The MoneyWeek Podcast

The MoneyWeek Podcast

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MoneyWeek's editor-in-chief Merryn Somerset Webb and executive editor John Stepek discuss what's going on in the markets, and how it affects you and your wealth.


Finding opportunities in frontier markets

Andrew Van Sickle talks to Emily Fletcher and Sam Vech, co-managers of the Blackrock Frontiers Investment Trust, about the improving outlook for the sector and the appeal of exotic economies ranging from Vietnam to Saudi Arabia.
12/04/2442m 14s

Cashing in on Canada

Andrew Van Sickle talks to Greg Eckel and Jonathan Morgan of Canadian General Investments about the economic, environmental and political backdrop for Canadian equities and explores the outlook for the Toronto stockmarket’s key sectors.
28/03/2437m 1s

Japan’s corporate-governance revolution

Andrew van Sickle talks to Joe Bauernfreund of Asset Value Investors about why Japanese corporations have become more shareholder-friendly over the past decade and what this means for smaller companies
25/03/2433m 36s

The slump in the London stockmarket

Andrew van Sickle talks to Laura Foll of Janus Henderson Investors about why the London equity market is being shunned by local and foreign investors alike, and what can be done to turn the tide.
19/03/2438m 8s

A one-stop shop for global investors

Andrew van Sickle talks to Stuart Gray of Alliance Trust about worldwide investment opportunities, the trust’s multi-manager strategy and more than half a century of successive dividend increases.
15/03/2436m 37s

HydrogenOne Capital Growth plc - long and short term opportunities in the green economy

Rupert talks to Richard Hulf about the state of the hydrogen market and how investors can capitalise on this emerging technology.
04/02/2445m 17s

Reducing macro economic risk in a portfolio

Rupert talks to Argonaut Capital’s CEO Barry Norris. They discuss how to protect your portfolio, opportunities in energy and why short selling can add an edge to your portfolio.
26/01/2455m 27s

Activist investing and capitalising on trading opportunities in equities around the world

Rupert talks to Joe Bauernfreund from Asset Value Investors about value investing, Japanese stocks and the right way to be an activist.
09/01/2448m 32s

Short and long-term opportunities for investors in the UK market

Rupert talks to Nick Greenwood manager of the MIGO Opportunities Trust plc about the current state of the investment trust market and looks at some of the biggest bargains around today.
30/11/2340m 58s

How to defend your portfolio from global risks

Rupert Hargreaves talks to Axel Rudolph, Senior Market Analyst at IG and Chris Beauchamp, Chief Market Analyst at IG about dealing with global risks and broadening your investment toolkit.
24/11/2349m 8s

John Mills: why a weak pound is good for the UK

Merryn talks to John Mills, founder of consumer goods distributor JML, chair of Vote Leave and one of the Labour Party's biggest donors. His latest book – "Why the West is Failing" – argues that a weak pound is needed to help revive UK manufacturing.
03/10/2217m 12s

James Ferguson: you may not make any money this year – so just try not to lose any

In her final MoneyWeek Podcast, Merryn talks to James Ferguson, founder of the MacroStrategy Partnership, about why high inflation and rising interest rates will have a very unpleasant impact on our portfolios. You’re unlikely to make any money this year – so just try not to lose any.
22/09/2237m 17s

Part 2 of The Butcher, the Brewer, the Baker & Merryn Somerset Webb

In this week’s show, Merryn is joined by James Ferguson, founder of Macro Strategy Partners; Russell Napier, economic historian, author and keeper of the Library of Mistakes; comedian Simon Evans; and Heather McGregor, executive dean of Edinburgh Business School, writer for the FT and author of several books.
15/09/221h 1m

The MoneyWeek Podcast: The Butcher, the Brewer, the Baker and Merryn Somerset Webb

This week we join Merryn and guests at her Edinburgh Festival show at Panmure House, the last home of Adam Smith, where they discuss the relevance of Smith’s work to today’s politics and economics – taking in many a tangent along the way. Guests include John Stepek, formerly MoneyWeek’s executive editor; financial historian Edward Chancellor; comedian Simon Evans; and Alex Chartres, investment director at Ruffer.
12/09/221h 3m

The MoneyWeek Podcast: 17 years of change

As John Stepek leaves MoneyWeek after 17 years, he and Merryn look back on what’s changed in that time. From consensus politics to populism; financial crashes and the failure of independent central banking; plus the one tax that the incoming prime minister should introduce.
05/08/2227m 27s

James de Uphaugh: why shifting perceptions are good for UK stocks

Merryn talks to James de Uphaugh of the Edinburgh Investment Trust about why a “change in perception” of energy, mining, defence and bank stocks means the UK market could be well-placed to outperform.
21/07/2227m 45s

Edward Chancellor: why interest is the force that holds everything in place

Merryn talks to author Edward Chancellor about interest – AKA “the price of anxiety” – and why it, like gravity, is the force that holds everything in place. Plus, the best place for investors to find value now.
14/07/2232m 29s

Peter Spiller and Christopher Mills: inflation, rising wages and falling profits

Merryn talks to fund managers Peter Spiller and Christopher Mills about the bear market, company valuations and inflation; why wages will have to rise at the expense of company earnings; plus the one asset they’d each buy and hold for ten years.
07/07/2251m 31s

The MoneyWeek Podcast: nuggets of positivity in an extended bear market

Merryn and John talk about he need for higher wages and lower house prices, and why the fact that this is the least dramatic bear market they’ve ever seen could mean it has much longer to go yet. Plus, a bitcoin success story and why things could be looking up for the young.
01/07/2227m 24s

Dylan Grice: financial privacy, the stupidity of central bankers and the “cockroach portfolio”

Merryn talks to Dylan Grice of Calderwood Capital about how central bankers are the problem, not the solution; how bitcoin can counter the increasing “weaponisation of money”; and why, if you want to preserve your capital, you should copy the cockroach.
23/06/2234m 58s

Liz Ann Sonders: raging inflation and the bear market is not “70s redux”

Merryn talks to Liz Ann of Charles Schwab about how today’s raging inflation and bear market came about, what to do, and why it’s not like the 1970s stagflation, or the the 2007-2008 crash.
16/06/2233m 41s

James Ferguson: recession, house prices and the power of youth

Merryn talks to James Ferguson of the MacroStrategy Partnership about central-banker induced inflation, the threat of a thoroughly unpleasant recession, and how the young should benefit from falling house prices and rising wages.
09/06/2243m 44s

The MoneyWeek Podcast with Russell Napier at the Library of Mistakes

Merryn talks to Russell Napier about Edinburgh’s Library of Mistakes, the age of debt and financial repression, plus why he has never invested in China and what he’d buy now.
27/05/2235m 17s

Barry Norris: we’re already in the 1970s. Here’s how to invest

Merryn talks to Barry Norris of Argonaut capital about the parallels between now and the 1970s; the transition to “green” energy; and the one sector where “it’s going to be difficult not to make a lot of money”.
19/05/2240m 12s

Anna Macdonald and Mikhail Zverev: Investing in innovative new frontiers

Merryn talks to Anna Macdonald and Mikhail Zverev of Amati about investing in growth-focused innovation in the teeth of a tech-stock selloff, and the opportunities it throws up.
12/05/2229m 4s

Mohamed El-Erian: inflation, disinflation and the mistakes of central bankers

Merryn talks to Mohamed El-Erian about the state of the global economy, how the Fed became hostage to the marketplace, and how you should position your investments in distorted markets.
28/04/2232m 33s

James Anderson: the trouble with the fund management industry

Merryn talks to Baillie Gifford's James Anderson about his career at Scottish Mortgage; the roles and responsibilities of the wider fund management industry; the stocks in his portfolio; plus answers to some of your questions.
22/04/221h 6m

Fred Harrison: House prices will peak in 2026

Merryn talks to Fred Harrison, author of #WeAreRent about why land is so lucrative to investors and when house prices will level off.
13/04/2232m 4s

Robin Wigglesworth: Index funds matter in ways we are only starting to fathom

Merryn talks to the FT's Robin Wigglesworth about how passive investing via index funds can't be blamed for inflated stockmarket valuations, and how the current fad for ESG may erupt into a new mis-selling scandal.
01/04/2243m 31s

