Calm it Down

Calm it Down

By Chad Lawson

Helping you calm the mind in a world full of noise.


Take a Break, Part 2 - Take a Nap

Imagine one day you’re going through your grandmother’s attic. Shifting through the boxes passed down for generations, you come upon a hand written letter by Albert Einstein. “My dear”, it states, “had I only known earlier the secret to thinking with such clarity and vigor, I would have seen e+mc2 much sooner!” Your heart races as you read further and further “where is it!?”, you ask yourself. “Where is the secret!?” If you knew the step Einstein developed for such intelligibility would you do it? Even if it seemed ‘silly’? But what if Einstein wasn’t the only one that practiced this ‘foolishness’. What if this practice was a daily habit of Aristotle, Salvador Dali, Eleanor Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, Margaret Thatcher and even Winston Churchill. 

What did these world shaping minds have in common in changing the world? Listen in. It’s a lot more “I can do that!” then you would think.
28/09/2110m 8s

Take a Break, Part 1 - Take a Walk

Wanna be creative? Want to be the smartest person in the room? Want to know how so many people have the best ideas? Well, I'm going to share one of the most effective tools used by some of the most creative minds to have ever walked this earth. And, it only takes 10 minutes. Stepping away from the screen and moving outside not only circulates your blood flow but is like an open fountain for your brain as it then whispers secrets to your subconscious. “Where did that idea come from?!”, you say to yourself. “I’ve been sitting at my desk for 8 hours straight trying to figure this out!”, you say. “Guess I just got lucky.” No, you just got some air. Lace up your sneaks as I talk you for a guided stroll. Your mind will thank you. Trust me.
21/09/2111m 48s

Life Lessons (Tips for De-Stressing

Everyone should know the warning signs when our bodies are telling us we're under too much stress but what to do about it is rarely taught. Which means it’s usually swept under the rug and never mentioned. Why is that? We know how to cook 3-4 meals, make 2-3 cocktails even but when it comes to stress or anxiety we panic, completely shut down and just hope it never comes back....but it always does. Today, you're going to learn 2 very important life-lessons to pull out when the stress is pulling you down. Listen in, it's easier than you thought and more powerful than you'd ever imagined.
14/09/2114m 26s

Color Me Sad

Great. Everything is….great, supposedly. The pressure to look great, to feel great, to post something great but what if I just don't feel great. What if at my core I’m just sad. A study from 2017 stated an estimated 17.3 million adults in the United States had at least one major depressive episode. That was 2017. WAY before we pulled out the KN95s. This episode I’m going to share three reasons why feeling sad perhaps isn’t so bad after all; for a season.
07/09/2113m 50s

Summer, Shades & Emotional Sunscreen

Aaahhhh, Summer. The sun, the surf, the sandcastles. It’s finally here. Blanket? Check. Shades? Check. Sunscreen? Don’t forget the sunscreen! Can’t forget the sunscreen. A day of bliss can turn into a week of burns! Before running for the waves take a sec to ready yourself; both physically and emotionally. Just as you take the time to apply the SPF 9 million this summer, remind yourself the importance of your emotional sunscreen as well. Giving yourself space, ‘coverage’ if you will. Volleyball and bonfires are great but so are quiet walks looking for seashells. This episode, Summer, Shades & Sunscreen, I share how to keep from getting the emotional sunburn by taking just a few simple steps you may have overlooked with the sun being so bright.
13/07/2110m 53s

We've Been Through a Lot (Last Episode of Season One)

Today's episode is bitter sweet. Bitter in the sense that it's the final episode of Season One but sweet in looking back to see all that we've come through. And don't worry, Season Two will return in September. But before you apply the SPF6700 to your nose and snorkle up, I have one tiny favor to ask before you embark the golden days of Summer. Listen in as you and I make a pact agreement with each other before we come back in September.
25/05/2111m 53s

Easing Back into Life (Post-Covid)

What next? Restrictions lifted almost daily as guidances continue to lend a hand towards the world reopening. It’s the hour we’ve all been waiting for. “Getting back to normal” we’ve been saying since March of last year. But suddenly we’re asking ourselves…am I ready? I just settled in. What if I don’t want to go outside, be social, shake hands or even just hug……

 As we were a year ago, we find ourselves in the same position today; new waters. And just because everyone is ready to jump in the pool that doesn’t mean you have to join them this second. 

