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Every week the team behind the UK's biggest technology monthly discusses the latest news and issues in computing and mobile tech.

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PC Pro Podcast 577

The team discusses airline safety fears over 5G telecoms, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision and Intel’s apparent plans to launch a new dedicated Bitcoin-mining chip. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Ubiquiti Switch Pro Aggregation, a huge Layer 3 switch at a remarkable price.
20/01/2257m 55s

PC Pro Podcast 576

The team discusses a chip shortage affecting Canon’s printer cartridges, the arrival of PCI-E 6 and a new way of identifying cyberattacks from their electromagnetic signatures. Editor Tim Danton delivers his first-hand impressions of CES 2022, and our Hot Hardware candidate is the GeoFlex 340, a low-cost convertible laptop.Featured link: That Microsoft Surface SE repair video –
13/01/221h 6m

PC Pro Podcast 575

The team discusses our pick of the new gadgets unveiled at CES 2022, plus Intel’s newest family of chips, the end of BlackBerry messenger phones, a novel way to charge your TV remote control – and the latest developments in smart tractors.
06/01/221h 2m

PC Pro Podcast 574

It’s time for our annual festive quiz! Join the team as we put our knowledge of technical matters and current affairs to the test. You can also enter our prize contest to win a free copy of BullGuard Premium Protection (RRP £69.99) or editor-in-chief Tim Danton’s book The Computers That Made Britain. Just visit, answer the question and submit your details before 6pm on Friday, 24 December 2021.
23/12/211h 0m

PC Pro Podcast 573

The team discusses a major security threat to online services everywhere, the government’s latest proposals for policing the internet and Microsoft’s novel attempt to coax pirates into paying for Office. In a Hot Hardware special we round up our favourite products of 2021.
16/12/211h 3m

PC Pro Podcast 572

The gang discusses Microsoft’s attempts to persuade people to stick with its Edge browser, the latest assaults on your online privacy and the future of quantum computing. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Fairphone 4, a modular and repairable 5G smartphone.Link – IEEE Spectrum interviews quantum computing architect John Martinis:
09/12/211h 8m

PC Pro Podcast 571

The team discusses some questionable behaviour from Microsoft, Amazon’s sneaky promotion of its own brands and Qualcomm’s new ARM processor for Windows machines. We also give away a podcasting microphone and amplifier courtesy of Our Hot Hardware candidate is a £3,500 gaming PC from Scan, powered by Intel’s new 12th-generation Core i9 processor.
02/12/211h 8m

PC Pro Podcast 570

The team discusses how different countries are handling the rise of cryptocurrency, Apple's questionable app ratings and rumours that Windows might soon be available on a much wider range of ARM hardware. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Røde Wireless Go II, a compact wireless microphone system.
25/11/211h 6m

PC Pro Podcast 569

The team discusses Apple’s huge U-turn on repairability, the gradual winding-down of Windows 10 and IBM’s latest breakthrough in quantum computing. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the 16in Apple MacBook Pro, showcasing the new M1 Max processor.
18/11/211h 3m

PC Pro Podcast 568

The team discusses Microsoft’s new Windows 11 SE platform, a graphene-based battery breakthrough and an unexpected climbdown on repairability from Apple. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Logitech MK295 Silent Keyboard, an affordable keyboard that won’t wake the neighbours.
11/11/211h 1m

PC Pro Podcast 567

The team discusses Mark Zuckerberg’s plans for the Metaverse, a new addition to Microsoft Office and the backlash against software subscriptions. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Pixel 6 Pro, Google’s newest and best own-brand phone.Links featured in this episode:Washington Post: How Facebook’s “metaverse” became a political strategy in Washington: Loop Promo Video:
04/11/211h 7m

PC Pro Podcast 566

The team discusses the latest accusations against Facebook, a cyber-attack on UK VoIP providers, new features in the latest Adobe applications and Intel's newest, fastest CPUs. Our Hot Hardware candidate is Apple's AirPods 3.Links:Apple's now-vanished notch documentation: Collins' hands-on test of Photoshop's new seasonal adjustment filters:
28/10/211h 6m

PC Pro Podcast 565

The team discusses Apple’s new MacBook Pro models – and the chips that power them – along with Google’s latest Pixel phones, and a probe into online music streaming services. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Astropad Luna Display, a tiny USB adaptor that turns your iPad into a secondary display for a Windows or Mac computer.
21/10/211h 4m

PC Pro Podcast 564

The team discusses Microsoft’s new right-to-repair commitments, the latest research into mobile app snooping, warnings over new internet regulations and the latest Wi-Fi upgrade. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Logitech MX Keys Mini, a high-end compact keyboard.Links featured in this episode:The Daily Show on Right To Repair: “Android Mobile OS Snooping by Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and Realme Handsets”: “Are iPhones Really Better for Privacy?” Building Simulator:
14/10/211h 3m

PC Pro Podcast 563

The team discusses a huge outage of Facebook services, Sky’s new smart TV offerings and revelations from our exclusive chat with Windows manager Aaron Woodman. Our Hot Hardware candidate is Apple’s latest iPhone – is 13 the company’s lucky number?Featured links: WSJ - 'Facebook Files': Response:'s Apple video -
07/10/211h 9m

PC Pro Podcast 562

As the official launch of Windows 11 draws near, the team takes an in-depth look at the new OS, discussing interface changes, security enhancements, gaming features and more.
30/09/211h 4m

PC Pro Podcast 561

The team discusses Microsoft’s latest Surface devices, new features in iOS 15, the push to standardise phone chargers and the passing of British computing innovator Sir Clive Sinclair. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Samsung Z Flip3, a quirky folding smartphone.
23/09/211h 7m

PC Pro Podcast 560

The team discusses Apple’s latest phone, watch and tablet releases, while Microsoft goes passwordless and a new academic institution seeks to reboot social media. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer sunglasses, a pair of stylish shades that can capture photos and video footage.
16/09/211h 8m

PC Pro Podcast 559

The team discusses adverts in Windows 11, AI-based photo upscaling, El Salvador’s Bitcoin fiasco and question marks over WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption. As a Hot Hardware special, we take a trip back to 2016 and revisit the first-generation Amazon Echo.A demo and explanation of the SR3 upscaling system:
09/09/211h 5m

PC Pro Podcast 558

The team discusses the impending arrival of Windows 11, Apple’s partial climbdown over App Store fees and accusations of deceptive marketing in the SSD world. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, the manufacturer’s first Google-powered wearable.
02/09/211h 6m

PC Pro Podcast 557

The team discusses a new data-protection shake-up in the UK, the latest hurdle in Nvidia’s acquisition of Arm, vulnerabilities in a wide range of routers using Realtek chipsets and the inexorable rise of semiconductor prices. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, a folding phone that could actually catch on.Here’s a list of routers afflicted by the Realtek vulnerabilities:
26/08/211h 4m

PC Pro Podcast 556

The team discusses the revelations in Facebook’s first ever “Widely Viewed Content Report”, a phishing attack that uses Morse code to slip past security scanners, a new lease of life for legacy landlines and Google’s mysterious new Tensor chip. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the ORIA Bluetooth transmitter, a low-cost gadget that could transform your in-car entertainment.
19/08/211h 0m

