Bad Cops

Bad Cops

By BBC World Service

The story of one of America's most corrupt police units. Why do good cops go bad?


7. The golden boy

Wayne Jenkins, now serving 25 years in prison, tells his side of the story. What do the crimes of the Gun Trace Task Force reveal about the city of Baltimore?
24/09/21·32m 6s

6. The fallout

A shocking tragedy occurs. Conspiracy theories spread. The trial of the Task Force officers begins, but who will speak out?
17/09/21·24m 34s

5. The takedown

Is the FBI's cover about to be blown? Agent Jensen suspects the Task Force is onto her.
10/09/21·23m 56s

4. The man behind the curtain

He earned a formidable reputation. But Sgt Wayne Jenkins is leading a double life. Not all the drugs he's seized are making it to the evidence room.
03/09/21·23m 2s

3. The warning signs

How many red flags were missed? Years of complaints come to light. Victims of Task Force members share their stories.
27/08/21·22m 59s

2. The wiretap

One name stands out as the FBI gets to work. Why does a member of the Gun Trace Task Force have links to a major heroin ring? A whole new level of criminality is revealed.
20/08/21·22m 58s

1. The tracker

Civil unrest spreads across Baltimore after 25-year-old Freddie Gray dies in police custody. Meanwhile, a detective makes a troubling discovery when he arrests a major heroin dealer. It’s time to call in the FBI. Presenter: Jessica Lussenhop Producer: Ben Crighton
13/08/21·23m 28s

Introducing: Bad Cops

The true story of the rise and fall of Baltimore’s Gun Trace Task Force. Why do good cops go bad? Episode one available August 14th. With Jessica Lussenhop.
09/08/21·3m 10s
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