Charlotte Yonge: Two ways to protect your money from inflation

Merryn talks to Charlotte Yonge of Troy Asset Management about the long-term inflationary risks the world is facing, and the two best ways to protect your wealth as central banks lose control.
25/03/2234m 54s

The MoneyWeek Podcast: redefining the FAANG stocks for a new era

As the tech stock bubble bursts, Merryn and John discuss how one bank has redefined and replaced the FAANG stocks with some decidedly old-school investments.
18/03/2233m 18s

Dario Perkins and Richard de Lisle: inflation, the 1970s, and the rotation to value

Merryn talks to Dario Perkins from TS Lombard about central banks and how today's inflation is not the same as 1970s inflation; and to Richard de Lisle of De Lisle Partners about the stocks he's buying now.
11/03/221h 1m

Vitali Kalesnik – investing in a world of geopolitical instability and high inflation

Merryn talks to Vitali Kalesnik of Research Affiliates about the situation in Ukraine, the consequences of sanctions on Russia, and how inflation will affect us all – for better and for worse.
04/03/2234m 0s

Luke Hyde-Smith: how to invest for inflation

Merryn talks to Luke Hyde-Smith of Waverton Investment Management about the current state of the markets, and how to invest into the kind of inflationary environment we have now.
25/02/2230m 31s

Alec Cutler: it feels like the 1970s – what should you buy?

Merryn talks to Alec Cutler of the Orbis Global Balanced Fund about the inflation of the 1970s compared with that of today, and what investors can do to counter it.
18/02/2254m 1s

Shareholder democracy – returning power to to the people

Merryn and John talk about returning power to the ultimate owners of corporations · the shareholders. Most of us own stakes in companies, but we can't exercise the power that brings. It's time that changed.
11/02/2235m 13s

Sandy Nairn: the end of the "everything bubble" could destroy $75trn of assets

Merryn talks to Sandy Nairn of Edinburgh Partners about his new book and the bursting of the "everything bubble" as liquidity drains out of the market, taking your assets with it.
04/02/2232m 19s

Julian Brigden: markets are at a huge inflexion point

Merryn talks to Julian Brigden of Macro Intelligence 2 Partners about the unwinding of the US stockmarket's super-bubble, and the risks and opportunities it poses for investors.
25/01/2232m 51s

Barry Norris: investing for a post-pandemic world

Barry Norris, manager of the Argonaut absolute return fund, explains what the investment landscape looks like in a post pandemic world, with the end of cheap money and decarbonisation driving a 1970s-style inflationary shock.
21/01/2232m 50s

Temple Bar’s Ian Lance and Nick Purves: the essence of value investing

Ian Lance and Nick Purves of the Temple Bar investment trust explain the essence of “value investing” – buying something for less than its intrinsic value and in many cases getting profitable parts of a business thrown in free.
14/01/2226m 51s

The MoneyWeek Podcast: happy new year! Are we in for a year of misery?

Merryn and John ring in 2022 with the first podcast of the new year, discussing energy prices, house prices and interest rates, plus the definition of ESG investing – just what is ethical anyway?
07/01/2227m 47s

The MoneyWeek Podcast: a very strange year, when forecasting anything became almost impossible

Merryn and John talk about the past year in the markets, the rise of inflation and the bond market's reaction (or lack of it), and conclude that nothing does what you expect anymore.
23/12/2130m 54s

Steen Jakobsen: reality has become outrageous

Merryn talks to Steen Jakobsen of Saxo Bank about his annual "outrageous predictions" – and how reality is proving a match for anything he can come up with.
17/12/2134m 42s

George Maher: what we can learn from the fall of the Roman Empire

In the latest MoneyWeek Podcast, Merryn talks to actuary and author George Maher about the economy of the Roman Empire and what eventually led to its downfall – and the parallels with today.
10/12/2130m 14s

Ewan Markson Brown: the joy of small companies

Merryn talks to Ewan Markson-Brown of Crux Asset Management about why when it comes to emerging markets, he much prefers to invest in micro- and small-cap companies than the likes of Tencent and Alibaba
03/12/2135m 59s

Vivek Ramaswamy: beware of the "woke industrial complex"

Merryn talks to author and investor Vivek Ramaswamy about how big fund managers are using ESG investing to undermine the foundations of democracy.
26/11/2128m 37s

Tim Hayes: why I'm bullish on US and European stocks, but not the UK

Merryn talks to Tim Hayes, chief global investment strategist of Ned Davis Research, about why he's so bullish on US growth stocks, but not so keen on UK value stocks.
24/11/2130m 28s

Spencer Adair: getting rich slowly with "cockroach" companies

Merryn talks to Spencer Adair of the Monks Investment Trust about how he shuns "glamorous" growth to find solid "cockroach" companies that thrive over the long term while their competitors wither and die.
19/11/2135m 50s

The MoneyWeek Podcast: climate change, global population and inflation

Merryn and John talk about the COP climate change summit; why the short-term answer to our energy needs is be nuclear (and why it's a lot safer than people think); plus the myth of global overpopulation and why our current high inflation isn't going away.
12/11/2121m 54s

Dale Robertson: why Europe is a great place to be a stock picker

Merryn talks to Dale Robertson of the Chelverton European Select Fund about the opportunities available to investors in European companies – especially in small and micro-cap stocks.
05/11/2134m 11s

Andrew Hunt: why it's a great time to be a deep value investor

Merryn talks to Andrew Hunt, author of Better Value Investing, about his adventures in the market's dark underbelly, looking for the hated and neglected companies that could not only shoot up by 300%-400%, but could help bring about the cleaner future everybody wants.
22/10/2124m 17s

Inflation, energy crisis, strikes – have we gone back to the 1970s?

Merryn and John talk about rising prices, productivity and the state of the labour market, plus are bond investors really the adults in the room, and should you buy more houses?
15/10/2128m 2s

James Ferguson: the scope for bond-market disaster is very real

Merryn talks to James Ferguson of Macro Strategy partners about central bankers, money supply and inflation, plus why we're on the edge of a very significant shift in the markets and what you need to do to protect your wealth.
08/10/2139m 43s

Gary Channon: the importance of allocating capital wisely

Merryn talks to Gary Channon of Phoenix Asset Management about his investment style and the balance between diversification and performance. Plus, capital allocation and the firms that get it right – and the firms that don't.
01/10/2140m 19s

Rob Arnott: Covid's hidden investment opportunities

Merryn talks to Rob Arnott of Research Affiliates about some of the unexpected consequences of Covid and their opportunities for investors, plus the "wonderful safe haven" of UK value stocks, and the attractions of energy companies. PLUS, to sign up to watch John’s webinar with Roland Arnold, manager of BlackRock Smaller Companies trust, on 20 October, just go to – it’s free.
24/09/2141m 28s

Kieran Heinemann: the history of shareholder capitalism

Merryn talks to Kieran Heinemann, author of Playing the Market: Retail Investment and Speculation in Twentieth-Century Britain, about the history of the UK retail investor – a longer history than perhaps you might imagine.
17/09/2132m 4s

Anna Macdonald: hunting down the big companies of tomorrow

Merryn talks to Anna Macdonald of Amati Global Investors about the opportunities in UK small companies, the sectors she likes now, and how she finds the niche firms that could grow into tomorrow's blue chips.
10/09/2131m 54s

Sebastian Lyon: the benefits of being boring

Merryn talks to Sebastian Lyon, founder and CEO of Troy Asset Management and manager of the Personal Assets Trust, on his approach to asset management – don't lose the money in the first place and you won't have to take big risks getting it back. Plus, why ESG investing is not necessarily "ethical" investing; inflation and financial repression; and the point of owning gold.
03/09/2139m 54s

The great lorry-driver shortage, blaming Brexit for everything, and why now is a good time to buy UK stocks

Merryn and John talk about the shortage of lorry drivers, why semiconductors are high in demand but short in supply, how Brexit is blamed for unrelated global problems and why it is a good time to buy UK stocks.
26/08/2129m 0s

