Marnie's Home Truths

Marnie's Home Truths


It’s time to get up close and personal with Marnie Simpson! MTV presents her brand new podcast, Marnie’s Home Truths, where she’ll be chatting with her family and special celeb guests about her life and theirs. They’ll be speaking about some of life’s biggest ups and downs: from family fallouts to addiction, parenting to health… we’ve got it covered. Listen and subscribe on all podcast platforms.


Family - with Sophie Kasaei

Marnie's cousin and fellow Geordie Shore star Sophie Kasaei opens up about the ups and downs within their relationship. They talk about the big fall out during Geordie Shore, how they didn’t talk for two years, and how that's made them stronger today.
01/12/2023m 49s

Motherhood - with Helen Briggs

Helen Briggs, Marnie’s friend and Sister-In-Law joins her to talk about becoming a mum for the first time and how it’s shaped both of their lives.
24/11/2021m 30s

Co-Parenting - with Casey Johnson

Marnie's partner Casey Johnson joins her to talk about being parents to their baby boy Rox and how they come together to raise him!
17/11/2018m 14s

Growing Up - with my mam!

Marnie’s mum Sharra joins her to talk about what Marnie was really like growing up.
10/11/2020m 13s

Welcome to Marnie's World

Marnie is getting ready for some real talk and will be speaking to her nearest and dearest about crucial life topics.
28/10/201m 16s
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