PC Pro Podcast 555

The team discusses new folding phones from Samsung, Apple’s controversial photo-scanning technology, the cost of outdated IT and Google’s threat to cut the pay of homeworkers. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Huawei MateView, a 28in monitor with an unusual 3:2 aspect ratio.
12/08/211h 9m

PC Pro Podcast 554

If the rumours are right, Amazon won’t be delivering our parcels by drone any time soon - but the team isn’t too worried about this failure, it turns out. Plus, will any of our panel buy the Surface Duo phone now that it’s halved in price? Can a robot run a 5K faster than Lee? And will our hot “hardware” of the week, Microsoft’s all-new Windows 365 Cloud PC, get the thumbs up from Jon Honeyball and the live listeners? There’s only one way to find out.
05/08/211h 8m

PC Pro Podcast 553

Dell can no longer sell its most high-end PCs in California due to their power demands - is this a harbinger of what’s to come? Plus, Jon Honeyball shares his views on the astonishing profits lodged by big tech companies such as Apple and Barry falls in love with Flight Simulator on the Xbox - before trying to persuade everyone that the Amazon Echo Show 8 is Hot Hardware of the Week.
29/07/211h 5m

PC Pro Podcast 552

The team discusses a major new vulnerability in Windows, the emerging Pegasus spyware scandal, the shutting down of an app that flags fake Amazon reviews and Netflix’s proposed move into gaming. Out Hot Hardware candidate is the Apple MagSafe battery pack.
22/07/211h 4m

PC Pro Podcast 551

The team discusses Microsoft’s new Windows Cloud service, the growing problem of leaked phone numbers, the uneven distribution of music streaming payments and the UK’s largest ever seizure of cryptocurrency. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the MuteMe, a physical button for muting yourself on VoIP and video calls.
15/07/211h 7m

PC Pro Podcast 550

Heather Burns of the Open Rights Group joins the podcast to explain how proposed legislation would outlaw all encrypted communications in the UK. The team also discusses the latest developments in Windows 11, TikTok’s increasing encroachment into the real world and some colourful new labels about to appear in supermarkets. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Eero 6, Amazon’s easy-to-use Wi-Fi 6 mesh system.
08/07/211h 6m

PC Pro Podcast 549

The team discusses a disastrous attack on WD NAS drives, the end of the Google-Microsoft détente, second impressions of Windows 11 and the return of roaming charges. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Shure MV7 podcast microphone. (Well, WE think it’s interesting.)
01/07/211h 4m

PC Pro Podcast 548

In a special edition of the podcast, the team discusses the official unveiling of Windows 11. Is this a bold new computing platform for the post-pandemic age, or is Microsoft just hoping to drum up excitement with a new lick of paint? We give our impressions and predictions.
25/06/211h 7m

PC Pro Podcast 547

The team discusses a first look at Windows 11, Apple’s plans to do away with passwords, the opening of Google’s first high-street shop and a legal victory on the “right to repair”. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 6, a slim and stylish convertible laptop with an exceptional screen and a rare turn of speed.
17/06/211h 10m

PC Pro Podcast 546

The team discusses the latest announcements from Apple’s WWDC event, questions the trustworthiness of “authorised” repair shops, marvels at a technical error that took down some of the biggest sites on the web, and laments a legal precedent that could see individuals in the US lose their internet connections for merely being accused of copyright infringement. Our Hot Software candidate is Vivaldi 4, a new release of the privacy-focused browser that comes with a suite of additional desktop tools.
10/06/211h 3m

PC Pro Podcast 545

The team discusses the fightback against pushy cookie requesters, state-sponsored malware attacks, the arrival of Huawei’s new HarmonyOS and Norton’s unexpected move into cryptomining. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the F77 Model F, a customisable, retro-styled keyboard that could be yours for just £250.
03/06/211h 5m

PC Pro Podcast 544

The team discusses the latest news from Microsoft’s Build conference, a cautionary tale about Wi-Fi passwords, the effective demise of Samsung’s “upcycling” programme and a controversial change to YouTube’s terms of service. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, Amazon’s latest, smartest doorbell.The Samsung upcycling video:
27/05/211h 9m

PC Pro Podcast 543

The team discusses the big announcements from Google’s I/O event, Apple’s malware problem, Amazon’s new Sidewalk network and the rise of lossless music streaming. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4.
20/05/211h 9m

PC Pro Podcast 542

The team discusses the government’s plans for cleaning up the internet, the rumoured shelving of Windows 10X, a new report into the right to repair and Elon Musk’s latest shenanigans. Our Hot Hardware candidate is Netgear’s Orbi LBR20 4G router, a Wi-Fi solution for locations without a reliable fixed internet connection.Matthew Lesh’s Twitter commentary on the Online Safety Bill: FTC report on repairability:
13/05/211h 5m

PC Pro Podcast 541

The team discusses the continuing spat between Apple and Epic, English football’s social media boycott and a new low-cost broadband package designed for people receiving universal credit. Our Hot Hardware candidate is Apple’s AirTags, little discs that can be used to track and locate (more or less) anything.
06/05/211h 5m

PC Pro Podcast 540

The team discusses the IT vulnerabilities that sent innocent Post Office workers to prison, price hikes at Spotify, a new look for Microsoft Word and the shocking cost of LinkedIn. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the AVerMedia PW315, a webcam with a fast frame rate and built-in AI to help frame and clean up your stream.Featured links:BBC podcast, “The Great Post Office Trial”:’s five candidates for its next default font: series, “Abstract: The Art of Design (Episode 6, Jonathan Hoefler: Typeface Design)”:
29/04/211h 4m

PC Pro Podcast 539

The team discusses new product announcements from Apple, criticises a misleading report from the NSPCC and questions whether the government is right to intervene in Nvidia’s proposed acquisition of Arm. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the PC Specialist Vortex Elite R, a £999 do-it-all desktop PC.
22/04/211h 4m

PC Pro Podcast 538

The team discusses the would-be bomber who hoped to blow up AWS, Spotify’s plans to become a fixture in your car, legal moves to limit the use of facial recognition and the planned merger between O2 and Virgin Media. Our Hot Software candidate, hem hem, is Parallels Desktop 16.5, the first edition of the popular virtualisation suite to officially support running Windows on Apple Silicon.
15/04/211h 9m

PC Pro Podcast 537

The team discusses a huge leak at Facebook, China’s national investment in cryptocurrency, the end of Yahoo Answers and LG’s departure from the smartphone market. Out Hot Hardware candidate is the Dell OptiPlex 7090 Ultra, an ultra-compact desktop PC that’s entirely built into a monitor stand.Nintendo’s distinctly dodgy advice about port forwarding: To Dollars report on smartphone manufacturers:
08/04/211h 7m

PC Pro Podcast 536

The team discusses Amazon’s anti-union machinations, a boom in mobile browser usage, the latest on Nominet and ARM’s first new chip design in a decade. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Netgear Orbi RBK352, a (relatively) affordable Wi-Fi 6 mesh system.Check out the browser usage stats referred to by Jon Honeyball at
01/04/211h 6m

PC Pro Podcast 535

The team discusses an embarrassing data breach at FatFace, the downsides of working from home, big changes at Nominet and how Intel plans to regain its mojo. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Acer ConceptD 3 Ezel Pro, a laptop with a novel flexible design.
26/03/211h 10m

