Tracey Stone

Don't miss this extra special episode of SS&T as we explore how best we can help our kids get back to some kind of new normal after a year in and out of lockdowns. Annie and Wendy are joined by fellow parents Nadiya Hussain, Joe Wicks PLUS Clinical Psychologist for Netmums, Linda Blair, and Head of Parent Support, Health Visitor Tracey Stone.
20/04/21·52m 51s

S1 Ep29: Camilla Thurlow: from clearing minefields to the chaos of new motherhood

Listen as the former Love Island star, shares the honest and conflicting truths about life with a newborn, and how to get to grips with a birth that didn't go to plan. Plus how she deals with social media trolls, and what she misses about life in the minefields.
13/04/21·41m 8s

S1 Ep28: Louise Pentland on being a mum when you've lost your own

Listen as Annie and Wendy talk to one of the original 'online creators' about vlogging your birth, the fine line between sharing and over-sharing, and why she thinks she attracts the most positive comments on YouTube. Louise's book 'MumLife: What Nobody Ever Tells You About Being a Mum', is out now.
30/03/21·40m 7s

S1 Ep27: Hurrah for Gin: Katie Kirby on why telling it like it is REALLY matters

Listen to Annie and Wendy discuss everything from fish fingers and lycra one-pieces to mental health in lockdown, as well as, of course, gin, with Katie 'Hurrah for Gin' Kirby.  The Extremely Embarrassing Life of Lottie Brooks, by author and blogger Katie Kirby, AKA Hurrah for Gin, is out now!
23/03/21·39m 29s

S1 Ep26: Denise Van Outen on having couples therapy BEFORE the wedding

Wendy and Annie get up close and personal with Denise Van Outen, on what it's like realising you're a rubbish lockdown teacher to your child, the challenges of settling down for a second time AND whether there'll be any more little Van Outens joining daughter Betsy any time soon.
16/03/21·38m 58s

S1 Ep25: Myleene Klass talks parenting toddlers and teens at the same time

Listen as Annie and Wendy chat to Myleene about life as a mum of teens and a toddler and how this year of on and off lockdowns has affected each of them differently. Plus why she went public with her miscarriage story.
09/03/21·36m 33s

S1 Ep24: Dermot O'Leary on life as a new dad... when you're trying to get your next book written!

Listen as Annie and Wendy catch up with Annie's cousin Dermot (no, not really) on all things new baby, new book and whole new world in response to Covid. From the kids' books Dermot loved as a kid to the baby books he's loving reading to Kasper, Dermot gets his bookworm geek on ... and we loved every single second of it. We hope you do, too.
02/03/21·43m 10s

S1 Ep23: Jessica Plummer on how she juggles single mum-hood with a career on the rise

From finding out her character was to be murdered in Eastenders, to drinking pig’s vaginas with Shane Ritchie in I’m A Celebrity, Jessica Plummer has had QUITE the year. Listen as she charts the highs and lows with Annie and Wendy.
23/02/21·28m 49s

S1 Ep22: Rosie Green on how she learnt to thrive - not just survive - as a suddenly single mum

When Rosie Green's husband left her and her two children, a friend joked that she'd, 'shagged more people on holiday than Rosie ever had in her life.' So how do you come to terms with life as a single mum - including dating - when you've been with the same guy since you were 18? Listen as Annie and Wendy chat to Rosie Green about breaking up - and how to piece yourself together again so that you emerge happy, strong and a role model for mums everywhere. Rosie's new book,How to Heal a Broken Heart: From Rock Bottom to Reinvention (via Ugly Crying on the Bathroom Floor) is out now (from £7.99, Orion Spring). Follow Rosie at and @lifesrosie
16/02/21·45m 57s

S1 Ep21: Vernon Kay on how not to embarrass your teenage daughters

Listen as Annie and Wendy chat I'm A Celeb, dad dancing and renewing your wedding vows with Vernon Kay. Plus what's next when no one's making any telly programmes, and what he's making for tea. Oh, and don't miss a surprise guest appearance from Tess. Hi, Tess!
09/02/21·43m 7s

S1 Ep20: Dr Ranj talks vaccines, vomit and why he’d consider adopting

Listen as Annie and Wendy catch up with honorary parent, Dr Ranj. Listen as he firmly puts down anti-vaxxers plus what he says people ALWAYS ask him in the supermarket.
02/02/21·42m 6s

S1 Ep19: Anna Saccone Joly on sons who wear dresses: how do you decide what to share - and what not to - when you're a parenting influencer?

