Trump lost! What now?

Trump lost! What now?

By ITV News

The post-US election podcast from ITV News. Every week, Political Correspondent Daniel Hewitt, Correspondent Robert Moore in Washington and former White House insider Laura Schwartz - along with some extra special guests - bring you analysis and reporting of Donald Trump's last days in office and the transition to the Joe Biden presidency.


36. Trump's big speech, Dolly sings to anti-vaxxers plus Harry and Meghan

“Who knows? I may even decide to beat them for a third time.”Fresh from flying down to Florida, US Correspondent Emma Murphy reflects from LA with Robert Moore in Washington and host Daniel Hewitt in London on the key extracts from Donald Trump's big speech in Orlando.Robert explains why the Sunshine State address at the CPAC conference has left the Republicans in a state of deep freeze, while Emma shares some remarkable statements from some Trump loyalists on why their home state is now resembling Nazi Germany.Also on the episode, Daniel explains - to the dismay of Emma - why he's no fan of Dolly Parton’s singing shot at convincing America’s vaccine doubters to get the jab, before Robert reacts to the FBI's latest defence of its role in stopping the January Capitol attacks.
Plus the team take a leaf out of The Royal Rota's podcast book and discuss Harry and Meghan's impending Oprah chat, their shared choice of classic English tea (other perfectly good brands are available) and Robert draws on his hidden heritage to finally settle the jam/cream scone debate.
04/03/2132m 1s

35. Ivanka or Don Jr: who's best placed to replace Trump?

“Could she run in 2024? Could they go for that absolute catnip … one of them back in the White House and the first woman to boot.”

Emma Murphy lays out a compelling case for Ivanka Trump winning the family battle to follow in her father’s footsteps are run for the presidency - but is one of her brothers the more likely heir apparent?

Robert Moore and Laura Schwartz join that debate as Daniel Hewitt and the team react to the clear and surprising signs of public endorsement for a future Trump dynasty.Our own political prodigy Fred Dimbleby returns to explain how the Trump offspring rate for social media profiles before getting a little sidetracked by Joe Biden’s archaic choice of punctuation. 

Plus, after an inspiring visit to Cape Canaveral, Robert and the team discuss the merits of getting away from the hostile world of politics to explore life on a whole other planet.
18/02/2135m 7s

34. Will Trump win in 2024 after his second Senate acquittal?

“Donald Trump now is a contender.”

Robert Moore says the former president is a challenger for power once more as Daniel Hewitt dials America to get the expert reaction to the historic second Senate acquittal.

Emma Murphy runs the team through the standout final trial moments worthy of a TV melodrama before she, Robert and former White House insider Laura Schwartz evaluate the fallout.So what now for Trump, the Republican Party and Joe Biden’s hopes of governing America?

And what will the podcast be called next?
14/02/2127m 24s

33. Fresh shocks at the Senate trial but what's sparked Trump's private anger?

"Most lawyers have deserted him and I think that explains the desperately poor calibre of his current legal team."With Donald Trump's Senate impeachment trial well underway, Robert Moore gives insight from Florida on why the former president will have been so enraged while watching on TV.Meanwhile, Emma Murphy updates Daniel Hewitt and the team on the standout moments so far from the trial - before getting a proper Trumpian view from one of his most vocal public supporters.Jeffrey Lord served as an adviser to Ronald Reagan and now explains to Trump Lost: What Now? why Trump's political future looks strong despite his ignominious exit from office.Plus, former White House insider Laura Schwartz shares an emotional reaction to the impact of the trial before some fun and games as the team choose their preferred animal Zoom filter while discussing Texas lawyer Rod Ponton's very public kitten mishap.
12/02/2137m 19s