PC Pro Podcast 534

The team discusses Intel’s new Apple-bashing ads, a silicon shortage threatening the smartphone market, controversy over privacy labelling and new plans to encourage tech giants to pay for the content they use. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the latest model of the LG Gram 17, a laptop that’s big but very light.
18/03/2154m 59s

PC Pro Podcast 533

The team discusses the EU's chip ambitions, a huge attack on Microsoft Exchange, the use of CCTV to track social distancing and Dropbox's acquisition of DocSend. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Elgato Stream Deck, a smart button bank that works with almost any application.
11/03/211h 5m

PC Pro Podcast 532

Microsoft wants to augment meetings with its Hololens technology, but three out of our four experts think it’s fighting a losing battle. Plus, our take on the automated Amazon store shortly to open in London, a brief explainer on what NFTs are (and if they’re a good thing), and why Google’s move away from personalised ad tracking comes with caveats. Finally, can Tim persuade the others to make a £200 laptop Hot Hardware of the Week?
04/03/211h 5m

PC Pro Podcast 531

The team discusses a speed boost for satellite internet, the uncertain future of Wear OS, concerns over Apple SSDs and Spotify’s plans for lossless streaming. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Acer ConceptD CP5271UV, a 27in monitor designed to please creatives and gamers alike.
25/02/211h 3m

PC Pro Podcast 530

With LastPass announcing that its free version will be severely limited in the future, what’s your best option for switching? Plus what’s coming up in the next Windows update (don’t get excited), why we think Microsoft is charging way too much for the Surface Duo in the UK, and all the rest of this week’s news tied up in a conversational bow.
18/02/211h 2m

PC Pro Podcast 529

The team discusses privacy concerns over Clubhouse, Twitter's vision for a custom-curated social media feed, a milestone for Microsoft Excel and Intel's first public response to the Apple M1 SoC. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Expanscape Aurora 7, a powerhouse laptop with a 17.3in 4K display, plus six other fold-out screens.
11/02/211h 3m

PC Pro Podcast 528

Jeff Bezos stands down as Amazon CEO and Google closes its in-house games studio; we also share a sneak preview of Windows 10 X and discuss the tech winners and losers of the pandemic. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Asus ROG Strix G17, a stonking gaming laptop with an AMD Ryzen R7 CPU.
04/02/211h 7m

PC Pro Podcast 527

The team discusses Twitter and Facebook opening their archives to researchers, Google’s threat to quit Australia, a worldwide shortage of graphics cards, and how Reddit users are causing ructions on Wall Street. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Prime Computer PrimeMini 5, a low-power desktop PC that’s small and silent yet surprisingly well connected.The day Volkswagen briefly conquered the world (from the Financial Times, may be paywalled):
28/01/211h 9m

PC Pro Podcast 526

The team discusses Wikipedia's 20th anniversary, Sir Tim Berners-Lee's new idea for protecting our online privacy and the potential dangers of online shopping algorithms. Our hot hardware candidate is the Asus ZenBook Duo UX482, the company's latest stab at creating a dual-screen laptop.Spotlight link: List of hoaxes on Wikipedia -
21/01/211h 2m

PC Pro Podcast 525

The team discusses the highlights of this year's virtual CES, an ignominious end for "free-speech" social network Parler, concerns over Flash-only online exams and a new CEO for Intel. Our Hot Hardware candidate is Virgin's Intelligent Wi-Fi Plus, a whole-home booster based on the Plume mesh platform.
14/01/211h 3m

PC Pro Podcast 524

The team discusses the technology implications of the recent mass incursion into the US Capitol; a new look for Outlook; the challenges of home schooling; and Microsoft's threat to bring deceased loved ones back to life as chatbots. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the HP EliteOne 800 G5, an all-in-one desktop PC that could be ideal for homeworkers.
07/01/211h 5m

PC Pro Podcast 523

As 2020 recedes into the rear-view mirror, the team looks ahead to the big issues and technologies that might shape 2021.Video link: "The Square", as mentioned by Tim Danton as a possible way to make working from home more sociable -
31/12/201h 1m

PC Pro Podcast 522

It's time once more for our annual quiz! Darien Graham-Smith plays quizmaster as Barry Collins, Tim Danton and Jon Honeyball compete for the tech trivia crown.
24/12/2054m 26s

PC Pro Podcast 521

The team discusses a short but disruptive Google outage, privacy controversies at Twitter and Facebook, and a major step forward for Windows on ARM. Our Hot Hardware candidate is Apple's AirPods Max, a pair of noise-cancelling, over-ear headphones that can be yours for the pocket-money price of £549.
17/12/201h 7m

PC Pro Podcast 520

The team discusses the EU's proposed "right to disconnect", legal challenges to Facebook, a technical trick that can uncover pixelated passwords and new accessibility features in Android and iOS. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Acer Book RS i7, a premium Windows laptop designed by Porsche.For the original tweet about pixelated passwords, see
10/12/201h 8m

PC Pro Podcast special: How do we connect Britain?

The pandemic has hammered home the importance of connectivity for workers wherever they are in the country. In this special podcast in association with O2, Tim Danton, Jon Honeyball and O2's Ant Morse cover the lessons learned so far and look ahead to the future - including the role of 5G and the steps we need to take to connect the whole of Britain.
07/12/2046m 2s

PC Pro Podcast 519

The team discusses Android apps on Windows, the acquisition of Slack by business giant SalesForce and the rise of Spotify as a podcasting platform. Our Hot Hardware contender is actually a piece of software this week, namely the latest version of Pixelmator Pro, a powerful but affordable image editor.
04/12/201h 4m

PC Pro Podcast 518

The team discusses online bots snapping up Black Friday bargains, a row over royalties paid to musicians by streaming services, the hidden risks of smart doorbells and a disappointing government U-turn on broadband targets. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Alcatel 1, a bona fide smartphone costing less than £30.
26/11/201h 5m

PC Pro Podcast 517

Apple halves its App Store cut to 15% for smaller publishers, Google Pay gets a big update and "free speech" social network Parler continues to grow. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the new Apple MacBook Air, the first computer we've seen built on the Apple M1 processor.And finally, two Radio 4 programmes, mentioned during our discussion of Parler, that address the challenge of discourse across ideological divides:Across The Red Line: Reason:
19/11/201h 8m

PC Pro Podcast 516

The team discusses Apple's new ARM-based Macs, looks into Android app security and asks how AI is affecting our spending habits. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Raspberry Pi 400, a new variant of the Pi that comes in a classic-style keyboard casing.
12/11/201h 2m

PC Pro Podcast 515

The team discusses a huge leak of user credentials from across the web, the influence of social media on the US election, confidential data being recovered from second-hand USB flash drives and Intel's new foray into world of discrete GPUs. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the 2020 iPad Air, a tablet offering much of the cachet of an iPad Pro at a slightly lower price.
05/11/201h 8m

PC Pro Podcast 514

The team discusses the end of the road for Flash on Windows, the latest updates to the NHS Covid-19 app, an online hoax that proclaimed the return of defunct high-street giant Woolworths and the rise of the right-to-repair movement. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the DJI OM 4, a magnetic gimbal that helps you capture professional-grade video on your smartphone.Check out the mobile phone compatibility list for the OM 4 at
29/10/201h 1m

PC Pro Podcast 513

The team discusses the latest update to Windows 10, the arrival of Windows apps on Chrome OS, new AI-powered tools in Adobe Photoshop and a warning over malicious ad-blocking tools. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Honor Router 3, a Wi-Fi 6-compatible router costing just £72.
22/10/201h 7m