Edward Bonham Carter: things will only get harder from here

Merryn talks to Jupiter Asset Management's Edward Bonham Carter about where to find cheap assets, what happens if we have a "Japan like bear market", and the conflict between stakeholder and shareholder capitalism.
20/08/2141m 25s

Jeremy Grantham: we're in one of the greatest bubbles in financial history

Merryn talks to Jeremy Grantham of GMO about the current state of the markets and where investors can "hide" from all the craziness, plus inequality, inflation, and why you should rush out and get the longest fixed-rate mortgage you can.
05/08/2148m 6s

Joe Bauernfreund: why Japan is an active investor's dream market

Merryn talks to Joe Bauernfreund of the AVI Japan Opportunity Trust about the opportunities for investors in Japan, a hugely under-researched market with plenty of value.
29/07/2128m 46s

Brian Pellegrini: why America isn't going back to work

Brian Pellegrini, founder of Intertemporal Economics, talks to Merryn about the post pandemic economy; why Americans aren't returning to work; plus inflation, productivity, and Big Tech.
23/07/2135m 45s

Russell Napier: Asia, financial repression and the nature of capitalism

Russell Napier talks to Merryn about financial repression – or "stealing money from old people slowly" – plus how Asian capitalism is taking over in the West; why active management could be back in favour; and why you should probably buy some property.
16/07/2134m 24s

Niall Ferguson: why we'll never be prepared for disaster

Professor Niall Ferguson talks to Merryn about the nature of catastrophe and disaster; why we should perhaps stop worrying about Covid and start worrying about the surveillance state; plus bitcoin, inflation and World War 3.
09/07/2141m 37s

Jim Mellon: What I'm buying now – UK stocks, agtech and commodities

Jim Mellon tells Merryn which UK stocks he likes (and which ones he doesn't), why the future of meat is lab-grown, and why you should definitely have some oil in your portfolio.
02/07/2132m 35s

Andy Haldane: bitcoin as money is a fanciful idea that should fill us with horror

The Bank of England's outgoing chief economist, Andy Haldane, tells Merryn why he isn't a fan of bitcoin as money; why the BoE is actively considering its own digital cash (and what that would mean for you); plus Covid and our stellar economic recovery, where inflation could go next, and how we avoid ending up like the 1970s.
25/06/2141m 58s

The MoneyWeek Podcast: inflation and what to do about it

John and Merryn talk about the latest inflation figures and ask if it really is a temporary thing, Plus, the origin myth of the 2% target; demographics, and why old people aren't as frugal as they used to be; and what to buy now.
18/06/2129m 42s

Gillian Tett: listen to the silence – how anthropology helps make sense of the world

The FT's Gillian Tett tells Merryn Somerset Webb why what people aren't talking about is just as important as what they are, and why combining anthropology with economics can help us make sense of asset prices, markets and the world in a way that pure hard science can't.• See this podcast as a video at
11/06/2131m 53s

Mayssa Al Midani: agritech, nutrition and climate change – feeding the world while caring for the planet

Merryn talks to Mayssa Al Midani of the Pictet Nutrition fund about how she invests in feeding the world's expanding population in a sustainable way, and why farming is now a high-tech business that's rising to the environmental challenges, increasing yields while cutting emissions and preserving biodiversity.
04/06/2130m 44s

Simon French: why post-pandemic inflation will be short-lived

Merryn talks to Simon French, chief economist with Panmure Gordon, about why he believes inflation will be transitory, and the world will be back to the old normal more quickly than many people think; plus the value in the UK market.
28/05/2131m 20s

The MoneyWeek Podcast: the things on which we are definitely right

Merryn and John talk about the UK's V-shaped recovery; how private equity is gobbling up UK listed companies; and bitcoin - is it worth anything? Is it worth nothing? Does it have any value at all? And why you should buy some.
21/05/2127m 11s

Richard Marwood: dividends are back on the menu

Merryn talks to Richard Marwood of Royal London Asset Management about which companies are recovering from the pandemic as people start spending again; how the UK's best companies are getting snapped up by private equity; and why, even as we move to a renewable-energy future, we'll need Big Oil for some time yet.
14/05/2132m 33s

Troy's Gabrielle Boyle: for global companies, sustainability is just good business

Merryn talks to to Gabrielle Boyle of Troy Asset Management about the top quality global companies in her portfolio, and why those firms that invest in sustainability, diversity and a better future will have a competitive advantage over those that don't.
07/05/2133m 4s

Tom Slater of Scottish Mortgage: growth, the pandemic, and the importance of optimism

Merryn talks to Tom Slater of the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust about investing in growth, the pandemic and its aftermath, why optimism will always bring better returns than pessimism, and why nothing compares to Tesla.
30/04/2148m 11s

Dambisa Moyo: the changing role of corporations

Merryn talks to author and economist Dambisa Moyo on the past and future role of corporations – ESG and public trust, the balance of power between companies and governments; plus the recovery (or lack of) from the pandemic, investing in China, and the prospects for the UK.
23/04/2133m 33s

Peter Spiller: how to not lose money to inflation and financial repression

Merryn talks to Peter Spiller of the Capital Gearing Trust about how he navigated the last extraordinary year; what he's buying now; and how he plans to ensure his wealth won't be eroded by inflation or financial repression.
16/04/2138m 43s

Steve Clapham: picking stocks is fun, but you need to do your homework

John Stepek talks to Steve Clapham, investor, analyst and author of The Smart Money Method, about the dangers in picking individual stocks and why you need to know what you're doing; plus, the shift from growth to value; and why the next ten years will be very different from the last.• To get a 30% discount on Steve's book – The Smart Money Method – go to and enter the code MW30OFF
09/04/2145m 25s

Pippa Malmgren: Covid, NFTs and Trump’s next big adventure

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to author, analyst and former presidential adviser Dr Pippa Malmgren about the Covid recovery, NFTs and digital flashmobs, and Donald Trump’s bid to build a media empire.
01/04/2132m 35s

Laura Destribats: cashing in on millennials’ spending habits

Merryn talks to Laura Destribats of Goldman Sachs Asset Management about investing in stocks that benefit from the behaviour and spending patterns of millennials.
26/03/2127m 29s

Calum Bruce: the post pandemic opportunities in retail property

Merryn talks to Calum Bruce of the Ediston Property Investment Company about how the commercial property sector – and retail in particular – has coped with Covid lockdowns and how it can evolve to cope with the new, post-Covid landscape.
19/03/2126m 58s

The great rotation and the return of the private investor

Merryn and John look at what's happening in the markets as investors pull out of super expensive growth stocks and into less expensive value stocks; the end of the bond bull market and the return of inflation; and is the wave of new young investors good for markets or the sign of a market top?
12/03/2130m 31s

Temple bar: a return to value

Merryn talks to Nick Purves and Ian Lance of the Temple Bar Investment Trust about the shift in the investment landscape and the value available in UK stocks, which haven't been this cheap since the 1970s, and explores some of the stocks they're buying now.
05/03/2135m 45s

Dr Paul Jourdan: strategic metals, the commodities supercycle and the electrified future

John Stepek talks to Dr Paul Jourdan, CEO of Amati Global Investors, about investing in the metals needed for the post-oil electrified world, the importance of good governance in the mining sector, and how the green revolution has many parallels with the dotcom boom.
26/02/2132m 22s

Hamish Baillie: successful investing in a post-pandemic world

Merryn talks to Ruffer's Hamish Baillie about why traditional investment portfolios may no longer work in a post-Covid landscape, and why in this new reality his multi-million-pound bitcoin punt was the sensible thing to do.
19/02/2132m 1s

Duncan Lamont: finding the bright spots in overvalued markets

Merryn talks to Duncan Lamont, head of analytics and research at Schroders, about global markets’ crazy valuations and why now might be the time for active managers to come good. Plus, ESG investing, China, and the perils of raising equity.
12/02/2132m 51s

Raoul Pal: why I sold all my gold and bought bitcoin

Merryn talks to Raoul Pal, CEO of Global Macro Investor and Real Vision Group about the terrifying levels of risk in the markets right now, and why that’s driven him to sell all his gold and put the proceeds into cryptocurrencies.
05/02/2132m 6s

Ned Naylor-Leyland: “Disinvesting” with gold, and why silver is the original decentralised, disruptive money

