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Lockerbie Bombing

On December 21, 1988, residents in the small Scottish town of Lockerbie were preparing for Christmas. Pan Am Flight 103 was about to change all of that.-----Script, Primary Audio and Editing by JSProduction, Soundtracking and Post by Matt KSoundtracks by EpidemicSound all rights reserved
20/11/2148m 39s

Christine Lee

“I promise you mate, a mad killer clown in a blue Transit van. Popped the side door open and grabbed the lad. Now he’s gone. Disappeared. Deed. Same wan that fuckin’ done that wee lassie up in Castlemilk anaw.”- An anonymous Glaswegian Redditor, describing a conversation he remembered having with a peer as a child in Glasgow, in the midst of a Killer Clown panic.----Original Audio and Editing by JSResearch, Script, Production and Post by Matt KSoundtrack courtesy of Epidemic Sounds, all rights reserved.
31/10/2126m 33s

Le Grele

The arrondissements of Paris are twenty administrative districts which divide France’s capital in a clockwise spiral, starting from the north bank of the River Seine. The 19th arrondissement, known as Butte-Chaumont, is situated to the right bank of the River Seine, crossed by two canals which meet near the Parc de la Villette. The area is considered the most affordable in all of Paris, and gives home to an eclectic mix of residents from bohemian Parisian students, North African refugees and those simply seeking a more affordable place to live. There is both beauty and deprivation in the area, but for many residents – that is simply Paris writ small.On Monday, May 5, 1986, as he entered the elevator headed for the lobby of 116 Rue Petit at 8:20am, Luc Richard-Bloch was met with what struck him as a particularly strange man, even for some of the residents of the 19th arrondissement...Primary Audio and Editing by JSResearch, Script, Production, Soundtracking and Post by Matt KSoundtracks courtesy of EpidemicSound
09/10/2141m 51s

The Mount Stewart Murder

Early on Friday March 30th, 1866, William Henderson prepared to set off on the 5-mile journey to Perth in Scotland for the weekly cattle market. He had a lot on his mind: There was a significant outbreak of cholera affecting cattle in the nearby regions in Scotland, and people and animals were getting sick. He had livestock ready to give birth on his farm and needed to make sure the birthing went well. He had been having issues with a local worker on his farm – suspecting him of not being all which he appeared. In addition to that, his elder sister Janet had been on his back for the general state of the farmhouse. With all of these problems racing round his head, the last thing which William Henderson thought he would have to deal with that day would be murder.Primary Audio by JSScript, Editing, Production, Soundtracking, and Post by Matt KSoundtracks provided by EpidemicSound all rights reserved
22/09/2135m 37s

The Murderous Doctors

Dr Pritchard and Dr Chantrelle were both trusted by those around them, due to the faith which they held in the men's esteemed profession. But did they warrant such faith?Original Audio and Editing by JSResearch and Scripting by Astrid McClymontProduction, Soundtracking and Post-Production by Matt KSoundtracks courtesy of EpidemicSound
08/09/2134m 12s

Karen Buckley

Around 1am, Karen Buckley headed for the exit of the Sanctuary nightclub in Glasgow’s West End, after telling her friends she was going to the restroom. At 2am, her friends discovered her jacket lay where she had left it when they arrived…Script, Editing and Primary Audio by JSProduction, Soundtracking and Post by Matt KOriginal image by Astrid McClymontSoundtracks courtesy of Epidemic Sound all rights reserved
18/08/2136m 35s

Constable John MacLeod and PC Lewis Fulton (Double Minisode)

Minisode 1: Hyndland in Glasgow typically means affluence. It is synonymous with large townhouses, flashy cars, sport stars and a café culture which stands at odds with the less prosperous sides of ‘The Dear Green Place’, as Glasgow is nicknamed. Its children span the great and good of Glasgow society, from actors Robert Carlyle and Kelly McDonald, Liz Lochhead, Glasgow’s former Poet Laureate, comedian Frankie Boyle and the multi-talented Sanjeev Kohli to name a few. However, in 1952, resident Edwin Finlay, was working his way towards becoming not one of Hyndland’s most famous sons, but one of its most infamous.Minisode 2: On Friday the 17th of June, 1994, a call came in to 999 – the emergency services number in the United Kingdom. A teenaged male was creating a public disturbance in the Gorbals Norfolk Street, brandishing a bladed weapon...Primary Audio and Editing by JSScripting, Soundtracking, Production and Post-Production by Matt KSoundtracks provided by EpidemicSound
28/07/2125m 3s

Harris Binotti

Supatchaya sat beside the sleeping figure of her four year old son, Jeremy as she watched the clock. She had expected her husband, Gary Ferguson, aged 47, to be home hours ago...Script by Astrid McClymontPrimary Audio and Editing by JSSoundtracking and Production by Matt K
14/07/2135m 18s

Unknown Bairn

09/06/2134m 51s

Thomas Neill Cream

On May 27, 1850, two residents of Glasgow, William and Mary Cream welcomed their first child Thomas into the world...Script, Primary Audio and Editing by JSSoundtracking, Production and Post by Matt KSoundtrack by EpidemicSound, all rights reserved
26/05/2134m 56s

Kevin McLeod

On Sunday, February 9, 1997, the body of an adult male was pulled from the soft, briny mud at Wick Harbour. There were no signs of life...Primary Audio and Audio Editing by JSScript, Production and Post by Matt KScript Editing by Astrid McClymontSoundtracks derived from EpidemicSound, all rights reserved
12/05/2146m 57s

Malcolm Webster

In January of 2008, Simone Banarjee was sitting in her office when she received a visit from 2 senior Police detectives. They had come to present her with an Osman notice. Traditionally given to gangland figures, they alert a member of the public when there is a known and credible threat to their life...Scripting, Primary Audio and Editing by JSProduction, Soundtracking and Post by Matt KSoundtrack by YoutubeStudio, EpidemicSound and Audioblocks, all rights reserved
28/04/211h 31m

The House of Blood

In the early hours of Sunday October 15, 2005, James Sweeney was summoned by Edith McAlinden to provide urgent assistance at a flat on Dixon Avenue in Crosshill, Glasgow...Primary Audio and Editing by JSScripting, Production and Soundtracking by Matt KAudio by Audioblocks and EpidemicSound all rights reservedCustom Episode Artwork provided by Astrid McClymont (@abandonedvandal)
14/04/2131m 21s

Andrew Ramsay

On February 22, 2006, Andrew Ramsay and his partner Beverley Sinclair had enjoyed an evening drinking at their local pub Quo Vadis, on Paisley Road West. As they walked home, two undercover CID officers intercepted them and informed Andrew he was required to attend the local police station immediately...Scripting, Primary Audio and Editing by JSSoundtracking, Production and Post by Matt KSoundtrack courtesy of Epidemic Sound and Audioblocks, all rights reserved
31/03/2137m 51s

Netta Fornario

On November 19, 1929, two men named Hector from the Isle of Iona in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides joined the search party for a 33 year old woman missing on the island named Netta Fornario…Primary Audio by JS and Astrid McClymontSoundtracking and Production by Matt KAudio under license from Epidemic Sound
17/03/2140m 16s

Theresa Riggi

This case involves crimes against children and as such will not be suitable for all listeners. Listener discretion is advised.On the 2nd of August, with the Scottish sun setting behind him in Aberdeen as he settled in to his chair for the evening, Pasquale Riggi’s phone began to ring. As he picked up, he already had a suspicion who it was going to be ringing him...CreditsPrimary Audio and Editing - JSScripting, Soundtracking, Production and Post-Production - Matt KSoundtrack CreditsPatrick LieberkindJalastramEpidemicSoundKinotonDredileAudioblocks
03/03/2144m 27s

Gary McKinnon

In the post-9/11 world, national security was the watchword in America. In 2002 when Army screens simultaneously displayed the same message, they knew there had been a significant breach. The messaged displayed stated: "Your security system is crap, I am Solo. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels."...Primary Audio, Scripting and Editing by JSProduction, Soundtracking and Post-Production by Matt KMusic courtesy of Soundstripe and Audioblocks, all rights reserved.
17/02/2155m 7s