PC Pro Podcast 512

eng||The team discusses Apple's new iPhone and Homepod models, Amazon's apparent evasion of a new UK tax, the future for Google Chrome and an update for the pocket-sized micro:bit computer. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Pixel 5, Google's latest own-brand Android smartphone.
15/10/201h 8m

PC Pro Podcast 511

The team discusses PHE's Excel-based coronavirus cock-up, new features in Slack and Google Workspace, Nvidia's AI-based upgrade to videoconferencing and the latest breakthroughs in RAM and battery technologies. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Huawei Matebook 14 2020, a £950 laptop with an AMD Ryzen 7 processor.Watch the virtual PC Pro Awards ceremony at
08/10/201h 11m

PC Pro Podcast 510

The team discusses the latest product launches from Google and Amazon, checks out Lenovo's new foldable PC and looks forward to a brighter future for Windows on ARM. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi 6 AX4200, a next-generation home mesh system.For Barry Collins' story about the iPad mini that could, see
01/10/201h 9m

PC Pro Podcast 509

The team discusses the long-awaited arrival of England's coronavirus tracing app, mulls Microsoft's licensing of GPT-3 AI technology, decries the excessively pushy marketing of the Edge browser and welcomes a new slew of supposedly IoT-focused chips from Intel. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Microsoft Surface Duo.For the curious story of the TV set that broke a village's internet, see
24/09/201h 5m

PC Pro special podcast: Interview with Dr Hermann Hauser, co-founder of Arm Holdings

In this special podcast, we interview Dr Hermann Hauser - one of the co-founders of Arm Holdings - to discuss the proposed sale to Nvidia and why Dr Hauser believes that is a bad move for the company and Britain as a whole.
18/09/2032m 17s

PC Pro Podcast 508

The team discusses the product updates unveiled at Apple's "Time Flies" event, IBM's new quantum computing roadmap and key announcements from the annual Facebook Connect conference. Fittingly, our Hot Hardware candidate is the Oculus Quest 2, Facebook's new flagship VR headset.LINK: For more on the IBM quantum roadmap, see
17/09/201h 5m

PC Pro Podcast 507

The team checks out Scotland's new coronavirus tracing app, explores what's new in Android 11, laments fake reviews on Amazon and celebrates the 20th birthday of the universally unloved Windows Me. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Honor MagicBook Pro, a stylish and powerful laptop that's surprisingly affordable.
10/09/201h 6m

PC Pro Podcast 506

Firefox has signed a new search deal with Google, but - as Barry shares having interviewed its lead developer this week - the company is looking at new ways to make money. Plus, has Elon Musk overhyped his brain tech, the lowdown on Intel’s new branding and new chips, and whether you should save your money for Nvidia’s newly launched RTX 3000 series of graphics cards. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Lenovo ThinkSmart View, an office helper that sits on your desk...
03/09/2058m 32s

PC Pro Podcast 505

The team discusses Epic Games' ongoing legal beef with Apple, the continuing prevalence of web-tracking tricks, a controversial update to Firefox and the 25th anniversary of the launch of Windows 95. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the X-Rite iDisplay Pro Plus 3, a nifty little colorimeter that can help you improve the colour accuracy of your monitor.
27/08/201h 5m

PC Pro Podcast 504

Commercial pilot Gavin Hall joins the team to give a professional opinion of Microsoft's groundbreaking new Flight Simulator; we also discuss the increasingly acrimonious squabble between Apple and Epic Games, a technical breakthrough that could give Intel CPUs a big performance boost and disputes over access to BT's paid-for TV services. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Sony WH-1000XM4, the company's new flagship noise-cancelling headphones.
20/08/201h 3m

PC Pro Podcast 503

The team talks to seismologist Professor Thomas Lecocq about Android's new earthquake-detection function - for real - and discusses the UK's latest coronavirus tracking app, the arrival of the Microsoft Surface Duo and the latest on TikTok. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Vodafone Curve, a compact GPS tracker designed to help locate misplaced items and animals.
13/08/201h 7m

PC Pro Podcast 502

The team discusses Microsoft's possible acquisition of TikTok, the rumoured sale of chip designer ARM and the latest announcements from Samsung's "Galaxy Unpacked" event (see We also mention a report suggesting that 80 million computers have been hijacked by malicious Chrome extensions, which you can read at This week's Hot Hardware candidate is the Samsung Galaxy M31, a snazzy smartphone at a remarkably low price.
06/08/201h 4m

PC Pro Podcast 501

The team discusses not one but two high-profile hack attacks, recaps the US hearing that has accused tech giants of operating as monopolies, and looks ahead to the prospect of a wholly virtual CES. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Netgear XS508M, a 10GbE network switch that makes Wi-Fi 6 look positively sluggish.
30/07/201h 0m

PC Pro Podcast 500

In the week that Slack slapped Microsoft with a lawsuit accusing it of abusing its position of dominance, the team delivers its verdict. Plus, what on earth is going on with Windows 10X, which worldwide powers might buy the chip-licensing giant Arm, hackable phone power supplies and the pros and cons of Apple’s bug bounty phone. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Null Project, an iPad keyboard that comes without any letters on its keys.
23/07/201h 6m

PC Pro Podcast 499

The team discusses a huge Twitter hack attack, Huawei's expulsion from the UK telecoms market, predictions of what 6G mobile services might bring and Google's visions for future wearable technology. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Gigabyte Aero 17, a high-powered laptop with a huge Pantone-certified screen.
16/07/201h 8m

PC Pro Podcast 498

The team discusses a new report that warns of vulnerabilities in ALL domestic routers (see, concerns over in-game purchases, badly behaved iOS apps and the latest on Thunderbolt. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Moto 360, an Android-based smartwatch - remember those?
09/07/201h 5m

PC Pro Podcast 497

The team discusses the performance of Apple's new in-house CPUs, a technical fiasco that left banking customers unable to get at their money, tighter policies on hate speech at Reddit and the worldwide closure of Microsoft's retail shops. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the BT Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi, a three-node mesh system costing just £75.
02/07/201h 5m

PC Pro Podcast 496

The team discusses the implications of Apple's move to ARM-based processors, the final curtain for Adobe Flash, new rugged laptops from Acer, and apps that (notionally) allow you to go to the pub safely again. Our Hot Hardware candidates are a brace of high-end audio headsets from Logitech and Epos.
25/06/201h 4m

PC Pro Podcast 495

The team catches up with the state of the UK's "world-beating" Coronavirus-tracing app, legal challenges for Apple, warnings over the longevity of smart home appliances and Snapchat's big investment in AR. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Microsoft Surface Book 3.
18/06/201h 6m

PC Pro Podcast 494

The team discusses the potential dangers of facial recognition technology, emerging data about the coronavirus pandemic (see, ructions at Reddit and Apple's planned transition to ARM-based processors. Our Hot Hardware candidate is an ordinary Android phone - running the latest beta of Android 11.
11/06/201h 0m

PC Pro Podcast 493

The team discusses the BBC's new voice assistant, Google's next-generation video-streaming device, a boost for location-sharing "Plus Codes" and a steep price increase for Apple RAM. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Netgear Nighthawk M2 mobile router (see
04/06/201h 5m

