The Secrets Of Weight Loss with Roberto

The Secrets Of Weight Loss with Roberto

By Roberto

How do you lose weight successfully and keep it off? Join Roberto, a once morbidly obese guy who has lost ten stone, as he chats with real people, who have lost incredible amounts of weight, to discover the secrets of weight loss. If they can do it, so can you! Follow us on Instagram @thesecretsofweightloss you can find out more about Roberto and follow him @robertopresents


Hiding Behind Cushions No More - How Did Holly Lose Over 5 stone (70Ib)?

When Holly visited friends she’d always try and find something to hide behind -  usually a cushion whilst sat on the sofa! Now, it’s a very different story, no hiding here! Holly has lost over 5 stone (70Ib) thanks to a not so gentle nudge from a family member. It wasn’t easy going, and even when she had lost all that weight something still didn’t feel right. Have a listen to Holly as she tells Roberto her weight loss story - the highs, the lows and what actually worked to help her achieve her goal…and beyond. Make sure you hit subscribe so you never miss an episode and follow us on instagram @thesecretsofweightlossTheSecretsOfWeightLoss with Roberto
21/04/2117m 26s

It's All In The Mindset! 8st Weight Loss With A Change of Thinking

Meet Aishah, she had tried the slimming clubs and fad diets but just couldn&apost shift her weight. A change of mind set and a trip to the doctor ended all that and she went on to lose and incredible eight stone (50kg / 112Ibs), naturally!  Her inspirational story tells of the name calling she experienced from family members who thought the were helping, through to her mindset change and what it was that worked for her to lose all that weight. Join Roberto as he chats with Aishah to discover The Secrets Of Weight Loss.  You can follow Roberto and Aishah on Instagram @robertopresents and @ieesha_thefitlife 
23/03/2136m 33s

The 'Club' Technique With Over Five Stone (70Ib) Weight Loss

What is it really like losing weight with Slimming World? After negative experiences being talked about in previous episodes, Roberto was keen to balance this out and chat with someone who had had a positive experience. In this episode Roberto chats to Shannon, a single mum working for the NHS, who had a changing room moment and decided something needed to be done about her weight.  Hear her weight loss story and journey with Slimming World on this new episode of The Secrets Of Weight Loss with Roberto.
16/03/2129m 51s

This Method Won't Be For Everyone! HUGE 8st (112Ib) Weight Loss

An inspiring episode about drastic weight loss using a method you may have considered but weren&apost sure about, or it may never have crossed your mind. In this epispode, Roberto chats with Nancy, a young mum of two from London, who sheds the weight to take back control of her life in order to spend quality time with her children. Her story invovles not one but two procedures to lose weight, and she tells the full story about it - the highs, the lows all the way to success and beyond! Hear about Nancy&aposs weight loss journey in episode 3 of The Secrets Of Weight Loss with Roberto.
09/03/2132m 7s

Five Stone Weight Loss Whilst Eating Delicious Food!!

Becky LOVES her food but needed to lose weight! She found something that meant she could still branch out and try new stuff AND lose weight - an incredible 5st (31kg / 70Ib) in a year! But how? Join Roberto as he chats with Becky about her weight loss story, discovering what didnt work and what eventually did, on The Secrets Of Weight Loss Podcast.
03/03/2127m 9s

Six Stone (84Ib) Weight Loss With Something So Simple...and no cling film around the stomach!!

How do you drop from a size twenty (dress) to a size eight, in a year...without going to the gym, having surgery or taking diet pills? It&aposs possible! Beth has done it and shares her inspiring weight loss story with Roberto.  If you&aposve ever tried to lose weight, but ended up putting more on, if you want to lose weight but don&apost know where to start, or are just curious as to how Beth managed to lose her weight, listen now to The Secrets Of Weight Loss Podcast with Roberto.
24/02/2130m 20s

Trailer - The Secrets Of Weight Loss with Roberto

Launching on Wednesday the 24th of February 2021, join UK radio presenter and weight loss champion, Roberto, as he discovers the secrets to losing weight successfully and keeping it off!Roberto is passionate about helping people lose weight. Having been a very fat guy, weighing in at twenty three and a half stone (150.5kg / 331.8Ib) and losing ten stone (63.5kg / 140Ib), he knows that life being fat isn’t fun and losing weight can be a struggle. But how do you lose weight successful and keep it off?In his brand new podcast, Roberto chats with others who have successfully lost weight and kept it off to find out what really works and to help and inspire others on their weight loss journey. He chats the highs, the lows, the false starts, the fad diets all the way through to what worked - the secrets of weight loss! If they can do it, so can you!
12/02/212m 52s
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