Marnie's Home Truths

Marnie's Home Truths


It’s time to get up close and personal with Marnie Simpson! MTV presents her brand new podcast, Marnie’s Home Truths, where she’ll be chatting with her family and special celeb guests about her life and theirs. They’ll be speaking about some of life’s biggest ups and downs: from family fallouts to addiction, parenting to health… we’ve got it covered. Listen and subscribe on all podcast platforms.


Endometriosis - Cacy Pennycook

Cacy reveals to Marnie the challenges she's faced living with endometriosis. They talk about her experiences with the condition at school and her advice for anyone going through the same thing.
27/12/2223m 30s

Pregnancy Complications - Chloe Goodman

Chloe opens up to Marnie about the life-threatening challenges she faced while pregnant with her second child. They also compare notes on how they're getting on with two small children...
20/12/2227m 11s

Family of Four - Casey Johnson

Casey and Marnie chat about what it's like to be a family of four and how Rox and Oax are getting on. They also share their experiences of buying and renovating their new home...
13/12/2222m 17s

Memories with Marnie - Craig Johnson-Pass

Marnie chats with close friend and manager Craig about their favourite memories together, his sobriety and have a catch up about Rox and Oax too...
06/12/2229m 13s

New Baby Girl - Danielle Lloyd

Marnie catches up with Danielle Lloyd to discuss the birth of her new baby girl and the trolling she's received after getting back in shape so quickly...
29/11/2219m 0s

Turning 30 - Nathan Henry

Geordie Shore stars Nathan and Marnie chat about turning 30 before the Geordie lad shares his thoughts on starting a family...
22/11/2230m 55s

Marnie As A Child - Sharon Kenney

Mum Sharon reveals what Marnie was like growing up before chatting about Rox, Erik and their favourite films and TV...
15/11/2224m 29s

Psychic Abilities - Sally Morgan

Psychic Sally Morgan talks to Marnie about her life and career. They chat about her work with the likes of George Michael and Princess Diana before Sally opens up about the loss of her husband to COVID.
08/11/2220m 47s

Health Anxiety - Ross Adams

Ross Adams opens up to Marnie Simpson about his lifelong battle with health anxiety. The pair also chat about his time on Hollyoaks and early career breakthroughs...
01/11/2226m 41s

Family, Grief & Cheating - Tamara Joy

Tamara Joy talks with Marnie Simpson about losing her Mum to Motor Neurone Disease, moving to the UK and her time on Married At First Sight Australia.
25/10/2226m 20s

Dating & Love - Nikita Jasmine

Nikita Jasmine opens up to Marnie about how appearing on Married At First Sight totally changed her attitude to dating...
18/10/2221m 53s

Love, Life & Trolling - Bobby Norris

TOWIE star Bobby Norris joins Marnie Simpson to chat all things love, life and babies! They also discuss working as a volunteer vaccinator and dealing with online trolls...
22/09/2223m 1s

Marnie's Home Truths: Series 3 Coming Soon...

Marnie Simpson is back! Join the Geordie lass as she catches up with her family and celeb friends to chat all things life... New episodes from Tuesday 20th Sept!

Introducing Double Dating with Olivia and Alex!

Subscribe to MTV's latest podcast - Double Dating with Olivia and Alex. Each week Olivia and Alex Bowen enjoy a double date with another cute couple. Expect all the big questions about love, relationships and friendships... Don't miss episode #1 on 12th April.
04/04/221m 1s

Quitting Smoking - Sharon Kenney

In the final episode of the series, Marnie catches up with her mam, Sharra. They talk about how she quit smoking, her relationship with Rox and her hopes and dreams for the future.
28/09/2120m 2s

Five Kids - Danielle Lloyd

Danielle chats with Marnie about expected her fifth baby - her first girl after four boys. They also talk about ADHD, the domestic abuse she suffered as a teenager and how she regained her confidence.
21/09/2126m 20s

Assumptions About Us - Casey Johnson

Casey and Marnie respond to assumptions about them as a couple from social media. They also talk about the stress caused by Marnie's bladder condition, testing positive for COVID and how Rox is getting on.
14/09/2127m 21s

Moving To The UK - Eric Kenney

Marnie talks to her stepdad Eric about meeting her Mum and adapting to life in the UK. Eric also opens up about the trauma and struggles he's had to deal with in the US.
07/09/2136m 55s

Birth and Babies - Casey Batchelor

Marnie chats to her friend, model and reality TV star Casey Batchelor. They catch up about Casey's new arrival and having three girls, aged three and under. They also swap birth stories and talk about postpartum recovery...
31/08/2131m 20s

No Regrets - Kerry Katona

Kerry catches up with Marnie for an in depth chat about her life and career to date. She also opens up about how a new opportunity in the sex industry is helping her turn her life around.
24/08/2136m 48s