Merryn talks to Jupiter’s Ned Naylor-Leyland about gold as a way of genuinely diversifying your portfolio; why bitcoin could eventually return to being just “dark money on the internet”; and the many attractions and even more dangers of silver. And if you want to watch Merryn's webcast with Baillie Gifford's Charles Plowden, click here
29/01/2132m 21s

Let's talk about bubbles

Merryn and John talk about the many obvious signs of a bubble in certain assets, including tech stocks, TikTok, and stock-trading 12-year olds. It's clear things are not normal – but is it different this time?
22/01/2131m 9s

Bitcoin special: what all the fuss is about, and why you should buy some

Merryn talks to bitcoin experts Dominic Frisby and Charlie Morris to get the lowdown on the cryptocurrency to find out why it's such a huge global phenomenon and why you really should get hold of some.
15/01/2131m 25s

Bitcoin mania, inflation, and the idea of a great global reset

Merryn and John talk about the US market's epic bubble, Tesla's nutty valuation and how bitcoin mania has taken over the world – is it really gold for the 21st century and are projections of it hitting a million dollars that outlandish? Plus, if every country in the world cancelled everyone's debt all at once, would that really be so bad?
08/01/2131m 51s

Russell Napier on debt, financial repression, and the coming of inflation

Merryn talks to MoneyWeek's favourite macro-analyst Russell Napier on how the phenomenal levels of public and private debt will inevitably lead to inflation and financial repression, what that is, and how it will affect you your money, and the global economy.
21/12/2038m 12s

A look back on a peculiar year and ahead to the recovery – and what to buy for 2021

Merryn talks to John talk about how the last nine months have affected the economy and the markets, and to to two entrepreneurs – Tommy Crooks of the Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company and Felicia Hjertman of startup fund investment platform Tillit – about how they have coped. Plus, bitcoin, inflation, and what to buy in 2021.
17/12/2037m 36s

Julian Jessop: V is for vaccine – and the shape of our economic recovery

Merryn talks to independent economist Julian Jessop about how the vaccine should restart the stalled economic recovery as both consumers and businesses return to normal life.
09/12/2026m 27s

Barry Norris: why I'm shorting vaccine-makers

The news of Covid vaccines has delighted many. But not Argonaut Capital's Barry Norris. He tells Merryn why vaccines aren't the panacea people think they are, and how our extended lockdown could have permanently changed our way of life. Plus, he picks one health-focused value stock to buy now.
03/12/2043m 2s

Stephen Yiu: in a low quality market, buy only the best stocks – and don't over diversify

Merryn talks to Stephen Yiu of the Blue Whale Growth Fund about his investment approach and the sectors he likes, plus why you should stick with top quality stocks (and why there are more of them in the US than the UK).
02/12/2031m 40s

Jonathan Allum on why Japan is both different and the same

Merryn talks to Japan expert Jonathan Allum who explains why many people's ideas of Japan are misguided, and why if you're looking to profit from a post-global Covid recovery, it's an interesting place for investors to start.
27/11/2038m 57s

Peter Tasker on Japan's extraordinary resilience, and why you should invest

Merryn talks to Peter Tasker of Arcus, a specialist Japanese equity investment firm, about the extraordinary resilience of Japanese companies, how the country has handled the pandemic, the many attractions for investors, and why you should join Warren Buffett in buying in.
19/11/2036m 24s

Alex Wright: UK markets are full of opportunities

There are huge opportunities right now in UK stocks, says Fidelity's Alex Wright. Here, he talks to Merryn about value vs growth, the prospect of a vaccine-driven, V-shaped recovery, what will bring foreign investors back to UK markets, and what he's buying now.
11/11/2030m 33s

US election special with Jim Patterson of Kiplinger

Jim Patterson, managing editor of the Kiplinger Letter, our sister publication in the US, joins John to talk about the US election – its effect on the markets, the economy and investors. And if Joe Biden has indeed won, how will that affect America's relations with other world powers, and what can he actually get done in the next four years with the Senate still in Republican hands? Plus, a look at Donald Trump's legacy.
06/11/2031m 32s

Alain Caffort: why you should invest in family-run companies

Alain Caffort of the Pictet Family Fund explains the attractions of family-owned businesses, runs through some of his favourite companies, and picks one to hold for the next 20 years.
05/11/2027m 28s

How the Law Debenture Corporation's unusual structure gives it an edge

Merryn talks to Dennis Jackson and James Henderson of the Law Debenture Corporation about what makes the trust unique, the regulatory tailwinds it can profit from, and what they're buying now.
27/10/2032m 55s

Shaniel Ramjee: tech stocks, China and Japan – where to find the best returns

Merryn talks to Shaniel Ramjee of Pictet Asset Management about where to find the best returns in global markets right now – the continued growth of technology; why China will outperform as its economy steams ahead (plus the risks involved for investors); and why the UK will continue to lag for a while yet.
20/10/2030m 34s

Negative interest rates, armed guards and a warehouse full of cash

Merryn and John discuss the extraordinary idea of negative interest rates and explain why as far as they can see they just don't work. Plus, a genius business idea involving guarding piles of cash, and the second in our 20th anniversary questions.
15/10/2025m 34s

Lockdowns, layoffs and public-sector pensions

Merryn and John discuss the effects of lockdowns on the economy, particularly on the private sector where already financially fragile workers are laid off, compared to the public sector with their final salary pension schemes. Plus, why you should rebalance your portfolio into China, and a question for readers to go in the 20th anniversary issue of MoneyWeek magazine.
09/10/2020m 51s

Covid-19 and the accelerating revolution in healthcare

Merryn talks to Dr Paul Jordan, Anna Macdonald, and Dr Gareth Blades of Amati Global investors about some of their favourite small UK companies - including the opportunities in healthcare and biotech stocks, and how the sector has responded to the pandemic.
01/10/2036m 35s

Dale Nicholls: why you should invest in China

Merryn talks to Fidelity's Dale Nicholls about investing in Chinese companies - the sectors he likes, the themes he's following, and why Chinese equities will only grow in importance as the market matures over the coming years.
24/09/2031m 7s

James Ferguson: How bad data is driving fear of a second wave of Covid-19

Merryn and John talk to MoneyWeek regular James Ferguson about the rise in infections in coronavirus and what the data is really telling us.
17/09/2031m 37s

Mark Slater: why UK stocks are so unpopular right now

Merryn talks to Mark Slater of the Slater Growth fund about why investors have abandoned the UK – and why they are wrong to have done so. Plus, he picks two of his favourite British stocks.
11/09/2028m 45s

It's all gone V-shaped

04/09/2028m 38s

George Magnus: financial repression and inflation – the only way out

There are very few ways to get out of the debt hole we have dug, economist and author George Magnus tells Merryn, and inflation is one of the most likely. Not tomorrow, perhaps – not even by the end of the year. But it is coming.
28/08/2027m 38s

Helen Thomas: how Covid and the “velocity of people” will shape our economic future

John talks to Helen Thomas of Blonde Money about how the economy is shifting to the new, post-Covid reality – and how our children will pay for it all. Plus, a look at the US presidential election and why the markets have shot up in the face of so much bad news.
19/08/2032m 9s

House prices, staycations, and the death of cash

John and Merryn talk about the rise in UK house prices and the fact that everybody is holidaying in the UK, plus gold's new highs, the death of cash, and the trouble with Modern Monetary Theory.
12/08/2031m 36s

How to age well and profit from the “longevity dividend”

Merryn talks to economist and author Andrew J Scott and discusses how we can profit from the "longevity dividend" as we live longer; why we need to rethink our concepts of ageing; and why you will need to reinvent yourself in middle age to live a long, healthy life.
06/08/2033m 6s

Gold bugs' dreams are coming true – but we could still see a V-shaped recovery

John and Merryn talk about how it's perfectly reasonable to expect a V-shaped recovery and to continue holding gold as well. Plus, inflation, staycations and will we ever return to the office?
30/07/2025m 18s

Inflation, MMT and the folly of a centrally planned economy

Merryn and John talk about the chancellor's stamp duty holiday and wealth taxes in general; the trouble with modern monetary theory and economies planned by politicians, and how to get ready for a burst of inflation. Plus, the return to the office and the importance of casual conversations.
15/07/2032m 36s