Listen as Annie and Wendy chat all things parenting with influencer extraordinaire and mum of four, Anna Saccone Joly. From how she juggles a hectic daily life with content creation, to how she navigates her struggles with her children's privacy and choices.
26/01/21·31m 30s

S1 Ep18: Tom Kerridge on being a different dad to your own dad

Listen as the nation’s most beloved chef tells Annie and Wendy all about his own childhood and how he’s doing it differently PLUS why we’ve all been grating cheese wrong. Yes, you heard it here first. Note: Tom's lullaby is by Stefan Holmes and is called "Schlaf, Kinderlein, Schlaf":
19/01/21·41m 23s

S1 Ep17: Bryony Gordon on juggling your own mental health needs with being a mum

Listen as Annie and Wendy discuss parenting with Bryony, author of new book, No Such Thing as Normal. Listen as she shares how she parents daughter Edie, and what it's like being friends with the 'very normal' Harry, Meghan and Archie. Could there be anyone nicer than Bryony? We don't think so.
12/01/21·49m 6s

S1 Ep16: Joe Wicks on parenting when your own parent was an addict

Listen as Annie and Wendy get up close and personal with the nation’s PT – Joe Wicks. From his own chaotic childhood to media beloved, Joe shares the thinking and determination that propel him forward, and that he believes we can all live by.
05/01/21·36m 24s

S1 Ep15: Paloma Faith reveals why she hates being pregnant... especially the underwear

Listen as Annie and Wendy chat everything from IVF, miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy to traumatic births, PND and loving a newborn cone head with Paloma, who's well known for telling it like it really is.
22/12/20·48m 48s

S1 Ep14: Ella Mills: when food's your life but pregnancy stops you eating

Listen as Annie and Wendy chat all things parenting with Ella Mills (aka healthy eating and food guru Deliciously Ella). From being too sick to eat in pregnancy, when food is your livelihood, to why adult nappies beat maternity pads hands down.
15/12/20·46m 14s

S1 Ep13: Steph Douglas from Don't Buy Her Flowers on why less is more when it comes to being a new parent

Listen as Wendy and Annie discuss the secrets to life with new babies. While Steph started her (very successful!) business with three tiddlers in tow, she says the key is ... doing nothing and having zero expectations. Oh, and listen to the end for her hilarious birth story. She's nothing if not honest, our Steph.
08/12/20·52m 54s

S1 Ep12: Katie Piper talks about the joy of becoming a mum when, for so long, it was beyond her wildest dreams

What does it feel like to become a parent when for so long you thought it wouldn’t happen for you? Katie Piper, bestselling author, activist, model and TV presenter of Songs of Praise, shares why she’d have 10 children if her husband would go for it. Listen as she shares with Annie and Wendy how life as a mum has brought home the agony her own mum must have felt at watching her suffer after the acid attack that caused major damage to her face and blinded her in one eye. And prepare to be awed – Katie isn’t just a survivor, she’s a thriver. No wonder her books sell by the bucket load!
01/12/20·39m 17s

S1 Ep11: Tana Ramsay talks about the loss of baby Rocky and being mum to premature twins

Listen as Annie and Wendy hear Tana Ramsay’s honest and inspiring story of coping with baby loss and the birth of premature babies. Tana shares how she discovered, 'Talking is the best form of therapy, even though it doesn't come naturally to me because I'm very private,' giving hope to others who’ve suffered the same. TRIGGER WARNING: this podcast episode discusses pregnancy loss.
26/11/20·35m 1s

S1 Ep10: Ronan Keating on having a lockdown baby … and, er, vasectomies

Annie and Wendy cosy up with former Boyzone bandmember Ronan Keating about the joys and challenges of being a dad of five, what it’s like having a baby in lockdown and why he’s DEFINITELY not planning on a baby number six. Ronan also talks about parenting in the face of the tragic loss of his mum, Marie, and the work he does to raise awareness of the importance of early cancer detection with the Marie Keating Foundation (
24/11/20·28m 40s

S1 Ep9: Gemma Atkinson on complex births and what it’s really like being the partner of a Strictly pro.