Margaret McOnie and Jack Shuttleworth

On the 6th of August, 1989, Margaret McOnie arrived in Tongue, in the Scottish Highlands for a walking holiday. Whilst there, she met a charming marine engineer named David...Primary Audio and Editing by JSScripting, Soundtracking and Production by Matt KSoundtrack from Audioblocks and Soundstripe, all rights reservedYou can find our Patreon here at:
03/02/2137m 37s

Thomas McCulloch and Robert Mone

Just after 6pm on November 30, 1976, Thomas McCulloch and Robert Mone scaled the fence of the State Mental Hospital at Carstairs, tasting freedom for the first time in years. Left in their wake, however, was blood and carnage…Primary Audio, Scripting and Editing by J SSound design, production and post-production by Matt KSoundtrack under license from Audioblocks
20/01/2150m 22s

Willie McRae

On the 5th of April, 1985, Willie McRae left his flat in Queens Park in Glasgow's Southside to head for his holiday home in the North of Scotland. As he departed, his Special Branch tail followed...---Scripting, Soundtracking and Post-Production by Matt KPrimary Vocals and Editing by JSSoundtrack courtesy of Audioblocks, all rights reserved.
06/01/2155m 20s

BONUS: The Rise and Fall of the Billy Boys

In the 1930s, one Glasgow street gang rose above all others. They were called The Billy Boys...
31/12/2024m 18s

Arlene Fraser

On the 28th of April, 1998, Arlene Fraser's neighbour seen her waving at her children who were departing for school, then turn and walk back into her house. This would be the last time anyone would see Arlene alive...----Research, Primary Audio and Voice Editing by JSProduction, Soundtracking and Post-Production by Matt KSoundtrack by Audioblocks & Anttis Instrumentals
16/12/2054m 35s

Helga Konrad

On Friday the 13th of October, 1973, Helga Konrad and Ernst Dumoulin ascended the peaks of the Salisbury Crags in Edinburgh, to celebrate their marriage which had taken place that very same day...CreditsPrimary Audio, Editing - JSWriting, Research, Production and Soundtracking - Matt KAudio from both Epidemicsound and Storyblocks, all rights reservedSponsors and PromoThank you to CrimeCon UK, where we will be presenting next year. Use code 'Skinwalker' for 10% off one of their phenomenal Xmas packages!And today's promo is for The Shattered Window, a phenomenal deep dive podcast created jointly by our friends Emily from Morbidology and Eileen from Crimelapse. It is out now and available on all major streaming platforms!
02/12/2037m 3s

Margaret McLaughlin

On the 7th of July 1973, the Highland Games was coming to the small town of Carluke in South Lanarkshire. However, as the sun rose that morning over the town something far more sinister than the joy which the Games heralded was unravelling in the small town...CreditsEditing and Primary Audio - JSResearch, Scripting, Soundtracking and Production - Matt KAudio by various artists, available on epidemicsound. All rights reservedSponsorsThank you to the sponsors of today's episode June's Journey and CrimeCon UK in conjunction with Hunting Ghislaine by John SweeneyDownload June's Journey for free here: Listen to Hunting Ghislaine by John Sweeney by searching for 'Hunting Ghislaine' on Global Player, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts. If you want to meet with John and go deeper, why not book a ticket for CrimeCon UK by heading on over to and quote Skinwalker at checkout so that they know we sent you!
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Helen Torbet

On the morning of the 7th of July, 1993, 62-year-old Helen Torbet set off to continue her walking holiday in the Western Highlands of Scotland…SupportThank you to everyone who listens to Skinwalker and helps make this podcast as popular as it is. We really do appreciate your support. Skinwalker is a totally independent production, which comprises of two people and relies on the generosity of its listeners and its partner sponsors to survive. If you wish to help financially contribute to the show, please join our Patreon at You get tons of cool perks and ad-free episodes 4 days early.CreditsScripting, Editing and Primary Audio - JSSoundtracking and Production - Matt KSponsorsThank you to the sponsors of today's episode June's Journey and BudsLife CBD.Download June's Journey for free here: To purchase BudsLife's transdermal discrete CBD patches, head on over to: and use code: Skinwalker to get 15% off your first purchase.
04/11/2040m 31s

Barry Oldham and Barry Wallace

On the 6 December 1999, Police divers on a training course in Loch Lomond, just north of Glasgow, made a grisly discovery. They found what looked like discarded human limbs...CreditsPrimary Audio, Research, Scripting and Editing - JSSoundtracking and Production - Matt KSponsorsThank you to the sponsors of today's episode, June's Journey and Podcorn. Download June's Journey for free here: Head on over to today and see how they can take your podcast or product to the next level, and tell them we sent you!
20/10/2049m 35s

Dean Jamieson

At 2pm on Monday the 3rd of April, Dean Jamieson was dropped off at the Criterion Bar in Aberdeen by his wife Carol...CreditsResearch/Scripting - Matt KVocals and Editing - J SProduction - Matt KSponsorsThank you to the sponsor of today's episode, June's Journey. Download it for free here: SupportThank you all for listening every week and supporting the podcast. If you would like to help support us further in the creation of these episodes, please consider joining up on our Patreon at
08/10/2038m 32s

Frank McPhie

On the 10th of May, feared gangland figure Frank McPhie went to his vegetable allotment near his home in Maryhill, Glasgow. As he worked, a vehicle pulled into the carpark with four male occupants…CreditsMr Gangland – Research and ScriptingVocals and Editing – J SProduction & Soundtracking – Matt KTracks used under license from Epidemic Sound. Full tracklist upon request.SponsorsThank you to the sponsors of today's episode, Best Fiends and Podcorn.For Best Fiends you can find their 5 star rated mobile puzzle game on the Apple App Store and Google Play. You won't regret it!For anyone wishing to monetise their podcast and take control of their advertising - or to advertise their product - head over to and see how their platform can transform everything for you today.SourcesUnderbelly Magazine, feature on the murder of Frank McPhieHerald NewsRoom, Not proven verdicts in bridegroom case Accused walks from a second murder trial, 13 Mar 1998, The HeraldBBC, Shooting victim made 'mystery trip', BBC Online 12 May 2000Record Newsroom, DEATH OF AN EVIL MAN; Usher was accused of killing the groom He got away with murder twice but his life ended with a bullet in the head., Scottish Daily Record 16 Sep 2020Reg McKay, Murder Capital: Life and Death on the Streets of Glasgow, 2006, B&W PublishingRecord Newsroom, Brutal gangster killed weeks after I told him his life was in danger, Daily Record, 1 Jul 2012"PRIME SUSPECTS: The sniper in the flats; A row at his allotment, a frantic dash home, calls to his allies ... minutes later , heavy McPhie lay dead.." D Alexander, R Findlay, C Lavery, N Sylvester,  2004 Scottish Daily Record & SundayNewsroom, Police renew investigation into murder of gangland boss, 6 Feb 2014, HeraldNewsroom, Wall of silence in hunt for killer, May 19, 2000, The MirrorJ Clements, Sickening Dog Fight Empire of Murdered Gang Chief; EXCLUSIVE: MOBSTER McPHEE WAS BEHIND EVIL PITBULL PLOT, The Mirror, May 31 2000Newsroom, E-fit move over gangland murder, BBC Online, 28 July 2000
23/09/2037m 21s

Bella Ruxton and Mary Rogerson

On the 29th of September 1935, Susan Johnson and her mother decided to take a leisurely stroll around the Scottish town of Moffat. When passing by the Linn River on the edge of town, Susan seem something protruding from the bed of the stream...CreditsVocals and Editing - J SScripting, Soundtracking and Production - Matt KResearch - Tom Wood, former DCC of West Lothian PoliceThank you also to the amazing Sian at Ringwood Publishing who made this all possible in the first place!SponsorsThank you to the sponsor of today's episode, June's Journey. Download June's Journey here at  SourcesRuxton, The First Modern Murder: Tom Wood, available now to pre-order at
09/09/201h 5m