Listen in as I share my thoughts about easing in into life post-Covid 19.
18/05/2113m 37s

Mental Health Pt. 2 - Anxiety

Continuing the month of May as Mental Health Awareness Month, we break down the two types of anxiety and how to work through them. Join me as we bring this conversation to the greater public, acknowledging the importance of sharing our stories as we each come to know "we're not alone".
11/05/2115m 35s

Mental Health Pt. 1 - Depression

"Sssshhhh!!! Don't talk about it. Nobody wants to hear it.", they say. "But, who's they? And why can't I talk about it?", you ask.  May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States so over the next 4 weeks Calm it Down Podcast will be bringing the conversations from the hushed hallways to the dinner tables. It's time we talk about Mental Health as the illness that it is AND how it can be helped.
04/05/2114m 35s

Camp Forgiveness

I can probably sum up one of your worst experiences in 2 words; summer camp. There's no skirting the teenage years without at least one encounter of sweat, blistering heat and obstacle courses. And while the memories will forever live in my head, it wasn't until recently I learned a lesson from one and it came from the most unsuspected place. Listen in as we learn a different approach to what forgiveness is really all about.
27/04/2112m 43s

You Are Not a Fish - The Importance of Self Worth

"I'm worthless.", said the fish. "I can't even climb a tree. The squirrel can. Look at him." We're each uniquely, and beautifully, different. And while we each have traits/talents that are ours, what happens when we strip those 'things' away. Who are we at our core? Listen in as we learn the importance of Self Worth.  
20/04/2111m 9s

ARGH! Anger Management 101

A reckless driver cuts you off without a ‘sorry wave’, you’re finally next in line and they just sold out, my kids won’t let me even finish a sentence. AARRGGHH!!! What gives with why I’m so angry!? 

But, honest question. Is it really anger that’s kicking up all the dust? I’m gonna suggest a different angle in how we look at anger.
13/04/2111m 41s

Digging Out the Root of Stress

Stress. Big stress, little stress, it's all the same. Anxiety, fret, worry, we can wrap it in numerous boxes but in the end, stress is .....well, stress. But WHERE does it come from?! Why do we stress? Who or what says 'you know, you really need a good dose of stress right about now."? No one! At least no one you know, I hope. Listen in as we uproot this most troublesome tree we nurture without any justified reason.
06/04/2113m 38s

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

How often have you looked in a mirror and said “is that really me?” Not often, I would imagine. Usually we recognize ourselves, at least I hope. But, mirrors are a reflection of what’s outside, not inside; our emotions, our thoughts, our feelings can shift in varying degrees but taking the time to ask yourself “how do I look...inside?”, is a question we rarely ask ourselves. Listen in as we ask the question ever since Disney's Queen found out about a young girl named Snow White.
30/03/2111m 56s

Dark Side of the Moon

Why are you here? What’s left in life? What’s your purpose? My word so much pressure in finding our p-u-r-p-o-s-e. So much so there’s even such a thing as Purpose Anxiety (no, seriously). 

Take a breather from the rollercoaster and listen in as we talk about a different approach to the life you ‘should be’ living.
23/03/2110m 42s

Outracing a Cheetah

Change. We change. Our activities, our elements, even our shoes change. I mean, if you’re still wearing your shoes from 5th grade, I hand it to you. But honestly, dealing with change is simpler than you my realize. In this episode, I show you 3 simple steps to putting the anxiety of the unknowns to rest. The first one may just surprise you.
16/03/2110m 15s

Missing it While Waiting

Drivers license, check. Graduation, check. College (if that’s your thing) check, career, pets, family, kids, grandkids you have an endless array of boxes to choose from if you so desire. Our attention is so often dialed in on the preconceived 'happened' that we miss the happening all together. But today I propose that maybe while we're waiting for those milestones in life to happen, we're missing what's really happening while we're waiting.
09/03/2111m 4s

Drivers License

The biggest hit song of 2021, Drivers License, is the coming-of-age heart cry that’s been recorded like so many others long before the microphone was invented. Guy meets girl, girl falls in love, guy falls in love….with someone else; leaving said girl feeling of no worth when all said and done. 