32. How will Trump's new clumsy-spelling lawyers defend him in the Senate trial?

"Nobody could quite understand how he had this lavish lifestyle, two lavish wives, was throwing these big parties... it was high rolling in a high society world."US Correspondent Emma Murphy explains to Daniel Hewitt why a disgraced playboy politician from more than a century ago may prove critical to the impeachment trial against Donald Trump.In this Senate trial preview, Robert Moore outlines the cases set to be argued for and against the former president - while former White House insider Laura Schwartz points out why the Trump legal team's thin brief could have benefitted from a better spell checker.The team also discuss why the easy win of reuniting Mexico border children with their families could in fact be a tricky topic amid Joe Biden's flurry of executive orders, before our digital detective Fred Dimbleby dazzles everyone with a surprising comparison between the new president's Twitter use and Donald Trump's in their first days in the Oval Office.
04/02/2136m 14s

31. Will impeachment delay play into Trump’s hands?

“We suddenly found the city surrounded by 25,000 National Guardsmen, razor wire, military checkpoints everyone barking orders at us. And I texted Emma to say: welcome to Washington, you must have arrived!”There’s a new president in the White House and a new member of our podcast team as the esteemed Emma Murphy aptly takes up the new role of US Correspondent following years of reporting on the frontlines of global conflicts.

Daniel Hewitt, Robert Moore and Laura Schwartz welcome her to the fold as the team dissect the impeachment delay which could play into Donald Trump’s favour and assess Joe Biden’s first week in the Oval Office as he unpicks his predecessor's agenda.Emma shares insight on a notable early change for transgender people from the Biden pen before Robert and Laura offer the Washington newcomer contrasting guides of where to eat, drink and meditate in the US power capitol.
27/01/2135m 53s

30. The Inauguration Special - did Biden unite a deeply divided America?

"Some of the rioters I watched two weeks ago were using the scaffolding on which he was standing to get over the top of the police and storm the Capitol...."After witnessing a calmer yet still historic day in Washington, Robert Moore analyses whether Joe Biden struck the right tone to unite the deeply divided states of America freshly rocked by the Capitol rioting.In this Inauguration Special, he and Laura Schwartz give Daniel Hewitt their reactions to all the key events of the day - from Biden's Inaugural address to the entertainment provided by Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and breakout poetry star Amanda Gorman. And while the Trump Lost: What Now? team consider the statement given by the outgoing 45th president, our commander in tweets Fred Dimbleby is on hand to update on which political figure's fashion sense went viral and why the Q movement of Trumpian extremists had a defining day to forget.
21/01/2154m 46s

29. Biden's inauguration: what makes a memorable speech? (with Tom Bradby)

"This city is like the Green Zone in Baghdad. It's ominous here, it's eerie, it's disturbing, unsettling... It feels different from any other Inauguration."Robert Moore previews the challenge facing Joe Biden as the president-elect prepares to be sworn into office in a heavily-guarded Washington, DC still reeling from the recent US Capitol siege by Donald Trump's supporters.After guiding you through a whistle-stop Inauguration history, Daniel Hewitt catches up with Tom Bradby to geek out on landmark political speeches as the News At Ten host prepares to guide the ITV coverage of the historic day - including Biden's high-pressure Inaugural address - alongside Robert for President Biden: The Inauguration on Wednesday. (Coverage begins at 4pm).Plus, as ever, Laura Schwartz shares compelling personal insights as she recalls the two very different perspectives from which she witnessed Bill Clinton's Inaugurations - before she picks a song for the traditional evening ball as Robert shares an insight into his unusual dancing style.
17/01/2140m 9s

28. What now after Donald Trump's repeat impeachment?

"I thought it was a hostage video. I mean the guy was sitting there reading word for word what was on the teleprompter..."Having guided Bill Clinton through an impeachment, Laura Schwartz offers an expert voice on why Donald Trump struck a different tone in a televised statement a week on from the US Capitol riots.After his central role in reporting those notorious events, Robert Moore shares his analysis on what the impending trial of Trump means for America just days before the Joe Biden inauguration and whether Republicans will now turn against the outgoing president. Meanwhile, Daniel Hewitt delves into the fallout of the Capitol riots as our Global Security Editor Rohit Kachroo and producer Sophie Alexander explain why messages shared between the Trump base totally undermine authorities' claims that the mob's attack was a surprise. And finally, our digital analyst Fred Dimbleby gets his teeth into Trump's social media ban and is put on the spot to determine whether he too would have axed the president had he been in the power boardroom.
15/01/2146m 17s