Stuart Nicol and the Black Widow

On the 5th of June 1994, Stuart and Nawal Nicol went out to a local nightclub in their hometown of Ellon, near Aberdeen, with their friends Jason Simpson and Muir Middler. At closing time, early the following morning, they returned home with the pair for a nightcap…----Writing and Scripting – Astrid McClymontVocals & Editing – JSProduction – Matt KSoundtracking - Matt KMusic under license from epidemicsound and Marc VanDerMeulen. Tracklist upon request.----SponsorsThank you to the sponsors of today's episode, June's Journey and Podcorn.To sign up for an account at Podcorn, head over to today and begin monetising your podcast!Download June's Journey here at ----Sources1. Leslie, D. 1999, Black widow set to wed again: [Final 1 Edition], London (UK).2. Leslie, D. 2006, Pounds 60,000 or bust: [Final 1 Edition], London (UK).3. Cameron, S. 1997, 'BLACK WIDOW' BUSTS OUT OUT WITH pounds 6000 BOOB JOB: [SCOTS Edition], London.4. Leslie, D. 1999, I've had the biggest boob job in Scotland: [Final 1 Edition], London (UK).5. Black Widow quits Scotland to be stripper in Ibiza brothel: [SCOTS Edition] 1997, , London.6. Leslie, D. 2006, Bust up for Black Widow lapdancer: [Final 1 Edition], London (UK).7. Donohoe, G. 1999, Black widow:I'm no evil monster: [Final 1 Edition], London (UK).8. Black Widow payout fight: [Final 1 Edition] 1999, , London (UK).9. Leslie, D. 1997, Black widow's video love web: [Final 1 Edition], London (UK).10. Horne, B. 2006, Freedom looms for notorious murderer, London (UK).11. Brother's anger at killers' appeals: [Final 1 Edition] 2006, , London (UK).12. The web of greed: [Final 1 Edition] 2006, , London (UK).13. Murderer has sentence cut: [1 Edition] 2005, , Glasgow (UK).14. Howarth, M. 1999, Killer out of jail to tie knot with lover: [Final 3 Edition], London (UK).15. Cameron, S. 2002, Killers set to appeal: [SCOTS Edition], London (UK).16. Killer's jail term cut: [Streets Edition 1] 2005, , Glasgow (UK).17.
26/08/2047m 24s

Dr Brenda Page

On Friday, July 14, 1978, Dr Brenda Page - a well known and respected scientist –  was not responding to frantic knocking on the door of her flat in Aberdeen’s West End...----Writing and Scripting – JSVocals & Editing – JSProduction – Matt KSoundtracking - Matt KMusic under license from epidemicsound. Tracklist upon request.----Sources----Many thanks to the sponsor of today's episode "June's Journey". Download their app here at ----If you think you know anything about this crime which may be of use to the Police, please contact the non-emergency number 111, or alternately report anonymously at Crimestoppers at
12/08/2040m 49s

Marion Gilchrist and Oscar Slater

On December 21, 1908, Marion Gilchrist knocked firmly three times on the floor of her West Princes St apartment. This was a warning signal she had informed her neighbours she would only use in the event that her life was in grave danger….----CreditsWriting and Scripting – Matt KVocals & Editing – JSProduction – Matt KSoundtracking - Matt KMusic under license from epidemicsound. Tracklist upon request.----SourcesConan Doyle for the Defence: A Sensational Murder, the Quest for Justice and the World's Greatest Detective Writer, Margalit Fox [2018]National Records of Scotland on Oscar Slater: Conan Doyle – The Case of Oscar Slater, available at: Trial of Oscar Slater, William Roughead - available at: Mile of Murder, Jack House [1961]The Case of Oscar Slater, Normey, Robert. Law Now; Edmonton Vol. 30, Iss. 6, (Jun/Jul 2006): 1-2.In the Matter of Oscar Slater Moss, Robert A. The Baker Street Journal; Maynard Vol. 64, Iss. 3, (Autumn 2014): 27-32,80.OSCAR SLATER: THE COMPENSATION QUESTIONThe Scotsman (1921-1950); Edinburgh, Scotland [Edinburgh, Scotland]01 Aug 1928: 11. C304FEEPQ/1?accountid=16574The chilling curse of Glasgow’s ‘Square Mile of Murder’Glasgow city centre might not seem like a particularly spooky place, but it’s hiding a dark secret. Four of Scotland’s […], iNews, G McDonald, Oct 6, 2017----SponsorsThank you to the sponsor of today's episode, the game June's Journey. Download it for free here: ----Reply to Arthur Conan Doyle from Oscar Slater upon his release (verbatim), Sir Conan Doyle, you breaker of my shackels, you lover of truth for justice sake, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the goodness you have shown towards me.My heart is full and almost breaking with love & gratitude for you [and] your wife dear Lady Conan Doyle and all the upright men and women, who for justice sake (and that only) have helped me, me an outcast.Till my dying day I will love and honor you and the Dear Lady, my dear, dear Conan Doyle, yet that unbounded love for you both, makes me only sign plainly.Yours,Oscar Slater

Margaret Fleming

What happens if the entire system that should check on someone’s welfare fails to notice that anything is wrong?On October 28, 2016, a call was made by Edward Cairney & Avril Jones to the local police station to report a lady in their care, Margaret Fleming, missing.----Writing and Scripting – JSVocals – JSProduction and Editing– JSSoundtracking - Matt KMusic under license from epidemicsound. Tracklist upon request.----Thank you to the sponsors of today's episode, Peebles for the People. Subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts!----Murder Timeline – Margaret Fleming, Daily Record, C McEvoy, 14 Jun 2019Murder Trial: the story behind the Margaret Fleming case, S Mullen, 4 Jan 2019, Herald ScotlandMargaret Fleming: How do you solve a murder without a body? BBC 17 Jul 2019, P O'HareMargaret Fleming: The teenager who was forgotten for 17 years, P O'Hare, 14 Jun 2019, BBCMargaret Fleming's carers claim she is still alive, BBC 8 Oct 2017, NewsdeskMargaret Fleming trial: Accused 'met missing woman in London', 22 May 2019, BBC, NewsdeskMargaret Fleming murder: what happened after she disappeared, and how killers Edward Cairney and Avril Jones were caught: It was a case that shocked Scotland, as Fleming was never reported missing and her body has never been found, D Rajani, iNews, Jan 9 2020SOCIAL workers failed to take action after a 'concerning visit' to property where murder-accused Edward Cairney and Avril Jones were allegedly caring for Margaret Fleming, 10 May 2019, Greenock Telegraph, newsdeskHMA v Edward Cairney and Avril JonesMargaret's carers are remanded, Murray, Graeme. Daily Record; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]04 Nov 2017: 19.Hunt for missing Margaret Fleming 'will become a murder probe'Wilkie, Stephen. Express (Online); London (UK) [London (UK)]18 Dec 2016.Trial of carers accused of murdering Margaret Fleming collapses: The trial of Edward Cairney and Avril Jones who are accused of murdering missing Margaret Fleming more than 18 years ago has collapsed. 18 Oct 2018, The Scotsman, NewsroomBBC given permission to film Margaret Fleming murder trial, S Mullen, 14 Jun 2019, Glasgow TimesLawyers involved in trial of carers who killed Margaret Fleming talk about TV documentary, S Mullen, Glasgow Times, 4 Jan 2020'DEAD BEFORE ME' Top QC reveals Margaret Fleming’s killer Edward Cairney made chilling ‘you’ll be dead before me’ remark to him, M Bendoris, 3 Jan 2020, Scottish SunMargaret Fleming inquiry postponed by council, S Lochrie, Glasgow Times, 26 April 2020Murder Trial: The Disappearance of Margaret Fleming, BBC Scotland Documentary aired Jan 2020.
14/07/2053m 18s

