The Frost Tapes

The Frost Tapes

By Wilfred Frost, David Paradine Productions Ltd

David Frost was the 20th century’s most prolific interviewer, a master of conversation with a remarkable talent for getting people to open up and spill their souls. Many of his conversations, however, have been lost—until now. Presented by his son, broadcaster Wilfred Frost, in Season One of “The Frost Tapes,” we resurrected interviews covering topics that had astounding relevance with current events in 2020. In Season Two, we’re joining David as he interviews the greatest entertainers of the 20th/21st centuries: Elton John, Elizabeth Taylor, Muhhamad Ali, the Beatles, and more. You can’t hear these interviews anywhere else.


Episode 9: The Beatles

Paul McCartney’s working class roots. The story of George Harrison’s first guitar. John Lennon’s love of Hamburg. Ringo Starr’s big break. (And Pete Best’s not-so-big break.) This … is the story of the world’s greatest band, told to the world’s greatest interviewer. 

Episode 8: Muhammad Ali

Ten rounds: that’s how many times David Frost would go toe-to-toe with Muhammad Ali. From his days as a young heavyweight champion … to his political activism … to his days as an entertainer, these intimate interviews trace how a simple Kentucky kid became “The Greatest.” 
25/07/2241m 12s

Episode 7: Lauren Bacall

The dame of Hollywood’s golden age, Lauren Bacall was known for much more than just her so-called "look.” David Frost talks to Bacall about her big break, the eternal problems facing Hollywood, and what she learned from her famous marriage with Humphrey Bogart.
18/07/2244m 16s

Episode 6: Michael Caine

One of the most prolific actors of our time, Michael Caine survived the Blitz of London in WW2 as a child, fought in the Korean War himself and then spent years struggling to make it as an actor. Here’s the story of how a plain-spoken cockney boy became one of the world's greatest headliners. 
11/07/2248m 16s

Episode 5: Jane Fonda

David Frost would interview prime ministers and presidents, sultans and singers. But his first interview ever was with Jane Fonda. She'd always have a special place in Frost's life. As their stars rose during the 1970s, he’d discuss her controversial political activism, her acting career, and her philosophy of what made somebody truly successful.
04/07/2242m 3s

Episode 4: Sammy Davis Jr.

David Frost did thousands of interviews during his lifetime. But his favorite person to talk to was the singer, dancer, actor, comedian, and impressionist: Sammy Davis Jr. These interviews—many of which have been lost for more than 50 years—show exactly why Sammy was simply known as “Mister Show Business.”
27/06/2242m 10s

Episode 3: Elizabeth Taylor

Hollywood’s first million-dollar star, Elizabeth Taylor was the definition of the word “icon.” In her conversations with David Frost, she discussed the abusive control of movie studios, her eight marriages, and the difficulties of transitioning from child actress to bombshell starlet. 
20/06/2247m 9s

Episode 2: Andrew Lloyd Webber

With the piano at his fingertips, Andrew Lloyd Webber would sit down with David Frost nine times between 1969 to 2007. Along the way, the composer got deep—explaining how  “Cats” nearly ruined him, plus the scandalous inspiration behind “Phantom of the Opera.”  
13/06/2252m 51s

Episode 1: Elton John

Spanning more than four decades, David Frost’s interviews with Elton John range from the Pinball Wizard’s darkest hours—including the depths of his drug addiction—to the happiest days of his life. Here’s the complete story of how a timid kid named Reginald Dwight became a rock-and-roll legend. 
06/06/2257m 2s

Season 2 Trailer

David Frost was the 20th century’s most prolific interviewer, a master of conversation with a remarkable talent for getting people to open up and spill their souls. In Season Two, Frost interviews an A-list lineup of musicians (Elton John, the Beatles, and Andrew Lloyd Webber), entertainers and political activists (Sammy Davis Jr., Muhammad Ali, and Jane Fonda)—plus Hollywood stars (Michael Caine, Elizabeth Taylor, and Lauren Bacall.) You can’t get these interviews anywhere else. 
20/05/223m 0s

Episode 7: Frost/Nixon Revisited

The most famous political interview of all-time, David Frost cross-examines President Richard Nixon. Equal parts trial and confessional booth, this high-intensity conversation covers topics like Watergate, the limits of executive power, and something nobody expected—an apology.Archival material courtesy of Paradine Productions, CNN, Veritone, 60 Minutes, CBS News Archives, BBC, and The Nixon Presidential Library and Museum.
22/10/2057m 55s

Episode 6: Power and the Media

Who holds the power in America: Politicians, or the press? Join David Frost as he talks with media icons, from Walter Cronkite to a young Roger Ailes, as they discuss the tactics politicians use to manipulate the media. Conversations include secrets from a whistleblower and prophecies from the 20th century’s most admired newsmen.
20/10/2042m 48s

Bonus Episode: Frost/Biden

In 1987, David Frost interviewed 45-year-old Joe Biden during his first bid for the presidency. Soon after, then-Senator Biden would withdraw from the race and the interview would never air — until now. In this timeless interview, Biden talks candidly about his upbringing, dealing with loss and love, and the fundamental qualities a successful president needs.
14/10/2045m 22s

Episode 5: Race and Discrimination

In a series of candid interviews, David Frost invites prominent Black figures—including author James Baldwin and comedian Dick Gregory—to share their thoughts on racism in America. These provocative conversations underscore the intersection of race, class, and capitalism with remarkable prescience.
13/10/2041m 22s

Frost/Biden Teaser

David Frost’s lost interview with Joe Biden. In 1987, Biden sat down with Frost for an intimate and revealing hours-long conversation that would cover family, politics, and the presidency. The interview has never aired—until now. 
09/10/201m 21s

Episode 4: Protest and Dissent

Is there a right or wrong way to protest? Is nonviolence always the best form of dissent? Should the government use military force to quiet domestic unrest? Those questions and more as David Frost interviews labor organizers, Vice President Spiro Agnew, student politicians, and other activists leading the picket line.
08/10/2046m 6s

Episode 3: Women's Liberation

Pay equality. Abortion rights. Representation in the workplace. David Frost chats with breakers of the glass ceiling—from sports stars to political pioneers—as they rally for women’s equality. Including a rollicking interview with Shirley Chisholm, the first black congresswoman, and her prediction for when America can expect its first woman President.
06/10/2036m 28s

Episode 2: Panthers and Police

As tensions boil between Black communities and the police, David Frost interviews key people making the headlines: Reverend Jesse Jackson, Huey P. Newton, and more. The conversations cover everything from police brutality to political assassinations, ending with a fiery debate over whether the FBI and police are actively targeting Black activists.
06/10/2039m 38s

Episode 1: The Next President 1968

In an election year, everyone behaves like a doctor trying to figure out: What’s wrong with America? A young David Frost interviews 1968’s presidential candidates to find the answer. Ronald Reagan preaches against polarization, George Wallace calls for “law and order,” and Robert F. Kennedy gives his last personal longform interview.
06/10/2041m 33s

Season 1 Trailer

Police brutality. Government corruption. A struggle for gender equality. The fight for a free press. You know how they say history repeats itself? Fifty years ago, legendary television host David Frost interviewed the most influential thinkers, politicians, activists, and cultural icons of their time. And most of those tapes have been lost for a generation. Until now. “The Frost Tapes” takes you on a deep dive into David Frost’s long-lost archives
21/09/203m 11s
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