27. Inside the Washington siege - Robert Moore on his report that shocked the world

"They are not anarchists. They're not - in their view - trying to tear down the Republic. They're trying to save it... It was the logical conclusion of where the Trump movement has been going for several years."Having been the only reporter on the frontline of the most shocking political unrest in modern US history, Robert Moore now analyses the uprising that ITV News cameras brought to the world.He is joined by his producer Sophie Alexander and cameraman Mark Davey to tell Daniel Hewitt how they became the only crew to broadcast the siege of Washington's Capitol building alongside the Trump supporters who broke into the heart of their nation's power base to prevent Joe Biden's victory being certified in Congress.Former White House staffer Laura Schwartz then offers a remarkable emotional reaction to this most brazen assault on democracy before Fred Dimbleby outlines the defining role Q Anon conspiracy theorists played in the astonishing bid to keep Trump in the White House.
07/01/2139m 46s

26. XMAS BONUS! Festive reflections from Daniel, Robert, Laura and Fred

"If you think back just a few months ago... we wondered if his presidency would end in a presidential death."In this special festive bonus edition, Robert Moore, Laura Schwartz and Fred Dimbleby share their reflections on a US election year like no other with host Daniel Hewitt.The Trump Lost! What Now? team all pick out their moments of 2020, share their suggestions for films to watch and books to read over the holidays and make a concerted effort to challenge Daniel's Grinch-like attitude to the end-of-year festivities. The podcast will, of course, return in 2021 to guide you through to Inauguration Day on January 20th.But for now we wish you, dear listeners, a very happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.
24/12/2023m 4s

25. Trump's key ally ditches him and could Twitter be next?

“The Republican Party in other words - however reluctantly - has just now emerged into the daylight.” Robert Moore reacts to a decisive moment in the 2020 US election as one of Donald Trump's key allies wrecks his hopes of overturning the result - within 24 hours of electors officially upholding Joe Biden's victory. Robert and Laura Schwartz give Daniel Hewitt their expert verdicts on what Trump will do now, while analysing the fresh vaccine challenge facing the incoming Biden administration.Our commander in tweets Fred Dimbleby also joins the team to weigh up whether Trump's Twitter days are numbered and discuss anti-vax conspiracies, before Laura surprises everyone with her truly remarkable - but undeniably cheesy - family plans for New Year's Eve.
15/12/2037m 19s

24. Trump’s late legal push and the day Biden almost died

"He found himself lying on the floor of a hotel room unable to move his legs and he had no idea how he got there."Joe Biden biographer Evan Osnos of The New Yorker shares his subject's remarkable near-death experience as he gives Daniel Hewitt his expert analysis on the next president of the United States.That is assuming Donald Trump's last ditch legal challenges can't change the course of history. Robert Moore and Laura Schwartz are on hand to evaluate the bids to the Supreme Court on the eve of the 2020 election result being confirmed by the country's state electors.Plus the group discuss plans for Christmas and Robert explains why US coronavirus rules have made the simple act of serving a whole lot harder on the tennis court.
09/12/2046m 34s

23. Could Trump's latest election denial cost American lives?

"Where do you start to analyse a statement like that?"Robert Moore reacts to an extraordinary statement from the White House as Donald Trump doubles down on his discredited claims of election fraud - hours after being warned he'll have blood on his hands if his supporters' death threats to election officials are carried out.Former White House insider Laura Schwartz also gives Daniel Hewitt her expert analysis on the remarkable war of words in this transition period before our experts mull whether Trump really could upstage Joe Biden's Inauguration Day with his own explosive fresh bid for power.Our resident digital detective Fred Dimbleby is on hand to explain why a Clash Of The Titans meme phrase is rallying the Trump conspiratorial base and why it has concerning real world consequences, before the Trump Lost: What Now? team compare Melania Trump's freshly decorated White House with Robert's own festive domestic surroundings.
02/12/2042m 21s