Laura Foll: small companies, income, and the power of equity markets

Merryn talks to fund manager Laura Foll about value, income yields and the UK market's underperformance, plus the benefits of smaller companies and the power of having an equity market listing.
01/07/2028m 3s

Nick Greenwood: the benefits of investment trusts, and some of my favourites

Merryn talks to Nick Greenwood of Premier Miton Investors, who runs a couple of funds that invest in investment trusts. Nick talks about the advantages of ITs over open-ended funds; the big discounts some trusts are currently trading on (and whether than can continue); and discusses a few of his favourite holdings.
25/06/2031m 43s

Merryn and John on markets, pent-up demand, and a V-shaped recovery

This week, Merryn and John talk about how most markets (bar two) are overpriced; how, with people desperate to return to normality, a V-shaped recovery is still possible - and why it might come with a hefty dose of inflation.
17/06/2020m 36s

Hugh Hendry: fire Jerome Powell and let the Fed go properly nuts

Merryn talks to analyst and ex hedge fund manager Hugh Hendry, who explains why 2020 is very like 2002; why gold is the adult equivalent of Disneyland, and why people really need to believe the US Federal Reserve has truly lost its mind.
08/06/2029m 8s

Mervyn King: why the Covid pandemic is a classic example of radical uncertainty

This week, Merryn talks to ex-governor of the Bank of England Merryn King about the pandemic and how to prepare for a future that is unknowable; the government's response and why science may not always have the answers; and how to deal with vast rise in public debt. Plus, a little bit of bonus Brexit.
02/06/2034m 10s

James Ferguson: the virus, the lockdown, and what comes next

Merryn talks to MoneyWeek regular James Ferguson of Macrostrategy Partnership about what's happened so far with the virus; whether the lockdown was the right response; and how the economy might look coming out of it.
28/05/2050m 3s

MoneyWeek 1,000 – a look back over the last 20 years

Merryn and John look back over the first 1,000 issues of MoneyWeek magazine, rounding up what we got right over the last couple of decade, what we got wrong, and what - if anything - has changed, Plus the best of our readers' suggestions of how to invest £1,000 for the next 20 years.
22/05/2029m 36s

Bernard Connolly: how are we going to pay for all this?

Merryn talks to economist Bernard Connolly about the huge – and necessary – sums being spent supporting the economy through the coronavirus crisis. The big question remains: how are we going to finance all this?
12/05/2038m 3s

Andrew Milligan: your advantage over professional investors

Merryn talks to Andrew Milligan, until recently chief investment strategist of Aberdeen Standard Investments, about the state of the markets now and to come, and how retail investors are in many ways better placed than the big institutional players.
07/05/2032m 51s

Central bankers just want to be loved

Merryn and John look at the state of the world as it is now – are we doing too much in terms of stimulus? Should central banks buy equities? And what of "backdoor jubilees"? Plus, Alasdair McKinnon of the Scottish Investment Trust on how he's changed the holdings of his fund to fit the current situation.
29/04/2038m 7s

Luciano Diana: ESG investing and a welcome dose of optimism amid the gloom

Pictet's Luciano Diana talks about ESG investing, climate change and the challenges of Covid-19 and how, while things are tough in the short term, there is room for plenty of optimism in the long term.
28/04/2023m 37s

Alexander Chartres: the end of a benign era

We've been living in an extraordinarily stable and benign era. But stability breeds instability, says Ruffer's Alexander Chartres. Here, he talks to Merryn Somerset Webb about how the post-virus world might look.
22/04/2024m 44s

Steve Keen: a modern debt jubilee is vital to keep the global economy alive

In a fascinating chat, Merryn talks to economist thinker and author Professor Steve Keen, who says we must put the financial system on "life support" with a modern debt jubilee – a one-off universal bailout of debtors rather than creditors, to deal with the massive levels of private debt that are crippling the global economy. Hear more from Steve at
16/04/2032m 54s

Gillian Tett: life after lockdown and how the world will change

Merryn talks to the FT's Gillian Tett on life in lockdown in New York; debt and the spectre of financial repression; and how the world might look after the pandemic
14/04/2023m 32s

Brian Pellegrini: this crisis may not turn out as badly as everyone thinks

Merryn talks to economic analyst Brian Pellegrini. The psychological importance of the Covid-19 crisis s is huge, he says. But its economic importance is questionable.
08/04/2031m 10s

Russell Napier: how much debt is too much?

Merryn talks to financial strategist and author Russell Napier about the global economy's huge levels of debt, the governmental response to the coronavirus crisis, the threat of inflation and the inevitability of financial repression.
03/04/2027m 23s

Edward Chancellor: governments’ reaction to the virus will come back to haunt us

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to financial historian, investment strategist and author Edward Chancellor, and asks: are we doing the right thing, is it going to work and what are the long-term repercussions?
31/03/2036m 14s

Your questions answered

Merryn and John tackle some of the questions sent in by readers - including what they expect to happen to house prices; how much are dividends likely to fall; and is it time to buy a FTSE tracker fund for your ISA?
30/03/2027m 28s

Charles Heenan: dominoes are falling – be very careful

Merryn talks to Charles Heenan, investment director of Kennox Asset Management. Assets are cheap, he says, but you need to be very, very careful about what you buy – this is not the time for blanket market exposure. Plus, a peek at what's in his portfolio.
26/03/2025m 21s

Bright spots amid the gloom

Merryn and John, in a downbeat mood after a bad week, talk about the authorities' response to the coronavirus; the panic in the bond market; and look for some bright spots amid the gloom.
24/03/2029m 0s

The end of capitalism?

John and Merryn talk about the – hopefully temporary – suspension of capitalism as government stimulus takes off in a big way. Plus, how this crisis might play out – will there be a big rebound? And what you should be looking at now.
18/03/2024m 4s

The bubble meets its pin

Merryn and John talk about the market crash in the face of the double whammy of the coronavirus and the collapse of the oil price; the inevitable wave of government action and the increasingly real possibility of "helicopter money"; and what it all means for stocks.
10/03/2020m 52s

Dominic Frisby on tax

John talks to comedian, author and pop sensation Dominic Frisby about his new book on tax.
20/02/2026m 23s

Russell Napier at the MoneyWeek Wealth Summit

The MoneyWeek Podcast returns with another of our speakers from the MoneyWeek Wealth Summit held in November 2019. It's Russell Napier, one of our favourite analysts, who gives his view on the risks facing the global economy, with particular focus on China and the eurozone banking system.
14/02/2029m 44s

Jim Mellon at the MoneyWeek Wealth Summit

Entrepreneur and investor Jim Mellon outlines the two themes that he thinks could be among the biggest investment stories of the 2020s, taken from his presentation at the 2019 MoneyWeek Wealth Summit in November.
30/12/1942m 48s

A reaction to the general election result

Merryn and John reflect on an election result that has at last brought some resolution to the interminable Brexit saga and demonstrated that Britain is a proper democratic capitalist nation. Plus, house prices, Scottish independence and should Nigel Farage get a peerage?
13/12/1932m 20s

Politicians on a spending spree, and why is Japan so cheap?