Gemma Atkinson, actress and radio host, shares her birth story and what it’s really like being the partner of a Strictly pro.
17/11/20·35m 27s

S1 Ep8: Claire, Faye and Lisa from Steps on what people STILL shout at them on the street

In need of some comfort and a bit of an escape from your lockdown world? Then listen as Claire Richards, Faye Tozer and Lisa Scott-Lee from Steps reveal what life’s like as parents after you’ve been the soundtrack to all the other parents’ teenage years.
10/11/20·38m 46s

S1 Ep7: Jeff Kinney, author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, on why a one-size fits all attitude to screen time isn’t the answer, plus more secrets to connecting with pre-teens (especially boys).

The man who’s sold 150 million kids’ books worldwide, is also a dad of two teenage boys. In this episode of Sweat, Snot & Tears he joins us from his book shop in Plainville, Massachusetts, to chat about how he’s helping his sons negotiate these uniquely socially-distanced times, his approach for encouraging reluctant readers, which authors he’d encourage his readers to read next, and why he writes his books in the cemetery (parents everywhere will relate). Big thanks to this week’s special co-host, Atticus, 9 - aka Z-Boy-Gaming (he said he’d kill us if we didn’t promote his YouTube channel). NOTE: this is a kid-friendly listen so please do share with your mini Wimpy-kid fans - Jeff shares some great tips for budding writers, and is a thoroughly lovely man. We were utterly charmed and would quite like him to be our dad! Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Deep End, written by best-selling children’s author Jeff Kinney, is available in hardback by Puffin now - 
03/11/20·31m 35s

S1 Ep6: Anton Du Beke on being paired with some of the more ‘challenging’ Strictly guests, and the visualisation that got him through IVF

Want to know what falling love sounds like? Listen to this week’s guest, Anton Du Beke, make Wendy and Annie fall head over heels for him. From the joy that fills his soul watching twins, George and Henrietta, dance, to the agony that was IVF; from the trick to acing routines with less than ace dance partners, to the lullaby he sings the twins at bedtime, listeners - he had us at 5, 6, 7, 8. A Christmas to Remember by Anton Du Beke, available to pre-order now from all good bookshops, and out in hardback, eBook and audio on 29th October. 
27/10/20·44m 6s

S1 Ep5: Nadiya Hussain reveals her plans to adopt a fourth child

Since winning Bake Off, Nadiya Hussain, has become a national treasure and role model for mums wanting to tackle fresh challenges. Here she talks about her battles with anxiety, her plans for growing her family, how she made the decision to go public with her story of sexual abuse as a child, and why her family’s motto is ‘elbows out!’. Get your tissues ready for her answer to the ‘How do you want to be remembered’ question – THIS is why the world has fallen in love with Nadiya Hussain.
20/10/20·54m 40s

S1 Ep4: Giovanna Fletcher spills the beans on working with the Duchess of Cambridge

Giovanna Fletcher is like the living patron saint of parents – and on this episode of Sweat, Snot & Tears it’s easy to see why. Honest, funny and always willing to belt out a tune, we wish she was our real-life mum-friend. Listen to Giovanna talk early morning starts with Buddy, Buzz and Max … and how she managed to snare the biggest podcast coup of all-time: an interview with Kate Middleton.
13/10/20·54m 17s

S1 Ep2: Michelle Heaton talks parenting in early menopause

The Liberty X singer now juggles life as a mum to two small children while being a spokesperson for menopause charities, having experienced early menopause due to the effects of her cancer prevention surgery. Listen as Michelle shares the hilarity and heartbreak of her unique parenting journey (and what to do with a fringe that has a life of its own!).
06/10/20·51m 22s

S1 Ep1: Sweat, Snot & Tears Series 1 Trailer

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