22. What triggered Trump's transition U-turn?

"I don't think we need to give the guy a trophy for doing his job."After a defining couple of tweets, Laura Schwartz and Robert Moore analyse what finally convinced Donald Trump to give the green light for a White House transition of power to Joe Biden to begin three weeks after the election.Daniel Hewitt meanwhile welcomes back Republican pollster Jon McHenry to give an insight into why the opinion polls once again served America so poorly as a prediction service. Plus Laura shares a tip-off that Joe Biden may be UK-bound sooner than we thought before the team round-off the episode by keeping abreast of the latest presidential pardons on the eve of Thanksgiving.
25/11/2035m 17s

21. How disruptive can paranoid but defiant Trump get?

"If Donald Trump isn't relevant, Donald Trump believes he has no purpose."Laura Schwartz explains why the paranoid president reminds her of a classic Humphrey Bogart character as she and Robert Moore analyse how far down the rabbit hole the defeated but still defiant US commander in chief has journeyed.With the transition process already disrupted, Daniel Hewitt looks ahead to the other challenges of the Joe Biden presidency with special guest Amy Dacey, the former head of the Democratic National Committee, who also outlines the elevated role VP Kamala Harris could play in the administration.Plus our resident digital detective Fred Dimbleby returns to explain why Trump supporters are migrating to new platforms, before Laura stuns Daniel with her own deep internet research into his beloved West Bromwich Albion.
19/11/2045m 41s

20. How long can Trump challenge the result and will Biden work with Boris?

“Even though we’re kind of ridiculing these legal challenges, we shouldn’t rule out the possibility - certainly Democrats aren't - that Donald Trump is yet to play his final card.”Robert Moore tells Daniel Hewitt why Team Trump's legal challenge is all politics as the outgoing president continues to deny what most of the world has recognised, while former White House insider Laura Schwartz explains why Republicans are reluctant to speak out against the president.Special guest Lionel Barber tells Trump Lost! What Now? what he learned about Donald Trump up close in the Oval Office as the former FT editor turned author of The Powerful and the Damned names which of the Trump children he anticipates making a future presidential bid and - staying in the near future - evaluates whether Britain can gain from a Biden presidency. That leads the team to discuss whether Britain will genuinely benefit from the change in the White House or whether Boris Johnson's past comments will come back to haunt him, before Daniel rounds off the episode with a big personal announcement; declaring which American football team he has chosen to adopt.
12/11/2043m 11s

19. Trump lost! So what will he do now?

"The train has left the station."Donald Trump may be desperate to deny it, but the world has accepted Joe Biden as the winner in the US presidential election.So what now? That's the key question that Daniel Hewitt puts to Robert Moore and Laura Schwartz as we turn focus to the last days of the Trump presidency and the start of a Biden era in the White House on January 20th's Inauguration Day.Can Biden unite America? Will Trump accept the result? And what two words might he write in a letter to the incoming 46th president?Plus, Fred Dimbleby is on hand to assess the candidates' ultimate digital success and failures, and preview the transition of the White House social media accounts.
08/11/2046m 12s

18. Will Trump concede? And what happens if he doesn't?

"It did cross a red line that has taken American politics into a new space." Robert Moore and Laura Schwartz react to Donald Trump's remarkable public statements as Daniel Hewitt chairs a Friday night summary of a crazy few days in an America still waiting on an election result.With Joe Biden all-but ready to become the president-elect at the time of recording, the team analyse all the key talking points, including whether the courts could decide on Trump's contested claims, why the polls got things so badly wrong and what our podcast should be called now. Plus our dedicated commander-in-tweets Fred Dimbleby explains why inauguration day could lead to a social media reckoning for the 45th president.
06/11/2040m 58s