PC Pro Podcast 492

The team discusses Donald Trump's feud with Twitter, a USB stick that claims to protect users from the dangers of 5G radio waves, Japan's plans for "super-cities" and what - if anything - is new in the Windows 10 May 2020 Update. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Scan 3XS Vengeance XTi, a mighty desktop PC that showcases Intel's new Core i9-10900K CPU.
28/05/201h 8m

PC Pro Podcast 491

The team discusses the new Windows features unveiled at Microsoft's (virtual) Build conference, controversial rumours about Apple's earbuds, criticisms of the UK's coronavirus contact-tracing app and reports of how third-party delivery services are distorting the restaurant market. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the TP-Link EAP225, a wireless access point designed for the great outdoors.
21/05/201h 5m

PC Pro Podcast 490

The team discusses Facebook's use of AI to moderate posts, a stunning first look at the PlayStation 5, the end of Alienware's user-upgradeable laptop and a bitter farewell to Google Play Music. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Samsung Galaxy Book S, a lightweight ARM-based Windows laptop.
14/05/201h 5m

PC Pro Podcast 489

The team discusses the debut of the NHSX Covid-19 app, the merger of O2 and Virgin Media, Facebook's new "supreme court" and Microsoft's big bet on Windows 10X. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Philips Brilliance 346P, a huge 34in desktop monitor.
07/05/201h 6m

PC Pro Podcast 488

The team discusses a dodgy Windows Update, Lenovo's new Linux-based ThinkPads, the ups and downs of life in lockdown and a tool that turns your Canon DSLR into a webcam. Our Hot Hardware candidate is Huawei's P40 Pro - an Android smartphone that ships without Google apps and services.
30/04/201h 2m

PC Pro Podcast 487

The team discusses the UK's new coronavirus tracking app, a major vulnerability in the iOS Mail app, Sonos' new music streaming service and security enhancements to the Zoom videoconferencing platform. Our Hot Hardware candidate is Apple's Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro.
23/04/201h 2m

PC Pro Podcast 486

The team is joined by BCS director Carl Harris, who introduces the society's campaign to recognise the role of IT workers during the coronavirus pandemic. We also discuss Google's plans to create its own CPUs and welcome new warnings over video games that invite users to pay for randomised "loot boxes". Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Fitbit Charge 4, a fitness tracker with a built-in GPS receiver.
16/04/201h 9m

PC Pro Podcast 485

The team discusses the spread of misinformation over 5G masts, new limits on WhatsApp forwards, free access to Google Stadia and how libraries are distributing works during the lockdown. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Chord Electronics Hugo 2, a high-end audio streaming system.
09/04/201h 5m

PC Pro Podcast 484

The team discusses security concerns over the suddenly ubiquitous Zoom videoconferencing platform, Microsoft's software subscription plans, a new web-filtering service from CloudFlare and Apple's acquisition of the popular Dark Sky weather app. Our Hot Hardware candidate is Asus' ZenWiFi AC mesh extender system.
02/04/201h 3m

PC Pro Podcast 483

The team says goodbye to Bill Gates as he steps down from the Microsoft board, looks ahead to Android 11, sizes up Apple's new iPad Pro and MacBook Air models and shares tips on working fom home. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the somewhat pricey Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone.
19/03/201h 2m

PC Pro Podcast 482

The team discusses the technological implications of the coronavirus outbreak, forthcoming features for Pixel phones, the ethical issues raised by face-scanning technology and a new role for Cortana. Our Hot hardware candidate is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, a folding smartphone with a horizontal hinge.
05/03/201h 0m

PC Pro Podcast 481

The team asks whether Macs need antivirus software, discusses unfortunate problems with a recent Windows 10 update, wishes Photoshop a happy 30th birthday and ponders the tale of the smart car that refused to drive home. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the LG Gram 17, an ultra-lightweight laptop with a huge screen.
20/02/201h 4m

PC Pro Podcast 480

The team discusses the rise of artificially manipulated photos and videos, the artist who created a virtual traffic jam, the creative potential of the iPad and Google's latest financial report. Our Hot Hardware candidate is Nvidia GeForce NOW, the graphics giant's new streaming gaming service. Well, it has to be running on hardware somewhere, right?
06/02/201h 4m

PC Pro Podcast 479

The team discusses Sonos bricking its own products, a first look at Microsoft's twin-screened Surface Duo smartphone and the alleged hack attack on Jeff Bezos. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Netgear Orbi WiFi 6, the world's first 802.11ax mesh networking platform.
23/01/201h 3m

PC Pro Podcast 478

In a special podcast direct from Las Vegas, Tim Danton and Jon Honeyball discuss the latest news and product announcements from CES 2020.
09/01/201h 1m

PC Pro Podcast 477

The team tests their knowledge of tech news and trivia in our traditional end-of-year quiz.
19/12/1950m 27s

PC Pro Podcast 476

The team discusses new password-security features in Chrome, rumours of a socketless iPhone, the future of Intel and the end of the line for Windows 7. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the 16in Apple MacBook Pro.
12/12/191h 7m

PC Pro Podcast - How do you know it’s time to retire IT kit?

PC Pro Podcast - How do you know it’s time to retire IT kit? by PC Pro
02/12/1953m 54s

PC Pro Podcast 475

The team discusses Uber losing its licence in London, Twitter’s plan to delete dormant accounts, Tim Berners-Lee’s contract for an ethical web, and the amazing vanishing features in Windows 10. Our Hot Hardware candidate is Stadia, Google’s online gaming system.
28/11/1957m 52s

PC Pro Podcast: Buy IT to grow not slow your business

Small businesses often make the mistake of buying IT that meets their immediate needs but won’t grow with their business, whether that’s buying a server without expansion options or a laptop that isn’t fit for purpose. PC Pro editor-in-chief Tim Danton hosts a lively debate with columnist and IT consultant Jon Honeyball plus associate editor Darien Graham-Smith. Made in association with Dell Small Business.
25/11/1935m 14s

PC Pro Podcast Dell Special 1

While Black Friday started life as bargain hunting for Christmas buyers, an increasing number of small businesses are taking advantage. In this special podcast in association with Dell Small Business, PC Pro editor-in-chief Tim Danton discusses the savings to be made, and the pitfalls to avoid, with columnist and IT consultant Jon Honeyball and associate editor Darien Graham-Smith.
18/11/1932m 38s

PC Pro Podcast 474

The team discusses Google's new initiatives against slow websites and Android malware; the uninspiring Windows 10 November Update; and the potentially more interesting new 16in Apple MacBook Pro. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3.
14/11/1958m 42s

PC Pro Podcast 473

The team discusses a rap on the knuckles for Amazon; a ratings glitch in the Apple App Store; Netflix's proposed new speed controls; Samsung's fresh take on foldable phones; and a data leak affecting Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Sphero RVR, a programmable robotic vehicle.
31/10/191h 3m

PC Pro Podcast 472

The team discusses the demise of the government’s porn-registry plans; setbacks for Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency; Fortnite’s devastating season-end stunt; and the attractions of the National Museum of Computing. Our Hot Hardware candidate is Google’s new Pixel 4 smartphone.
17/10/191h 2m

PC Pro Podcast 471

The team discusses all the news from Microsoft's big Surface event, takes the new iPad OS for a spin, weighs up new privacy protections from Google and ponders the longevity of the pager. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Cosmo Communicator, a versatile mobile device that harks back to the pocket computers of the 1990s.
03/10/191h 3m