Merryn and John talk about the prospect of a big post-election spending splurge. whoever ends up in Number Ten; how Japan ended up so cheap, but remains widely shunned by investors; why certain high-yielding old-school stocks are so reviled; and a slight disagreement on Russia.
08/11/1928m 45s

Patient Capital

Merryn and John talk about the Woodford – now Schroders – Patient Capital Trust and whether it is yet investment-worthy; the concept of the totally legit "bezel"; and just what did Neil Woodford do with all his money?
25/10/1926m 28s

The Butcher, the Brewer, the Baker... and the Commentator - Episode 4

In the fourth episode of her Edinburgh Festival show, Merryn talks about Adam Smith, economics and sustainable capitalism with author and fund manager Tim Price; academic Robert Macintosh; and one of our favourite macro-strategists, Russell Napier.
17/10/191h 2m

The Butcher, the Brewer, the Baker... and the Commentator - Episode 3

In her third podcast from the Edinburgh Festival , Merryn talks to John Stepek; Anne Richards, CEO of Fidelity International; and economist and journalist Francis Cairncross. Topics include: why we need to accept that experts will often be wrong; how student debt kills British entrepreneurialism; why Adam Smith would have loathed today’s crony capitalism; and has too much regulation broken banking?
09/10/1931m 26s

The Butcher, the Brewer, the Baker... and the Commentator - Episode 2

In the second podcast from her sell out Edinburgh show, Merryn talks to investor and guru Jim Mellon; author, comedian and statistician Timandra Harkness, and author, comedian and presenter Simon Evans. Topics include: can you live to 150? Should you nick pills from your diabetic friends? Are monopsonies more dangerous than monopolies? Is social media the best forum for public debate ever? And, if economics is a social science, is it really a science at all?
24/09/1954m 42s

The Butcher, the Brewer, the Baker... and the Commentator - Episode 1

A performance from Merryn's sell-out Edinburgh show, with guests Willie Watt, Anna Macdonald and Simon Evans. Topics include – was Adam Smith a leftie? Do the downsides of globalisation justify the new protectionism? Should we ban alpha mating to help close the gender pay gap? Did Smith really forecast falling fertility in the developed West? And did he invent the idea of virtue signalling?
20/09/1952m 30s

Draghi's last gasp, WeWork, and the curious case of the high-yielding oil stocks

Merryn and John talk about the ECB's latest bout of money-printing; bond yields; WeWork's cancelled listing; private equity euphoria and the shrinking of public markets; and the incredible yields on profitable but unpopular oil stocks.
19/09/1920m 46s

Negative interest rates, a global cryptocurrency and people's QE

This week, Merryn and John reckon we should forget Trump, Brexit and all the other things that have been generating so much social media hysteria. There's something much more important for investors to thing about - negative interest yields and the battle between inflation and deflation. Plus, central banks' global cryptocurrency, People's QE, and what to buy now.
30/08/1925m 4s

Boris, Brexit and Anti-bubbles

Merryn and John talk about Boris Johnson; his options for Brexit and whether a fudgy face-saving deal is better or worse than no deal; and what the end of uncertainty will do for the UK's "anti-bubble" markets.
25/07/1923m 23s

Peer-to-peer lending and why there is nothing new in finance

Merryn and John talk about ultra-low yields; peer-to-peer lending and why there is nothing new in finance; and the good news about the slow downward drift in house prices.
19/07/1926m 11s

Currency wars, inflation, and Neil Woodford

Merryn and John talk about currency wars; central-bank dovishness and the consequences for the markets of ultra-low interest rates; more on Poor Neil Woodford and his still-shuttered fund; the trials of socially responsible investing; and a new stock exchange for Scotland.
04/07/1928m 12s

The gold bull market and a debt jubilee

Merryn and John ask if this really is the start of a new bull market for gold, and whether we should have a student debt jubilee – or perhaps even a universal debt jubilee.
28/06/1916m 4s

Facebook's new cryptocurrency and the sale of Sotheby's

John and Merryn talk about Facebook's new cryptocurrency, Libra, and whether it will be as transformative as its founders hope; the sale of Sotheby's auction house and what it tells us about our hysterical over-the-top markets; plus John's bombshell opinion on the Tory leadership race.
19/06/1932m 38s

Poor Neil Woodford

This week, John and Merryn talk - inevitably - about the fallout for investors and the wider wealth management industry from "poor" Neil Woodford's spectacular fall from grace. Plus, a quick plug for Merryn's Edinburgh Festival show.
06/06/1930m 17s

Euro elections, bitcoin and trade tariffs

John and Merryn talk about Brexit, the Tory leadership and the problem with sterling; why the world still isn't ready for bitcoin; why you really should be worried about a Jeremy Corbyn government; and the unintended consequences of US trade tariffs.
23/05/1929m 21s

Merryn talks to India expert David Cornell

Merryn talks to India expert David Cornell, manager of the India Capital Growth Fund, about what's going on in India – currently in the midst of a crucial election – and why you should invest there.
26/04/1925m 42s

Agritech and a stockmarket meltup

Merryn and John talk about the revolution in the agriculture industry – one of the most interesting sectors around at the moment; plus, should you buy bitcoin; are we going to see a stockmarket "melt-up"; and should we write off student debt?
24/04/1929m 49s

The trouble with the Customs Union

Merryn and John talk about the EU customs union and why remaining in it is such a bad idea – and discuss some of the EU's other bad ideas, including the undiscussed and unpublicised nanny-tech in your car, and the trouble with the new copyright directive.
03/04/1922m 59s

Merryn talks to Russell Napier

Merryn talks to strategist Russell Napier about China and the US; the best and worst of the world's currencies; democracy, sovereignty and the EU; and the power of multinational corporations.
25/03/1934m 26s

Merryn talks to Alasdair McKinnon about gold

This week, Merryn and John talk about gold, with special guest Alasdair McKinnon, manager of the Scottish Investment Trust, who explains why he's buying gold – and gold miners – now. (For more on gold miners, see this MoneyWeek magazine cover story by Dominic Frisby:
05/03/1934m 38s

Merryn talks to Bernard Connolly

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to economist and author Bernard Connolly about how the EU is a protectionist superstate with its roots in the economic relationship between Vichy France and Nazi Germany.
20/02/1954m 20s

The trouble with modern monetary theory (MMT)

In a rare solo podcast, John Stepek talks about the problems with modern monetary theory (MMT; sometimes called the "magic money tree") – a way for America to fund its "Green New Deal" – and why governments can't be trusted with it.
15/02/1912m 10s

Merryn talks to Anand Giridharadas

Merryn talks to best-selling author Anand Girihadas about how the global plutocratic elite has broken the modern world and how economies are rigged to not work for most people; why the EU is “the most important boring thing in the world”; and why a world with fewer billionaires and more millionaires would be a wonderful place.
04/02/1942m 21s

Merryn meets Bruce Stout

Merryn talks to Bruce Stout, manager of the Murray International Trust, about his fund, how he sees the world, and what he expects from the next few years. (Apologies from Merryn for the imperfect sound quality – she set off to meet Bruce in such excitement she left the important bits of recording equipment behind.)
31/01/1942m 40s

Stockmarket sentiment and doom-mongers

John and Merryn talk stockmarket sentiment, profit warnings, and whether all the doom-mongers have it wrong on UK stocks; why many assets are on reasonable valuations right now; plus a little bit of Brexit and a tiny bit of Trump.
23/01/1920m 36s

No such thing as passive investing

In a Brexit-free edition of the MoneyWeek podcast, Merryn and John discuss why there's no such thing as passive investing (and why active fund management does have its uses); ask if we're really moving into a "post-Buffett era of investment"; and explain why fund charges should come down even further.
15/01/1923m 26s

Charities, charitable giving and Gift Aid

In MoneyWeek's Christmas podcast, John and Merryn talk about the benefits of charities and charitable giving – and the very good reasons for abolishing the Gift Aid system of tax relief for charities.
20/12/1812m 34s

Brexit: what happens now?

In the latest MoneyWeek podcast, Merryn and John talk about Brexit – what happens now, the odds of no deal, a second referendum – and what you can do about it.
17/12/1821m 58s

Merryn meets Jonathan Tepper

Merryn talks to investor and author Jonathan Tepper, whose book – The Myth of Capitalism: Monopolies and the Death of Competition – attempts to explain just what is wrong with capitalism today, and what can be done about it.
11/12/1826m 55s

Theresa May's Brexit deal and the inverted yield curve

Merryn and John continue their discussion on Theresa May's Brexit deal; plus, an explanation of the inverted yield curve (and why it's so important); and why you really should own some gold.
06/12/1829m 3s

EFTA, EEA, "Norway Plus" or no deal?