17. Trump's won! Or so he claims... so what now?

"This is a fraud on the American public ... frankly, we did win this election."After an election night of relatively low drama, Donald Trump lit off a firework at the heart of the political establishment, declaring victory and claiming only fraud has denied him so far.In this election night reaction special, Robert Moore and Laura Schwartz respond to Trump's disputed claims and analyse all the key events of the night and tell Daniel Hewitt how they think it'll play out over the coming hours and days.Fred Dimbleby also joins the team to explain how Twitter has already played an active role in the debate and why another election on the night spells more trouble for America.
04/11/2026m 55s

16. Will Trump shock America on election night? (with Tom Bradby)

So, will Trump win?After months of exploring every avenue prompted by the question of the series, Daniel Hewitt, Robert Moore and Laura Schwartz debate one final time whether Donald Trump can pull off the second greatest shock in US politics, four years after the first one. In this bumper episode 16, Robert catches up with Tom Bradby to get his view on events as they prepare to guide everyone through Tuesday night into Wednesday morning live on ITV.Robert and Laura trade their most memorable election night moments and examine the late push from both candidates.Our reporters on the road across America send in their postcards home, plus our digital detective Fred Dimbleby looks at how this election could change Big Tech as the world knows it.
31/10/2049m 21s

15. Can the audacity of Trump save his presidency? (with Paul Begala and Olivia Troye)

“It is potentially the greatest marketing trick in the history of politics.”Robert Moore is left marvelling at Donald Trump's "breath-taking audacity" in the final week of campaigning as the president continues an exhausting schedule to save his presidency.He and Laura Schwartz join Daniel Hewitt to discuss a battle of rhetoric versus reality, optimism versus pessimism and Barack Obama versus Melania Trump on the campaign stump.Plus, Daniel speaks to two more truly engaging guests as Bill Clinton's chief campaign strategist Paul Begala explains how he is guaranteeing a Trump defeat before Mike Pence's former key adviser Olivia Troye reveals the level to which the Trump White House shockingly mishandled the threat of Covid-19.
28/10/2051m 2s

14. Has Trump gained momentum after final TV debate?

Daniel Hewitt is joined stateside by Robert Moore - giving instant reaction from the debate’s host city of Nashville - and former White House insider Laura Schwartz from Chicago to review the final presidential televised clash of the 2020 race.And what a difference a debate makes. While the first was an ill-tempered shouting match, this second and final clash was far more temperature with both candidates giving the other a clear hearing thanks to a mute button and a model moderator in Kristen Welker.Plus, our dogged digital detective Fred Dimbleby is also on hand to identify which exchanges did - and didn’t - go viral while also examine a potential major flaw in Donald Trump’s social media strategy.So what did the candidates have to say, did it land and ultimately can it sway the race with less than two weeks until the final day of voting?
23/10/2038m 26s

13. How will Trump handle being muted on TV? (with debate moderating supremo Julie Etchingham)

"It's going to be a metaphor for Trump's America ... the rest of the world is going to be asking: can you mute America?"Robert Moore and Laura Schwartz join Daniel Hewitt in Episode 13 in looking ahead ahead to the second but also last presidential TV showdown of this race, which has been adapted to deter candidate interruptions.Special guest Julie Etchingham, ITV News's debate moderating star, also shares her professional insights into the challenges awaiting NBC News's Kristen Welker in Nashville, Tennessee, along with a few anecdotes of her own battles to engage Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson in meaningful democratic discourse in the UK's first head-to-head TV clash.Elsewhere, Robert explains why half of America has become obsessed with the claimed contents of Joe Biden's son's hard-drive - while the other half is totally ignoring purported 'fake news' - before Laura shares her own recent obsession: Robert's memorable Hollywood cameo appearance.
20/10/2043m 12s

12: Can Trump's powerhouse rallies save his presidency? (with Mississippi traveller John Irvine)

"Extravagant, outrageous, ebullient... this was the president as we've always known him."Robert Moore reflects on the power of Donald Trump's public appearances after witnessing the president's bombastic return to his rally base in Florida and questions whether Joe Biden could ever command the loyalty of the MAGA faithful.Elsewhere in this extended Episode 12, Daniel Hewitt speaks to ITV's Senior International Correspondent John Irvine to find out what he learned travelling down the Mississippi talking to American conservatives in the heart of the nation. Are they still with Trump or has the tide turned?Laura Schwartz explains why the movement of Trump's campaign funds shows exactly why he's been forced to fight a battle on home turf, before Fred Dimbleby analyses the effectiveness of a social media crackdown on the campaigns and the team ponder how past presidents would have handled the Trump-dominated world of Twitter.
15/10/2052m 29s

11: Is Trump doomed to defeat after fly-by VP debate?