 And while Drivers License IS a great “I got dumped” breakup song, Olivia Rodrigo leaves a trail of breadcrumbs pointing back to something more important than a lover’s quarrel; insecurity. Hop in as we drive down Emotional Highway 101 and learn the most important key you’ll ever learn when it comes to matters of the heart. But I’m not gonna tell you here. You’ll just have to listen.
02/03/2111m 38s

Spilt Coffee

What’s the worst that could happen? And why is it that’s generally the first thing we think about; the worst possible scenario! Listen in as we learn how to stop thinking the worst, or in technical terms, catastrophizing.
23/02/2113m 27s

Words of Life

Every now and then we need just a little push. Be it a first step or crossing the finish line, sometimes we just run out of steam. Today, in celebrating the 25th episode, we fill our minds and hearts with words of wisdom from some of the most revered individuals to have walked the same steps you’re probably taking today. Listen in as we reflect where we are from 25 weeks ago and take some words of encouragement as we look towards the next 25 weeks ahead.
16/02/2115m 34s

Add a Little Flare - Depression Pt 3

Depression has many currents and undertows throughout this ocean of life. And while it often feels like you’re surrounded by sharks and drowning, you don’t have to tread the waters alone. Listen in as we discover two vital steps in swimming safely to shore as we close out this three-part series on Depression. You’re not alone. You’re never alone.
09/02/2112m 57s

Cherry Blossoms - Depression Part 2

This week, we hop over to Japan to learn of the beauty and significance of the Cherry Blossom within the Japanese culture. Sakuras, as they’re known, are stunning to gaze upon but their meaning takes a much deeper root in how we may view life individually. Listen in to part 2 of this series on Depression as we continue bringing this conversation to the coffee tables; casting awareness to the clouds we let linger far too long overhead.
02/02/2113m 25s

You Can't Always Get What You Want - Depression, Pt 1

Sure, sure, you’ve heard the Rolling Stones’ “You Can't Always Get What You Want”?, since you were knee-high but do you KNOW the story behind it!? Who would have thought we would tackle the subject of depression with Mick Jagger as our inspiration?!

 Join me as we start a 3 part series breaking down what depression really is and what we can do about it. Listen in as you may “just get what you need.” (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)
26/01/2114m 11s

What's Your Problem?

What’s Your Problem!? No, seriously. What is your problem? And let's be honest. Is it really a problem? After years of my asking countless couples “what has kept you together after so many years?”, one couple celebrating their 50th anniversary dropped the most unexpected words of wisdom that I did NOT see coming.

 Listen in as we not only learn ‘what IS our problem, but what to do about it.’
19/01/2115m 1s

Make Your Moments Matter

Think about a day last week. Any day. What was your favorite day from last week? During the noise and the chaos of those seven days was there a moment that made you pause and smile? A bike ride or your favorite ice cream. Maybe something more significant like having a child or finally hitting that career achievement.   Our days are so intense, so consuming we’re exhausted before we put our feet on the floor each morning. It’s understandable all we see before us every morning are obstacles and set-backs. But when we make a habit to reflect on the things to be thankful for, to bring to mind those experiences both now and in the past, from the people who love you, to the roof over your head and the food on your table, you will come to see it’s a pretty long list of moments that truly matter.
12/01/2113m 19s

Breaking Bad - Cracking the Code of Habits

Habits. Patterns. Behaviors we’ve put in place purposefully or not. At the start of the new year we kid ourselves with our bravado of new ambitions. But in reality, our zeal usually lasts no longer than a cup of coffee. Not because we’re insincere in our passionate pursuits, we just don’t know how to break the bad and make the good. Until today. Join me in today’s Episode, Breaking Bad - Breaking the Spell of Habits, as we reframe resolutions into forever rituals.
05/01/2117m 11s

Auld Lang Syne - a Cup o’ Kindness Yet

Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Ah, the song that everyone sings until the third sentence as we fumble our way through the rest of the melody. While Auld Lang Syne is the traditional catalyst of reflection, goodwill, and remembering those from our past, today we sing this song with someone else in mind. Someone that knows you better than any other person. Your ups, your downs. Your trials, your triumphs. Today, a Cup o’ Kindness Yet as we toast none other than you. As we look back at a most difficult year, I invite you to raise a glass to yourself, pause for a moment and say “I made it. At times I thought I wouldn’t, but I did.” And for that, a song and episode tailored specifically in your honor.
29/12/2020m 53s

Bah humbug - Ebenezer Scrooge, the Greatest Role Model of All.