Vikki McGrand

Vikki McGrand messaged Gavin Boyd on the 26th of August 2008 to arrange a lend of some money to help see her through the next couple of weeks. They agreed to meet at the Wetherspoon’s Pub in Ayr that same evening…….  CreditsWriting and Scripting – Matt KVocals – JSProduction – Matt KMusic under license from epidemicsound. Tracklist upon request. SourcesReport on killer kept secret... to safeguard his rights [Scot Region] Grant, Graham. Daily Mail; London (UK) [London (UK)]28 Jan 2011: 7.Cross-dressing sex beast is jailed for 20 years after murdering women he feared would reveal secret, C McDonald, The Sun, 1 Jul 2012Scandal of Jail’s ‘kosher’ convicts whose diet costs you £5k a week. That’s all 100 of them. S Rose, Scottish Mail on Sunday, 21 Aug 2016.Man on trial for murder of Vikki McGrand: TRAGIC Vikki McGrand tried to blackmail her alleged killer in the weeks leading up to her death, a court was told. Newsroom, Daily Record, 21 May 2010Multi Agency Significant Case Review into the Management of Gavin Boyd 1 Nov 2012.Tragic Vikki's lover 'beat her up' EXCLUSIVE JAILED BOYFRIEND FREED AFTER HER DEATH.,, Billy Paterson, Sunday Mail, Sep 7 2008 YOU DID: THIS KILLER ENJOYED TAKING SEEDY SNAPS OF 20-YEAR-OLD BEFORE KILLINGHER..SO WHO PAID FOR HIS CAMERAS? EXCLUSIVE Paterson, Billy.Sunday Mail; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]30 May 2010: 10.Killer ran up £600 bill for sex chat calls, V Weldon, The Herald, 2 Nov 2012SOCIAL WORK URGED ME TO MAKE PEACE WITH MY BROTHER ..THEN HEMURDERED MY              FIANCE: Agony over kindness that led to killing Paterson, Billy.Sunday Mail; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]18 July 2010: 41.Tragic Vikki's lover 'beat her up': EXCLUSIVE JAILED BOYFRIEND FREED AFTER HER DEATH Paterson, Billy.Sunday Mail; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]07 Sep 2008: 9.McGrand Tribute Page, Kilmarnock Standard, June 12, 2015.12th August 2009 Vikki's Murder Charge, Troon Times, NewsroomCops probe tagged fiend on girl death Sharpe, Nick.The Sun; London (UK) [London (UK)]11 Sep 2008: 21. Sex-fiend tranny's 20 years for killing [Scot Region] Riley, Wilma. The Sun; London (UK) [London (UK)]27 May 2010: 16. Sex beast killer gets 20 years Anonymous.Evening Times; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]27 May 2010: 19.Killer sex beast 'well managed' [Edition 4] McLean, Marc.Daily Record; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]02 Nov 2012: 26.
30/06/2046m 25s

Moira Anderson

When her grandmother had mentioned that there was no butter to cook the supper on the evening of Feb 23, 1953, doting granddaughter Moira Anderson noted that she was happy to make the short journey to from her Muiryhall Street home to Coatbridge town centre to help her family out….CreditsWriting and Scripting – Astrid McClymont ( – JSProduction – Matt KMusic under license from epidemicsound and from Kevin MacLeod, under creative commons. Tracklist upon request.SponsorsBig thanks to the sponsor of today's episode Best Fiends. You can find their 5 star rated mobile puzzle game on the Apple App Store and Google Play. You won't regret it!Similarly, we have an ad for our friends at True Crime Couple after the episode. Their podcast has us hooked. Give it a listen and let us know what you think! Tell them JS and Matt sent you!Sources,%2Dyear%2Dold%20Moira%20Anderson.,
16/06/2055m 58s

Shamsuddin Mahmood

The Orkney Islands are a spot of particular beauty in Scotland’s Highlands and Islands. Life on Mainland, the largest of Orkney’s Islands, is both peaceful and idyllic. In April of 1994, a 26-year-old waiter, Shamsuddin ‘Shamol’ Mahmood, moved up from London to experience life on Mainland and work in the Mumutaz Restaurant in Kirkwall. On June 2, 1994, at 7:15 pm, a man in a balaclava entered the restaurant….CreditsPrimary Audio recorded by JSResearch by Matt KScripting/Production by Matt KBackground Audio courtesy of Epidemic Sound ( Development Scotland – Equality Data on OrkneyIraq war hero guilty of Orkney waiter murder , Telegraph, 20 Jun 2008, S JohnsonThe Sniper’s Story, The Black Watch Firearms Specialist who hid a murderous secret, W Clarkson 2019Crimewatch October 1994: Shamsuddin Mahmood, BBCMurder conviction for Iraq war hero ends 14-year mystery of Indian restaurant shooting, Independent, 21 Jun, 2008, C MilmoSo why is such a public murder still unsolved? In 1994 this waiter was shot dead in front of diners at an Orkney restaurant. Three years later an island policeman was jailed for perverting the course of justice, having concealed evidence, 16 Oct 2004, Newsroom, The HeraldRacist murderer Michael Ross shows no remorse as he breaks 19-year silence over assassination of Indian waiter on Orkney, Daily Record, 7 Jul 2013, S SmithOrkney killer Michael Ross 'tried to escape from prison van', BBC Online, 12 Aug 2014MURDER SUSPECT HELD 13 YEARS AFTER INDIAN WAITER GUNNED DOWN ; Soldier, 28, nicked as cops review case: [North Edition] McDonald, Craig. Daily Record; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]23 May 2007: 7.'It's like knowing where you were when Elvis died' REACTION: The murder of Shamsuddin Mahmood sent shockwaves through an island community, Ross, David. The Herald; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]21 June 2008: 2.LIFE FOR CURRY HOUSE ASSASSIN: Racist blasted waiter at 15 Judge slams Nazi squaddie, Moore, Ron. The Daily Mirror; London (UK) [London (UK)]18 Oct 2008: 15.[pounds]100,000 bid to free killer of Orkney waiter, Love, David. Daily Mail; London (UK) [London (UK)]07 Nov 2008: 43.WAR HERO UNMASKED AS RACIST MURDERER: Soldier guilty of killing Orkney waiter at age of 15 Madeley, Gavin. Daily Mail; London (UK) [London (UK)]21 June 2008: 1‘This is a murder by a masked gunman. The Crown evidence removesthe mask ..and we are all left staring at Michael Ross' PROSECUTOR BRIANMcCONNACHIE QC: JIGSAW CLAIM OVER ORKNEY SHOOTING, Riley, Wilma. Daily Record; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]18 June 2008: 10.Police officer at murder scene 'was father of the accused' Trial begins into waiter's shooting in Orkney, Campsie, Alison. The Herald; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]13 May 2008: 4.KILLING SHOCKED ISLAND: [SCOTS Edition], Williams, Alexandra. The Mirror; London [London]28 May 1997: 17.MURDER ACCUSED 'A SNIPER IN ARMY': Waiter shooting trial dad's claim, McIlwraith, Gordon. Daily Record; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]12 June 2008: 14.Woman 'saw murder accused in balaclava' Anonymous. Daily Mail; London (UK) [London (UK)]30 May 2008: 40.
02/06/201h 1m