PC Pro Podcast 470

The team discusses Apple's new iPhone and iPad models, the official launch of Wi-Fi 6, Google's absorption of DeepMind (and its associated NHS data) and controversy over the routine use of facial recognition technology. Our hot hardware candidate is the HP Envy x360 13, a glamorous convertible laptop with an AMD processor inside.
19/09/191h 8m

PC Pro Podcast 469

The team catches up with the news from IFA in Berlin, checks out the latest release of Android, mulls over the surveillance implications of the Ring doorbell and looks forward to a new tablet experience in Windows 10. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the BT Signal Assist, a domestic 3G transmitter that uses your router to deliver rock-solid reception.
05/09/191h 6m

PC Pro Podcast 468

The team discusses Google's open-sourcing of its speech-to-text technology, and asks whether the search giant has too much power. We also explore the recent sale of Tumblr, and ask why Amazon never seems to make a profit. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Dell Latitude 5420, a heavyweight laptop that's designed to survive some serious abuse.
22/08/191h 6m

PC Pro Podcast 467

The team discusses AMD's new 7nm server chips, a host of product launches from Samsung, freedom of speech on 8chan and other sites and Google's plans to give rival search engines a leg up - for a price. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Amazon Echo Show 5.
08/08/191h 2m

Podcast 466

The team discusses the latest developments in 5G networking, incoming regulations for online purchases and the new Prime Minister's ambitious target for fibre broadband in the UK. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Asus RT-AX88U, a powerful router that supports 802.11ax, also known as Wi-Fi 6.
25/07/1948m 20s

Podcast 465

On a packed podcast the team discusses ISPA's attack on Mozilla, détente between Amazon and Google, the world's worst user interface, a new way to exfiltrate data from air-gapped computers – and more. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the HP Spectre Folio, a convertible laptop encased in luxurious brown leather.
11/07/191h 0m

PC Pro Podcast 464

The team discusses a new tool for messing with advertisers, Google's plan to educate kids about fake news, a light-based networking platform that could replace Wi-Fi and the arrival of AI in PowerPoint. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the tiny but surprisingly capable Raspberry Pi 4 Model B.
27/06/1958m 59s

Podcast 463

The team discusses new surveillance technologies, some highlights of the E3 expo and the future of Dropbox and Firefox. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Asus Vivobook 14S, an affordable laptop with a trackpad that doubles as a touchscreen.
13/06/191h 0m

Podcast 462

The team discusses the latest news from Computex in Taipei, asks whether Huawei might make its own mobile OS, ponders Amazon's plans to offload small suppliers and pores over Dolby's legal complaint against Adobe. Amid the bonanza of new hardware emanating from Computex, no fewer than three Hot Hardware candidates duke it out.
30/05/191h 8m

Podcast 461

The team discusses a new online accountability initiative, news from Microsoft's Build conference and Lenovo's plans for a weird foldable laptop. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Oculus Quest, a wire-free VR headset.
16/05/191h 2m

Podcast 460

The team discusses Uber's sudden love affair with public transport, an audio upgrade for Netflix users, the latest from Facebook's F8 conference and the 20th anniversary of the optical mouse. Our hot hardware candidate is the Orbi Voice, a mesh Wi-Fi system with Alexa built in.
02/05/191h 1m

Podcast 459

The team discusses problems with Samsung's folding phones, Switzerland's rejection of the cashless society, incoming age restrictions for adult content and a handy little Google Home device for your car. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the AmpliFi Instant Home Mesh, a cheap and simple wireless extender system.
18/04/191h 1m

Podcast 458

The team discusses the shuttering of some high-profile Google services, and the closure of Microsoft's ebook store. But it's not all gloom, as Apple announces a range of new subscription services, and Firefox clamps down on notification requests. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the new Apple iPad mini.
04/04/191h 5m

Podcast 457

The team discusses Wikipedia's protest against new EU copyright laws; asks whether an AI would do a better job than our politicians; looks forward to a new browser ballot; and mulls the potential of Google's new Stadia game-streaming service. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Microsoft Surface Studio 2, a premium all-in-one PC aimed at creatives.
21/03/191h 4m

PC Pro Podcast 456

On an unusually wide-ranging podcast the team discusses depreciating phone values; rumours of a new "Lite" edition of Windows; the latest updates to the USB standards; controversy over a flagrantly offensive video game; the growing nuisance of Instagram tourists; and the end of Amazon's Dash buttons. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Shadow Ghost, a compact box that streams high-end PC games over the internet.
07/03/191h 6m

Podcast 455

The team discusses the secret microphone inside Google's Nest Guard hardware, Amazon's investment in autonomous delivery vehicles and continued rumblings over the UK's relationship with Huawei. Nathan Spendelow joins with news of Samsung's new folding phone, and the Samsung Galaxy S10 is our Hot Hardware candidate.
21/02/191h 2m

Podcast 454

The team discusses the opening of the first Raspberry Pi shop, Apple's sanctions against Facebook, an end to (some types of) high-pressure online sales tactics and Spotify's expansion into podcasts. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the BlackBerry Key2 LE, which is exactly what you'd expect.
07/02/191h 0m

Podcast 453

The team discusses new measures to combat fake news, warnings over insecure routers and the future of Windows, Office - and Cortana. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Toshiba Portégé X30T-E, a business-oriented laptop with a detachable tablet for a screen.
24/01/191h 0m

Podcast 452

Catch up on the biggest news from CES 2019, as Jon Honeyball, Barry Collins and Tim Danton share their first-hand experiences. We cover the Royole flexible display and the latest laptop news, and reveal our favourite products from the show.
11/01/191h 7m

Podcast 451

In our traditional Christmas quiz, the team's knowledge of the year's tech news and products is put to the test.
20/12/1848m 7s

Podcast 450

The team discusses Microsoft's plan to migrate its Edge browser to the Chromium engine, Alexa's burgeoning AI capabilities, Facebook's ongoing fake news problem and a boost for cryptocurrencies. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the NEC MultiSync EA271U, a sumptuous (but pricey) 4K monitor.
13/12/181h 0m

Podcast 449

The team discusses suspicions over Chinese telecoms hardware, the rise of electric bikes, smartphones in restaurants and the UK government's attempts to bring Facebook to account. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Huawei MateBook X Pro, a stylish Windows laptop that gives Dell and Microsoft a run for their money.
29/11/181h 1m

Podcast 448

The team discusses AR contact lenses, fines for EE and Virgin, computer-generated newsreaders and the dangers of "hustle porn". Three be our Hot Hardware candidates: the new MacBook Air, the new Mac mini and the new iPad Pro.
16/11/181h 6m

Podcast 447

The team asks: is the golden age of big technology firms coming to an end? Is Bitcoin a bubble? Will robots soon be delivering our shopping? And why on earth has IBM bought Red Hat? Our Hot Hardware candidate is Shadow, a remote streaming service that lets you rent the use of a gaming PC on a monthly basis.
01/11/1859m 27s

Podcast 446

The team discusses the passing of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Facebook's new rival to the Echo Show, licensing changes for Android and the arrival of Photoshop for the iPad. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, an upmarket smartphone with some clever tricks up its shiny sleeve.
18/10/181h 9m