Heartless, egocentric, selfish; these are not the qualities we generally bestow upon role models. A role model is a leader, someone who avows empathy as supreme, who gives without hesitation, who turns the spotlight to others, a hero yet never declaring such a title.  Judging not by the cover of his book, we turn the page to someone who has always been the villain. But, perhaps we’ve been looking at poor Ebenezer in the wrong light after all.
22/12/2014m 3s

Wish - The Four Letter Word

Wish. Has there ever been a word so empowering yet so debilitating? It’s the bedrock of fairy tells just as much as the downfall of dreams. “I wish things were different.” “I wish I could.” “I wish my life were like theirs.” As soon as the word Wish comes out of our mouths it’s as if we’ve given up. In this episode of Calm it Down Podcast, we direct our attention to the man whose kingdom was built on the wishes of others; Walt Disney. Listen in as we hear how life is more than wishes and fairy dust. But don’t fret, there’s plenty of room for the happily ever after.
15/12/2015m 43s

Oh the Lives You'll Change - You Matter

You. You've been 'there' since day one. You know your best days, your not-so-best days, your struggles, your success. And while some days you feel nothing good comes from anything, I want you to know that you are changing lives; realize it or not. You are the difference in someone else's life. The influence they need right now. The whisper of hope. You. You Matter.
08/12/2013m 0s

Regrets Are So 15 Minutes Ago

In this episode of Calm it Down Podcast, we reframe the stumbling block of Regret. Believe it or not, Regret can be a Reward when we look at it the right way. It's life's way of correcting our perspective and encouraging us to even try again. Sounds absurd? How Regrets are so overplayed? Learn a lesson from your own past and lean into a path you may already be on but didn't realize.
01/12/2011m 19s

Planes, Trains & Automobiles - The Walk in Someone Else's Shoes

I just heard the first holiday song on the radio. It’s official. The holiday season is here. But, this year, everything is different. Listen to this week’s episode of Calm it Down podcast as we learn a few lessons from Steve Martin & John Candy in the cult classic Thanksgiving film, Planes, Trains & Automobiles as John Hughes so subtlety reminds us ‘this is not the year you get everything you want. This is the year you appreciate everything you have.’
24/11/2013m 37s

Dear Insomnia, Go to Bed!

Insomnia. It's the ‘not so sleeping giant in the room’. Exhausted, we climb into bed knowing we'll crash as our head hits the pillow until we don't. We just lay there. One thought racing after the other. How do we stop the cycle? We all know the norms like avoiding caffeine, exercise, etc, etc. But, I’m gonna share two major techniques that have recently come to light during some groundbreaking research in the field. Join me today and every Tuesday as we Calm it Down.
17/11/2015m 47s

Do Absolutely Nothing, No Really

"We can't even climb out of bed in the morning without grabbing our phone. What'd we miss? Emails, news, FB reminding me it's someone's birthday? Wait, it's not my A\anniversary is it?!?! The pandemic has only exacerbated the amount of work on our plates. Can't fly so let's add 15 zoom calls for Tuesday. What's easy to forget, particularly on a weekend, is our iPhone powers down just as easily as it powers on. But not without my prompting. This week on Calm it Down podcast, we recenter our attention on renewal. Even if 2-3 15 minute spots throughout the day to take a mental break, to reset before we reengage. To refocus before returning.
10/11/2021m 39s

Won't You Be My Neighbor? The Company You Keep is the Character You Become.

In today's episode we take a little inspiration from Mr. Rogers and a lot from Brad Montague's fantastic book "Becoming Better Grownups". When we stop to think about our influences, those who made us into the persons we are, our character traits, our demeanor, our achievements, you'll be surprised by the list of who's who in your life and by how many you truly have been crafted after.
03/11/2019m 17s

The Rating Game - Vincent Van Gogh Would Have Hated Instagram

2 words; social media. Our lives are consumed by it. We've successfully entered a world where reality is wrapped in horseback rides at sunset, helicopter views over manhattan, champagne, and caviar dreams. But what's behind the photo filtered life? Why are we so obsessed with the world of other's who have their own path already. Listen in as we ponder what Van Gogh would have thought and he to let go of the lie that we don't measure up.
27/10/2015m 9s