The Doyle Family

In 1984, gangland violence in Glasgow was reaching a worrying peak. One of the most notorious aspects was the ‘Ice Cream Wars’, in which pitched battles were fought near-nightly between the owners of ice cream vans vying for the city’s foot traffic and their precious cash.Smashed up ice cream vans, stabbed drivers and verbal threats were commonplace in the attempts to oust rival van owners. The ‘frighteners’ as they were called were growing increasingly violent. Sooner or later, it seemed like someone was going to get seriously hurt, or even killed. By April of 1984, a young driver for the Marchetti firm, Andrew Doyle, was fearing just such a thing could happen to him…CreditsPrimary Audio recorded by JSResearch by Matt KScripting/Production by Matt KBackground Audio courtesy of Epidemic Sound ( you to the sponsor of today's episode, Best Fiends. In this 5-star rated mobile puzzle game you can solve thousands of fun puzzles, collect tons of cute characters, and beat the bad guys as you discover the magical world of Minutia in the award-winning, original BEST FIENDS game! Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.SourcesBankhead Street in Glasgow’s Ruchazie. On April 16, 1984, their tenement flat was set alight while they slept. Three generations were killed with the youngest being an 18-month-old baby, STV, 1 Jul 2019, R FindlayGlasgow Ice Cream Wars: Man wrongly jailed says he knows who killer is – but will never tellJoe Steele, 56, said late crimelord Tam “The Licensee” McGraw ordered the fire, The Scottish Sun, M Coyle, 24 Mar 2019The case I can't forget: CID officer Les Trueman relives the horrific Ice Cream Wars massacre of the Doyle familyLES TRUEMAN was part of a CID team tackling the Ice Cream Wars gripping Glasgow in the 1980s. At 2am on April 16, 1984, the home of the Doyle family in Ruchazie, was torched., 20 May 2012, Daily Record online, anonymous Ice Cream Wars: who killed the Doyle Family?-cream-wars-who-killed-the-doyle-family/, 27 June 2019, R Devereux Taylor, The HeraldFrightener: The Glasgow Ice-cream Wars, D Skelton and L Brownlie, 1992 (rare)Who did kill the Doyles?, The Scotsman, The Newsroom, 21 Mar 2004‘My family and baby being taken away broke me’: Joe Steele on how Ice Cream Wars conviction almost cost him his life, The Sunday Post, M Scott, Jul 7, 2019Van Wars: The Real Story of the Glasgow Ice Cream Van Wars, T Rennoc, 2019, Amazon (self-published account of a van driver during this period)'Trial And Error - The Glasgow Ice Cream Wars' – D Jessel, Channel 4, (2000) – available on Youtube.Indictment: Trial By Fire (The Ice-Cream Wars and the Truth Behind a Shocking Miscarriage of Justice), TC Campbell & Reg McKay, 2001.The real Ice Cream Wars killer revealed, I NELSON, 22 April 2012, The Sun"NIGHT OF HORROR WHICH STUNNED WHOLE NATION; LEFT TO BURN: Six members of the same family died at the hands of the evil Ice Cream Wars killers.." The Free Library. 1996 Scottish Daily Record & Sunday'I hate Campbell - I can't stand to look at his face', The Scotsman, The Newsroom, 22 Mar 2004Killer of Boyle Jr jailed for eight years, Herald Scotland, Newsroom, 28 Oct 1994THOMAS CAMPBELL+JOSEPH STEELE+THOMAS GRAY v. HER MAJESTY'S ADVOCATEThe indictments and statements given by various witnesses in the proceedings against Thomas Campbell, Thomas Lafferty, Gary Moore, Joe Steele, George Reid and Thomas Gray, 1984.Ice Cream Wars convict stabbed, BBC News, 29 April 2002, anonymousKiller wins #4000 for beating, 7 Oct 1989, The Herald, anonymousJames English Anything Goes Podcast, interviews of Joe Steele & Thomas Campbell, available on Youtube
19/05/201h 27m

Asad Shah

Asad Shah was an Ahmadi Muslim shopkeeper living in Shawlands, Glasgow. Since 2013, he had been using his Youtube and Facebook accounts to share the word of the Ahmadi faith to his online friends and fanbase. At 9:10pm on March 24, 2016, an unknown man walked into Asad’s shop…CreditsPrimary Audio recorded by JSResearch by Matt KScripting/Production by Matt KBackground Audio courtesy of Epidemic Sound ( week we have run two promos for podcasts we absolutely love, Murder and More and The True Crime Witch. You can find both wherever you get your podcasts and on social media at @murderandmorepod / @truecrimewitchpodcast.SourcesCELL-EBRITY MONSTER Extremist Tanveer Ahmed who murdered Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah held jail meet-and-greets with fanatics who hail him as a hero, Scottish Sun, M Coyle and G Blackstock, 1 Dec 2018Asad Shah murder: Man admits killing Glasgow shopkeeper 'because he disrespected Prophet Mohamed':Tanveer Ahmed has pleaded guilty to killing Ahmadi Muslim he accuses of heresy, L Dearden, C Mortimer, The Independent, 7 July 2016Asad Shah killing: 'Disrespecting Islam' murderer jailed, BBC Online, Anonymous, 9 Aug 2016C4 News Report – Aug 9, 2016: available online: who murdered Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah in sectarian attack: Tanveer Ahmed sentenced to 27 years for attack on Asad Shah motivated by hatred of Shah's religious views, S Carrell, The Guardian, 9 Aug 2016I had to kill Asad Shah to defend honour of Islam: CHILLING MURDER ACCUSED'S SHOCK STATEMENT ALLY MCCOIST KENNY MCDOWALL Fatal attack after newsagent 'claimed to be a prophet 'BOMBSHELL MURDER ACCUSED'S STUNNING STATEMENT BOMBSHELL MURDER ACCUSED'S STUNNING STATEMENT This all happened for one reason only .. Asad Shah claimed to be a Prophet ACCUSED TANVEER AHMED YESTERDAY, Hind, Sally. Daily Record; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]07 Apr 2016: 1.Asad Shah killer jailed for life, Anonymous. Eastern Eye; London (UK) [London (UK)]12 Aug 2016: 13.The sectarian killing of Asad ShahPeattie, Karen. Sunday Herald; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]29 Apr 2018: 8.Asad Shah's family living in fear [Scot Region]Watson, Jeremy. The Times; London (UK) [London (UK)]28 Mar 2016: 6.Asad Shah's family question memorial plans for shopkeeperStewart, Catriona. Evening Times; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]25 Mar 2019: 5.BBC Newsnight Jul 8 'The Murder of Asad Shah'BBC Newsnight Aug 10 2016 'Glasgow shopkeeper: The murder in Pakistan that inspired the killer' S KermaniShunned for saying they're Muslims: life for Ahmadis after Asad Shah's murderThe Glasgow shopkeeper was a member of the Islamic sect persecuted in Pakistan for decades. How did the arcane but deadly tensions, rooted in the theological history of the region, surface in the UK?, L Brooks, 9 April 2016, The GuardianHMA v Tanveer AhmedFury as hate preacher linked to murder of Glasgow shopkeeper cleared to speak in Scotland, Sunday Post, Dec 4, 2016, G Blackstock & Graham McKendryImams across Scotland speak out against violence [Scot Region] Horne, Marc. The Times; London (UK) [London (UK)]09 Apr 2016: 29.Charles tells family of murdered Asad: I feel for you deeply: Prince shares his anguish in moving letter to relatives [Scot Region]Stenson, Joe. Daily Mail; London (UK) [London (UK)]16 Mar 2017: 11.ASAD KILLER 'TURNS OVER A NEW LEAF'McLeod, Keith. Daily Record; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]28 Jan 2017: 19.Extremist killer preaches hate on prison phone [Scot Region]Tomlinson, Hugh; Horne, Marc; Aoun Sahi. The Times; London (UK) [London (UK)]03 Mar 2017: 5.Shah's killer: I don't care if I get 100 years or even death Leask, David. The Herald; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]09 July 2016.Gentle man of peace murdered by fanatic: Murdered for his tolerance [Scot Region]Madeley, Gavin; Kane, Jenny. Daily Mail; London (UK) [London (UK)]08 July 2016: 1.NOTE OF APPEAL AGAINST SENTENCE BY TANVEER AHMED AGAINST HER MAJESTY'S ADVOCATEIn person interviews. Transcripts available.
05/05/2053m 30s