Podcast 445

The PC Pro team unpicks the Facebook data "scandal", gives its early thoughts on the new Surface hardware and Windows 10 October update, and tries to decide if Amazon has done the right thing by raising wages. Plus, the hot hardware of the week: an Asus ultraportable with a difference.
04/10/181h 5m

Podcast 444

Is Jeff Bezos a force for good or in it for the headlines? The team discusses his latest altruistic project, before analysing the likely success - or otherwise - of the latest challenger to Intel's dominance. Plus hologram phone calls, Jon Honeyball's take on the Equifax fine and our verdict on the hot hardware of the week: the iPhone XS.
20/09/181h 4m

Podcast 443

The team discusses the pick of new technology from IFA, potential challengers for Adobe's throne, some thought-provoking AI applications and 20 years of Google. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Surface Go, the latest in Microsoft's neverending procession of tablet-cum-laptop hybrids.
06/09/181h 4m

Podcast 442

The team discusses Nvidia's new graphics cards, which feature groundbreaking ray-tracing technology; Facebook's plan to award trustworthiness scores to users; Microsoft's discovery of apparent Russian political meddling; and Jeremy Corbyn's suggestion that online journalism could be funded by a technology tax. Our Hot Hardware candidate is AMD's new 32-core Threadripper 2 CPU.
23/08/181h 3m

Podcast 441

eng||The team discusses a new Firefox extension that helps you discover new content; a price hike for Office; warnings over Chinese technology; and the banning of Alex Jones from online platforms. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Asus ZenFone 5.
09/08/181h 9m

Podcast 440

The team discusses the government’s pledge to run fibre to every British home by 2030; controversy over Apple’s overheating laptops; Samsung’s unbreakable OLED displays; and a possible end to Windows Update woes. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Tenda Nova MW3, a Wi-Fi mesh networking system costing just £92.
26/07/181h 1m

Podcast 439

The team discusses the Apple App Store’s tenth birthday; a not very big fine for Facebook; the UK’s new culture secretary; and the arrival of YouTube Premium. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Asus Chromebox, a box that runs Chrome OS.
12/07/181h 5m

Podcast 438

The team discusses the abrupt departure of Intel’s CEO; the new WPA3 wireless security standard; a misconceived copyright proposal; and problems with Apple keyboards. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Dell G3 – a big-screen, low-cost gaming laptop.
28/06/181h 4m

Podcast 437

The team discusses a serious data breach at Dixons, Amazon’s move into TV sports, Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub and a huge EU fine for Google. Our hot hardware candidate is the Rocketbook, a pen-and-paper notebook with an app of its own.
14/06/181h 4m

Podcast 436

The team discusses the fallout from GDPR, warnings of router-based malware, the BBC's plans to stream World Cup football matches in 4K, and the strange case of the eavesdropping Amazon Echo. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Acer Chromebook Spin 13, a natty convertible laptop.
31/05/181h 3m

PC Pro podcast 435

The team discusses a new AI from Google that can make phone calls on your behalf, the future of Windows, the highlights of Fujitsu's technology showcase and the advent of GDPR. Our hot hardware candidate is the Sennheiser Ambeo, a headset that makes binaural recordings.
17/05/1859m 24s

Podcast 434

Jon Honeyball joins the team to discuss the Windows 10 April Update, a first look at Office 2019, the latest wheezes from Facebook and an embarrassing outage for TSB. Vaughn Highfield drops in too, to talk about the Oculus Go, a VR headset costing an almost reasonable £199.
03/05/181h 1m

Podcast 433

Podcast 433 by PC Pro
19/04/181h 5m

PC Pro podcast 432

Jon Honeyball and Nicole Kobie join the podcast to discuss the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Apple's plan to create its own CPUs and a reorganisation at Microsoft. Our hot hardware candidate is Dell's latest XPS 13 laptop.
05/04/181h 3m

Podcast 431

Jon Honeyball joins the team as we discuss Facebook’s data-mining scandal, new concerns over the legality of Bitcoin, Microsoft’s fumbled acquisition of Wunderlist and Uber’s fatal self-driving car crash. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the JBL Link 20, a battery-powered smart speaker running Google Assistant.
22/03/181h 0m

Podcast 430

The team discusses Spotify's financial challenges, new features coming to Windows 10, Amazon's acquisition of the Ring smart doorbell and the controversial topic of violence in video games. Our hot hardware candidate is the KitSound Voice One, a British spin on the Amazon Echo.
08/03/1859m 42s

Podcast 429

The team discusses Google’s plan to block dodgy ads, Windows 10’s new “Ultimate Performance” mode, Apple’s iPhone X woes and new fears over the potential of malicious AI. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Matrix PowerWatch, a smart wearable that’s powered by your own body.
22/02/181h 4m

Podcast 428

The team explores Windows 10's new "S Mode", plus Microsoft's plans to banish misleading "scareware" from the platform. We also discuss TalkTalk's entry into the fibre broadband market, and a legal setback for the Snooper's Charter. Jonathan Bray introduces our Hot Hardware candidate, the Apple HomePod.
08/02/181h 2m

Podcast 427

The team discusses Windows 10's new Timeline feature; Sky's plan to ditch dishes; a legal investigation into planned obsolescence; and the final demise of the Pebble. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Microsoft Surface Book 2.
25/01/181h 3m

Podcast 426

CES special: Tim Danton, Barry Collins and Jon Honeyball discuss the latest announcements and product launches at the world's largest electronics expo.
11/01/181h 9m

Podcast 425

It's Christmas, and that means it's quiz time on the PC Pro podcast. The team face questions on recent and not-so-recent developments in technology, while the live listeners do their best to sow misinformation and doubt.
21/12/1751m 25s

Podcast 424

CES' Steve Koenig joins the team to discuss upcoming tech trends for 2018. We also look at new developments in AI, the looming threat to net neutrality and the emerging phenomenon of "cryptojacking", whereby websites surreptitiously steal your PC's spare cycles to mine digital currency. Our hot hardware candidate is the TP-Link B130 smart lightbulb.
14/12/171h 5m

Podcast 423

The team discusses a major security hole in macOS, Google’s privacy violations, the arrival of HDMI 2.1 and a data leak through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote.
30/11/171h 5m

Podcast 422

The team discusses the latest version of Firefox, looks forward to 5G mobile networks, ponders the best Black Friday deals and explores how social media is being used to disrupt elections. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Asus Zenbook UX410UA, a tasty laptop at a tempting price.
16/11/171h 2m

Podcast 421

The team discusses an online furore over emoji; ponders a new technology that could mean you never miss an Amazon delivery again; asks whether Silicon Valley needs regulating; and laments MailChimp's big step backwards in privacy protections. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Google Pixelbook, a £999 Chromebook that's capable of running Android apps.
02/11/171h 2m

Podcast 420

The team discusses a critical hole in Wi-Fi security, Adobe's confusing new Lightroom offering, disappointing reviews for the Pixel 2 XL and Dropbox's new "Professional" service tier. Our Hot Hardware candidate is another wireless doorbell, yay.
19/10/171h 4m

Podcast 419

The team discusses a flurry of new hardware from both Google and Amazon - plus spying allegations against security publisher Kaspersky Lab and new research revealing how smartphone notifications could be affecting your mood. Our Hot Hardware candidate is Intel's new Core i7-8700K, the company's six-core answer to AMD's mighty Ryzen chips.
06/10/171h 3m