John and Merryn discuss Theresa May's Brexit deal; what might happen next; the chances of an EFTA, EEA or "Norway Plus" deal; and what happens if we end up with no deal at all. Plus, why the notion that the UK is "uninvestable" is preposterous, and indeed how we may soon see an unprecedented investing opportunity.
30/11/1820m 14s

Merryn talks to Paul Hodges about the state of the global economy

In a bonus edition of the MoneyWeek Podcast, Merryn and economist Paul Hodges have a wide-ranging chat about the state of the global economy and the key indicators that are now starting to point to just how bad things are. Plus, China, globalisation, the slide in the London prime property market, and a host of other subjects, including demographics, fertility and the oil price.
15/11/1833m 23s

Why globalisation is a force for good

In this week's podcast, Merryn and John talk about why globalisation is a force for good (but is by no means an unstoppable force); plus the arguments for and against investing in China - as explained in detail in this week's magazine.
15/11/1823m 26s

The crazy deal that could mark the top of the market

John and Merryn look at the crazy deal that could mark the top of the market and how to adjust your portfolio – making some very bold and specific predictions on the way; plus, our fast-rising life expectancy and what that means for you, your wealth and society.
07/11/1822m 8s

Jordan Peterson and the nature of truth

Merryn and John discuss Jordan Peterson and the nature of truth; muse over the state of politics today; and pick some of the best bits out of Philip Hammond's phenomenally dull Budget. Sign up FREE for more from Merryn and John here:
31/10/1823m 50s

What next week's Budget could hold

MoneyWeek's editor-in-chief, Merryn Somerset Webb, looks ahead to the Budget next week, and asks what exactly might Chancellor Philip Hammond have in store for us.
24/10/1815m 7s

What art can tell us about the wider markets

Merryn and John marvel at how out of touch the political classes are; Italy's debt, the state of the bond markets and a canny bet on the future of the euro; and what art can tell us about where the wider markets are now. Sign up FREE for more from Merryn and John here:
10/10/1821m 17s

How wage inflation (and real inflation) is coming to an economy near you

Merryn and John talk about Amazon's wage increase, the real reasons behind it and how wage inflation – and real inflation – is coming to an economy near you; Theresa May's post-Brexit immigration plans and the implications for the economy; oil's four-year high; and Italy's spendthrift budget and the EU's inevitable next crisis.
04/10/1825m 9s

The excitement in the gold market

This week, Merryn and John talk about the excitement in the gold market, as Barrick and Randgold merge, how central banks are behind the curve on inflation, and the prospects for the UK property market.
26/09/1821m 8s

Financial crisis fallout (or not)

This week, Merryn and John talk about the great financial crisis; how it was entirely predictable (and was, in fact, seen coming by an awful lot of people, including MoneyWeek); why the response from the world's financial authorities has solved nothing; and how nobody has been held accountable.
17/09/1821m 2s

Turkey trouble

This week, John and Merryn discuss the trouble in Turkey and why the country has, for a long time, been a disaster waiting to happen; which assets are worth investing in at the moment; and where the UK property market is to heading next.
15/08/1817m 52s

Britain's declining productivity growth

This week, John and Merryn look at what's really behind Britain's declining productivity growth; what the yield curve is and why we should be worried about it; and Merryn's forthcoming show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
25/07/1818m 36s

Why a second referendum is a non-starter

In this week's long-awaited new podcast, John and Merryn talk Brexit, and why a second referendum is a non-starter; the EU's pleasing new trade deal with Japan; UK inflation, wage-growth and house-prices; plus a preview of this week's cover story on oil.
18/07/1817m 33s

Trump, the G7 and protectionism

This week, Merryn and John talk Donald Trump, the G7 and protectionism; also, Italy and the increasingly widespread desire to reboot civilisation; and does the "bloodbath on the high street" mean it's time to split up Amazon?
11/06/1822m 24s

Populism, Italy and the EU's next crisis

Merryn and John talk about populism, Italy and the next crisis looming for the EU; the end of extreme monetary policy; the problem with democracy (and should we just have less of it?); and the future for the oil price.
21/05/1828m 15s

The UK's biggest drop in house prices since 2010

Merryn and John discuss the UK's biggest drop in house prices since 2010; the fetishisation of big cities; the inevitability of higher interest rates; the car crash that is the Argentinian economy; and the search for the deal that signals the market top.
09/05/1819m 50s

Should you buy Russian stocks?

This week, Merryn and John debate Russia – it's the cheapest market in the world – but should you buy it?
16/04/1817m 26s

The most-hated market in the world

This week, Merryn and John look at the most-hated market in the world; are astounded and appalled to realise that the most expensive tracker fund in the UK still exists; and look at a story from Japan that could herald a long-overdue revolution on active fund management fees.
26/03/1815m 1s

Contrarian indicators

Merryn and John talk about turning into contrarian indicators; about the terrifying possibility of companies or governments using our medical data to read our minds; and, more prosaically, about what you should be looking for in a "buy and hold forever" fund.
23/03/1824m 35s

How bull markets die

Merryn and John talk about how bull markets die, where we really are in the current one, and whether we could in fact be in the foothills of a massive upsurge in productivity (and how to invest in it if we are). Oh, and poor Neil Woodford. Again.
12/03/1826m 5s

Protectionism, guns and the existential threat to the euro

Merryn and John discuss the rise of protectionism; big business's backlash against the US gun lobby; the Italian election and the existential threat to the euro; pensions and pension deficits; and the increasingly complicated world of ISAs.
05/03/1827m 22s

The great rotation, inflation and the spectre of the 1970s

John and Merryn mull over another eventful week in the markets. This week, they talk about the "great rotation" - the shift in the bond markets and how that will affect equities – plus inflation and the spectre of the 1970s. Also, private equity, charities, poor old Neil Woodford and much more.
27/02/1837m 8s

The excitement in the markets and madness of bankers

John and Merryn talk about the excitement in the markets over the last few days; the VIX "fear index"; the bonkers deceit at the core of central bankers' world; and a warning about investment scams, and what to look for so you don't get caught up.
09/02/1819m 50s

The end of the 30-year bond bull market?

It looks as if the stockmarket has finally noticed that the bond bull market of the last 30-odd years really is over. Will all assets now inevitably fall in value? And what - if anything - can investors do? In the latest issue of the MoneyWeek Podcast, Merryn and John discuss the outlook for the markets.
05/02/1822m 11s

Bad tech, inflation and buy to let

Merryn and John talk through the issues of the week, including the bad behaviour of the large tech companies; stock valuations and the threat of inflation; and the state of the buy-to-let property market.
29/01/1823m 9s

The collapse of Carillion

John and Merryn talk about what's in this week's issue of MoneyWeek magazine, plus the burning issues of the week – including the collapse of Carillion; the end of the bond bull market; and the chances of a Corbyn government.
19/01/1823m 49s

Russia, the stockmarket melt-up, and UK house prices

Merryn Somerset Webb and John Stepek discuss MoneyWeek issue 878, plus the other burning issues of the week. Topics covered include the perils and rewards of investing in Russia; wage increases, inflation and the economic cycle; corporate governance and why companies should behave better; the future of shareholder capitalism and the change in people's relationship with their money; the coming stockmarket "melt-up"; house prices and, inevitably, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
12/01/1820m 57s

Charles Plowden: where to find long-term growth

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to professional investor Charles Plowden about investing for long-term growth, and where to find companies that will give above average returns.
24/03/1731m 55s

Charlie Morris: how to invest in the world of Trump

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Charlie Morris, editor of the Fleet Street Letter, about how to invest in the era of Donald Trump.
17/03/1720m 16s

Diana Choyleva: the unravelling of globalisation

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to economist Diana Choyleva about how globalisation is “unravelling”, and what that means for the world economy.
12/03/1725m 26s

Mark Slater: finding growth at a reasonable price

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to phenomenally successful investor Mark Slater about how he consistently finds good growing companies to buy without breaking the bank.
03/03/1722m 6s

Paul Mumford: simple steps to successful investing

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to veteran fund manager Paul Mumford about the secret of his successful career - and the stocks he's buying now.
21/02/1741m 28s

Britain backs Brexit

Britain backs Brexit: MoneyWeek’s Merryn Somerset Webb and John Stepek give their immediate reactions to Britain’s momentous EU referendum vote: what does it mean for Britain, what does it mean for Europe, and what does it mean for your money?
24/06/1619m 47s


John & Merryn discuss Brexit
17/06/1628m 5s

Gervais Williams: the market is ripe for micro-caps

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to smaller companies expert Gervais Williams about why sluggish market growth means now is the time to tuck away some cheap micro-caps in your portfolio.
01/04/1623m 45s