Burke and Hare

In the early 1800s, the so-called enlightened classes were in the process of establishing Edinburgh as the “Athens of the North”. The working class, on the other hand, were struggling to make ends meet. Sometimes through desperation, one unearths opportunity, however grim the prospect may be.Credits:Primary Audio recorded by JSResearch by Matt KScripting by Matt KBackground Audio courtesy of Epidemic Sound ( thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here: to Fruit of the Bean Coffee, excellent coffee and excellent people. Check out their range here at: www.fruitofthebean.comSources:BBC – Hunting for History – Burke and HareBroadside – ‘Execution, Confession, and a list of all the Horrid Murders committed by Burke, also the decision of Hare’s Case.: List of the 16 Mur-ders commited by Burke’ – available at the National Libraries of ScotlandHare cross-examined by Henry CoburnHunting for History: Burke and Hare, BBC, 2010The Infamous Burke and Hare: Serial Killers and Resurrectionists of Nineteenth Century Edinburgh, R Michael GordonThe Anatomy Murders: Being the True and Spectacular History of Edinburgh's Notorious Burke and Hare and of the Man of Science Who Abetted Them in the Commission of Their Most Heinous Crimes, L Rosner 2009The True Story of the Infamous Burke & Hare, Owen Dudley Edwards, 2014 reprintDavid Hayman In Search of Burke and HareP Kelbie 'Found: the faces of Burke and Hare: Mystery surrounds plaster masks of Scotland's infamous murderers discovered - along with a hangman's noose - in a cupboard in Inveraray jail', The Guardian, 1 Feb 2009Burke and Hare, William Roughead, 1921The Trial of William Burke and Helen M’Dougal, before the High Court of Justiciary, at Edinburgh. Edinburgh: Robert Buchanan, 1829.  (available in full on Google Books)Supplement to the Trial of William Burke & Helen M’Dougal,Appendix to the Trial of William Burke and Helen M’Dougal,
21/04/201h 21m

Jodi Jones

On June 30th, 2004, Jodi Jones returned home to find out she was no longer grounded for a small argument she had with her mother, Judith, over her cannabis use. She informed her mother, in that case, that she was going to see her boyfriend Luke Mitchell in the next town over. Jodi was never seen alive by her family again.Credits:Primary Audio recorded by JSResearch by JSScripting by Matt KBackground Audio courtesy of Epidemic Sound ( thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here: to Fruit of the Bean Coffee, excellent coffee and excellent people. Check out their range here at: www.fruitofthebean.comSources:A truly evil murder - you will rightly be regarded as wicked; Lucy Bannerman finds how a teenage love of music and rebellion ended with a walk to a horrific death, The Herald online, 22 Jan 2005, anonymousTimeline [Jodi Jones Murder Case], The Herald, 23 Jan 2005, anonymousJodi's family hit back over killers claims of innocence, The Express, G Christison, May 13 2012Teenage boy accused of murder joked about killing, court told, The Guardian, S Shukor, 26 Nov 2004 - now dead link to a history of Luke Mitchell’s childhoodLuke Mitchell: I would rather stay in jail than admit my guilt for murder of Jodi Jones, The Scotsman, 16 September 2018, The NewsroomJodi 'look-alike' gives evidence , BBC Online, 30 Dec 2004 – transcript of Luke Mitchell’s interview with Sky News in 2005Threat of legal action as Luke Mitchell excluded 'for safety reasons': [2 Edition] Kerr, John. Evening Times; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]20 Aug 2003: 5. 'Murdered Jodi Jones' mum hits out at heartless thieves who stole special birthday bear from her grave', J Hamilton, The Daily Record, 13 Jul 2018Jodi murder: boyfriend's lawyer urges probe into police 'leak': [3 Edition] Johnston, Jenifer. Sunday Herald; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]30 Nov 2003: 6. Detectives in Jodi murder inquiry enlist help of the FBI: [2 Edition] Duncan, Raymond. The Herald; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]09 Jan 2004: 9. 'Police wrecked my son's life after Jodi died': [CITY FINAL Edition] King, Diane. Evening News; Edinburgh (UK) [Edinburgh (UK)]06 Mar 2004: 13. THE JODI JONES TRIAL: A silent witness: [FIRST Edition] Sunday Mail; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]14 Nov 2004: 24. THE JODI JONES TRIAL: The finest day I ever had was when tomorrow never came ; -Lines written on an empty knife pouch found in Luke Mitchell'sbedroom: [FIRST Edition] Sunday Mail; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]19 Dec 2004: 19. He didn't kill Jodi ; Luke Mitchell's mother denies that she lied to protect her son McLean, Grace. Daily Mail; London (UK) [London (UK)]15 Jan 2005: 11. Mitchell trial hears of 'suspect', BBC Online, 13 Feb 2008 – discussion around Luke Mitchell’s lie-detector test – footage of Luke Mitchell’s lie-detector test'Mother’s frantic calls when Jodi did not come home' The Times, A Scotland Correspondent, Nov 27 2004'Jodi's Killer is being shielded by someone, says mother', A Cramb, Telegraph, 16 Jul 2003Right of Reply: Whilst Luke Mitchell has been convicted of the murder of Jodi Jones beyond all reasonable doubt by a jury of his peers, we are aware that there have been significant campaigns against his conviction, including by MOJO and Sandra Lean. At Skinwalker, we do not have access to spokespeople from any of these campaigns and our initial emails received no reply. Should any party wish to have the right to reply, we would happily do a follow-up episode or discussion podcast with any points of interest, or probative evidence, should it be provided. Our email address is: skinwalkertruecrime[at]
07/04/201h 10m

Bible John

Dancehalls were a highly visible aspect of life in post-War Glasgow. They were beacons of fun, and often the scene of infidelity. However, in 1968, they became a hunting ground for one of Glasgow’s most infamous bogeymen: Bible John.Patreon Thanks:Many thanks to our new patrons, C Ortiz, T Hard & R Barbara. We appreciate you!Credits:Primary Audio recorded by JSResearch and Scripting by Matt KBackground Audio courtesy of Epidemic Sound ( Quinn, Evening Times, 2/3/4th Nov 1969, various headlines (front page)Anonymous “Did you see this woman?” Daily Record Feb 27 1968Anonymous “Do You Know Bible John?: Appeal by Chief of Murder Squad”, Daily Record Nov 4 1969“The Men Who Hunt a Killer: Detectives Briefed by CID Boss”, Daily Record, Nov 6 1969J Barclay and G Blair “Murder Riddle of Nurse Patricia”, Daily Record, Feb 24 1968Various Evening Times Headlines J Quinn, 17th Aug-19th Aug (front page)"Murder Hunt in Scotstoun", J Quinn, Evening Times, Nov 1 1969All of the above are available at the Mitchell Library, Glasgow City Centre on Microfiche.Modern‘Hunted man wept to friend’; Anonymous, The Times; London (UK) [London (UK)]10 Aug 1993.‘Serial killer Peter Tobin 'definitely' left other victims’, Bussey, Katrine.Evening News; Edinburgh (UK) [Edinburgh (UK)]26 Sep 2016: 4.‘PETER TOBIN: MARRIED TO A MONSTER’ Anonymous.The People; London (UK) [London (UK)]20 Dec 2009: 1.Peter Tobin killed missing teenager, [...] [Scot Region]The Times; London (UK) [London (UK)] 02 Apr 2018: 18.BUTCHER'S BOASTS OF 48 VICTIMS: TOBIN CAGED FOR 30 YEARS FOR SEX MURDER OF SCHOOLGIRL - BUT HOW MANYMORE DID HE KILL? Vicky beast could be UK's worst PETER Tobin MONSTER, Burns, Janice. Daily Record; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]03 Dec 2008: 2.Human remains found at Peter Tobin house: [Final 1 Edition], The Times; London (UK) [London (UK)]14 Nov 2007: 1.I was Peter Tobin's first victim, says woman, 57 [Scot Region] Cramb, Auslan.The Daily Telegraph; London (UK) [London (UK)] 06 July 2010: 9.12th February 2013From the archive: romance at Glasgow's dance halls, Herald (Scotland), anonymousHusband of Bible John victim speaks out as police cast doubt on serial killer theory, Herald Scotland, 13 Dec 2005, anonymousOnly Bible John witness dies at 74 The Scotsman, 22 May 2018, anonymousTimeline: Angelika murder case, BBC online, 2007, anonymousPeter Tobin's house of horrors may hold 18 bodies, Mirror, November 18, 2007, anonymousIn Search of Bible John, STV documentary, 2011. D HaymanThe Lost British Serial Killer, D Wilson and P Harrison, 2010Dancing with the Devil: The Bible John Murders, P Harrison 2013 (this is now incredibly hard to get as Paul Harrison has effectively been no-platformed by his former publishers, due to discrepancies discovered in how he has described his police background)Bible John: Search for a Sadist, C Stoddard 1980.The Face of Bible John: The hunt for a Scottish serial Killer, S MacGregor
24/03/201h 18m