Podcast 418

The team discusses the latest launches from Apple, a disastrous data breach at Equifax, Google's big investment in HTC, and a new data-driven taxi-sharing service. Our hot hardware candidate is the Logitech Craft, a keyboard with a built-in twiddly knob.
21/09/171h 0m

Podcast 417

The team discusses Microsoft's vision for "mixed reality", plus other new features in the Fall Creators Update; asks whether you have the right to use all the data you pay for; and discusses incursions into the movie industry by Amazon and Apple. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Microsoft Surface Studio, a huge all-in-one PC with a price to match.
07/09/171h 3m

Podcast 416

The team discusses the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Intel’s newest processors, a novel approach to paywalled content and the enforced grounding of a popular drone. Our Hot Hardware candidate is Acronis True Image 2018. We know, we know.
24/08/1758m 56s

Podcast 415

The team discusses misguided password advice, Google's diversity controversy, Microsoft updates and Facebook's planned expansion into video. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the PC Specialist Vulcan X 02, a versatile desktop PC powered by an AMD Ryzen 5 1600X processor.
10/08/171h 3m

Podcast 414

The team discusses ransomware payouts, a stiff fine for Apple, Google’s sneaky efforts to get employees to eat more healthily and the end of the line for Adobe Flash. Our Hot Hardware candidate is Intel’s huge ten-core Core i9-7900X processor.
27/07/171h 2m

Podcast 413

The team discusses Google's new backup service, the rise of "esports", net neutrality protests and the end of the line for Windows Phone. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Loupedeck, a dedicated control unit for Adobe Lightroom.
13/07/171h 4m

Podcast 412

The team discusses Google's huge EU fine, the iPhone's tenth birthday, technical support scams and the potential of online virtual worlds. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Token Ring - not the networking technology, but an NFC-equipped item of jewellery.
29/06/171h 0m

Podcast 411

Jon Honeyball joins the team to discuss the latest news from Apple's WWDC event, new features for Cortana, and Amazon's Alexa-enabled Dash Wand. Our Hot Hardware candidate is Microsoft's Surface Laptop.
15/06/171h 4m

Podcast 410

Real-worlders Jon Honeyball and Steve Cassidy join the regular team as we discuss news from Google I/O, Amazon’s new Echo Show, Facebook’s attempts to clamp down on clickbait and – inevitably – the recent NHS ransomware attack. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the BlackBerry KEYone, a smartphone with a physical keyboard that makes its ridiculous name slightly easier to type.
18/05/171h 8m

Podcast 409

Anyone for 10 S? The team discusses Microsoft's new locked-down edition of Windows, ponders a new approach to wireless charging, asks whether the smartphone's days are numbered, and finds out what happens to your data when you die. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Microsoft Surface Laptop.
04/05/1758m 13s

Podcast 408

Ian Betteridge joins the team as we discuss Facebook's big plans for future tech, ponder Google's move into ad-blocking, ask whether Kickstarter has lost its lustre, and weigh up the latest announcements from Microsoft. Our hot hardware candidate is, shockingly, the Samsung Galaxy S8.
20/04/1759m 48s

Podcast 407

The team discusses the latest political row over encryption; a change of direction for the Mac Pro; good news for Pebble owners; and Microsoft's promise of greater transparency over privacy in Windows 10. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Triby, an Alexa-enabled kitchen radio.
06/04/1759m 17s

Podcast 406

Ian Betteridge and Nicole Kobie join the podcast to discuss Android O, concerns over the sharing of NHS patient data, and the role of digital surveillance in the age of drones. Our Hot Hardware candidate is in fact a software service, namely Microsoft Teams, Redmond's would-be rival to Slack.
23/03/1757m 1s

Podcast 405

Steve Cassidy joins the team as we discuss new surveillance revelations from Wikileaks, adverts in Windows 10, Amazon's S3 outage and Alexa's role in a US court case. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the retro-styled Nokia 3310 phone.
09/03/1759m 26s

Podcast 404

Nicole Kobie joins the regular team to discuss smartphone separation anxiety, the challenges for semi-autonomous cars, proposals to tax robot workers and the Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa. Our Hot Hardware candidate is AMD's new Ryzen CPU design, which lays down a stark challenge to Intel's high-end chips.
23/02/1759m 30s

Podcast 403

Microsoft's new "Cloud" edition of Windows 10 heads up this fortnight's podcast; we also discuss Google's "zoom and enhance" image-processing technology, plus video piracy and social media passwords. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the long-awaited Android Wear 2.
09/02/1759m 21s

Podcast 402

The team discusses the latest major update to Windows 10, plus news of Android on Chromebooks and Sky's planned shift from satellite to online TV services. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Microsoft Hololens.
27/01/1759m 28s

Podcast 401

In this special podcast, recorded on location in Las Vegas, the team discusses the latest announcements at CES 2017.
06/01/171h 14m

Podcast 400

It's quiz time! In our last podcast of 2016, team members are tested on their knowledge of technology news, products and personalities.
14/12/1655m 35s

Podcast 399

The team discusses the newly-passed "Snooper's Charter", Fitbit's acquisition of Pebble, an international move for the Internet Archive and Ofcom's ruling that BT and Openreach must split. Our hot hardware candidate is the Seagate Duet, an external hard disk that automatically backs up its contents to Amazon Cloud.
01/12/1656m 30s

Podcast 398

The team discusses the rise of fake news, curses misleading broadband advertising and ponders the value of free online learning resources - all while bravely battling through sporadic audio glitches. Our hot hardware candidate is the Lenovo Yoga Book.
17/11/1655m 4s

Podcast 397

The team discusses Microsoft's new Slack rival, the UK's plan to develop a cyber-attack force and Elon Musk's vision of a solar-powered revolution. Our hot hardware candidate, inevitably, is the new MacBook Pro.
04/11/1659m 15s

Podcast 396

The team discusses the future of Twitter; subsidised broadband; virtual Friends; and Kodak's first smartphone. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Amazon Echo Dot.
21/10/1658m 32s

Podcast 395

Five years on from the death of Steve Jobs, the team considers his legacy. We also discuss more news of exploding batteries for Samsung, and meet Google's new Pixel smartphones. Our hot hardware is the Amazon Echo personal assistant.
06/10/1659m 16s

Podcast 394

The team discusses a security breach at Yahoo!; weighs up complaints about the Windows 10 upgrade; welcomes Microsoft's investment in health technology; and discovers a new way to hack an iPhone for just $75. Our hot hardware is, you guessed it, the iPhone 7.
22/09/1656m 23s

Podcast 393

The team discusses the launch of the iPhone 7; the arrival of Intel's latest Kaby Lake processors; and new products and services coming to the UK from Amazon.
08/09/1659m 39s

Podcast 392

The team discusses Apple's rumoured plan to ditch the 3.5mm headphone socket; asks whether social media is a breeding ground for terrorists; and mulls over a new laptop screen technology designed to stop "shoulder-surfing". Our hot hardware candidate is actually an operating system, namely Android 7, a.k.a. "Nougat".
26/08/1654m 11s

Podcast 391

The team discusses Vodafone's plans to scrap line rental fees; Facebook's attempts to expunge clickbait and defeat ad-blockers; and the 25th anniversary of the worldwide web. Our hot hardware candidate is, once again, the Ring wireless doorbell.
11/08/161h 0m
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