"I just don't know if to laugh or to cry to be honest with you. Sure it's funny, but hang on a second..."Robert Moore is left exasperated as the arrival of an insect overshadows the key exchanges in a debate between two co-leaders within a heartbeat of the presidency. Digital detective Fred Dimbleby is on hand to make sense of the viral fly moment, while Daniel Hewitt and former White House insider and candidate debate prepper Laura Schwartz pull out the more substantive key moments from this vice presidential debate. So did Kamala Harris land her punches and avoid a gaffe? Did Mike Pence gain any ground for the president in a race the polls predict he is set to lose? And will the Will Trump Win? team get any sleep after meeting in the middle of the night?
08/10/2032m 53s

10: Trump’s big mistake and lessons from Monica Lewinsky (with MAGA rally reporter Carl Hoffman)

"I'm a journalist, but if I ever was a campaign strategist I like to think I could actually win the president this election..."Robert Moore explains to Daniel Hewitt the key advice he would give Donald Trump to turn the race around, less than four weeks before election day, after seeing him miss another opportunity as he theatrically returned to the White House from hospital.After Robert's big Hollywood secret is revealed, West Wing insider Laura shares very telling memories of the Monica Lewinsky scandal that rocked the Clinton administration and explains what the Trump campaign could learn from it.And - with the president's quarantine stopping him from attending his signature MAGA rallies - Daniel speaks to Carl Hoffman, a National Geographic investigative journalist who went deep into the base of Trump's base. He shares what he discovered and why it poses a threat to the Democrats.
07/10/2043m 56s

Emergency episode: What now after Trump's Covid bombshell?

Regular Will Trump Win? listeners will have been bracing for an October surprise, but this campaign twist on the first day of the month still stunned the world. The US President and First Lady's positive Coronavirus tests have rocked the race to the White House and placed the power couple in quarantine at one of the most critical points in the 2020 campaign.Daniel Hewitt gets instant analysis from Robert Moore and Laura Schwartz on what this means for Trump's hopes of re-election, what protocol is in place should his condition worsen and how Joe Biden will look to take advantage of this latest twist while maintaining respect for his poorly opponent.Plus our series's digital detective Fred Dimbleby assesses the response online to Trump's positive test and explains why it has changed the role of social media in this remarkable campaign.
02/10/2031m 37s

9: Will 'disgraceful' first Trump v Biden debate be the last?

Will the first debate also be the last?A bleary eyed Daniel Hewitt gets instant analysis from Robert Moore in Cleveland, Ohio and former White House director of television Laura Schwartz in Chicago to a feisty and ill-tempered first debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.The pair pick out the telling exchanges, question the role of the moderator and ponder whether this will be the only presidential debate between the pair in this election.Plus digital detective Fred Dimbleby is on hand to deliver coverage of the instant reaction on social media - from Biden's "shut up, man" to Trump's odd football boast and message to right-wing hate group Proud Boys to "stand by".
30/09/2033m 55s

8: How do you debate Donald Trump? (with Boris Johnson and George W Bush’s coach Brett O’Donnell)

“The question mark really is how do you handle Donald Trump? I’m not sure that I even have the perfect answer.”If Brett O’Donnell is struggling for debate strategy, then you really have to feel for Team Biden as they prepare their man to take on the president on live TV. One of the world’s leading presidential debate experts, Brett coached George W. Bush, Mitt Romney and John McCain to impressive debate performances - and most recently coached Boris Johnson before 2019’s televised pre-election showdown with Jeremy Corbyn. In an exclusive interview, Brett tells Daniel Hewitt exactly why Trump is such a tricky debate opponent and gives his expert advice for both candidates to try to dominate the stage.In this bumper episode eight, our man in Washington Robert Moore offers his telling expertise - plus analyses how the death of Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will impact the first debate and the election race as a whole.Plus, former Clinton staffer and John Kerry campaign team member Laura Schwartz shares how the candidates prepare for the debate challenge - and why the mockery of one of the most unusual moments in US debate history changed her life.
24/09/2043m 58s

