Transmissions: The Definitive Story of Joy Division & New Order

Transmissions: The Definitive Story of Joy Division & New Order

By Joy Division / New Order

This is Transmissions, the definitive story of New Order and Joy Division. Based on new and exclusive interviews with Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris, Gillian Gilbert and Peter Hook, this series captures those vivid moments that tell their tale like never before.

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S1E8: Blue Monday

New Order and Maxine Peake are joined by The Pet Shop Boys and Honey Dijon to tell the story of the best-selling, most groundbreaking and arguably greatest 12 inch single of all time. Series finale!
17/12/2037m 36s

S1E7: Power, Corruption And Lies

Maxine Peake tells the story of New Order’s first masterpiece, a record that seamlessly fuses punk, club culture and technology. 
10/12/2039m 14s

S1E6: The Haçienda

A cathedral of music. A milestone in British culture. A financial catastrophe. Maxine Peake takes us to the Haçienda, the nightclub that nearly ruined Factory Records, and then changed the world.
03/12/2036m 46s

S1E5: New Order

Maxine Peake describes the emergence of a new band from the ashes of Joy Division. Besides choosing a singer and recruiting a new member, they also needed to find a name for this embryonic group. Enter: The Witch Doctors Of Zimbabwe.
26/11/2042m 8s

S1E4: Love Will Tear Us Apart

Maxine Peake, Bono, Anna Calvi, Thurston Moore and the surviving members of Joy Division describe the band's growing success, the creation of the timeless song 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', and the tragic death of their iconic singer, Ian Curtis.
19/11/2039m 59s

S1E3: An Ideal For Living

Maxine Peake narrates the story of the legendarily chaotic record label Factory, with memorable contributions from founder Tony Wilson ("We were clever enough at the very beginning to know that musicians know f**k-all about music”). Also: FAC numbers explained. 
12/11/2040m 58s

S1E2: Unknown Pleasures

Maxine Peake describes the birth of one of the most adored albums of all time, including its iconic artwork. But the process of creating a classic is far from smooth, with producer Martin Hannett’s eccentric methods generating tension. 
05/11/2028m 25s

S1E1: Band Meets Singer

Maxine Peake tells the story of the beginnings of Joy Division, one of the most influential bands ever. The story begins with a young Bernard Sumner posting a notice in a Manchester record shop: "Band seeks singer".
29/10/2023m 34s

S1E1: Transmissions: The Definitive Story of New Order and Joy Division - Trailer

This is Transmissions, the definitive story of New Order and Joy Division.
05/10/201m 59s
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