Murder, Mystery & Makeup

Murder, Mystery & Makeup

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Bailey Sarian, a professional makeup artist and true crime aficionado, is now bringing episodes of her YouTube series “Murder, Mystery & Makeup” to podcast! Covering anything from cannibals to cover-ups. Join us on this journey. It’ll be fun, we promise. Idk. lol.


Thrown Overboard or Cruise Line Cover Up? Rebecca Corium

HELLO Friends !  I wanted to talk today about Rebecca Corium and her disappearance. The story is odd, you never get straight answers and ONCE AGAIN a big company just ignores and shuts down requests from the family to further investigate.   There are also many other reports of what was heard/seen but its hard to verify what is true or just rumors. There was also a flip flop found that Disney said belonged to Rebecca but was later proven to not be hers. I didn’t mention that part because, it was just another distraction set up by the company.   I hope Rebeccas family has found some sort of peace or can find their peace and closure, we all deserve that and its so confusing to me why this happens.   Love and appreciate you guys so much, I hope you have a good day.  x o Bailey Sarian If you haven't already, subscribe to my YouTube @BaileySarian!
30/11/2125m 47s

It WAS a Cover Up: LaVena Johnson

HELLO Friends !  I wanted to talk today about LaVena Johnson and how her family still fights for her. This case is so sad and I just want to give the family a big big hug.  There is A LOT MORE to this case that I left out, I just tried my best to not make it too long, but please read more about the case within the links provided. Look all evidence points to this is a cover up so, what gives? Thats really all I can say about that. Let me know your thoughts down below and I will be seeing you next Monday. Stay safe  x o Bailey Sarian More about LaVena Johnson :  The Silent Truth Lavena Johnson Documentary : If you haven't already, subscribe to my YouTube channel @BaileySarian
23/11/2129m 46s

Entitled Pretty Teen Kills Parents? Or Nah?

HELLO True Crime & MakeUp Lovers  ! Hi friends , hope you had a wonderful weekend and happy MONDAY ! Today we are talking about Suzane Von Ricthofen , her entitlement and how money caused her to snap. Love and appreciate you all so much and I will be seeing you very soon  x o Bailey Sarian
16/11/2122m 58s

Brainwashed? A Deal Gone Wrong? Charles Manson

Hi my friends!  I have always gotten suggestions to pleaseee cover this story and here we are. My brain got turned into mush watching all the interviews and reading all the articles, I still don't even fully understand what the heck was going on!  Would love to hear your thoughts! Hope you have a great rest of your week and I will being seeing you next Monday, woooot.  x o Bailey Sarian 
09/11/2150m 52s

Wealthy Mother Tries To "Fix" Son with Incest - YEAH WTF

Hi Friends! Today I wanted to talk about lame ol Barbara and what an awful person she was. I mean, I feel bad for her because she seemed to have a rough life, but damn, did she really need to ruin everyone elses? RIP to poor Tony, yes he made some bad choices but he did not deserve the treatment he received from his family and most of all his own MOTHER.  Love and appreciate you guys a ton and I hope to be seeing you very soon  xo Bailey Sarian 
02/11/2123m 34s

The Cannibal Cafe? Murder or Volunteer?

Hi Friends! Hope your day is off to a good start. Today I wanted to talk about Armin Meiwes and what the hell was going on over there, I mean he was trying to cook sausage and eat it, I mean, yep he did that.  Did he REALLY deserve the sentencing he got if someone WILLINGLY participated? Weird case right? Least he’s vegan now, that’s good.  Hope you have a wonderful day today, make good choices and let me know who you want me to talk about next week! Love and appreciate you guys so much!! Please be safe out there.  x o Bailey Sarian
31/10/2124m 49s

Jeffrey Dahmer. Inside His Messed Up Mind & How He Almost Got Away.

Hi friends!  We’ve got a long one! Thank you for always sending recommendations my way, I so greatly appreciate you guys for doing that. Some of the story I did cut out for time purposes, but over all we got the major stuff covered. Um, not much you can really say about him. You know what’s crazy though ? His upbringing seems so tame compared to lots of others we’ve talked about here and he was REALLY BAD. I wonder if there was more to his upbringing he didn't share or I missed. I definitely lost my voice on this one. Ha. Love and appreciate you guys so much and I hope to be seeing you very soon. x o Bailey Sarian 
31/10/2159m 46s

Death By Delicious Chocolate - Cordelia Botkins was WILD

Hi friends! I hope you are having a good day so far! Oh todays story I found FASCINATING! Was Cordelia a terrible person? yeah for sure but she was also just doing her thing no matter what everyone thought and that my friends is pretty badass. lol. I would love to hear what you think! Sorry if this is a little too long! Sometimes there's so much information I never know what to cut out. Anywho, hope you have a wonderful day ahead. I love and appreciate you so much x o Bailey Sarian 
31/10/2148m 35s
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