7: Wildfires, fake news and watermelon GIFs (with Trump adviser Mica Mosbacher and Jevin West)

"It's not just Facebook any more. It comes now in your text messages, it comes in old fashioned email..."Tracking fake news across this election is a daily endeavour for Jevin West, co-author of Calling Bullsh*t, who is waging a war on misinformation online.He outlines to Daniel Hewitt the new threats in this election and why American voters have no idea that the local news they're reading each day is far from authentic.Meanwhile Robert Moore and Laura Schwartz discuss the impact of the wildfires on the campaigns and Mica Mosbacher, adviser to the Trump 2020 campaign, argues why voters will be focused on the economy and law and order issues, with some telling signs from her home in Austin, Texas.The group inevitably look ahead to the forthcoming presidential debates - a lot more of that to come in Episode 8 - before our man of the jingle, digital detective Fred Dimbleby, wows the crowd with the unexpected influence of GIFs on the 2020 race for the White House.
16/09/2037m 55s

6: Will we regret not trusting the polls? (with Harvard's Michael Sandel)

"Speak to them directly, pay less attention to the looming man for all his bluster, standing across the stage."Harvard professor Michael Sandel's TED Talk "the lost art of democratic debate" has been watched by many millions, so who better to offer his advice to Joe Biden as his three-pronged debate showdown with Donald Trump looms.The author of The Tyranny of Merit talks to Daniel Hewitt about the future of America as they draw parallels between how US and UK voters have abandoned long-held voter allegiances - and what it means for this election. Meanwhile, Robert Moore reports back from shocking scenes as armed militia take control in Louisville - and meets the gun-toting grandmother fighting back - while Laura Schwartz shares what she learned travelling across the key state of Wisconsin, plus the secrets of her mother's famous "Hobo Dinner".And, if that wasn't enough, Daniel reveals how he felt watching the final episode of The West Wing and the ally he's now gained over his 'endings phobia'.Enjoying the series so far? Why not leave us a five-star rating and a review saying so!
10/09/2037m 37s

Special episode: So Sir Kim Darroch, will Trump win?

For this special bonus edition of Will Trump Win? Robert and Daniel are joined by one of Robert's former tennis opponents in Washington, Sir Kim Darroch. Sir Kim was of course a bigger hitter in the world of diplomacy as the UK ambassador to the United States and saw his glittering career ended in 2019 by a leaked memo in which he was highly critical of the occupier of the White House.So where does he stand on Donald Trump now, does he know who leaked the infamous cable and what is his reaction to the president gaining a nomination for his peace keeping efforts? After serving key diplomatic roles in Brussels for the UK, Sir Kim also offers a scathing analysis of Britain's current handling of the Brexit agreement and admission of planned illegality.Plus he answers the key question - Will Trump Win? - and explains what difference the next president will make to the prospects of a UK-US trade deal.
09/09/2035m 32s

5: Does racial turmoil play into the Trump playbook? (with election whisperer Rachel Bitecofer)

"Here there is a gun shop in this town without any guns. Why? Because everything has sold out."From a boarded-up hotel, Robert Moore reports from the epicentre of the US racial unrest, Kenosha, and explains in episode five why the perception of wider violence plays into the Donald Trump playbook.The self-styled Election Whisperer, Rachel Bitecofer, explains why she was confident to call this election for the Democrats before Joe Biden was even picked - but identifies the superior Republican campaigning tactics which will worry the frontrunner.Plus White House insider Laura Schwartz shares tales of West Wing parties with Daniel Hewitt as the show returns for a one off before our digital detective Fred Dimblebly sheds light on a shocking pro-Trump conspiracy theory group operating under your noses online.And he reacts to hearing his very own jingle for the first time.
03/09/2036m 11s