Robert Black

On July 14, 1990, David Herkes was cutting his front lawn in Stow, Scotland. He had observed his 6-year-old neighbour, Mandy Wilson, bounding down the street enjoying the freedoms of summertime. He had also noticed a transit van parked opposite, with the driver outside cleaning his windscreen by hand. He looked back down at the work to hand. By the time he looked back up, he no longer saw Mandy. He did, however, see the unkempt driver of the van forcing something into the rear of his vehicle, then taking off at high speed….Recording:Primary Audio by JSResearch by JS and Matt KScripting by Matt KBackground Audio courtesy of Epidemic Sound (, various artists, all rights reserved.Promo this week is for the wonderful Jenny and her podcast 'Its Murder Up North', which is available wherever you get your podcasts.Sources:“Tragic Jennifer Cardy’s Final Few Hours’, Belfast Telegraph 27 October 2011“Predator with a grotesque history of abuse". Herald Scotland. 28 October 2011 “The lost chance to stop killer Black 30 years ago”, Lucy Adams, The Herald, 28th October 2011Girl bound and gagged in back of Black's van; Robert Black, The Times; London (UK) [London (UK)]20 May 1994.THE BLACK TRIAL: Sharp eyes and stroke of luck saved girl from terrible death ARREST Reid, Robert. The Daily Telegraph; London (UK) [London (UK)]20 May 1994: 4.Chilling words of child killer Robert Black heard in police interview tapes, Claire Williamson, Belfast Telegraph, 23 Feb 2016'QC reveals evidence that convicted Robert Black', Dan Warburton, Chronicle Live, 4 Nov 2011SNUBBED Shy Scots hero who snared monster ; David is twice denied an honour from the Palace: [Streets Edition], Dow, Ian. Daily Record; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]07 Mar 2002: 11.Brother of murdered Jennifer Cardy reveals years of torture over thoughts of sister's death at hands of real-life bogeyman Black, Bell, Stephanie. Belfast Telegraph; Belfast [Belfast]16 Jan 2016: 4.Detectives may unite to question Black; Robert Black, Wilkinson, Paul. The Times; London (UK) [London (UK)]21 May 1994.The Face of Evil: The True Story of Serial Killer, Robert Black, C Clark and R GilesRobert Black: The True Story of a Child Rapist and Serial Killer from the United Kingdom, CL Swinney, RJ ParkerNo family members claim serial killer Robert Black, Lancashire Evening Post; Lancashire [Lancashire]29 June 2018.Robert Black: How many more? The Falkirk Herald and Scottish Midlands Journal; Falkirk [Falkirk]25 Feb 2016.Genette suspect takes his secret to the grave: Child killer Robert Black dies in prison 37 years after West schoolgirl vanishedGenette Tate: Main suspect Robert Black dies in jail, Bowern, Philip. The Western Morning News; Plymouth (UK) [Plymouth (UK)]13 Jan 2016: 1
10/03/2051m 39s

Archibald Hall, Discussion (Bonus Episode)

Join us as we return to discuss the intracacies case 3: Archibald Hall, the Monster Butler.
04/03/2043m 14s

Kriss Donald

On March 15, 2004, Kriss Donald, a 15-year-old boy, was abducted by a hatred-fuelled local gang nearby to his Pollokshields home in relation to a nightclub attack the previous evening. The heinous, race-related murder which took place later that same evening changed Glasgow forever.Join us as we discuss the incident, the gangs behind the slaying, the police investigation and the eventual imprisonment of those responsible. Recording:Primary Audio by JSResearch by Matt KScripting by Matt KBackground Audio courtest of Audioblocks, all rights reserved. Sources:Glasgow boy was murdered 'over his friend's girl': [Final 4 Edition]English, Shirley.The Times; London (UK) [London (UK)]18 Mar 2004: 5.Police fear Kriss may have been tortured; Hunt for girl who could have vital clues as tributes grow to tragic boy: [1 Edition]Anderson, Deborah.Evening Times; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]18 Mar 2004: 4.Mother's plea for race restraint; Community urged not to target Asians after murder: [3 Edition]Sinclair, Keith.The Herald; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]19 Mar 2004: 4.15-year-old Kriss was snatched from street because he was 'a white boy'; KRISS DONALD MURDER TRIAL: witness tells court why teenager was victim: [1 Edition]Evening Times; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]06 Nov 2004: 7.Can Big Brother cameras end a community's fears after the killing of Kriss Donald?CCTV SYSTEM TO TARGET YOUNG THUGS AFTER POLLOKSHIELDS TEENAGER'S ABDUCTION AND MURDER The abduction and murder of Pollokshields boy Kriss Donald heightened fears of gang violence and crime in that part of Glasgow. It also revived calls for CCTV cameras to tackle the problem, as STEWART PATERSON reports.: [FInal Edition]Paterson, Stewart.Evening Times; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]18 Dec 2004: 8.Two Asian men held over Kriss murder: [Final 1 Edition]Duffy, Gerry.The Sun; London (UK) [London (UK)]03 Apr 2004: 11.MURDER SUSPECT MAY BE IN BRUM ; MP alert over escape route to Pakistan: [2 STAR Edition]Wheeler, Caroline.Sunday Mercury; Birmingham (UK) [Birmingham (UK)]28 Mar 2004: 11.Mohammad Sarwar's story: The dignity of murdered Kriss Donald's mum Angela inspired me to battle for justice [online] Brown, Annie 16 Jan 2016Holyrood, 'seeking justice', Alan Robertson 12 Nov 2014Now tranquil, the place where horror visited, 9 Nov 2006, The ScotsmanExpert describes Kriss injuries, BBC, 20 Oct 2006.MURDER, CRIME, RACISM A COMMUNITY DIVIDED; The abduction and killing of teenager Kriss Donald, left, by a group of Asian men in Glasgow's Pollokshields last week inflamed ethnic tensions. But was race really to blame? Jenifer Johnston, Home Affairs Editor Neil Mackay and Torcuil Crichton investigate: [3 Edition]Jenifer Johnston, Home Affairs Editor Neil Mackay and Torcuil Crichton.Sunday Herald; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]21 Mar 2004: 12.TEENAGER TELLS HOW EVIL GANG KIDNAPPED HIS SCREAMING PAL AND DROVE HIM TO HIS DEATH; I fought the killers with my feet and elbows trying to help Kriss. But they sped off shouting 'You're next ...': [2 Edition]EXCLUSIVE: By Deborah Anderson.Evening Times; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]17 Mar 2004: 2.Gangsters, murder and extradition. Wylie, Bob, BBC Scotland, 8 Nov 2006Mohammad Sarwar's story: The dignity of murdered Kriss Donald's mum Angela inspired me to battle for justice, Sarwar, Mohammed. Daily Record, 16 Jan 2016Kriss murder timeline, BBC, 8 Nov 2006Friend of murdered schoolboy is freed, The Herald, 14 December 2004IMRAN SHAHID v. HER MAJESTY'S ADVOCATETeenager 'bled heavily before his burning'; Blood found in car allegedly used to abduct Kriss Donald: [2 Edition]The Herald; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]11 Nov 2004: 5.Various interviews and visual media.
25/02/2050m 36s

Alistair Wilson, Howard Wilson Discussion (Bonus Episode)

Join us as we do our first ever bonus episode and discuss the intricacies of the first two cases we covered, 'Alistair Wilson' and 'Howard Wilson'.Audio by Audioblocks, all rights reservedPrimary Audio by JS and Matt K, all rights reserved.
19/02/2058m 36s