Wax On, Wax Off - The Mundane Mastery of Mr. Miyagi / Dealing with Anxiety in 3 Easy Steps

Life’s every query imaginable is just a touchscreen away. Umbrella or sunscreen? Google it! Dinner reservations via phone? Open Table! Birthday present for mom? Amazon! A fix is always a click away. With a life of such ease, the one thing Amazon doesn’t stock is calm. Our anxieties are at an all-time high. Depression, debilitating. Stress, suffocating. Separation, soulless. The only place we’re not looking is within. In this week’s episode of Calm it Down podcast, Wax On, Wax Off - The Mundane Mastery of Mr. Miyagi, I share 3 incredibly useful, effortless, even mundane techniques in calming our mind, pressing through the obstacles and finding the purpose in every outcome.
20/10/2022m 36s

It's Okay to Cry

It would be redundant to say this year has been one besieged with perplexities and uncertainties. Covid, civil unrest, emotional distress, a people divided to great extremes politically, take your pick. Even for those who have never considered themselves emotionally strained or anxious, it has been mentally taxing to the point of breaking down for a much-needed cry. But why though? What is it about crying that we consider 'weak' or 'at the breaking point'? For some, stress release comes from jabbing a boxing bag, others through baking. What is it about crying that turns heads and says "Oh, dear. That person isn't well." In today's episode "It's Okay to Cry" we learn not only why we cry, but how we should embrace this emotional reset.
13/10/2031m 55s

The Gratitude of a Chipmunk

It's redundant to say 2020 has been a doozy. The ups & downs have been like two kids playing seesaw on an emotional playground. In reality, though, we're still here and all have our place in the lives of others. So how do we keep a grateful mind during such times of uncertainties? Listen in as we find ways to see things in a more positive light.
06/10/2017m 15s

Calm007 - Keeping a Calm Mind in Midst of a Storm

Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan & Daniel Craig. These 007 icons are the epitome of cool no matter the danger. But who needs spiked umbrellas or flamethrowers (well, besides Elon Musk, which would be pretty dang cool but THAT'S not the point!)? Listen in to understand how keeping a cool head isn't just for secret agents.
29/09/2016m 43s

Crap Happens - Letting Go of Control - Part 2

We plan, we schedule, we assume we're in control of our destiny but what do we do when those plans turn to poop? Life certainly has its share of disappointments, it's own rainy days without the umbrella. But it's how we deal with the rain that determines if we're splashing puddles for fun or stomping them out of self-pity. Listen in as I have some insights to share as well as some words of wisdom by #1 best selling author, Ryan Holiday, from his number 1 selling book, The Obstacle is the Way.
22/09/2014m 19s

A Coin Tossed Life - Letting Go of Control - Part 1

In Super Bowl 54 the Kansas City Chiefs met the San Francisco 49ers in Miami, Florida before a ruckus crowd of more than 60,000 fans. Spoiler alert, San Francisco lost. But what if they blamed the loss entirely on....the coin toss? In Part 1 of a series about 'letting go of control,' we learn how to deal with life's unexpected uncertainties.
15/09/2015m 1s

You're Not Alone - Suicide - Special Episode

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Over 1 million Americans attempt suicide every year. Every 40 seconds around the world someone dies from suicide. It's time we bring this conversation from the hushed corners to the dinner table.
10/09/2015m 1s

Life Lessons from a Snow Globe

We take a few lessons from the star of the Peanuts comic strip, Snoopy, as he shows us a most creative way of processing our thoughts.
08/09/2013m 25s

What Do You Say to a 10 Year Old?

I go searching for inspiration in the most random of places, birthday cards. All in hopes of finding what really to tell a 10-year-old.
08/09/2015m 11s

Official Trailer - Calm it Down

In the Disney classic film, Finding Nemo, we learn from the character, Dory, a superpower technique in calming the mind. And while we all know 'Just Keep Swimming'  we're saving that song for something else down the road. Dory shows us a secret in keeping our head above water that even she didn't know about. While this episode is the official trailer for Calm it Down, it also outlines what this podcast is about. Simple, positive, encouraging techniques to calm the waters in the midst of a storm. Even though the podcast is centered around emotional awareness, our website offers additional resources and support relating to emotional and mental health. In addition to these resources found at  website, we also encourage you to engage in conversations at our social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram. 
01/09/202m 30s
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