The Heist

The Heist

By Center for Public Integrity

Season 2 of The Heist explores the racial wealth gap in America, how banks have contributed to this disparity, and one woman’s quest to narrow it in her hometown. From The Center for Public Integrity and Transmitter Media, the second season of The Heist kicks off Feb. 22, 2022. Our award-winning first season of The Heist explored the story of a huge political swindle, how it happened, and how power worked in a Donald Trump presidency. Reporters spent months behind the scenes: we get to know a big Republican donor, a senator who caves to political pressure, and the enigmatic Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, who led the charge for these laws.


Carrying the load

ReShonda finds a potential home for her bank and a kindred spirit. And she faces new challenges.
22/03/22·22m 48s

The wealth-gap machine

How did the wealth gap become so huge? And what will it take to really fix it? As ReShonda digs into an aspect of the country's discriminatory history that intersects with her life in a deeply personal way, a key wealth-gap researcher tackles those questions.
15/03/22·30m 30s

Shifting goalposts

It's a lot harder to find investors for a new bank than people willing to open accounts there. ReShonda discovers a group that might be interested in helping fund her Bank of Jabez.
07/03/22·25m 34s

Popcorn Heaven

ReShonda builds a popcorn business with a too-small loan, learning something that leaves her reeling. She joins a lawsuit that will have national ripple effects.
01/03/22·32m 8s

How Do You Catch Up?

ReShonda Young got an up-close look at the wealth gap while working at a small investment firm, just outside her hometown of Waterloo, where she was the first point of contact for clients. She helped clients get ready to talk to an advisor about their investment portfolio and retirement planning. Within the first month, she noticed something about the clients she was meeting: almost all of them were white. These clients had generational wealth that made ReShonda realize that Black families had deeply unequal access to capital. It left ReShonda thinking, “how do Black families catch up?” She started teaching her community how to manage finances but she wanted to do more. ReShonda landed on starting her own bank. Text GAP to 737-727-4321 and dig into this episode with photos, video, graphics and more right to your phone. 
22/02/22·29m 34s

Introducing season 2 of The Heist from The Center for Public Integrity

Season 2 of our award-winning podcast The Heist is the story of an enduring American injustice and one woman's effort to address it in her hometown.
02/02/22·2m 20s

The Virus

Our final episode of the season. The coronavirus has hit, and America is experiencing its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Congress and the Trump administration rush to roll out the Paycheck Protection Program. The PPP was supposed to help small businesses and their workers. But with the system rigged to favor the rich, things quickly go wrong.
15/10/20·31m 34s

Better Off?

What did companies do with their huge tax break? The Trump administration made grand promises about the 2017 tax law — that corporations would invest the windfall in their workers, boosting the entire economy. So, are we better off? We look at the case of American Airlines, which is now furloughing thousands of workers in the middle of the pandemic.
08/10/20·30m 54s

Buyer's Remorse

Republicans say they hate debt. So why did they push for a tax bill that would add almost two trillion dollars to the country’s tab? Only one Republican senator broke ranks - until he didn’t. This episode tells the story of the flip-flops, backroom deals and magical thinking that led to the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
01/10/20·42m 49s

Mnuchin’s World

Who is Steven Mnuchin? He somehow manages to fly under the radar, but as Treasury Secretary he has tremendous power. How did a man with no record of public service and the nickname “the “Foreclosure King” become the guy in charge of America’s money? The answer? This is how power works in Trump’s America.
24/09/20·35m 38s

The Dallas Piggy Bank

In 2017, rich Republican donors demanded a legislative victory, and this is how they got it. We meet one big donor from Dallas who goes on the record to explain how money and power work in Trump’s America. This is the behind-the-scenes story of how political pressure led to the 2017 tax bill, a huge giveaway to the wealthy.
17/09/20·30m 49s

Welcome to The Heist

Welcome to the Heist: How did massive amounts of government money end up in the pockets of corporations and rich Americans during Trump’s presidency? We go inside the system to find out.  Episodes drop weekly starting September 17, 2020.
01/09/20·3m 45s
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