Storytime with Seth Rogen

Storytime with Seth Rogen

By Earwolf & Seth Rogen

Hi! Welcome to Storytime with Seth Rogen, where every week Seth asks somebody, “Do you have a great story? And if you do, will you tell it on my podcast?” That’s it. That’s the concept. But the results are so much more than that. This is not a typical comedian-hosted chat show! Each episode plays like a little audio documentary, a feature presentation unto itself, with supporting interviews and archival tape woven into each story with a rhythmic editing style. Not all the stories are knee-slap funny, and not all the guests are known. From a near-death grizzly bear fight in remote Canada, to a life-altering celebrity encounter in a movie theatre, to the revelation of a family secret, Storytime starts with Seth’s curiosity about people and the world, and always ends up in an unexpected place.


The Ballad of Mount Doogie Dowler

The story of a man who fought a bear and lived to tell the tale. Storytime merch is available now! Visit for more!
01/12/2159m 39s


When Joe Mande and his longtime girlfriend Kylie take a trip to Spain, an ill-fated day in Córdoba goes from bad to worse. Featuring Kylie.Make sure to check out Joe's website and follow him on instagram @joemande
24/11/2128m 35s

Ugly Joke

A 20-year-old waiter from Georgia makes a joke that haunts him forever. A comedic lesson in Karma featuring Yassir Lester.
17/11/2128m 1s

Hey Me!

Ashley Ray tells the story of a TV show that changed her mom’s life. Featuring Ashley’s mom, Sharon, and Academy-Award-winning filmmaker, Ava DuVernay (Selma, 13th, Queen Sugar). Check out Ashley's Podcast "TV I Say" on her website here: make sure to follow @theeashleyray on Twitter and @theashleyray on Instagram.
10/11/2135m 1s

The Crappiest Place On Earth

As a child, Paul Scheer developed a taste for cola mixed with milk from his favorite television show. Sounds like a habit one would eventually grow out of, but as Walt Disney once said, “that’s the real trouble with the world: too many people grow up.” Featuring Paul’s dad Bill, and Seth’s parents too. Listen to Paul Scheer's podcast "Unspooled" wherever podcasts are found. And check out Paul's Twitch channel at Paul has a weekly Thursday show with Rob Huebel and curates an awesome lineup of other programming throughout the month.
03/11/2132m 17s

Let's Go!

A freak accident in South Africa causes Franklin Leonard to rethink his life plans. Black List Official Website -- blcklst.comFranklin's Instagram --'s Twitter --
27/10/2124m 57s

I Like Ike

Actor and improviser Ike Barinholtz tells the story of a lie that went too far.  Featuring Ike's parents Alan and Peggy.
20/10/2128m 23s


After the worst set of David Crosby’s life, he befriends his hero: George Harrison of The Beatles. This relationship results in the best song David Crosby has ever recorded: “Laughing.” 
Special thanks to David Crosby for sharing his song 'Laughing' with us. David Crosby's critically acclaimed new album 'For Free' is out now and debuted at #9 on iTunes. For more information visit:
13/10/2129m 42s

Glorious Basterds

A chance encounter with Paul Rudd at a movie theater causes formerly devout Jehovah’s Witness, Quinta Brunson, to rethink her future and embark on a new life. Featuring Paul Rudd and Dan Wilson.
06/10/2136m 27s

Coming Soon: Storytime with Seth Rogen

Listen to a preview of Storytime with Seth Rogen, and subscribe now to hear the first episode October 6th!
27/08/212m 15s
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