Renee and Andrew MacRae

The disappearance of Renee and Andrew MacRae in November of 1976, on the A9 near Inverness, was long known for being Scotland’s longest-running unsolved missing persons case. That was, it must be said, until recently….Credits:Background Audio courtesy of Audioblocks, all rights reserved.Primary Audio recorded by JS, all rights reserved.Research by: Matt KScript, Editing and Post-Production: Matt K Sources:A9 upgrade could solve Renee MacRae mystery, Anonymous. The Herald; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]16 Feb 2010: 1.Renee MacRae inquiry breakthrough claimed, Wilson, Paul. The Press and Journal; Dundee (UK) [Dundee (UK)]26 Aug 2006: 1.Renee MacRae mystery: Police receive 20 new calls, ShaunMilne. The Herald; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]22 Dec 2018: 8.Renee macrae's sister loses 'hope of justice' Wilson, Paul. The Press and Journal; Dundee (UK) [Dundee (UK)]16 Dec 2006: 2.Renee MacRae report due: [Final Edition] Evening Times; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]26 Aug 2006: 4.13M litres of water to drain in hunt for bodies.. & killer: THE RENEE MacRAE CASE COPS SEAL OFF QUARRY AS OP BEGINS 'KEY EVIDENCE' HOPE OVER RENEE AND SON [Scot Region Edition 2] Patterson, Stuart. The Sun; London (UK) [London (UK)]28 May 2019: 6.Man charged in Renee MacRae disappearance, Aberdeen Evening Express; Dundee (UK) [Dundee (UK)]12 Sep 2019: 10.Renee Macrae - are police nearing the truth at last?: [FINAL Edition] DAN McDOUGALL CRIME CORRESPONDENT. The Scotsman; Edinburgh (UK) [Edinburgh (UK)]14 Aug 2004: 8.Renee MacRae: Police drain quarry they believe holds vital clues Barrie, Douglas. Express (Online); London (UK) [London (UK)]11 June 2019.Renee MacRae: Quarry search reveals bones and pram parts Elias, Richard. Express (Online); London (UK) [London (UK)]25 June 2019.Bodies of Renee MacRae and her son 'removed to second location' [Scot Region] Horne, Marc. The Times; London (UK) [London (UK)]12 Nov 2016: 27.Dig up past plea to solve 34-year mystery of Renee MacRae's death, Anonymous. The Herald; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]16 Feb 2010: 3.Arrest in Renee MacRae case - 43 years after mother and son vanished, Express (Online); London (UK) [London (UK)]11 Sep 2019.Police say they are closing in on murderer in Renee Macrae case: [3 STAR Edition] Ross, John. The Scotsman; Edinburgh (UK) [Edinburgh (UK)]26 Aug 2006: 9.The Bone Collector ; When Professor Sue Black starts work on Monday in an Invernesslackstarts work on Monday in an Inverness quarry she may find the long-hiddenclues that will solve the 30-yearhe long-hidden clues that will solve the30-year mystery of Renee MacRae's disappearanceacRae's disappearance: [FIRST Edition] Clydesdale, Lindsay. Daily Record; Glasgow (UK) [Glasgow (UK)]18 Aug 2004: 26,27.Steve MacGregor 'The Vanishing: The Renee MacRae case (Murder World: Scotland Book 3)', Amazon
11/02/2045m 42s

Peter Manuel

Peter Manuel was Scotland’s first widely known serial killer. Born in the United States to Scottish parents in 1927, he returned to his native homeland soon after. As an adolescent and into his teen years, he took to terrorising the women of neighbouring towns. By his early twenties, Manuel had become a very dangerous man.Manuel quickly progressed from a housebreaker to an assailant, to a murderer. He was sentenced to death by hanging for his murderous spree, comprising of seven confirmed victims, between 1956 and 1958. Join us, as we look at Peter Manuel’s upbringing, his early criminality and eventually the crimes that saw him swing. Credits:Background Audio courtesy of Audioblocks, all rights reserved.Primary Audio recorded by JS, all rights reserved.Research by: JSScript, Editing and Post-Production: Matt K Sources:Various Print and Online Media, Peter Manual, Serial Killer by Hector MacLeod,The Beast of Birkenshaw: Life of Serial Killer Peter Manuel by Charles D Baker, Case Files, various online interviews
28/01/2047m 57s

Dunblane Massacre

On 13 March 1996, a gunman entered Dunblane Primary School. What happened thereafter shook Scotland to its core and the scars of Dunblane remain until this day.-----------Background Audio courtesy of Audioblocks, all rights reserved.Primary Audio recorded by JS, all rights reserved.Research by: JSScript, Editing and Post-Production: Matt K
14/01/2035m 41s

Archibald Hall, the Monster Butler (Part Two)

Archibald Hall was, by his own accounts, a 'lascivious' lover of sex, jewels and antiques. He was also a petty thief, cat burglar and confidence trickster. Lacking much of a conscience and having little in the way of empathy, the handsome Hall wreaked havoc among the beautiful, rich and powerful of both Glasgow and London throughout his life.Part Two tells the story of Archibald's quick and drastic descent into madness and infamy alongside his murderous companion Michael Kitto through to his eventual capture and imprisonment for his crimes.I'm JS..... and this, is Skinwalker.-------Background Audio courtesy of Audioblocks, all rights reserved.Primary Audio recorded by JS, all rights reserved.Research, Script and Post-Production by: Matt KSources utilised: The Monster Butler: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer by Allan Nicol, The Wicked Mr Hall: Memoirs of a Butler Who Loved to Kill by Archibald Hall, various print media articles and case files available online.
04/01/2031m 20s

Archibald Hall, the Monster Butler (Part One)

Archibald Hall was, by his own accounts, a 'lascivious' lover of sex, jewels and antiques. He was also a petty thief, cat burglar and confidence trickster. Lacking much of a conscience and having little in the way of empathy, the handsome Hall wreaked havoc among the beautiful, rich and powerful of both Glasgow and London throughout his life.Part One tells the story of Archibald's formative years through to his ascension to the position of butler to the rich and aristocratic and eventually to his first murder, David Wright at Kirtleton Estate in Dumfries and Galloway.Part Two will be a special weekly release on the 31st of December, which will tell the story of Archibald's swift descent into madness, mayhem and murder...I'm JS..... and this, is Skinwalker.------------Background Audio courtesy of Audioblocks, all rights reserved.Primary Audio recorded by JS, all rights reserved.Research, Script and Post-Production by: Matt KSources utilised: The Monster Butler: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer by Allan Nicol, The Wicked Mr Hall: Memoirs of a Butler Who Loved to Kill by Archibald Hall, various print media articles and case files available online.
24/12/1936m 20s

Howard Wilson

On December 30 1969, Howard Wilson wrote his name into the books of Scottish criminal infamy and broke bad in the most public of ways. However, what made Howard so interesting..... was that he was a former career cop.----------Background Audio courtesy of Audioblocks, all rights reserved.Primary Audio recorded by JS, all rights reserved.Research, Script and Post-Production by: Matt KSources utilised: Heist: the inside story on Scotland's Most Notorious Raids by Paul Smith, various Scottish print media articles, case files available online and governmental documents examining the control of firearms in the aftermath of the crimes.
10/12/1928m 27s

Alistair Wilson

The mysterious case of Alistair Wilson's murder on his doorstep in Nairn has confounded Scots Police for nearly 15 years. He was a banker. He was a family man. He ended up dead in a gangland style execution.Join us as we examine the key theories in the case, one day before the 15th anniversary of Alistair's murder.----------Background Audio courtesy of Audioblocks, all rights reserved.Primary Audio recorded by JS, all rights reserved.Research by: Matt KScript by: JS and Matt KPost-Production by: Matt KSources utilised: Case files available online, various Scottish print media articles, The Doorstep Murder by Fiona Walker (podcast available on the BBC Website), To Catch A Killer - My Hunt for the Truth Behind the Doorstep Murder by Peter Bleksley, independent research and interview (to follow on a bonus episode).
27/11/1935m 21s
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