4: Could coronavirus make rather than break Trump? (with pollster Jon McHenry and disaster expert Max Brooks)

“At one point I had to get up and look out my front window and check that homes next door to me weren’t being torched.”Washington Correspondent Robert Moore and returning friend of the show Laura Schwartz react to a Republican National Convention like no other in episode four of Will Trump Win?But who is the party trying to reach with these apparent scare tactics? Laura shares a telling story from a return home to rural Wisconsin to explain why they may well work.The team also look at the pandemic's impact on this remarkable election as Daniel Hewitt speaks to polling expert Jon McHenry and World War Z and Devolution author Max Brooks.
26/08/2031m 38s

3: Why can't Biden persuade Trump voters? (with ex-Trump adviser Barry Bennett)

Episode three of Will Trump Win? examines the evidence of continuing grassroots support for Donald Trump despite him still trailing heavily in national polls.Barry Bennett, a senior advisor to Trump's successful 2016 presidential campaign, tells Daniel and Robert why he believes Joe Biden's campaign - and the backing he received at the Democratic National Convention - will fail in a bid to persuade Trump voters to switch sides.Plus he gives us an insight into what the president is really like away from television and Twitter but why he has become so disheartened by the state of America in 2020. Robert shares what he learned from brushing shoulders with bikers, before Fred Dimbleby forces his way back onto the podcast to run the rule over the rival Facebook campaigns. Can Biden's ice cream approach really topple Trump's personal attacks?
19/08/2033m 29s

2: Are 'secret' Trump voters on the rise? (with Biden's right hand man Moe Vela)

The second episode in the Will Trump Win? series timed rather perfectly, recorded barely hours after Joe Biden confirmed Kamala Harris as his running mate against Trump-Pence. So who better than former Clinton director of events Laura Schwartz to join presenter Daniel Hewitt and Washington Correspondent Robert Moore to discuss the impact on the campaigns?Laura reveals exactly what is involved in launching a VP pick, her and Robert weigh up the strengths of Harris to Biden's chances and analyse how Donald Trump will look to attack them both.Plus, we're joined by a man who was by Biden's side during his own eight-year tenure as Barack Obama's VP, Moe Vela, who shares telling anecdotes and outlines three key pieces of advice to his former boss to topple Trump.And, of course, we put the best of your questions to our panel of experts.
13/08/2032m 23s

1: Is it wrong to write Trump off? (with Pulitzer-winning author Anne Applebaum)

It's one of the questions of 2020 and now the name of our brand new ITV News podcast. Daniel Hewitt is your host alongside Washington Correspondent Robert Moore for the rollercoaster next three months as we look to cover every angle to answer the question: Will Trump Win?In this first episode, find out why you'd be wrong to write Donald Trump off despite the threat of a landslide defeat, the pandemic threat to a clear November 3rd result, why Joe Biden is benefitting from staying quiet but has still disappointed some Democrats and how the 2020 digital campaign is set to play out.Plus, we're joined by a very special guest as one of America's most distinguished authors, Pulitzer-prize winning historian Anne Applebaum, explains why she as a former Republican is set to vote Biden. The author of Twilight of Democracy: the Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism also analyses the appeal of Donald Trump to voters, his use of authority to fuel his campaign and how she thinks he will play dirty if defeat looms.Whether you're pro or anti-Trump in this election, it's a great listen.Hit subscribe for every episode and help us up the charts with a five-star rating.
06/08/2036m 56s

The promo! Join us as we look to find out Will Trump Win? in 2020

With election day three months away, ITV News Correspondents Daniel Hewitt and Robert Moore will bring you a new weekly podcast on the race for the White House, with on-the-ground reporting from the Trump and Biden campaigns, plus experts and guests. Here's a taste of what you can expect from the podcast.Subscribe now so you never miss an episode.
31/07/202m 1s
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