Bernard Connolly: the EU is an "explicitly anti-democratic", crony capitalist state

Merryn Somerset Webb interviews economist Bernard Connolly about the democratic deficit in the EU, the certainty of a new financial crisis, and what you can do about it.
25/03/1650m 50s

Russell Napier: give everybody in China a credit card

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to economic strategist Russell Napier about quantitative easing, Brexit, and how to get China spending.
18/03/1630m 6s

Gary Channon: the three things I look for when buying a company

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Phoenix Asset Management’s Gary Channon about what he looks for in an investment, and how he’s made a return of over 12% a year for the last 18 years.
04/03/1629m 11s

A falling pound and London's ridiculous property market

John and Merryn discuss the new-look magazine, and the stocks to buy to take advantage of a falling pound. Plus, an update on the MoneyWeek investment trust portfolio, and the ridiculous state of the London property market.
04/03/1627m 20s

Why we're backing Brexit

Merryn and John explain why they're backing Brexit, and what's going on with sterling and interest rates. Plus, has oil hit bottom, and what's the deal with inflation (hint: it's alive and well)?
26/02/1614m 31s

Gold miners, negative interest rates and the future of dividend stocks

Merryn and John talk about gold miners, rant about negative interest rates (for a change) and ponder the future of dividend stocks.
12/02/1619m 11s

Merryn Somerset Webb interviews Anne-Marie Slaughter

Shaking up the workplace. Merryn Somerset Webb interviews Anne-Marie Slaughter on her new book Unfinished Business: Women, Men, Work, Family.
11/02/1618m 14s

What central banks might do next

Merryn and John pat themselves on the back over a well-timed call on about the only thing that's going up these days; share the pains of looking at your portfolio when the market is falling hard; and fret over what central banks might do next – no speculation too outlandish.
08/02/1619m 8s

Stand up for capitalism

Japan's big surprise, stand up for capitalism and driving made easy: Merryn and John talk about the ongoing descent into central banking madness, the way to protect capitalism from itself, and why Hyman Minsky was right about pretty much everything.
29/01/1619m 28s

Merryn Somerset Webb interviews Hugo Dixon

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to journalist and author Hugo Dixon about why he thinks Britain is better off in Europe than out of it.
29/01/1645m 40s

Learning to love the oil price crash

John Stepek talks to resources specialist Alex Williams about the crashing oil price, the state of global trade and why the popularity of ball bearings bears watching.
25/01/1618m 13s

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Craig Yeamen

moneyweek podcast financial Britain strategy business markets fund bonds personal finance investing personal investing london
15/01/1620m 17s

An unusual feeling of optimism

MoneyWeek Issue 776: Merryn and John find themselves in the unusual position of being on the optimistic side of the market. And Merryn reveals just how insane central bank policies are about to become.
15/01/1622m 26s

Dan Denning joins John Stepek

In the final show for 2015, Dan Denning from Capital and Conflict joins John Stepek to talk about three subjects: the biggest investment surprise of 2015, the most important investment story of 2015, and their favourite book recommendation for the New Year. Oil, interest rates, inflation, stocks, human greed, human nature, and future Artificial Intelligence that qualifies as a ‘mind’ are all discussed. Plus, how to live an investment life on your own terms.
22/12/1535m 13s

John joins Capital & Conflict to discuss Project Income & buy-to-let

MoneyWeek editor John Stepek talks about the latest ‘roundtable’ in which investment experts talk about their best ideas and biggest risks for 2016. John also discusses ‘Project Income’ and the effort to give British investors better information on pensions and retirement. The cover-story in this week’s magazine is on the prospects for ‘buy-to-let’ investors in 2016.
11/12/1520m 44s

Where will house prices go next?

It's all over for buy-to-let. Merryn and John talk about the property market - where will house prices go? Free money for all, what will come of Finland's basic-income experiment.
11/12/1520m 31s

Gold miners: not all bad

Merryn and John talk about why gold miners are not uniquely bad businesses, look at the truth about global warming (and investment), and discuss worrying developments in the War on Cash.
07/12/1522m 28s

The housing market and George Osborne's mini budget

Merryn and John talk about the changes to buy to let, the house market and George Osborne's mini budget.
26/11/1528m 14s

The worrying outlook for British dividend stocks

Merryn and John talk about the long-term impact of the Paris attacks, collapsing oil prices and the worrying outlook for British dividend stocks.
20/11/1513m 58s

George Osborne is coming after your pension savings

In this week’s show, Merryn and John discuss how George Osborne is coming after your pension savings, plus Britain's unfair tax credit system and the generosity of the welfare state.
13/11/1515m 54s

The last 15 years

John and Merryn discuss the last 15 years of MoneyWeek. Commodities went from bust to boom and back again – is another boom on the horizon? Which market has changed the most? And just what do Aussie pensioners spend their money on?
06/11/1523m 44s

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to R. Hutchings Vernon

Merryn somerset Webb talks to Hutch Vernon co-portfolio manager for the Flexible Equity strategy - brown advisory about American equities.
04/11/1520m 41s

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Gillian Tett

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to the FT’s Gillian Tett about interest rates, the bubbles in the US financial system, and how ‘silo thinking’ can be very bad for your wealth.
02/11/1525m 3s

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Paul Hodges

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Paul Hodges about how the current wave of refugees could be the answer to Britain’s demographic time bomb.
02/11/1524m 43s

Merryn Somerset Webb talks Peter Frankopan

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to author and historian Peter Frankopan about Britain's relationship with the new Silk Roads, and why we need to better understand China.
30/10/1521m 22s

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Dan Hannan

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Conservative MEP Dan Hannan about the trouble with the European Union, and why Britain would be better off out of it.
23/10/1513m 21s

Britain and China’s coy first date

In this week's MoneyWeek podcast, Merryn and John talk about Britain's new romance with China, the decline of the steel industry, and our position in the EU.
23/10/1517m 50s

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to David Smith

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Economics Editor of the UK Sunday Times and author David Smith, about his new book Something Will Turn Up.
16/10/1539m 2s

Robot farmers and EU nonsense

Merryn and John discuss this week's magazine. Merryn talks about how robots could take over our farms – and why that's a good thing – and John gets all worked up about nonsense EU statistics that just won't die.
16/10/1516m 56s

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Matt Ridley

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Matt Ridley, about how, despite what many people want to believe, nobody is in control of the world economy – and that’s exactly how it should be.
08/10/1525m 54s

What VW and the African aid industry have in common

Merryn and John discuss this week's magazine. It's all about skewed incentives this week: they explain why we can expect a lot more scandals like VW, why the aid industry is holding back Africa, and why big companies aren't anywhere near as safe as investors think. Oh, and they also talk about gin.
02/10/1520m 53s

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Alex Perry

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to author Alex Perry about how the global aid industry is corrupting the continent of Africa and holding it back from realising its vast potential.
02/10/1534m 14s

Austrian economics and Europe

Dan Denning of Capital and Conflict and MoneyWeek’s John Stepek talk to Dr Barbara Kolm, president of the Hayek Institute and director of the Austrian Economics Centre in Vienna about the European Union, immigration, and what low interest rates are doing to our morals.
25/09/1536m 13s

The coming war on cash

Merryn and John talk about this week’s edition of MoneyWeek, including our panel of experts’ generally positive views on China; the danger that our cash is going to be taken away from us in the Bank of England’s latest wheeze to combat deflation; and a structured product that you might just want to invest in.
24/09/1511m 27s

The Fed bottles it again

Merryn Somerset Webb and John Stepek talk about the burning issues of the week – including how the Fed bottled it again on raising interest rates, how ‘silo thinking’ caused the financial crisis, and how it could cause the next.
18/09/1519m 48s

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to James Fergusson

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to author James Fergusson about how climate change and diminishing resources – particularly water – are driving migration. And how this is just the start.
15/09/1525m 25s

Corbyn And Trump, barbarians at the gate

Merryn and John discuss the issues in this week’s magazine, including the rise of populism in the UK, US and Europe in the wake of the financial crisis and the politicians’ and central banks’ response to it.
11/09/1517m 3s
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