Setting New Life Goals - Kris Boyson

Marnie chats to reality TV star and personal trainer Kris Boyson about how being stabbed put an end to his dreams of becoming a professional footballer. Kris also talks about the mental health challenges of finding a new purpose for his life.
17/08/2126m 17s

Anorexia - Gemma Oaten

Actress Gemma Oaten joins Marnie to talk about her battle with anorexia growing up. Gemma opens up about how she was able to overcome the condition with support from her family and friends.
10/08/2133m 8s

Cosmetic Surgery - Chloe Ferry

Marnie has a long overdue catch-up with her good friend and fellow Geordie Shore housemate Chloe Ferry. They chat about everything from teeth and trolling to ice staking and cosmetic surgery...
03/08/2125m 43s

IVF - Anna Lingis

Marnie catches up with her good friend and make-up artist Anna Lingis to talk about her fertility journey. Anna reveals how she and her husband made the decision to try IVF and everything they subsequently went through...
27/07/2127m 50s

Hair Loss - ZaraLena Jackson

Marnie talks to ZaraLena Jackson about losing all of her head and body hair in just six short weeks last year. They also chat about dealing with the mental and emotional side of the condition and the chances of her hair growing back permanently.
20/07/2133m 27s

Autism - Niall Aslam

Marnie talks to Niall Aslam about the psychotic episode he suffered after appearing on Love Island. They also chat about growing up with autism and how his condition affects him day-to-day.
13/07/2127m 37s

Domestic Abuse - Rosie Lewis

Marnie’s close friend Rosie Lewis joins her to discuss Domestic Abuse. Both Marnie and Rosie went through their own personal experiences with abuse and now Rosie works within a charity supporting victims affected by it. Rosie opens up about her experiences and what she's learnt about the different forms of abuse.
26/01/2126m 13s

Misfits - Nathan Henry

Marnie’s fellow Geordie Shore star and close friend Nathan Henry joins her to talk about feeling like a misfit growing up. They talk about bullying they faced and how they turned it around for themselves. Nathan opens up about how coming out on TV allowed him to reclaim his coming out moment.
19/01/2126m 55s

Single Parenting - with my Mam!

Marnie and her mum Sharra get real about what it was like for her to bring up Marnie on her own. They open up about money struggles, the stigma attached to single parenting and loneliness.
12/01/2120m 11s

Embarrassing TV Moments - Bianca Gascoigne

Marnie and close friend Bianca Gascoigne reflect on some of their most embarrassing TV moments. Bianca talks about the moments that have stuck with her throughout the years and the anxiety you can face when finishing up a reality TV show.
05/01/2119m 4s

The Pressures of Social Media - Coral Johnson

Marnie's sister-in-law and close friend Coral Johnson joins Marnie to talk about the pressures that come with social media. They talk about how it can make you compare yourself with others and the influence it can have on your decisions.
29/12/2020m 26s

Dealing with Health Issues - Scarlett Howard

Marnie’s friend from her bladder support group, Scarlett Howard, joins her to get honest about their experiences with their bladder condition, trigonitis. They open up about the affect it has their mental health and how living with this condition has affected their every day lives.
22/12/2022m 54s

Alcoholism - Craig Johnson-Pass

Marnie’s close friend and agent gets real about alcoholism and what the illness really is like. He talks about his personal struggle and how he has managed to become his true self during his 6 years of sobriety.
15/12/2024m 44s

Press & The Media - Lauren Goodger

As one of Marnie’s close friends, Lauren Goodger opens up about the pressure of having bad press. She talks about the lengths the paparazzi go to to get the bad angles and how both her mental health and personal relationships have been affected.
08/12/2020m 0s

Family - with Sophie Kasaei

Marnie's cousin and fellow Geordie Shore star Sophie Kasaei opens up about the ups and downs within their relationship. They talk about the big fall out during Geordie Shore, how they didn’t talk for two years, and how that's made them stronger today.
01/12/2023m 49s

Motherhood - with Helen Briggs

Helen Briggs, Marnie’s friend and Sister-In-Law joins her to talk about becoming a mum for the first time and how it’s shaped both of their lives.
24/11/2021m 30s

Co-Parenting - with Casey Johnson

Marnie's partner Casey Johnson joins her to talk about being parents to their baby boy Rox and how they come together to raise him!
17/11/2018m 14s

Growing Up - with my Mam!

Marnie’s mum Sharra joins her to talk about what Marnie was really like growing up.
10/11/2020m 13s

Welcome to Marnie's World

Marnie is getting ready for some real talk and will be speaking to her nearest and dearest about crucial life topics.
28/10/201m 16s
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